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Sunday, July 16th

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Listening to waive its radio the only place that lets you beat the blue creek Sunday afternoon on WRK oh the boys of Boston. And wolf the man everybody's gone badly in today. Beautiful Sunday. We've been lucky. Running in nice weather we're here for twelve they're taking your phone code phrases. Look man that's on the program works. Great prizes will be giving away. Building a lot I didn't know why it worked in the summer episodes are gonna start. What two weeks from yesterday as we can enjoy life you know last week it might be going and will be going right through. Paul you know really. You'll might today I'm actually going to the north and the Boston. Okay to work from a piece of sand. Isn't it like that we've heard. August that's like at the end of North Dakota but we were here and there is at a better is already with something like yeah no where is not setting up bears organ duo walked through the event to see what's going you know. How the atmosphere is gonna take place this year with with all the organizers. And I'm and beyond that I'm actually working on our chance for a culinary tent that we're gonna do with a piece of saint Anthony's and who they were open. The happiest is not going to be Friday Saturday and Sunday liquor and a feast of saint Lucy's is going to be now Thursday Dutch and so that's going to be the lead in to a three day. North and feast of these Desantis. At so working on that. We'll have a culinary tent there on Friday. Of the east room so we have announced the shifts or working on that program. So you know some top name chefs won't be there on Friday we're looking for you. I'm also working for chest with the seafood festival Hampton beach and there are to call me looking for my list and lineups and all that. And I'm like I I just. I always procrastinate getting the shots. That of that run they always feel that's the end summer with you know I am and it's just one of those things it's the end of summer. And look for two. I'm nervous over the past week it felt like it was coming to be in the summer yeah with all this rain right and the moment grass like every three day and a brain it was cold Cole's X 68 holes what about we were filming was was up Thursday -- on the Kate you know. We on the cape when I left my house it was pouring here there and 5960 degrees. We get to the cape in Hyannis. It's the the low eighties for it and human right. And that lasted until up until about an hour after you left right and then that it's hard to re. And and got windy a little bit of a thunderstorm roll through and they act cold it was just a little patch to fill. They get which ultimately really nice of them right. And and a beautiful at the wind was blowing all all day on the cute we need because it was like soup. You know we got there and in the wind kicked up a little bit and it was so humid but today's humid day I guess they're going to be at these and Anthony's. Area area this afternoon getting that ready for our. Are big broadcast when will be there we'll tell you more about that as it comes up in an hour shifts lineup so we got a lot of things going on today. Today's early Dick Cook out that Vodafone you know folks are you saying while you yesterday wasn't the best of weather. Now we got a beautiful date today's in the probably be home cooking out move but you know open up the lines that through we're gonna let people. Talk about summer time things. It is today nationalized and that's the rumor. It's national western day today some Abel takes a few phone calls and a little bit on -- favorite ice cream stands nuptial Lumix that enabled to a couple things they would just gonna have fun because we have some great gift certificates. That we have. Been collecting move move you know over the last couple weeks. Like beach. Restaurants turn two that's when you wanna go this time. This is thrown your pool and and we pay often in great gift certificates loop so will be doing that just a few minutes. And will be giving some things away to you that callers that will be calling in today and his Scott with your mics on the other side of the glass. If you look at auto wire cast. Or working on the on FaceBook page went on FaceBook but not at the moment where we we had some which call. Major computer meltdown that so we're just working on that now may will be up in a few minutes we'll let you know so if you're waiting port on FaceBook will be there in just a few minutes OK hopefully. Either possibly without audio so. Possibly an audio to. You put the radio on right at the same time or stream the arcade you configure the Blue Line and will figured out via so don't worry about double or work on that just a few minutes. So what else is going on today. You know. I got idea. You know we always talk about. You know going outside and dying you know and I I think in doing this is just a great time the year it's irony. To go outside and I and what I like it is defined those secondary places. You know I was at my heart Versailles that's my new report. OK and you know I am here. Fifteen years. It is it there. You know they were as you can imagine new report last night was just top church hopper and offered this. They can nice job it's they picked up. What I remember. And if and that's of course the view. Is spectacular there. I love finding these these places but I also like finding places like Chauncey creek monster here we knew we were filming there you'll see that episode coming up the first week of August. We're out of a lobster appeared teary point main. So you gotta go through catering to get out and kind of wind through these winding roads. And these people you can't get anymore New England in more main feeling thank you to report. And we get out on to the he's the creek and basically outside as they like picnic tables. And it's a BYOB. You know that's what it is out on the dock you know. You know covered you know winning because this artery and we were there to filming Wu yeah it's a parts of recovered in parts of her open. And they just go through. I don't know how many lobsters. But it it was hundred we got layers like a bus came in all of a sudden the doors opened up and like hundreds of people just filled right into the restaurant move so you know lot towards going there. That you get everything fresher than that I know they have some ops are holding tanks but I'm sure little warmer and all the water we yellow result a lobster boats coming up with the traps and a report Moreno watery and into the restaurant up the votes right next I don't mean that rightly talked right there moon you know and you know they came in the and then they went back out so I don't think he get anything pressure. Then that you'll be seeing that coming up in a couple of weeks long with it bites TV in addition to that coming up in. Coming up the week after this last week of July. We had opportunities down the captain fish bones we did in marina bay now you've now been out to their marina bay it is is gone through. He I say let the seaport district area has this gone through it and I'm blue will change but to me. Marina bay has gone through incredible and coming up it's just they're they're building these luxury apartments right next to captain this bonds that are going to be. Apps so gorgeous what you. And and it reminds me of Italy that are resorts in Florida and on the water. You that's the marina bay is now. Reminding Florida. Boca but we have one issue. Or whether they are when we get about a it's in their week period where it's actually going to be hot on the water. And we have that have built an air condition but I loved I loved appear out there we can walk in and captain response. It has bitten air. I want to see if I could be wrong forty years mobile and and John Carly you know. Came in from exchange street these drove up. And did not know front row in the new loans. He has his new restaurant. I camping unit in the in Boston right now. Oh come to me just in mole hill of all elbow and he was. I was I guess it was the masters restaurants and she's president. His his his kind of period of time lapsed I think July or the first week of July right so the two of them got together. And opened up captain fish bones and kind of regretted it kind of updated the inside kind of worked on near the outside the restaurant kind of worked on the menu. And they that I really nice job and you'll you'll see that coming up on with the rights to the in just a couple of weeks. Knowing the Ferraro is they're not done the models luckily I'm gonna take down in turn that into this an amateur in this in the baton. They're they're gonna keep building on about it. Yeah what's what's really nice is is they'll be able to. Unit count on business year round. Wound up. It always amazes me. Marina bay and when I mean could you be any closer to boss without being in the city of Boston I mean it's. He but the come winter time it. It doesn't do all that well. It becomes local it becomes local and now they're gonna have those those luxury apartments while they're gonna do I have a feeling gonna play a locals planning a locals in their but it always amazes me. You know I grew up on the North Shore so I understand Salisbury beach yeah and the wintertime there's not enough locals to support. But when when you think you see things like up a Walton beach Quincy. You know Tony's clam clam shell or Shaq would show up Shaq opponents everybody knew the one right. Yeah they'll do you much in which I think they might even close to in order to. Rubble which surprised because I just as. Feel that that area is just so close to like. The urban population the people go move but Yunus who beats big changes I think marina today. All year long and I think you get an opportunity they wanted to relate launcher. Who just launched today or dinner and sit outside. On the pier harbor overlooking the marina that's the place the right there marina bay has plenty of parking to. It may be a little bit of a walk but there's as BA parking area free parking. For all the restaurants in that area and I highly recommend you go in and see it and try it for yourself. Because the food is spot on you know that's that's one thing. Be sure of and that I really nice job fixing up the restaurant moon all right so so those are just a you know some of the places. That depth. I think you should try and we're going to be featuring on the TV show coming up. Over this season you know another place I mention this every once so I'm just. Really pleased with this. Freight strive and you know in tonton intestine now Greg. Is really good buddy of mine I've known Rick for many many years he he he at one point operated to see which restaurant Peabody. Who. And left bare and opened up rates that operates drive and open up in the 1930s. And he purchase it I think from the original family. At one time I think it was either gas station or convenience store maybe it was a combination of two and it's like period and it became a drive in. But I like to refer to it as a drive up. Right now because that's to me what more of what it is to drive up try and I think them with yours that's cowardice no there early seasonal. A they have tons I know today. It's it's going to be hot humid they're gonna have a lie. A folks. For I scored absolutely absolutely guarantee positively because they have like I don't know I I stopped counting after thirty flavors I started counting. Do they hundreds of options there are hundreds of options for doing combining ice creams combining toppings all that stuff yeah but Greg's background. There has always been in like the seafood industry seafood restaurant. And he goes to the fish appear even to this restaurant for its drive and like every day goes to Boston every day. And and he finds the freshest fish and he actually has fish. You know from fried fish to incredible. Lobster rolls. You know so far right and and fried oysters you run as part doses over there. And you know they're fresh you know they're fresh. But he is not done there. What I who really like is these schoolmate burgers. And there are only like 899. And he has maybe I would say about seven or eight burgers to choose from. The one that they've been selling their for many years and it's their most famous. Is the wimpy burger. It's sort of named after the character from Popeye right you know I think in his line was a gladly pay you Tuesday or burger today or something Obama wants. But the whidbey burger is not for once it's to beef patties and I mean to full beef patties. Bacon lettuce tomato and then big onion rings on top. And what really sets it apart for me. Is they use a sweet pepper relish. And I think it's just a great great great for now it's nothing fancy for its drive it. It's a place that you know you're a poll do you Carre keep eating your car if you have like we keep eat under like a covered tack again it's seasonal. They've have picnic tables with the old wood what I would call Hilltop cows out there. Yes so it's just just a fun little place to go on the place to visit great strides in Somerset avenue in times and had a great when you go in there. And then you'll watch since they opened up this morning the B lines. Knew we were there a couple of weeks ago. Airlines says that opened up. Did that never really stopped now. You know I guess that's what happens when you've been in business for almost a hundred years wrecked you got a lot of regulars that expect that you don't high quality in the and they know no time to spread the word Ramon. That's right I try to open up the phone my sedate appraisers saying from pizza to gourmet we haven't done that at this an Angel and a long time. You know I wanna know where your dining right now. No where are you going out to eat what's your favorite restaurants. You know that's what the show is all about the praise or zing and that's right we're the only program that actually allows you to Zain. And you're you don't hear that on the other shows. But we do allow you to do but I actually be respectful you do I mean every restaurant wants that. You know my opinions they don't want to do a great job. And I always say you know you have a big problem should tell the manager. But you know everybody is entitled to a bed and everybody's entitled to a bad days if you hear somebody call up and talk about a restaurant could be my personal favorite restaurant. You're entitled to your own opinion that was that snapshot in time when you may have had. That service or bad meal right you know or on the other hand. You may have had a spectacular server that that you think needs Americanism on the program today. Or maybe an item on their menu that that you've never tried and you've been to that restaurant a million and a half times. And he found the go winning you say wow. This is something special. Art so we want to know about those places today appraisers say for pizza to gourmet. Now Mike's gonna take your name and address off there because we have some incredible Bogle gravel a run down a list of some of the the restaurants that we we have to give away instantly it's too. Boom boom and a lot of we're beach restaurants. So they are popular army all went on to Hyannis we have we have gift cards. So your on the cape listen to us right now who knows maybe you'll send you to. He would stake his claim check they don't you know that there that's a place we can say to enjoy do you sit down outside. Joy meal out cyber there and in the marina. But wolf Warren now Alyssa some of the places that we have. Village restaurants and we have those two. So who knows you could win is so great dinner yesterday it's on us we're calling in. And just giving us a snapshot. Of where you've done lately whether you like that it did not like it okay here's the number to call 888. 4346464. That's 888434. 6464. And as I said Mike is gonna take your name and address off there. Because that's how we're gonna pick our callers at random today that when those great that it gets to be excited to step up and be first appraisers saying. Repeats it too warm day 888. 4346464. Our players and I'm bought the north and to Boston this afternoon I think I'm gonna stop in and mess and he knows. And and it cuts are for dinner see Paul do you more I grow up about Paul is. But lets it come into his restaurant. And he's just gonna wanna cook for you. So he's gonna find a ditch. Your of them may or may not be on his menu. And he gets it all just make me happy you know what. That's he's gonna make yet he really is he's he's gonna find that exact dish review. That's something that's rash you know he may be down the fish peers in the morning and then come back up and and you know and and try a place. Try something that he thinks you should really try so. That's what mass and he knows all about it today and so the windows and he'll do you feel like you dining in Italy. Now where is in the North End you know with a TD garden is right. It's literally. A stone's throw from there. As you come in I think that's north Washington street in the north and the gateway to the north and it's right there on and the cut streak. Yeah so you'll probably see me today. Massa minister chi an attack on a 207 and a cut street. Right in Boston's north then the bigger at China blossom in north and over the critics' choice of the best Chinese would seem north of Boston. You look at every 125. North and route he gets outside today. Enjoy my time outside new watched one there at sites into Red Sox played double header today. We watch it outside either the afternoon gamma come back for dinner may have. You know lunch in the afternoon watching the Red Sox at time of loss and come back tonight the 8 o'clock and have dinner. And then chances you know that's that's the can be a conductor its arc for a doubleheader tonight they put sixty minutes last night. Two and a little bit tired it's not a Muslim group one party by the North Andover records and after that word mills place you know aboard mills has been a busy as I don't. Thirty years now. It's been a long time. And he buys these cells where courts and he travels the country looking for where courts. And he pays some of the highest price is too. Two of you and sit in our record collection. He alias when I know what it's worth. Maybe maybe thinking about selling it. Or maybe you think it worth a lot of money and maybe she get a praise that we can protect the you do that. You know. I would call Warren bills rare coins in New Hampshire 80225726. Where that's 800. 2257264. I 88843. Or 6460 port appraisers say repeat it to gore make about what we need your help today on the program. But the super restaurants at that you've dined at you think you've found something special or maybe not so special on today's program. 8884346464. Sky tomorrow let our first call and Gerri good morning Gerri. That morning Scott Allie oh very good during. I have a recommendation when you took the train back from new report. That Salem. After a night stay at the beach and walking around new replied at least not that that train station and Beverly. Which happens to be ready next behind the Beverly depot and enjoyed a great meal. Like we generally do there and done wonderful ballot. Great service planet packing but we didn't need it and we're on the train well we. Back in our. That trade on the train tracks to the great. Yeah and do they still make their own salad dressing. Oh yeah. Did awhile it's in downtown I America's as a group for restaurants there on the amount I don't know they still do but they they on the Beverly depot. They on the hardcover. And they used to own a spectacular restaurant amber owns and manages cook couldn't compete with everything else coming in the dandelion greens. Exactly and all three of their the F I used to go to the one Burlington as well. Yep so Beverly depot saying it is a really great then what would you recommend on their menu. Well basically we I had debate addict made baked potato and excellent read service then. You know it's I wipe out prime rib that an ounce prime rib baked potato and again the ballot back. The service both wonderful we absolutely love the. Right. All right Terry thank you very much Beverly depot right there on I think it's people's street in Beverly. It's an added that's very Ron good morning Ron. Yeah eight hour you went. It. Yeah I I just wanted this is kind of an old standard. But. My wife and I went there for our anniversary. First wicket June at the chart house right on the along work. And that what they don't want to mention I always like their their primary but. That you really couldn't say enough about this service who was my wife and I 36 anniversary and we went and made a reservation told them was our anniversary we went upstairs they had a they had a a menu what our name printed on it. Perfect table could do enough and then. When dessert came. The general manager came over and said. You're you're you're you're up your son just called he wants to us. We deserve for you guys they did I ask them how old you and he's he's in his twenties pieces. That ad that I can take care that you're you don't need to do that for you apparently came over told us historian. Give us one of those molten lava cake for dessert on the house so there was really any. Yeah you know I have never be into the law. To the chart house in Boston. I had to I've been to other locations because their roundup around the country are I was. I was at the one on Thanksgiving blue and not several years ago. At OK art house in long boat key Florida right there royal air hostess here so are always have a grill we. I actually grew up and not can they get bit up here twenty years and expert but. There used to be a chart Allison and very Connecticut right on tenant to a two were we lived outside Hartford. And it was really cool and it's the menu hasn't changed a lot but it is always a standard like you said the prime rib is excellent. My wife had I think a sham addition and we had the coconut shrimp boat was unbelievable presentations so yeah I'd yeah. On air Boston you know. I always remember the chart house for me long boat key is Gupta. One there and they're all like this don't just a beautiful location in the of Butte have you there well on in the food as is always acts. Yeah and we don't want you on this and the two Ron thank you very much for your phone call about the village restaurant and Essex that's heaven rookies place. And that's what's been out right plans today. They'll look at as it's messed up 45 minutes downtown Boston not hard to get to. I highly recommend their. I mean I think there's some of the best right around the world. And mark fit fit in South Lawn bag is. That the the. Best shots off shells in the universe. And that is something and you know pretty big. No restroom so much pressure. All over the all over the globe and talk about agreed in this restaurant isn't that right there really start for the humble beginnings back in nineteen. Took a look at don't want your dinner today you wanna sit outside could do that enjoy their little patio that village restaurant 55. Schools straight. And riches. Some major. Office. 133. Welcome back sky Whitley again until twelve and taking him because the Braves zinc from pizza to gore may that's what we're doing and on the program today and we need your help you think and you have a server that shouldn't get a shout out we wanna know about that moment when he favorite restaurants and would like to know about that. Now. On the program given away some great prizes act random callers. Those could be dining on honesty and razors and it's warm mail program. Few moments for talking with Damian Smith and L. He's in the talking about. I would call him cheap eats but I wanted to find out a little. OK and she. Eats items or particular venue I. It gave us that these restaurants are doing things that are. Really cute guy goers it is sort sort players and it's a select then you get a specific item that this advertising anywhere. But Damian has been together a list and will be joining us in just decide. I here's the number or call 88843460. Or sixty port appraisers saying from pizza to gore made on the program. 8884346464. Other Chinatown. Restaurant and stone you know I was talking to. I'm Fred in my body weeks doing the raw power plants. And we were talking about restaurants. Actually brought this restaurant out. As you know yet legally in the got to try that John Roberts he's he's you know about the time terrorists. Particularly. It's also you'd actually think if you think you're going to a Chinese restaurant that's not the first thing that pops into your hill. No no which is what you going to listen to the show or watch the TV show on necessary moments in the third because we tell you. That's right anything you know I walked into the wrestling is the first thing I remember about going to the Chinatown restaurant. Is you see this open kitchen this huge open kitchen with all the sting was still an important work and everything is so clean. And and this is the food was really really good but he didn't try those China towns terrorists. There's nothing like it got go to start now Chinatown. To out at least that William Wong force. Their spirits are still meeting there so tendered so flavorful. There's really nothing like on the takes and make four hours to slow spoke. And then they have their you know the Chinese flavoring on top of that and has that. And spill Marleau used to say years ago and the meat balls off the bone at a Chinese restaurant. China down route 27103. Sharon streak in style and our right. I don't think about Salvatore is restaurants there's several locations including and over a large efforts up Austin and in Boston's theatre district. Each of their restaurants and other several restaurants. They all have a separate section on their menu called a chefs playground. And on that section. Of their menu. The share from that location decides that he or she would like to make and it's not just one item. You know it is about five or six different items don't. Whole sub menu just for that shaft and it's always really good that is not just hate it when I go to one and Lawrence Augusta is full lunch that's really all I order off exit there. Sit outside yeah exactly right on the river run on the Merrimack yep and enjoy the view out there but you know I was their a couple of weeks ago. I took the body mind and we'll move in the right course and we we went up once so we went downstairs and I had their their their flat bread. It was a chilly flat bread pizza movements we. If leopards a pretty awesome really. Salvatore is Andover Lawrence sniper South Boston and in Boston's their district appraisers say it could even ask questions. And then your listeners can help you out looking for particular restaurant. A particular item 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. It's down to by field and Susan our next caller good morning Susan. Good morning how are you today excellent. I have a wrap on you know instead like to recommend if anybody wants fresh Italian opponent and restaurant table week. The moral and I bet he. Right in my pocket square. In name Perry we had a big birthday party in this week we have almost thirty people eat servant with actual everything in this and they. We sat out with a gorgeous rush won't. We had. These these salad and we had a wonderful and if so that has sent. Apatow and roasted peppers him as the mission in. Highly recommend this place is it's very nice packing it. Around Ames is they have a lot. And it's not long want anybody. It's as if a lot of that's fine happening in Ames. Yes it if it over the last ten years has really developed at what was particularly when restaurant in the least Cayman. And took over that it wasn't a former bank. It was a format bank and it's right on the corner and he's. Few outside tables. And in precedent to it it's really an hour and a phenomenal section of new location. And has its sort of has like a rounded front. It was partly yeah. Exactly a lot of a lot of collapsed and ethic that we had to watch group we have nattering up almost everything basically everybody had active but every one raved about it Neil. And yeah I'd recommend it highly the prices. I'm. That I had at that action without wild mushrooms all the things mushrooms and and it was between one dollar very fresh I can cap at this home. Support in the very lives and basically all of us at home. Restaurant in the league's innings great thank you very much Susan for your phone call you're great recommendation and I've been there in many years. It it it's funny people ask me which are being addressed and that that's like the number one question people last in honor I have. To order favorites role in categories yeah that's gonna require a point more questions yeah. But. We find out about these restaurants you forget about. You know as this particular we go to so many restaurants and I am into restaurant families and well in. In probably about five years. To remember. That having a great experience there when it and there and so it's it's muscle spot to go in and visit Alpine butcher. They're located in lol on charms for its three era Peru Hillary this butcher shop opened up a 1913 so I think they got the staying power that they got app part. Down path for generations. And that's the most amazing thing in the spam right. And and Greg and Tom Doyle by their now those are the youngster. There there the youngsters in there exactly running it. What makes them so special there's a lot of things that makes them special. He's. Did you vote if you gonna go in there to pick a mistake the very well I moved and you get a real. You're paying a little bit more. Yeah. But it's worth on casualties apps work that they use of black Angus. Stay the basically what daddy's it's in the top one and a half percent. Of all be in the country. Too little salt and pepper on whom. That's that's a you don't hear anything more regularly. Well but what they do so unique is. You know couple these with they they they that this appears to me like fresh seafood. They don't know I don't know what they're gonna have any particular week right. But it's freshmen or sell like towards I think wincing through maybe Saturday Sunday to go into all the time but you know it's going to be brush. If they they have a lot of prepared food items. You know that can go and therefore they they have a lot of like sauces marinades. On the public places from doing. The other highlight a lot of you'll see it though on the shelves like this particular sauce with a hot sauce or whatever. Was produced you know in New Hampshire they'll tell exactly where came from. It's different now it's different it's a throwback to vertical market it really it's it's really nice. Out shopping for barbecues again craft Beers they don't lines they have plays of the sauces the robes of marriage the meets all kinds of meats from you know not just not as great a plus quote mistakes. But they got married state to upstate you know. Burgers they got sausage like you can do and tire. And tired deal attire barbecue deal just right there. He here's what I his just where there's seafood might you know. It's fresh caught seafood that comes straight from the docks of Boston the spear. Every Wednesday Thursday and Friday so the fresh fish and it's only offered Wednesday through Sunday. New scenery in the precious you know you're gonna get it. Right away as you look at it's I never talk about this and that they Niko they have like a sandwich on whole. They have wraps and the greens that are this outstanding and out of this world the Ruble was fantastic and Reuben is one of my favorites Alpine butcher. 963. Terms for its street right upper route three in pool. And joining me right now when help is Damian Smith then damion I understand. With the chief goes out there we got some great places for cheap eats because we always get a lot of calls about that. That's right you know and it it it's one of those briefings where places that have cheap food combat adults tend to advertise those. Specials pretty regularly but that's part of the media told her friend of the regular cost be big sign. Well what we have today are few really great restaurants in the area. That how cheap eat deals that are actually outstanding and they don't they don't broadcasts that have any people really just a real under coverage up there. I that let's start off which number one on your list GP it's. Well number one and I. I loved it ideal. It is the Red Hat. And the reason the Red Hat makes number one of my list its first college square and he can help. It's an old establishment that's been around for a long time at one of the original art in that area mom and the Red Hat. And send wings. They're thinking OK I can tell when I know probably a local bar the potential wings but these are fried order. Seeking get them being gay he can get the Maxtor Krispy can get them at barbecues out Buffalo's top whatever your fancy. And they walked right in order unlimited ten cents a wearing only that but they do it. I believe Sunday during NFL and all day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday as well why don't they they're rocking at least three consecutive night of ten. While you can go in their 400 dollar be happy. You know what probably any fear about how I can't give any other but I've never heard a deal that loan for wins. They're pretty dead negative going to per hundred dollar now obviously a lot. A lot of really reached. Mexican food. But in each spot stand and in some parts of east Somerville as well and wrinkled Mexico on though is no exception it is located in east Somerville. Partners he points out that. They do it property they create a lot of plays guitar Karachi state how great talker. Federer but when you're starting off with a six dollar taco operate struck out Mike what you reveal what rank on Mexico on you can do it chick and their Al past or their veggie tacos. Apartment court taco that are normally two dollars. Standard price you get him for a buck apiece and these things are overload. Them and I perceive the huge fan of this spot so again Tucker chief Dave Barry Kong. Mexico Condo dollar tacos make it a contest it is many UK. Wow okay that that's not a bad deal not a bad deal at all. I did exploits. That plate let's go to Astro got. So essar the other is that profit establishment. Mostly Spanish troops are traditional pot as. But what they do it they have a top that lit happy hour again on Tuesday night structure with a bit over the Chaka and check out Astor got. One dollar three dollar and five dollar top as they. Herself as everything her was consistently get and the particular standout was the goat cheese made terrorists who. So if you want swing my answer on Tuesday night for their top that's what happy hour area which range in price from one dollar three dollars. Wow I mean where else can go right now in the restaurant program and find out these cheap eats we could eat for like a dollar. Gotta love it you know I do any Romeo and you got a lot more. A lot more right out Newton. We let you Gloria Ed if you're still hungry after that and you wanna belly buster I would get your order NAFTA our effort. Either original location in the north and it looked equate Pete giant no bigger than I can hold my arms from side to side that's how wide spot it. But they open up its second location in assembly wrote years ago. Or NAFTA has. Gigantic. He says and about part about it you can get by the flight now what they call a flight. Which are wearing your four bucks is actually a quarter of their large pizza cook for four dollars you get and you should change some of the pictures on Yelp offers take of these places that they get. They're absolutely bigger than people had. That you want it if you wanna listen to Rachel 0% or go to quick and art and for quick place cheeky. It or not because. Be. That thing crossed classic toppings if you if you get some of the more extravagant type obviously they're gonna run up a couple of bad but. For that she's pursue single popping stripping like a margaritas out he'd tell you get a quarter of an entire future for four boxer shorts. While and you know I love seeing those photographs on the Internet through the pizzas is too big taken. You know they carjacker probably if you want them cutter. There are right he's kind of one wrap it up repeatedly to burrito right. Well what more cargo more or are we go to Chinatown at a strange to cheap. One of my personal favorite and also personal favorite of dom tee. Is at might assume. And it might seem bakery Israel and beech tree and Chinatown. Donkeys that maybe this is that hang over parking but oh my god this might be the best onion pepper they don't get on the that tank. And it's still super cheap and having just gone they're. So for like. Ten dollars you go to all these places and be stuffed. I'd bet I think that's out of our rader he got me out of a date him byters. You know what if not I'll take you up for those tents and wings Oslo. What a pile begin yet I'll let you order two minute time. You're so kind David Smith and yelled thank you very much. A great recommendations for places that are have those cheap items on their menu that don't really talk about too much but you know bottom. Material follower you gotta know these places to be able to go out triumph David we'll talk to next week. Great and got you know under the bus tickets I recommend other programs and and I never tried them and I've been up there in Gloucester couple times and it's called lobster land. While some land flops the flops them plus seasonal place earlier steamers and fried clams and they have options and about three pounds for. What I think it's kind of gets a lot of recommendations on this show is so locked up. Land couple of days. We'll raise characters who filled with everything I've had a trip must reflect clams and lobster all simmering sounds wrong. Plump tomato. Lobster world full width Garland. Pressure is so hard line telephone. And they certainly. Would. Kind of like hosted points fifth like that in the Gulf Coast appoints him yeah. It just that's great for him. That's all it. Lobs that lend 84 causeway street in Gloucester are not that far from. Because. They don't go overseas is to go there and eat. I feel as though what you might radio on AM six native URKO in Boston beat. Talk station. I was belonged to call Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eatery in Quincy. Seeing people smile knowing that I did that it is no better feeling. Traditional north and recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Jannero teetering twelve Blanchard Ro Quincy. It's a mile and for a place in the waterfront to be about a place of a lot of history. How about the known name restaurants Obama friend Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1917. That's backed. At Specter war war won the war to end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine that low price seafood couldn't be fresher. And the kitchen knows what to do with it displaying considerable finesse and batted fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. You'll love it you really low and by the way free parking underlined that. Free parking in the seaport area there are no name restaurant fifteen fish piercing had a Jimmy forming okay. But don't let you know Bob I government. We are new costume shop. You can bring home the same quality caused that served in the finest restaurants in New England. But oppressive heat and cracked it passed that made right here I come about its key is how. He knows pasta offers convenient one pound bags and all natural sources that will make your next meal off home run. Does boil water act. NN end or if you don't cross right and I pray. Very different. You walk throughout the words. We look you've. Got to I was. This will lift every single day we hear you wouldn't believe in my view from school. That's what it's all about people and in my some of the popular lawless area and then in a while and things. Catch of all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SM the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is we get by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. You know I had to sit and hold cough and cold tough and the worst. Who were just kind of a running around. As. Yeah to remove more than usual. Yeah it never helps when your system. This kind of like. Well it's it's not so much you know oh my computer crashed and it's literally the computer that we rely on to run the show yes the radio show and yeah it would be one thing if Blake you know the phone screener was down okay we can make do with that went that's not to be a panic. But the fact is we have been an award going to FaceBook which were fixing for 11 o'clock hour. 11 o'clock will be on base which side just hold off come clean top of the hour yeah but yeah I mean we're sitting there on all that we Connolly at the show with a repeat what our computers just decides not to turn. We'll literally coming into a run of what five or six brand new shows that need to be edited tang and it's decides not to work. I've had enough I'm taking summer break yeah but the computer. It happened last year same thing of course laughter we're going on a cruise so it was cool it's like you can figure break we're gonna go on a cruise. But now it's like we we we you know we can't approve this vacation time computer. But we affixed to the view I mean we're against it. What in particular on a FaceBook live top of the hour yes so if you are wondering where we are FaceBook. We decided just wait for the top and and that we're gonna airmen last hour. Upon not FaceBook lives and ran because I missed the comets. I do like. You know it's if we've made it basically a part of the show and I enjoy a lot because people comment there right in little comments from somebody might ask questions somebody else answers the question. They chime in and the I hear him. And tried to the radio show but I do look at them from time title enjoy reading. The comments look. Those things and when you do an interactive show it and you've made that part of the interaction it's tough when it you know it's removed yet and during the commercial break room features from right next. That would we have what are we going to be running that you put them working and I think. Bo Levin thirty we're gonna run freight segments and that can race on the up freight striving and intolerance and you'll see that at 1130 on wicket bites TV on and weeks ago. He got it goes there and got a policy battle like us you know it's it's always great wouldn't comment and share or post. Or like any were comments on FaceBook tells us lets us know what's going on. You know it's always a snapshot. Like comics too like this week's TV show that Mike. Went to slow you dinner yeah but the equipment maybe suggest a place that we should bring our cameras to I would tell them. We always put those on the wall with a look at them from time to time there we go on that we're called the filming bullets you know and it feels like a blitz sometimes because. In the last week Mike wondering can remain you know we were in Plymouth one day you know we were in Hyannis. You know so we travel. And and and that are one of the first new shows that we do we're gonna bring you down to the no wake. Marina wins I think that's Groton Connecticut wreck no more it's just passed a technically I believe it's called knowing. But it's like if you put into Google it'll pop up is gonna grow and broaden our rights on that show it's called lobster in the rough it is. We're gonna features Chauncey for you and that's accurate point me. I'm gonna bring it to Abbott's. Which is in knowing Connecticut. Week oh lead it's gonna take you to yank you lobster and Boston institution yep collecting Equus a company. And then I'm Brittany is action and take out. On a lobster boat about the he had that pulling up traps and they sit down at a restaurant. You'll see that all coming up that's going to be the last Saturday. Mean in July. On NASA. Yeah so your rate for that again which traveling all over the summer on the shows coming up. We'll bring to the Cape Cod train a lot of miles little bar yeah it's just. I like the look in the summertime fun things to do and what the outside you know and it has been very difficult to shoot the outside but we're we're we're doing it we're tracking. Through it. Finding new drinks and pizza place deftly like the sub title of this summer filming in between storms yes and we're finding all tax let's just militant workers in twenty minutes here okay its operating put the cameras up. Yeah make it pretty well make it looks on until it's all we can. I they great wall restaurant that's palaces place there aren't there on route four Bedford. Mess and you find Alice and me introduce yourself to Alice Newton. She runs for an hour or so I'm so lucky at some of that that the sponsors of of this particular show. But the radio show I've been. With us. Would decades at a time. And else is just one of those those sorts doing this for a long long time week after week year after year. And I I always I. I'll talk about restaurants but I won't and it's an impact. If we don't believe what we're saying we won't say it. You know if if I don't think that there's a a reason for use if I don't believe it in my heart about that particular remark and say it. And if something changes and I don't like it. You know there won't be there won't be an advertiser there's no you know belong. And we had to we actually. Have one person that that the united sets are where a particular type. Breakfast foods. But you know. Is what it is are there are integrity that we'll all we have right. I would take a quick break we'll come back with more phone calls just that we get bites radio for a beautiful sunny summer after. You are listening don't make it by its radio the only place that lets you. Good food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Welcome back get against Scotland. We get to twelve that's what we do take your phone book break. That to where they were an elephant FaceBook life and watches that we are there we are based apple lie the comment. Dinner for two. About making some comments there. You get crazy thing it's it to gourmet fare war on the showed today and they're also taking some holes. On ice cream stand. I I hope. You've been doing your work. Today's national iceberg and what better way to celebrate that and it's almost lining up. We're your favorite places are and we'll do that this hour on wicked bites or radio. Dial Vietnam. Plus plus that we had games this bill. In your post about places to. And it's special rights special. Go in the air. Let's they are out of Monday's game. If you were listening last hour you would have heard that. The job Monday you can always go up one request to go. Two gigabytes. TV gigabytes dot I should say on the Internet display of the audio files through the incidents that. Download the show right there you go WR scale on the man down. And here or there you're traveling around the country. He'll listen to a WRKO laugh at any time we must get a call from way to gardens Florida. Driving around. Listened to the radio. You know in Florida so who knows. Hi 8884346460. Where that is our number to call. On today's program and we're given away some great gift certificates today might we are yes they just grab a pen. The tides restaurant. In not hot classic right on the water now. I don't care what tournament you skip the retirement and who think except for two writes it's. And there are two freedoms are incredible Mike. How might otherwise you are right and at what we're gonna be to them on the show you'll see that on the TV show. They have me my name Ria. It's pitch. It's at that point. All but who so tender. It was soaked and delicious and they also take the prime rib and each credit. And they and and they make it into a steak and cheese. I do have never had anything like that ever I mean they use in prime rib yeah I mean wow. They can't beat the view. No. It's. It is nice to sit out there were we were there at the beach front as you get here we were there one of those those hot sticky days. And we're getting out and nice beautiful. Brees in the progress report were to stuck in the back. By the beach. And we up their little yeah we were we were sticking to the table. The tables like asphalt there was this very warm but at the pump town go to the tides restaurant. And try the primary it's. The barbecue wings were fantastic I actually had a couple of those and those of it all the speaking of the prime rib. If you don't wanna have a a full sandwich the sliders are also primary. You know that you though the little sliders O'Shea of prime rib that they use in mistaken she's just put him in slider. They were due to a beyond you saw us actually a three ghosts in the 500 pounds a week apartment I think we went through a hundred and while we're shooting. On the but is cut off all I think. Among while I mean it was it was like about a half inch thick the one I had now this is not the did the steak and cheese when which mr. Bremer said his department Sam it's happens that it's like a medium rare there. And I don't I I want us back our own members with they had. For me. Topping two or is just so the justice melted. I believe it was it was like court horseradish annually type of song assumed he had. It. Recruited so that's tied to restaurant will be given away a used to be it. To a caller at random on today's program their locating get in the hunt right on Wilson rode with the incredible view. The beach. And Mike here's a place that I didn't an opportunity you filming with Melissa the other day I know it's called captain Carlos restaurant in the last. While still fantastic then we owned restaurant multiple generations. We talked to Carla. And her mother. Owns it and heard every grandfather or great grandfather was captain Carlo. So and it's right there in Gloucester is fish pier we watched them their pull in the tuna is off the boats I mean again it's one of those places. All these restaurants we go to have been fantastic seafood but you know why. He goes right over your shoulder and it's like old that's where you get it from great seafood fantastic drinks. And fund fund DEC it's basically it and. News salary I'm mean arms EU they're probably what 3 o'clock in the afternoon I'm sure was hopping or you know we got afternoon evening and yeah on the weekends they clear all the tables off the deck in a basically turns in this big deck party. We're on water. It's fantastic yeah so captain Carl casting Carlos. I'm what I at the unfortunate I wasn't able to go there had to go play golf now. The struggle right. And tag the struggle there and I got a lot of golf to rather the pictures that great 8884346460. Foot praises they repeat it to make it also ask questions on the program. I know it's got somebody else might be able. So 8884346464. Is a number to call that's got to Lonnie and hang in the morning line. Reminding him that morning Scott I have to tell you. I am so sad and I went to arrest sister rented in New Hampshire that I used to love. Years ago when I went up to Greg Quinn of the dot gate when I had to vote. And I was so. Dead it was hacked Turkey. Yeah well sir what one for a little what that I have promised the third but the food has really gone down hill. And I was so Florida faith that they'll. The only thing that saved my day was that they built a beautiful new. Theater. When a decide these theater in manatee area and we had a delightful time main factor diet and yet there theater and the people are lovely. But I have with so disappointed in contact for the. Our hearts Turkey farm. I mean I'm thinking of a different place I know this one in Nashua. It's America amazes me that I went on I'd say this is this is Iran on the the lake. No it's not but. The theater its closest capital. But how Turkey parents and Meredith will the owners recommendations particularly around the you know what time your Thanksgiving. Oh yes they get blocked and the like I said the service the wonderfully caddie young man's that there have to. But I just wanted to tell you it was a disappointing. I'm the only thing that I felt was still up to how what the butternut squash. That was really good. But. Even condiments and had on me on the table one. And it was just can't hardly missile wing on the map and. That's two it is it's all these a lot of recommendations again. Thanksgiving time. I'm sure they'll still do business because they're going on man named fact. I won't be back unfortunately but I welcome back to back theatre was wonderful. All right aren't Bonnie thank you very much you folklore its too bad hearts Turkey from looking at their website right now at locally owned and operated by the heart premise since 1954. I know so it is a landmark. In the lakes region and and I'm looking at their their their photograph and they got this Turkey. Serve serve on top of the the stuffing with the mash tennis. That photograph. Rates so well like Turkey once and while. You know it's always a nice thing I try to remember her last summer this time I. Action wanted to let smoked Turkey wanted to try it out of my smoker. And I couldn't find an all summer long all summer long at the U go to the major supermarkets they don't have. I want to some of the. Local workshops not would have. And it really wasn't till like. In late September before I was able to get it and try it on the smoker. Because I mean I wanted to do maybe if it was good I want to maybe do more for Thanksgiving. On so I got to try it I got that used to smoker. On talent and there was like a three hour smoker something on the smoker. He came out but now it really did so. His salmon for Thanksgiving in my entire family devoured it week we did we did two turkeys won the traditional 11. Bodies from the smoker. There was nothing left from the ones. I mean it just had some extra flavor I don't know hating them anymore I've described as a tons of flavor. 8884346460. Four's and number let's go to stone and lastly good morning lastly. Mark. Well I mean if yes you are. High of just listening to your show and heard. Mention about the pride in calling into when they get significant. You. Never restaurant tell us about. A restaurant in Utah which are there restaurant. I know what I appetite. Duplicated it actually all eyes yeah I mean how often you've into the tides. OG eight lots and we spend a lot to cancel up to view let it go during a date time or at night for the sunset we Latvia. Yeah and did you try any of that tropical birds. Morenge. His hesitation yeah you have to try to tropical birds I'm. All their turns are a little bit of a kick. Two bullet a mockery could be considered tropical drink wine. Why can't he set a. Why not anything out on the beach. I think it's wrong turn Gaza truck have a power boom boom boom and Rona Newton. Right and that's it thank you very much your phone calls the tides restaurant in the located in the heart right there. Or right on the water very easy to get too broad street station and Mulder and I believe Jolie voices is there tonight and sentiment I think it is tough opponent. And it is the witness to visit the sixteen yeah shortly voices will be there I want to say tickets. Are thirty dollars is no dinner included. Robert you wanna see Joey this afternoon or tonight he called the pearl street station in Malden. And say hey any tickets the seeds going I want to sit up front. It's I want my Shaughnessy it's an ad that that's right everybody always says that they call like the last that. I want to take its dressing up front those those like a month and a half ago. But you know at the pearl street station. It's a small room and I mean a small small room I think. Only mean. I could be wrong 75 people. Will fit in the room. So your up close or open person. And you'll be close enough you know we're both front or back it's close. Which I always say we shall we wanted to kind of which he wonders you eat right. He Rome shall be room to rumble but yet he eats he gets off that stage play and he just has fun with the audience. But the pro street station that you go in the united Joseph for thirteen dollars that's right here is their number to call for more information. 781322641078132264. At ten. Is over forty different musical impressions. And I'm sure he's gonna put on a spectacular show today you pearl street station 53 said mr. mollen. Two Allan robot when he's going to go you know it's a little place now where little place a lot of history and I had to the north then. Who are Koppel if I am. How do you wanna go to northern and restaurant without going to the north go on top of the richest. The four federal pamphlet book for a role is like now. Operator restaurant they've operated since 1986. Vodka. Called the restaurant they Lucci in Winchester. Rector and Mount Vernon mystery. And I'm suburbs and what does that mean. Yeah arc parking is plenty park and they have it is like two with three municipal parking lots knee when a couple of quarters new. You know I'd history parking. Walking distance from the hero. And went just decision and and I just kind of like the outside setting in that little core when Joseph that the immunity in. And today. To glee tonight about the gonna open the windows in the shortest of the floor to ceiling windows. So the opener up and you feel like it dining and dependence Winchester breeze to their famous for an engine noise. The corrosive. But what if the crows it's not what his. You like those among throws that might love art this is one of those it's there it's okay my father turned. He's that you use joints try some what is written you know it it it's pride throw. And they stop with pursuit yet. And so that we try not once tried. I think my my sons and he tried so. I time that this went back to that there was nothing two in order noble and so one but the but the and wherever that and okay. Particularly in there and order things that the Markel poll I have a while last observes that in there and wanted to see I'm a big seafood in every everyone's analyze. You see right target remarkable short. It's it's the seafood delight its maiden trip. Clams mussels filet is so column Mari and scallops. And no light marinara sauce and served over than we. Okay here's a Geneva that fish. Do you do over there were no differences office told it's done that's how it's done the Italian way exactly. Restaurant they Lucci of five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester dom sausage company is located mauled and its owner operated by the body Charlie chemical. Well over. I mean this copy is probably about. Ten years old assume they're pushing a seven years and I've been in business when this copy was written long time as they're they're missionaries here they're caught up around on eighty. I'm sausage company it is in full service butcher and on site. Wholesale. Delhi seeking go in the eighties it's which is you go and they needed that much if you like absolutely war it there at 7 in the morning we open up. Breakfast sandwich is not listening is they're good know. They do wraps themselves they also do catering. Yeah yeah. Dom sauces company does catering now. No matter how large house point of parties. They will come and or your only problem is you've got to make sure you book them playing time plus they have their own catering trucks and several trucks. Soviet thinking about having a barbecue. Anyone impress. Actually no one north take off your neighbors has been taught that's right it at a given underfunded idea. You called the titans held up right dom sauces company they will bring them back yard barbecue right to your party. You don't have a grill. They'll bring their children grow with the nowhere reached there. Look Alina they'll clean up all you have to do is enjoy the food they'll bring their own rule masters days ago they'll bring their own. Famous marinated meats yeah you gotta staked its amended on the cape next week and I think you'll buy into only five pound bags in the original steak tips. They are always a party for it that what they Everest and bite you exactly tips with. Let's correlate to you know serve my food in the you know cage fighting so I'll write it up well and he can do it dom sauce is coming to find out more information about their catering service call 78132413. Ten. That 78132413. Tambo and open up seven days a week or walk ins. Monday through starting at 7 AM. Seven to 6 PM and on Sundays we open up at 7 AM and they closed this afternoon at 4 PM Tom's. Sausage. Company in mauled and it's well worth the trip absolutely it really is it was communicate. Like you're going to I'm going with the gravest thing that is offering those with the muscle a five numbered. Great promote whatever radio I'm bill and I don't ever grilled prior upper hand as a matter will they're just so hand of and grill they're good yet they elect. I was about a 100000 dollars worth of equipment tomatoes those statements I never knew there was so much like science involved with irony right. But they've they've impressed element here on such as company Kriewaldt restaurant that's Alice's place. Nina Bedford mass and the great wall shopping plaza route for. Go in there and one item I want you to order a moment they haven't only to return its lunch short. Brunch. I would affect your skin color brunch it to as an arcade lunch and dinner. But if you go off the man you know it when I go to the great law a lot and cool off their main teacher who is well up there right. They have a shredded chicken with string me finish. That you have to try. Once in your life looking its iceberg lettuce in the at least the last so they serve you the lettuce and kind of leaked just run. And then they have the shredded. Chicken with a string beans. On a ditch and basically scoop from the spoon and put it in the in the iceberg lettuce and roll up the iceberg ruthless and into little wrap my. And then by eating too. That crunch that freshness. There's nothing like it. There's nothing like it charger Jack and wouldn't string beans remember that this to hide Alice when he went okay please do it's the great wall restaurant. I 8884346464. Is our number to call it would take a break in just a few minutes and then on the other side that were looking. I want callers to start calling in now might look at let's line them up I wanna find. And again I'm entering everybody into our history given way short. What we have begin at tides in Mozilla oh hi Carol captain Carlos that hadn't frozen when luster this hour and a I am want to find your favorite ice cream stands on is national ice cream day. It's nationalized and my wife and I have kind of different places and now. So once when I'm box for Luke and will you know which is kind of like. To hike for a cone. Put a it's not it's not from here through its payments instrument you know from where we're from where we're located and only gets you as those like. Five minutes. Of course the equipment and ultimately you know. You know I just wanna go right out and advised her right exactly you know so I'll go right down. The bad nights sure. And I will order that my wife wants to go to Bentsen's advances Alyssa seasonal place and move and they're right on it that's. Who won 33. Eat in it in Oxford and that's what shall go. And you know I I like chocolate based ice cream and particularly in with a reporter. Chuck Peter and chocolate in my favor. You know and shall go. The Benson's. Army. From my wife. She may she may say OK I'll go get your eyes from shall vote rabbit Warren at mad magazine's Joseph head over to Benson's job at the cookies in Korea. You know or chocolate chip cookies or that. The Oreo cookie mix that they have their so what's your favorite ice cream stand that's will be looking. The last half hour on the program. And you know be here place recommended. That you wanna call and recommend calling in again tell us about that place. You know as it would just went to as many calls and you may have a different opinion or maybe a different flavor that you like and it always loved hearing some creative names. That these ice cream stands have tied it's national ice cream day here's the number to call 8884346464. Mike is gonna take your name and address off there because will be giving away dinner gets to be gets today on the program. Yeah and who already have your name address or about right out to what your favorite ice cream stand. 8884346464. You're in tonne dumping about rates drive in and taught them. That's reunifying Gregor they have about thirty different ice cream flavors they also have soft sir I expert you wouldn't go to Maurice Brewster nor'easter nor'easter. You know so that's a place that could go in and if you're watching on FaceBook you'll see freight soon. Only three minutes up yet come with the lights TV on FaceBook about the play their segment as we take the break and just second through all their great gourmet burgers giant las rules and the nor'easter. And talk and they've been around for a long time to absolutely people like to drive. Five over. Upon spy camera up on spot and get some ice per. It's in great burgers and stuff as utilities that are with the bites TV on FaceBook are 8884346460. Four's and number to call. Take a quick break here. Welcome back on the other side. Your phone calls to the top of the hour don't forget about tide of lost restaurant and north bend over 145 to critics' choice of the best Chinese with the north of Boston. And it was back in nineteen. Paula it's nice buffet lunch or didn't try to gloss over one point five in North Andover. We're not just for gourmets and wicked slice radio from. That FaceBook line would advise you via FaceBook live and you know I. Only about parts Turkey farm and marathon went through the end. On the back when mine that they were close I was right about spending those they pose a national page but yes many many years. Again but come the holidays and they always. You always go to which it might steal FaceBook right now to check out live feed comment. About to pay rights groups and also I. We want open mind you 8884346464. Voted at the top of the hour to work to get many calls as possible so as soon as I would hate them. Please please call me an analyst going through the night. I here's the number to call 8884346464. Let's go to read met for good morning read up. Good Limbaugh and god more in my cube guy for doing such a great job. But I missed pat. Yeah a little today. During the school again that's session it's Adam in her during the collected that's great great data do that. Yeah I'm going to pull prided myself. I wanted to tell you it's not an ice cream place. But it the most beautiful. Wonderful incredible. Atmosphere. Right in these plots in the radio how. You have to go there. Long almighty god the food is incredible. The app and CA BM beyond. Is amazing. And you have to hold water for you view. It is amazing amazing I love the place with two to four people about it already. Have you and went there and they all get back and absolutely love it let's call it should really new restaurant. Why because I'm up for made that name living there restaurant again. The real IR EEE well. The real how. I get an application right on the water. I am looking them up right now looking out your reliable and looks looks looks gorgeous. It is a torture. It's your first place to be in Boston it's located at six news streaked in these Boston guys do it straight it's right mavericks station. They actually of Trieste Italy haven't talked to get to know you're in this city. It is just incredible. I'm looking at their website an inside. Shot is like the first scene that shows up and inside the restaurants they have actually have right in the dining area. Full size. Treats one and they are reasonable ya yeah Greta dining room. Yes yes yes it is just it's amazing you have to go there. It's just so great inside or outside so we hate inside them live outside for drinks and dessert. And when you're outside you have the whole or shouldn't do view. Oh my god it's heavenly. Candidate I can say it's perfect. All right they're located at again six new street knees Boston we're gonna protect them beyond they have valet parking Monday through Thursday for ten dollars and Friday through Sunday for twelve dollars. Yeah absolutely we're ready to go water taxi over there and again this off from their website which is a real house Touts TI. We knew it's going to know like a couple of months. Years ago. Scott used to be 18100 look like cut ship that we used to have one trip data on. Usually that BJ had a chip and that's been gone a long time. So we have all brand new apartments tea they built up so much in the process right above the rest stride. They have these gorgeous apartment with a roof garden in the pool and they were up there the people go into the apartment buildings have been during could have at a party. It's just beautiful that whole area. Now. Looks great. Irish. And my beautiful autumn I'm glad to hear about that this new restaurant on that check out the new restaurant industry. They don't mean. The real house restaurants Boston 8884346464. Your favorite ice cream stands can help us out what's your favorite ice cream stand in your favorite flavor for its go to I lean over to American morning Eileen. Good running GAO the morning I bright greens and that there are a little hidden play an act called me. Am. And aren't bit aren't that DH and there right screen. The quality is terrific. The auditing a great. Right below. The maple walnut ice cream have so many walnut that it could happen kick at the where it that economic. Yeah. It all. And in Halifax and there's a lot of great ice cream and right and in that area aren't. Not like me. And I aren't X eight feet all my. Wal-Mart and it is this it. I'm sure it's just a seasonal standard. It's itself but they are sure I would. Probably October oh god. Mean is route 58 in Halifax thank you very much for your phone call 8884346464. Is our number to call again. We will be awarding some get there is to be gets the callers at random and who knows. You know we actually have enough along with two way speck he's. Spanky is clam shack. In Hyannis glad that took them so we got all these restaurants right on the water that will be giving away the callers on today's program will pick them up at random. And all got to do to enter to win in my we'll take your name and address off there is the call and Intel right now. Who or what is your favorite ice cream stand your favorite flavor. Easy to do right you're the expert 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. To Mazar restaurant their route 129 Wilmington. That's gonna finder below. I would recommend a couple of economic. But it's great pizzas that this would of been and that's a centerpiece of the restaurant that we can walk in there. And it produces pizzas and Rick says you know we do pizzas we want everybody has different tastes and pizzas and goes we just wanna get it to. The level where it's just right for you. And they'll have things that mark poll might very repair your barbecue chicken pizza. They'll have to shoot two plates at that they hint at the shoot to wreck before the put into the island you actually watched and slicing the Christian to paper and we really are filming. I made them how to elects to reshoot of because that I just made a little platter out of it for myself as it was cook and had a little bit of movement an appetizer. But don't think it was just pizzas they do a lot more than that they do break short ribs. Brisket Mac and cheese self. Morneau. Torres there restaurant their route 129. To low road in Wilmington to how to Rick well when you go in. This bush it would it bites radio has brought Dubai. Foreign males are rare coins in New Hampshire. You know it if you bought gold or silver over the last couple of years. You and you may know of a problem on your hand. And that problem is counterfeiting. And account affect hers have gotten. It's I only have gotten great at their craft. That experts. And I mean I highly. Educated. Experts in this division may not. Recognize a fake gold and silver point anymore. The best thing to do you have bought gold or silver in the last couple of years. Is called war mills records New Hampshire he went to NASA. And he purchased a piece of equipment election look inside. The middle of the corn to make sure it's pure. And who do that for you at no charge has put a lot of banks. But he go right there. Rare coins in New Hampshire. And then in it to my duties of rest and I you know what I I know this is good time afterward it's a good court. It and my investment in a hole who just go up in the sport on I know what's real. You know he got so busy praising chords they actually go back and by his second machine. Ward mills rare coins in New Hampshire 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. Spirit back the phone calls let's go to Kathy in Essex to mourn Cathay. Good morning how real Mary. Which they were ice cream stand. I'm never an X and wine. Very. All of their rights get mitnick but now it's better really nights. Cleaned and destroy it don't feel like it it perhaps crush or step up and they units come are impossible. To think of it. There that's Eric I opt out. I down river. And were they in Essex. Yeah I'm John Wyatt avenue write them at six. It switched why god you have a favorite play. I'd do it but no government acts blitz and that. It's caught they would vote. Chopped let go and show it and keep our. Spot so. That's that's that's really sounds good down river and it's I Kathy thank you very much you spoke let's go to our own tune in frank good morning frank. The open or the more I wanna recommend. At Putnam debt. It's called platinum can treat. India. Do it it's on to speak he. Newbury Street in inverse scrawled. Putnam pear tree invade. Getting actual border QB if put adult toppings on it aren't. I and I screen. And Jim favorite flavor there. Show stocks and you know that's one of my favorites amendment backed myself. It's funny when I go to the China laws to make it their all you can eat Chinese buffets I'm always have their eyes from dessert that was before the stock. I thought that I value about spot that can I tell you about a book you'll notice but if you put dish. What it called balls to make vinaigrette. Vinegar of moldy you know they show which. We cottage vinaigrette. Balls Obama and I was being Mitch which really good if you really. They show it in a narrow tie for tortures. What would it be got a great monsters like that. Mean I'll try anything once I don't know I'll pick it. It really what I would also gimmick and it is currently we're on frank you're report I Putnam Patrick chambers and lose location. Let's go to and a Dorchester thank you very much bodily France before on call and your next. Aren't buying ill. I'm below. Yet turned a radio rookie by his words and I won't be able to college of what the what it. The incremental and implement a Whitman he's handled it would. End up their favorite wonders. Most important. I. Outstanding Rosen put got 8884346464. Got open live you right now your favorite ice cream stand. And why are they your favorite ice cream stand and what's your favorite flavor there. And who knows you could win a dinner for two on us 8884346464. Let's go to Debbie in Framingham good morning deadly. Hello how are younger guys that. I am an ice cream lover I travel all over the place to get ice cream I have a whole bunch but. From here to Pennsylvania. But. My favorite is deal woman on route thirty west are. It's no different than that found that UH LM ANN. And my favorite their coffee Oreo and there's always a huge line that is it's huge portion. And it's great but it's stuff. And where they're located again. Where there weren't in west or just write this down. I yet again I didn't see. I go to a lot of these guys from stances on that one ice cream. And and then when went to a man's orchard they analyze current stand. Now it right in the orchard. And I decided to I want a nice number I wasn't I just had dinner you know and I was full but I still warm eyes. Right by it regulates the put downs but I what are they be. And now we're in the home. And that thing extend like three's for scoops above and that was a baby so. McKittrick and it is I was I was is hot they saw him. Licking its fast they could but it was great guys it's just amazing some of these actresses in the portions that they give you. Are or just amazing. I you'll moments. In west Borough thank you very much for your phone call let's go to a Maynard next and Chris good morning Chris. All up for 12 my they. What are things first of all the but it's in place remain an Ericsson it's on 117. Where that they managed dole line. Fantastic case couldn't get short previously whole strawberry so that's just terrific. And one other thing you were talking about perhaps Turkey farm yet they used to be in Manchester they left the the place for left in Nashua was the green reached turkeys or huh well science of global. That's it. Okay yes I know I is that I drove by and I knocked everybody year or two ago and I remembered that. That location as well it's not there anymore. That was been tested and get some of those throughout Turkey in the Muslim world but it. I just does not not trying to corrected just try to clear up reveal little problem. Yeah I it was just one of those things I was getting a little bit of a mental block and I knew something about I knew something was close I was kind of getting a little bit confused and there are now and knowing that you are terrorists thank you very much for the correction. And for your phone call 88843. Point six before a 64 that's gonna policy to a good morning Paula. Good morning how I feel excellent at talking about my favorite food at this time I'd like early and shout. Our fabulous I'd like to give a shout out known as. It'll homemade ice cream and hang them and they have a store and a that you would have a the best thing that we love is there ice cream truck. And they have every play but everything's all made the kid that great on the track and that we just love in them every weekend. By hole and apparently. Aplomb a little bit confused as brightness down the same time. There ice cream trucks actual truck not a flavor. At the track okay trapped wind as there are what ice cream. That have like a flavor called the ice cream floors of the worn out her comic but they have they were taught at every other point. Now did they have a what they would call a brick and mortar locations it just struck. Yet they haven't store and hitting him square. And they also have another story in which would happen. Okay I'm gonna try and you have a favorite flavor. Always classy than me. Yeah a lot you know what I love to I love the places and and many do would anymore probably because it just they're so busy. When they make their actual waffle cones. Are the that that that that produces as it is just just puts a smile on race and I always gotten by that do make the room. I out. I hope they do but I know that they everything homemade delicious. And they're great family and our local family which is great to lacked support. I know months as the name I don't know practically got. I thought thank you very much vocalist and Alex and Brooke like morning Alex. Good morning good feeling you know. I have Kramer encroached on queen Marie. I believe they used to be at Fenway Park and I don't I don't under no longer in the air as one of the few listeners could help me out what to locations and know it's a national franchise. I am actually. They make your ice cream on a cold stone. Right right hand made it apparent that it's. A special process here you're you're actually right about debt. Yeah and it's kind of unique famine it's a it's a that must of those that the kids who have account or have put on muscle. I think even ice currencies yes took the eyes grew by cold stones. The kind of like put on this cold stone that again it's that below its below freezing bro. And the brand rights in the eyes from around it kind of mad at but he and then they put in whatever top and you want and then you're doing it right on the colts down and then they give you the compromise. And we're home our own life. But doesn't yet several locations. I have three locations after a quick Google search Burlington mass Nashua, New Hampshire and Medford on the first three that popped up. Medford is that station lending Burlington is at wayside commons and then the national one is an Amherst street village. Yes many many more for the. I Ellis then we'll help. What's your favorite rights groups and 888 point three or 6464. We got maybe about 45 more phone calls. So we're never home when driving around awesome cellphone right now it's the right way they. Eight point 346 people were sixteen or maybe you're driving go into the village restaurant passed Kevin replacements we're it's downtown Boston. It might tie it sure yeah and their Frontline. And then start from there this summer the hazard do those frozen frozen yet. 8884346464. Than ever public's favorite ice cream stand on today's program. And I don't sometimes can't make it to the not bad for Boston's original brick oven pizza but we got. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to a wicked by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. It's. Payment. I over the last couple of minutes and program today we'll be your favorite ice cream to dad is 88 point three more. The tidal wave in essence they're right circumstance is good morning went. Oh what's their rights groups then went. Dollar ice cream I don't want 33. Connecticut the golf ball better and Richardson played so like we just a bit since you don't wanna say about this one if they make all the guys they've been maple walnut is no Shura. It's made up real maple it's off. Yeah you know. Richardson ties to vaccine supplies a lot of these guys and there. Well they don't like they may do realize you're right there is a little debate that led by Joseph and enough storage CL I believe but so are maybe it no action is on in Georgetown are. It's on to wanna believe. And argue well above all there was all PGA you should be old. Rachal slightly cramped. You know we buy option everything they close down the spectacle and our economy. Guys but I don't follow the life out there two days earlier he gave doggy treats. About Brody baby but the dog. So it site and able picnic table outside it's awesome. Down river and I'm like well I just finished doing the retried for the district can't we just finished up thirty miles each. We raise a ton of money for them. All that's great to hear. So we're we're right whoa where'd you start off on the right. It's not until I go and end up its baseball park in Boston. While. And what what was yesterday. It's not that they know we it was on this morning. A little wooden doors top shape right now are we gonna learn an instrument and an inability Tom pitch I think whatever countries. Greg went thank you very much and congratulations on undo and a great job when that. On that cancer a bike ride this morning sort of car phone caller necks or cellphone call the bill good morning bill. I had guys aren't you. It's got that quick off the security guys got it right. You gotta gotta try to well that it came out jet bit pickle family or that they are. Actually not go back seek wrap it up bark at 840 years ago when lay out when he went on here. Yeah I doubt it got one deputy. And that political quite the quite the fact Ali deadlock in the summertime. Yeah I American they had several locations at one time. Turn yeah. Put an end over a wild when they were the old company and they don't. Or that that everything out until. But doubt a lot of it is that if there were a bargain. And our personal friend might start to block those guys that are that every night the people that aren't yet there where they're get shocked audience yet there and out. I got a good at it very good beyond. Yeah it goes out every Arctic get bounced out. I'd create pubic yet certain situation and and it dignity and out and doubt they'll vote people are a bit early night they had. I know that they they no longer have all their locations return wells has been around I mean. Fro as long as I can remember. Yeah a long time. All right bill thank you very much for your phone call again Joey voices 1098 he's act pearl street station thirty dollars a ticket has over forty different musical impressions. And he'd sit up front because I think the room that he does the performance in only holds about. Now I could be wrong on every few Israeli front ya I wanna see seven peoples and five folks are to be. You know maybe it's a hundred but there were all up there they're all close. That for more information and is it's just thirty dollars ticket there's no dinner. But it just pure show. You'll be all right I would ESP Costello one of my favorite comedians of it's an opening up which O tonight so you're gonna have an evening this summer just laughs. Tonight. This afternoon. Yeah there were to the pearl street station com and find out about it is still tickets available I believe there's still are but you wanna call 781. 3226410781322. 6410. Let's go to Merck Marie in Gardiner you're our last caller on the program what are they were ice cream stand. Well we have a late in Gardiner went men they're right on the line and it aviary ending at the ads that are impact I. I'm around me area they have over fifty flavored it's amazing. So what's your favorite flavor. My favorite flavor is their black raspberry chocolate chip got it thank you very much running out of time Mike what are winners. Lee of Bridgewater is going to spank you claim checks in high in this. Read of Medford is getting the tides gift card there and it's been of course Omaha Beach. And Jerry Marblehead. Is hitting passing pros restaurant. In Gloucester keep an eye out in your mailbox for the so I gotta run we'll see you next Sunday morning right here at 10 o'clock the wicked by three of five by. Which advice radio with pat Bradley is a presentation a blitz of media and.