President Trump Update: April 27, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, April 27th

The Freedom Caucus is ready to repeal and replace Obamacare.


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150 air on the great WR KOK my friends. Trumps 100 days are now winding down in fact a model Saturday technically. This is official last you know hundreds of his 100 days. The coroner man's quick. Progress Shreveport. You can find all of these broadcast by the way on Slash 100. Big story obviously I talked about the tax plan that health care breakthrough. Republicans now have now announced especially the conservative house freedom caucus that they have come to wage deal. With the Republican leadership. To revive Health Care Reform. And the reason the deal has now broken through. Is because of the MacArthur amendment an amendment offered by New Jersey congressman Republican. Tom MacArthur. Which warm now solve many of the problems conservatives had. With Ryan care. It calls now for all the for health care to essentially be kicked to the states. Whereby the individual states will be given every single one of them a waiver. To be exempt from most of the obamacare mandates. In plain English. It will allow premiums to go down. It will allow health care cost of gold down dramatically. It will expand choice and it will go a long way not the company all legally repealing obamacare. But to dramatically. Rolling back most of obamacare. It looks like this is the breakthrough conservatives have been looking for. With the conservatives on board it is now likely the bill will pass the house it will go to the senate. Where Paul Rand Paul has said he won't even out even more improvements. By the end of many Obama care could be history. And if trump pulls that off my friends. It's gonna be a mother feather in his cap and more importantly. It's gonna return American health care to being the greatest in the world again.