President Trump Update: April 20, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, April 20th

In a speech, President Trump says, “buy and hire American.” President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday directing federal agencies to implement the "Buy American, Hire American." Do you like this policy? 


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153. Here on the great WR KR OOK my friends the corner man's quick progress report. On Trump's first 100 days. Donald Trump and that's why I love the guy. And economic nationalist. Who wants to put America first he has now issued another executive order. Saying he wants when it comes to federal the federal government federal contracts. By American. Hire American. He now wants to only hire American workers. And he only wants to buy American goods. He is also demanding a crack down on these foreign visa as. Then he and Jeff Sessions are saying and I agree with them are being your view just. By major companies in this country to bring in cheap foreign labor specially I AT. That two hour drive down wages and steal jobs from good decent hardworking Americans. And when he says buy American. What he's saying is don't buy Chinese. And it is about time. That we told the butchers of Beijing. That their days are fleecing and taking advantage of the American people and the American taxpayer. Are over. Our market remains open to them their market remains close to us and they have been using them mad midget. And the North Korean whether it's kims Kim Jong Miller Kim Jong on the North Korean nuclear weapons program. As a proxy. Almost as a pawn. To open up our market shall we give them the direct economic concessions. In other words they pocket the money. Dumping goods stealing our jobs stealing our wealth racking up big trade surpluses. In exchange for bogus promises. Of reining in North Korea well. Clinton tried it it didn't work bush try to hit it didn't work Obama tried it it didn't work. Chief spreading old Elizabeth Warren says keep doing it it won't work. It's time trumps what America first. We buy American. We hire American. You did carry the mad midget Beijing. And maybe he will give you a concession. It's got to be the opposite way from now on you give us something concrete. And maybe will give you something in the future you don't like hit. Too bad. If you wanna hear more of my of these broadcasts of Trump's first 100 days you can go to Slash 100.