President Trump Update: April 21, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, April 21st

Within two weeks President Trump says he will renegotiate NAFTA 


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Okay my friends. The corner man's quick progress report on Trump's first 100 days. It is sponsored by that Hanover street chop outs in Manchester, New Hampshire one of open tables top 100 steak houses. In America. Trump yesterday. Continued with his economic nationalist agenda thank you baby. Where he announced that within two weeks. He will come out with they planned. To comprehensively. Renegotiate. NAFTA. I Z said yesterday and a signing ceremony. I ran and so on renegotiating. NAFTA that was my promise I'm gonna I'll hold my promise. And so he's already told both the Canadian government and the Mexican government. That the old days of taking advantage of Uncle Sam are overt. Either the North American Free Trade Agreement is seriously renegotiated. So that America doesn't keep running these huge trade surpluses. Or else the deal is off my friends. The nationalist in the White House is back. Globalism. Is out economic patriotism. Is in. If you wanna hear more of these podcasts. Go to WRK owed dot com slash 100.