President Trump Update: April 10, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, April 10th

Neil Gorsuch is sworn in today as SCOTUS.


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151 here on the great WRKO. OK the corner man's quick progress report on Trump's first 100 days. Powered by mr. ought to hold land. Pavement repairs and maintenance commercial and residential. May pavement great again. Visit mr. pot hole manned dot com. Why is trump. A much better choice than Hillary. YE. Whatever disagreements I may have with him on some issues. Why don't why I think as a conservative. And as an independent. Why don't why I think. Of that as a constitutional list. Why is strong infinitely better than Hillary. Three words. Just this. Mean old course which. It was officially. Done earlier today. Judge Neil course which has now been confirmed and sworn in. To be an associate justice on the Supreme Court. He will now fill Antonin Scalia seat restoring the ideological balance on the Supreme Court. And even more importantly. Denying liberals a potentially huge. Decisive victory. How Hillary Clinton won. Whether it's Merrick Garland or another justice that she would have appointed somebody in the mold of Elena Kagan or the wise Latina. Sonia Sotomayor. It would have changed the ideological balance. And the ideological direction of the Supreme Court and it would have had profound implications. Whether it be on gun rights on abortion. On gay marriage. On you mean the issue on executive orders on amnesty. It would have profoundly. Transformed an altered our country. What judge sorry what justice Boerse which now means. Is that there is essentially a 44 split on the Supreme Court with Anthony Kennedy as the deciding vote. It's not really conservative it's not really liberal he sort of hangs in the balance. But this way the socialist transformation of America. That Hillary would've done through the High Court has now been effectively block. For that reason all long. Never mind the booming economy. Never mind the border wall. Never mind Sanctuary Cities and how he's cracking down nevermind attorney general Jeff Sessions never mind rebuilding our military. Leave that all off the table just this all along. Is Tim any evidence enough. That when he came down to trump vs Hillary. It was no contest. Trump was much better and is much better for America. If you wanna hear more of my podcasts of the first 100 days voted Slash 100.