President Trump says he wanted to fire Comey earlier.

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Friday, May 12th

In an interview with Lester Holt, Trump said he wanted to fire Comey before and also he would’ve fired him with or without the recommendations. 


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It's an insult to the working people. We say no more. He's the sooner road course. Vs Strom my friends it's now a showdown. Okay. Dramatic interview yesterday followed up by a very dramatic tweaking by Donald Trump. Somebody is lying is either the president. Or former FBI director James call me here is now exactly what happened my friends so. President trump. Gave the most important interview of his presidency. To Lester holt of NBC news now why he gave a cholesterol. Is beyond me. He's not even forget friendly he's not even fair. But but let bad golf OK let that go so. It was a very wide ranging an important interview and of course much of it centered on Trump's decision. To fire FBI director James call me. And now all hell has broken loose so. Trump is asked point blank by Lester holt. When did you make the decision to fire call me. And why. Roll it Jarrett. He's a show boat he's a grand stander the FBI has been. In turmoil you know that I know that everybody knows that you take a look at the FBI. A year ago it was in virtual. Turmoil less than a year ago it hasn't recovered from that. Monday you met with the deputy attorney general rob rose and student like did you ask her recommendation. What I did is I was going to fire. Come in my decision it was not you've made the decision before they can I I was going to fire coming I it is no good time to do and by the way. This day in your list that I acceptance accepted their recommend everyone else are we made it is not all I was gonna fire regardless of freckles and it was really room he made a recommendation these highly respected. Very good guy very Smart guy in the Democrats like him to Republicans like them. He made a recommendation but regardless of recommendation I was going to fire come. Now. So basically the liberal from that that that clip alone is now making the rounds. Because even the Wall Street Journal. CNN CNN is going ballistic right now I mean CNN. It Sig G hard now to get president trump. The New York Times the Washington Post the Boston Globe. Then the Democrats the lives generally the media they're going insane. Over this cut be cuts. They're now claiming. That this messes up the entire narrative and timeline. Given by the trump white box. They're claiming that by trump saying no I made the decision I made the decision to fire call me. Even before I met with my deputy attorney general rob Rosen steam and with my attorney general Jeff Sessions. So the media is now saying. Oh I mean loan. We thought it was the recommendation of the deputy AG signed off on by the EG Jeff Sessions. And that's when trump made the decision to fire. James call me well you basically had it out for call me from the beginning now. I listened to trump. And what I see is an honest man. What I hear is an honest man. What he's saying is this and believe me it's all gonna become much clearer in about who. 03 or four minutes because this story has now gone to another level. This is now a huge showdown between trump and the deep state. This could be the defining clash OK so what trump essentially saying is saying is this I wanted to amount from day one. What we're trump is essentially saying is look I would've fired him on January 20. I wanted to mount I didn't have confidence in him and right away everything from set as a 1000% correct was the showboat yup. Was he got into grandstanding yup. Was he a big prima Donna yup. Did the FBI lose confidence in him yup. In fact was it the one thing Democrats and Republicans agreed on yup. So. What he's saying gays. I basically then made the decision. To fire James call me. I then went to my deputy AG and my attorney general and essentially said look draw up the bill of particulars. Reviewers performance. And combat team give me your recommendation but pretty much he's gone. So rod Rosen is being looked at his behavior and basically confirmed the fact there are few notably when you look at the memorandum. How odd how incompetent. How inept. How an ethical and how unprofessional. Combing had been. Throughout the Hillary Clinton investigation. And all the way began the way his press conference in July the way it ended do we he's behaved ever since. In every way shape or form what Khomeni did was clearly unprofessional and unacceptable. Clear grounds for firing. So. Now the question is this type now the question is this. What happened. At this now infamous dinner. Because trump is just by Lester holt. You mentioned three times in need firing letter that show that call me. Hyde told you to your face personally that you were not under investigation. Now this is very important. Because if trump is not under investigation. Then what are we all doing here. Where's the collusion. So. What happened between you and combing. How many times did you meet what were the meetings like. Listen now to this because this has now set the stage for a historic clash. Roll it. Jeremy let me ask you back here termination letter to mr. comb your right I greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that I am not under investigation. Why did you put that in there because he told me that I mean he told me he told you one under investigation yeah and I regard horizon that I've heard that from others I think it was a bit of phone policy makers. Sorry I had a dinner with him he wanted to have dinner because she wanted to stay on we had a very nice and keep what you have sir are. I there was a range I think he has for the dinner and he wanted to say honesty FBI head. And I said I was you know consider we'll see what happens but we had a very nice dinner. And at that time he told me you are not under investigation which I know anyway. That was what you don't get a stop or there now this is very important trusting what I tell you this OK this is gonna be very key. So what does trump said. Call me wanted to dinner. And not only did call me want to dinner. Combing want tipped the dinner. To ask trump are you gonna keep me or even a fire. Are you happy with me are you wanna let legal. Saul trump then says you know we talked about it I said may be will seat. That's one he told me when I asked them hey by the way in my under investigation right he says call me says no you're not now continue jar. Anyway that was one meeting what was it personal when you are under investigation giving all sorts of documents and everything I knew I wasn't under and I heard it was stated that the committee had some committee level that I wasn't. Animal and it didn't come to endure in a phone call he said it and then doing another phone call he said some said it wants to dinner. And then he said it twice during film did you call him. In one case I called him and when Casey calls and did you ask in my under investigation I actually asked him yes I said. If it's possible when you let me know and lying under investigation should you are not under investigation. But he's he's given sworn testimony that there is an ongoing investigation into the trump campaign and possible collusion with the Russian government you. We're the centerpiece of the trump tell us what you can do is always well I remember I know that I'm not under investigation me personally I'm not talking about. Campaigns I'm not talking about anything else I'm not under investigation. OK boom so. He's now saying listen now to what's happening because this is now setting up an epic showdown. What trump is saying is I was told by combing three separate occasions twice on the phone once over a dinner. We're not investigating. Jirga there's no evidence that you colluded with the Russians none now by the way by the way it's very important. Chuck Grassley the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has come out and said. That and this aspect of Trump's account is 100% accurate. Because behind closed doors call me was asked point blank by both Chuck Grassley and the ranking member Dianne Feinstein. On the Senate Judiciary Committee. Is the president a target of the investigation. Do you have any evidence that the president colluded with the Russians. Are under oath. Combs said no. Feinstein even confirmed that after archer Grassley came out and said look trump is telling the truth. Call me told us and behind closed doors and then I said the FBI director Chuck Grassley saying why aren't you telling the American people lists. Why are you keeping this. Collateral. This insinuation. That somehow the president himself is under investigation. When he's clearly not because you told us. Under oath behind closed source. But let that go. So. In this morning's New York Times. It is clear that in furious James cone. Who is now leaking his movements because he's been humiliated he's been fired he didn't want to lose his job he want to state for the full ten years. He used to key needs and surrogates. To leak to the New York Times. And essentially it's called it's called me through these two rates. Coney is now calling the president a liar. Coney is now saying no normal normal. True romp requested the dinner or not me. In fact according to historian in New York Times it is clear if that's all combing through these two grades now the narrative is this. I didn't want to goal Cong. I did not want to go to the dinner. Because I felt it would in some ways. Violate any impugn my independence EC now he's trying to put forth the narrative that he's Eliot mess. Then he's above politics. Then he's above reproach. Then he's above any kind of a partisan meddling that in fact not all he's just a long man's lawman he's the last. Honest man in the FBI and in Washington. These Eliot mess he's the incorruptible OPEC bankrupt the untouchable is one of the untouchables. So trump was the one who pushed for the for the dinner. But because it's the president and you didn't wanna insult the president and so he decided to go. He then further claims there was two aides in the New York Times story that shroud ask him to pledge personal loyalty to him. In other words they almost like a mafia Don will you kiss my ring. And if you kiss admiring James call me I will let you stay on his FBI director. And call me is telling the New York Times again through his aides. I didn't do that I refuse to do it. I said that I would be fair. That I would be honest. And then I would protect the independence of the FBI and the Justice Department. So called les basically now saying no don't trump wanted me to be his crony. Trump wanted me to be his little pool. Trump wanted me to be his little yes men. And like some big mafia Don he wanna meet. Basically just cannot stand there and and and and and and lick his boots. RI showed I'm drenched call me I'm just not gonna do it so the narrative is that homey was under tremendous pressure. To basically. Be under Donald Trump's com and that the heroic virtue is called me said no and because of this. This is why trump fired him and that he fired him to cover up the apparently the investigation into the collusion with the Russians okay. Trump now tweeted out this morning lists. He is giving a veiled threat. That in fact the conversations. Between him and call me could be taped. And so he is now warning call me. Finish tweaks that he better be very careful of these leaks to the press because those conversations between him and Tron. They may be on tape in other words listen to this she brilliant stroke of genius on the part of trump. He is now telling the deep state. Do you think you're spying on me. Do you think you're taping meet. Normal normal. I'm keeping do you I'm spying on you. And if call he's gonna go around lying to the media. I've got the goods to completely destroy whatever little credibility he has left. In other words what trump did he played only. He played him. And he waited to have the goods on call me before he fired him. And so now the question is this. What happened at the dinner. And are there now tapes of the conversations between trump and call me because either trump is lying. Or call me is lying. And mind money. Is that called me is lying in my money if you're asking me who's telling the truth here my money's on trump. And so now we're gonna find out once and for all if I'm trump release the tapes. Comb he's going to be called to testify next week in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee put him under oath. And then release the tapes. My friends. Call me I believe he's a lying little sneak. And now trumpets trap him and much of the mainstream media might question to you is this. Do you believe president trump that he may have taped the conversations. And on this dinner itself. Who do you believe trump or call me. What's called me at the one that resisted trump. Or is it trump. I just wanted call me to tell him that he was just gonna do one on his job. 6172666868. Your calls next. Another busy weekend in Washington. A voice Abbas and have been twelve point five here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. James call me now leaking to the New York Times. Saying yes there was a dinner. But Donald Trump wanted me to essentially pledged personal loyalty damn. And effectively obstruct the Russia investigation. Trump is now saying no no no no. And he's hinting that there could be taped conversations. Of him. And call me that he was secretly taping called me saying be careful what she only did the press because the truth to make come out. And trump says it was the exact opposite. Call me told them he was not under investigation. And call me was basically begging him please keep me on as FBI director. Either trumpet is lying or call me as lying. Forty you believe is telling the truth. And should trump beat taping people he's having conversations with all on Jarrett read our breaking news here called on. Done done done done that a run. Elizabeth Warren is apparently DeVille dead delivering the commencement address at UMass Amherst. Can we listen in a little bit there Gerri yeah I'll grab a little bit of sound from that hold on 1:2 Poland and I am. Honor of the janitor. We will not beat silent. Who does sea walls down constituent money for that hands up don't choose to. Food. We're married we're gonna keep listening in this and articulate very articulate she's really they're really inspiring to students today at UMass I got out of the back when I don't wanna watch it to them for it'll turn to stone. We'll keep mounting on your. I we're gonna keep you updated throughout the whole show okay my friends David in New Hampshire go ahead David. Hello yeah quick. Question answered pretty quick point you want to get the coffee market. I don't know David I have to sir I have to chat with the justice. San offices and a lot of stuff. You Carol the New Yorkers are okay persuade answer I believe trump not call me. And then three things number one. Call me apparently has tries going back to the Clinton I think I read about power block dot com. Torre back for ear yes the second thing is is that this is. Clearly. And it champs should smeared the entirety of the trump. Presidency. So any time anyone looks. They'll see this scandal ridden the controversial. Trump presidency. David I agree with you and thank you for that call look I think it's obvious what's going on here in fact even. Serra Huckabee Sanders hinted at that matter processor. Where she said look if you're trying again to manufacture a phony narrative it's just more fake news. Without any evidence again no evidence. You're trying to claim that the reason why he fired call mean what's the cover up the investigation well. And Joseph McCabe exacting FBI director yesterday set all the investigations continuing. Nothing's been nothing's been interrupted. So the senate continues to investigate that house continues to investigate. And a federal investigation continues unimpeded. So again where's the cover up. There's no cover up. Mall what is more shocking. Is that a man that the liberals and the Democrats and the media universally. Vilified. And revival. Are now turning this guy into the second coming of Eliot Max. I've never seen anything like this in mind entirely. And so what trump did was. And I think he knew this was gonna happen. If I fire him all hell's gonna break loose while I'm gonna get the goods on this guy. And I'm gonna have a secret taping system. The deep state Celtic get neat normal normal I'm gonna win snared them. And so this is the corner country poll question of the day. Who do you belief. Goes somebody's now lying. Do you believe president trump. And his account of the dinner. Or do you believe James call me and his account of the dinner. If you believe the answer is yes you trump X 868680. If it's called me text B 68680. You can vote online at Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Your calls poll results now. Boy so Boston. For the vice president in the dark. Nobody was in the guy. You wanna create this false carry it won't talk about contradicting statements and people that were maybe in the dark about the Democrats. 1235. Here on the great WRKO. OK that of course is the fake media. They think they're sensing belied over the firing of James call me trump in L interview with Lester holt. Do me a favor Jared replay just the first part of the Lester holt are cut that we played earlier where. Trump said look it was my decision. And I made a decision to fire called meet. Even before I heard from my deputy attorney general rob Rosen skiing and my AG Jeff Sessions rolling Jarrett but. He's a show boat he's a grand stander the FBI has been. In turmoil you know that I know that everybody knows that you take a look at the FBI week. A year ago it was in virtual. Turmoil less than a year ago it hasn't recovered from that. Monday you met with the deputy attorney general rob rose and student right did you ask her recommendations. What I did is I was going to fire home in my decision it was not you to make the decision before they can I I was going to fire economy. Now by the way I just I have to say this OK I need to look alt what the stakes are now so hi this is almost a side point but I have to make it. I have never seen a reporter. So disrespectful. To the president of the United States. Then the way Lester holt was in that one on one interview. I've seen. Carter and you don't grow and I didn't seem Nixon bonus Russia. Look at the Nixon frost. Interview after Nixon left office. Even David Frost did Mitch mistreat Nixon. The way Lester holt kept interrupting. And cutting off the president he couldn't finish a sentence. They didn't do with the Ford they never was never done the Carter not a Reagan not the bush 41 not the Bubba. Not to bug Adobe you not to Obama. I think he would not let the president finish a bloody sentence. In fact bright market account within two minutes and 34 seconds Lester holt the cut them off my opponents. Excuse me this is the president of the United States show little respect. Let him finish his sentences are mustn't go ask your questions but let him finish his sentences you can tell Lester holt. He had a Hachette and he was there to do waited chop OK but let that go all that bad golf. So. Now they're claiming car. He wanted to fire from the get go. From the get all we wanted the firearm all so then deputy AG that ma'am mall when Jeff Sessions I don't means nothing. Why does that mean nothing. Is the memo true yes everything you described as an accurate yes. Does it make and your few notable compelling case to firearm yes. So what's wrong with but you see the media is trying to save everybody woozy on the dark. Everybody was being bamboozled by the president don't. The president does that now they're telling us the president doesn't have a right to fire horrible attorney general or sorry are horrible FBI director. And his attorney general and deputy AG sign off on it are you kidding me. But now they're trying to create this false narrative. That now the president has gone role and the president is out of control. In fact the Democrats are now saying. He's downright. Dangerous. Listen to Dickie Durbin senator from Illinois. Go Jarvis. Well of course that as you said it's in the category of wiretaps by President Obama. It's just another one of his fantasies. He's putting out before the public. I think we ought to get to the bottom line here president trump is dangerous. Dangerous because he may be obstructing justice in terms of the investigation. The really goes to the heart of our democracy the accountability of the president the people around him to the rule of law. Protecting our democracy from an invasion of cyber invasion Russians. And secondly his credibility is been destroyed. You know when you have been the leader of the free world you need to be credible not only in your own country to be an effective president but around the world. And this episode this week is a demonstration that this president's credibility is not very strong. I used to these incredible. After what eight years of Obama. With a world laughed Adam. Where I have to be careful to family show but we're pulled an all in the in the Russian media. We refer to Obama as them. Bush kid. Opposing Boise bush. Did. Buy your your lecturing us on Trump's credibility around the world ice is is petrified of his dad. The Chinese respect him the mad midget in North Korea's wondering if there is going to be his last day. We've never been more respected now that we have in the last ten years. That you just look at how they're just trying to burn this man to the ground but he gets even worse. Listen now to congressman Mike Quigley Democrat from Illinois. On soft ball on soft ball scroll ball on screw ball Chris Matthews saying. The president's. He's delusional. Guys losing his mind and roll it. Jared pattern hair deflection distraction denial. And that the fourth dean it comes to mind with me is unfortunately. And if I can say this with respect. Delusional. And obviously he didn't like the first open here in which director Komi said. There is a pop an investigation first time I was sent publicly and the director also said. That there was a Russian. Hacking into this process and that they did to help. Mr. trump and I heard mrs. Clinton I'm sure he didn't like that. So now basically again I told you this this is look they want to impeach this president. And they are foaming at the mouth to do it Mike in Newton go ahead Mike. Get out. Open air bursts Jordan silenced. If spearheading this city. Local. Impeachment. Priced area like Cynthia Lou and we are rumored to go to vote early resolution December Washington. To your impeach Shia. Chart because the spyware does that what are would dismiss retain some of these people with other little loud and clear. It was the other side of the corners us we weren't so dismayed by the millions. And you're there. It's called backlash. Well you better watch out you lefty liberal. Fascist. Intolerant bigots. There were a deliberate trump feud doing to watch your calling him these rooms you're calling a speed ranged. You nailed it might. Look what you're seeing now is an attempt to overturn a democratic election. They are trying to overthrow. A democratically legitimately elected president. Is coming from the deep state. This is what's going on now this war between the FBI and trump. This is all it's that deep stage it's the media and the Democrats in collusion. That's what they're trying to do this is a slow motion coup. Now speaking of impeachment. Listen now to cool Leon Castro congressman wholly on Castro. Go on CNN. And say you know what what we Democrats are now concluding. Work on Iran on impeachment against the president. It's not even four months. And are already playing the I word roll it. Jerry idea that you would fire the FBI director to hasten the conclusion of Russian investigation. It's just absurd and I do think that it raises questions of obstruction. I will say this if it's found that the president intentionally fired director called me to affect the investigation into. Any of his associates a coordination with the Russians who interfered at that point sixty election then yes that is an impeachable offense. Member told you this yesterday. And I said you watch this is gonna be like a small ball is gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger but notice. Where's the crying. It's a non cover up often on crying. Hate to this today how many months has this gone on can you name me one Russian official that you can prove that trump colluded with. Can you name me one Russian official. That any trump campaign official colluded with one just won a muskie two or three or four. Org all one. They can't. So what's gonna happen my friends mark my words this is a key tipping point I believe the president. You don't look you don't you don't make a threat like that unless you know unless you've got a full house okay or whatever royal flush. What he's now realizes this. He's encircled. And he's got enemies within the White House and around the White House only get to that would John Bolton. Don't leaks now coming out of the White House it is a flawed. I mean it's now becoming you want talk about a crisis there is one legitimate political crisis their weakened like crazy and there. Even Matt Drudge Matt Drudge is saying under Obama. For eight years you couldn't get one free can leak from his stuff. He says when it comes to Trump's White House it's a leak an hour. His staffers are leaking it never never mind once a day once some power. So he's got enemies both within and around him. And so what trump is now doing is saying fine you guys wanna spy on me blank you almost by Anil. You're you're taping meet I'm taping you. And so now coal meat has put out these bogus narrative about what took place at the dinner. And now trump wanted to turn him into a crony. And how trump wanted him under Islam and how trump wanted him to pledge personal loyalty because trump is petrified of this Russian investigation. It's all B yes. And by trump saying be careful what surely can Jimmy boy. This may all be on tape he's put everybody on notice. Watch it because I'm a leak tapes and you're all gonna blow up if you're gonna go up in smoke it's gonna blow up in your face. The credibility. Of the media. They are going all in now on this Russia story they're all in for a poker game they're all win. And my prediction. It will blow up and they will never have any credibility whatever is little left is gonna be gone. The Democrats are playing with fire. Pick for what it's worth Geist I told you lose the house and the senate. Are told they lost a thousand seats and their Obama. Do you think you guys got you locked under Obama. Keep playing this garbage Russia story keep pushing these lies and this fake news it's gonna undo everything. Frank in new and go ahead frank. I reject bill I'm good how are you. This guy here. I wanna make two points. First point these these these beat that workers caravan and chuck Peter schmuck aren't sure why they drive me crazy the extent that they call is I met petroleum out. As you know I mentally imbalanced. Because his father instilled upon him pretty sure Warren got mad a mobile body hours that we. What you get paid every award yet don't get paid compared to others who worked out better mobile for the hour that week. Big GD rule of moron there we've elected so and third great degree and the act congress and in child well. Beat Marat Serbs forty years they haven't poured in spotty showers continue all war yet. But I direct call frank. Russ you're up next go ahead Russ. Sort of Jeff there was no question that Luke Donald Trump's. Because call me at and I think that's true that they will act. That brought dead poets summit and they act like that but he can compare him or just let's send their aid yet. I look at Jenny Jenna has often as they believe they limit him a big mistake Clinton kind of cabinet setting this golden. The conspiracy and let them that they can play on the Iraq thing is I went completely legitimate and question I'm not a Marlins potentially dots out. As far as I'm concerned we're seven I'm out that the little different than any any any any type guy that we are. Well a similar look and. I you know that it's a civil war now ideas. It's a political cultural ideological civil war that's what you're seeing right now it's war which are watching now is essentially a form of war. And they are doing everything they can to bring this president down and so. I'm gonna ask the Democrats. Do you keep demanding free special prosecutor. Really. Okay. Bombshells scandal has just been unveiled about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Where is the special prosecutor. For her what's that story. Don't touch that dial it's coming up next. Making American great again all 53 here on the great WRKO. OK you can text us as always 68680. This is from 617 some very good tax coming in by the way Jeff. First day meaning the media said timing of the firing was off. Then when trump says he wanted him gone day one they say that's odd which one isn't but I know that absent the get their stories straight now. Brittany. What. So I with. Okay the poll question is. A great deal has been on the neurology lobbied everyday OK I'm not factors in what's the poll question the poll question is. Who do you believe do you believe trump. Or do you believe comb. Because both are giving radically different accounts of the dinner that they and trump now says he basically issued a veiled threat. That he's been he's got tapes he's been recording his conversations with com. So forty you belief. If the answer Strom decks the letter eight to 68680. If it's calm me text or letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at Brittany what are the poll results thus far. 96%. Donald Trump and 4% James called me. Now I know you want to weigh in. Because you're actually taking home site. You are you are angry that kitten on that trial on the east side jab that trump may be taping call me and you're thinking that's a form of spying and surveillance. Now ice and that it's morally wrong that trump is due none I wound up what words in my mouth could act. This we didn't like what Obama and use blackmail to get other people sound isn't that would Donald Trump is doing right now. But how is housing blackmailing him and he he you don't pick that's owed me they're not I hope that there's tapes are better not be any tapes. I mean that's like using blackmail chaff. Like pay day England lovers I don't say things I have tapes of you he really said. While low that's he's where he sings your leaking to the press and you better be careful what your leaking because I have the truth because I have everything recorded. So if you're lying wanna expose your lights turning what your saying is the president does the unilaterally disarm. I'm not saying that I am just saying that they and we go away at this guy and then he has no right I don't a lot of does it yeah carrying your one Obama doesn't Jeff your Mac and your and your tests about and you go on crazy monologues for hours about it but one Donald Trump doesn't it's okay. This double standards so you know they're gonna do it I don't get a do we know I know it will not because Obama was doing to dig up dirt he was deliberately spying on the opposition. You don't do you think Donald Trump has dirt on call me. While he's dot com have a we'll call it dirt he's got the taped conversations he claims or at least he's insinuating to more actor he's insinuating. Of their dinner and they're to a phone conversations. That's how is that dirt he's just. Trust like all you know. Obama wiretap me and then he's gonna do the same thing with James call me I think he should have fired call me forever ago he's too political. And especially after you know not prosecuting Hillary Clinton for what she did so and you know there was no trust there. Am OK with that but I just I find it very sketchy third Donald shunted send that to weed out dyed his idol but I don't like that. Well let me ask you this Britney. He's now we're gonna get to this with ambassador Bolton so Bellini you don't wanna miss this it's a flood of leaks now coming out from the White House and from the deep state. And many of them are alliance. They're trying to set the narrative. Against the president and to make the president look core I know that that's why I hope that he should go and do a press conference no I understand that but. So what he's doing now is he's basically saying why must start taping conversations if they're gonna spy on mean I got to defend myself and spy on ma'am. Otherwise he's just the sitting doctor manner because they're gonna below. It's a careful who surrounds them I mean he can't Judas is sitting next you know I think that's his problem. Exactly you've got the son in law you've got Bryant's free wrists. You've got me B Mike Pence you've got Paul Ryan you've got he surrounding himself with people. That are leaking like crazy. It's a leak an hour now. Yeah so he needs to fire people Ab there's no issue with. A new president coming and and cleaning house I don't have an issue with that one you're like threatening people about things it's ridiculous. So that's all I'm saying to global double standard. Not hearing that took to to to put combing on notice saying your leaking to the media and your leaks or lions. And you've got to know how to we know that lies has he says I've got the tapes. And you gonna blame the president now for that and so. According to usually just live call me walk all over are not so yeah I don't liar he shouldn't fired Dave won I don't know what he waited for our boy. I gotta tell you man. I feel sorry for this guy backs numbers everywhere you look. Even here look even within the corner report what are you leaking now know. Are you wanted to leaker is Brittany I don't do that other people do them back. Okay my friends are right. Not flood of leaks are now coming out of the White House itself. They are leaking to the New York Times there are leaking to the Washington Post. There are leaking to the Associated Press is coming from people very close to the president. It has gotten so bad even Matt Drudge on the Drudge Report is saying we couldn't get one leak out of Obama for eight years. I'm getting one on our war on our. From people close to the president. Is he being sabotaged. Now from within. 6172666868. The number John Bolton had won all five don't touch that dot.