Is President Trump under investigation?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, June 19th

Trump's lawyer says he is not under investigation. What do you think?


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He's beyond their investigation. Or is he not under investigation. Far right my friends so here is now what is going on absolutely. Just incredible stuff taking place. Inside Washington inside the trump administration. And I've got to tell you I think the world is starting to laugh at us. This is now becoming a fiasco. And absolute sham so. On Friday eight president trump tweeted out this. Quote. I am being investigated. For firing the FBI director. By the man who hold the meat of fire the FBI director. Which finds. And of course what trump is referring to is a deputy attorney general rod Rosen Stein. He was the guy if you remember who wrote the memo. Laying out. And I've got to say it was a brilliant memo religious ones laying out detail detail after detail blow by blow. All of the year if you noble arguments in the it was devastating. Of how Mueller was unprofessional. How we abuse sorry how calm he was on professional. How call me abused his power. How Komi should be fired all of the grounds for removing and firing James call me as the FBI director. Well. Because it's Robert Mueller the special counsel is ultimately accountable to the Justice Department. And it was rob rose sixteen B deputy attorney general. Because. Sessions at recused himself he was the one who appointed. Special counsel Mueller. Trumpet in reaction to wait Washington Post or your Marie discuss this the late last week. The post citing five anonymous sources spot. All of them anonymous. Within the Justice Department and within Mueller's inner circle. Saying that Mueller couldn't get trump on the Russia collusion or Russia interfering in the election because there was no evidence. But they wanted to nail him on obstruction of justice. And this was so of course further reinforced by the fact. That not only are Mueller and Komi best buddies and their friends. In fact I'm art com Mueller was called east predecessor. Call me was his protege. But it's now come out that Mueller is loading up this stuff. With partisan democratic lawyers. One of whom was a major lawyer for the Clinton foundation. I a couple of others have been big time Hillary or Obama donors they are all criminal lawyers they want a scalp. They are hunting talk about hunting for Republicans. They are hunting for president trump. They want a scalp they want the president scalp. And they don't care how they're gonna do it as long as they get it. So old they've gone from Russia collusion. To Russian interference. Now they're looking at obstruction of justice and believe it or not. Jared Kushner own finances. So now they're fishing in the sun and wants finances. They need scalps. Go after the president or go after his family. And so trump reacting to that story in the Washington Post obviously upset obviously I don't blame them. Absolutely infuriated. Said will hold on year. The guy Rosen scheme who appointed the special counsel to investigate me. Is the guy who wrote the memo justifying and giving me all the reasons why I should get rid of combing. And your coming after me. Listen now sold the media went crazy. Because the media vendor obviously they're running with this. Moon trump has just confirmed. He's being investigated. Mueller a Mueller is zeroing in on trump he's gonna take trump out they were popping champagne corks. You couldn't believe how they whipped themselves up into a frenzy this weekend. So trump sent out his lawyer Jay secular low. Articulate. And effective. Combative. And secular said hey come throwing water all over this fire. There is no investigation. That we know a lot of it's more fake news. Rolled a cut brick. So let me start with this wind the president become aware that he was. Officially under investigation by the special counsel. The president is not under investigation by the special counsel. The worst between from the president was in response. To the five anonymous sources. But we're purportedly leaking information. To the Washington Post about a potential investigation. Of the president. But the president as James Cummings and his testimony as we know as of today. The president has not been and it is not under investigation I've like go back to the tweet then why did he say he wants and it was as she didn't miss tweet it. Are we not to take about an hour. Our case operate down a bit suburb there. Again. The president's lying. The president's being deceptive you mean we can't believe me we can't take him at his word. Jimmy just sitting there at 3 o'clock in the morning like a mad man Michael wanna pick and he just firing two weeks off. The answer look he not chuck T chuck cute dog knows the pants. You write a big front page Washington Post story. Citing five anonymous sources that they were going after trump for obstruction of justice shall trumps only point and he's completely right. Whoa whoa whoa. If this if this is true if you mean the guy he told me to fire call me has now appointed a special counsel to go after meet for the firing of call me. Does this make any sense steel. In other words all trump is doing. Is reacting to the Washington Post or anybody with half a brain could see that. Secular all ports Chucky is Blake's roll it Britain. Know that the president. It's free was in response. To. Then Washington Post stories of the Washington Post issued a story that had five anonymous sources which say never dependent upon what agencies. Those sources originate out the response from the president. Using social media. Was about that story but let me be very clear here as it has been since the beginning the president is not and has not been under investigation. For obstruction. Chuckie didn't like that answer. And it wasn't it wasn't just chucked you Chuck Todd. ABC's Martha Raddatz CNN's state of the union Jake Tapper MSNBC. I CBS is John Dickerson. All of this Sunday talk shows. Dave would not take this as an answer. He's got to be under investigation. Admit that he's under investigation. We want to Muller go after him come around and say he's under investigation please. Because remember one step closer to quote unquote Watergate. And may be the most egregious of the mall. Was never trump Burton never trump Republican dole weasel Chris Wallace. Listen now to go weasel. Go after. I ya ya I. I thought he was gonna if there were it was via remote had they been alive in the studio I thought the weasel would've like wrestled. Wrestled sexual to the ground. And twisting his arm can't come I'm just saying he's under investigation you gotta saying he's under investigation. Roll cut one Britney. Well but you don't know that he hasn't it under investigation now do you. When no one's notified as they year's site I can't read people's minds but I can some tell you that's. But we've not been notified that there's an investigation the president of the United States. So that nothing has changed in that regard since James always testimony. We government polar being investigated. What are you saying is look if we're being investigated we don't know. Because Mueller hasn't told us. Rosen scheme hasn't told us sessions hasn't told us the Justice Department hasn't told us. Nobody's told us nobody's written to us nobody's email that's nobody's told us nobody's called us. So if nobody's telling us then obviously we're probably not under investigation of the and it's cycle put it I'm not a mind reader. But that wasn't enough for the weasel Chris Wallace. Listen now to this. Then he starts going after trump saying. Well. How do you know he's not being investigated. And if fees aren't just dizzy being investigated. But shouldn't you be indictment. I mean we're talking about obstruction of justice here shouldn't what would it take to indict this president come on Jake tell us. Is young he's got to be under investigation. And come on now. If he's indicted what would it take to indict him. Roll cut to Britain. I want to ask you direct your question does the president think that rod grosans Stein. Has done anything wrong on the didn't president has never say they about rod grosans thunder anything wrong here's what what is that illegals in this situation here. There is a constitutional issue when you have this scenario the president made a determination. Based on consultant advice he decided ultimately he's the commander in chief he gets to make that decision that James how we had to go that was coming by the way from. Groups right left and senator over the last year do you do not know that so there's been concern about James comb it was put forward any memorandum that's for the presence preparation. From the deputy attorney general and the attorney general. Requesting the removal of James Cummings the FBI director Alton Lister president's determination so here's the constitutional threshold question Chris. The president takes action based on numerous events including recommendations. From his attorney general and the deputy attorney general's office. He takes the action that they also by the way recommended. And now he's being investigated. By the Department of Justice as the special counsel under the special counsel regulations report still to be a department just not an independent counsel. So he's being investigated. For taking the action. That the attorney general deputy attorney general recommended him to take. By the agency. Who recommended determination so that's the constitutional threshold question here. In other words what looked to lay it all out very clearly. Do you have a blatant conflict of interest not just Mueller who's close ties to call me I think disqualifies Mueller a Mueller should be Fieger okay. But now you have broad Rosen Steen. Whoa hold on now. If you actually wrote the legal basis of the memo for firing combing. Then why did you appoint a special counsel to go after the president for firing only. It it makes no sense it's a complete contradiction. A complete contradiction. So Ben Wallace now pounds since he just bounces over secular law now here it. You just said the president under investigation of course secular was talking theoretically it was bullet basically we saying is. The president has the power to fire James combing he had every right to fire James called me. Our Rosen scheme laid that out in his memo all. So if he did firearm there's nothing there so the investigation. If there is one in theory is bogus. Right away Wallace so we see investigated. Or jumping investigated busy under investigation. Or not. Rowe cut three Britain. But what's what's the question and I'm really frustrated instead of some facts first of all you've now said that he is being investigated after saying that you do now. You've you've just so these are things that isn't it you just sad that he's being investigated. No Chris I said that they invent anything let me be crystal clear so you're you're completely understand we have not received Norway and aware of any. Investigation of the president of the United States you just period so Thomas that is being investigated. No the context of the tweet I just gave you the legal theory Crist on how the constitution works. If in fact that it was correct that the president was being investigated he would be investigating for taking action that an agency told them to take. So that is protected under the constitution as his article one power that's all I said so I appreciate you try to rephrase it. But on this BI will iPod to your itinerary of presidents they say OK that giant this tape we'll speak. For itself. I mean I swear is that they netbook one extra water board a guy on a really. Want to start pulling his mails out once you start electric shooting I mean really. Just yet they want and does say he's being investigated sexist say it just say it. Because then if he's being investigated. That takes some winds stamp closer. To possible impeachment. So now listened to the final cut. Chris Wallace says he's being investigated. You own although he's not being investigated. Secular returns and says. What I had read minds well that's your problem he's being investigated. And just admit that he's being investigated dammit role cut for Britain. Does the president think that Rosie is gone because you talked about this constitutional theory that he took action. I thought on the advice while the we said he didn't take it on the advice of grosans dined. Does he think that Rosa Stein should it really kills himself and as he laying the ground work to fire grosans Don and Mahler. That now no conversations and I've heard nothing about that at all nothing. I think this chris' point to do what they've quickly about the constitutional period you call it it's actually called the constitution. You know the president has certain plenary authority I don't know all of us president secretaries are. Yeah there's a college. Constitutional they're based on the constitution I understand that so called it the constitutional fair it's part of the constitution the president has inherent party. Here's what you're writing here's what you try to do Chris I appreciated him or are you ready lines and that's not your reading minds again. No Chris I deal with fact and law you. I'll tell me when I'm trying to not talk on the front Adobe that you don't know what I'm trying to do actually what I'm trying to get as a straight answer out of you let me ask you that what as a matter of your law. Does the president think that he can be indicted under the constitution. The president I had a conversation with the president of the president can't be indicted under the constitution for the activities alleged in something like this. No of course not no. But why is not because there's simply because there's not an investigation. And there's we didn't know that that's about it otherwise this is reared him you don't know that they as whether there is an investigation you just told us Chris you're asking me respect if so then what you're asking me to do I and it wouldn't matter I think it was a matter of law about whether that's an event this is normally does the president think he can be indicted. Goal. Eight is ridiculous. Every look this I'm talking about like everybody knows the answers they're chose this is Kabuki theater. They're just tried he's under investigation he's in trouble they're trying to bleed the president undermine the president. Whip up this frenzy and this hysteria that is the second coming of Watergate. He can't be indicted he's the president. You remove him from office you have to impeach him and then convict them and then once he's a private citizen then you can end item. But if he's in office mall where everybody knows that. But you're trying to deport eight they're trying to put a permanent cloud over the president said and ultimately here's what's going on. Adam Schiff. And other leading Democrats. All along with Paul Ryan all Ryan and John McCain over the weekend said. That if the president flyers Muller and fires rod Rosen steam. That this will lead to the beginning of impeachment proceeding X. In other words they're telling the president still witch hunt must continue. In other words take it if you don't like get. Take it up the you know where will my advice to the president is now this. You would defy every single one of them. There was no obstruction. There was no cover up there was no crime there was no collusion. Rosen steam should never appointed Mueller Rosen scheme should go Mueller should goal and if you don't like it. Well but you don't nobody has. Under investigation now very. When no one notified if they guess like I can't read people's minds but I consider tell you this. But we've not been notified that their investigation the president of the United States so that nothing has changed in that regard and James always testimony. Sally. And Dan Burres Europe first go ahead Sally. I kept. Hi I just thank you for taking my call. You know I just anticipate I can say that it's easy for people to throw the word that impeachment around. Actually I think it's just a tidy little low ball a label that elected choosing to stop trump. Because think about that. On every day trumpet signing an executive order every day his agencies are silently without mainstream media. Publishing anything. They're rescinding all of those regulations that where imposes on business. On it didn't profits and under constant during dozens. So what he's really doing is unwinding almost thirty years of this progressive oppression. That has held us down that's what they're really exciting for it that's the core of what's going on here I think these people. Yet more than just impeachment they want to stop them whether it I hate to say yes assassination. Or are somehow or another getting the GOP ginned up to promote pants. And force trump to step down but it's all about power of the leak that's what they're fighting well. There are brilliant brilliant Sally don't get me wrong I only advice from my wife but I love you inning on sexual way. This is a slow motion bloodless coup that's what this is. By the elites to protect their power their position. And their perks that's what this is all about. And he and Quincy go ahead and. I get cut but the special prosecutor right or to be done away without the school Libby when they you know they just ransacked some. Information and get real order I'm not. And COLT we was in the memo that part special prosecutor Cho. But if you we'll have them there are no longer object or don't need to be now on a jury. But get more mature it's sacred state four panels. And let you ask who people would judge the prosecutor the defense is trying enemy we up witnesses say all right all M. You're scoops. I it's a conflict of interest. On any brilliant IU now that. Eddie and I've been here five years so it's gonna be five years officially this November I think that's longer enough for me to be called to jury but you know but let that go. Look Mueller has a conflict of interest with Khomeni Rosen skiing Timmy has a profound conflict of interest I think trump mail them. You told me to fire call me and now you want Mueller to investigate me. Whoa whoa walls. Let me ask you this. Should trump fire Mueller surety fire Rosen steam. And do you believe the Democrats and McCain Republicans. When they say if he goes after Mueller and Rosen Steen. Impeachment will be again in congress. 61720666868. Your reaction next. URG so Boston. It through 36 here on the great WRK. Oh okay. Trump's lawyer has now come out. From the Justice Department or Robert Mueller. The media insists that he is is this more faking news and let me throw one more log on the fire. McCain. Paul Ryan leading Republicans as well as the Democrats Dianne Feinstein and others. How said if trump fires Robert Mueller and deputy AG rog Rosen Steen. This will begin impeachment proceedings. Against trump it will trigger impeachment. Are they block thing what should the president do. 6172666868. Lines are loaded. Dan in Drake at Europe first go ahead then. Right Jeff Clarke and let. We all know that. Albeit is that in the fire you'll. But what a vote if he just said listen I'm gonna give you 98. Come up with something. Or just fired at least this way here these you don't get it out want and watch a couple of but you know after Nike they should apps are. Down there is no time limit on any special counsel. So what Mueller would respond user trying to rush the investigation. Hence you're trying to influence the investigation. We need as much time as it's gonna take and now already his office is leaking. That this may go one for a couple of years. So what and this is what I predicted when the special counsel was appointed. They wanna use the special counsel and the constant leaks did damage strong politically and ride this all the way into the mid terms. You have probably auto. Drag it out so then Democrats who may be in control of. Of the house and of the senate. And that's that's their game plan the band that's been their game plan from the beginning. That's that's why they wanted to special counsel to be honest in chief combing let the cat out of the bag. That's why he reached his memo to the New York Times through his law school professor buddy. And he openly senate he said we wanted to special counsel and we got one. And it was his buddy Robert Mueller. So this is why am looking at this and I'm saying look. This is a cool. They are out to get you. It's Mueller himself has admitted there's no evidence of collusion. That's why he's now they're durst another pointer cut obstruction of justice now by the way the boy Jared Kushner is finances. So doggone good look at everything. Hope you're looking for any crime they're searching and reaching for a crime. And so that's why my advice to the president does this. Mueller is fatally compromised. He's bringing on board partisan high powered Democrats. He's. A body he's joined at the hip with combing. It's a complete conflict of interest it is time for Mueller to step a site there is nothing here. If he doesn't this is gonna go on for years and years and years. And the Democrats are gonna use this for impeachment. But I'll tell you right now. There is only one issue in American politics today and that is the impeachment of trump. Are you for it or you're against it. Because the Democrats will run in 2018. On impeaching the president. And sold their goal is through selective. Leaks. It's just so drained a president's popularity. That the Democrats win back the house maybe the senate and then set the stage for the president's impeachment even if he's not convicted. They want that permanent stay lean on him. Like Bill Clinton Andrew Johnson. They want him to gold down in history as having being impeached. That's what their base wants. And so if I'm trump. And I'm the victim of a witch hunt. He just call off the witch hunt. There will be a massive explosion. Let them explode. Rivera to get chew anyway. At this point cut your losses but ushers me. Marrying in Compton go ahead merry. Sure you remember her and think understand how everything about that Clinton's. But I hole select so Walsh terrible attitude terror champ they trap and all the things it usually. That trend and are behind his age they'll suffer. I. Well merry look you're a 1000% correct this has the hand of Hillary all over it. This has the hand by the way. You have all of these I mean look I love president trump don't get me wrong OK I voted for a I supported him. I'm gonna stand with them no matter what because I believe he's genuinely being wrong. But you have all of these Obama hold over works. Indeed MS city in the CI UAE in the FBI's. How come he hasn't purged film. Coming hasn't fired him. Lisa what I find just in the inexplicable. So don't let me tell you exactly what happened. Obama and Hillary said. We didn't win it all okay we're gonna plant land mines booby trapped trump and blow was presidency sky high. And so you now have dig deep state in alliance. In alliance with the media. Doing everything they now can to essentially exit cute and cool. Against the duly elected president of the United States that's what this is all about. Now look my friend's home and be very candid with you okay from Lanier say the truth. There's no point me being on the air like Amanda confessional. What they don't understand is this. The political clocks. The ruling elites. Are misunderstanding. One very important big miscalculated one very important thing. To me it's the most important thing. The backlash. They they better think very hard about what they're doing. Because if they trot. To overturn an election. And they try to essentially overthrow. Eight duly elected. Constitutionally. Legitimate president of the United States if you think the peasants are gonna take this lying down. I'm just saying it doesn't mean it's. Do you think trump supporters are not gonna pick up their political pitchforks. And laid siege. To this deep State Council in Washington. They're not gonna put up with this. You're gonna see tens of millions of them paid to the streets in protests. So they are playing with very serious fine year. Because I'll tell you this. You don't overthrow presidents. Because you lost an election. You. All in Milton go ahead ball. (%expletive) I couldn't agree with you more. And number one I should say to trumpet a goal right for the jugular. Why annual fire at the attorney general. Wind and do what Perry should immediately. And then let mr. Ryan was the king of the swap out which is right he and John McCain's. What that lets see what they'd do they have. The people we're Irish champs. That the only thing that I happening on that a president trump took a boat said he's doing by executive brought. Not clear why he is may. Friend is what the police. And also plan to put that veterans because of what he's done I think he's. Seriously. Being abused by ya these maggots. That we caucus congressman Enceladus. Paul thank you for that call their filth. And notice. Notice. All of the threats against Trump's life has drawing spoken out against them has McCain spoken out against them. I'm not talking about the Democrats now forget that that that's too much for them. All of these Ryan no establishment Republicans. Has anyone spoken out against the. The only time they speak out. Is when you even float an idea like may be trouble Fieger Mueller or fire Rosen scheme and all of a sudden war. Or you better not do that. Who. Who. Look how this swamps and look Elvis swamp rallies to protect our own all it's incredible. Ed in boss you know if they were just as vigorous in defending the country as they are in their own power and position would be the richest country in the world. I mean look a ferociously arc they don't give up. Ahead in Boston go ahead and it. Or Joseph I'm I think this is probably agree most important show. Which you have been. It's evolved in that trumps those. All right you can Richard crowds and the terrible this is. Aren't taken warm because they're good for our Kim and they haven't stopped blocking him. Since he's been in there and certainly go to and he's not gonna get anything done policy triple. The other good news the Republican Party. I could owe the Democrats could draw confidence if the Republican Party even hints does it even expect that. They have finished. They will never exist at Oregon in this country. And I'm with you. I think this is gonna blow open their face. I think they are overestimating. What people think about the Russia collusion story. I think there are underestimating how people really see trump I was the victim of a corrupt a leaked. People can see it now. The beltway elite is corrupt through and through. And they can see he's being abused by them. He's being victimized by them he's being targeted by them. Because they fear to lose their power and their money and their wealth and their control. And so you go for impeachment call for I would call for it. It's gonna blow up in their face they're gonna get wiped out in the mid terms now. There's something also let me throw one more log on the fire. You have all of these leaks now coming from Mueller's office okay at least that's what the Washington Post office. Newt Gingrich made a very interesting point I believe it was on Sean Hannity show on Fox News. Those leaks out of Mueller's office the orderly legal. Forget the FBI Tutsi legal that's clearly illegal it's criminal. But from new lawyer's office that's also we legal. And soul as as as Gingrich put it. If these leaks continue. I am I kidding we're gonna need a special counsel. To investigate. This special counsel. Roll it Britain. Can I think he's furious I think I think trump sits there and says when he at this rate I know I didn't do anything with the Russians. Call me has said three times. I think that the Russians nobody in capital doesn't improve it and then with the Russians. And now I get an independent counsel who's gonna mess up at least the next year at a minimum and who by the way you'll notice is expanding his charge. And now they're talking about not the Russians are coming obstruction another time and I'm looking at financial vows if you believe the leak and I said yesterday. You get two more weeks like this wouldn't send them have to appoint a special counsel to investigate the special counsel used. By the way he said that on fox news's Sean Hannity but he also repeated that that was the clip we just played with Martha Raddatz on ABC's this week but anyway. The point days. You continue with these leaks. You're gonna need a special counsel to investigate the special counsel. It's a mess. And you know what they're ultimate famous. Too high trump up in knots. To or just tying him down. Tripped him up put them in a straitjacket. Paralyze them neuter him that's all they see it's. They find the president Mr. President here's my advice to you. You're the commander and chief you were elected to lead. Drained.