President Trump Update: April 6, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, April 6th

GOP goes nuclear. The GOP wants to break the Democrats from filibustering SCOTUS Neil Gorsuch.


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149. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. The corner man's quick progress report on Trump's first 100 days. And that day it's do Z I do Z. The Republicans. Have now officially pushed the so called nuclear button. They have invoked the nuclear option on judge Neil gore say church here is exactly what took place. The Democrats were able to a mosque there about 45 votes. Two per in other words to ensure a filibuster you need sixty votes in the senate to break any filibuster. The Democrats had more than enough to now continue with their filibuster. And they were threatening to continue and continue and continue. Permanently blocking gore cinch from getting a vote on the senate floor. What senator Mitch McConnell did just a short while ago. Was he followed through on the threat that he had made on the weekend that might tomorrow by Friday. Gore six will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. And so we unilaterally. In the Republicans are allowed to do this because they're the majority. They unilaterally. Changed the senate rules. Which up to that point said you needed a sixty vote filibuster proof majority. Are almost a super majority. To make sure. 22 and to get a judge. Our our our arledge a judicial appointee and appointee to the Supreme Court to go to the full senate floor for an up or down vote. What they did was they invoked in nuclear option. Whereby now you only need a simple majority. Period. So the filibuster. Has been broken. The threshold has been reduced since the nuclear option from sixty votes to 51 votes. And now Tom morrow. There will be an up or down vote on Neil Gore's cinch. Whether he should be now the next replacement. For justice Antonin Scalia. Don't waste their vote count is lining up there are at least fifty Republicans. That say they will support more such. Even if the other two Republicans vote against and even if there every other Democrat and independent opposes Gore's search. That is still enough because Mike Pence will be the 5050 tiebreaker. Sold the way things stand right now at what was it 151. On Thursday. It now looks. Like the senate Republicans have steamrolled. Chuck Schumer and the Democrats. And judge Neil gore stitch will be then next Supreme Court justice. Of the United States. It should be made official tomorrow now what does this mean. It means for a lot of the our upcoming decisions that need to be made on the High Court. Course CH will be there to make those decisions. So he will have an impact and you'll have an impact immediately. In the longer term. From now long because the senate rules have been changed. You will now only need 51 votes to send any Supreme Court nominee. To this senate floor for a full vote. It helped conservatives now. In the future. If the Democrats ever regain control of the senate. It may be used to benefit then the liberals or the Democrats. So what is potentially a double edged sword. But in the end when everything is said and Don and let's make no mistake about it. With the Democrats did was wrong. It was frankly not just unethical. It was moral. Because judge of course itch whether you agree with his judicial philosophy or not and I'm with him all the way. Miami constitutional list and I mean limited government conservative. Whatever you think about him judge course which is one of the most knowledgeable. One of the most qualified. One of the most respected. Mainstream. Judges in the United States of America. Almost every single one of his decisions have been ratified by the higher courts. Very few of these decisions have been overturned. He has a first rate legal mind. And he is considered by many in the judicial community to be one of the most principled. Brilliant and bright is judges we have if you. Can't allow him. To have just a simple up or down vote. Then frankly you are so ideological. You are so politically polarized. You have become such a fanatic. Pitcher almost making our system of government unworkable. Even Clarence Thomas. Who is a reviled by the left and barely got confirmed. The Democrats did not threaten to filibuster Clarence Thomas. Even though Anita Hill made all those bogus accusations about him the media oppose them the left opposed them the Democrats oppose them. Eve and Clarence Thomas. Was allowed an upper down vote. Ted Kennedy wouldn't filibuster. Joseph Biden wouldn't filibuster. Then Chuck Schumer wouldn't filibuster. So. It's obvious. If if the Republicans had nominated Merrick Garland. If the damage if the Republicans had nominated another Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If they had nominated another Alina Kagan. The Democrats would have filibustered. Simply. To block trump simply to obstruct trumpet and simply to reduce his presidency. To rubble. And so when you're playing with a party that is so naked Lee. Obstructionist. So rabid leaked obstructionist. You've got a steam roll. And that's what the Republicans did and I say amen. My friends if you wanna hear more of these podcasts on the first hundred days. The progress report just go to. Slash 100. Let me ask all of you this. There. Should they have gone nuclear. Was it a mistake on their part or did they have no choice. And do you think ultimately Boerse which will be confirmed. 61720666868. Okay my friends. Coming up next you don't wanna miss it. Devin Nunez it's the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. 'cause now recused himself. Because of ethics committee investigation. Against them. So now you have another scalp. Claim divided Democrats. And the liberal media one more. They guard Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from Russia other Russia gate investigation. Now they have deadly new year it's. Temporarily stepping down. From that House Intelligence Committee it's now one of the biggest scandals in Washington. The left is growing. They're now claiming you see he is fatally compromised. But the question is this. Why did Devin Nunez step down why. The reason it's obvious. The ethics committee liberals were launching complaints with the ethics committee. That somehow Devin Nunez PA did appropriately. Or somehow violated the law by revealing classified information. When he gave that press conference. A couple of weeks ago and sold they said because he's under an ethics committee investigation. He has no choice but to step down and Nunez gave them what they wanted and so now. That meant. That was committed to getting to the bottom of who Susan Rice was unmasking. The man who was committed to getting to the bottom of the Obama officials that were spying on trump. And part of a larger surveillance operation. The man who stood there and revealed. Just what a charade and a joke. The whole Russia gate investigation is. He's the one the Goldstone. He's the one now that gets reduced. It was a bad move. It was a bad move by Devin Nunez us. It was a bad move by Paul Ryan all Ryan because Ryan is the one that ultimately went to Devin Nunez and said. You got to step down at least for a wild. It was a bad move by the Republicans. Because now it makes it look. Like Nunez was political. That New Year's was not being honest and truthful. And not that the Democrats did anything wrong. But that New Year's may have done something wrong. My friends. What is it with these Republicans. Who keeps snatching defeat. From the jaws of victory. Devin Nunez is steps down as the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. It's what Adam Schiff wanted it's what the New York Times wanted it's what the media wanted. And by god they wanted a scalp. And now they got one. More on this. Don't touch that. Dial. Voice of bonds.