President Trump Update: April 25, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, April 25th

Trump slaps a 20% import tax on Canadian software lumber.


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Okay my friends were approaching the end of Trump's first 100 days in fact it's going to be at this Saturday is the official final day. So but the corner man's quick progress report. On Trump's first 100 days. Dramatic developments. We're talk about the wall at two all five but before I get to that he's done something else hugely important. It's not getting the media coverage is should be getting. Trump has now vowed he will not backtrack on economic nationalism. And on his call to start renegotiating these disastrous free trade deals the biggest one being NAFTA. And so now he said he's not only gonna stand up to may call. But he's gonna stand up to that's right the great white north. These socialist republic of demarcus van Canada. And so he now announced. Eight he's gonna slap a 20%. Tariff. On Canadian softwood lumber. The Canadians. You know I don't wanna say speak badly of my former homeland but don't practice practice backed. They have been dumping. Canadian softwood lumber. Undercutting American lumber in this country for years. And American the American lumber industry has been complaining about it again and again and again. While trumpet is said the days of taking advantage of the United States. The days of dumping products and undercutting American. Producers in this country are over. And sold to the utter astonishment of the Canadian liberal government trump backed up this threats with deeds. And he has now imposed swapped. 820%. Tariff. On Canadian softwood lumber. And he is now warning the Canadians. This is just the beginning. And what he realizes. Is what our global list a leafs have failed to tell us for years. Alternately. We don't need Canada Canada is our biggest trading partner don't get me wrong. Obviously wanna have good relations with Canada and good trade with Canada. But in the end Canada needs us much more than we need Canada. Mexico needs us much more than we need Mexico. Mexico is still a Third World country. There is not much of a market there for our goods Canada is like assay wealthy country and a democratic country but it's only thirty million people. We are almost 330 million. And so now what trump is telling both the Canadians and Mexico. Either we have fair trade. Or you'll see high tariff walls. And we will bring all of your economies to two weeks screeching halt. Unless you start to learn to respect the rules of the game we want free trade but it's got to be fair trade. And the days of taking advantage of uncle soccer are over Uncle Sam is back. And I say. Amen. It's time to point to America first. And it doesn't matter for regards Mexico or Canada. They've both been taken advantage of us and it's finally time we said enough. Is enough. If you wanna hear more. Of these podcast that we have of Trump's first 100 days go to Slash 100.