President Trump at the UN

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Monday, September 18th

Donald Trump attends the UN Summit for the first time as President of the United States


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Given DV Boston's morning show. WR KEL. 707. Everybody good to have you along on a Monday morning. Quick reminder California two holes. And we are 1 up this morning. Related to the president's hand on his re tweeting over the weekend we also dude there's one up that he be about. The Earth's climate agreement yes yup and is one going on now through what should voters from focus most on one. He addressed the UN general assembly tomorrow. A North Korea would be China sea the Paris agreement. Ordeal the UN itself. Which would be fine with me I was just because all of the above action network saying not gonna do the UN things not gonna get after them much. I'm barb I've always enjoyed that side of him I would like to see some of that tomorrow but. It looks like it did the early indications that's my. Well on the interesting thing for a lot of people I mean I think I think he's got to address North Korean that's got to be deed the focal point of his speech. In my estimation North Korea and everything related to it which includes China. Which includes Russia which includes the UN and getting involved in some way in making decisions. But what I think is really interesting is this whole thing and it they're now saying that. The administration. Ott is considering staying in the Paris agreement. Under the right conditions. We'll summon the administration are hinting at that although it's it appears to be like our number one source of that it's some sort of can medium. Either diplomat or. Somebody in the needing government keeps who started that ball and the Wall Street Journal is a credit you eighteen to Tillerson. Yes he came out after the guy in and said yeah they under certain terms incident in McMaster came months of bull we're not where our. So bottom which who's right which is. I don't know I think we're gonna find out over the course of the next couple of days as the president meets more and more here right you know what in what the right under the right conditions that's. That's what I find interesting. So did their due quickly on the Paris agreement. I've always felt like this is used to for me it's to reduce future that we were actually thing and I think. Because we don't get out of it until 22 money. One a lot of Smart things they did on that was made that. These these Jews on the bone but over time yuck I'm even care anymore and I feel like that's what's gonna happen here. There's going to be some little weaker whatever that trump is going to say that's what I see. I was looking out for us and that we got all we needed now we're back in in in the rest of the world's gonna say they didn't change anything that's bull they're right back in bright and everybody's gonna get to tell their story and to me I don't think we're him. Now I'm I'm reading with your calms me out well I I actually don't think we're getting now let me tell you why I'm now reading the guardian. And the guardian is saying that both Tillerson and McMaster are indicating that the US is open to negotiate. Well that's always been true trump himself said that. But did what the rest of the world says we're not negotiating Merck also of them are going to McGraw has been talking to him supposedly but they said there is no room for negotiation. I don't believe that either because I think once this. I think that if you think about this. By the president coming out and saying we're out we're done. Twice when they were out. And all of them saying oh no there's no negotiation if you try to get out now they've let a little time go by and it's calm down a little bit. I think he'll be a little more open to negotiating. The data even know what what that would be and what. Parameters I've iris in China than plays a part of it an enemy China under more than they were gone no but I don't know why China woods. And if there's no enforcement. Of this thing. And their never is going to be an enforcement of the thing because this is always been feel good. I don't I don't know what what difference it makes in the end but I just whenever they start floating things like this are starts quote unquote leaking that. You know. Jim wonder we really are getting out there that tells me we're market and now. Strike six or 72666868. X 86 say these attacks like. It turns out over the next couple of days the president says actually we're not gonna get out we are gonna try to negotiate first which by the way. The administration always said we're gonna we're gonna get up first. Then we'll negotiate if in fact we wanna be involved in any way so. In some ways nobody should be surprised by this this is sort of what the administration said would be the plan. Moon would you be disappointed are you gonna be upset. Six or 72666868. X 868 detect fun. When I hear from you wanna know if in fact he would be disappointed about this I just don't know what he terms the terms. Would have to be something related to China it would have to be because that's one of the biggest. You know ridiculous portions of this I think. This whole agreement was that. All of us have to live by these terms in China doesn't. The biggest polluter in the world. So we ought to live by this we have to change. We have to put all this money and in an effort to change our systems and change our ways return doesn't have to. What's the word about the whole thing is like right now as we sit here we are good career out of the Paris agreement and were all in on obamacare a week from now we could be back in the pairs him and we can be out of obamacare and that's the way the world works currently. So. Who knows and we could work currently were not a war with North Korea but we could be like everything. And this is how we wanted apparently but everything could change on a dime and go the exact opposite as we have been led to believe that it is going. And we have to just waiting stadium in tomorrow supposedly. You know we were and the Monroe doctrine in the Bush Doctrine you've you have these freezes for foreign policy. It all bar we got to get the trump doctrine tomorrow what is America going to be under trump presidency is this speech going to be on that level. I sure seems like they wanted to be so it's going to be very down yeah. Dustin loves you I love you and a non factual way though yeah absolutely full of cars and VP I know what I'm. Boston's morning show WR KL. Price is 719. So funny answer saying to these guys are looking headlines throughout. Friday Saturday and Sunday and on Saturday many new publication saying White House denies getting back in the Paris born. On Sunday well maybe we might fit I'm not sure where this is all going and why there would be any kind of change. Suddenly died job I think will get a better sense of it over the next two days when we go to bill in Sudbury gitmo. Well I don't think it's very consequential at all I think that. You had a pretty meaningless and you believe marriage a any ink. And it's not gonna have a lot of respect at all I think and lights even if you get beautiful leash as consequential at this. I don't think he's gonna put bounced a I don't know I like. From here on in this hour we're going to be I don't even beat that and it. Here I think you asked of me definitely would what did what. What's gonna say about North Korea than bail he's gonna go all bad can have this. I think yes to put a marker down the Dallas to weighs on your version of a finally Cuba is another wanna do. Rex is continually been my favorite cabinet member for quite awhile now. And more wrecks have over the weekend the you know we may be closing that could close it. Why would we close that they they. They released a magnet bomber whatever they're all the thing was called polls submission in the they've Jeff and some of our guys why would we leave that open there there has to be repercussions that these things. That's another one and out thing that ought to be come off tomorrow at some point like this the type of crap we're not gonna put up with anymore. We're tired of carrying dead weight things like Cuba for example for its firm. As long as we have and then we still gonna put up with stuff like this supreme we're gonna participate we're gonna do so smartly and this is not one of those things. I don't know whether I on Cuba you're probably right Billy's not only that down he's got other things but it would be fine with me if he did. I think he. I think you'll stick with. Things that he thinks soon the most urgent to the rest of the world I'm not sure that the rest of the world cares if we open an embassy here for close at embassy. Everybody cares about what's happening in North Korea. Well the irony of it is that you won't words you expect him not here tomorrow. I think I even say Syria. But that is where there is a war well yeah and I think they will actually I don't know I mean it's ocean is just come back from talks related to Syria and. So it with Russia so I feel like yes the answer is yes I think you have to or I mean there are brewing hotspots but there are literally is a hot spot that nobody wants to talk about because nobody has the answers and nobody knows what to do when nobody wants any part of it so ironically. You know you look too good to America for leadership here but who don't know what you would say an excuse like that let me go to Trent. In lol good morning. Turgeon there. Yes I have to go it's our. Are adequate to make it all in regards Jude China air by the reports. I'm well I don't may not be sold through the same letter. Albeit pretty bad. Our other major country thought. I will say that they are going far beyond that your dog and the fact and so that they all are. Investing billions of dollars within five years are gonna be the world's leading investor in renewable resources they're trying to get off of old natural gas. Oil petroleum. Basically getting off awful old in general. Fall off and they are going a forested jailing. Major polluter so. I mean what they may not let me and I told me a letter adds yeah they're going forward this fear of most other ones and yes. They are they have been for many years but our world or whatever however. They're cutting back on the net I'm not saying they're doing great. They are making amends for things that they've. China is China again there there are. What's the old Quinn line there at the very Smart very dumb and Chinese case they're very Smart we all think they have been for a long time so that's why they put out. When I'm gonna sell when I'm gonna make cars anymore that have that use gas price because that's that's there might dropped everything now on. I think agreement we're not even gonna have gas cars anymore like. But by the time that kicks in when that would even be a thing. Who knows what the automobile industry's going to be number one who knows that technology is going to be number two because those are going to be those could be on so we were. The reason all of those days are doing it next year right but. That ship is already sell but they've to beauty of what they're doing is they're acting like they're taking a leadership position on it. And they're gonna get away with a well because it is there might drop and these two of you can do that you haven't announced that we're doing way more than you would why would we get an agreement that's beneath us that's there are well and. Can I need to say this but I mean how we ever know if what they exceed their doing their really doing any. We in this same country that you know has the lowest unemployment rate in the world right hands. And there there. You know gross national product is higher than any country and you think it was and that's really true or not it's not short for Billy given no. If they're ha I would look at will we ever know what they're doing what they claim they were gonna do for. The Paris agreement in 20/20. I would prefer drum not to talk about the Paris agreement at all tomorrow night at Disney that this isn't the place form because. To media should be. We got a ran we got North Korea we got Syria. We've got. Major issues that we are that you all that he will talk about it the speech. I think they may take it up behind closed doors and some of these meetings. But I can't imagine what he would use that platform is a place to speak about that. That's what do you one's good for an airline that's their mission as we don't have some BS global global warming mission that. Minute that's not that to mean that's not what they're good for when it comes to the president making that annual speech. The annual speech needs to be more to me about you know the hot spots of the world and how we as the UN are taking care of them. Mean if we had no hotspots in the world if everything was just terrific. Well then maybe that would be that new refugees would be would you talk about but at this stage of the game I just don't think those still are. Or on the same playing field as North Korea Syria. And and the repercussions of that. No I can jury talk about behind closed doors. Look I need to me would. A model this flight there there's my five most important things Paris is not any of them but that's. Direct to UN that's what they have access on because they abscess on feel good crap that doesn't have any real repercussions for them. Dealing with what's been going on and England over the last couple 48 hours is so obviously important but you want answers and has no interest and to involve the match. There are joining with China obviously North Korea they've done what. World keeping in tough on you do day UN that's been working out great like. So trump to me should go there and put the hammer down on them you guys sock. In you have for a long time and now we're gonna start kicking some mass. In other words they were gonna stop paying so much money tales I'd love god love him to say that I mean he he hinted at before when he was running in but we'll see if he does tomorrow nom I guess he won't. My guess is he'll just play nice speed presidential and says look this is what we should be focused on and here's what we gotta solve right now. Then worry about some of the other crap to you guys are just on and that's probably the path of least resistance for him. Will say that again doesn't all depend on how we wakes up tomorrow morning. Well I did not. No I don't think it does in this case because I think that this is going to be a speech and he's gonna sick very close to the teleprompter if not just stay on the prompter. So I don't think they'd you know he'll be outside the lines but it. Did you think Teresa may was pretty telling over the weekend where she rips strong for the tweet. And then trump does do what nicer or version out right but fine but then she can't quickly get to the microphone any quicker than she did this and I'll album we were Craig were very good partners like. She got a little thing out which your resume on me the moment she results that met and trump at and quickly rye is what we're losing ornament there really aren't gonna keep it. In the present and off but you don't think I do have to think it was sort of. You know tit for tat mean it was a little bit in all Isaiah he toned down at all. I don't think his first one is an accurate that number is doing well I I. The work and they get they have big major issues there's no two ways about it there's absolutely no two ways about it. But I don't think by he is being critical in the way that he was is gonna take care of that. How Arnold the panel that I was say one thing about to you our security here and Jim said something. I'm not trying to make light of what happened Friday by any means or any of this. But Jim said something so accurate. Whoever makes that bucket. They should be out there promoting themselves because how can you have an explosion in a bucket in the pocket is still in the same form. Pat is an ad for the bucket company hitters know. Two ways about it and when you're just trying to find some things que es place so hideous over and over again. Kim was on the money doubt that.