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Sunday, May 14th

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Listen don't wicked place radio the only place that lets you. The blue curtain Sunday's tape WRK elbow voice of Boston. Happy Mother's Day everybody they've. Did get to let it cooperate with a bit. We get hit terrible nor'easter that they've promised it yeah that and a brief sag. Poll 46 degrees this time today. But that is so low loan rates were visibly and I need that we yeah I office. At least that would be what we. Were lately it would be who quickly and as I get there and I went no way in my Lawrence so I am pretty it would do a lot of graduation party is. I attempt to the guru it's something. It is important that they play they play and I drink and it and put it in my injury get partnered. No no we've made it into the par. Most of us and he could look at the do well Lou if there bow eleven almost twelve little really. Wow you can't afford it the amount college now and simple and Evan Dallas. Here who. Anyway what they'll avoid this is what. Used to be called a penalty restaurant program. We've since changed the name to wicked fight because we have a television program by the same name. Mike tell everybody right now they can watch is on FaceBook connect to participate in the show alleged go to FaceBook dot com slash wicked bites TV we have a live stream every Sunday it's right up to the top of the page. And that's simple it's that simple you go is to Graham and everything else all of them where we're we are hooked up with everything. So clear that and everything but this big deal coming down taste of 45 is that what it's called instantly apart with. It's what it was called was what a couple weeks ago we do. Yeah two we can go on Saturday night they're drew was there and 45 or favorite chefs and all doing now I was proud to they had the music Larry all it's going to be on the TV show I don't know weeks we've been having on I think the first weekend of June I think it's scheduled for noon that jumper and is now how I had to go it went really really well they had the VIP. Section no we of course hit first right now it it was interest on the straight attack in the strike it that kind of overlooks the garden section. The rooftop garden. At Fenway Park which is kind of me mine now that we got in this show it to anybody put one bit and have her name is today. Today's game and what times mostly. Later won a Clinton. Maybe maybe it's no ad Dan and know what it's cold I mean it is yes it was so wrong. So the chested well then a crowd. Yeah it was it was it was packed it really was there any other Viet feet. Sports fans there as sports people in there are several I Louie Tiant was walking around. It only took her probably cigars and encourage I don't know we'll ask our cart. A couple of others couple patriots they're in the cup moved singers that were there. You know walking Democrats a week we had a fun time just. Going from restaurant to restaurant to restaurant and they shoot some pretty damn good rest by yeah. Dario this is there yeah. You know I getting better and as prevalent but he when it comes to. Rest frightens. Over the years they were extracted to perhaps are fine dining now perhaps it is is down videos on the show that over the years. And they have them nominee to have that much for the a lot. They're a lot I mean they're they're all president they even have only Abu Dhabi or something. Jason Santos was there and what was amazing he's a big celebrity chef Kim has some of the blue curtain right but what's amazing about Jason sent us and all of these folks. They give up a Saturday night yeah that be here at this event and that's an amazing thing for these restaurants that do. We see job huge crowd that the Boston. Government senate sure for a taste of Boston. And unfortunately it was knowledge of Saturday. And so and Sunday also but that'd be especially hard to get a man but it's hard question that's easy day right they they. That's when they wanna be at the top of their game right you know off on Saturday night but because it was Fenway Park. And because it was Pedro Martinez and a great charity because what he does is he he takes he's feeding how to do his 400 people a day. And you know it as an independent yeah and and he's never. Mentioned you know I least I haven't heard him talk about it before him and he's been doing that basically at. Out of his own pocket and now he wants to grow that and expand that was wants to feed more people in his homeland. So if he's great he's great guy too I mean guys always smiles. Now I ask for that but that might reminded me just put on the air that you word. You're I judge again and the half he. Among the judging circuit it seems likely done with taste of the toast. I'm the coast of the coast. I was a judge at just the other day Hampton beach and in the Dixie worth hotel which is right in the water here it is and which reports because that's my first look at the beach there. During the season narrow the season's coming up yeah and you know a lot of the conversation believe it or not. Was all towards Hampton beach. Big simple festival at the end of the summer. That was a lot of discussion already you know Mike well let me get into the summer before we start talking about the end of the summer we got big things plan includes including. A larger tent and a different area for culinary tent there. Yet it's going to be in Wi temp Alabama the jets this is just at but where will be Derrek Lee did you wore that and it had to get to and it actually we've. All the years. We have been there. All the the first all but the first year at whatever 26 when he seventh when he year I mean it's gonna now. And it's become. Are ten has become a huge feature and right and that's been our problem the location where it was. We couldn't get a larger tent. We tried for years. So we are gonna move down that folks know where the ten Lou across street from the casino. Yet I mean that's that's a pretty good landmark here almost the entrance. Are you come in now is we we will be. A large attack. I'll have more shots with that the whole square area home. That we could we could do a lot more stuff but they used to get about 300000 people and yet I've I've been counting them. There yep fireworks you name it great food to a daylight just how it's. It was at this summer right don't have it closing and this summer this early. Well who got to have one for the I guess is what I try to clear it is Thursday Kate and act exploit that. The weather in and in Massachusetts is. Do that it didn't we have two season winner in the fourth of July yeah yep and mainly got mud season in which I think we have this year yeah. But do then we have the same Anthony's fees before that that draws about 300 yeah. And we're in discussions with them on doing the culinary tent there on Friday. Mean so we that's all it comes so we do a lot. You know. During towards the end of the summer time our as you guys he we have marathon and yes today. On nests and yes after the Red Sox game. And that codecs and replaced the program for asking us about Hampshire India the speak easy it is just it's it in. I got to show you hold on you stall I guess you're the history if they gave me Mike you describe what the place is so wanna show for us he isn't in the gets there. But no cards and yeah so amigo gravel packed it. And of course it's it's as authentic it was speak he's he's gotten from. The fake storefront video it's it's played off of the library. There is a hidden door you have to know which book to poll which rings the secret bell which then somebody opens up the door they ask for a library card. As for use on FaceBook live and air quotes library card which of course the and everything it's just so authentic to that prohibition era of the music. The cocktails the Madras. How about the barrel burba and he's got fantastic and when he went down and picked as a whole barrel of us little town creek June and talking. It has my volunteer to be a taste that I was when I don't they he volunteered to go to consecutive picket at any time yeah and the barrel comeback campaign season out in the Banda can believe moves in essence the whole theme is an empty bookshop ripe yet. This is their gift card. The kid or open up right now. If you're on FaceBook pages you usually aren't very seriously I but for you on the radio it's actual books they've they've put their gift gift certificate. On the inside of books with library cards. So you don't return your library book in exchange for chronicle the codecs if as I apologize for the book as an anti. Book and they're you they're authentic NTX. Name here it will be met Jesus could have an idea guy. Oh and will when you drill. I. They'll say this barracks then you'll be with its spirit of giving a modern times. We met a zoo and a. It do it. It photographed very well and it photographed all like to speak he's what what is it in the 1920s where a lot of the speak easy as we Don and candle light and an arrow candle lit. Yeah and they kind of cap into that theme but it it in the light toward it prices rise their DM it's very dim you know if it Felix I colorful but yeah. Yeah yeah and darker and better for me Mika but I love the power of the way it lit up at night and that that that's it and the food I'm we don't talk enough about the food. Don't go there and expect like a five course meal you're not gonna get that but you know it varies. Small select menu I would say but the food goes from burgers to wings to duck duck and he's instant. Exquisite it's very. Very. Good news goes after it left the classic. And down the saint Valentine's Day massacre afterward they littered with them. That's needed to. I'd now. What makes this so strange visit came back axes and yet does it actually ordered. Books now go back to order I think it was like 200 books you know books for some project that he was doing as he actually. He hit an extra zero team so it's 200 cases instead of tour book yes yes yes your cases of its. Besides what am I gonna do it and with 200 cases some of old books. Open up a speak easy. There's like a dead now he had a appease over to Mike you may know as you and you talked about person I did discuss it with Lou. PCS. And some ideas he wants open up another place who like an old time barber shop. Yeah he once stood basically this same exact thing he was doing old throwback beamed barber shop with actual working Barber's. But it's a bar yeah. So you go in you can. In a hot shave and haircut with your cocktail in your burger. I what are their open today Mother's Day codecs like your mom to a speak easy would that be a formula. Is that put the a lot of federal act to keep getting a lot of -- how to get in touch with them. At it if you if you sell them on the street would you recognize it right away from that the main Connor Rowe were all the shops are there's just a sign that says codecs it's Mike broke that's like rare these books are books in peaks and birdies which if you spelling out his be a more right Appleby you. You annaly. I am well when you look in the windows there is nothing but books yeah that's all you say look. It's always closed on the main road and got to go around the corner there and you're gonna find a dead end when you walk in them. And there's a bookshelf. In now and you enter through myself that or how people book out in the door open. Is that rings a bell and then they will peek through and yeah if you're worthy. Pellet jail. They don't really care whether or not your pact and. I'm sorry and set. Up my act. All choked up now BM model to look at that I'm it's upon fond place and it and I was Tom I like if it was will be closer I could see us going every once in while just remember I'm. The corporal well. It was phenomenal. Most survey that I talked to one it may just want the experience yes I'm going to yeah its BP. Mike do you have any information on how to get there telephone number knowledge I don't write about her phone number but if you wanna put in your GPS on elm street in Nashua. One elm street in Nashville then there's the very cheap parking lot parking garage for industry it's like three dollars for 24 hours of like that just like it was in the Tony there you go. And so that that's one place that you know I was can highly highly if I may 01 place featured in the two hour block yesterday via. There are a lot of places for teachers to move you know is that the agro lady. They were related what's are correct no matter how she is really funny she is Opel cars they started off in my cardinals. You know sort of like him or of those little who trucks and cardinals and they did egg rolls and that's what she made fun and she from mayor grew it into this and basically it's a little shack it's a much larger and that their only opened my three days a week. And she makes big girls and I mean hundreds of admirals and and they are really. The questions I mean really delicious just a seafood and I liked it right the world of our species she does is it personality in unto itself she is. Just one of those bubbly. Folks wouldn't you know it just I love sorties still laws which loves people loves to make people happy and just loves as she's dorm and people have gone to that Alaska several years it's kind of you know when the meter got to meet her hand and he had to serve the tradition some Thailand are. And they they serve it. It's not on their menu but if you want the egg rolls a little bit different I did show on the TV show. They have the kind of rapid and let us. And then you buy into this you get the freshest from the lattice in the crunch from the role itself. I loved it and she said if you go in the and you ask she will prepare that for you. But it's not on the regular me just say Scott toady to come yes they saw on TV I wanna be authentic way. Now that the nation at this list and I'll talk by the Google phones appear that the nation did a segment on that and that. Kind of showed you what has made force bishops in the number of the nation there so famous as it really is is one of those independently owned traditional restaurant. That's moved around a little bit. Though we know the owners quite well and they have the primary that I talk about them okay king queen. Three different sizes and I think kicking cut is like free power on it's you can pick but let's it's great to take home. Okay and then the dockets and after that but they have also lead through a pound on lobster dogs are that he'll finish eventually. Three if they have the three pound lobster which is that walnut stuffing is what is their secret there is you have to have to cram case. Right cracked great also there their shrimp they have it on their shrimp dish is the stuff shrimp elements stuffing and it's really good and so early in the kitchen making banana Foster note that NATO that they have to Alaska they the last business making and she's she never tried before. And in a you know of the blow to issues having a ball. And they do sell a lot of baked Alaska and a little secret button the user Richardson's eyes terms in you know it's going to be Arianna doing OK I don't know the woman to say that but I do to the top of the excrement they used. Now that there's one of the place that I saw on on TV it that I am not familiar with yet that freight driving. Break striving yes that is owned by. Greg who are one timer and the C which restaurant news. We sure ran out three years ago he bought. Rates drive that can and for its stride and has its been there since I wanna say the forties. And about from the original family. And nobody's open in the thirty charities OK at that time they can gas station or convenience stores can be used to and it turned him into like a little drive their seasonal place now it's a drive there and I would call it a drive off. Because and I think of drive in a Mike and I discussed this with thick of a move here. Mean it's like to drive up stand roadside stand. They have gourmet burgers for 899. Including the wimpy burger. Yeah I got burgers really good but it it it says here registry used as. But it's not for wimps. No it's not do or beef patties toss was bacon lettuce and to Mateo and two huge onion rings that was sweet pepper relish. Hole yeah that that that sweet pepper relish. Out its standing. Outstanding answer Ghana. On I'm not sure if this at the root for your host role but it is very good role open they'll have plenty of seafood and one of my favorites neck as you know he'd eat or the C which restaurant did you know scenario lobster world. As a lobster and plow through most polluted via our toasted roll. You do. None really were and tons of ice per today's ice cream day. Is like 304050 I don't know I guess not counting never they've ice cream from the but it won't be this week I mean though I guarantee that we lines down the street. These have fried clams fried shrimp and fish and chips and all that sort of thing. So unusual for us to talk about it drive in or dry out the Houston goes freight FO RE TE apostrophe is. Is it 1423. Somerset avenue. In two content so that's a hike yeah for a lot of people got and it's almost in Rhode. Yeah. But but you know what. On a nice warm day especially on Thursday when it's ninety degrees and go there and ice cream of the nor'easter which is his take on a little shake with gifts and candy topping. And then try their first Evers are really really good if you eat outside this little. Tables with umbrellas and they have that the you know that they let but I what I would call a Hilltop Causley a couple of those there. And I get a little section that's undercover he could he gets it there. I can get out that we'll table about the TV show and other things yet to come on with it by 688. MW art KL need get a cent. It got a wicked writes that TV. Without. I've wicket bites by TVs or website you go to with the bites TV your basement watch us live here on Mother's Day get asked questions. And comet like a lot of folks have last week on our FaceBook live feed wheat from time to time we'll read them on the air. And from time to time like we did last week we gave somebody a great. After we gave Britons and Regina who widget has gift card gave somebody who commented on FaceBook last week the F. So what about don't want talk about anything no apparent than what they're less pressure you like to I ate the limb by a lot of bagel place today I was told to get bagels on the on the back I don't know why but. Could not big bagel people. So we're working into best bagel. My Daylon. Yeah any and is well anyway if maybe their listeners to one triple 8434. Or 6464. That one triple A 4346464. If you get that is one Tripoli for dining news or you can go on FaceBook and yeah right I'm married. What if bites TV on FaceBook and click on the live video feed where you can watch us and comment. We had a couple kids that are fairly graduated resolution Tyler Whitley yeah. He's pro gonna go to Washington fake homey place. A way yeah I greater an opening he graduated with the progress criminal justice degree from the university a whole new. Believe it or that it did play it says that young mole has. University law as just. Garnett ever since Marty Meehan took over about ten years ago. They have taken this little small school need to pretty much owning most of lol yeah and now Marty Meehan runs all of the university past I know yeah. I'm not at a Marco it's not fair recently came actually there yesterday with the commencement address and tell us. That's who we work that was deleted two well we were yesterday. That was seized in the there's just just and as my second year at Emerson college at it's a single that logo are again. At. It channel it you in the dissed Jackie's it. Vernacular mangan and they can only take a record make it tight to the vocal coach and appointee Q. And then here and you article hit the post. Heard the horn Kenya on accuse that they. Great China blasts them. Grew 125 in North Andover. Yesterday we give head electric. And a lot of graduation a lot of ground her burgers to Korea. Ed what's so great about it causes a gigantic buffet. And they fusion pro Mother's Day. A bit it's just as busy aren't here's one of the things that I want you if you're driving around. I don't think that there's a lot of reservations there actually could you can give in Emmitt is a short wait. But did they have above faith like no other buff Fay in the world. It is just the finest quality food's not something that laid around all day if that egg foo young as well to do 58 for ya I. And then it's not in the same it can't in an area. The buffet as the lobster sauce put the lobsters sauce on top of the apria wow it. Okay measures to net but this. You can have all the primary B can possibly eat here. McCain. All the primary of you can possibly all the Peking duck you can eat all of a gourmet sushi UPD. Awful one par. Does have a new solution and you too we were there Japanese Susan terrible loss you can see it too when you it is gorgeous they're fantastic solution there Arab amity you gotta go back by the kitchen they about a glass. And that congress taking debt in the primary of an off the easiest thing to me QA the bar and monetize your currency since he said oh yep and got in my categories as these guys that are that is going to be posted up of the bargain reminds us is the micro UV is a look at a. Yeah. I've got them out of China plus maybe once a week now and I know I like sitting at the bar. You know he got Patrick you've got James there's an Madeleine and I have. My two seats that I like to sit down and twosome took via mama my wife takes 10. Yes and at least after my ties to a it's well yeah. And I'll sit there but I can disappointments and what's the temperature. You know I gotta put like a reserve side on. Have heard James Tinto so delivers from Tampa audit. Yeah he can't well yet Taylor and he's he came over it I worry in the the other night and look. The about a month so now. I'm nieces I know we live in LA and he's he's yeah he's that I delivered to the house across the street from you. And they told me that they lived right across. From pat wood Lleyton and at the food isn't good they know who to complain to prove the conference US at least Jason James it's it's that's our editors now. But at Tanner Glass is one of our favorite place have been with us for so many years ago. Yeah I'm sick very advertising ever and we will be 39 years old as show. So you finally does that mess July full we've we've been padding those those stats from the have been Santa Procter on the almost forty almost forty thirty soar around 39 I would it is up and noticed there and that's it. It will be thirty that themselves. July for a delightful and is currently has advancements in time and the legal for a minute chat plus number 125 in North Andover and say at a retreat cut a year and everybody else that is there catching a break you'll go to the phone would go look at these folks from Yelp here short and we have your telephone calls it one triple 8434. 64 to 64. You're listening to. Blockades die. It's. Spicy weekend up. You're listening go wicket by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK oh the boys of Boston. Well down. You're geared to do what did I. Get us on FaceBook lives right now a lot of people are we appreciate that. During the commercial break here and you get to see where we have been on the TV show yes fly and I know. Was that was just on seconds ago as gas they gets love that place it's really such a fund fund was very creative bond fund. And I forgot his name my principal. I'm sorry he's just the polio there yes it is very funny because you have a little place like that because. That they're not afraid to be themselves there which became radars and number one seller the rhino Bud Light. He had a federal level players like that are usually dead. Wow global what's number one Hirohito about food do you think is it Bud Light. And the fun fun place. Exchange street these are two very nice that's it kind of a neighborhood bars and really made good. Exchange street yes yes it is and and they are in Malden and is like Boston. South in a restaurant boat without Boston right right and there's many apart. Lieberman net great great food great atmosphere yes so I would imagine it's kind of a stylish European be stroked the talent explain I don't know of any Mother's Day reservations open but if you wanna call today deceive me there's a later in the day I have a great place ago is that numbered 781. 3220071. At 7813220071. Or you go to exchange street be stroked. That comes in attitude. Yes charm Carolina often and by the he has some big news or hope with announce a couple of weeks. Yeah this second location. That the big news that you hope I can announce that a couple will be wearing the noise and now that's he yeah he's viewed through but I know where it is also they were and I wanna film them. And for what are some are less so and his. Let's just say that. OK to earn but easy camera percent instead of a separate place I not several real place this armory place. I see that Dave is here. And from a Yelp. And who outlook to switch it to scout take care of it just the second plea poorest counties in 283 called police street. In Boston Noah and and and a on this day feel they have a lot of us it would invite happy Mother's Day. That attitude of these kind of disease today. And boy and get things that they never get back evocative that that species of staging area which. When you do the crews. That's where you gonna have your pre. Pre cruise dinner for all of the people who's going to be immigrant's art and never know you're going to be that those. Yeah this true I've found governors mayors that well there are all there via. And at lunch and dinner in I don't know how can you tell. When you see fully. We have to get an alarm sound on the show and I'm I'm sort of do you railroad but. The weekly asking of what is in the cage just came in on FaceBook life and Giroux and and as I say everywhere actually it's straight vodka and we'll we've known that for years. Yes yes. Matter fact Mike tells me. Net calorie he knows that the free market a we we have the vodka and a bit of attack. It's it's like world big Poland Spring Water coolers and then we'll let you know it's not a little as the owner is this not only is at first restoration of ultimately if we're gonna get rated exactly don't know. We groans but definitely here fantastic. But on the other end of good things that you blow but he politically but he is a phone number it's 61774241. 43 I guess an up or pre cruise dinner get together theirs and that's coming around a corner. Boston's North End to a okayed its gateway to Boston yeah we we have our get together upstairs because you can do a conference island's number marks the congress or tables round tables that we camp for like Finley you know and and the style and I hats basically put make what you want and he goes overboard and we all kind of dishes and keeps. Going going to bring his own wide mix is on why it that is so we have bottles of wine at the table and we meet folks from the cruise. Your fellow passengers and some people from the cruise line themselves will be there to be actually bought it you brought a bottle of full people's one with us we were a cruise lecture where he can't drink spectators are red wine yeah in your sock that you that something in the way to preserve the red wine but I have no problem with him. And I kinda go overboard for so. Those of you going on the cruise grab a couple bottles hopefully those wondering with you to the cruise again because then you have of more fun cruise with some good wind and share with Scott. Yeah in my opening on FaceBook just wrote my cases Mike is getting its. Nine. Turns my stomach and run out of brother this actually be vodka and Red Bull. By the way I just have noticed debut this year from me up and use that in and Scott looks like he knows what he's doing is and I don't let the if you're ever gonna find that got. Germany right now is Damian Smith from the open game it is going to be talking about today. Well Scott I know that Easter is behind but I am still on an egg hunt. A Doubleday behind and so today we're going to be talking a little bit about it create your urged the double leg. Operatives found around Boston so a little bit of a Q a little bit of a kick yes so for those who are out of the no double legs are basically. Well leg your car out you know you have mixed him up an ingredient Q for the oaks back yank. Usually sprinkle paprika are high and get it did dabbling. And then throw on a played out you can find anything prom and drag it out or cities or balked at all surge and what sparked. And Cambridge Massachusetts just a more or neighbors and that'll talk about it. I I can actually use one right now that we're talking you know it's funny lately I've been seeing more more restaurants. Adding these either or special or on their menus. I think I've I think you start to be couture could would've thought that one of these other delegates he'd ever won you know. Graham up from Tennessee made are now make it away and every man united man. Right now you have a list compiled from the users over at yelled and let's start off with the first one. Don't get we're gonna head ever accuse the cap trail how how trail how is. Here financial in Boston. And they have a really great entry into the double leg for a it's called egg and curls. Now these are going to be high and turn double legs just as I described earlier with a little public how to cure a sweet pickle hulking out. But what are the pros you after that. Fried oysters on top of each of these I will age on Yelp says they are incredible perfect balance textured labor and just parade. While I've never I never thought about that all right that sounds really good it's very creative with the same time. I did get speaking of creative what pop over to rob. These southern Cain a cook house banking cartel is in Somerville in the assembly wrote shops. Really grade sort of southern true but I would I would call them high and take had been their few times excellent food and daredevil like that would. Actually called devilish egged on their menu definitely coming I would recommend. Link that says they're the bomb AD and their topped with a row and it increased speed bench and ham like that not about it's true that very stand. Benton country ham is very famous in the south. And as she mentioned it to creole mustard tie and the tropical update it's got little Trout grow on top they'll find some. Trout grow not usually common agreed it would double leg of that southern can doesn't does very well. Now we're just pimping out. Bedeviled legs lately I guess that's what. Back back back back to you guys yeah you're about we can that we can have opted Chelsea during app which helped these station restaurant bar and lounge. Not deplete. It kind of I never heard of it and I still yet either to be on the upper house we love. So choking station does a version and that they called blue cheese doubled it. And local hold out when we can agree and it will achieve our long whip. From then that crispy Sweden by Pete beacon places. To sort of bring a little bit of that salty sweet heat to counter that you know really wrote obviously cheap labor and Jana at absolutely love. I'm triads that sounds like you're great stop. Art entry a couple more force. Couple more that's when the new opening. And adjacent Santos. Various blue hair shaft and around Boston got a piece spot and he just opened buttermilk and urban. Which is in fact they ended debut a little bit of a New Orleans square style menu. One of the things on their menu is not a fairly the classic interpretation of a double leg. But they do you have a double diapers got so they basically occasion to take some toast points and you know smash a little doubled a mixture as it were on top Alexander and says I've had nothing like get my life would easily have ordered Torbor. From a recent trip to cheat or. Buttermilk and urban and don't forget you get hurt him when you're there to. A little or or you were up three and technicolor cap that really doesn't matter what you have they're all gonna taste the same but the hurricanes are phenomenal their. You gotta I'll wrap up with one more aren't hot test kitchen back over an Inman square. In Cambridge. Now you are gonna find anything extravagant. And any sort of gimmick the go along what popped a kitchen. If you're really classic that very clean version of double legs the French menu. Stephanie keys that are partly about double leg she's ever had and she says that probably accommodation the three c.'s. Capers corniche Jones and chives. That made a flavor so spectacular that you wanna get classic interpretation check out hot kitchen. In Cambridge I hate to say I've never been there I have to go of their tribe in some time. It's great so they have a sister restaurant hot. Hot and Scotch how to kitchen and very much more popped up forward a lot of outplayed pot but that Iran bar is at. They've done a complete about face and I love what they've done. I will definitely check them out. Deadliest there for me up thank you very much we'll talk the next week and I just wanna remind all of our listeners right now they should go on and join the Yelp community and write the reviews the restaurants that they go to. It featured in upcoming. We're happy that I didn't have a great week but got. Thank you both pro street station brings you this segment I'm sure that they're busy today Allen rob but. I'm so what I said that robot to robot 53 semi street monus and it's a train station built back in the 18100. It is and is that a pro street at it if they moved it. It's on summer street 537 history let's not bomb pearl street it's the low returns station but you know it. If the names sticks to use it and it it's great because a team passes are behind it shakes a whole planet as ago feel like you train station. And great food there meant to gigantic bars to you know out of all the bars that you've been to yes in The Who want your favorite drinks. My favorite drinks like mixed up when we come on basic animal you know. Urban on the rock start guy with. A gimme gimme a minute to think of more creative one than that and a poet come up with a but we you know what it is okay. The the hometown heat it was a hoping you'll infused Margarita and Tony season summer school. That's age that's so open and and I've been back to Tony sees a bunch and Tony she's 10 bars and has like forty Beers on tap and listen I'm I'm basic and beer and wings are you know what is a Berber on the Iraq is a fancy drinks for me about it but when I go to Tony sees Oxley get them why why it's delicious. It's just actually delicious which it tastes like that is it is it better. No no no it's it's it there's a little bit of heat to it it's helping new infused tequila. With slices of actually helping you know in the drink itself. And it has I believe. What's the it's itself which wriggle assault room. It's one of those spicy type of rims radical base spices like that. Give it a little extra kick to it but fewer currencies the I'm of I'm affair when they. When I go with the if I go with like margaritas or someone like developing new and used once. Wireless connected telephones well first analyst erected the telephone that Jodie. Of Cambridge's hi Judy. Okay well I'm calling. Taken valued at I want it to recommend to act Cambridge. All of this family perhaps it's located. Well first about the mean the ticket caddies for lunch. And it's located on the corner of Walton street and chairman streak in Cambridge yes. The only own like I think it's feel this. Gamely owned cup in Cambridge. In its own but it up week CME group. Ruthie yeah Irving Allen. UK's car patties and is that the in Cambridge. And Walden and chairman righted the intersection thank you very much this give back to the telephone Cisco and Anthony's conference it's very anti the year next NW RKO. Hey I don't have first time caller welcome. Thank you very much I recommend this beautiful new please call sykora and guts and Wakefield on main street. And it is beautiful Leona resolve some things markings so friendly to great guy great menu great food. It obviously is a Japanese. I got Japanese sushi organic sushi fusion between picking up our. It's just spacious as the food is outstanding I haven't even tried sushi and so I tried them him they they won me over I've been there six times in my two months. Somebody once and that the bravest man in the world must have been the first person either an oyster. Okay yeah. Yeah I agree impetus Playskool it'll surprise you. How good it is and how fresh everything I highly recommend it difficult to come right. All right Collison core it's in Wakefield on main street. Remind me sort of mainstream you cannot miss it that you should not benefit them of the owners in this market right now listen I don't out of work around the site. Yes vote now listen what did you try the first time. He recommended a spoiler role. By the rules like fried crap social crowd and it rolled up in my that to put rice in the seaweed everything you know the exact thing. And then I also tried some of them are key to cook marquee. And hopefully a little which is a packed site kept trying to go. And it's just it's just great everything's just great to have won't mean they have everything else so for the kids we have stopped our our traditional. Aren't they opened today. Article and every day and I are it's a core it 397 main street in wake up you make you very much for the call Anthony. Windy is in a car so let's go there now Wendy how aria. Hi I had no idea how could only bringing good morning to you well my eight cops in four Irish are people of earth there. Many times but it won't doughnut. Only in my guest Matt rambling cabinet and now it's so good that I am taking it doesn't donut doping mapped with me right now optimize our that I. They have all I noticed weekly get a shot down there they have. In their pastry they have mica the Danica bacon donut dumping. Beats you might actually added. Very first time I checked my dad and not my mom there last Sunday for the first time and that was the donut he chide. And I I haven't we try to Agnes on on TV and in news a quick chat and there's a whoa whoa whoa whoa what's that. It was odd and they even have eighteen about her and Charlie don't. That is the diet for hours and not the krona has vowed apple only sadly aware at the trip but I guess not. Our right to give us in the address again and this is also wouldn't let me just tell everybody that may be under thirty or maybe even under forty aren't. You must these donut places are real donut places is not it Dunkin' Donuts is a franchise if primarily. How hot bath and absolutely you having not having done it this game yeah I think you have and I went and I do not bad. Our Maria is the one of the other and her family right I'm Greek. And they made that go to opera scratched late. She goes then at 8 o'clock at night makes the east. And they open at 8:30 in the morning and it does absolutely incredible are. Federal cop. It's part of our tournament one more time were pieces. I have one when he Lincoln avenue and bought and I have their phone number and ebony was huge 33818. Megabyte eight point 99. And that's I think there and got everything that I need that appreciate. Now one thing I have a great seat that. Welcome the longhorns didn't reward. Whether there are swallowing and then drives I saw him park improvements to know what putting off at all. Our flood was our lives this moment for answers from. Bring us food money and can't. The counselors longhorns' big rewards sale. Heather's daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though it would although food that's famous and then I left for Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's there's donor restaurant and paper and Nashua. And happy mother's dead all the moms out there this is gone with the US in the wicked bites radioed to a twelve noon on Mother's Day don't forget about Salvador's restaurants. Several locations including Andover Lawrence river itself Boston and in Boston's theatre district. And they share playground section of each of their individual restaurants. And what that shows playground section is is each app at their location decides what they. Wanna make. For instance and hand over right now one of the items in the sheriff's playground section. Short ribs and jockeys. Yeah public. Grilled octopus in Medford to get the idea or right to check out that sheriff's playground section. At its public tours restaurants and Dover Bard's Medford South Boston and in Boston's district the coliseum restaurant brokerage shopping center in Salem New Hampshire and he relate to desk his players knew they were like for me to wish all the moms out there. I'm very happy and special Mother's Day now the customers are as when so many awards throughout the years including one award. That this award is the only time ever left Italy and you see it as soon as you walk in the coliseum restaurant what I recommend. How about their Buell coliseum. Mean when the restaurant what's the name do it better be good boy it is good Hubble Pat's favorite fish game right after him. Stake ala pat Whitley it's a little bit spicy but it's the best take that money can buy its prime New York's throwing stake in its inner cut. And it's her with a little bit of broccoli rob coliseum restaurant again brokerage shopping center in Salem New Hampshire. For the largest variety of entry through the New England if the if the in corner in the heart of downtown Lowell. And daily luncheon specials to melt flooding dinner entrees at the corner offers live tree in the Middle Eastern music and and chanting belly dancers have a captivate your heart. That being according to a seven market street Lowell. You're locked onto a wicked fights radio. We're not just for gore makes Sunday's ten to noon on WRK elbow boys of Boston. Oh yeah we aren't. Welcome back everybody or tell whenever one triple 84346464. Currently have Lexington is going to be in next take apparently and welcome to the program. Hi good morning how are very good thank you men. What can I do our apartment. I have a recommendation and in Lexington and yet at the inn at Hastings. Brand new kind of a New England countryside. Aren't the papal. It's actually an 88 bed and breakfast type and and they have it but it aren't to tape roll. Countryside field rep drug called artists on the green and Michael has. What was your blessings that I'm Sarah. Artist want. Artistry. On the green card collecting them is so. And that very. Beautiful breasts. They have like a culinary nineteen. It together really beautiful fresh. Unique. They have a wreck that they have broad they have learned they had dinner. Party generic for dinner at well at or repair that run and that's what we are. Waffles and and eggs Benedict then. Pancake. And I don't have a little fresh but yeah that air and fresh fruits and it's split step that you don't it's not. And inexpensive they go it's a beautiful place except. Or you know and I celebration. And very right. Well and white tablecloth. And it just absolute gorgeous. I'd get busted you know and now this is on the belt and this is used in this is only been open a short time what been open for about 34 you're you know there's reason to think or maybe three years and be in a friend who wouldn't. I'm not. You know trying to the ballot but did that the beautiful place to go to look and to walk around and you can go and spend some time. And Lexington banner and it took a lovely place to go and a beautiful day where you can walk eat. And just explore and at the lightbulb that but it's a great place for front sight very much enjoyed it when I was there. I currently I am gonna side because it really sounds like a great place to go I'd period. That give everybody be off the particular is again the name and I know it's in Lexington he had the address finally now a look at that. And is it that the in. At Hastings park which is great. In the heart of sort of stepped on the outskirts of votes in downtown. And it erect on itself the club artistry on the green. I have a phone number but I don't know the exact at all that's a few Arnold Palmer. A number of 7813016655. 781701301665. It's clean and it's gorgeous countryside feel. I'm the food is fresh and delightful in the menu was always in general. Listen I appreciate this and I appreciate it so much I would love to send a whole case of harmony vague coffee delivered to your door. Thank you come up as parts that are right harmony bay gourmet coffee. And I loved garment it the cap and and well capped 100 or so you're around and coffee beans you gonna absolutely. Love it so we got your name and address shall send you. The harmony bay gourmet coffee thank you very much I do have time to go to bill and then present itself billiard extend WRKO. Very light and it's part in this morning thank you I don't current you're very eat out diner in Beverly Kirk. Dan. Arm this fight is. You know it's always act. And we need it. They'd just you need good food Aggies. Beat tendencies and I'm you know my arms are it is why are you waiting. Any big coupon number and now quack you're on your tax arguing it's Aaron and he will be locked. Now we really convenient and aren't waiting. Yeah that is that nowhere is it Beverly. Farms right repeated it want it now apparently. White clothes that I write to what is something you would recommend from the menu right away. Are you are immigrant group and I like to get free free free but I've. Did you know why so much. Thank you very much that I do appreciate it okay people diner and barely got that. You know if you watch met them face that we're gonna take you to the poster behind him. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With the lights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK you know the voice of Boston. We are listening go wicked book it's radio the only place that lets you. Didn't approve critic Sunday's tended noon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. I've been greeted I've been reading FaceBook here tonight. Yang he's river. And we don't and pageantry of the owners now Lou. He was this so. In the group behind. There you go yeah. He's got a long look. Eric exhibit. Really offensive. Another kind of joke. Yeah I wanna say says about my body before we get that we we got today yelled again and we kinds of things coming here known as. Scott that's I was watching the FaceBook break during a radio show and you add that this was to diner and and I don't have a sound here's a probable is that that that she seemed to have little flakes and great for those who do not known are not watch it hasn't faced. We'll alive every Sunday at ten or twelve mom and she could watch it any time because its record her first can go back and watch the show. No I was admits was a diner as part of our TV show. And during the news break on the main station we we run features that we ran in this western diet better known as mr. Wu. This will miss who it's wrecked their westar it's been around so. Diner. And it was actually may. Right across street and that's where the factory was so they brought it over there and I was in the kitchen while the dot I mean so much for kitchen there. But I was there making this crunchy French toast it it I don't know Portland good or just interest and it sure looked good. It tastes really good it's their number one seller by far. It is like as topics finally got to see it it's French toast and they used to big piece of French tennis and like a Texas toast and a they say they use she goes to boxes and boxes of that remotely votes yeah. A hundred and that's a votes and that's the the outside coding. So she Fries deep Fries and afterwards in the puts it on top with. All that wonderful syrup it looks as good as it east. Yeah. So who would from long to Lou is that that that. They're gonna hold on certainly at I miss withstood the trainer I. Mile. I got hollow or hears and gets into a no name restaurant apparently Jimmy aerial. My pregnancy due he's lost like sixty pounds a run at the end resolutions. It's it Agassi advertiser NW RQ. It retires on doing in fat loss and you that who and it looks great. The minimum is a food show the end with the put it well you know wanted of people that. So where it was brutal place or people that needed to advertise for diet restaurant program there are always on diet and with department says them. Latest though I was a good shape the world via the zones through the and it added you to my along with it. I know neighbor restaurants located fifteen peachtree and and they seaport issued a vote that is. And I'm going to be there next witness there are yeah I go in and I have my cup of the seafood to he loves seafood yep. 375. He got a bowl. Matter of fact of the very had big events leading. And get right to Orlando right and tonight it is. And Devoe who you know that I see is. Pack it up and take his home page is so my TI think portions for the prices are pretty darn good they can't be any fresh chairman Erica water you know. So if you see Jimmy. Jim Utah Jim and it penalties and I would appreciated and please remember it's easy you don't see people don't know mrs. Wilson now. This free parking you never talk about the frequent and free and he opened with a comedian AC unit recede there by the brief part most people what was the reaction of the political. I so it is free parking make sure you get to ticket validated growth is fifty bucks. You're exactly so and but that's it that's it deal you're in the seaport area well. There was no number pales in. Apps and so I. No name restaurant fifteen fish pier Boston's. Historical waterfront almost always wanna see hysterical. For a person strain injuries. Free parking remember that you to know generated and what they said. That there is playing a free parking here I want to say this program to before you make it causes that are given a great law. That would be Alice. At 308 be great road route four in Bedford rule that delights of three that would be yes. McCain playing the part of Jumbo shrimp would be at night. Where's Scott's would be and I would be treated in case two and remembered that lights the theory. Okay. Thirteen 95. Paid good money go to Emerson now it. Yeah memories review tricks she had humid you'll remember things demonstrated. Chicken. With string being costs. You know that does not sound good and Sar. But it is delicious. Absolutely delicious and of course against the great wall special doubt that yes special sauce. And they have a dinner buffets they have a luncheon buffet served my eleventh there Hutus have talent they. Adults just 995 children under 126 that if by Saturday sending a ghost in 95. Children under 1269. Police say had a Alice following please I had great off by the 30 wait. The great road applause it's it's it's in the plaza it's on great growth. It's route four in Bedford. Message you know. Look at their FaceBook privacy comic came in here do yourself a favor this is from again which it bites TV on FaceBook FaceBook live we need do yourself a favor. Get the filet mignon. A cafe ask Joan brought and they are closed on Sunday self I have not been to the cap they ask for bill. In like a long time overall I don't even remember though and I do relies solar wind but it has been a while I think turned into nothing but functions one compromises they've got three. They have like three to four different restaurants and throw it. And I very nice place at a business meeting there and remember we some of the windows freezing tonight can remember from the minute I do warm though the last time I when I mean it wasn't part of but I can't remember at the food was good it was a decent meal. But I will say if you're a mistake mood in Burlington under the Bancroft at this point oh and yeah you know I mean there's no comparison it's just that 42 outs tomahawks stake. And 42 outs served on the bone. Men and you'll and his supporters of the Turin or what I don't time. It found out that. When she's in Ankara. It's a site where is it damage it's given birth to moderate our street exits it's in the new lifestyles and a third Ambrose from. Yeah it's it's probably like what half a mile down under the new in roads there. You know before I get to the phone and I am so I don't boy you guys that I wanna talk about. Some friends about god you know 50 yes. And they are and I and another commercial that we do in theory. And and happy Mother's Day and Alli she's your real mom blemish she gets up early in the morning and has been wars thing about it general forum of the resemblance is yeah. So I would talk gene into doing because of the twentieth anniversary on the has indeed if you're listening come with us on the crews are gonna blast. Via an absolute blast is no two ways about it and a go to deals plus the exit now picked up some good most of some good sauce and reminding to go on the group's net figure hey would you do that please just say out loud here dean. Is eerie if we share candidate of arts are too easy right now at at you know I actually gonna have to you know as pasta for launch today. Tell everybody how this works and they have they produced pasta for some of the best rest restaurants in New England appearance at and they do that on a daily basis they make fresh possibly get the other. Whitman from Italy and then they kind of they they they kind of tinkered with it so the machines make it bigger feeling against that's a technical term. But it definitely is a technical no idea if it is it's ours are concerned that this technicals. Basically they kind of you know change the machine around to custom make it for the taste here that's what's so popular restaurants. Now you go right to the factor that built a brand new shop. And it's nice and light in. You know it's Red Cross street stop job yet right off route 93 in Somerville cannot miss it. And there are open six days we picked closed on Sundays. And you go there you get. One pound bags and upon us and they make tons of costs and the prices are we Dickerson chief for the Austin yet Dave you go there if you go there yeah. And what right do is you know if my wife's not home I just want you know they pasta for myself I'll grab one of their bags applause tell open it up. Just boil water. Al throwing only what I want and off freeze the rest what does roll back up and freeze the rest. And three minutes it's done and the even make their own so losses. It and issues I I put him during the parakeet to camera the freezer. And I put him in the pan out just Melton and I'll just finish it off the pant and promote economic so. I don't know this is kind of neat to say but I kind of carve out just the amount of policy that one minutes fresh pasta. Perfect and they do lobster ravioli Nia. They do all they have sun dried that tomato pasta I think I'm nuts that's fine that's my favorites. Now was so what you do vases used to you know put him below water in the it's and and it's so warm Miami there's. You really should go there because they you can see the variety. Yeah and nobody will know that you did it at that at a nobody will know that that delicious pasta year being served. You didn't you tell him I did that instantly rights and my mother dressed it. And restaurants and the restaurants are not gonna serve food that you finest supermarket right and I mean they got a kick it up so. When they're going these these top line restaurants are going looking for pasta. This is where they go do you know as pasta and now you can just take those one pound load up your freezer but he's one pound bags all different varieties. And and you'll Marco wrong and never hungry. Now if you went there in the past it was difficult to find their back up. To understand that they had a retail business is there yet now it's brand new they just opened her about a month and a half two months ago. So you'll see just driver in the of their own parking lot. And you walk right on and in this display case right there you can ask them questions which pasta that goes with what's sauce if you wanna do sauces. And they will explain everything to you I the night one pound bags I doubt it I doubt that in your restaurant owners are listening now because it's Mother's Day two of the prices yet due attention. And admit to you right you get that six achieved toward Levy's in the full one count them sixteen ounce package or books. That grow a U Kenny. And I sent it to absolutely amazing at three cheese ravioli half moon for Vioxx might go to the restaurant. Yeah you're you're talking torn five I roasted butternut squash in Amarillo ravioli. Medium square. 70. Well that's I made that amazing now according to get. While mushroom ravioli. That says Oakland's eight dollars from my goodness it and you know at the there than not somebody that just got into the business that you know. Dean's family is is owned and operated that that that placed the factory since our seven years as a. New Year's yeah. You know process they have there there it just doesn't have scored great gourmet restaurants okay. You can have the same thing he's got to go there and pick and a pitches that samples myself just. The address is fifteen I love GPS's. Announcer dad. It's easy to finally get it UPS and we ought to give instructions on how to make a left that are now open up the and I did that for me it is an oil. Fifteen Garfield avenue in Somerville they go full right across from assembly hero users through across. This one I Halard all of the hours. The past two shop hours Monday through Thursday 8 AM until eight six via. Friday 8 AM until 5 PM Saturday 9 AM until 2 PM posted that but of course you finalist of all their fantastic pasta and sauces. Online at Dina is hostile dot com thank you and your commitment to the betterment of tender moment to cruise. August 11 to the 77. Days from Boston to Bermuda we have drink packets and Lou we have like specialty restaurants that are all included. All your foods including your entertainment we are private cocktail parties and free cruise get together on the beautiful Norwegian dawn. Great entertainment of the ship as we so Boston to Bermuda. If you like more information and our space is running out just call 8667451167. This should be a great gift for mom on Mother's Day now right 866 the whole premise the other. Bring the whole family. Kids love it. Yeah there's a lot for the kids to do on board of utility you know. Yes Tokyo has possibly can come with us and 8667451160. Said. I see here on FaceBook that there is about electing us from Germany today. Two excellent completely determined that. Will reflect on what is the Internet where private time in Germany. I had how active of you know for the wall Kenya and on over into east Berlin that was the greatest. This is one receipt you don't be a socialist Communist. When you go from into east Berlin. Everything is great. He's going to west Berlin it's like Las Vegas it's just absolutely it was was absolutely amazing image and now these horrible and it all together. Amidst the fun and or in. Had a great Argentine state there remember. Okay is that right yeah we're guys that it Alison motive applied at another plug here for you and AT&T'S and their atomic tests to. You know chips whose stance or what's that odds and end line. And because. Back in the day back when Teddy Roosevelt. President ambassador of China taking over and they didn't know what to cook as it would to any Christian work around it. So they just put a bunch of stuff and vegetable primarily. And from that they reporters Cotto who have been it was Chinese is that the bathroom reader. And after Dublin I knew the answer from Matt and that's not true mass tomatoes Gucci and add daddy and know. My friend polity a Monet to most evident that street bosses in Austin. I'd like. We we have a blast with it only does so with a fairly recently. And when we're in the north in for saint Anthony's feast. I love this because it's of that very small intimate restaurant and I can't get these smaller and you can't get any more intimately she engaged. I you you'll devastated. McCain and there's this restaurant with a line miles to repair the wine cellar room there. What's so great about it too. You don't have to order from the menu. If you look at something special just tell them they love doing that okay many tables there. I'm looking at you like you don't know even though we want to. They can Thursday when it's ninety degrees they're gonna have all the windows opened up. Get that we'll though hopefully they'll get receivers there but that's true I wanted to feel like you're dining Italy upstairs if there's got to be Marcella. The California I'm so Eric alimony cap it at Torrey that's an interest in things sounds like a sobriety test. How Mike had to Torre it's obvious on the market is to see it at that and what is their favorite drink. At the massive windows coaching in that add to that Deanna what is your favorite drink what is all right but like you know not to go. It's a patent Whitley special. It is US four. The Italian by the lead to add up that would please call. Fresh lemonade. Tequila and limb and you know. Okay mass Ximian those Gucci net at daddy and know. 207 and it got street in Boston's North End it's connected telephones okay he's at stoop and MacBook Marie's is in a car. I eight. I could not be doing better hammer to. Our. Colbert. He had it did stockholders is actually they have what three or four restaurants that you know that. You know and I might be out. Opening up one down the street what what I heard much or. I'm so glad that he outgrow it. If it it is in the they have the Quincy bay. A restaurant. And could you Beirut you know yeah and it together and they have one down the further down to a Plymouth. But they're a great restaurant to a great family to. That I I appreciate your recommendations. That's in layman right. Grew eighteen I was trying to search for that my brain can come up with a BQ did thank you. Meg yeah. It's David at sewage he's going to be next say Steve. Many Oreo get thank you. Name. I went final to a place suffered quite a bit about it's called precision lopsided yeah. We can and boy it was good. Well worth the price. Enjoyed everything about it I sadness there seems to be able golf course plot holes yep I'm that farewell didn't. But. Boy are we get a real. You do you do Nikki M I is a guy he's and I TV show all the time as commentaries this is enroute to 0114. In Middleton. Terry sister recent victories. I'm sorry but I think it's that we aren't strictly true oh no not yet minions know the original 12 races is on rule 114. Bill one that you're talking about those on route 62 that they spent like two or three million dollars renovating the old -- country. And that's as a rail stink restaurant. Kill or. The he shouted as I Terry thank you very very much who gonna I'd go to Serran just event I. After vetoing Michael's gone from cancer and Michael your next. 8 Q good morning my favorite is its stake terrorists there's one in Boston to use such a nice. Venue and reverse it we editor of amazing. Yeah yeah I you know love Fleming their I really relieved is one of the least talked about restaurants on the show got a funny story to it. About that restaurant years ago how wanted to do some work in Iowa and on a Sunday afternoon and the kids or grandchildren. Or came to a show in Boston. And you know it's right near the theater district show us in do you guys go to show it's a work to do so I sit down at the table. And the waiter comes over and into my during. And as always for almost an hour. Before it may have Shara that in mind so much because I was working anyhow. And so finally I guess a manager Ken Lewis is here's ability than usual Cano wants. And he's it was a were hitting guys originations oh he just quit but at at at that with places around the gap was it something nice that. Recognized. At that Matt Mack and Michael thank you live Fleming's is it is a great recommendation okay. That teacher I Allen all of them that commando wrist that I think. Louis and their cafes trim as though which is indefinite so rob were lower than has two places now. Yeah I I love the brand new denim one I was there. I think last week week before last. They open up but less than a year ago. And the food as we. The that there mean it's it's. It it's great Italian American twist. Mood I guess you would say. Excellent food acceptable ways right down to even appetizers they had this a plan appetizer. That was a generation and I Xena which is a sea bass X. He is somebody sent a message with the hang Tuesday and which is grew Angus angered some. Toasted about RO. Fire roasted pepper or with nets getting interest in basal. And burnt onion. Yeah. On purpose that it's a must be a special. I had tried Sutton you know what do you see something like that I got to try it yeah because it could be the best this year ahead and could be worse but could be your best to look at it. But you know there were that Etsy cafe trim as good 566. High street DeVon knew what this new year. Yeah what eats its I I've never been to that set the segment of data there's a whole lot to shops it's downtown area there's a parking lot for free right across the street. Yeah there it it it's you know they get the new lifestyle section then of data it's sort of erode it goes peril to that okay so it's right in that area. In the original drum as arrest and anti rule 129 two low road in Wilmington. That's two miles offer 12 and nine Sana to reload if you happen Sima can do is go back to the phones. Andrea how on this Mother's Day howry allowed in Framingham. I'm more angry you know I could that the matter. Com you know what and I'd probably ever bell number I am. At what all they did but yeah I am mr. know that it capped only our little Eric. Back. Oh no wonder that those prices at four dollars a bag with handles. Internet now wanna know the truth Andrea semi K. Honest lady. Yeah. When you cook in their friends over the tellem you do it yourself. Malkin and and should it act and act act act act yeah. Alley that that's great that you took that's our ride for you from Framingham. I can't lie I am working bought in. Going to be your nuclear program there. Willis a I act that Gramm no the people elected the nose appreciate it and that Andrea I appreciate you sharing those are two of us here on Mother's Day don't fear having a happy one. Now won't tell anybody what it program out of our devices jinx 373 low streak Peabody mass man. That's places won best Teddy Griffin for years in a row here on this program in New England. The growth rack of lamb please try that. They doubled their life so Hong Kong's take that net Kuhn basket. That soon changed 373 little street in Peabody and we cutbacks that's gonna tell you about. We're ago. For dinner and a movie scenes. And yelled will be here to. Got to address track policy to bring in this segment development grand. Ricoh family. Ricky family rather NN time. And they had no idea lonely life. Village restaurant Jackson went 33 and 22 and Essex house Byzantine documentary prize when we come back. Splicing the weekend off. You're listening to a wicked by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK oh the boys of Boston. This segment. That would get banks. On radio always brought you high definition restaurant. Dale we're also. By the way if you're watching on TV recently PLC that they were pro rhetorical Pennsylvania. Active. We go America oh good night America. We do right accurate test in the last night it was look at the nation restaurant is number 110 minutes twelve alpha street in the villain. Payroll lined you know so it is fate. To. Now it's guy's gonna tell you about and that's a place by the way I want to mention that you get the three pound lobster with a they still have to move the would you hand if leveraged Middle Eastern Lebanese drink bag ever hurt for a rock. Yet they are AK and it's like it's faces. To describe the flavor of it it's like go Lebanese. As in Boca. And that's that was along the black liquid type of line. OK so. It looked interest in that we humanly in Scotland there to register to win. And we also created the Mike team then yes there merit and that's not an authentically the street is that there's no good at the the second. It's an authentic liberal base the very very. Well. A good bartenders name is Mike everybody there was name yet but I don't let that troops in Lebanese restaurant in my same guy I was one of any mikes and chat app. If they should rest our rule went 1012 alpha street with no and payroll Liam. This fissile Michael embassy in his restaurant and primary game bedie the boy okay and number eight who have intimate. Later on as 97837317. Of fourteen. You have some interest in announcing him as ever done this and we've every day and that's where you can go deep blacks that I've done this many that you have dinner and then go to movies. Yes yep there are. I would say probably the last 56 years or movie theaters it was kind of dying off then people had the HDTVs at their homes surround sound. And at ten it's the movie started dropping loss of mu if there's several what are we gonna do start competing. And they've always on his post in that little known fact that on Friday Saturday night. I huge. Percentage of folks that went to the movies where not to eat first and so tomorrow if there is it okay what are we gonna do so a lot of what would be comfortable seating. Which is great those lounge chairs I think are phenomenal sum of woman and seeding we pick your own seats at a time. Apps on the phone they made it easy for you to get there now they're kick that was food. And some of the movie theaters around town. A couple of big ones including the showcase cinema though locks instead bring trees do assume there's a couple of instead of Chestnut Hill and in Newton. And and as far as our area. And there's plenty of restaurants and you walk in the fear right they are seeking die outside the actual with a show news. But if you go and do the super relaxed dining. You eat inside the fear while the movie's going on. In plush leather seating cocktails or your signature cocktail drinks. And a menu that goes from Jumbo pan seared scallops. Medic training they have a Mediterranean play. Which includes items like comets. Mixed cured olives that are Q park goers cucumbers salad. And this with the tea sweet peppers you know that's on that matter Triplett and they'll do possible amazed and they have banana Foster producer. Fun little secret about the just little one mean you can order of the obvious but neither. We know that while. So you get a W spring rolls with the bowl and a's he just mentioned yeah you know you can sit better. In Italy's president friend you have a seat belts it out and about the pop art who are great and it candy. He'd save money. Shopping and ideals. And let's be honest I mean if you're if you're just a no go into a movie and sit in these extra cool seats in line not just take the extra when. It's obvious right yeah yeah I mean by what the hell. So that's a showcase cinema collects data testimonial in Newton a 7012. And Somerville and it's an AMC fear they also have one in framing him now. That allows you to select just sitting at a time you can but you can also that. You can also order food at that this is really cool on an app on your phone yeah. Andy to pick up that say OK I'm going to be going to the movies and the pick up the food in the food we waiting for you at their express soul and bring it on it. War. You can order and the bring it to your seat. Do so I think that's really cool and their menu was complete. They'll go from dry rub wings the flat rates to sushi burgers sandwiches and just tons and tons of desserts. Another cool securities places especially the one in debt omitting mention. If you don't during the movie. If you are you running a little low on your beverages there's a little flight attendant Buckman you're seat that doesn't make any noise but it alerts the bar outside they bring your refresher. Yeah and the person next to works in the United Airlines comes in the paint him and it that it does not personnel but they're bothered me. I chuck each check it was a stroke which is chunky yes I was at cinemas Hobbs there's under the nationalist. Poem and payroll they of the oversized. Mike and car seats and I guess the story is that the one of the owners at one time. And maybe east of us owned a limo service so we got the guy's year of bringing in. Those seats who took ran out of the limos and they made him in the customs seats. And it and they have a fun kind of creative menu that it runs and fish and chips to love me tenders which is chicken fingers were allowed some of the names. They have back to the future Mac and cheese and smokey and the bandit burger. Pineapple Express. And of course. The bacon and the Kevin Bacon burger. You know what's Keyes was going to be original area this area Gloria sort of get food and movie and a small places the Warwick cinema which is. Even though it's his war kidnappings and Rhode Island of the world cinema is actually in Marblehead. And they have to dining options but it not they have they have a done deed donuts. Go on which is blushes a donut shop. You know right there and and you can get doughnuts and copies especially the copies and they also have weeks a brick oven. Which has items from pizzas to filet mignon. If cedar cedar plank salmon and they're very very creative equipment Clint Eastwood burger. Which is. Which is 24 ounce patties American cheese bacon lettuce and tomato. Others don't so there's a whole what to other places to arrive upon another one. The cinema in Salem has four independent screens. And they have a cafe inside. That you could get copies and baked. They bakery goods you know let Austrian donuts coffee doughnuts and you know cakes and stuff like that so that's the biggest trend. I sit at the movies Bloomberg picked speaking to look at medicine. And they get that we're we're kind of affected coming thorough Politico laid on this because. Then Dallas and places like that they had missed 101520 years ago they they do and and there are other places that actually have like gourmet restaurants he would be my only problem might. Yes it is I like it. But I'm not gonna sit there. It's hard for me to eat the dark. Let's boy you get I mean. It's little visa like is I get there early and go to this is a get there are only knew when he got an. You just. You just went there for the food. Act three surprise when you're just sending them yet dying over our heads today netbook. Are racist prime. Now you want to set Pacman is new place soon salute start doing that yet Teresa's. The country club is that rhetoric and opera. Debt rating. Redding got. We did enjoy most shows there an amendment yeah that's right offer route 28 and sixty to sit moments extensive list when he goes on this is so. So ouster in development to find I but Teresa primus open you know they're doing business today. Mean that's a that's one of the finest state has as you'll ever go to and one of the most beautiful setting to live we're going to. And if you listen to us. Plymouth units into us and them. It's worth. The drive here just to see the place. I mean their fire this fire out satellite that QE inning into the pillars that were Roman empire. There's waterfalls. It overlooks the golf course a tennis courts. Everything. And I and the stakes. Armonk. I'd they have deceived as to divers got up in addition to the statement negative filet mignon with similar ram. It just it is so it's a phenomenal place in his own by good friend of ours is name is Nikki about investor rhesus prime. That is of course it twenty elm street route 62 in north rim and you never equate. And you golf reservations at any of the four restaurants and can't. This number 9782760044. But it at that. Thank you very much is go to phone right now have to give you guys who go to Marvin who's gone from mad that. Again how are you hearing I happen to love on the border. We go to the want it won't rip. And it's it's just very good for a change it's very good food they make their own ships there are so they're always fresh. At a bonded but it's just it's supposed to keep pleasures just love. Now mad men and my wife says so ace reminded me we've got to go to on the border venture Fe one of her favorite restaurant. Alia but yet I think that the you know that. They just opened the Chestnut Hill mall the pizza people from New Haven. I and you they were going to I didn't know they were open. That this. New Haven slow would you say never won most recommended restaurant pizza restaurant and the world's already a line down there always a line. Yeah when I was in sales that I had. Connecticut is like Turk going to be coming back from. Being there for about 45 days and I was get a pizza again for the tabloids B I would have to wait but it was well worth the wait to get want to take home. I've I've and it's and thank you so much for the telephone call on it and on the border thing it's a good recommendation here saga seltzer a couple of back on the border I like on the border actually attitude yeah I mean I've gone there were more than a few turns especially back. But before I got my refined palate you know the only problem is the only problem it is sometimes it's really hard to get into an approximate time of its popular yet and they've been around for quite awhile and there's not a lot of on Bora locations opened his quip there's a few but just. That's the one I know over it off once when he I Kathleen has gone from vendors had a Kathleen. You know wonderful thank you what you got for me is Ford's Mexican restaurants are concerned. Add I don't know what part I'm about out pops you out and rally map no they have done. Are great but quite well although it as fun or Lou why iron and a I think I love about it is that. Well a bit nervous but one look how long are a lot well. We're. I like it never planned take that I'm completely there homemade rap I think you let them and has though kind of track and that. Good in the Lleyton are being that he. And the like rock quality is there is home. Everything they need to I need like probably why a lot of lot of restaurant. You couldn't say that a Romney. And not. What can. Though they nickel out of the they'd pick the right time and you can see it as accurate but then he each little recap and I really appreciate that. Well Great Neck with a web. We in the we had and now we have a bit disappointed. It will be huge price is the grade. Well I mean they're big played there they give you a plan. Spurs are knowable risk Goler let's go for everything OK now I know it's an okay rally one node the old the old route one. They give me the name. One more time please. Our products CL. GAT eight CIOs were parched hills carry guns now stimulus and it okay. I needed bounce back. Yeah. Net net distant and at best and they have either one of those out there now I think. You sent fanatically. Yeah. Where are. The end. You guys that night at this you know a Mike in there and right now I'm content because I know that look in his. He's Lincoln I used to think that Michael had all these things in this news. I didn't know that and bad knows that whether it's only when Google was the thought that was a top packed packed are. You know a they say. Our know what if this is. Battling this is battling these were adults you did I say hi Matt that he haven't he valued as an activity we get say one more time minutes and rally route one north the old rule one. Yes out to cut you out and you'll be very happy he won't leave hungry. Campaign don't mind they don't mind if you don't it is they don't mind if not I'll let every time I thought that they can achieve like I say. And I get black keys when soda every track now how long enough you see you remember everything. I get I get home on the black and rice I really did I do love that if Houston properly. Like. Yeah they. They'd really I don't know practice we're looking for a while it. I'm very happy we are and we've been happy he handled the price would you can't see it all very. Right now. Can't blame the man's that is how would you feel. We add that your name and address aren't won't and that I would love this in your whole case of harmony abate coffee delivered to your front tore. You know a lot that we had more upbeat and. A this referred tears at gasoline as the wired one from now that we had wired or not I look at. I have a Harvey bay gourmet coffee is cavity or friend or soon. So they were the place was that L to pot DO is that those yet okay it's a deliberate one okay 300 new report term pike in rolling for the GPS. It's. 300 new report turnpike Rowley mass of phone numbers 978. 432. 1336. You know we can't find Michael O'Neill now hopes. Not eat you can't find him not eat you'll be able to find him and the board here. Because he goes it says here every cent electable well they've got on the board yeah. Yeah I know we we always confuse the two because they're so similar in name. The border cafe is the one on route one melts over Cambridge location and a couple of others on the border Israel off of 120 in Woburn its dome ups and what that street is but it's like dumbo the Woburn mall via now though matter now. Both good to expect lessons. Head it meant hello yeah I mean that an interest he stirred on both them to have time for that now. Look like you say you got yet that bathroom reader the job well you do how kind butcher who. Okay 963. Chelmsford street below that so close to 495 you can actually see. The Wang buildings which of course that's where you can find the Alpine butcher. And Mike is not stop bragging about this place did you go step. Yeah I think one. One of the most unique things about I'm butcher. Even if they cut these stakes this USDA stakes Grail I'm in the top of the line at like top 1% one half percent of all states. They take tremendous. And they thoroughly and make them burgers from the tournament. Yeah how about that folks okay how about that if fresh seafood every Wednesday Thursday and Friday okay. And Alaska home that's a good place for pardoning these values in Europe and then what you Corey been there since 1913. And got to be doing something right Greg and Thomas Doyle. Alpine butchered 963 channel for street. In little. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib feet all American tavern Salisbury. Parent you know American tavern. Did you leave on time. Chinatown is still voted top five Chinese restaurant in all of New England. Famous for their own one of a kind Chinatown ripped. Chinatown from cubs corner still. And you'll listen a wicked bite radio today with pat Wheatley for Mother's Day and happy mother's they'd all moms out there this is Scott with. Again don't forget about the TV show it's every Saturday morning at 930 on NASA and that's right food sports and fun and a whole new light. I'm telling you have a great time watching the shows such DVR. Every. Saturday morning at 930 and do not miss an episode. By the way our encore presentation. Is tomorrow. At 2 PM so if you Mr. Big pizza show we traveled from Regina pizzeria. In Austin and we went into Salisbury. And Hampton New Hampshire you name it we went in search of the area's best pizza. That encore presentation will be at 2 o'clock tomorrow nets and do not miss an okay. Rare coins up New Hampshire Warren males is his name. And war mills has been. In the rare corn business for well over 35. Years now and he travels the country looking for rare coins he pays the highest prices. So if you're thinking about selling your rare coin collection or maybe buying or investing. In rare coins gold or silver he is the man Nicole ward males rare coins of New Hampshire 800. 2257264. That's 800. 22572. 64 and don't forget we have Kevin Cohen our psychic medium at the China blossom in North Andover on Sunday afternoon June 4 the final. I assume it's going to be the final show of the season. Sue right to get tickets. You could do that by calling 8667451167. Tickets are 45 dollars per person. And that includes an all you can eat Chinese buffets that tax and gratuity it's a great time and he will amaze you his psyche can meeting abilities. Our world renowned I mean every time I walk out of the show I'm just shocked 8667451167. Again Sunday afternoon June 4 China Boston in north bend over 8667451167. We can order them online. At North Shore spirits dot com. I was born to cook. Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eatery in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did that is no better feeling. Traditional northern recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Jannero teetering twelve Blanchard road Quincy. We're not just for gourmet ice. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gore may have. This is we get by its radio on WRKO. Phil Boyce a Boston. What might ask me this question we're gonna have great heart and Boston. And I just north and in the water. I seaport I data and that's it for. I node name restaurant fifteen fish here. There is. Free parking and make she. This program is right to apartment down sausage company are about you know you know. In dean knows the Moscow December though you're sort of let down saucy element in the neighborhood. Okay. Europe and. The place there aren't they do that are 400 years these two veteran for eighty. Move now. That means that you better be doing some some glues it. Conducive to doing a lot of things through those victims did tell me about it move down south she's it's the about a challenge family the used to be in Delhi yup that started. And there's down the senior and junior there at their best quality meats there also and wholesale business that are. But they have a retail store they are to move so I do you know part to go get the best prices on the back quality products this shouldn't be waiting for. The state to its postal where we're cover all the bases. Dom sausage company there goes hand Riverside park in Malden was connected Acosta gonna gonna suck us in college that he. Our ability breakfast yet. We are being used because I can actually terribly ill warrant. Favorite Lleyton he might as our department I don't know it's red hair and on. We want PDA yeah. I am not a bit is before they get through it this. Back at lunch and dinner but their breakfast it's outstanding. Never had beer never had been cast. Never had breakfast there but I had breakfast at rents in Salem the original location. Oh OK you know that that's what parents that the yet extra crispy. Yeah extra crispy on the cats with its other explorer. And Gil at the exit omelet. Saddam against the Belgium walk both what you say. And also they have the pancake stack that every big hit the play. Yeah really and that comes with three which announced a wanted to kidnap I don't think anybody pretty prayer. But everything is very good progress there. That is so what that. That is a place that looks like it's full because of all the cars. But there's parking on the sides also that so you can get seeding in their usually. Right right you can go and Netflix site and think yep it going aside milk factory pack in the back yeah. But that's very very good and then once it's good they have all kinds everything they have everything Barrett is. Bearish whatever you feel like Kevin. And also I really like it on the way up the hill little right side prepare and you all might help them there and the hippie bid. What these guys. And they are homemade and their this were a joke but thought that if you are so give them a shout out of their. And that's for B route traveled in the fast lane a Whoopi pie. That can't you read cavern in Peabody it's in the north side of route one. Right thinking that I appreciate the cop Phyllis a middle Borough is going to be next 100 Phyllis. You very good thank you. OK I like to attacked about they had that cavern and I'm sorry gateway cavern in which I am yeah it had been there but then Barry and they. No I am okay until I would play and it several times I have my itself. And we had he had tuna fish that DN. Sesame feared tuna. In a portion was fabulous it was tickets like and he has all the time but the than any portions of it had in a restaurant. It was fabulously wonderful and it was tripled with. Wit let me just sitting in the U. Virginia. Tech I was happy drizzle. And he's had a tablet than I had the M sammon. And that would wait then absolutely forever I can't say enough about the restaurant that is the place that they should try. Our net gain weight tavern is and what street. Marion history Marion street and went on Marion street in where hand in wearing him. Every road I'm sorry wrote not straight talk the men who Wear him. All right I gotta thank you very much village. You know a lot of us I want Alicia only amounts that they're very happy Mother's Day. And if for the graduate tested this graduation time movement to. Kappa graduate to graduated. From one from college move Tyler Whitley and you know and and then Vinnie. And gratuities from trade school and we wish him the absolute best. Time and it's so good looking and so many. Oh it is looks. Which one. Not go to a this. I mean he's got a gal walks in. And day restaurant dude Chia. It brings you this segment of the show and I. I don't know and I'm embarrassed and times here on bearish for this. With their riches of the written word. Because very Tuesday and not in order to clean break through mr. in his okay. Kristen active Lucci is looking at five dash thirteen non current treatment and mr. Guys tell everybody about FaceBook and on that now to get back. FaceBook dot com close goodbye Steve you really conceal screen to show every Sunday me and scoped problem midweek as well usual Wednesday Thursday. We'll let us know we're to go throughout the week. Back political. We can place radio with pat Quigley is a presentation a blitz of media and.