President Trump’s Update: April 11, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, April 11th

Vlad Putin says he expects “fake” gas attacks to discredit Syria. 


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151. Here on the great WRKO. OK man okay in my friends. Corner man's quick progress three report on the Trump's first 100 days. In essence. Now the Pentagon is trying to claim listen to this. That wooten. Not only he is responsible. For backing Bashar Asad and the chemical weapons attack. But now they're claiming that who knew. About the chemical weapons attack at least a week in advance. And that may be the Russians were even involved. In the chemical weapons attack. Allegedly launched by serious air force by their fighter jets because Russian troops and Russian jets. The use this same air force base that was a launch that was used in the launch. When Syrian forces left the Sharia are air base to launch they're suppose it chemical weapons attack. In other Woertz. What the mainstream media and it deep state are now trying to do. It's not only for Strom to turn a sought and pull them into a mortal enemy. But to try to get trump now to view pool and I see war criminal. I see war criminal who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. I say war criminal. Who now has the blood and the death of over seventy people in that chemical weapons attack. On his hands not just on a solid sense. They're trying to bait him. To essentially launch. Cold war 2.0. To launch a second Cold War. And make Russia eight permanent enemy. A permanent adversary. Of the United States. My strong advice to the president is this. Don't take the bait. The deep state has wanted it conflict with Russia for years. You ran on better relations with Russia. This is what the American people want this is what your base wants this is what it means to be America first. Ignored the deep state ignored the mainstream media ignored the warhawks around you. It's time to put America. First and in the war against spices and radical Islam. Gordon and Russia are not enemies but natural Allied's. And together. If America and Russia ever did ally. No radical Islamist force on earth could stop us. And that's why did deep state. And their Saudi backers. Don't ever want to see it happen because ultimately. Washington. Is Saudi Arabia occupied territory. If you wanna hear more of these podcasts. On Trump's first 100 days go to Slash 100.