President Trump addresses taking down historical monuments

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, August 16th

Trump asked in a press conference yesterday, where does it end? He said, “This week it’s Robert E. Lee tomorrow, I wonder, is it George Washington next week?” Do you agree with Trump? 


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To all five here on the great WRK. Poll okay my friends let me ask you this. Should historical. Monuments and statues. Be torn down and essentially purged. From the public square. And I don't just mean now confederate statues because believe me. You're gonna be shocked. At some of the stories I'm gonna start RX they're revealing TU jury in this monologue. This is now the question that we as a nation face. Just to give you one example how bad things are getting. Right what was the alleged trigger for the the riot that broke out. It was a day in the row we are held by the neo Nazis and white supremacists. To prevent the paring down are they were Robert. To comment the Charlottesville and create mayhem and chaos. Just last night. The mirror of Baltimore. Ordered that confederate statutes be removed from Baltimore. Like I'm talking in the middle of the night in the dead of night. Nor public debate not public discussion. No lawful ordinance from the local City Council she just decided Willy Nilly let's just it's gone. Like literally it was bear yesterday after I don't. This morning resident they're gone. They're just this doggone. And remember the attempt to purge the confederate flag after Dillon roof. Remember so now they're using Charlottesville. As a pretext. To start going after all kinds of cultural symbols. So listen now to president trump yesterday. Saying look the neo Nazis the white supremacists the kkk. Utterly despicable. And disgusting human beings as she said evil and abhorrent. But hold on. There were some some. Poor is fair to protest about cultural heritage and cultural history. In fact they were. Interviewed in local papers. Saying none on what we don't care about these neo Nazis in this kkk stuff. We really just don't wanna see the robbery be statue go down. Trump asks the question. Where does it and roll cut one Brittany up. All those people all of God's people excuse me I've condemned. Neo Nazis I've condemned many different groups but not all of those people. When he announces believe me not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch and what does. Also it's. Could protest. The taking down of a statue Robert Healy self cheers me. And you take a look at some of the groups that you see and you know it if you were honest reporters which in many cases you're not but many of those people were there to protest. That taking down of the statue of Robert easily sell. This week it's Robert Italy. I notice that Stonewall Jackson's coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after you know you'll really do have to ask yourself where does it stop. He's right. Where does it stop. Because they wanna take down lead they want to take down Stonewall Jackson all those were confederate OK what about Jefferson. What about Washington. And of course the media. Pretends they fans. So one reporter starts going crazy are you comparing George Washington to Robert EE although I caught it could be even saying this. And from Tim mead jurist expose them for the frauds that they are. Roll cut to Britney. But you also had people that work. Very fine people on both sides. You have people and that group excuse me excuse me I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that we're there to protest the taking down of two of them a very very important statue. And then renaming of apart from Robert. Washington was a slave owner. Was George Washington this landmark. So what George Washington now lose his status are we gonna take down. Excuse me we did it take down a week it'd take down statues to judge like how. Thomas Jefferson what do you think it Thomas Jefferson you'll like them yeah. OK good well we did it take down this adjectives used a major slave owner now we get to take down his statue of so you don't look it's fine you're changing history you'd changing culture and you have people and I'm not talking about the neo Nazis and the white Nationalists. Because they should be condemned totally. But you have many people in that group other than neo Nazis and white Nationalists okay. And the press has treated them. Absolutely unfairly now. Both self. You have some fine people but you also had trouble makers and you see them come without with the blackout threats and without helmets and with the baseball bats. Again I started to show what this I'm saying it throughout my entire the entire show today it's in my column on Please. Why did trump CA that is factually inaccurate. In fact what he said is not true not just truant and completely accurate it's it's indisputable. It's indisputable. So. If slavery you solo torrent this is why they're prepared down that statue in Durham. This is why they're taken down statues in Baltimore. They want him down in San Antonio they wanna downing gains gold and other going for one of them now in Lexington Kentucky well if slavery is so abhorrent. And god forbid we should have we should idolize or or or glorify. What we're once slave holders. Okay. George Washington Bridge slave holder Thomas Jefferson one of the biggest slave holders. You want take his stature is now. Where does it end. And that's the point. That is the absolute point it will not end. Equal mocked end. Because what the left is now engaged in in I'm choosing my words very carefully. Is essentially a cultural perch. He EZ form of cultural genocide. Whereby they want to completely or race and destroy our history. Our heritage our culture our very identity. And by the way this is not new to the left. This is what they did in Mao during the cultural revolution. This is what the Camaro rouge deed in Cambodia. This season now what crisis and the Taliban do. You know this is may be a little bit before said this to Jarrett before the show today I was maybe a little bit before your time. But when the Taliban first took power in Afghanistan after that nasty civil war when the Soviets left. They were blasting monuments and destroying statues everywhere that's the first thing I says did. When they took power work in Iraq got and in Syria. Destroy. Any right Sam and any semblance of serious Christian cultural identity. What the left is now engaging in are literally tactics. Used by marxists. By the Taliban and by nicest. And so now the liberals are planning this is another big assault. If you've ever been to Georgia. It is honestly one of the most beautiful I don't care what you think of the civil wars slavery the confederacy V union. And as I've said repeatedly I am a union man. Always have been always will be I am a nationalist. Through and through. But it is gorgeous. Georgia has one of the most beautiful memorial honestly not just in the United States in the world. The is that stone. Stone mountain this stone mountain memorial. In which they have Jefferson Davis. And the true great confederate generals. Robert. It is 400 feet above the ground. It is huge it powers. Over the entire state park. It attracts tourists from all over the United States and frankly all over the world. Why is it's so important. Because we had a civil war. It's fundamental to our history. Jefferson Davis once the leader of the confederacy. What property we had talked about him yes there wanna repeated again was a great American purely he was. By the way leave a hole used slavery. He in fact thought it was a moral abomination. Lead in fact oppose secession almost until the end. Stonewall Jackson they still study. By his military strategy and tactics at West Point today he's one of the greatest generals America has ever produced by friends this is our history. This is our heritage. The left is now pushing I kid you not to dynamite. Stone. By stone mountain that entire carving on the site do you like the Taliban did literally just did they were dynamite in mountains. That that historical monuments and memorials that's exactly now what the liberals want. They want a white stone mountain memorial. Off the face of the York. And then. They're not happy with duct. So they're pressuring the Georgia governor. The North Carolina governor a Democrat is now said. Every statue or memorial every single one of them needs to be taken now. They'll left is now calling. For Jefferson's memorial to be taken down at Monticello. They are now calling for George Washington to be taken down from Mount Vernon. More than Jefferson. More than Washington listen to this now. Kate now and T fought and block lives matter. Vandalized. A Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Because if you know anything about the Lincoln yes he freed the slaves and he was the great abolitionist. But blinked and by our standards today will be considered a racist. He did not want black labor in the midwest. He did not like blacks he did not want them in the midwest in fact he had a planned for after the civil war to have the freed slaves. Eventually do with some of them did buy one Liberia. In other words he had a plan to send them to Africa. So now they want Lincoln to be taken down Theodore Roosevelt not Franklin Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt. Now they're calling for his stature to be taken down why. Because Theodore Roosevelt like a progressive in his time. By progressives at the time all of them believed in eugenics. And they had a category of race and obviously the angles saxons are at the top and the blocks were near the bottom. So because by our standards Roosevelt was a racist may want the TR that they're Teddy Roosevelt statue to be torn down. In other words. And that's what I was saying for a long time you think it ends with Robert Lee a dozen members Robert leaked. It doesn't end with Stonewall Jackson. It doesn't Elwood and would that confederate memorial in Durham, North Carolina. They want Jefferson down. They want Washington down they want Lincoln down they want Theodore Roosevelt down. They want every freak in memorial and statue down. Because ultimately go left its planned. Each to utterly eradicate. America's identity. And you do that by destroying our culture. Our history and of course flood the country with Muslim migrants. How open borders. That's the grand strategy that's the grand plan. And so the question is what are you stop. And my answer is you stop with Robert. You stop at stone ridge mountain. Not because you're a supporter of slavery or segregation. And work. Even secession and or by the way the same liberals. Who demonize secession for the south they're all backing cow exit in California. So the same old bats are short U verse think California should leave the union because tribes in power personal normal robbery we was a great traitor traitor traitor. Because she fought for the confederacy. Again I asked them to be coherent. Inconsistent is beyond them. But tell me there is a deeper point here. So Avery. Was part of America's history. You don't erase that. It's there it's a fact. You deal with it. The civil war. Most part of America's history. Humor recent huge deal with it. You learn about it UT chipped. There was a confederacy. You learn it US are you learn about it you teacher you don't resent. Now. I'm sorry but if fair is fair is fair. Most of the civil war was spot in the self. That's a fact. More people died in the civil war then all of our wars combined. This is why the issue is much more powerful and it resonates in the south than it does everywhere else. That's stone mountain memorial is beautiful. TV's. Now. What I oppose more memorial safe for Martin Luther king of course not. Or for other great heroes in the civil rights movement of course not. But the answer to is not to erase history. It's to learn about it it's not to get rid of it because I'll tell you what's gonna happen. A country that forgets is history. He's doomed to repeat it. And so what I am telling the alt left. As you were playing with forces you have no idea. You have no idea you were playing with fire. Because in the end. If there was no confederacy. And if there were no statues. Well if there was no confederacy. And there was not slavery. You've stored right down the memory hole you can even forget that slavery existed. In other words they're so stupid. That they think their humbling America. When in fact all we're gonna do. Is actually absolve America. From having been involved with slavery in the first place. 61720666868. Let me ask all of you this. Should statues of Robert Lee be taken down. Should the stone mountain memorial be taken down. And what about Thomas Jefferson George Washington feared or Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The left wants a full cultural purge. Your calls next. We have a nucleus. Are the resistance. This isn't cool of course I'll avoid Obama told you are KL on. You take a look at some of the groups idiocy. And you know it if you were honest reporters which in many cases you're not but many of those people were there to protest. That taking down of the statue of Robert really self. This week it's Robert Italy I noticed that Stonewall Jackson's coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after you know you'll usually you have to ask yourself where it is is stuff. Two Taiwanese. I've been here on the great RK you know grad in less would go ahead Greta. It's glad you asked that question. No I don't think the statutes in ten down and I believe that. Trump made good. Statement the problem is the list doesn't wanna have to stopped that bleeding can if you ask a question that's what's required you have to stop technique. They just go on automatic with their crazy ideas. Condoleezza Rice has an answer to your questions. That she was on TV yesterday Condoleezza Rice is a black woman who George W. Bush appointed to be his. Secretary of state. She is that highly highly intelligent extremely well educated woman. And she thoughtfully answered no she does not want the statue is to come down she wants to be able to walk by those statues. With her children her grandchildren. And tell them the history of this country tell them the stories of what went happen. So that it would provoke conversation. And questions and answers and it's very sad to see this anarchy. Going on all around this and I think you're right it's just not going to stop. It's not and Greta thank you for that call and I'll tell you why OK and I wanna throw this open to corner country. If Europe assessed with racism and slavery. And you're now gonna drive to expunge slavery from our historical memory. From any from the public square. Okayed this statues come down the memorial scum down everything comes down. But in the end if Washington and Jefferson are so offensive. And Mattison and others because they all had slaves. Will limit constitution itself is tainted. The founding itself is tainted. That means the constitution must be destroyed like the statutes. The bill of rights the First Amendment are already saying on college campuses. No the First Amendment it shouldn't protect hate speech we need to get rid of the First Amendment. That was created by slave holding the white men. So it's not gonna stop which statues and memorials. That's what I'm trying to say this is a cultural purge it is a cultural genocide. And it's gonna goal all the way to the constitution. It's gonna go all the way ultimately to the bill of rights and it's gonna go all mean Alter the American flight itself they're gonna get rid of that. Remember the American flag was created. By the obviously there were statesman north Virginia and North Carolina South Carolina. Beat these were slave holding states. So the flag itself is a quote unquote symbol of slavery and oppression. So what they're gonna do. Is they are gonna set up a perch. That will question the very legitimacy. Of our republic. All of our flag. Of our constitution. And have our very very bill of rights and freedoms. They are cultural marxists. And I am telling you my friends it is time we draw the line and say here and no further. URG you know the voice of Boston. As an African American woman. Do you see yourself in this constitution. Do you think they are we looking none of our first twelve presence as slave owners. Should we start taking their statues Tennessee or embarrassed by you I am I firm believer and keep your history before you. And so I don't actually want to read main things that were named for slate bombers I wanna step a look at those names. And recognize what they did and be able to tell our kids. What they did and for them to have a sense of balance history when you start wiping out your history sanitizing or does it make you feel better it's a bad thing. Through 36 here on the great WRK. OK it's spreading like almost like a disease now. The mayor of Lexington Kentucky has just announced. They're going to be carrying down to who confederate statues. They're gonna move extremely quickly. The mayor of Baltimore removed to a statue was literally overnight into doggone. It has gone. Now they wanna go after stone mountain there is a beautiful memorial late carving on the mountain. Of Jefferson Davis. Robert. But the left is now saying we're not done Monticello Jefferson shut it down George Washington Mount Vernon shut it down. A statue of Theodore Roosevelt shut it down the Lincoln Memorial shut it down what's next book burning. Are really honestly what's next what the not these are gonna start burning books. Because people find it offensive. 6172666868. This is from 603 you can text us at 68680. Jeff I lived in stone mountain while attending Georgia State University. The park and memorial are stunningly beautiful final that final that. Maynard Jackson was a manner every weekend busloads of inner city kids. Were brought to the park for picnics and recreation. Nobody pro tested the car beings then. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder. 781. Jeff should we not be allowing any Muslims into the country of that's the case they were the biggest slave traders in history. Don't give the liberals fax 781 don't like that. This is from. It's 978 Jeff the Liberal Democrats. Want I want all of this erased. Because they were responsible. For it. They were the party of racism. Bingo. Mike in Winchester. Or go ahead Mike. Thanks so much like my call I appreciate it my pleasure my. I have a daughter who just graduated from the West Point academy. In on June 16 congratulations Mike. Actually think yeah he's very proud congratulations are very tragic degree it. There is a statute and actually a monument there it's on the central point control point is not. Is a trespasser overlooks the Hudson River where there are central east Qian and the ball app which went from all of our enemies. You against sitting there or is this huge. A civil war memorial. Sure it's a memorial was all the civil war battles etched into it and all of West Point graduates sit at spot and it. The end it was built in the 1920s and on you're not always been Norton names are so this is not a news sent. It's it's actually you know on fortunately it to know that. Yeah. These 780. RO allowed remote trauma that goes wrong very creative very. Alan noble prize that went out. Spots what they thought they believe it's really share. Mike thank you very much for that call again please congratulations. You should be very ram or you are but you really should be proud of your daughter. Are to graduate from West Point is an incredible achievement. 6172666868. Look it's not just. If that were racing our own history. And that this is gonna ultimately set up an assault upon our constitution the bill of rights are fundamental institutions as a country. I mean this with a pal amendments. This device is done it's. Do we want to live in a country were we we blow while thinks. Because somebody finds it offensive. Because we want to wipe out or sanitize our history. So let me ask all of you this if if this is now the standard we're gonna use present day morality. To go back into the past. And then find the worst aspect of somebody and then judge them by that. Well let's take Martin Luther King court greatly admire I think it was a great man. I believe in his vision of a color blind society based on equal opportunity. I thought his speech by his I have a dreams original was beautiful speeches I've ever heard. Martin Luther King was against same sex marriage. In fact Martin Luther King you're really wanna get technical about it. Let's put it this way on gay rights some. And and and you don't want an always opinions about homosexuality in general. So vital offs logic. Should we not tear down his statue. By the way not to denigrate demand but it's a matter restore core record. He frequented prostitutes he often frequented prostitutes he was guilt ridden by a so you don't I mean by that logic pare down a statue. He's as quote homophobic. As they come. We live in the shot or hold off Thomas Jefferson. We live in the shadow of George Washington. Tim mead Jefferson may be the greatest political thinker America's ever created. To me Washington created the greatest republic in the history of the world. But motorists. When it comes to our founding fathers. The left is willing to destroy them based on perceived sins from our present they morality. But when it comes signature Martin Luther King what would they say. All while that was band that was the context of his spine you know everybody was against gay marriage then. You know a lot of people didn't like homosexuals then. I made the same point remember when Nelson Mandela past few years ago. And the left was a lie and rising Nelson Mandela and I pointed out rightly. That in fact he was a member of the Communist Party. Not only that the he was in fact a terrorist. Who engaged in bombings that killed innocent people. And what the left say it doesn't matter. His historical achievements outweigh whatever crimes or since he may have committed woke what is the same logic apply to George Washington. Thomas Jefferson property leak Stonewall Jackson. Theodore Roosevelt Abraham Lincoln I can run down dole freaked him list. So why is it that only heroes on the quorum quote far left modem now. Doesn't matter what crimes they committed I pay. He ended apartheid. Doesn't matter what he did. Bomb bomb terrorism killed them. Was involved with the system of a communism the greatest system of mass murder in human history don't she'll say about a word against man Nelson Mandela. George Washington. How quickly can we turn down. That's the insanity. On the left 6172666868. Paula Europe next. Go ahead Paul. How are you I am good how are you Paul good bank Peru for people like you want to carry it out because you know like each each he'd. You keep saying and I like a couple of points that I guess. I'm sitting here listening on jet at a time. I think there at the site you've got to but that's great. I think that it's relaxed for the institutions because the left know that they couldn't take the country down by revolution would actually turn. But it is a lack of the situation education. Religion. There late they wanna destroy at all and it may need. To experiment to walk. That's coming down. They are. People belief system and it like you said it. Very very dangerous I think that people need to watch. The national Dugard. Until it America because that tells the true. About slavery and I just it. It's it's it's our national Wear their hip pocket they. Aren't acting a little bit liberal logic at the locked in line and I'd like to know what you think about what I. I think you're right and thank you for that call look. I was just emailing with him yesterday I was trying to get him on the show we couldn't do it for all kinds are reasons I don't wanna bore you are all the details. But my good friend Michael Savage. And you know we were emailing back and forth tonight a signal when you first coined the phrase a liberalism is a mental disorder. About what was 120 years ago when every did etc. when I first heard race and come out that sounds a bit extreme but much. I think he's right. I really believe if you listen to liberals. It's all motion. It's they're irrational. It's all a emotionalism. Is saw how they feel. This statue offends me Tara down rip it down. Not all put your your your your your your fingers in your years I don't hear you I don't hear you and. And and I look. That's that's how they are. Look. I I dare he take here's a challenge. If you have a millennial. Son daughter. Niece nephew. Friend whatever. Trust them one question. Because they don't see our education system is is killing us. Because they're being brainwashed and indoctrinated and they're not learning any of their history non they're completely ignorant. But full of self righteousness that's a very dangerous combination. Constant is very simple question okay you're against slavery right yep pocket you wanna Terry Donald is such as ya know ya every single while Mike called neural slave holders of the Porsche sold them to sleeps. We or who sold all those black slaves that were brought into by the way not just into the United States or other brought in to Brazil. I'm a Dominican Republic and Haiti and much of Latin America. You know that right. Fueled those countries off largely themselves over slavery and all that. But who sold them. But I don't know the Africans did. You only mean the white Africans not all there weren't any whites at that time the Europeans and whites were in fact late in the slavery game. It was a black Africans. Black tribal leaders and chief into me this is a fact. Till about all 3040 years ago everybody knew this. So we didn't have these insane arguments. Did the ones who enslave the blacks. And sold them to the slave traders who then brought him to the new world. So. You wanna go after the Africans. I mean if this bothers you so freaking much gore after the Africans Tony. If you ain't slavery so much. Prophet Mohammed. You know we had many slaves no yeah in fact who these days. Never mind for all of its history to this day Islamist countries practice slavery. On top of genital mutilation throwing gays and lesbians are world pops but let all that goal. Do you know that so by your by your logic triumph start burning the Koran. Why won't to burn the Koran. I could do this all day. How old she heard this argument it's. So you should look it's it's nice to teach this to my students OK it's called prism prism. It is the fatal flaw when you do history. To look at history. Through the lens of the present and not in its own kind. Let me give you an example. Shall we all want fairness can't bear with me. Let's say 8300. Years from now. Everybody becomes a vegetarian. They PO wins out. The animal rights movement wins out and the belief becomes that animals like human beings have missile. And so you cannot eat meat you can eat beef pork chicken whatever. And this becomes accepted in America in Canada and increasingly it spreads around the world. You could only eat vegetables vegetarians because killing animals is immoral and wrong for food. Now imagine if for retroactively. They started to judge us by the standards of their present day. All our statue in the name of Britney well she was a mediator. She's a murderer poker should be a shoe which. She she slaughtered animals. She was a murder. Take donor stature how would you feel. Merriman would you agree or disagree or sink your symbol but but everybody. But everybody was eating meat I mean there were some vegetarians now I'm there was some debates and stuff but for the most part brawl mediators. Which is commonly accepted it was an every culture every civilization just. Essentially. For most of human history sadly. That's slavery. And by the way. It's not just black slavery whites were enslaved. I Arabs were enslaved Asians were enslaved blacks were enslaved Hispanics were enslaved. This motion that only black Sharon slate of some other complete life. So slavery. Was the norm in human history really up until the late eighteenth nineteenth century. It's only been about 200 years. That's slavery and it's still existing in Africa and much of the Middle East nobody wants to talk about it but let that go. But in the west that we finally abolished it. So imagine if you were judged 3400 years from now. By the standards of their time compared to what was the standards of our time. So I would teach by the way every story in good one does that that's called and send. Beat the falsity of present Hisham. To apply present day morality present and standards. Present day circumstances. Two very different time and a very different period. The founding fathers. Look at what they achieved. It was the greatest founding generation. Of any culture any mention any civilization. In the world. Warts and all. Mike caught. We shouldn't be tearing down statues in their name. We should be Revere in them. Emulating DF home home home home home. Here's Austin WRK hell yeah. 256. Here on the great WRK. All okay my friends from 781. You can text us as always 68680. Jeff Mexicans are quite proud of the aspects. Should we tell them the gas tax is neighbors. Would have found the Nazis and upgrade we'll see that's. That's my point. The guest decks were cannibals. They actually believe in human sacrifice. They conquered your neighbors and enslaved. And then honestly they gave them. Now do you see the Mexicans because you don't have on a mixture between you know on Mexicans from Spain that. The Spanish population with the native American population at. Are they like Omar called the Austin told Michael I'll be just natural Mike all the aspects like slavery Michael there are credible is all. It's it's part of our history it is what it is. Native Americans here. The Cherokee practiced slavery most native American Indian groups in America. Practice been engaged in slavery. It was common practice. How come the left doesn't talk them. Aaron anyway. Am sure go ahead. Doubt that afternoon and technical my pleasure. You know I think there are problems but it'll that you think people don't have a partner to. Because. Yet the people that other prep for whatever reason and they wanna carry out that is what angered history trial conservative everything I'll let. Really the biggest thing that keep in Democrat since themselves. It their own ignorance at it's. Yeah you can't fight a small mind the small mind. Think our minds never afraid that her long time ago where you can't have an opinion about something unless it's a reflection of so. And I kind of feel. Until the complexity look into America and so they. See that I prepared doing all himself now they're never gonna move forward in the end. Unfortunately welcome I have to do a little bit of profits there up and. Aaron and makes perfect sense and as always always a very intelligent thoughtful call. Oh look they're historically. Ignorant they're forgive me but they're ignorant mrs. They I think have been cheated by the education system. They have been brainwashed and indoctrinated. And with saudis. They think to the most morally superior generation in the history of the world. And me not to put them down but what do they accomplished. I'm like what the snowflake millennial the ones that are tearing down all the statues except living on your mommy and daddy's couch. Would that fading hope and change posters. And maybe you know always gave getting stoned watching Jerry Springer or what the elevated around. That's another thing what I'm sorry you're acting so morally superior to Washington Jefferson. Dave bill the nation. Our republic. A city upon a hill what that live you'll done. Except move shuffle mommy and daddy. For the last 25 years of your life. Fire against the Britney. I need another power I need another hour. My friends I gotta go Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal bull. The criminal report has been presented by telling financial services the boys of Boston he. You six AV WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD.