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You are listening don't wicked but it's radio the only place that lets you do. The food critic Sunday's tended noon on WRK oh the voice of Boston. And this is Scott with. It will be here until twelve noon taking your phone calls. And I'm Mike just wouldn't that Mike you're busy weekend last weekend with. Inside I was yes I was so give us the lowdown Michael Jordan's steakhouse. Relative or better. The lecture with them that that's my quick review I. I say the couple times. To move my friends that we are aware of what I mean it was food that was good that was like quality is functional high in state knows. Something about it and maybe it's just my own mental weirdness about it but I feel a lot more comfortable giving David berg the chef. Sam Neill is Thursday that Michael Jordan baseball player. All of a sly. That the heartland gambling golfer but it's a bush I had to guard him welcoming everybody this company again. Your phone calls with it by radio the restaurant show which is today Mike it's it's 39 anniversary concert today today as well that's why pads more. That's only because we just like you want to take one more time at the pool. I don't blame America getting the call and that's right. And that's coming over taking your phone calls today and you know Mike is back so I guess everything is right world. I'm here today and we just could have a whole bunch of fun we meet folks out there listed. Today to give us a call now we're going to be talking about just stick but I a couple of things that went talked about before we get it to today's Bob. Which today's topic is going to be one of those topics you can say. One hop. I think. We'll find out if we can't wait to hear that you doing whatever. Walters I mean Walt burger. And you know you're trying to get in that would mark I'm already entitlements for the OK good at it. So you'll watch it doesn't FaceBook like you'll see Mike might give a little tilted that. There it is there is so. Most alert for people efficiencies should do whatever is clear in the laundry if mark calls in the roles that there we go yeah at that you've been to your new locations. And I attribute popping up everywhere I've been to hang on one a bunch behind that's the only one I've really gone a middle infield one what a lot of times and a I walked by income now by the went from where park and yes I went I went by and Inco imminent one by the Fenway one. Yeah I'm decent the errors at all over her several times Paul Paul Moore Wahlberg. Has actually listen to the restaurant show probably since he was a little kid. Doing you know yeah so he's like a big day he could tell you things that it happened on this show. Going way back when it is it's always funny when when walker he's almost like the historian. Of the original parent will ensure yeah he remembers things that there. I don't work with but the that the but I'm so maybe not since this is no apparent anniversary we show Paula to your little blue history have made no real artists and some some some burgers burgers in and we could use cake today who beat candidate you know so those are a couple things I think about but that this week on Monday. I had the honor to play in the pastor's daughter. I'll turn it. Oh well can you know we were the rapper country club and as a whole what your restaurant tours in I've brought my son. And my son just kind of love their accent. The Irish accent oh you know I everybody had the Irish road going. And it was justified as a fun turn a beautiful day. Last Monday and every causing I think it's like he sixteenth or nineteenth annual one that he's done and we're doing that I played. In but I guarantee public back next year. Because it's it was a fun tournament is great to see which points. It's would place probably in the middle of the pack we start off really well move I mean really well on mean birdied the first the toughest hole on the course right away. And this kind of faded into the sunshine as it got warmer in the back but we had we had a great time and that was my first alternative to the today. But that was alerted us on your FaceBook was that the one bullet hole one was a hundred granderson went I was 1010101000. And really get it. No my my act they're close to the pain in the longest drive contest my son put. Closest to the pin and hold didn't matter. He had about three feet away whole bit and it's always good yes that we were able to birdie that one. But now eyes and then the second golf term I actually won my group. Yeah yeah Jones I am a productive. Day played about you know hundred rounds of golf and one day in beautiful sunshine. Had a lot of Genesis I do what went over to read his daughter in April after after the first turn it doesn't seem to golfing to average. It is Guinness out. In the sun well no way I went I had some Guinness is over it at at the pump went to Japan this article different you know but right after that ensure your hole to hole drinks you know about it so we we slid on over there and had a attained the old time familiar river's daughter which won the one behavioral or even to the several occasions yes I love it because. It feels like you're not it feels accurate Ireland can you its actually located downstairs. Kind of walk down to down to the club right it and 88. Even for Monday's you know and others a lot of folks that that want the golf term nor back there boom he knows hopper is a grand old time. You know you're up so if you want authentic Irish food and Guinness port correctly that's the other brother's daughter. And it's an uphill the national locations Smart move and it's is pupils were in the murmur upper. In Nashua polio Michael Skakel. Time kind of is fixing up the restaurants are getting their restaurant where has that the authentic Irish field short to a lot of antiques a lot of things that they brought back from Ireland stuff like that so. It's a fun little place in addition to sign of the make your own catchup since their own like their home males and stuff efficient chips come in AM. It the efficient chips they rap many newspaper all right. So that's kind of really unique is an actually believe an authentic presentation yes and I'm tying the food is really really really. I was knocked like Ireland years ago I just that the the food was you know. Boiled it just doesn't recognize them it was tasty now it it it seems. An animal was gone enemy they do they do a spectacular job and when I was in Ireland moved. Yeah about 45 years ago they were talking about how the now how the food the culinary scene has really changed in Ireland moon and has improved so no longer you're born when the potatoes. You know but that's always in the department of some sure but that no more clever things could cool but if you look at where players and his daughter Douby one. Now I was on Friday night and what the Sierra blow it from as a restaurant and moment to win and I know that could be open today I don't know they're gonna be open tomorrow another close in the 4 July. Good and I would recommend several things that you go in there. First got to see how to reply yeah horse guy he really is a great guy. On a day like today it's going to be like ninety bit low ninety's I think. We eulogized he had would've been nice to have on over to it from rises to pick up like Pete to bring home. Short yet they they I mean it's good any any they have this would of been. That fire that kind of create their their pizzas. And I just love their chicken. There are a barbecue chicken pizza that's more of my favorites. You and they have to shoot dough pizza. That's another great one. And it's they got a full menu and a great bark but I think on a beautiful day like that like today that's where Yugo. You go to two masses in Wilmington. The artery glow. How about they're there brisket Mac and cheese off Warner. That's stuff I have ever as a result of this year's day. That's one of my favorites. So term as a certificate about a place. To go a little bit later on stake in the be open today I know that for a fact I don't know there. They were teetering with their review over the next couple that dazed from as those are today that it probably would do is just have some fun you know I. It's. It's that it fourth of July weekend web gaming here from yup talking about that Italian restaurants coming up the good always praise or zinc from pizza to gourmet on today's program. That's what we do so you can always call in the places to more praise. Or saying. Like I said on today's program but I am looking for and I make this easy for you. And you're watching us on FaceBook you can chime in on FaceBook and we'll read some of some of your comments there. I am looking for your all. Time. Favorite restaurant. Which all time favorite restaurant could bring you back to your childhood doesn't have to be open. But I like to know what your favorite restaurant of all time ears. So I know I all of us have. Know our favorites in the past that we've always gone to and some some of our favorite restaurants or current restaurants but I always like when I do this show that we hear some restaurants that have been mentioned along time. Because the clothes for a long time but they always have that. It is touches you in light on some of these to his restaurants that are no longer with the session at which my favorite. Bought time kept a Budapest in Boston. You for a strong absolutely beautiful restaurant. And I think they've been closed for about twenty years I think the film's how suitors with Steve Martin Goldie Hawn is actually filmed. At cafe Budapest that that's one of my favorite doesn't have to be here in New England could be anywhere around the world so if your favorite restaurant is in that. London or where home. That's okay. I'd just wanna know about on today's program. And will be given away some great prizes we always do that on the show you know you can win is up dinner for two on us for calling and we'll do that at random. And you know what I have to give away today. Just an hour. What codecs. Send you speak easy in Nashua, New Hampshire that apple would do on today's program now BR our big prize and that is a it BP to speak easy set in an antique books. Bookstore they can't find a way to get into it and the food is really good men drinks phenomenal put the atmosphere of fun place to go and it's located in Nashua. We'll give that away on today's program okay now what's your all time favorite restaurant can you help us on today's program. What what gives you that memory. That brings you back in May HE childhood maybe it your all time they were restaurant and you go there all the time right now that that that counts too. Here's the number to call 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. And again it's always. The easy sunny and on the program is right in the beginning is as we get going our lines get tied up. So I and I know you can help as the first first time callers awhile with the car phone call we're trying to chart way that a lot of people who travel in this weekend. Or out today Mary you're listening to us on the beach. Calls wouldn't. I wouldn't mind 888. For three or 6464. That are never here to wicket bites radio today with Scott with me. I and it's kicked things off let's go to Gary of Marblehead good morning Gary. I did no one got very good Gary. Probably hate to have to go up through ethics unhappy boat can only definitely is winning and I am sure it's a little bit cooler and Essex. ID Al little bat in May go if they get there LA and yep that's. Looks like it's going to be a hot one but that's a great spot to go to one of my favorite which is the village restaurant. And at six we were just fell last week and my son my wife and myself. And we'd love the mean I had they have men and they serve a valid role and caught Brad and it have to rank up there a lot of our favorite restaurants now about. Yeah you know and the outside which I like. Arianna is a little Kevin put in this little patio area that he gets it outside and and dine and you don't try the fried clams Agee got to try those. I know what will have to go back up there and go at some other time but you know night that that they've picked salmon Leavitt then. You know I just basically got a valid and and excuse me you know there. And I split some of but elicit a wonderful day we had a wonderful time. Yep and all of a trek. A little bit atop this time a year the village restaurant and Nazis get through the crowd. I because it's such a popular restaurants around 44 since I think 1956. And it's been around for awhile. The best time ago is earlier in the week they're closed on Mondays but to go Tuesday for like a late lunch early dinner. Or Wednesday that's that's a great time ago because you get the same service. And at eight you know maybe it's not as crowded as it normally is too integral time ago. I Kerry thank you very much for your phone call that yet that's the village restaurant in Essex let's go to achieve in that actually and you're next with with sky with late. They got out of brought a lot you guys government to even try to try in coordinating and opening up really bought map. But there are lots of role is life changing. You know I heard does somebody mentioned that even tied not that long ago I didn't really know where was I was trying to find it. Is we are that we were working on a show for best lobster roll and they got recommended. And I had notes that it's going back last year I believe it was last year's notes. And I agree in my own hand right to find out where where it is. Yes right actually Hugo's which won the James rear ward and then the famous. Articles written. What makes it's a good. Well I think it states the right spot and they do from Butler lobster and about fourteen fit be it. Not even probably four to five inches long. Assume you're invited it's like it is likely gonna wait an hour. Our happened yet in place and time you don't get their record time. By that open up and bought and I think they've been written up by World Cup or my butt and go on there before it was like actual. Yeah on that that's the key you've you've been there you know what it is now it's becoming. The trendy place for folks. And not only that they got probably one of the but works her collection you know collections unity and like from Japan. All around the world and a local extras so. It journalists or not it is a bully. Oh I brought. I'm my general Internet I don't. Quite yet but I do know the folks that that that art can actually tell you by the taste where they came from how could you tell the key from Japan or. Mark what would you. When you pull up to the oyster bar they have way you. We're ice and or Internet markings. And all the way through political probably as you know you can pick the menu or tradition that the body could just look at and pick whichever one you want. And aren't. And all right it's it's called even tied where's that located again. I never mistreated strike actually at the pickup or street or right across the street from her it's it could industry. I can't speak conduct that the only way they would they may be right right and and if you go on the corner which is. Pretty were saying it up in Portland convey when Dan beard award like Phoenix or that it between now. My problem I believe we'll Derry of that which had a great Beers. Ike and again it's called even tied in Portland thank you very much you all call it's gonna burrow to next. In Burlington will go to Al good morning. Good morning hey you mentioned one of you're all your favorite all time rock and yes. I'm sick. Explore. And always always comes behind closed now what they've built but they Els in the hay day opens August. Yeah I was bit aspect. I absolutely. Nice memories I mean I thought I'm Italian I come from a big Italian camp late and that's where we used to go. War you know some holidays and get everything not me get baked chips and dips they were unbelievable. How are sales store and my cousin. Like I've been before I gave it nine hole. He goes out he don't go to build ups stick out. This salads desserts big get my model was not able little aura yeah and you'd think about it now I mean it was just so wonderful wonderful wonderful experience. I'll tell you we used to do a lot of functions upstairs in the function rooms and and one of my favorite dishes there was not the state. What believe it or not and it's one of my favorite dishes and any function we've ever done was there or the chicken breast. They chicken breasts. I don't know what they did I thought as one of the best chicken breasts I've ever had and every time we did a an event there I always afford to. All yeah yeah and I mean and and and the service and and you know being what seal atmosphere. Okay though it back like thirty plus years ago okay. I mean number 10 eastern city I mean it was at all what we all of slapstick out of that aren't novelty. I mean it was it was just a great Giuliani's time as great map. As they young as the young boy growing up by a member of the lines. Yet got our yeah yeah. Yeah people waited far and people waited to get in because food was that good. I I miss it to this day I mean every time I drive by and a seal cactus are dismissed the old restaurant. It's it's yet Arnelle thank you very much for the for your phone call again that's the old Hilltop since August number one I've. What will sorely missed my leg Rosen who ran it your friend of mine for many many years who ran it. Just lovely lovely guy that. Ran that restaurant and united it's it's ready got its troubled times near the end. Not profit competition. Restaurant of that size made it really really tough so whom it's too bad too bad it it it's. It's it's it's almost like this committee is like the Citgo sign in Boston. You know. It's just a landmark new and this landmark has gone. Yeah that's that's too that I will look at you all time favorite restaurant. 8884346464. Could be open right now like I even tied isn't Portland Maine. Or could be close like Hilltop and sawgrass what you really restaurant 8884346464. The Chinatown restaurants don't know route 27 answering and finally said and William long first thing you know as we walk in there is there. There are open kitchen. And how clean it is and how large is an out at you if you watch them prepare all of these meals that's the first thing you see. So you know you're going to for. When kitchen is run like that it's Oakley you know you're gonna go in there for great meal. I'd recommend the Chinatown spare hours is nothing like them so we do so tender. Picks for hours to prepare. Chinatown. 103. Sharon straight which is route 27 reckon cops core plaza. And Stowe and say had a lease when you go and now I warn males are rare coins at New Hampshire with like for me it was you and all. Very happy and safe fourth of July coming up here. And if you're thinking about buying or selling rare coins or gold and silver and somebody can trust. Warren mills travels the country. Looking for rare coins. And if your collection is largely a newcomer to your house warm elsewhere accords in New Hampshire 802257264. That's 800. 225. 7264. Now another restaurant I know that's gonna get a lot of recommendations on what I always do. Looking back or restaurants and you know some of the some your favorite restaurants or arrest markets recommended a lot. In particular is one of the on the restaurants in now I mean it's that's restaurant Mac in the area. Hit it in the seaport district applauses and owning a restaurant out there and fish here. The noun or restaurant. Still offers there. Their their seafood chowder and if your kid in you grow grew up on a new you had a thirty years ago. I you'll still remember that scene which artist those servers there's so much he put in this if whichever is and sticks right global. The noun a restaurant. In in the seaport district area which is just just gone crazy it. Offers free parking reality Parker dressed. To go their for lunch and dinner and your parking really pays for your meal because he try to park in that area if he could even find a parking lot they're not very down to the the new building. They're gonna pay a lot more. Than dinner at some of the finer restaurants in that area. So they're casual get back. They're through walking around enjoy lunch or dinner at the no name restaurants inherited Jimmie for us opine butcher and mall. That's we have on the Doyle's Greg and Tom they have great burgers you wanted on there and enjoy great burger. And I mean bring home. And put on your grill the Alpine butcher I guess the best first in the world that I've never tried that's the sad thing it just sounds so good. They use black Hingis and Reebok name you know which in the top one and a half percent of all beef. In the country right decision and they take the trimmings and that they grind up the make their burgers can you get any better than that. You can not the only over Remy you don't. Haven't come in here with high burgers I try to call on this week and like I think it's the wrong might even get that women who won the worst weekend to call butcher shop to come into a radio show on fourth of July weekend you have but to go there and grab some of their staffs and the stakes are phenomenal grab some burst from on the grill at I would probably head in their today and say hi to Gregor Tom Doyle because they are a fine butcher with that. With the top quality. All our products are top while you may pay a little bit more. Which can go back to Europe and somebody else after wounding kinsey you don't get in my eyes were there no no they're gonna explode you know you're gonna spoil you when you when you try their there revised. The Alpine butcher again they're located on Chelmsford street in lol. Are right you know let's squeeze him a more cobble for the break let's go to Val over and over good morning now. Good morning good morning and happy fourth until like she's not going out to eat diet. No I'm gonna go home and yard work to still catch up on don't know how. That's still try to be careful. Well do for a few minutes and then I'll just call of the day. Oh both token effort yes. Yes my favorite question about that man I'm a senior senate and we used to be teenagers would pick blueberries. As sound to a basically they have the money to go there we know what was good bishop. Sonoran ships and Lawrence yes yep. The Bushehr gambling. Yes exactly and you're too young to remember pension. No I I went to bishop several times and you know either wait staff went over to the Venetian restaurant in April they and you'll find the Bushehr is there every once in awhile. Really he had it's the same menu. They do the French Fries they do the primary if they do that they stuffed lobster they used the rules walnut stopping that still use. Yeah same menu but the shares will be there every once in awhile. Yeah my wallet and yeah I gotta check by the oil but you know I think they open up at 2 o'clock today for dinner in April. The Venetian restaurant. It's out of the psalm 10 and I highly recommend their primary to Tea Party or debate them on. And he did it for being a lot of 3COM makes them any day get your money's worth there and say room that baked Alaska just like bishops medevac. There at the end of the chandelier in the light when you went into the bishops and marts are open. Is still around. One of the common man restaurants. In. Implement New Hampshire and no action has that restaurant in what they call the boiler room restaurant all right and the chandeliers in the wind that's dangerous very cool like it's. The more you know yeah so there you. Other than that but there is nothing that I'm. Junior I think what Rick come back with more calls with the all time favorite restaurant on today's program. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to awaken by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK oh the boys of Boston. Welcome back here again Scott. And my kids today Mike went and you know we're talking about the all time favorite restaurant. It's in my own time it happened in the past. You do it's listen folks yeah it. Was doing my fifth job of the morning I think it's in the media. That it was in the basement with quote they can McVeigh is and that there is no longer room. If that's forty years ago. But they brought class elegance and Connery the food here. If favorably period of all time alternate falls on to place second all time favorite restaurant glass which progressed I hate me. I'm kind of a simple guy. And I don't have like favorite Rick restaurants than the cafe Budapest and bill which would recommend and they're not here anymore. Berlin restaurant in Amber's we've always talked about that was one of my favorites now you know always always was a part of that was moved a little bit closer to the street who have just PO phenomenal because they were complete victim of location yeah. And it's just been so nice and side but. You know as in front of a motel six setback on the I mean literally that was part of the directions it's like you had to don't look for the restaurant looked for the motel six. And that's not a group. Competes stuff and runs a restaurant that we had a call earlier about an Hilltop steak just being. You know that was from Al Bronson he said that that was his favorite all time restaurant and I see Michael O'Neill on FaceBook says he. In his opinion closely now to Hilltop is the steakhouse in wells Maine. Who knew you know so they're we'll have to check that out in the troop wells. Yeah I think we need to do a little bit of a roach your trip. I'm always up for a trip ia wells Maine so what the what the city. So well you know you can always comment again on FaceBook live. The way there right now so were there every Sunday from ten to twelve. Join in the conversation to her own conversations. Right explosions there we do look at a menu read from time to time. Some of the comments and it's it's just fun to watch and I'm a couple weeks ago all of a sudden I notice that the conversation was about pop overs are all right are on line. Which is just kind of fun to watch in the breed and no real comment on them from time to time. All right now we need your help we got some open my thick and a lot of great calls or this morning some of the restaurants that have already been recommended the village restaurant in Essex masked. Even tied in Portland Maine you'll bishops restaurant Lawrence Hill top restaurants August those of the restaurants have been mentioned already by collars. Now we have some open lines for you which are all time. Favorite restaurant it doesn't have to be open. You know it could be elected he'll top that and fortunately fell victim to the times. Asked me in dampens. Oh or they could be your restaurant that you go to all the time right now because they are your favorite. And we want to know on today's program and again we have some great price is that will be giving out public give away one you know what Mike let's just make it a grand prize today someone will win. One price welcome because I think it's a special. Codecs restaurant is speaking easy move Nashua, New Hampshire that's going to be our gift it's set an old antique bookshop. And got it around back and is it kind of goes into a dead end bookshelf and got to find how to get in from there. Analogy that if you stand out there it's a fifty dollar. Gift certificate but it's more than I guess to the because it set an old antique book shop. It's actually an antique book and that is dedicated to returning your library book. To give that away Clavet. To a caller today on the program I what you all time favorite restaurant 8884346464. And Mike we'll take your name and address off there are trying to you know he'll he'll try his best. Have you go to Mike Huckabee. I can see with all the martyrs in their you have all your coffee and I have and I'm trying to get through its likened functionally normal human being tried with the penalties a little bit grumpy and income loans because we're shorthanded today because our intern Brandon is. Up up up mountains. Celebrating the fourth. Merry go you know so so but that just means might he get grumpier Garber has run into phone calls. We'll have a harder tears at this copy for advanced display name four times just have a heart that I 8884346464. That as our number here. To the restaurant program which are all time favorite restaurant 888. Port three fours 6464. I this bush elected by its rate has brought to by the great wall restaurant of Bedford. Massachusetts that's reunified Alice the winner of the reader's choice ride him Paul for about twenty consecutive years now. And going strong in all their cuisine is prepared by profession. Chefs in the use only the highest of ingredients and even their desserts. Are made fresh and compliment the daily lunch and dinner buffet they have a full menu with the one dine in take out. Private functions catering you name it they can do it the great wall restaurant. Root for in Bedford mass. What a place that's gonna bring you back to. I call like New England that the New England feel. Noon an atmosphere that April's European restaurant route three a north John's where you'll find any April there. April European restaurant is located one of doing his most picturesque settings. It's an historic brick mill. In North Chelmsford the atmosphere is contemporary an elegant at the same time it captures a piece of that New England beauty. From the gorgeous brick walls of the high ceilings and large windows. That overlook the Stony Brook now for over eighty years European restaurant. Was an institution in Boston. And eighties. Grant for I think is his father grandfather. Iran and most of his grandfather ran that restaurant providing eighty years. And what 81 to do is take those traditional recipes. From the European restroom Boston and bring those to north transports you find a lot of other items. That used to be on the menu in the Boston location. And they'll pick up a notch. And their bar menu is great if you wanna sit there and have a dinner once the bar they have their own special men their slide they have like that. Burger sliders that are like with filet mignon. Has the slackers. Excellent April's European restaurant route three a 75 Princeton street in North Chelmsford. I let that get back to the phone calls we have one open line you which are all time favorite restaurant on today's program. 888. 4346464. That's that a key that Chester New Hampshire good morning Keith. The orange territory excellent. Yeah. I'm like sixty I remember a couple of plays the you're right our favorites what was pocket scenes on marriage I don't. Yeah the starters or PP. Yeah I think that's August August in you know I I. I'd probably drove by on the scene about three million times and I know that I've ever been inside. Get used to a regular when I was stationed impartially to look what had been the bedrock of a bank and and that's. Well at least I looked up I eight notebook from the valued at our payroll when that. It was to be sure it would shop over my torn right on the entry get on the poor lie. And it gets into is not BO BO BO there would be a currency which is the real deal. And that it would they were barely got by what you have both moved on and it blows by app. Yeah there early bet abruptly at the artist is growing here. I heights so no I I have that and again other brother place that will be missed. I keep that mimic the focal let's go to Saudi cement that your next Scott with a good morning Linda. Good Monday morning I updated regrettable error occurred and it TO farm Bob. Now it's a great place he would meet movie there you eat every politician there. It was very big that the payment was he had a lot of insight and they got the movies are the number there. And a great place great food. It's too bad that it's not there anymore at sham. You and had the best location of course that's when the property is so much money. Well that's location and you know what this and other restaurant when a sick kid I loved going here because they have the bets this error. Ali. Yeah you on your route one and I mean you. Everybody would say you know the Hilltop was better but. You know I really love going there at the young guy my mother used to take me there. And germ what it was like favorite when I was little I used to love chicken there. And he. That's an MI haven't heard a long time but he I always log on appear for just to walk round look at all the photographs. Oh my god and when he had the Peter I didn't send me the both. I mean it was Antarctic. I mean it was straight and tell it are in now look at over the amount. I know it's clearly back. And look down upon us now he would not recognize that area at all. I now buying now is so. I'm different gen Y you know what he had and it's down. A young man to do a bad Hewitt pretty much one of the earth doesn't care great let. Are they at a park out there he had a parking lot that was just absolutely enormous and it was just a beautiful New England setting and of course the view outside was. You can just couldn't beat it just could not be going. House though the food and machinery it was one of the best my mother used to shake me up there might earth and every you know because there. When I was a little car reaching a. I Linda thank you very much people we have here for brings back a lot of memories all right it's good bestowed and Roger good morning Roger. But I don't want it the morning. My senator restaurant about timers Vietnamese Chinese food it knock it down about Jews. OK enough with. Right on combat they still. No I'll they close the stop. It you know when they got bought out bought stem reports that loud not fortunately. Try to find a place in Berwick that. Or plan I mean you cannot. It was a great its Chinese food ever had no all barely worked there who is just a fantastic. I worked there hasn't been just watch her herb almost seven years. Yeah heavier hand in return to normal that I did that for a couple of Summers when I was a kid at the skiers from a chance to get back to. Got up got no problem. But that reactor that if they if he knew yearly event elect politeness but it people who you know you're he. Some blows in the back. Not that I got out of Robert Horry and that's that's not a problem at all. Roger great great recommendation about a place that imports is no longer with less but that I always like nice and always loved looking back it's in the places that just made it. Made this area special. You know throughout time. I like to thank you very much your phone call let's go to Florida on our next Carl winter gardens fla which it's probably harder here today than in Florida. And Troy good morning Troy. Good morning and are you doing very good. Well yeah opt orders all human right now but appeared in like it's catching up. Not yet they'll last day or so it's been well when we're never going to be like Florida. Note never in my site support global warming in the wintertime to keep us we're never gonna be like that. That's per share. I remember my mother when she used to take out in the first restaurant probably that I've ever. Into like a restaurant restaurant where actually had a drought open without weather beautiful restaurant called the urgently place in green many. And now this certainly plays and then their pearl or east are 2030 years. And I don't remember my mother dressing up sub six kids and my father was in the military so we can get it eat out. You know it's all the nice places but when he was stationed in Brunswick. And coming from Boston growing up from Boston you know I've been to all the restaurants pastor restaurants in the world. Is doing one no doubt about it but the restaurant that she took me two months now it was essentially plays were actually had or course smells. They were set my else. And the dinners were all fresh pick from the garden on a lot of restaurants packed in what what. But they did you know and and I just remember sitting down I haven't prime rib with red green beans and every I that we just gorgeous. You have you have. I'm sure the weather. Well weather's pretty cold there I'm sure during the wintertime. Well Greek and guess apparently is that it's located in Belgrade area not between Winthrop the most then but. Yeah so I don't know you ever heard of it I am. Is it that it's in the one to me. Yeah I haven't been up in that area in quite a bit in quite a time. Walked again road trip for us. Little bit longer trip for you now. Oh yeah alcoholic might come out there that Uga. And will ever run out I bring Mike is that there. And well and I'm sure you like to come up here now in the in the summertime because it's like air conditioned feels like it's on time. Well yeah. This weather's beautiful I can we can think there's weather every day yeah I wish yeah. It's just nice that you guys have this radio station because my mother. I dissect she's no longer air virtue of gourmet chef. I am and when she cooked you know she won't she showed me what food was about me and I just remember that restaurant that was one of her favorite. I'm grownup. Now you're watching us on a FaceBook you listen is to a on the edge of your KOA out. Yeah are not do well arm. Arms and I'm up here visiting our turn on radio station I listen to from the car. Yeah and then nights Armitage actually drive is I was in the not too long ago I was. But 15100 miles from here and I was actually listen to the show I was up there in the on weekend in my car in the rent a car had crystal clear. Yeah it's just it's just amazing we could be anywhere now and I guess well what's the elect says that the the Amazon app yes. I guess you just say Alexa played WRK OM start window now yeah. Actually made me just accept right yeah how the world has changed really adds up and and you know Lebanon one or gardens Florida mom right outside it did I I am a restaurant industry myself now. So ID restaurants all throughout you know Disney are the boat house. I highly recommend that's set the new downtown Disney area yup and the boat house has that been concept about like a new England's I don't restaurant. It probably isn't the actual steam ship the old steamship is that the voters Nadal. Her. They've got rid of with all this crap house yeah it was that they just got done renovating mat for the whole thing down. And it's going to be another seafood restaurant. But the boat house is separate from. And it went they have this same type of venue same type of arm atmosphere but there actually Chris scraps and the tables that used to sit and in and you should an actual Chris craft well. And and if you want you can take a ride in one of them is be invoked. You can rant on and take a ride out awake and come back. It's a really need experience. Are heading down that's one restaurant I would. I I mean beginning talks with some folks down in the Orlando area don't like to have us come down in them whole episode. That's and the restaurants there's so that the and I hope that comes about because Orlando is not just Disney. The whole area now exploded people go down. You know all winner along really really all year long now. To a poorly yeah I thank you very much view of your phone call Mike that's causing a great let's literature that. Photo flaws and actually you've been yeah in the I went there I don't know last trip and and it was actually been testing a little the little the little boats that drop into the water that there are so so cool I calorie I see there we'll get you right after this ridiculous that we get bites radio. For a long for that well performance of our fourth of July weekend right. Kendall Wright goes smiled back to eight. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest to light in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again where antibiotics Perry have done X orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the wet dense Albright group dot com. I was going to call. Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eatery in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did that is no better feeling. Traditional north and recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Janeiro is teetering. Twelve Blanchard Ro Quincy. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But can't really do it there's one place that does believe boat rested on tape. In Boston's north then righted the gateway to the north that now they've got great cuisine you know about that. But what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party or get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the north in like this. Fully post second floor function rooms have been renovated. And they boast the floor to ceiling windows that overlook Boston Harbor the bus and city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those Syria whatever your needs are. That's for lippo wrist that I and take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe tourist on these telephone number 617. 742. 414. Theory. Super obviously averaging at least don't want that tell you the real deal with the G has been out of Boston's North End up. Well since around not you back then everything that went to a Regina pizza was fresh in the market. That was the only way to make the world in this. And bring back we've grown tomatoes and we probably stick with our own little Democrats did. Only thing that's changed quite a lot please kill me and they see it's if you'd get it is at Boston's original happen. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With the lights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK you know local voice of Boston. And oh. Replace the offense and what about Mo street station all the talent robots and much. And all of them here. There was I don't know what's on the ball in his office and that is it more than I that is always. Sucks rocks thoughtfully 47 days straight before they get half the day off. Told the story that went. In a row the Marines. And I had a baseball that after the rates are currently. Go sit behind second rain delay after the second rain delay I left that oh well 15942. Baseball games a season you picked double with two ringel is. Was I was in charge that way. Well it it's of this ball goes off the sit back and shoot back towards him right mansi brother all right you stand up. Will cause you know we your seats or your almost like what like eight or nine rows behind the Red Sox on deck circle the I try to. Stand up and immediately I slipped on the wet cement. And I hit the metal rail and chair next to some all Bruce to this day for almost a week. On my hip and back room and my wife's Mac is that it may play. Right when basketball I. When we get some kid ran up and snagged from if the if but the I had positioning Mike McCue did talk to include the thing that. I 8884346464. That is our number to call here to wicket by its radio let's go to Valerie. Of East Weymouth good morning Valerie. Good morning and you wanna I can tell you that my favorite restaurant where the power house. The. Us the I'm not sure whether we should expand a group one way or the highway. What is that like it that was Lexington in my correct. And you don't know it was neither am particularly. I think it. All right could be that it was right off of route 128. That's right. I mean a great spot and all they had to be there for what 2530 years at least. Yes and I have no idea what they went out because they are as far as I'm concerned it was the greatest. And I've been to a lot of restaurants. And but they were all open. Monday through Friday. SF twenty years ago yeah they've big get knocked it on the week and now and they. Couldn't say enough about the the kitchen my protesting the food was not only wonderful but it was pretty pain and they always there did. In factual way that. You know may be under don't cover if it was not going to be society of course right when you when I got to say it was like our. Yeah they had. They had several dining room I always like the old library. Kind. It was just filled with book that was beautiful. I'm sure that passes and they. All many times many times I've done there many times and and four restaurant not to be open on the weekends. I talked about a business takes guts yeah I think it'll but I'm sure that property again the property becomes more value of the restaurant at times. Probably yeah and I hadn't heard that. That they moved to the house but I don't know. I did hear that you're I don't know. If someone knows the they'll give us a buzz of the write your article implies will we find that I calorie they can very much you phone call Mike I'm seeing up hall discredit on FaceBook live with bites TV bodily thing alive. Really mrs. Anthony's pier four and the current would. When they're baked stuffed lobster can't find it down here in South Florida. According to Paul get a colonel wood was is that the field uses the ad that was that was another great restaurant. Great great restaurant that. New people forget about. You know as time goes by. But it's always as time goes on and in these movies that we can bites I chuckled and the north bend over I think you could stop in their cool off today grab my time. Then you'll remember the rest of the day but you can do that could have the Roy can eat Chinese buffet and at night. I has primer book burial and solutions puritan. It delicious China bus number 125. In North Andover. I would take a quick break here we'll come back with a one more hour weakened by its radio. You know and again will be taking your phone calls looking for your all time favorite. Argument is one of those questions that we get literally every year we're we go what's your favorite restaurant now for me it's. That requires me to know askew like twenty questions. Like what kind of food look at this as. My favorites are and so many different categories it's like when people less you know what's my favorite movie it's like well it depends on what mood I'm an amateur looking to laugh I'm looking for drama. Eccentric centric. We'll get there will go find who worked together help me help you we worked together. Some of these wrestlers can't go back in memory lane some of them are exactly turn. It's it's a great nostalgia trip time so well one more hour taking your phone calls and I Damian Smith PL. This time I don't most of my Italian restaurant that's coming up. Program. We're not just for gourmets. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gore may. This is we get by its radio on WRK oh the boys of Boston. You're listening going wicked by its radio the only place that lets you do. Beat of food critic Sunday's tentative on WRKO. The voice of Boston and that is true this morning ever but what we think it's a 39. Sir I'm. I thought it was four happy 39 anniversary of the restaurant shows. Somebody's gonna have to go pulpit. Yeah we is that the iPhone to imagine that fact plus. There are some old reel to reel tapes of the we're a structure back in the seventies room has just played them about your two I don't have the real thrill machine anymore. More what it's good that we know it started on fourth of July weekend yes so at least we can narrow that down. So we go through the archives and outlook after months of tapes yes just two years worth of weekends. It's funny when you played hailed Toews back. Of the restaurants that were recommended again how many of them. How many Obama has stood the test of time is very few if it's forty years that's a that's a long time. The restaurant industry is always in flux it's always changing its own little Smart guys that's where you see places like the village restaurant and Essex what we're lucky we got a lot of restaurants some places are pulled with a grand opening even happens we're still looking here and it really blessed that we have a lot of restaurants that have stood the test of time that advertise in the show pencil at the village restaurant Essex police post in which he has. In Boston and Winchester been in that location with thirty. Plus forty years in China blossom in North Andover you know go on and on an April longtime sponsor Christos Brockton. I mean they were probably almost get a crowd responses to thirty straight years while the store owner know they're they're gone. I mean that when Chris passed away and you know about a year or two later moved the family it it said you know we've we've done this enough respect you know high and it's it. Business that wears down its Chinese. Yeah I Annie and those just some of the restaurants. Are so that responses throughout the years. And it and it's always great you know coliseum restaurants down in Hampshire in the relate to that's displays. I mean. I'm thinking he's in twenty plus years you have to be now with the show. I mean he's been wrong round as long as I've been hearing and keep going you'll also the view coliseum is my favorite issue whether. He he buys and ably advised the senate deal you know it's like. The top of the line deal I don't know what it's isn't named that he buys or branded buys in to me that doesn't make any difference the top of the line right now and debt. Knowing go to a restaurant in my view they pound right. He has a cut paper that. So we could stop it with like cheeses and mushrooms and chew on this disease slices slices it. Paper thin NC cut into it and all that couldn't disclose boom that's when my hero pat. Pat has sent his favorite. And when we guests who sought to do with his name his name that they gallop tablet. A little bit spec spicy but again. It's New York's or is he better cut. And it's there was broccoli Roxbury you know that's probably what pat will be doing later today heading up the goals and improve apparently dish do you welcome their their on route 28. Regular shoppers on Salem New Hampshire. But the irony if you just go down memory lane on our show him just that. You the restaurants that have been with us throughout the years. And that are coming our freight freight Strider. Didn't now freight striving is in taunt and it's just it's I would shoot it should be really in my mind should be renamed streets drive up. Because there's no drive and I think the mood here we are at. And it's a roadside stand they've been around for about this. Mountain and and a guy that sponsor the show for many years. At another restaurant you know. I bought this restaurant the cut a year and a half ago and now he's he's he's sponsor of the TV show and has the radio show moved if Gorman burgers. Relievers hit 899 for the corps members in the dub. Paddy that they're all global bird yeah written in their tasty that would be burgers my favorite. Overhead developing gold was we're bumble article epochal app for that nineties a vehicle pepper topic. It was us relish yes it's like a well she rose to rip ripper relish maybe all suddenly and so I'm sure butchering it but it's delicious he'll look at what it is but it's the what Bieber Reno yeah. We know that the sort. And if you go in there on today I have a feel on the lines are. Out the door down this is definitely a long line to it rates up ice cream they have ice cream just about. Every flavor I stopped counting after thirty flavors and they have soft so I can mix and match so the beat. The choices are limitless yet at and and seafood because he was in the seafood and seafood restaurant. He goes to the Boston fish grizzly every day run for inspected for issues the freshest fish. Including fried oysters move which I don't fan of Alec I'm like am I probably like more than the regular oysters. But but he has them there at the restaurant and that's been a staple that included like enormous obstacles via. As you know the enormous head and what I would it help popped house. You could sit out there 'cause I was likely to cousins of the Hilltop cows have been maybe he'll get up to this idea exactly. Super ex breaks drive in the end it located taunts and I regret absolutely you know a great guy too great guys great restaurant toward. And I'm sure he's gonna do wonders with that rest and affluent and yet but they're only open road I think march through October I think it's definitely a seasonal restaurant capsule and a I will look at you all time favorite restaurant on today's program you can also a tight in and say app. You know. And tell us on FaceBook line you know which are all time favorite restaurant is and if you could also tell us. On FaceBook live and I'm really this topic for FaceBook through. What's your what's your favorite Italian restaurant there you go so we have a place that you really love. Italian restaurant type it in FaceBook while kind of plants definitely have some time we're gonna talk with payments at the Yale. And he's gonna run down somebody else like pop. Italian restaurant vote getters group reviews I should say sure. Little bit later on the program what your all time favorite restaurant. To be open and still to this day or you know could be one of those memories that you had your childhood that Hilltop steakhouse and so August. Or bishops restaurant Lawrence is some of the plays that were recommended. Augustine since August and is here for. His head as had a couple of like oh yeah I I that's one place that really really that's always a popular one. Pillar house move you know so if you have those places that really bring back a memory and time. Or whether they're there they're open to this day or closed. We like to hear about little things well and somebody. Is gonna win our grand prize today we give away one prize I just think it's special. This is a fifty dollar gift to make it move hodac's scenario and it's in Nashua, New Hampshire. And it's a speed keys it's set an antique book store. That's weakness in the mainstream as you go by. And it's gonna say codecs antique books Bremer books antiques and rarity in rarity initials of his she spelled B a all our. And dilemma you know you'll see. Books in the windows issue but it's closed. How do you get in. While you watch with the bikes to bwic leeway. Which show you know you're gonna have to if you win this have to figure out how to Gideon I think we'll we'll let you have fifty dollars in which to span and the cue card. It's actually part of an antique book and so that will be awarded to a caller. Today on the program so what's your all time favorite restaurant can help us out. The place that brings you back in which your childhood. 888434. Or 6464. That's 888. 4346464. I'm seeing that up Paul just rode in on FaceBook by about best Italian base and is it not only and some people at Somerville absolutely. Yeah that that's great that's my favorite and I love the rules on pit because they give you yet they've they give you a brick ovals on its fantastic yeah. Gary just said mark these inland best Italian Diego. So you can always hop on right now FaceBook like what if I join in the conversation. I what is your favorite all time restaurant we have an open line the U 8884346464. We give Mike some time to screen calls we'll take your name and address right there because. If you do win this great gifts. Forget. Already had your address we'll just go on out to sell the tours restaurants there's several locations Andover Lawrence Medford. South Boston Boston's there to district open for lunch and dinner. And I always talk about sour towards a one of my favorite things there. And that is that each restaurant. Has their own chefs playground section of the menus and what that section is the shaft from that location decides. What they wanna make. Put on the menu and there's about five or six items in their ship playground. And it doesn't have to mean Italian dish. For instance. They have short routes and jockeys in Andover. They have grilled octopus in Medford. And then they're leadership they have Darrell Chicago style Italian beef sandwich and that's just one of the items. Salvatore Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. I committed to the north and today in Boston. Great data walk around should be a little bit cooler in the north and look at replaced dined. Let's check out Masson is Conchita tie Yana met Paul the Mori's place it's okay director and and it caught street and I note today. It's that if that is to get a nice refreshing savers those windows to the restaurant will be open. And the trick about Massa mean house. Is you want to order. Or actually just say. You know I'll I'll listen to what could by its radio I know those guys they say coming here. And I wanna I wanna let you order something for me what do you think. I should have and let them. Pick an item that's not on their menu. A play something that Paul may have just picked up fresh could be seafood dish that he could grab it that earlier that morning and he'll just put. We're all together for you and you will be so happy that you let them choose. Massa mean just achieve that time out at 207 and Koch street in north end of Boston. Maggette had their and then walked down and go to much pastry. Or or what I do you go north and I very I think a victim rights pastry made it one time in my life. And they all but they're always gonna win dynamite pastry was because that for the first time ever when I was in the north and there was no line to get it. But this time a year I was walking to the north then. And basically just count the bags. The mikes pastry bags as you walk into the north and if it's just like every tourist. As Mike pastry. All right so you go to mass mails and maybe have a deserter bring it home. You can do that OK I Don sausage company him all the nets if by the but Shelley family. On this beautiful. Long weekend for many of you if you look at this and growing. Bring on the steak tips is staked its RD. Phenom man Noah they are incredible. One of the best states that you'll find anywhere and I'm talking he and restaurants. And he could do is bring them home Durham on your own growth. Dom sausage company ten Riverside park in mauled Ike Taylor dumb. Force when you go in there that's another place karma longevity. I think be open about 75 years ago. That that that is. That sometime in business doing right dom sausage company L public as a novel which are about what you shops they've been in business for brought the same life about 77 years. I 8884346464. We have one open line view let's go to lol. And married the morning Mary. Hi good morning happy fourth of July weekend you. You know it's one director out there I Google and I don't know whether it's open or not equipped and think what happened can can we can't ship the plot you Lester I. Unfortunately they are close. But I analysts are little what memories I I think that there. You know that that's a beautiful restaurant or or work why I don't know they've reopened a restaurant in that location it. It it became something else for a short period time. And and and that restaurant closed at I used to tell folks when you go into the pond view restaurant kinks in New Hampshire. Keep driving them when you think your absolutely lost to New York. But it's beautiful what what memories does it bring back for you. We were OPEC special anniversaries. And get they have in this sub prime rib that was absolutely the my advocates like off. Glad I was like well. And and the count but a paddle boats were really something unique. Yep yep there was an SS Whitley there at one time. For pat yeah I adjusted joke and always you sell to the right as well institute and the but I love the antique cents every every acts that he was an antique in the inept they didn't match because they Roland tees and a the and they would give you your bill. In crown and yeah and a beautiful Venetian you know wind up. Music boxes as what they would do yeah very clever metric they gave me one of those I start to this day sitting right right in the living room. You know it was I think is and the opera one I have. From them but just scored a great memory. Are there that much amount of people called that's upon you. These two being kinks in New Hampshire that's gonna damn very New Hampshire and and good morning and. Hey good morning happy Independence Day weekend guy hey thank you very much. I wouldn't hurt shout out to pop overs and frank of credence Hilltop steakhouse and August it was diet for a love that place and it's so sad to see it go. Yeah event Obama at the China parlance that's still in operation in Boston Chinese restaurant. Yeah I'm not a 100% sure I'm looking at Mike this if you knew and I he should concede and we're not sure I've heard of broken China Pirro and yeah. But I just don't know if it's if it's still it's still an operation to this day. It just it just. Illicit payments really nice restaurant definitely. I haven't found a new one for you guys may not know about I can herdsmen Valentino Italian restaurant and a little strip mall but there Italian tradition extradite. I'm I know what what makes him so good. They have some panic probable I don't think you can meet are they wrapping them like a pastry and now it's like an appetizer and beauty on about the yellow and it changed and they only come away with a guy I'm gonna bring home he kept finishing dinner just wonder. All right found teen knows in Hudson New Hampshire. Yes and it's gonna check my I think Perrier and something like that the backside again you have I'm ranked. Well he had to find it's really nice. Well the check that out because our TV show this fall we wanna find that unique food items. That right that sounds really unique. And has done. And I buffalo older restaurants I missed some they've got to always try to shift so effective seat in golf. Yeah I think in Myanmar and she mentioned rail lines and family at night with just a wonderful night out and cast you guys if you've noticed this phenomenon going out to dinner now. People shouting at the top of their lungs that I'm a very good about the finally quiet night restaurant people are talking softly you can hear each other. Is not a phenomenon you guys have no health. Oh yeah I. I think it started about 56 years ago and I think they wanted that some of these were I think it's a mistake if Baltimore in the restaurant in the morning there redolent of the music levels in the rest music levels and they keep the I describe it perhaps. And they have sealant that they don't have the. Until they extract I couldn't open feeling an at odds are not the ceiling has spent your members feature. And tables over. Two. It was sort of I not a fad about. I don't but less than ten years ago and I don't think the restaurants are cataract today yet brought her back to like what you're I don't minorities. But sometimes there's that constant pause. A. Noise of the yeah wait on the ground yet just a little bit too loud. But I think it will see them change that. I don't know I at a restaurant somebody Hamburg I can't share and counselors are and I. But the kicking and rather than in Bedford New Hampshire kitchen is sound I'm not react to ask for them not to pita anywhere near the kid that meant issues they dropping the puck to hand trying to get I'm like oh my god that's horrible. That's still can't fold. I don't wanna sit there that sounds like fun with that if you intend not to go eight. Yeah if you look at Hitler we know that the guy you have a great fourth. And it's I go to Amber's now and merry and good morning Marianne Amory. I'm sorry Anne Marie. But without really down memory lane. It's any of you remember. General Garber yeah. Lehman. I he I'd IV it's tomorrow and the old see Chang's. Okay. Alan that's the fact that you know and I had the general Gilani used to see him didn't square. It was a place you go for the best prime rib every classy. Up well this should rent CS's third special occasions and I don't remember about. I don't know I I know the name quite well it just by name I name before my time yeah I got it I remember years and years ago recommended quite a bit. On the restaurant probably. Play as well I think those places. That with a special occasions places. I had a problem about I would say 1015 years ago. That yet they were special occasion they were great but you only went there once or twice a year. Them about romance Romney from the practice Alex and army flooded decked in practice out that was at CIA. And go for it but general clapper. That was special occasions. And yeah I'd get my anniversary sale and you and I. Aren't and a black men and Betty and I still like for the press to check in for around his game well and straight. And I also recommend his earnings. And he opened up phenomenal. New restaurant. And I don't know if I'm saying that right out our. OK. It's cross street 98. And. And you know Alec. That elegant that yep plazas there restaurant that's been recommend a lot. Ash edit what I knew I couldn't find a guy that. Where is that a main intersection. And you couldn't the building because it was set back and now now you can see if they they. It whatever they did it to got a built in front of it whatever. And I don't know. And I think I used some saying it is re of the restaurants Guillen and king Eleanor. They that nice as nice as people in the world. When you walk into any one of those extra. Yet to read it in you feel like inept at our and that's why I like them up. You need to meet them. You really you're bailout we people. That sounds fine to me. Our I Emery and among the list thank you very much for your phone call. IC are based applied Benjamin's and on ten witnesses and it was ripped down about a year ago I have been to Benjamin's probably that twenty years. Is that it is a big restaurant that time no. And now the put up houses. Were used to be so sad to see it go court justices and again baseball alive and you could writes and comments in with the bites TV on racial glide. And you could also write in about wouldn't be favored Italian restaurant on line no rights at the help us out there. Taipei and now we have folks if you're watching us you know what was common and talk about your favorite Italian restaurant right there. The great wall restaurant is located in Bedford mass at street unified Alastair also find that only can Chinese buffet lunch and dinner them. They do take out. They do catering. Yeah maybe this this weekend. You open it it's always is that New Year's Eve everybody does Chinese take out. But maybe we should do that for the fourth of July we glad to the fireworks. You go to the great walrus try to stay on Alan shore you go in they get the delights of three which is Jumbo shrimp chicken and scallops. Everybody's gonna love home. Nelson doc specials Kriewaldt doc specials. With that specials she apps sauce on top again half doc or hold dock there at the great wall restaurant. The great law restaurant 308 great road Bedford Massachusetts that's root for. In the great wall shopping plaza April European restaurant that's a unified 80 April route three a North Chelmsford. I reckon man and I'm a mistake to have their stake it imposter. Grilled steak get tossed. In sauteed cork. Oil tomatoes red guidance black olives spinach that achieves over Penn Boston. They can get the picture right April European restaurant route three a in the old. No no hostile brick mill. You can see the beautiful restaurant when he walked in here in North Chelmsford. Let's go back the phone calls go to Nancy that broke the morning Nancy. Well turning and running time. I would like to I love. To give it help in cracking. Yes I I've heard a lot about giving your eyes or not. A bit in this is is it set where like that is it set is it also like a farm setting to. There is a buy and what they have a lot of functions they do a lot of weddings though that they have a direct higher rents fell in. Yes but it's thrilling night it's overlooked in the field in piazza. How it's agrees saying we need an account windows. And them I think they get at a new buyer hasn't been since but when you fitted about they have homemade. Potato chips. And they have a nice lemon drop them and now the food really gonna usually get a stake it I've never come round. Get at this Lovett and at one of my favorite. Yeah I understand the atmosphere is gorgeous inside. It's beautiful it's it's grass then gets in. It's really nice. I give it here where where is that located again. It's gonna rain. 119. And and I'll opt for mainstream Groton that he going down main street you would just like Vieira you know laughs that's right there on the left. I got the credit that it. It's I don't mind academy I have to make that. A must before the end of the summer hours that it does that night I think probably I would detail under the sun that's been the best time this season go visit them. At. Beautiful and then if you go a little early yes. If you go be on any given moment maybe like two minutes on the road black in the isn't really short height. Maybe it's ten minute hike and then when you get to the top U overlooked. Everything it is. And that the castle up an old after a lot of our top that it's beautiful. That's my favorite. So noted thank you Nancy via phone call whether to cure all time favorite restaurant whether it's open to close on today's program. Got about a half hour left on today's show you can help us out first time caller is car phone callers are welcome to vanity market was traveling today. Or throughout the bout we'll try to get John as fast as possible what's your favorite all time restaurant 88843. Or 6464. That's all. I'm so I am trying to say the numbers and pretext the same time not do that Mike. Our number here I won't read the text during the break a zone and then talk. Actually today's lessons with every greeted during the break it open and report on it correctly after revel Trent is but to help me out. Call it. A lot easier my my can go one direction 8884346464. That's 888. 4346460. Scores and find that we've got you covered. We can play its radio and TV with pat with Blake and this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK oval voice of Boston. I really enjoy every department is replied yeah right. It's going to do is it's that I try to do that ends pockets as I enjoy when you do it just for that purpose yes what you struggle so that it. You know it's like watching me it's a phone to a McCarthy never had a few drinks and talk straight and if you probe. I was reading a few of them up here and it's the Susan says best Italian seventeen knows indoors. Or the bartenders they are mixed zone pots the part. Hope all of them I support it according. And then the book they make their own pasta. Breads and mozzarella. She's had recovered pizza is great handcrafted cocktails kick around that. A little bartender in what I was right. Mary says her favorite thing about the general lover's house was pleased to serve their bottle of beer in a copper gravy boat. The entertainer and was filled with ice to keep it either cold. Between class pills. Not not gone back to my favorite restaurant all time. Which happened Budapest you know they did the same thing. You ordered major winner to me 'cause it got word he'd work day you'd order a beer a beer they'd be single beer a single beer go on and they would bring them over and treat them like room. And if you order a bottle of wine it was just sit and little wind and but the had a beer they would put in this this container. Basically at the table filled device. Tones to drink a beer. I think one would ever touch you this. Well if you order some larger peers. Noticed it was you know maybe it's that you know that that the big trend on cruise ships that bunker appears right. It is six feet and had a daughter who's six of them in L lineman and I understand the sex and there was no general lover's house that seat and knows you should treatment or Brooks because there was forty dollars a beer for it out of Iraq. And I think I'm getting a lot of a lot of text that are coming into the keep knocking me down as my primary I Diane says about the general Glover how's the building. In been square is still standing at stake in forever and it's a real eye sore. William puts them to then there. Leo if your restaurant where many are quick bites TV on FaceBook you can join us right now at some comets and there still wouldn't be your best Italian restaurants tour. On which it bites TV on FaceBook and right now on the radio show call in portion of it. Will you Wear your favorite all time restaurant where their opener closed on today's program. Let us know which of all time favorite restaurant is we have a few more minutes with that phone calls whom and there will be getting out this great gifts to advocate. I mean it's a phenomenal just to get to speak easy. Dick who looks like on FaceBook you're giving away a book simpler argument with the book Mike but inside the ball and we literature yes we you can read the book. And if you really want to do if you want to but it's better to serve with for an. He'll be great exact the ticket to codecs we have you get a few cocktails at then you start trying to read it yet again cart has really. Like cement than any here's a look at how the ticket they live the gimmick there they are like you're returning your old Lundberg. Aux right we got a few more. Few more minutes for your phone calls. What's your favorite all time restaurant 888434. Or 6464888. 4346464. Let's go to Arlen Jim and frank good morning frank. I don't know if you remember arrows restaurant. And bad reading mask. On main street. He should go to as a child or mother and it is it this kind of like I don't I don't think observer about dictating a condition he's kind of like. Dining on eye on and on some tortured there and I get attention you give wasn't much patient admitted it was toppled in shape I. It will be excellent day. Garden. Farm stand shop and open mr. she'd met sedation so got. I've take out but I I I don't think Kate yeah yeah I don't think ever relocate. Yeah. I don't know I. I Iowa's is the old way of building right in my in my correct and the. It was paranoid candidate. Firm stand Karen. Is slowly Siemens arrows Polly's is that what and it's a guy that's very okay America's the other throws than you know you know. That I religion and Popeye harm them for I just so happened that it Darrell Wright into restaurants closed. The action on. Now and it is in charge Italian seafood is I I I like that. Change any knees in in Revere her own home. While still that door open. Access to Armenia city is called him who heretic at what they witnessed there. Thought I I I like the sheep who Claris like that you twenty war torn want tried to our all new and unique you get a real big those people collateral there are being read out ocean's. I don't. Aren't perfect and read it that's exact duel before frank and I'm doing a great place thank you very much for your phone call 888. 4346464. Again car phone callers are welcome on today's program lineup that I got their. You're out there traveling a minute you're in a pervert we may wanna put the top wants to hear it. But today's like convertible whether it really which is rare 8884346464. Got a roof of lend a morning wrote. I've been telling you this morning. Okay now the general elephant in the farms collect. That was part of the Anthony. And we'll have these restaurant. And all from my favorite and that is what the one in humans worry mystical. Lot. That's the goal it was lying what you can and at the end one million in their outlook wasn't Anthony's restaurant. Is the one and then still there. No it's not it's been told vote blocked pat and lenders trying to do it from the about it. You know put something else in the up but they won't give it they won't get it up. I remember a great views it as you look back over the city from on the water from that book oh. Yep right but at. The pool was always so good it does the one who went. So it would. You ask them some noted. And a great restaurant group for a long time always had breast. I don't know but you know I putted it is his. Well as fat and low rim a lot of influence Scott for a while. And I think that was that they Anthony had died and I think he's the one that. But the kibosh on it. It's. That bad I mean it's always great. As I know. That there's a restaurant next door to them and land. And they closed and I think it reopened and I don't know the name of it and they've gotten a lot of recommendations great view. And how I die until I just can't even name I think that. Rock Porter won 401 time was the name or something along that line and now. Did arrest and anti restaurant. I don't know I just know gets a lot of recommendations on the show. And at it real literally is right next the parking lot the old man that. They had at same great view smaller location. Great. And I. Thank you root for you don't call it for. The epic about a restaurant they Lucci in Winchester that's on an opera by the front row we family. You'll find we both very fine and a start off with their car rose what is corals. Among some time to trying anyway I'm trying I'm learning how to butcher Italians when Abdul expect him. Who Rosie is lightly breaded pan fried. Mozzarella. Stopper pursuit though it's pan fried. And has a palm adores us I'm talking boom that's an app is something a bit like. March rebel stakes. Wish. That's things start to then skip over to their. Today skip over to there special men whom. And you get the veal chop. Here's Ramona books of the name. Now stands. I'm sure that's old news now I wasn't told me and I don't know this is true or not yeah this is a deal to him but. That word now stands or whatever bra or is it is more like go. So I'm trying to idle interest and I don't they could be the way your pronouncing it. Then. The where they looking at the word where they had Hillary and her act is I was trying to make shark it's it right directly and I've given up. But what is the veal chop whatever it is. It's a delicious sixteen ounce. Bone on. No chopped that base stuff. I mean it would which you see it would comes at the table. They step it was Pittsburgh team achieves its access it is so good it's pain and pride it's delicious it's only on this special menu. But that's at that I'd recommend took over this Tommy or how about the Marco Polo I can pronounce that always good to get a book because it seafood delight graduation trip. Clams mussels play assault Alomar and scallops and light marinara sauce served over bad and we aren't certain. Restaurant they Lucci a five dash. Thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. I get back to the calls let's go to Cannes Cannes cross from a car good morning can. Good morning I thought he got. But I. I just wonder and it but it remembers the restaurant chili's and north bend over. Julie's like you know we're worthy. I'm an open her up a cigarette and amass Ab ex urged. All off of Parker. It's no longer there it's been close for probably forty years but it was a huge waste that's been replaced by building its horror are commercial office space. Now I unfortunately you know I grew up like I did grow up ice and the last twenty. You earlier the wind but Jewish were worried if it had off. Mostly Italian boot off family style that they benches inside. Our chief. Pretty cheap. And you are the people are it was huge feud that never bought their aura about having. An up when you re people. Just a place where you went with the kids you know you're going to be good there. I just remember I don't know anybody remembers that place really good at. I don't and again I'm from north and overnight I don't remember. I don't remember to store them I know I know what the to disclose what you're talking about or my time. That always Arabs now yeah yeah you know the one that we got a crew and we have to do was show on like. Cheap restaurants okay rest obviously closed restaurants will be difficult Jarno the chief wrestled to go when they need get a meal for like unbelievable prices that you. I thought a couple of Chinese restaurants that are like you when they're like eight bucks or something along outline your meal. Yeah I can't thank you very much via phone call let's go to Cambridge next and Bob good morning Bob. Morning about it good restaurants are not buying you did it if you're he wrote down out of Plymouth harbor I mean. They begin doing a lot so you wouldn't believe it but I don't know who were not want to compliment about but while. Why is yet the yet but I don't want us around probably around. But it happened John and all them both go oh yeah. It's dead now and then got into it by. Open spot watch like couldn't believe it. What what were they like it is it more to sit down restaurant owners or be implement the more outside. And it they're both sides dating back here then picnic table but they have allowed. But I drove inside and and I put a mobile robot but aqueduct when bush about it I know lots. To a freeway in a row are talked about what order. While now that's nothing I mean again this time a year. Can beat them area and if you're having a great lot thrown can't do it all and all are just just don't put on take a look at Plymouth Rock as it's kind of the way. I don't let that. Knocking our history here on the fourth of July weekend right. I but thank you very much for you broke off the show heroes and plummet. I'm trying to map they don't get done it trial go to gym of Braintree good morning Jim. Good morning guys happy Independence Day week yet the music. Just good old restaurant that you may need think about it I'm drive in this ought. And the army in Central Square Cambridge. I think they've been all about. Thirty ears but weren't and one of our Italian restaurant. Extremely economical. And we run. The table. They opened the second location and will bend. Where she may have sort of financial strain on the family and I on May just well well on. My dad the have that happen I've seen some great restaurant tour is that open up their second location. And that second location just drains them and they end up losing everything. And I might might actually in the deal was Cindy are on the real. Nice all our age like sure I'll thank you very much art car. Thank you Jim 8884346464. Is our number here what's your favorite all time restaurant. That's 8884346464. Suzanne FaceBook live writes in much as remember the old ground around president would want a peanut shells all of the floor. Texas wrote most of the gimmick they get now they did. The ground to ground round what rated by 114 right. I wanna see WN one this there was still one around it was in lewd or Milton or in Dover area. There there were few and he doesn't there was a number of them break for awhile that really took off and says it also says I don't remember this our merry go into the ground around. Are your weight would be the price of your dinner. Iron that actually. I ever that that I remember and as a kid. We always get I've as even as a non dessert person we'd always get deserve because they would serve the ice cream in wolf small baseball helmets. And we don't try to collect like the whole week with baseball helmets and ice cream. That's what our program that we could have done that didn't exactly get a head reason. At the same time out of us and our vendor prejudiced towards the restaurant program which invites radio. Can go and improve on to the Chinese made that night they had their prime rib they have been out there were sections and outside watch a ballgame. It was a great Chinese food and in my time. Actually no I think of the China us I don't know why go outside right now move enjoy a beautiful day like today maybe. Well my tie ball game outdoors perfect. Perfect to be better right it will be an exciting. Any. Any really member that you can you find. If you pardon Richard you know might. Like Jenny you units will be they'll be that they've they've they've operate this restaurants like. Taught us what it by the north and build. You know top government. We are new positive job. You can bring home the same quality cost of that served in the finest restaurants in New England. Bit of trash in the end cracked it passed then made right here in commonwealth it's Tino how. He knows pasta offers convenient one pound bags and all natural sources that will make your next meal off home run. Just boil water act. NN end or it pedophiles right and I rate. Very different. Yeah you know you get to wicket by tragedy that's tactic that may end. Of course she got us all on wicked bites television on NASA and every Saturday morning that's the red sex and grow and station. 9:30 Saturday morning I had this and and right now on six AV WRKO. Pearl street station has been a witness for some time and our friend Alan Robert. If Europe into sports you gotta go to this restaurant for a couple of reasons number one. They have so many televisions and so many bars for these eighteen. These eighteen inch TVs every I mean literally everywhere. And they get great food and they also in a very historic building that was built an eighteen that you want IBM am railroad station today. Is still features all the slate roof of the cathedrals ceiling of the original fireplaces two stories. But it's got a great food Aaliyah. They bring that quality of very unique different taste in their barbecue and evade doing it for a long time. Try to baby Beck grades or the beef short ribs all. How about the fourteen mount bone was primary you'll Levitt. Pearl street station say at at a Robert would you please broad street station 53. Summers street in Malden. What did you hit murder it's horrible Solomon on the fifth open hearted life a little bit and also our brand new location downtown. But one of the best burger. There are half pound burgers might take a little longer cook but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare grass and well done is well about. How Warren also reference Hampshire. Well last 37 years I've been an experiment where cornfield. I hope someday meet you and how do you wish you rare coins gold silver or any forms of bullying or pay them money I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news mattered publication. So let my expertise comes to help you. Catch of all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is we get by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. You know my my wife Mike has directed. Well it's prize and she's saying I should be saying cellphone. Hours that I'm showing my age and what almost five years ago you know it north normally I'll take a chance to jump in Rick you're not on the air but this one mostly I'm still. And I know they are cellphones you know what let's go to Jim says he's in a car. But he's on his cell house that Jim and become your next here on with advice. You don't go along route 66 yes. You'll see him well all right and always we've CM rollover. Nobody Gallup, New Mexico. Just up. Follow along on route forty they're actually old route 66. And follow that to put all packs of it'll be on the right hand side of the road it's a very crowded it's very busy all most of the time but it's worked to wait. They have they are they have borrowed special meals. Where can you. Finished at stake you get that failure defeat portrait yeah. But publicly stated we have yet to finish up the outside doors so. Not that to kill. A big mistake decided to count on my I don't think it or. Forty also I'm not sure. That your eye. Yeah I think what should also right now. They were grilled those the old 96 or not Indies six ounces while. That's a lot of I was in a New Mexico and I drove on that route sixty citizen that's all you think about it like how historic route 66 right and as I know it's just the highway it's that it you know but it it was just fun of the honor for awhile. Hey you concede that detected a catalyst right the tall Texan though is with your recommended any got to go for the big stake. Got it are right thank you very much or Jim your phone call up about the pearl street station. In mall that you don't have backyard barbecue you know they'll bring their a barbecue folks personal right to your backyard they can cater for you. And they'll bring their own growth will do all that debris and there's their famous steak tips or there. Backyard barbecue ribs and he could do it all the comfort of your own home. Or do corporate event for all the actors here also you wanna make the neighbors geologists. This this summer. Maybe this is not a your pool yeah you know one. I'm gonna make everybody mad at me. I'm gonna have the pearl street station to malls and cater my event. Yet he'll smoke all the way down the neighborhood. I would recommend that have been known for more than twenty years now on time. Pearl street station fifty threes are mistreated moment for more information about their catering. Call Alan robot. 78132264. Terabyte 78132264. Tenth aerial and again app I can't think of a better place today to go for drive then and have lunch or dinner. The village restaurant that's it's obviously you know that's the thing is definitely a frightening day. Fried clam day. And I was talking to Mike earlier rice and I kind of Kevin's taking them the photographs and if he's listening right now. And knowing he had that ability the village yeah there's definitely a social media game as you have to do their pictures of their their commitment that. They're making one rival domestically almost every day every day of the that there and I shared 12 our FaceBook page just today because I was looking and in my. Well I'm ready for summer now. And I actually saw some comments people saying the same thing that they're no longer in this area what they're making me really hungry right to that that's a credit. To those restaurant has achieved it it's sign outside. You could sit down and maybe a couple today is their patio. And he brought in some Mai Thais. Yeah I at a seafood restaurant seated have in my time in the Acer's Susan in those you know that kind of the Tiki mugs church so. Again the Mai Thais seem like you're taking off everywhere. They are an. And while I enjoy it be that the Tiki mug I feel the Mai Tai is one of those drinks that needs to have a clear glass just because of the way it almost looks like a sunset cascading down its woes. It's it's a Multi Color drinks you action wanna see the colors via a tall glass will be good for. Talk last poll was that you had that my type. But she's kicked after she's in fact remember most of it out there like that looked great yeah I was and it it was a big glass it was a tall thin glass with a slice of pineapple on it just the presentation was really. Art we integrate shut and I really you know loved all the help that we got were kind of going back mammary lane quite definitely thoughts of places that are still doing very well today. But it was just fun and that's what with the bites radio is and what bites TV. I think Warren tomorrow and tomorrow at 2 PM I think has undated two presentation but we're going on Saturday mornings at 930 on nests and that's the Red Sox. And Bruins station was at the DBS domestic I wouldn't we have a lot of great summer shows planned for all we know filming them now. Who actually behind schedule filming because we've had so much rain. Rain and owns a kind of messing up our filming but mormons were powering through the barbecue outside and I think you know lobsters we got all covered for our Mike who's the winner. Nancy of petrol she is getting a book she's getting a book. She's getting a book installations Nancy but it's kinda literature is a fifty dollar -- guess to begin or certificate to codecs bars speak easy Nash would have just have to. Actually shouldn't you go. That's gonna wrap things up a yard work to do I don't know about you like I have a cocktails and cigars in my decked. Yet that artwork with the I know how to do believe weakens. The I think we should all over Mike's really. If you confined the installed but I have a great fourth everybody might I would say states over the that's gonna me. They're great north everybody would see you next week at Sunday at 10 AM on what you by radio but by. Quick advice radio with pat Quigley is a presentation a blitz of media.