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You are listening that we get by its radio the only place that lets you beat the food critic Sunday's ten to. WRKO. The voice of Boston and welcoming everybody and has. Agonized about it. Human you know the human it's different. Snow overnight. Bothered him almost. Happy Father's Day including my father that I will catch up with a little bit later on this afternoon he was scheduled to be here. And it Gallup poll. Was the next excuse father and done it goes so this is my Mother's Day here. That I'm. Get to a accuracy yeah start with outweigh the mr. Mike went in today till twelve noon and he'll be bothered. That we haven't done this line of shows are really. Need a lot of help. So if you're in more ways than that. They're afraid it's over the show. A plurality Wear on today's program is what we and we talked about including in a few minutes. Damien finished with a Yelp will be joining us and the topic would be. Like stake out. Items that bothers her life and we were even go down. And talk murderous and what you shops you know. This is this is the weekend I think his Mother's Day. Nobody goes up again. In that like two hour window so. Yes the restaurant Sylvia's for like two hours of the busy Saturday night in their history. Like two hours minutes dead after the loser is also kind of a brunch you holidays so it's right it started spreading to that but others did more of the cookout today. Yes but. I think we should maybe help dad finding great place. Mistakes. Now you can bring him to stay count tonight could have made these people move. Luc Picard say that I owe you dinner at short or data Hilliard did atmosphere to your picking up the bill. No civil fines and great steak houses but I need help from listeners sure absolutely not there yet because that's really important today that we buying places. And discover. Places. They have great steaks and will still be doing that on today's program and I really hope you could stick around and help us out because that's how the program works. So the coming up in just a little bit on wicked bites radio. You know I really think you know this the great time this season like patio dining. Actually you know so it's really kicking off right now where you can actually go outside and enjoy yourself know that some of these restaurants. Include like China lost the child las mezzaluna outside area they built. Last when we filmed there they were just setting it up and they were just getting rid opened up yet and it's a cool place mission. But it what the couple TV's other they have about one television that covers February that it's probably like. 20 X 20 that's been passed yet and you gets it out there and even during the game. Yeah during the day. If the Red Sox plan exe an afternoon game and so you can watch it. My ties with Sox c'mon now the and great Mai Thais and great you know the early they don't let you do outside might Buffett is the buffet buffet and mimic that makes and so it's all up and down it's a lot of what not. But yet it took over the sushi menu at the American nation yeah the that the doubles the opposite hills fire. Bills that something with a double what what was the Margarito won was the sushi but Margarito was act logo that was local in South Boston doubles kiss the Blue Devils hills that ends the doubles fire was. Had to be sushi kind of blossomed Q are there bounces human you know we gonna ask what I was there the us and answer. And you know that in him bring it on us and that the bars that you know. I wanna have to know the word double is an epithet. And it. For somebody like myself that it's not like huge person on sushi -- you know. I like certain items but I am kind of freedom if you picture is because they just on the with a going to be like. I find their men there. The littlest thing about it is is just trying. But as we like a sampler. So at least two or three little pieces of each one. Right and in the mile with the were down when it hit at. They're gonna kick in at just oh well that's one that's why we also do our show that way I can test before you look at the commute testy debate this one's really feeling as if you're looking for some supplies to take them today I mean that's that's not a bad plays and whatever and have that big a US opens on they may have down right outside see dad. If you're if you're not on the golf course that. And today is one of those days that if you're golfer. You kind of stay away from the consulate here because you are like six hour rounds there. You know but we'll we'll we'll take your dad China blossom into what will be the US open outside and rightly. I other place ever top I'm here and Al was in Quincy. No it's one of those that's that's crossed my path a bunch of times I just it's Quincy no no no offense but it's it's a bit of a drive for it's a little bit of a drive and but I think it's a place that eventually have to bring art art art. Campbell again that's that's when one has been on like our list yeah for awhile to get the Quentin do. Yeah they have a bar on the rooftop deck. On the TV they even do music I think on the weekends. Ali Abdullah restaurants there that's that's for you that is my favorite yeah on day Tuesday's Tuesday's OK yeah now it now I know what stimulant yes and they and that's also great steak house. And if I'm not mistaken Alba it's yet. You know back. That they actually still have that sounds remote area I still there. That of course not going to be on the roof right rhetoric but it's it's in the restaurant itself. I'm and that's a replacement for some patio dining album I mean I'm I'm senate anthem. Anthem is married his. Yes because they get the idea of the outside deck area which is rating Faneuil hall but then their bar area. Is kind of it's almost half in half fell because it's all glass windows sepia. It's almost like seven year old Skyler and as you eat it's beautiful and can open up those side windows there with the breeze blow in. Love it yes yes but it it's it's just replaced of people watched oh apps I mean anything fit into alcoholism and we did that segment on sterling. And that's that was the lowest rate outside of great for people watch and you have apparatus that they do that all the time the burger or searches for us which one there. You have the burger with again a lot of what they have them you guys it was the egg on behalf it was the it was part of their brunch menu actually I believe it was they were doing. They were doing a bacon number been type of pima brunch and it was a double bacon. Urban brunch burger thing it was awesome. Another place that we're gonna picked armistice thousand. Captain responds we're hasn't yet that's another one ever again Quincy. We're we're right on the water which gives it that we get our little party will be down there so that they. So I'm just kind of gone through a list of some places that patio dining including ash born gorilla in Dorchester now they have no it was two nights too little Max Dietrich cocktails you know. After 5 PM on Thursday it. I don't but I believe me ask mark growing somebody can correct me if I'm wrong. They do the whole pig roast. They could be one of them year I I think you have to have so many people in your party usually that's an Kansas and a before and move on but that's. You you know it's gonna make you hungry and the clubs and you Roma who is gonna make you hungry to learn that's that's a big thing that they do there. So those are some of the places that that's a patio dining that was Canada and opened for this time the season. You know. Weeded out. The show was a last look at the lobster rolls mobsters. We have rates on the show this week. Not turn on the radio show oh. Mentally the wise and it and one of the restaurants that do you do feature that I got a lot of recommendations to we during the week when you're sending messages to FaceBook. Prior matches that you know you gotta check out they'll I'll seafood which fossil which. Point of our civil we've already checked them on with their Phnom that's latest drop YouTube link Visio this is that there are located and Winthrop but they have that view. But yet airport. That if you're sitting nothing fancy. But you're sitting outside the textile. It's great it's a brilliant you can watch the planes fly rating slogan yes interest especially advocates for a total war. Yes I mean again a lot of people were asking me about that and you know I I've recommended nothing again nothing fancy picnic style it's it's it's it's. Not weights or sooner or at that you know at the counter and they're sitting inside and in this meeting with picnic tables outside with a all in your in the harbor page you are. And you look you overlooking. You Logan Airport in the city beautiful view of the city and I also have them. So again highly recommended you know another place. That two Simpson. Recommendations move. And it's and replace that we feature called causeway and lost. Yeah. And the thing about the causeway again nothing nothing fancy. You know that's the whole thing it's but it's. It's just their portions of the attraction. I mean. You that was when your features right. It's just portion portions portions so huge portions. So you know if you're looking for something like. You know you're gonna bring home from whom you have motionless that's enough that's the place they have a chicken par. And that is bigger than their dinner plate. They're just falls off the sides it it's just silly polyps and from their muscle this this is would just blow your mind when they actually had octopus. Move but I don't mean like you're kind of a scare you can't with stuff like I mean it was a whole leg your chance that is so I'm like. I mean I did it a try. Everything once in the take take one bite don't try to hold late but he tried one by the the one of the place Murat it was one of our first segment were shot it was you were hosting it. Vinny isn't some herbal. And when I stayed back to finish filming he was cooking up the same thing it was off to poor slaves and I never had it music no doubt try and conservative and it was great video and Somerville it was honored grew. It's it's it's unfortunate they don't have the same. I would our caller appeal pretty. Kind of uniqueness is they once had it was convenience store right and they put in this little restaurant in the back. Now it's kind of a token convenience to you and they got too big for the bridges yeah and before you had to go through these like these sliding doors to go to the back and find the restaurant the pains of success. Very very well highly recommended for a couple want to put. I. I gave me it's at the open will be here just 12 we start looking at you know. Items of farmers to shore so he can help us out. A dvi at the number just the second boulder talked to Dana Smith first openly about opera tours restaurants this several locations including Andover Lawrence experts up Austin. And in Boston's their district. And again. I was in their just the other day and Allen in their probe for lunch eaten and at the same. New tight menu. For lunch and dinner I don't know that's it it's normal but I was in their permit the only ones Oprah and I had their their lap where. It was. It was like a chicken lap race that was the barbecue chicken. Mean barbecue too polluted our future with leopard then there you know chill it was barbecued chicken chill of it trillion chicken interest and let us this week and he. The same time it's very very it's outdoors. And again up at about their ships playground section of their menu. You know. It's on each restaurant they all have their own section. And on that section of the menu. And each location that shaft decides what he or she would like to make. And they put on their their menu bridges were just talking mark robot to push you find that I met for young you'll find in Hartford. In Andover you'll find the short ribs in yawkey. And let's say let's get the seaport district is due in part gross lack Brett. It's fun because it makes each location a bit unique to have their staples and other standards but they let their shifts also create is fantastic and it's not just one item on their menu it's really a whole section right you know so it's it's kind of a novelty idea and I think is really really could have hit that great clever idea. You know are up as you know anything but I think they found something success because. I've been a lot of people go to that section in order. Everybody needs you'll hook and there's Salvatore is again and over large efforts up Boston and in Boston's the year district now. You wanna take dapper prime rib eye on this place can get recommended quite a bit on today's program target and the more the merrier as far as our concern has. LL let people if you hear something that somebody recommend something wanna talk about that don't call back and let us know too you might have a different take on it. But the Venetian restaurant and he April. As the king cut primary move that is beyond. Enormous. He won the most popular dishes and one of the most recommended primaries I think at that long long time. As people always heard about it goes back to the bishop days and markets and it's and the wait staff and open up their own restaurants when the shares are tired of the Venetian. And now they they actually. Went to Salem New Hampshire. And bought a bigger place because of Michael's function hall and it's the old and feel pats beat house open use location early open for dinners. And that's the only catch with over 2 o'clock today so be it replace take dad for progress bright. In the baked Alaska for dessert that Banesha restaurant route 11012. Al mystery. Right there on the new when he rule line do not miss it and they Alpine butchers what are my favorite spots going rebel great steak. I mean they have great steaks. I mean come on. Editor ballistics two days ago actually. And their votes into it they just melts when these were doing stakes are fathers they'll like those the first McCain among miles went for somebody else to recommend to put the absolutely. I there's nothing like they're located in lol right up periphery. And their stakes are a much or from the to say it right but. You get the gist of it I think they're black Angus lunatic you know which means they're in the top. One and a half percent of all states that they're saying yes so you go your finest steak house's haven Louise you name right. These these are the type the stakes at their server absolute but the secret is allowing missile that brought back. Oh yeah we'll so we'll operable far yep that's it to the same steak that you could get the Alpine butcher. You could go to you know one of these steakhouse I think houses and pay eighty dollars sport. I mean that's that's easily going to be like easily without without a question and if year. Wants a special. And he got the whole family over Father's Day Lou how about trying. There's some of their fresh ground burgers because they actually take the trimmings. And I I keep telling that I was talking to Tom Doyle the other day as I get it down there. And bring back refuse they take that Truman's from the primary when the triggering an optimist where we into the ground beef. And what comes out it's almost like a bar early farm labor. Of of the Amber's to list the malicious Alpine butcher. That are located at 960 feet transferred straight. That's in mold do them as the U gotta try this steaks and definitely you've got to try their hamburgers. Alpine butcher and wool. I generally right now is Damian Smith happy Father's Day by the way your new father. Yes I am with my second Father's Day with my one and after old and he is all they're ambitious but the lack. New you know but I don't think he's ready to get your Father's Day gift but if you had to get a Father's Day gift. I would suggest may be a great steak or great steak house. You know what I'm all about that beats anything from jerky chip charge are huge banner cal and does it for the rest that because today's rundown it's gonna be about great to fight each other additions record. Yeah and what could be more appropriate on this Father's Day right. He got it I meat lovers get ready all right let's start things off. OK I you know he can't start and that a lid on beat without bringing up one of the most players neighbor restaurant bar. I enjoy it out in the boom. Just kind of hilarious but. But it was a mainstay in downtown it's it's it's basically around the court out of federal court out. Huge traffic in and out of it great demographic of people going to marry an orange are anxious. Bunnies she went recently ordered the Japanese leg you beat dumplings from. And the filet mignon with aboard a late start and was just basically like the dumplings are some of the greatest things that bodies ever had. Record she set it makes you wanna lit everything off the plate. But also admit you're gonna find is Sharon owes one of their traditions is that the car Archie out. Crunchy bread crumbs and a perfectly brightness synergy Easter Carrick eating its own places. I cared because everything was exquisite. But you gotta bring your pocketbook. You gotta bring apart by about settling at three dollars I'm restaurant. You know I was there a couple of years ago and I they had them. Balance that way -- really was co BP actually I think they actually a copy of the time and they were shown me around and they were saying you have sometimes. You know restaurants think they're buying this beef because that's how it's presenting to them. But it's not any and they pulled out like a birth certificate of the cal that they had. With a nose. They're not being not out at neck level I love and an unlikely that overlook. I just don't know how comfortable I felt that I was sitting there signing on Agnes at that. Wait ever gonna watch it if you play entire Arab. Lobster with the editor of the equivalent of that given birth certificate of the Calgary. He had it and yes let's move it's it's a great restaurants and I love the light colors at the use in sight to. It's not that typical. Hardwood restaurant. The gap on Dario a little bit tipper went to many forgot about Americans take out yet it's at its China to open a new right. I that's move and is that embossed with sections is that it. No it. And the going to be barring it's sort of bordering govern carping and Beacon Hill I would say it would be how we find it very close she'd need federal court. All right that's boo okay and that's one. Middle if you want them and have a little bit more on the are the French preparation side than you check out mommy at all. I mean none of the great little restaurant I am in one of their preferred issues as Schiller mentioned is that steak tartar. A you know we are from a car parts you would mirror that I liked preparation. But the big church ours can beat that might like. Thick ice to the need. Armed Serbs are rare and it can be mixed up a little bit of egg and mustard. And the Biden needs in his wildest can keep together admitted beautiful apartment armed. Chela has. Really it's structured case. And it wasn't grounder through proper or some people like to take a shortcut just broke it kind of need prescribes a search that aggravate the protein that makes it really sort of dummy. And about what happened here and from personal experience. That's my main comment from personal experience are they one of the best. Chargers iPad is up at the Bancroft. Yeah up here I'm you know. Near Burlington. Massachusetts and it is just an absolutely amazing corporation executable Quayle like that chip on top of that one about art art art. Yeah I will second that I have had it there and I think it's one of the best dishes stakes. Period that to every get right and I wanna say you know what I think it may have been their cheapest steak on their entire menus to. This another three dollars enjoyable well or yes flat cure the wine cellars incredible. Like I went there for anniversaried America shares is a really really amazing experience so I highly recommended bank caught helping needy. Yet if you really want to indulge about the 42 ounce tomahawks that that they have there. Unbelievable. And they have an art curator how many restaurants are curator instead. That's a very specific career I believe that. Guy set them loans not that long ago and I had one of their fifteen dollar Beers. And I just had orders because it was a fifteen dollar beer. And how are it tasted like accords like. Or I will not out Buford that's. But it did get beat up out there but it's a wonderful restaurant I think bankrupt is phenomenal steakhouse. Definitely. I what do we get what we can get back on the dollar on the bed and point out I've had really amazing spot that a lot of pride in nearby college student but it actually resonates with anybody on the edge of the story is shinning on 391. Reviews. And it's a four and a half our average which around here's just incredible you're gonna fight in your Packard's corner annual debris area just outside a bar and and it is a little underground shop called wrote east. A recipe does a few different villages. But they're mean and wedge and about that you are gorgeous in their rooms be challenged mom it's gonna have a really super rare were SP. The turf but the Serb and a nice toasted onion roll which is pretty much a standard around here rose archer of these challenges. And but if we're talking that they can take it to the next level they don't even sure about thought they make all their own thought that. And what's really great that they have a our road nuclear challenge. Which if you eat one of their larger repeats marriages thermonuclear. Or not a time. Get the challenge for free here teacher on the wall or unity sure your photo on the wall saying. Which I would call the wall of flame but that that roast beast near also brightened and bought. Yeah I don't know who wanna do that but there are a lot of people wanna take that those red hot heat challenges. I'm op Ed Amanda as a matter of fact I have my little side project called the scope O'Brien and decide what we try to find out how to. But she is vicious and Boston and we all get together and try out together yeah. I don't know after I get the burn. It's hard for me to taste anything. I period yeah reliever Doug right right that's right that's there. Look at. You know what I'll I'll well we give a few more I wanna go to bogeys please which is attached to jam curly. It's right in downtown current and very close apart should start in the comment. Inbox and battery I wanna carbon these places that not only do they really really a nominal. Cut to stake and they have a very limited menu I'd the entire spaceships in the back of GM currently it's at some restaurant without a match. And the interesting thing about this place for the chiefs may be acting twenty comfortably at some of the bar back there very very small menu. Things like bone marrow appeared foreground church eatery on the appetizer menu. Along with the graft actual landing on that a power locks steak it's a matter earlier which is just a giant pupil cut deeper and Porter how you are strips that are the thing about that in its interest in here that not only is that through acts like let. You know bogeys places only open our first certain. Number of ninety during the week but if you call up and you have a large enough group it will open up the restaurants specifically for your group that's how small it was a bit as. So if you have a group mediators I don't know maybe some bad. You know that wanna get together for a week after understand a private experience that bogeys please it's definitely want to explore. Bogeys please I don't know enforce. I'd be remiss not to mention a really solid burger place where in the beach this year. So let's let's discuss what's going on in Dorchester about it. Brett have a 139 reviews. Forestar average really really well respected. It's gonna Dorchester Matta and area and what did you think about that is that they have. They have drive hamburgers that. Have a variety of different style of sort of traverse the globe Winter Olympics or has that Tiki played cucumbers red onion on top such characters. Greek in its approach. And you know what one of those one picket a lot and bad number. Views about this place is but now it's these it's got and we fight grilled him. But you at least we planned change grilled. And pepper Jack cheese along with crispy onion and delicious soft on that cater will. And the court said that the best bird that covered a circuit. Wow you know I like the burgers that don't have the double pad it's to me it a lot of restaurants and hours it's one of like. Kick it up so that put two patties on the mini camp to just overwhelms everything else. It's it's it's one of those really expect traditional style burger patty yeah if you go flat out these style or done on the skillet and actually I should doubt that I can pretty give her. Yeah you know Mike and I have always had this discussion and Mike and I feel the same way about this. Have you ever had a burger top of mobster. I would. No I have not and I think if you play through the box and they do it I I didn't end. This is not knowing either side of the discussions but not a prop up an interest me because I would think that they were sort of cancel each other out and do you enjoyed each each individual. The only thing it doesn't cancel out as the check. The guys that are a little rice now but it activity let her a lobster on its own fine great phenomenal. Burger on its own great together. That they just don't they just don't go together. -- David thank you very much you know and I invite all our listeners to go over to Yelp right now sign up become a reviewer over Yelp and who knows maybe maybe gave him every morning your reviews on Iran upcoming. Gaming happy Father's Day and have a great week. I am not a sorry about that that didn't think so talk to next week now don't get my. We can't talk about half a permissive and of course we do hope that we had a great time we'll get betray those in Dedham. Restaurants and we'll ratchet cracked that too we've been the location political people with two locations they have slightly different things we've been the book. Apple really really good talking. So wanna take a quick break you'll come back we'll tell you more about that LC Gary of marveling at you on the line at you know I'll give up the phone number let's talk about stakes now or anything. That's gonna life right through and restaurants or. Butcher shops we wanna know all right did you ever call 88843. Or 6464. That's 888. For three or 6460. Tour and this portion with the bye to radio is brought to buy. My body worn bills are rare coins New Hampshire that's where points up New Hampshire. Splicing the weekend up. You're listening to wicked by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's tended to. Go to WRK oh the voice of Boston. He yeah I'm. Even. When. He. Can he run. Welcome and welcome back that you present. Oil choked up over them both and that wind advisory it would don't stay right don't forget watching us on FaceBook live always liked. Folks China and tells their action watching us doesn't. They're really watched that one to solve world again and I see that mark is watching us in Colorado. Very hard Arnold again what it bites TV. On FaceBook just go there and watched the life he got. Comments and make comments and we'll look for steakhouse right now I can. Favorite steakhouse restaurant there we had them on the air to tell you don't just put it like Fred steakhouse. You know gives a little more information like where it's located what you like on on the menu which is really important and who knows. We get away delegates to be it's all the time we do all the times are. And maybe you can win. Dinner for two on us by right and common they are calling in on the show but it works both ways. It's yes I Kriewaldt restaurant brings you this portion which by its radio that thousands place look at her record Bedford mass dump it go in there and enjoy. They're delights of three Jumbo shrimp chicken and scallops are thirteen 95 they can have an all you can eat Chinese buffet lunch and dinner great wall restaurant. On great wrote how appropriate right now. Root for Bedford mass hi Alison works in natural Reza we pledge from as a not that long ago we vote on what we know we right we filmed our TV episode. At from as a restaurant to a woman to move and I love that place and Rick Lowe doesn't phenomenal job they're not only with. You just did he -- it's the experience and you walk it. Young he has oh wait staff that is just Welch right you know well versed in their menu and help I love the way they have. I really like a partial most of the kitchen is open. Only up you know that's his beautiful wood stove the wood fire. That they make incredible pizzas and Mike the kick up their pizzas I love the barbecue pizza. The earlier the barbecue chicken one of my favorites Apolo pizza the poll pizza but you have one was really really different. With fresh sliced pursuit to. Yet there was it was called the fig Leah. What local fix or figure where they from them I always forget the little stuff. But they have bigs but the other the big thing was a regal the but the Persia though imported a time pretty judo. That isn't free sliced and then like put in the fridge with a freeze or some. They actually have a slice serve as you sect or their kitchens open. They have a slice or right there and they get the big piece of Persian go and they thinly slice I mean. But we set on the show you just take a played a version of and to start eating on which I did I'll have salute like Iraq could you do a few more cuts for the for the television camera and instrumental in my get a little you carry that for you so don't worry about that. But yeah it's it's a slice to order so if you order that pizza you're getting freshly sliced Persian on that pizza at its. I don't want folks think that's all this pizza they don't I mean I just think they do that to a great job with pizzas we got a beautiful wood fire like that got you got via. You're in I don't go by shared with you at the stake for its. Being nice is careless or. Where this for preside. I missed that went through when literally to the shoot knowledge that the sort of gone or like I house the other bowl and is known as soon as I showed up on like mine and to name it. The ball was gone that it didn't even Stallman white shirt now that's that's located on just offer route 93 moment yeah it up which they were two miles down it's almost like the same distance if you go from 93 or one point here I came to Milan when he it would. But gets rate rate there in Wilmington. And again it's worth. Just going in there if you wanna bring home a pizza move board though. Your family lovely very good pars until Gates's. But if you wanna sit there you know rape are great race you know and they have a really I would say it I would call an award winning man as are allowed just about every item on them. We gonna make an award to give a tool yes and then we went to their second location which Africa may term as a went dead emirate there but it gets Dedham square. They don't know they do the pizza now that they do the pizzas that they do. You kind of kicked up. Next level much maybe I would say I mean to these like the finest of increased. Yeah it's it's based eleventh time menu but it's more in the minutes here Mediterranean side of things yes that it be. The braised lamb shank. That we I was just actually phenomenal fell off the bone apps and reflective I mean it's just that I couldn't believe how easily that they're really did. Yet again and again great seafood. Another place that I then went face in on the bowl and his fantastic right and we we do some meg good. Now and again that he's that. Plenty of parking there I mean there's meter parking right I'm for a restaurant but forget that for I don't know what quarter. That entire lot three long aren't there any known and it's right there a polite so molecule walking. And any distance I Russell highly recommend you had in the data move I think if the old. Is it Dallas location but if I'm pro am may be incorrect that I don't think there's restaurant. And they perched about a year ago. And I just do Mario is there move and they just they've done a great job with the restaurant it. He going to have a glass line there. Two open kitchen again there. You know these folks know what they're doing news that this ruins of the dual posing you know addition Korean achieves blocks there it was like who really cool fumble sharing appetizers like that cafe from as though in Denham who says don't forget that. Absolutely okay now it's up to you. I need your help. I ate up because we are looking for the area's best steak house's short can you call in and let us know what your favorite steak steak cast is now spreads in the right I can't seem to Myanmar has a lot of monitors appear bones legacy is the as. His head is kind of that the equipment at that replaces the big monitors so let's put picture in the Arizona and always there. He's gonna take your name and address off there because every hour we awards and dinner gets to negates the callers at random. So right now we're looking for your favorite steak house that you could call in and help us out who knows. You can win dinner for two our eye on us so we're gonna have you winners. We'll do a moment because this oust about it over but will doom for the next. Well winners before the end of the show how's that come up mab will have some winners on FaceBook to premiere live on which it bites TV on FaceBook stranger than what is your favorite. And I mean absolute paper stakeouts. Call and let us know here's the number to call 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. Car phones. Almost what we'll try to tarnish his posture but it is welcome if your if your travel and seed year old dad today you take him out to mistake us I wanna know about Eric. So give us a call first time cause. Are are encouraged on the program because heat it's folks like you that tells about these places that we may not know about the change so often. And if you help us out. Who knows we try to get to every place we just can't can't time be the change all the time exact that's that that's the whole thing the chain by Tammy get there they change. 8884346464. But is gonna step up. And tells about their favorite steak houses on with it by its radio today 888. 4346464. I would say we keep our adult let's go to Gary I'll Marmol had good morning Gary thank you very much for holding. That'd it Gary holt. Gary did not home I inner we had Gary arm for a long long time it was probably gotten a little tired. 8884346464. That is our number to call. On today's program what is your favorite place for steak houses. I also anything staked related if he opens up butcher shops. Even burgers. You know I don't know I think the Euro of them like an iceberg great restaurant not because they've really gotten France. Will be in action mentioned one of my new favorite ones that we've film because we film there was the Bancroft. Yes you're talking with a steak tartar with the quail Aiken the the state cup blog was the one that was one. It was rare that when Condit looked almost like. Tuna but at the I did not want to take a bite I exotic of that color on it and the big I'll try anything once and any cities like it's it's really really good sort of the bite of it and then you know finish the rest of it yet what exactly a week later Ehrlich. Ordering the state cup while the moment when rare rare rare that you know that's like I know how it is I want yes but yeah to bring Brandon ware. Data maybe a couple of Brothers with your. The would you get the tomahawk one. To hum 42 ounce come on a harmonica. We had to send it back to be cut. My heroes so than they they kind of a perfect because Clancy please feel a bunch of guys reach their organizers hacking which is what they do have the time it's the I but that's bankrupting located. I think it's third and a third happened early tomorrow to write them down the street from the bro moment that you know it's it's a new lifestyles that are actually called burnout and and I recommend going to write movement pretty much do but I I didn't try the birth. The bank cropper who we give it to call. Yeah our camera guy you know. The air as we were just kind of like between the stake in the C brutality Fuji I was I was again oysters and shrimp talked to looks like my addiction now yes. It definitely is super I 8884346464. That is our number to call here too which invites radio let's go to Peter of Pelham. Good morning Peter. Yes this is Peter how are you there. Good day Q yes I would step for banks on on on fought Friday night. Is that had the full plate in have been going live book. For years. And it's it's just great. Yep breaks they cast their look is that. But Massa went out in Arlington. Part of me all which deny its ten K Cambridge. It's ten or Cambridge drones in line issue around I have not you. To Brian Lawton and Cambridge edits Amanda francs in many years well I think he should go. Yeah I and ever if I recall again I am in I would say at least 67 years. Price is what the stakes are really reasonable at that time compared to other places other states. I probably half the cost to all of violet say. What top right Obama's run of Boston. Yes yup finals of flank steak house. My pleasure take REIT I idea actually recommended it's great. I Peter thank you very much let's go to Somerville now and Ralph good morning Ralph you almost got Whitley. Good morning happy Saturday thank you. On just share my favorite my prayer by our own Michael Jordan's. At a Mohegan Sun have not tried it I heard I don't undermine tell me about it they loved it. Or Gary great lawyers are trying to can't upbeat trying speaker Kim is a lot of good stakes poker billions of on a regular mistakes but. Try acres. Topical line and why that's why pray and pay more. You know what you say oh yeah they weigh in but I'm the Boehner rep buyer actually got to get the Boehner by it's Friday it's probably. I'm a Mac and all the other stuff they got there from contract to a tropical. Alltel and magician probable that the search. And pour out local which is a memorial on him bigger everything let me if you like steak and get out betray. I take up my favorite cut the stake is the is the revised and I've had a phone in. And when you get up early and there's a lot of labor right around that bones and Erica would make you tell me about what what's the atmosphere like hit it at. And Michael Jordan's steakhouse at Mohegan Sun. I was never comfortable archer especially Google earns our statements that are possible in on me pressure conundrum what Michael Bloomberg. Karen Torre de Mayo is. LAX ray didn't make a great place their parents great atmosphere everything so well. Like Michael or longer. In the Mohegan Sun thank you very much for your phone call Ralph 8884346464. Let's go to Gary a marvel ahead. Good morning Gary. Good morning pat how Oreo good but it's got today close. I'm OK with that attack or sound of yeah. I. A recommendation Mirai fried clams. JT found them to Netflix. All right Y I mean they got a lot of recommendations on on this show and and when I put up a post on FaceBook looking for the harriers. Best fried clams they came up you know right around that top tier what makes them so that. Well everytime they go when it it's so nice delicate age to lead and you know why we liked that about says I sit right down and have a nice mail. Like the village restaurant that's always a good a that those three but the thought I would say. Found them the village and then it Whitman's you know if he can even get them. We love it. Are so. It's JT's farms that correct my sanity back on god not located in Essex. Thanks very very much for Holden by the way a little while ago I mean help that we'll get back to more phone calls. 8884346464. What's your favorite steakhouse or wanna know right now. What divides radio street station is located on summer street in Malden. Yet set in an old train station actually 18191890s. It was about. Still going strong and well it's a restaurant doesn't stop train won't stop there anymore but it. The team kind of with his right by the track of every fifteen minutes or so did the noise. That's gonna find out robot and by the way they do. Catering in the Summers are you looking for backyard behavior. This is the place the motivation 53 Summers street in all of this thing out Al liberal part for us. Gentle bright note smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest to flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session with lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again we're into done X Perry have done export the diamonds and complete cosmetic in general dentistry teeth dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the wet dental bright group dot com. You walked Rob Guth we'd look you guys out of hours. This will live with every single day we hear you wouldn't leave much and you think he's cool. That's what it's all about people and him passing of a lot of people lawless area and then in a while and things. Writes are you looking for a place in the waterfront to be about a place with a lot of history. How about the no name restaurants Obama friend Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1917. That's backed. At Specter wool war one the war to end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine in the low priced seafood couldn't be fresher and the kids in knows what to do with it displaying considerable finance and batted fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. Eleven you really low and by the way free parking underlined that. Free parking in the seaport area that no name restaurant fifteen fish pierce they had it Jimmy forming okay. Peddlers daughter restaurant opposite pentagon and resigning would benefit problem. Other beverages you know it would although food that's famous and then at leopard Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's there's donor restaurants and hit a broad front Nashua. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. We'll give bites TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK you know the voice of Boston. Welcome back with a by its radio today was god. Others day's weekend and offering and bombing. My mom I know it by. I. I'm sure I'll we'll take you there are Islam. Because it can be. Mindful. I'm for the golf courses the reasons. I like both High Court in the morning right now. I'm going to let. I didn't have a big thank you. I'm I'm I'm recommend as well. Little side story. The guys carpet capital growth and adjustments are you and I well. You know I'm gonna have a little bird bird Europe and I'm ready. And I have no mention that I have routed the president of Ouattara. Oh. And whoever can move Carlos rural. But I can uncomfortably. To rest and food. I haven't brutal like royalty and had to kind of mirror in my life. All that that's always a great story but you've. Narrow roads open so matter. Did you finally get pregnant at an acceptable and a root growth and everybody. Unfunny prank that even at these high end steakhouse is you don't have to worsen anymore. Man that's got a little more casual but I know you're gonna go out there and you wanna feel some special you put on the suit which would have the cap. The release of Iraq. But then go to action can and all you look mighty fine that attack. What would you have. And. You know I when a certain number of red states. And they could have probably yeah but it by hand. Was it well worth it for you that's that's the most important. Part. And this is the location in Chestnut Hill. Right right I didn't have a certain amount right across the state. Our great thank you very much frankly your phone call he. That's a great recommendation capital growth. Well that's always a favorite you have that that's one of those top ones that always gets a lot of recommendations. Throughout the years for just acquire I mean it's what it is quality. And that's what you find there at the capitol bureau Don sausage company headquartered in Malden. I'm boy I hope you. That's at stake it's struck at the end you wanna grow with today some way to do it. I'm going to be at. Growing problem with my dad will they are wrong. I hope somebody in the family thought about Don sausage company in this state tips. Audio pat did take the day off so he repeatedly calling down to treat themselves well but at a because we give your bill without a but the outlook that you know it's worth that much accredited victories in the best they tips that money can buy and define him right on sausage company involvement. And CE just bring home if you have a grill that's wonderful you don't have a grill. We have no way of cooking them outside moon just put the pan. Into the grind it up and you can do the two they are so tender. I the original I loved the original one that's how remind my favorite you know I'm kind of hooked on the return they have different cup of flavorings. I just lost their original ones I just hard for me to move move beyond what they're just so so good dom sausage company ten Riverside park and more than. Now they open up really early every morning. Because an artistic it's going there and get expression supermarket items should do fine there and other cuts the stakes and stuff like that. Open seven days a week for a walk in Monday through Saturday they open up at 7 AM. I'm still rolling over in bed at seven. I think is when you go there and shopping yet you're you're right your steak tips and sausage and sauces and all the good stuff you get in there. Maybe some breakfast sandwich walk around the city and. And on Monday as we don't talk about this enough. You can sit there I know it's a specialist who former producer and another special uniforms you'll hyped up tables and may have a little kitchen area that they can do steak tips that you do eggs that you do. On Monday it's. They have the seafood castle boom fish that they make there. Klestil sleeper excellent excellent excellent I mean I know you sending in the supermarket. That and you stick it not only is sitting in a supermarket is sitting in a kind of like a place that specializes in in in meat write me. And here you are Mondays and your arm the seafood gas or. If things couldn't be fire they don't look between Trenton. And it's they give us. You look on our faces when they brought it over to us like really that we took a bite of like okay you got her break. Yep I go could we have some more time and analysts think Hillary I want some more. Don sausage company ten Riverside park in more than any member of about a Charlie family or else. Now we just had a call Gary morrow that called in about. I JK farms and Essex munger programmes he also mentioned the village restaurant SX's. A wonderful place this for sit down service he wants it down service and enjoy some fried clams that this is the place that I recommend looking. And I'm sure that can be really really busy today. You for fathers to it's one of those places that. I mean they have such unique story they'll put of in 1956. And back then. They kinda had this little tiny small restaurant I mean probably. Maybe twenty by point you know no larger than that right elected to or somewhat back that back in 1956. How things have changed it. And what they local fisherman would do is they would let themselves in. Cook themselves an omelet or pancakes whatever they want to make and they put money in a jar and they were just leave that money in the jar. And that's how the restaurant got started. Now it's been featured in salve or magazine the Boston Globe calendars to author fried clams and vitamins like it kinds of books. On the books they're fried clams. Just a great restaurant and a lot of what a lot of awards throughout the night. Wouldn't readers write in awards. The village restaurant and as it has won another open six days with so much there that closed on Mondays. And Essex masses about I would take 45 minutes from downtown Boston just take for 128. Worth the ride I mean it's just great trip I had nothing so. Do with animals. Just enjoy those restaurant drug through 13342. In Essex mask I think. Quick break come back with more full calls on the other side with a your favorite steakhouse. Food sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with pat with Blake and this is wicked by its radio which. We get by its radio the only place that lets you be the blueprint Sunday's tended to. RK 00 boy so Boston. And welcome back everybody Scott what they today sitting in for pat giving him his Father's Day on the because. She's OK so if so what's going to be the excuse next week that's it. Here are forecast OK so sort of expecting another pulled it yet. He he's been on the show forty years I understand that so I I think when the summer rolls around. He's like checked out that this is vacation yet. You like to sit back and they know what it's just nice to sit. I mean I'm not gonna argue with the facts in it is nice and zepa pool let's go to him and the pit equipment in. I definitely don't want that. I'd I would invite your favorite restaurant. Mistake today on programs that we can help us out make sure that you type baby TV go to FaceBook live our field with invites TV on FaceBook. And tells about your favorite steak house is there he can also call in every hour we award delegates that he gets we're gonna comparable to wonder pools today. And death matter fact Mike yup what you say this. I just think it's such a great it is the last one I have. And for those of when you're holding it like your pressure stupid. Those of you that are watching us and FaceBook wise you'll see in the hole this. Book who. We met Jesus. Precinct where it's total book that the that can and it is they. History it is to a speak easy. Hidden behind an antique books. To codecs BAR books antiques and rarity in national moved so we will be giving this away on this I'll war. Of the show on port at last why am I gonna. If you send me some more I think it's a grizzly Adams welcomed thing. It's it's a great place I mean you picking onto a speak easy it is gonna become like you know. Dirty and old Benjamin wells enough that this places on the foods went on to. I said it's it's basically like. As someone who goes to Walt Disney World lot of it's like an adult version of like that's sort of beaming. When you walked in and your immediately transported. Back to the prohibition era. Where everything's. The music that the clothing the cocktails. Though it just every part of it it feels authentic right and Iran and they really hole I mean they live the gimmick. Yeah we Lido and you go there for drinks are just. Crap and great food great who I don't sleep on the float just go to forgot to hear from I mean it's largely at the tiny man. Doesn't have to be I was good they think I'm gonna say they stole the show from a high end restaurant. He choose a group restaurant boom that New Hampshire that's a Phnom Morris drama commence in the name. And they got the shaft from there and also every item on the menus just. Who's been test every item Mike is better than the last time you had some ouster army keep going back in that worker. The bird was great. I had the the barbecue debate barbecue Berman wings that were fantastic. But I mean. The rock star for it was dark. The duck the dark but you didn't share so will be hitting fairway then tried to slow if you plan to try and I took a bite is that somebody else needs to try this nobody reached their hand and and I finished the plate. It's a lightening this up. We met Jesus and you could read the book again sought attention Calgary where there if you would like to do that at that you cure it against him to get to the codecs in a national Hampshire on the tower the show now where are you bring your dad today. That's what I would like to know. Where where are you taking dad today. Or where's your favorite steak house that we can help us out here's the number to call 888. 4346460. Forward I think you name and number register your name and address they say often there. Because will be awarding these they're against and get some is gonna win this great gift certificate. The the last call lecture reminded me because he mention Mohegan Sun. I'm going up for guys we can going down for guys we can the foxwoods and we're going to David Burke. Libya we and we filmed there with what Joseph fiscally from The Sopranos. And again giant seafood towers fantastic coastline of bacon both close and we did this last that last time we get one of these guys weekends there. We had a table I think we have maybe ten or eleven guys that this long table. And we basically lying to the center of the table with the bacon and like you say who we kept the tap. Look at that time was about shall Chrysler group smaller rock the invite him back again and not meet that I I've provided my own tip but. Yeah it was basically the way there was like some cameos you wanna go I I don't know I just wanted to fill the table so. I don't know. Fifteen feet with a bit of bacon with the but the paper and you're more aware of that one of the top they got absolutely well I've said before one of my top three meals of all time was. And I are right now we need your help coma and open minefield what's your favorite place right now. For stakes who where are you going. For stakes 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. And I really encouraging first time callers capsule. You know I we got a lot of people that say you know I'm I listen to the show every week but I never call. Well guess what we'll be skirt. We got a line open field. And we really want your opinion. And we're not go laughter Q with me chuckle behind the scene but no we and we will not we will be. We re nuts we would like to know and it's very easy to call it hasn't talked on the phone bit. But the problem with little FaceBook live intensity it's hard to hide the eye rolls and that the I 8884346464. That is our number to call where ticket dad today. Where you go company art it's as simple as that we're not going to eat we say we get back to the phones Mike let's go to Braintree and Natalie good morning Natalie. Net net all obsolete like does Sony and I just closed like. A good morning then that. And my happy father's very first time caller oh local and where I'm crying because. I finally I found a restaurant out of Boston because everything you recommend things that may not have black and and I found a restaurant where I have not so precious and a stake ever and I was that the hide away. At my station street and metal are. In middle world I the ideal way. Right away I tell us about what is the hideaway life. A very. Nice restaurants are the caveat that very night and that's. I waited after very very president and at stake without ever moreover there were. We got to serve with mashed potatoes and broccoli or rotten. Mr. could have so profound way and it's only eighteen dollars. Not that's not a bad price at all. Right well outlook will will definitely have to check it out the hype around it Gerald it's located middle borrow George street it's located on. Yes my station straight nine State's history in the price is overall. How how the prices overall. Well I'd say it's slower than. Anything I say around my area everything's when he chose 29. She took like I was eight came doppler I like those places we can afford to go up more than once a week. Yeah. The hideaway in the liberal thank you about general I think April ordered just at forty wander off and outlawed are at. OK great you. Great recommendation please call again okay thank you and that let's go to Peggy of charms or good morning Betty. Well good morning. Now Mario very good I sensed by the eagerness in your voice you got a great place for us to try. Well you know like I really like the outline what you shop your bio. I agree on jumped its street in Elton. Yeah it it's I'm tower at folks if you haven't been there. You gotta try it. It their their stakes are just. If these bully you go any new you have a stake. From there and you bring home and cook it. It's hard to go anywhere else because the pitch as early as it is wonderful states. But that he had thank you. Do you try other things there. Now not very much I'd just like at stake. All right. Art I do so I recommend recommend the Alpine butcher locally located at lol I think that's terms of road to just 31 effort bird yet. You know our Peggy thank you let's go to west Steve. Speaking of all let's go to steam locomotives Dave. I think I make aren't really alone now. Make no guarantees I could just say that earlier and they're workers aren't very good yeah out on a boat ride right out of our. I'll ever appear on a Boston we're gonna go up an hour and a half I think that the guys maybe only be tried off audit the Campbell going out the thought some of the old they'll vote. They're out. While both are never going to what are your favorite never mind the no name after the yep. Look it wanted authorities are you that. Yeah I've got to pick the right place or is there. Recruit yeah I'm you can out of doing now wanted on wall you cannot do in the hallway that. Got in the wall area if you want a good break. Okay there's a probability that you guys aren't part on a one down another feature. But up and great get on Broadway road as the village and that been known director of what the speak easy in the white Rick I know edit called the village and and they make a great steak and it went illustrate if you goto and as a joint like a play bad but it's been nice ought. And you're probably gonna put these yet to with regard we used in lol not terribly expensive as it Beckett Greg barber wrote 13. It's in drinking if I recall I may be wrong on this team. I believe they're haunted. They are aren't so I believe what corrective work even funny or not forget but although the law. I want all in the land behind this they cut my. And it was about fifteen acres that are rigid and I'm proud of that they cut it back aren't you. And on the land what they weren't building weather cold eyed corn or the pop. Go on the door was brought up guard and I did the reaper cart program back where they kept the Bellwether that was the peak he. That was in the woods helping our abilities and are not the actual building where it was a concrete kind of brought. It was buried into it open nobody could see. Interest. And of course there are however some dopey old record Alford now I thought that the piece of history are vital whatnot are. But yeah but I'll check out this deal but that keep that no good play and also not a place. I always I hate it's how you guys about it because the way people will grow corporate good of course you can't beat that quite. The ball on Gorham street it's a good times. Yeah good times restaurants in the era that we're seven and a half days a week although there I'll. Analogous to really play if you haven't gone if you guys haven't brought the yuppie who goes yeah I editor tiger they don't want a crowded out anymore well. It has been recommended on the show quite a few times. The times and separate out to wait. For the people blow air Rick Doherty. Our sounds. Noted Steve thank you very much via phone call. I what's your favorite take us 8884346464. We take Baghdad today. Because. Steve is kind of like taken to a new that the bar me yeah he set the bar that amount will boat tour earnings don't know name. Yeah he he's at the par on this government sisters. You know that you don't even though there is food and I don't know there's of them has yet the call had here. I 88843460s. Portland trying to blow before and that's right. Up by China blossomed as a laughs at me and 8884346464. Rest aren't they loot she got in Winchester five dash thirteen not burn in street in Winchester answering a fine. Good buddy month Whipple prior role. I'm sure his wife and at the lovely and will be there. They have some great Thai food and on their special menu they have a and it's always on the specimen. You wanna impress dad you wanna impress your guest. They were delicious bone in sixteen amounts. Sixteen pounds he'll watch and wait to see if they stopped it with spinach farm team achieves its axis. And real it. Its own one it's it's huge. To you won't believe you finished the whole thing and it is speck tackle but it's only on their special menu. He got that. To correct especially. I also highly recommend. I had this the other day and when it went in there and and again I was Conan and get the field job and that's what Iowa. At a table next to me ordered the veal parmesan I love you farmers on net but the red sauce had that vibrant color too with that I've read too. It did its job and all of a pick up my order but I keep it up a notch and eggplant on top. Saw. Wow rest of the day who Chia and Winchester the outcome convinced at this point you're you're you're starting to lake. Add your own little twists all these neighbor restaurants of viewers because you saw over the years packed got his name put on menus and you want to Scott Whitley. Veal harm with the eggplant with what a funny story might get a plea pose other restaurant we Bos and volleys those Muslim north that. Now. Upstairs you that you this photographs of my. Every every yeah every famous celebrity that has gone to that restaurant it basically a famous person's come through Boston it wonderfully but they've gone to put I'm talking about. Presidents and I was acknowledged who I needed. To have lunch with Foley bode George Bush when he was president W Herbert walker. At W well but it will look a follow G that the that the it was a it was scheduled like a week and a half after 9/11 happened so it never happened never grow. You see. Another reason but getting back I regressed amongst the story rising Ali's photographs everywhere and there's a picture of me move and delete button. There's on the back for as heading into the bathroom walls there are gonna start somewhere right got to start somewhere and try to work my way about it I think Bob viewers in the bathrooms that's not a bad place debate now if apple. I answer restaurant that we were right there at gateway of Boston's story it really is. I let's get back to the calls us go to Michelle of Kingston and good morning Michelle. Good morning Michelle. Good morning born. I let chimp recommends I'm sure you've heard there's a sore back in Beverly Massachusetts. There are saying nice little restaurant prompted Tebow. It's located. At the Beverly gave boat it actually has trained striving Serb starting diet but they have the most. Nothing about stakes. And they had a great salad bar where's big trunks as she usually you can go up and help yourself to be achieved in Britain. That it's a wonderful restaurants. Yeah I'll I always find their restaurant you're not from the Beverly area. They're not what I would consider our main road. No they're not at all but it's not at all Eric not embarrassed fire road at a very you know. No main roads in the city. It. It was it was like poultry inspection went on remember the history of the building it and all the trains are. Yet. And it that your age changed stopped there. And oh by the folks I think there's still owned by the votes than on the hard covered Amber's. Yeah yeah yeah yeah that's true. I would recommend you guys have been there are many years for our members XP and excellence and I love the mystery inside there. Very it's yeah so. All right Michelle thank you very much at the deep well. The depot restaurant in. 88843. Or 6464. That never get to wicket by its radio Scott with me today. 8884346464. Let's go to Bob Burlington good morning Bob. Want me gag I want to play for detecting estate anywhere I don't care what any of Garland. It might sound crazy but fully shoots the cat and then not stone him unbelievable. Hi Helen. I let me tell you and Freddie sent great guy he had to do was because we guided the meat guy he'd abide his lead up well. It was commute secrets yeah. While I thought I gotta tell you Bob on Friday mornings I do the WRKO morning show acumen BB. At 9:30 in the morning and my topic was was basically what we're talking about now stakes. And a place that I I kind of gave him my favorite for primary of in my. Reviewed GO which is the Brazilians they counts kind of you couple my places. And I said you know what you want a great stake in Italian restaurant. Police is the north end of Austin and you're absolutely without a doubt yeah. Well and that's the hardest. Yet thank you very much for your call Bob yeah. Basically Friday. I'm sure you're a past life. I mean he eased on everything in the business I think he I've a year. Aiming at fishing boats were all that matters jurors her once but he was a butcher welcomed so Freddie knows quality. Nobody knows Linux he knows his stuff now and I want in the air. It's going to be about. Before it really discovered a great estates when I went in there and pretty sedate. I got some great steaks and meet some great steaks let me give news from the bring home cook on the growth. Jillian and wrap them up you know for me just from new. Oh the Alpine butcher back back quality. No there there incredible cross while I think I had like a sixteen ounce sirloin steak. And I had just put up on the grill and Al club and they also have a stake BT go up. Which is in New York's ruin steak it's a sixteen ounces and sought tape in this when this out there with mushrooms and onions and peppers. In a red wine sauce and served over pasta post called them. It's it's called state Pete Segal who. Don't do so it's a little bit of Italian newness over the wishes of the north that is look at route 28 style. And so and Freddie is the owner of I would recommend it furthers that sounds like Gerald eatery twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy if you want a place. Right and a place now. This is the place that it had some forethought. Most of us hope we do. And dad was coming over the whole premise coming over. You could pick up party platters sir. Because on Sunday. At at generic eatery in Queens. The restaurants on open. But that he counts side he would spread so they do he says but they do party treats them and and Jerry's is the kind this. He wants it put a smile on everybody's face and does. And it's food does not a I mean out of court a few times it's just he almost wants to watch you rusty because he just enjoys like. When we used film and that that really was that was one of the things that it took getting used to we started doing a TV show with having the sheriff's kind of sit there and eyeball UNL your first fight and it's like. Oh he's too he's like seeing my reaction to his work it's not a sort of creepy thing it's it's it's actually a determined to your moment. Right and one of the items that apart expert party clutter and he's he's. He's made this force and several times moved. Is that really Tony were stick vodka. Yet I don't we'll first there's I have there which is fantastic yeah and here are so good party. I. But if you go into the restaurant during the week there were a bit she served really. One of the buyout. And on radio camp on on TV unknown FaceBook you can it was kind of like. It was a mile and do with a mound and the dish was almost like it felt like a serving dishes that analysts viewing public. What's the party approval peak which you know I think I have a feeling huge I have a film like that's probably the size. Then nobody is just you know that's what he said he's leaving this is a serving this is purely. This from me like three of my large Brothers are the. Right now I wanna say and I don't know if this is correct the dinner portion of that sites. Is about thirteen dollars. You know I don't know how we don't he he he cherry just these last sampling any feels like your partner when you go in there. And it's very friendly atmosphere spamming friendly great prices channel and it's there restaurant that is just kind of kind of grow. Boom in Queens especially in reputation because he a guy like that it just. Just enjoys what he what he does he get to further when he makes you think. Because I mean time we're there yet his whole family come in and they were all leaving and they're all just very happy people yes you gotta love that some leaders actually loves what they do. Yes that's Janeiro as twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy. The Chinatown restaurants that cater route 27 in stone that's Lisa and William one's place where I recommend there rooms. Yeah edited out of town degenerative Chinatown roots there is nothing like that some like four hours to pair Louise little smoke. You know Chinese restaurant has a smoke. And it kind of put their Chinese flavoring on him at the end move. They're sold me because they're by saying damn man and an average that a Chinese restaurant can be gnawing on the ball Newton blue or so meters so tender. And as somebody once said the meatballs off the bone some recent somebody says that. I would recommend that to go in there and see this place though when he walked in as the at the open kitchen when you know kind of shocks. You know really dusty walking go out cleaned since torrential GAAP I and and and it's it's really kind that that that you just kind of goals the whole entrance of the restaurant now how clean it is how large the restaurant. Prices it's it's really they do Phnom Russia to not only set to private breach at the door Lisa long. Chinatown restaurant in stoking. OK if you have a rare corn collection are looking to sell it are you looking to buy a rare coins. Want to call Warren Mel's record to New Hampshire 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. War mills. He's the guy that I trust action by. Nine but some like I am but a little bit but I have run I love I can't afford the golden eagle points just no. But the so records they're like eighteen dollars apiece. And there are so. There's so pretty until. That's what I've by some some silver from from Warner and actually start doing it about two years ago. Prices so I was like fourteen dollars like up about 1819 or it was. And I'm like him why me tomorrow it would now cost you more for wanna get more right but it's worth it. Warren mills rare coins in New Hampshire 80225726. War. Again if you look at for a backyard barbecues somebody cater for you I recommend the pearl street station in mauled and Alan robots place. And a cover right right to your house. With their own rules their own experts. And they'll make. You are party to NB of all the neighbors to collect more information. And they they enjoy it for a for a long time now every summer since the pros who stationing people countless got a call. Asked about their backyard. Parties they put on week. The pearl street station 53 summer street all the thing I Allen robot for me I look for your favorite steak houses got about half our left on the show. Again I'm giving away someone this hour's gonna win it's gift card you wash your face of the lie. Republican bites can be on FaceBook you know. And if you're not. Are those and in the Nashua, New Hampshire area yeah we get is it this way. And enter all the callers it right now and anybody who comments on FaceBook like Jerry just an outback steak house always it's great time. You know on the things the wrong answer. It's your taste buds characters but the that we want and 08884346464. What's your favorite steak house 888. Fourth report 64. Six people. Spicy weekend out. You're listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you be approved credit Sundays ten WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcome back with the lights radios for twelve noon today discussed with the game. On this father's that we and that's where Johnson callers I don't know if it is now he's at the pool the sun came out guns the Internet and I would love to. Turned on some problems couple of places that they recommended sentence to time beautiful well we have no way to Baghdad today which it's 888. Fourth record 6464. That's 8884346. Point six. You know I you know I think through recently our. Dana and I don't talk to break. Bruce people go on what was. He doesn't. Moments. To me they're done right let's play. 8884. Record 6464. That's well. That's were not some of the callers that we had death recommendations are fright fans were JT part of the ethics. Frank steakhouse in Cambridge also got a recommendation. And I love this whole row from Somerville called inning recommend Michael Jordan Statehouse. In the legally with Amazon. And he said which half surprise there lose their bone and then. We'll. We give me the trouble. Well record us. But the that it was now on the move the owner group of course you are. Break apart parks that capital grille chestnut hills has placed this is my favorite body but services but no I didn't remember. At what he had the but I just love the service there it's. We had a call from Braintree. Then that she recommended hideaway in middle or upper great prices also agree that providing eighteen dollars so that's a place that they had. Out there which it all the menus as per prices opine butcher got a recommendation. From Peggy charms for Steve. Of lol. Recommended the village in in Drake at the no name restaurant in Boston and good times. I think at times is in drinker at Drake and decent in so that's right in that area. The depot restaurant in Beverly got a recommendation from Michelle of Kingston. But for ride I just to start from kinks and apparently but maybe if it's good it's good. You'll amp. Just a few moments ago Europe opera brought and he recommended for great steaks and Italian restaurant right second that's his polices of the north then boom in stone. Go insane hide Freddy Freddy fresh for you go because he has great steaks there are people would not expect. It to be. And of course you can always a comment on our FaceBook broke a live show FaceBook dot com slash with a bye Stevie as we stream the show live every Sunday. See that we have we've few viewers from Florida actually a government and yeah and here's my recommendation. There's a place in Delray Beach we talked to a chef who also happens to be a UFC fighter. Charles Rosa from Peabody he now lives in Delray and he's a chef and cut 432 in Delray Beach. I went there Lester was losing my mother in Florida with. Fantastic state has won a stake also Father's Day what might. What what he complained to him. No. And luckily he took on a package that likely he's a great of a ship that I don't have the complaint or after. Think about well if I complained to put an arm bar and snapping off a but no it's it's a beautiful thread on Atlantic it's a great deal rocket with a ten to write them if exactly if he's he's working out while he's shipping yet but at the way that cut for 32 is the restaurant's name its rate on east Atlantic avenue Delray Beach and its blue literally you can look at the beach and the ocean as you eat it's beautiful. Yeah I mean I. I can't I can't figure to perfection in an opportunity to be in Russia that he got to know how to eat right if you go and how to eat and how to cook. So one thing leads to another. You become Musharraf I think. He was at the guard but two people listen right whom I mean. And smoltz or no he's he's legit he's UFC and he won the match and he won he won and beat the hell or. It's scary though so I wouldn't do. No one to ponder like my party part we put Britney in a cage once I'm watching her get like. Chicken wing normally hold me and it's just she's small but I thought it was snapper. A little six or wouldn't do that with a. But she she was enjoying them him. My god richter brokered Mac. And rip the insurance you look at it in the area. I 8884346464. Can help us that. We've taken that they want to get a few more minutes on today's programs that help us out in late great gifts to get through one of the callers this hour. We're looking for also great stakes we've taken dead and now. I wanna know about roast beef sandwich is because I see online. Most looking online. Areas recommend counts roast beef. He says legendary. What is alleged. I mean it's the original around here so that's I mean. Yeah I'll let it because I'm on no you absolutely and the one in the one Revere beach is legendary it's like the original. But it's it's in my opinion it's also become one of those things Cali Nike paying for the name. Yeah you know I mean yeah. So though the prices have gone up button and get again there's no wrong answers. Now there in several locations like George archer artfully right and is that he beauty Amber's area looked good on those little sluggish so on. Yeah that the big one was sort of the fish tanks. Of course there locations its view the original switch yeah I mean it really. I mean it was always kind of known to the area but who was a Good Will Hunting the movie that China was that. Is that what they named dropped the action as solid as. Because because they were talking about going to Kelly's drive for. The only North Shore people know about that about it. Everybody thought they meant the Revere one but there's no drive through the as a driver. Because yeah because Ben Affleck brother was trying to hit up the girl at the drive through of Kelly's which is Olympics. IOC. Growing up a Winfield did pay off. That's. Yes. But in that Revere locations always done very voted. See frank my buddy frank on FaceBook live a Ressa is in Medford pago. They agree that a great sauce to their and it was recommended. The stakes there won't he says for under twenty dollars. But I can recommend like you're saw us there if they're attacked Iraq on. It's auspreys kind of a sweeter saw us. So like honored just like their posthumously to six also her proposals are karma like more like pasta focus off I think it's an excellent plus there. Are right upper nineties for who can. You know easy to get to go easy to get to radicals in Medford to take a look there's some more comments that are coming in FaceBook lives dumb enough. We'll take a look you can look at you it's. Thumb through those my oil Lindell and Burlington and what if my birthday two years ago and gorgeous steak house yup that's gorgeous restaurant. Yet the problem I have bandanna who when I first went there a couple of years ago I drove by three times. Yes it's like that place we always talk about that's not there anymore. They had an Italian name by the motel six in Denver is brutal like they go through it yet I love that place. Yeah I remember nine. And that is Iran its own it still is moot but a buyer's guide and on couple restaurant in Boston. And he. Maybe it took a little whopper to catch on picture in the city being outside the city and to buy it because they thought it was a closed as women we're talking again yes I I was closed furniture store. My drove by it. And their boss they want it they have this bit parking lot of property when it pretty park in the pack there's no. Yeah on our office and change that so I never thought it was open to that went in there. It's not that special you know. You know it is really a great little state counts no it was it was ordinances and things it was really it was a beautiful place he the foods the foods axle. Just excellent. But I think it's a little while. For him to say okay we're gonna bring them my Boston experience yeah. And what's a little bit different is a little bit off the beaten path but I think it's one of those things especially now with GPS and everybody's phone it's you know people are fine. If fine yeah they're finding it just it's it's no longer. You'll beat Blake when we first started when I first started on the show about what ten years ago or so and we're talk from a brutal way. We didn't have GPS our phones so. I was literally taking the directions the pat was giving on the radio show me like way to go down route one. And if you see the motel six you turn in my that in your past and if you go past in my home encompasses a nightmare yeah and it's a damn shame because that was a great rest that was one of my favorite restaurant really was I thought the food was exquisite love the atmosphere and they have this I think one of the largest lounge counter bar was phenomenal yeah giant wooden beautiful bar it was awesome and great again greats like -- kind of it didn't fit in front of the motel six know it no I mean that was I mean that would have fit like in the theme of land and it's a beautiful big steak house type of place at times they call out the kitchen was open to the again the problem I thought. All along was if they were. 2030 feet closer to who want you to see it will issue. But they should have done is bought the property across the street where I'm tequila as was right across my Home Depot that would have been a huge visual on one. Yet you could see that ya you'd see it and there's always that that. This little round about right to get turner won fourteen who won and there's these these couple. Big pine trees. Right there you know trying to block you people that you couldn't see from the road. Now like you would literally see it as happened this wasn't pretty like like we said that you had to look for the motel six on luckily they Leland. Yes and definitely. But it it's unfortunate as one of my favorite places. Gerri on FaceBook is for roast beef he say in Nick's roast beef in Beverly is always great. Always gets recommended recommendations Gary is all about the roast beef I love it so tell us more Gary where are some warrior pharaohs before it's easier. Or no place to your recommendations on the show peruse The Who is the blue house of Pizza Inn. And say that Salem New Hampshire okay right on the with a one line on just offer route 22. And it's a blue house you do a quick he wants to ensure that you know what you want there and they have like oh. They've like an enormous obstacle one pounder. One come roast beef sent via truck Anderson it's you know and and I thought there's a lot of meat yeah I that there were kidding. Going to get a small list of concerns it. I have won an unfortunate I don't remember that in place. My wife that is a new place that opened up by us and had a roast beef sandwich whom you today. And a small one. Absolutely to and so tender liquor remember the name of it. NM my wife today wanna get some another SP sandwich she got me a larger one the only problem I have with the large ones. She's too much roast beef with takes away from the youth from salary which is sure sure. Things we're from the role in the room like that to the dog was quite happy Paltrow who was at but I couldn't believe like how much. I gave the dog Rex and I still at a time but it you know but it was so tent so. You know at the rose that'd be bar is that beat party in Bellingham mess yet they get to Bellingham and Smith feels and is it that feel or idea. Yet that's a place that. At what price report dollars you know once I agree during the quarter for once fer for the sandwich. Allowed it would make that kind of thin slices in the sticky in the news you boot so and the economy into a ball so it's all. It's I mean they aren't really juicy delicious it's what it's what they do so they've kind of perfected it over the years I've been around some sort of seventy user or maybe seven years. It's been awhile awhile awhile built the silo that's right there. Yeah I I don't know eat I think they've built the silo in the region that that that was the original Smithfield was at the Richard that the other story was and it always gets confusing because. They originally owned the one we were at a Bellingham and Siler we mean like a barn sigh I mean a barn so it was a farm one time. And they sold it and then over the years bought it back. So they originated that one sold to somebody else that person I think had an Italian restaurant out of there but kept the solid kept the structure. And then maybe thirty years ago they bought the restaurant back and read read. Re branded the before yeah so original owners but it hasn't been. I don't know you can it's popular that it's a popular spot was busy though are there yeah and a. And and it never stopped no yeah and we you know we were there like in the middle today so you expect if they think it's gonna slowdowns that now people just knowing and you know you get a quick sandwich. We aren't sure you can head on out and did your one micro yes they do virulent it moved so that's that's kind of an usual for a street Louis is not whom have a their wallets just salute. Guerrier beef guy coming in on FaceBook Billy Bob's roast beef Selma Peabody I love the big iPhone action there. I grew up on Peabody high time that I've driven by and it never tried that runs it you know I grew up on bill Bob and David. Absolutely. Just may be wrong. He is a roast beef sandwich and sort of like a New England thing. I believe it's modeling doing that I feel it's very North Shore. Now I think I guess if those were very very matter more schori type of stuff I could be a 100% wrong. But I know that I mean growing up there was rose as many roast beef stands as there was Duncan donuts if my enemy and oh yeah that basically that type of. Yeah all right charitable awesome restaurant that's gonna find David years Richard and Connie. Janet will be rejected door they open up in 1960 make them when the oldest restaurants in the time where America. Yeah and throughout the years they've they've kind of opting in the restaurant that remodeled restaurant they always like to keep up with the and so the Asian American culture turn and and you'll see some of his is his work around the restaurant he sees sort of like he took those. Yes he's all right in my nature type your photographs they're gorgeous pictures they're gorgeous his work. Actually appears. In one of the museums in China. No kidding about fancy home. It's defensive ends her though and you'll see ya Ni you'll see Richard you know you see Richardson rule restaurant. All I can organize them for a highly highly recommend as your primary. On the dinner buffet to you about love it love it love it love it I always I have a way of leading. You a way of beating deadly beating. He hearsay do his my secret. You gonna have or can Chinese buffet right allies shoots and misses personally start of the Mike to you military operation for eating at the buffet and you can look up. And I start with a little bit solution. Right. Get rid of that plate that I go up and I get the primary. You know with the illusions we'll throw that although an outright some of the stress Chinese stuff sure. Then a pretty much time but I'll start get some ice criminal over those cookies and a dessert my time of course via the owners as well that it supports that as you do that's. The way I operate in the time watching. Kind of blossom or what's funny by the North Andover don't forget about the village restaurant and Essex that's Ricky cameras place. At turns around 13322. And Essex mass 45 minutes and downtown Boston. Yet if fried clams are this book which you know you can go in there get a black and blue sirloin it's a bonus or one less place rob season on time. And it's char grilled and top with thing. Apparently it's it's tough. They can and can pull a half. Alone. He village restaurant. And ethics mess. Idealist that wicket bites right it would take a quick break here we'll wrap things up. Looking at steak houses now which have little time and don't forget what bites TV encore presentation Tamar she beat and one that's. You know it's a country we and I had that I was 32 months of the prime rib all awful seals are revealed that the 2 PM. In essence that you DVRs were right now and again it was a wicket by its radio and AM succeed if you are Kyodo voice lost. What did you hit murder it's horrible Solomon on the fifth over. Funny what some little bit and also a brand new location down. But one of the best burger. Every car half pound burgers might take a little longer club but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare grass and well done is well about. I'd love to talk to you know batter restaurant chef owner that I know very well and have known for 2530 years. His name is in the belated desk he's originally from Naples as about a threat to his. Actually go to BO lawyer is it that Napoli law school in Naples and decided. You know something I really would like to be this year. So he came to America he worked here for awhile in the north and opened up his own restaurant very successful and has won every award on the planet or. Okay and when he won in 2008. The 2000 played award for the best Italian restaurant and chef in the world. And that was presented to him by the nine doors of Rome Italy. Now I'd suggest one very special this. That would be the stakes Allah and luckily the famous radio star. It's very spicy sea entity care we get that you have to develop a taste for that night. There's the seafood coliseum the veal coliseum the stuff column on it. I know that you will enjoy this restaurant to visit him and they relate to desk is a chow coliseum restaurant route 28. Record ridge shopping plaza Salem New Hampshire. Can't pay their daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with that problem. We have them every dispute though it would although food that's famous and then in the leopard Collins. I'd friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's still at a restaurant and hey broke and Nashua. I'm Warren also reference to capture the last 37 years I've been an experiment where cornfield. I helped found they need human help you with your rare coins gold silver or any forms of bullying or paper money. I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news mattered publication. So let my expertise comes to help you catch of all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN. The home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This seems we'll get by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston's. It's. Janice Scott was it today. Again kind of wrap things up here on Sunday Father's Day happy father's side. That's The Today Show up. You've got to wrap things up here again 2 PM. 2 PM got to remember that that's tomorrow I think tomorrow. We just had it. And old time. The tar and gravel time we did you know knowledge wonderful all of us who have beautiful golf course. Spectacular clubhouse yet protector restaurants they did have the food and drinks were definitely good that there which they come right back where around the globe. Who put a hole. Now I got the clinical for the ratings to commend them will decide who thought that yeah I mean here in the eleventh hole. We're filming no warmup for me now right. Where are that's their signature hole 185 yards. All carry. How my acquiring we get to take a warmup swing and I didn't wanna take even a practice wearing because Ron TV. I put it to the back of the green just roll off onto the fairway it's wasn't that 485 yards all carry with no warm up who wish to do that normally writes. But it was a nice little start. I hit the I hit the swamp on the virtual golf. Definitely hit the couple time this couple to swamp the ocean that the soon but typical political barter for a golf ball. Yeah it's heavily at that beautiful approach shot on the eighteenth hole. Coming in with the clubhouse in the back yeah. It just it is just a really nice place and I thought the food. You know one of I'm summit was not Joe's mood I thought there try a multi I don't know was tricolor dryly yeah yeah not they. The view or in the red noxious insult Weston to zoom. Excellent excellent access is one of those things you from the dish. And you have a nacho moon and it's just have a notch but they start moving the cameras and lights in we just have a novel element does have a number one for the second shot have to play it's gone. The and you know on I didn't get to try and looked phenomenal. That telemarketers. Those malicious. It looked it was really really all that they had this it was kind of a spicy marinara sauce underneath it and of course you know the peppers most of those. Actually phenomenal and you know via the Jumbo shrimp cocktail that I had because you know my addiction. And the but the and they were Jumbotron feed the addiction that's a. All right speaking of feeding addiction how about Massa mean as Katrina Italian on the north and upon you go all the mores place. If you got a hankering for some great food. But you want somebody with some creativity. It is Paul is Paul and me and the secret is talk you wait staff. And just say hey I hear Paul's back in the kitchen cooking is telling them makes them for me. And that all may whatever he feels like who you know it's not gonna probably be on the menu. It may be and maybe something just found that afternoon that just fresh right to raise ago. And he can't go wrong. And our beautiful day like today I know the windows are open to get a feel like you've done in Italy and you know it's not. You know it's not hard. You get to as unison some putts some parts of the north and kind of tough to get into. But I kind of like where he has sort towards the the TD big garden side of the north that. So this this parking in that terrorists you know and you as always seek the team reminds stops right there anything or slide stops there. I get off and you're almost right that is doorsteps. Paul the Maury. That 207 and cut streak right there in the north and of Boston and doping about the great wall restaurant that's als has placed in Bedford mass. And that they have won the reader's choice right in poll. I would say 1718. Years in a row. In that area they to a pole and then looking for the best authentic Chinese restaurant around. And you know what year after year. Now aspirants from those awards he used to their line the walls and when you walk in they've annoy me Chinese buffet but I don't recommend that you go on the menu. And then if you like doc. And I umps are really likes doc whom if done well. The great wall has a duck special. Now you could have it with a chef's special sauce which I recommend. You get a half duct for about thirteen fourteen dollars okay if you want to hold up. About 23 through five dollars. You know it's it's it's wonderful I highly recommend. The duck it did get that get that the great law restaurant. Root for in Bedford mass please say Heidi house when you go boom boom it's easy to do. Either through mr. wrap things up you know fund showed today. You. Bunch today were talking about statehouses and non I'm in the mood now again Michael Jordan's steakhouse and at Mohegan Sun. Went when Ralph called and recommended that that phone in. A revised you know. Now and I can get my mind. Now announce that you can't pick and confession of no now now now we do our typical Father's Day stuff and I'm probably the number on the grow and we'll be thinking about this Boehner and revive. You know what do I mean open which is not that far program some of their burgers and make today and I wanted to Doyle's was a I got a special ones I'm sure they do yeah. Drew do they do great gourmet burgers that yes they use the trimmings. Oh there Angus steak and they grind Angus newspapers. Can't help my book to throw the road in and one of just government. It's gonna wrap things up we'll see you next Sunday. Ten to twelve noon right here in the URKO don't forget about TV show tomorrow's on presentation to be on.