President Trump speaks out again on kneeling and the NFL

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 27th

President Trump continued to chastise the NFL for its handling of players kneeling during the national anthem at Sunday's games


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Getting to work with Cuban BP. Boston's morning show on WOR king. Lightning guy and all of what should I stand. While distance and a lot in this effort. Just make sure like daughter is gone personally my daughter learned and we would march around the house of course it's great. Torture and colan they go. Michael Harrison from talkers magazine he's filling in for Kim Kerrigan today IDB a mere. Just I'll be doing in oh an hour and a half from now be opening up to you. Probably giving you a chance that a decision won't be eating oatmeal. Horizontal oil. Crotch. At 9 o'clock hour. We're going to be edited I don't wanna do it now but no 9 o'clock hour. The worst possible start to mighty day it happened and I have a feeling you had similar situation. I let anything fall off the mood of your car over cautious savers for the 9 o'clock hour and talk about that by an 8830. I'm going to give you a chance to. Two win something free and something cool so just stay tuned for that and I'll leave it there. So I don't see old and I know you wanna hear and as we're we're going back to the calls of 12 to Michael heiress and a wanna remind people that they missed it. The president yesterday. That you love how they do this now to the networks you you think that people aren't Owen and trump. Tell it to CNN and tell it to the fox who literally had talent downs. For trump live press conference that's what it seven. Was a lot of press conference or without a joint statement with the leader where they took a couple of questions. That's called a promo that's called hey. We just know if we tell you trump is going to be somewhere you're going to watch trump how will comment on the new Star Trek here aren't I thought. Trump press conference that means 1015 quite always he's going to be. Inside. At the public I don't know it was Rose Garden took two questions but anyway the first question was on this of course so. If you haven't heard him. Biggest question was going to be like my wife said literally don't you have to expect before he even starts this thing they're going to be have. The marine band there to play the anthems of trump could stand there and salute to like. I would anybody have been surprised if that happened Dave Reid didn't happen as it turns out but. Trump was asked about. The end the protest. Stay in the NFL weekend and where we all stand on this. Into me. Trump almost have like a smirk on his face because he know we've been kicking ass on this and he knew he was ready. Willing and able to take the question because he had a Mike dropping out there in here was here's the president. I was at Walter Reed hospital. Recently and I saw so many great young people and then missing legs in the missing arms and they've been so badly injured. And they were fighting for a country they were fighting for a flag they were fighting for our National Anthem. And for people to disrespect that. But IE kneeling during the playing of our National Anthem I think is disgraceful. I just think that's that's a winner every time he may not have won an Alabama but he won without. And I'm not even sure it and when an Alabama but that's another story to you know we'll quickly and he has weeded out already talked to an hour or less like a great guy nobody wins and if we're on the Cincinnati beautiful climate and I added it. That's gonna write yeah exactly. But you say you want he's won this it's over it's done. What's gonna happen what do you think. In less fuel. Or somebody like you can come up with the counter to that. I don't know how he doesn't win this might have felt clearly they don't want this anymore they don't want my I don't have you know you're so right that I and Cameron are. Candidate that is your moral outrage over a piece of fabric should be placed over the people that were killed that there were kneeling to talk about. Yeah if you would mean I would say piece of fabric why isn't it I know it's important to you but it the piece of fabric of our people have done right to say the word here real isn't maybe as the flag is separate from everything else from I think when you structural or society. You sit down say okay how are we gonna do is. How old are we gonna make sure were all on board and one of the things would be the flag another would be the pledge of allegiance those is through that I. I sort of separate from all house whenever your moral arc and did so for me a black lies matters social injustice cause. And he long was like fine but you cannot bring that into it. And you cannot do and when that's why the flag burning to me. If you're gonna broad outline Owens burning flags first of all day but it's similar for me he asked me why is it not things in me because the flag is untouchable such a -- social isn't so much that you don't sympathize to one degree or another with the moral issue here in the civil rights at all I think black injustice is a legitimate OK I think varies some of the alleged killer aren't here the method of targeting. That moment the flag the respect we come together that that. The new national pastime football. The the whole American cultural thing. You consider that to be obnoxious snapper nick I think Capra Nicky is usually what we celebrate in this country which is a guy who will go against. Popular opinion to make a stand that he believes and he and he will sacrifice for the acting normally Wear for example what he did. He missed it by that much he took the flag instead of putting a sticker is the talents and make the NFL make me take it off instead of saying I'm gonna have a post game press conference every time it's gonna start with XY or Z he could've done a number of giving an excellent point being these so the question then is the answer to your other question is the answer to trump is are we agree with you but why are you spending so much time and and and you know. Controlling the national narrative when we have some guy in North Korea shooting rockets off and we have all kinds of other issues. Breakfast with Kim and he'd be greedy that speaks out there you know. It doesn't look like narrow down our Boston sports show WR KL. I you guys have been very patient on novelists maligned 672666860. TV would Michael Harrison today Hebert and Kerrigan. Your reaction to what trump said yesterday and where does this go now because I I keep telling you. If you've been fighting with trump on the stop fighting if you're not gonna when you're not going to be what he said yesterday. In my right or is Michael Harrison right is there is still a social conversation to be had here and if this is keeping me going that's all good. I think the social conversation is never ending on this I as long as I can remember and I've been around the sun many times. This is an issue that keeps rearing its head. Dissent how do you express dissent in America how do you express patriotism and how to the two get together. In an American way let's go back to the phones Jimmy's in Dorchester he's vs sorry I am succeed in our own. Lights. Let me tell you admirable and these military air force made the army or a this is what I wanna tell. I consider this call that not become an album not a sock and a not that says is what he's gonna end up eleven words I've got another question what do to a U. So that's the West Point I don't you talk about the West Point out right not right not an NFL player right. So right okay but here's the thing. OK. Which you consider it my all AB meal eaten away this across them. You like can countries they got a week or what would you consider this you that you like to entrance of trouble. Which got the West Point he's so we Jimmy he's upset about the West Point Canada happens is communism I don't I don't consider it get me I consider and have a breaking of the rules that he swore to uphold. He's a military person he has to follow the rules of the military that's the whole point of the military you can't be a free Wheeling. Loose cannon in the military that's what makes the military work. That's the First Amendment out the window doesn't count. 6172666868. Leslie's embossed and she's next NW RKO. Leslie. Actually panicked as the winter because they said her mother Leslie could be either that's true and I shouldn't be gender identifying anymore shame on me. If it did the new character in star treks name is Michael and it's a woman Hattie and I feel about that. Well the woman from my allows the per it was a matter first name among them Michael learned I don't remember a little while my time pretty good old useless that attribute I mean. Fills in Sudbury is next NW RKO. Hello good morning my first thought the Communist guys is that. Like a lot of guys have been eight I'm married once got a draft is going to be a Communist he had thrown out you don't have to do you attract. He can walk around other little light claiming to be eight. West Point graduate never actually do this time yeah we pretty good scam it that you got in mind. To hold down your back pocket for over a year I don't I don't think it'll go to West Point I don't get out of being in the army says that. This doesn't accents Communist thing based anngelle use Twitter feed he's pretty all in on bill I know this we're talk about this before but. Apparently the DS today that what is it the democratic socialists of America. They happy veterans between of that yeah there are veterans caucus according to Newsweek. I don't how true this has been Newsweek says there are commune known Communist that are actively serving in the Miller that in and of itself apparently isn't a he deal breaker which I was unaware so we get rid of in the notes her first transgender is or Communists. I think he's like a corporal calling it type guy and a quarter mile will be given to me. Not politics GB drive the Walton is not little laws and a brick yeah I hate. I hate when I try to sound so Smart tonight's raw the fact 'cause I. Yeah I law and there wasn't balls and hurt the kid get Alaron worth worth the same show yeah well that's that's not a bad and went into seventies stuff. After I wonder what the responsible to go into the West Point graduate of his rented red Jie Han. Now you're now you're dealing with a little different would have got a whole different level or social rule about what an eleven hour famine that we're we are warned they are immune. One Hugh and he would have going permits were technically not a war with communism right what we are we are technically at war with North Korea so match and he said. Go Campbell we're not. The president made great if he's yeah he's wrong we are just because Jim jogging. Nobody nobody rocket man excuse me says that we've declared war doesn't look so yeah I don't target is wrong with the rocket man is right we are at war with North Korea legally we never we never got out of it. 6172666868. Tonys in Maine he's next on it and succeed WR as a quiz that a look at which were on TV. They donation has seen his face. Hi I suspect my call I just wanted to point out that the NFL. Thought we had. Approval of the union players union has. Protocols for how the players as well as the conduct themselves. During the playing of the national am. Yeah and it's pretty clear that these players of violating their own agreement that they signed and the union had and fire and openness. And they have a right to fire these people and now is the fact that they don't do it okay they've taken a position the NFL. And our other positions Seattle silence taken you know if you wanted to commemorate 9/11 by doing something he had a ultimately won't find. I did as Bynum would spend the night you were nine elevenths usually don't find them in minutes that's right that the port city and the hypocrisy of the NFL on this issue is. Amazing if I wanted to. Protest. My own employer and I had an agreement like the and I did our on my company's time which is basically this has on their time this has not gone that the employees. And a top players I'm. It on the NFL on its own borders. So here would be my question viewed as here's where it gets tricky for me so if you were the commissioner of the NFL Tony and it sounds to me like you would say okay no yelling for the anthem. Would you allow players to where he's doing 9/11 tribute. I would be consistent in everything and that you would allow the 9/11 true. I wouldn't because they they actually have these agreements they've done they've been pretty consistent what they say that you thought you actually have a even more so are from what you can't do so it cannot spell it's hypocritical. And the players are hypocritical. Look. We're all Akron right that's really easy and I felt hypocritical I don't know that it's in my own question is did where it's your. Did one way you do this is zero tolerance. Nothing ever John miracle won't notice it because the reason why I hate that is. So the cowboys come to you a couple of years ago Wednesday look we've just had officers killed in Dallas and we would like to put a sticker on our home at that commemorates the five police officers. You then have to say as the NFL did know. Not the field is not the place so associate every should be judged separately I was especially if he's guy generally the flag is separate from me. One what our original flight issue ever well what would argue that Colin can't predict currently does not have a job and is not employed by the NFL so the free market has removed him from the equation as the problem. And that the NFL has decided this person is worth it is more trouble than he's worth and now he's gone and if this continues that may. Happened to other players that also caused. More problems. I think the NFL at some point you'd. Yeah I don't want this to go away it's not going to go away there's just enough guys to it seemed like it might have been going away until trump brought back yeah you know they fell as such as a center of a whole part of American culture this is. Race this week is this is great but this is great stuff Coble. You put your hand over your party you have your helmet in your hand which nobody does nobody does that nobody is players don't hold their own helmets and whatever ailment and so. Heidi what ever rule there was I don't think they're all what's what this sort they have had done differently guy he had affair when all these jobs in the Helmand boys deflate guys don't look at me when you so I. I'm Sosa I I I just look at it because you're there for six point 72666860. You know one thing that uneasy about this Michael is league. Generally stories every shelf life in people go I'm just sick of this are you sick of the NFL on the links now. I love it I don't I don't like people are. I think that anything that stirs up controversy about legitimate issues legal or social is very healthy in America. I think this is do you think this is. Is helping yeah of course I think it's helping your wouldn't be talking about it wouldn't tip drill bit is Zach Arnold you know issues are and I wouldn't do it our image totally morally. It's not on kind of surprised me the patriots are really interesting there was between yes they do that from a league source I don't know why it would've been a league source of money. Team source but that's of the patriots will all stand. On Sunday. And we'll see if that's true but if that is true. Does he done to weed out flux still love Kraft the patriots get a day not handle that's. Or does he hold a little bit of a grudge because they didn't do that his or do you think there's been a private conversation between trump and craft and what do you make of I cannot Devin according stands. I DeVon Macquarie has been very vocal on this sort of stuff so then what is DeVon McCord he's explanation going to be if any of these extra this weekend is very critical for the NFL. I mean Aaron Rodgers tell all the fans a green made a lock arms because this is about unity and love. I think if you're a Packers game you gonna stand don't you think that an anti lock arms I mean to think that to percent of the people that follow football don't even know what yeah. This means a lot what's blocking arms means the talking and me I want unity I I have no idea what it means I'm offense. You're right what you say unity like that they are under. Concept nobody knows what this is what are unified about him I just wanna watch football when the arm yeah my parents are touched. The URG you know the voice of Boston. So the president has created we may have to talk about this and you a few minutes because. 240 characters. Charger navy carried out this is 140 character witness. The headline is. From most newspapers do and health care is dead but the president is just we've got health care is not dead we may have the votes but we're not gonna vote on a Friday. Well no we're gonna talk about that a few minutes but I want pose a new question to you. On. It has a follow up on now let's haven't got the follow up doesn't come through we have the votes for health care but not for the reconciliation deadline on Friday have we need to get to sixty get rid of the filibuster rule. So there an area. Get rid of the Iraq on get rid of the other hopefuls senators. Let's he's. I don't develops going to be complicated we're gonna get to that next hour upon maybe you're the but we don't know what I hear we don't know what is gonna say between now and then via. I and they've really makes him an outlandish well that makes planning your showed that the numbers it is the filibuster rule that doesn't need to go away and is the goods that is the question right and her for all we know we could be a war with Peru next hour like we were you never know. Since they said something. Let me ask you guys this so let's get back to media question and outflows and gotten this is an NFL. Kneeling in all of this sort of stuff so. Texas says walking arms as being independent like John McCain each means you can't make up your mind it's cowardly if you're a season ticket holder the Green Bay Packers. And your star quarterback who was idolize like Tom Brady is finalized here it says. I want all of our fans this week to lock arms because this is about unity what do you do in the stands at the Green Bay Packers game. What a great question. That is a great question because first of all you don't wanna get beaten up. You don't wanna get into a problem with your fellow fan I still like a high against the Philip I am a rule against I'm against. I'm against locking arms with anybody I don't like being part of anything that has to do with more than two people that's that's the best chance you've given slightly when you keep saying that. I've Kasikov mr. what are you and I. Pakistan I think the most qualified for the whole bit but let me be clear I wanna make you got so what do you do when you're at the Packers snowflake. Hypocrite if I lock arms with my fellow Packers. Is that the answer you wanted to divide dropped by U. That's my I don't know high. I'm not here I want you realized taxes. Although I don't like do we miss like Graham did that way too much as I don't like do heroes you were evil and Texas and hopefully gives you what you want sometimes you've got to tip your hat to the guy when he does it's have they are no absolutely that's not a team player now hey Josh automate and if I'm gonna make it doesn't Obama I imagine so for me actually. But what you do so I know I honestly don't end. Bitch because. Your what you what you have to do is you have to decide who you are in mess. If you think that this issue is so important to you that you were willing to take anything taken me if you are like me for me I am. There is no issue that is tied up with the flag in the anthem when the anthem is played. If I'm there I stop doing what I'm doing and I listened and I look for the flag if I can find and I block guys on. I don't put my hand over my heart maybe I should but I don't I stand there are quietly but that is my code and finally each. I take that hat off although I almost don't even get that but I do. Because people tell me it's a sign of respect for me if I had my and I don't. I'm not making a statement. So it's not disrespect but I still take that off just because other people get upset about it when taken off. So maybe that's been given and we'll see I would take my hat off and I would also lock arms. Because to me locking arms says I'm not couldn't take it needed that that's not me I don't wanna do that but I support your right to take any if you want to I think that's what lock arms means yes for me I am saying. Yeah this is just a fly in there's nothing else it's coming in in between this sixty seconds or whatever it is period of time. As soon as that's over. We can talk so we'll talk racial injustice deep conversation and stupidly went that's always I've hit the mute button so we're not doing as that weren't my statement. It's amazing we've reached the point that to go to a football game you've got to do deep soul or you know you're out where you stand morally legally politically. Culturally it that that's an M eastern time the whole point of this protest as we've been screaming this for years and no one's been listening we finally found a way to make you listen but let's see trump has successfully diverted to record from what the original issue was in this race relations not how we feel we're on the militant Cairo but again cap on it. Chose to do his during the anthem so wasn't just race relation but his point was about race relation okay but some time remember what you're doing I learned doing your different things that happened at a time when police violence and and police issues with the with the racial community. In terms of of urban areas black people that was toppled mine knows when this thing developed. We don't hear about that as much today I mean it's a few months later it is will be an eternity and the way the news cycle operates in this world. Some other Texans appreciate what you do stuff like so bad so we appreciate that you've appreciated I got to leave it to get us now all I saw people is. There are those times when you do have to tip your hat and this is one of those times absolutely that was electoral plus and try. Work with us this morning show with Kevin Beebe. WR Cano and six or 72666868. Michael Harrison is in for Jim Kerrigan today IDB Jameer as I always end. I said before different programs that they can call because he's people there waiting patiently we do them indoors let's do it all right six or 72666868. It's a great state of Vermont John is calling from cheese country. Morning John. Good morning and greetings from the people's republic of Vermont yeah I'd like thanks for coming thanks for calling we appreciate it. I didn't listen to district they'd like everyone else and it's driving me crazy that point is going to be an amber call one you know back and noticed. This breasts which Roger Goodell. They will not allow the players to Wear the wrong color socks. That's thousands of dollars and farms they wanted to support no doubt police officers were mystical under helmet yeah no way. Great what's important to vote against giving away from politicians sit down and watch and if they had agreed to draw. They would sit low. Well it in the rule book it states. On it your left can't stand at attention. Except what I can shut up. They could easily have just said these are roles. We will create or own for this discussion. Can get off the field because I guarantee you this goes on any longer. If people are lead in the stadiums and shot not that you begin to roll right now this is just in the way worse for them. All I'm sorry I'm not sure that I'm not sure if that's the reason for out of the alleged declining ratings and the empty seats in the stadium because of this issue I'm I'm actually I'm okay well part of it it's a good part of it but there are a lot of other things involved so if anything a case can be made this puts the NFL right there in the center of attention and that there's no bad publicity and today's were yet know this is bad publicity thinks I am so I'm I'm not auto and I'm look I would I would DirecTV says. DirecTV goes against their policy of no refunds and says. We will fully refund your NFL ticket and this is bothering you football run that he's ready and that sort maybe if you can hear people will be back we'd it'll need their foot. All his passport and part of life I don't know job delegates here question Bob because it can stay put right but it's not going to be an escape right don't walk away they are they're my. I get ya I bought my friend out. Let me ask you question though to note here and fellow owner. So let's take a Dell does this and says there's going to be fine if people kneel and it. You're an NFL owners now your three best players and your team say all right fine fine me I'm gonna sit down. What you do is the owner do you do you tank your own team and find your best players. Or do you let them express what they want more that's all I don't I don't think you can't pretty achieve our our country and our ability team owners would fight that of the prophet. Team owners are the boss of the commissioner so Michael Bennet for example would go to Seattle of that sort of the arms and watch. Paul Allen. Tell the commission to back off because I'm a human being and I wanna make a statement but to bat as private as you make a point a lot of people don't know that that that the commissioner works for the team owners they always think of the commissioner is being you know this the end all be so many funny things about this is why I'm. So I didn't answer my question I ask you really regular some white some stories have a 24 hour period in overall like I just don't hear and anymore this isn't one of them why. Trump among other things this morning when he took to Twitter said spoke to Jerry Jones last night what a great guy who gets it. Okay. Let's talk about that for a second first of all we're Jerry Jones did I don't think trump lost Jerry Jones did something phony he took a knee when he doesn't want it taken me now wasn't during the anthem. So we didn't want staying. But I don't think Jerry Jones really wanted to be on men me that's number one number two. When we look back on all of this say what should have happened here what should have happened there one I can tell you I I know what should have happened. When the Dallas Cowboys wanted to put that sticker on their helmet. In support of the Dallas cops that were killed in the league said no. We're Jerry Jones should have done it was said. To bad stop me what you gonna do. You gotta find me bring it on you got to make its forfeit a game bring it on because there's nothing you can do to me. That trumps these Dallas Scott because you know what the league would have done them. Nothing but Jerry Jones was weakened now one and he backed down. So want trumpets telling you Jerry Jones gets it and Jerry Jones knows I almost. He didn't Indy twice now he doesn't know what trump trump paid and the ultimate trump compliment he's a great guy. All of a sudden it comes into what kind of a guy you are or are you crazy range god I got let me ask you this and I'm sure there were some players on the Dallas Cowboys that did not want to put those stickers on their home that's now what you do without. Video of this is where I guess of audits company but in that case Jerry Jones is of the stickers are going and how much because the Dallas Cowboys. Are gonna support our officers in this community them. And didn't doubt would have been Jones. Put me hammer down for a community and he could've done that very easily and he didn't by the way I love that he wanted to do that and I get. What happened. But when you look back on it does anybody disagree that Joan should've called the NFL's Los there the NFL's gross amount one. The fact that the NFL wouldn't let the Dallas Cowboys put that sticker on it to me is unbelievable and outrageous. Slightly less outrageous is that Jones let them dictate to him now because the NFL with never gonna say. We're forfeiting his game and we're not gonna put this game on television we're not gonna make advertising revenue off this if they were never gonna Jones had a meeting no. Yeah but the Jones may be isn't that Smart maybe none of these guys are that Smart maybe they had they live from minute to minute are we Smart it is complicated and there are not that some people do like to worry not about anyone other things that people should know and I am happy to be able to say this on a public forum is just because somebody owns a team just because somebody is elected senator president somebody's ahead of something. It doesn't necessarily mean they're Smart. Have you ever been with somebody with a big title you're talking to them you say what's the disconnect in my missing something here. Where they they just seemed like just fallen open life today I just I've met congressman you know I got there at that and when you're suddenly realized that the people in charge of what ever it is may not. Not be any smarter than do. That is a good reason why you have to take responsibility to one of the great quote as saying. In the history of the world in fact I gotta get the exact quote but this is one that have more and on my six year old right now but it's Steve Jobs. The sacking you realize the guys that shaped the world. Are no different than you when they're no more impressive and you think you've got a shot at stake in the world some version of that it's true and it's it's absolutely true and that's why area although I think jobs are very weird guy. And I know positive I would not like Steve Jobs that I know from. That's those are words that I do view that I do live by for that reason only to Framingham she's next on and succeed WRKO. Good time BP pilings of sky agri yup 01 minute and 32. The country can rally around this one thing this particular divided everywhere. But like when you talk about the scope Barclays and because of that flag and that in some. Those guys have more free time in the offseason but they have the right and the freedom and the money to go into these community who think with. They're saying that the outlook social and job. You know what I extra treat me that doesn't that mean you think about. Mean that every annual rent my sister's house get a different TV's still in the elite friend the other one that Illinois this week actually say that. I just sick you know they they say they're gonna stand this weekend. I'm not I am heartbroken. You know they can it's been to meet its stake constituent geely showed up. And then about the stupid error thing you just sent and a any below a warrant it. But that the rhetorical question about it and there are alternatives so you know its site. So much noise so Alain I love you who. Can I use the corner line. Yeah love your undermined sexual way. But. I don't recorded eleven sacks I don't usually make that uploading but it has I think rulings of. Porn for you heiress and I think he she is important Ford did this wiping trump is one I don't know that a lanes hard core trump or. Police just frustrated we're all of this and ultimately I think a majority of the country says we just have a minute nap. This week. I'm comfortable saying I want the anthem and I want the flag to be the saints in fact it is for me yeah just not touching but you looking you're looking at a person who say in my life is in danger every time I get behind the wheel but yeah I don't trust that he police officer won't shoot so what to say to him I wanna save space around the flag and they're just gonna laugh at you so there won't be interest where's my safe sprinkles would be interesting is if a bit of Tom Brady for example says lark. My hands over my heart when in the blaze Natasha now however. I'm gonna have I'm gonna call on a local TV season give me our time and I'm gonna call and capital on a panel with me and we're gonna discuss this and we're gonna try and at least. Understand where he's coming from. What what happens then if somebody like for you were to do that. To become a talk show hoax and he'll stopping by water bottle where and they are we looking for two weeks want somebody you know I don't want to go away we were always Rodgers got columnist Rodgers went to check out right so yeah. He's. You would think would be ball much more liberal op white guy who who is in a weird position because he is the guy. That many think is the best player in the league so what does Rogers oldest he's starting to think you've got that it that it did dichotomy effect that Brady who's. Our unassuming fairly conservative for Iran on nose runs lets him even up arguably the most liberal state in the country you've cut. Roger's shoes in Wisconsin which is very blue collar and new and very American very white town. I think Brady doesn't as a sort of Brady's best served by staying out of politics he's not a political guy doesn't think about this things are obvious arrears and he's not he's clearly justified you know that I can tell you study that I make America and added I don't walker that he he is friends with Donald Trump when your do you think Peyton Manning was political. I don't know what the heck makes Peyton Manning take what do you think he was political yeah now yeah ice is our YE I never made a politely let me I think that to get as much business as he's gotten he's political in nature he knows how to play people he knows how to act he knows how to do that's one step away from running for office he's he's America's picture that's on top aside from the fact that they dug up that dirty deed he did allegedly back when he was run college we shall come back to haunt him if he runs for office. It Peyton Manning this is a political animal. He's he's he's not a wise you different than Brady why do you think Brady Brady. Opera I'm just telling in my gut feeling to Brady Brady operates on a whole different plane that Peyton Manning those two guys wouldn't have anything to talk about other than football if they had a beard again.