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Paul Monica joins us as he does every Friday here to do little stock talked and Paul thank you for joining us. Thank you very much Paula talking about Verizon today. Reporting their first quarterly drop in subscribers in a long time a couple days back. And I'm curious what your thought on Verizon is at this point. Yeah it's going to be fascinating to see whether or not the company in the get that wireless. Will back on track. One positive was that they deed note in the earnings release that seemed. The launch their own unlimited data plan we use the idea countering out what competitors expert in mobile Don they have seen. You know subscriber gains come back in the latter half of the quarter and 32 questions one at. Sustainable and got what price does that happen the company's profit part and we've seen wireless price wars past that never really ended up. All well you don't want these companies to be the equivalent of the airlines. Opal. Know exactly doesn't end up well for shareholders and consumers. Yeah I've fair consumers love it shareholders don't like it quite as much work does rising go from here we've heard a lot of chatter. In the last couple weeks about potential acquisition targets on the kind of off the beaten path you're talking about CBS from a content perspective others that seem to be just crazy when you talk about the potentially buying Disney. Do you think anything happens from emanate perspective. You think and I believe that it was all the academies for those comments to Bloomberg about. You know companies like these these CBS and Comcast that they came calling he would obviously it was an. Don't get beat them amnesty you know of course the list any potential overtures from from companies and we've seen what's happening with the Telecom and media landscape and urgent there parent company Time Warner is in the process of being acquired by polarized it privately came keys to that would make. Some strategic sense for. Verizon to tried that even more confident because let's be honest I think there's a lot of skepticism about what prize now could be strangely calling oh yeah. A eventual merger. Have you gotten into brightens well you. You know they have some second years sort of you know digital media being there in that might not really. Move the needle in the online ad raised purses companies like Google. And Facebook's so. You know I think some people feel that Verizon doesn't use splash your deal but others think that if they just kind of stick to the cool you wireless market that might be OK come. Verizon's revenue comes from all the wireless side now do we have any data on that I can't remember. Yeah I I know personally and there are earnings report late for me right now I don't look at obviously is a peak portion all of the company's revenue stream not yield wireline classic landline businesses obviously it is. A steady decline to do they also have you know big data center businesses while so. Deal Verizon. Cash cow so to speak clearly. Wireless but they are trying to diversify and the the two year old rapper L Allen that core assets and Yahoo! as well I think Brighton does appeal. That it can be a bigger player in digital media and online advertising tea. What what do you think ends of coming out of that new ideas digital media company oath. And as their branding it. Do you think that has the potential to be successful with effectively to almost failed companies. That are that are coming together now to form the core there. What what do you think that turns into. It is going to be tough I mean I think that says you have to be there a lot of people criticize the a ball sail well I there are sound that it's still I think. A lot of users. And potentially advertiser interest you know I do has very strong. Financial issues segment and I know sports is also bigger. Optically. In agencies so you know we know that Verizon is doing more mobile content as well. The and pals enemies and ours via error about the sport forgotten we pride in zone. Al offerings by. You know that the question is. Is there really will operate a neck digital media player beyond. God Google and FaceBook we just look at what's happening with a Japanese books into the community just. Basically copying chat right and it's winning I just doing copycat. They have so much in scope and all those years. Heard general Paul thank you very much for joining us and enjoy the weekend all right thank you very much do all Monica from CNN money talking about horizon with a ticker BZ. Stocks down again today. Is down yesterday's down no one point 3% today it is it's you just do you wonder what. What they're gonna do to try to turn things around from a growth perspective this stock is pretty much been between 47 and 54. For the last four years now you know it's it's stable pays good dividends but the growth just hasn't been there recently. And I think there's there's some questions about what they can do to try to grow the company that he you know eat at a company like that they never grow organically. And the only lead they think they consider growth through acquisition of the growth I like the company has organic growth.