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You are listening don't wicked place radio. The only place that lets you be the book critic. Sunday's afternoon on WRK oh the voice of Boston. And welcome in everybody's got quickly today in the next couple blitzer pack beautiful holes we got a great show planned for you today coming up at 11 o'clock. He's being vulnerable here fool you had now Mike Nolan so we teach them on the TV show couple years ago I got a story. When Teddy and myself well actually I happen okay and where would. But you know what I did very complicated when it. I'll I'll I'll talk a bit more about that coming up on today's program. Again this is not with my wife is also in the house today. And that we'll get giveaways and great prizes I think we have the phone calls they keep giving a busy man they are today. I hope you're you're you're sad because what we're gonna do today mind. We also have by the way yell will be open test I forgot what we talk about I'm sure it's been an interesting. The computer has it all visited his riveting yeah which yup it's he has basically they have you know we reviewers. And for the overtly political together a little. Feature every week that could be on a certain topic so we'll find out what that is a little bit later on but as I mentioned we're gonna be busy in here today. Because what I am gonna look for today and I'm gonna need. On the need your help. So the folks listen to us right now with some great price smoker. And where I thought we would do markets. Open up the phone minds early today and then you know that's always the best time to get on the show tunes would call in nights in currently writing or. As the show gets on the lines get tied up in cake eating it. But we need help folks out there and I'm gonna make the question the topic very easy in the first hour move so people would call and and let me know with his favorite all time restaurant news now its usual it it's real easy one. Now. I told him anyway some Greek crisis we now some of the prizes that will be giving to some of the callers say that will select random. Include rose arias rest. Move in that's August he would not be here every I heard so many great things about it a fifty dollar believes that you know are gonna get statistic it. It was our restaurants August so that's one of the prizes will be giving away now I just got this in the mail today might take a look at this. The biggest advocates. Oh I usually receiving an incredible rally from either recognize where they're going to be from those until you watch it on FaceBook you see that's. It's it gets to read it. Areas while the codecs and a tunnel an elaborate that is an elaborate gift certificate is an. Gift to give the book back when you get there I think so it's a library card and one of the books that you have to bring an end. And two will be giving. That is way cool a little bit later on today. While it's a fifty dollar seat on FaceBook you're watching us on FaceBook live right now a fifty dollar delegates to the it. To a speak easy in Nashua, New Hampshire keep up the gimmick drill of that Sybase I get it because they've. They fashion themselves as a library you have a return your library books or stories sounds because I really clever guy I. Now for those views that did not see our what you bites TV show personal shame. Shame obviously. You we we went to. This Kodak's move is the name of the place and turned his ally Ricard more than me from we have already fallen out of me. But that's really important it's he's been easy in Nashua, New Hampshire. And when you see on the street that Iran forgot that it's the main street that passes by and that's kind of up. One film's present what one bouncers is at the site's readers that actual that's the entrance the entrance and but that's sort of the side street compared to where there. The front door we'd be or should. Yes kind of react because that's on like the main road with a lot of businesses in and out when you're on the main road. All you see is a sign saying you know it's as if bookstore basically who and rare it's. Books books antiques and rivers that's what the signs that citizens. The problem is configure that acronym is close. Look if you watch with the bites TV you know who around the corner material and his bookshelf. Around the back entrance. And when you poll a certain book on that shelf. It rings a bell. And in the changes that he's done this and the food and of course you can have food is books everywhere because that's the whole theme. You know Lou bought by accident 2000 books. Used books but I actually thought his I have a couple hundred. But he actually. That the next zeroing people yeah a body was buying. Twenty cases he bought 2000 cases yet septic something like Corey cases of books a few thousand votes unit case is the books so. Being the same man he says we're reminded of all these books and has to do. Hope this case. So you're set it's that in my library from the 1920s. When you to weigh in that we staff you know the bartender the unity and sort of period car sure you know and they have very very creative traits Mercury but I thought the food. Icing really. You know I was told my wife it's it's too whether the national because I can tear us hanging out there. You know did not at a nodding for the drinks. They're burger I thought was excellent there was really who has the wings moved they have very creative dishes to you know have a lot of big menu but the food these. Very they're one of the best doctors. Yeah it was fantastic I didn't get any of that but in the quarter that was vector that you know. And now I so these are just some of the prize that we're going to be giving away on today's program. So it's up to you right now the listener move and if you're watching us on FaceBook you can call in and vote to. And just say what your favorite all time roster. Move is there was doesn't really matter. You look at Iowa's like hearing about some of the restaurants that. That are not purity short with us and themselves or you know and some some people have favorite restaurants and they closed many many many years ago. But I thought we would open up the lines that you made may be a restaurant right now that they really like. That's by year's number to call. 888. 4346464. You got that 888. 4346464. I we need your help will be attuned to argue effort to contest anyway some great prizes. Several prizes this hour on the radio show. Looks so cool but what I think the books are great yep and I got a paper postage to mail these out and so fluently but I I think that it that it. And you could read the book too it is actually stuff printed in the paper display and it's a real popular areas there is alive Ricard. So I almost have to return is one. You have to return this this this one that is following. But I I Olympic break quimica that's awesome great game and these are old books are these books opponents while. You know the books are almost antiques at this point there's questions that they came out of a library with the I 88843. Or sixty or sixty or need your help today with two all time favorite restaurant. Over the bar is trying to help the literacy problem in America the yet. Yes they can mimic and read all these rate loans and to help partly due to drink some urban try to read we'll let you know when you go into codecs it's Tim Layton. To a turbulent. I mean it's it's set up just like in 1920 speak easy would be in the music is tune very low. It's lit so it appears to be lit by candlelight because back then that's all they that's only world allowed them to do not allowed to but. That's all they could do because it legally. You know you couldn't have went back and boom lake Indy is you couldn't have booze so it was all lit by candlelight so wouldn't you draw too much attention and that's. It's really like is it's a really really cool who will theme to place it really it was sort of a there was an early show it was like kind of going into a what you would. Ahmet Disney guys so it's like it's like going into a room in the hunt to mention it's very very well themed well decorated everybody's in character. It's it's a really call local poison the winners of those books are reluctant. Yes they they will be lucky I would want open line 8884346464. Look at we all time favorite restaurant. I come ready to help right now 8884346464. Let's kick things off this morning Mike let's go to Jennifer of Lawrence good morning Jennifer. Arnold good morning. I'm redefining. Their goods which all tire and restaurant. It would be column in fact yes. And they would be because that their saga link that you are amazingly. Great black is currently he sweet charming them and their amazing. And so garlic least. The garlic and sweet as they go together. So you see I'm an adult extremely while setting I take great. Thought they go so well to get Eric unbelievable. And what's the name of the place again. Can't. Know who owns accounts. Can't miss counts yeah I love that that when you go in the it to talons. They have that. We called it ship it just it just has that I I know they've been there what it seems like forever. Cal they ask but the atmosphere inside even today I think is kind of cool. When you walk. It is amazing I that's cal loans that's northbound. On route one. I Jennifer thank you very much for your phone call let's go to Marvin. Marvin of Medford good morning Marvin. Marvin. There you are sorry about that what's your favorite restaurant Marvin. It doesn't exist anymore for Scott but it was called bone bona countries. It was there is a restaurant in its place now called. Oats and Afghan government to Afghan restaurant. On. First street I think in Cambridge. It was a great restroom when it was open it. In the ninety's. My life that would go there. On average amount about 45 times. End in 1993. When we get married. Group who were up plays a restaurant let our reception and and we got to top it about Bonecardi Leona. You had never done abroad she said he wanted to do one. He gave us a great price Charlotte and it was fantastic. And compete restaurant that's been out this public. Give restaurant but it was the type of place and what killed by opponent countries weren't be. Following winter where it. And he had limited partly. And they were beat forecasts. For smoke for the weekend. And it and it was maybe Tuesday when met forecasts will be may or your you have people now and it. So don't go out but he get a little bit of oh underside of the big V8 it was he was a person who first started coaching at. What to forget it should. It's such a restaurant and former parent you the first ship. They're. Not great. So yeah so that. But I met a general unfortunately they're they're they're closed. But you talk about that have you been to the Afghan restaurant. I'll once I'm not a fan of that and it always I mean what's the cuisine line. It's there's a lot of pumpkin and it's almost like Greek. Oh lord northern nor has been submitted to radiate. I believe there was coach. But I guess I get psychological review of the fact that this area receptionist to replace sort of the double core chips it'll come a week. And it's not the same but it's a beautiful. Interior what they've done to. That the African restaurant now I mean it's it's very. Only. I've never tried. Afghan type of who I so I I'm really kind of curious is not many restaurants around that I know. They're great serve. Serve that style of food taught I was just curious more than anything else you know you'll be my favorite restaurant. You know my favorite restaurant is there was I have to say and you probably remember reveal cafe Budapest in Boston. Oh my god. That goes back to one of my favorite places. Yeah yeah I mean I glued to your parent there won't know I tip my parents who wants unaudited written and my father was. The meat and potatoes guy and it was just. You can but it meant it just all what is at stake but salad and potato. But it was that was truly great restaurant. Aren't. Thank you. I'm Marvin thank you very much for your help again we're looking for your favorite all time restaurant that don't have to be open. Anymore and we're giving away some great prices here's the number call 8884346464. That's 888. 434. Or 6464. Again Keith is gonna take your name and address off there because that tower and to you in. The great prizes that we giveaway went away at least three. Three delegates than it is this hour read at least we'll beat you being ambitious yet well again. Was are you in in in its August 50 dollars all right. And we got codecs that in Nashua, New Hampshire that we do easy that's fifty dollars right there and I'm sure I'll go grab another through the region little mystery that we got we have more. We have over the lip rhetoric clearly more with it but we will we will get to some more callers today and out on this program this hour so we need to help. 888. 4346464. That is our number here to the restaurant program against Albert Lee in today and I'll be back next week. And a couple weeks two weeks in a row because that's that's taken a little bit of its. I find I find it funny that today is that they the parent takes off. A blast ladies that he's on FaceBook give me a hard time goals you went to the Red Sox game that means you're gonna take a day off a workaholic we'll. And a four hours ago on the alternative to him what he wanted to let accident awful work he went to the Red Sox game in 1980 a day ago now his time between. Because he's still recuperating from locally the last cubs series. I'd exchange street Easter is located Marvin that's gonna find a good friend of mine John Carolina. Now John I got big news about it I don't know I'm. Clear to say it's I can't say. You can't say I can't say OK what is it filming there so oh. Let's keep as a teaser right sore but exchange street Easter Island moment. This is where Boston atmosphere kinda. In a comes into the verbs and they come in with the neighborhood prices and that's probably the most important thing of all it's a stylish European beast. A lot of the Brazilian cherry wood heartless. And just the way the rest were kind of just flew lose you know from from a fraud although it back to the lounge area and that granite. Huge loans at the traditional raster. If it's a great Bard's a 360 bar. That is it's huge it's beautiful Leo won over a hundred Martinis but they can or you great great stuff and you know I mean the food is fantastic there it is it is really like great great food and their specialists who that's what I always say there's a couple of places this ended the briefing right. They do pre feed prefix many of my on a certain days of the week and it's a phenomenal look at the menu changes all the time and they have a Sunday brunch that goes on Sunday. But I always say ordered them off the specimen. It's certain places and this is one of those places I tell you do that. Yeah because every chemical when they're I'm kind of shocked and I went and had lunch this is going back about a year ago I think it was like maybe last corner I was there with John we have lots. And he said. Have launched commence a kind of logic as what they were running a tomato soup which I don't. I don't I don't like the little girl Erica. But it came with these the grilled cheese sandwiches with like Texas toast there will be and is do and dipped it into the the tomato. You know basic soup and some really good at it or. You could have made a believer you do know right away at the right away electable I never thought I would go all of that with the state based or 6716. Street mall and again this party of re parking right outside a restaurant to it to go in there. And this couple minutes of a parking lots steps away twos and don't let that turn turn to opportunity there. Yep that the plane into the GB GPS because that just off the main street 67 exchange street. Is where you buy an exchange street Easter in molten okay sir Richard's restaurant industry in a bind sue located PV. Is unlike any other Chinese restaurant around see Chang's is in PB. But the restaurant setting outdoors. When you look at outside. It's white colonial exterior. And as exquisite Chinese who and so I mean exquisite Chinese food inside the district of hundreds and hundreds of online reviews. News. Of people going to the restaurant. Come out saying boy this has more on the best Chinese restaurants. Sue Chang is the name of the restaurant 373 lol street impunity. Those either kind of go back in time you'll Procter house that's they're located soon changed what I recommend. Some a little bit different that city. But the Hong Kong's stake. Each char broiled filet mignon and it's topped Wichita hockey mushroom and all of its cost. Yeah I can do attitude right now. Since changed 373 low street in PV where according to a New Hampshire gore and mills brings you this portion of wicket by its radio. If you're sitting on a rare coin collection or maybe thinking about investing or buying gold or silver. You have to call Warren mills before you do any thing else he's been in business well over thirty years now. He's got I personally trust iPod so we're from from from war and I don't Michael can work but I I by Silva from time to time to warn. And when I start buying in about a year ago he said you know I think. For precious medals were for medals. It's running he said below the percentage of coal rods and so that's unusual doesn't run that percentage while so he was suggested buying. Well Imus I I start buying about a year year and a half or go and I would say they've gone up probably about 20% in that time. He's a guy that you need to call Warren mills where according to New Hampshire 80225726. Sport at 800. 2257264. I get back at all like to go to Rosemary a Boston good morning Rosemary. All right sky at morning. It's Mary wrote Alonso he does say mariners say. That's okay. I'm crying about are all I'm front which was read it choked. Yeah. You remember that. I've never I I remember but not. Did you ever going there I just know the name really really well. It's early call used to go into. The went through the kitchen and and he would get into the dining areas which didn't have any windows. And they blocked by a couple of them that I need to look at and from the site I think all the and it was a lot of fun other food basket. Well I mean again I remember the name. And then you talk about EE kind of walked through the kitchen to get into the restaurant. Yup it had to go through the continuing in a side door. There was no sign outside that you can really aid and dump and they don't need not that area and cut that and shrimp Bianco. That they a lot of doubt it was over and part of its. I the only restaurant I remember that I know of right now that you could still kind of walking in through the kitchen. And it's more for takeout is sent top deals in spots and still could walk I mean I'm the first time I ever did that I don't know if you've ever been dissent populace. Yep many many times but I walked in to get a pizza one day we take out. And it and I opened the door I'm right in the middle of the kitchen. You tell you went the wrong way I didn't know what it's the wrong there's so many times didn't. Yeah but that's the only restaurant that I know of right now that that that well I thought that you do that experience. I'd read it's no longer are they close. I say about ten years ago maybe a little bit more. So little but the food was outstanding and a lot of people meant it as we're in that area. All right thank you very much for your phone call let's go to grow Lynn right now and pat good morning pat how are you. It. It I am to an excellent what's your all time favorite restaurant. I'm way it read in a lot. Cause I rely. Palmer has now. Yet the causeway they are still open today. They are at won't we won't we do like best seafood restaurant they always do very very well and it's not a fancy place. There are great hero are all yet it's you know I'm. Check it out. Yes got that ticket. And the chicken farm is bigger than the plate it doesn't really have to aren't quite well I mean that the portion sizes at the causeway. Are incredible just just huge. Now got it are right because there restaurant thank you very much for your phone call it's over to Brewster right now and the on good morning Dion. Our I'm sorry dawn. Does Don. Don't wants. Leon in the Belmont a look at good morning you were way off we have wailing away at its answer more compact sorry gates got. Which are all time favorite restaurant. You'll spree to rush Hilltop steakhouse the old Hilltop yeah. That was the best you remember when the we're closing in everybody was trying to steal the reduced plates and stop at that. Yeah I barely got it does still a row but he had those those cows were a lot of money. I am now. They've they've they were because they were they always in the pop up remember what what when they get kids and people would steal the cows every so often they were pop up like yourself later. I missed field I'm still lines I remember. As a kid driving our you know parent to drive media back from the fostering the Boston area and you would see the lines that is to go out. The un dual all the way around the corner. You I missed the old the older health updates and you don't want to. Something that they didn't do it I wish they had but we still a lot of functions upstairs. Opera really up to the time they closed and depth. Four for a meal in the functions we know is that the stuffed chicken breast and I look forward to that stopped chicken breast. Every time I went there I mean was on my favorite meals at any event we've ever done. Ty I had not done it I do miss that our if they are very much for your phone call. Again we're looking for your all time favorite restaurant till 11 o'clock today and then we have up. Tony the becoming infamous being the in corner this portion which by trade as rock you by Salvatore is restaurants. Is several locations Andover Lawrence. Met for South Boston and in Boston's their district to open for lunch and don't forget about their chance. Playgrounds next to him. That's with a chef at that particular location decides what they wanna make. Could be short ribs knocking Fernando. Or could be. Pot roast flat bread and the seaport district. Outdoors. Get Andover Lawrence met for South Boston and even Boston's their district I which all time favorite restaurant. Call in and maybe dormant when one of these great prizes 8884346464. It's. Boards and find that we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV which pad with play. And this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK oval voice of Boston. I would back you may start with the again and we're here today and later in the talking about that too. But novel. And have a second location cafe trim as though in Dedham. I'm heading into this week and really look for tonight here. It's special special. Restaurant that techtag. All the creative and excellent. And all of you get more simple quick quick review of that things are great things about tactics and has so. 566 ties animal about the a little bit later on this hour. Again with a view all time favorite restaurant on today's program. And give away some great prizes Woodson get right back. It's good it's spread out in revered reporting trip. Hi good morning Scott morning we knew we settled. He's an all time favorite. And didn't have to be open I came to my mind right away. I have a favorite it's kind of quote my artists it was. It's Finley worked in my that was a busboy they have their years. As a second job or trying to buy a whole rust years ago event. I ended up working there for about six years in the kitchen. Great Italian restaurant that's Revere was called not this piece. Italian restaurant and I don't know anyone out there remembers that right classic classic Italian lines open door. Every marriage. And it's a shame when when some of these restaurants that close you know and remember like like restaurants on like this I would almost. You see that's when he your favorites has grown up as a child that I equate that to like bishops and martz. You know you know when a total I'll play out yet but so this is like Italian in the classic Italian. Classic Italian was called that if he's Italian restaurant. And we owned restaurant. Just a great great place out of fourteen Malden street packet and like 1967. Late sixties and they operated. And so what the mid to late eighties. When I tell you lying opens door in night of the week you and I'll give small place. And out and Revere what this film all the stronger beer than ended up moving to they lost their lease could be. The original owner of that building saw how well he was doing and he ended up opening at old restaurant thought that he would you know the caption. Didn't do quite as well but he you know he did all right but I grew and a move to Chelsea that's why work there for about six years and Chelsea. Well I tell you they hit it shouldn't you dish was a named after themselves as culture cannot yet see. And I remember used to make it there was it was chicken that we would blanch route Cuban up and it would have. A great you know and all of oil college. Mushrooms. Just a great. Makes me Harlem a little bit of my fellow what all was delicious. And feel palm. All over the place veal parmesan my wife and the VO you recover before it was just great great food. Great food. So noted are right and will be truly missed and I I can tell it's yeah despise you for all these many years thank you very much for your phone call trip. Just looking at FaceBook alive you know with the bites TV FaceBook live you can actually watch the show right now he could comment. Make comments I'm seeing some of the comments Michael O'Neal's talk about Angelina isn't took Sperry who has its excellent cohort. The Mac fisherman eats there and endorses it. Well that's good enough for him if it's enough for him it's enough for us and I was I was also seeing Mike and I and is the first I've heard of it but I haven't been there PF Chang's and even closed the iGoogle them prone to the yeah so they they are no more normal I invented it and I have not gone to the PF Chang's here. On analog time. You know at the last and I think it would be a change in Africa was even masters I think was the borders of the you know but the concept good concept restaurant kind of cool inside. But no longer there so I guess they could go into your favorite all time it used to be open. You've gotten and one of them anyway that that's right I let's get back to the phone calls that go to is it edit Salem mass. Good morning. Yeah good morning. But the years ago they used to be a great seafood restaurant. On the drug river in August. Named happy balance. There was a Stanley and restaurant they receive food was fantastic. Everybody on the North Shore up. This side of living going up to Gloucester and so fought. Would go to embassy complex where huge commitment was so fresh what I've got a static taken me there when I was young. The wages I go to that people played in the waitress would always say. It's a little too much for the young boy my father says but you haven't seen this young boy eat. And this seafood plate would come out. And it be piled high and I need to hold bearing witness side about hearings and everything else like that and the wages were all. I don't know where they are young man put it but it's gone but it was one of the finest restaurants around. And it was open for years but they closed like they go to twenty years ago but it was fairly already there were right on the soccer history about. They end everybody on the North Shore remembers that. You know I like the name had gallons. Here can't forget that name I had thank you very much for your phone call also FaceBook live Mike I'm seeing that. That Bob we're talking about readers restaurant. In Chelsea that closed his read does now again this is according to Bob and I don't know Reid is still offers catering. They are located in Everett broke him so they're still around which is that a different for denture guidance that we that we had a caller. And he was the power every rose from Boston ago yet and she Houston that was wonderful network long time restaurants so we have gotten answer this saluted thank you very much Bob and I also see one of cordon William again FaceBook live people comment and make comments there. And trip down nostalgia lane according to bill. Steak and ale the best salad bar ever put it into world itself can or go wrong all okay. I let's go back to. The phones and let's go to Lois. Weymouth good morning Lois. Wanted to guard the my restaurant that you should go to which disclosed it is from the leaders from Italian restaurant. In Dorchester it was and field corner on Dorchester avenue. And it was it was the best best Italian restaurant that you can have their own. Salad dressing that was really delicious. And icy at the gate plant Thomas on then he should make it different nation make it like really stacked high it was just. Flat you know it's just like one layer it was like several layers. And no like I it was just it was it was unbelievable and I just a message so much the and one time we I was down in the casket. Has been a night and I just got this one question what's going on the main mission could have squared it right from the attempt to speech. And we we were we went there and. It was totally closed up in the I would we will likened stark and we registered shark it was on the. I. You know your your heart skips a beat when you find your favorite places it just. Pop it on who live there really was it was a shot the in my mouth was watering and I show boy. I it was called the Nina Italian restaurant located in was located in Dorchester but unfortunately. No longer. Right field climate registry. You break it bombed theories which as I had Dolly Italian cookies and all that. As a true true great places greatness came littlest shopping mall. I'll bake you very much via phone call you know I've. I'm surprised they haven't heard somebody talk about have room to talk about sandwich places never bees. These they used to make. Chicken Cutler or revealed it will I think they call them. Farmers on substitute veal parmesan have a much of who's really feel inside we're with bees. It in the the one right there on the water that's ultimately and I don't even know what's there now. But again as a child growing up. And that was soldiers in which that was my I mean that was like wow when parents took me there now. And we loved loved it was it it was this here for many many years to. Somebody brought up on one of our FaceBook posts during the week Billy Bob's and TV that run back to school so yeah I went for a speed. Yeah one of the few places but yeah it was much it's a shame when you some of your favorite that people around the Obama side I don't have any iron forever to just a chain with some new favorites are no longer there. Yeah it's too that are 8884346464. With a if we all time favorite restaurant whether open or closed. And we're giving away great prices 8884346460. War FaceBook live right now John go main. On our past. Old time favorites include the ship bishops cafe Budapest. General lover I have heard that name a long time. But which incarnation of the ship. That's right the ship is in the air. Like the ships had many captains and obviously I think it commended the original ship the then it was ohm at the became the weather friendship. Right there was had to assure her we Jerry's. Had a military happy attic full there's another old policy or because they own they well they ran the ship for a while. And that I think it. Current places opened at twice I think like that. I really still gonna police and far right now. Do that I think so it's it's too bad it's kind of nice it's kind of a cool but it's an arsenal gimmick but I don't know what the hell does he was can't run that thing. A year and I'm wondering if it's the wrong side of the road. Improvement but I don't know I don't know I mean I don't know on the water. I mean in the eighties it ran for years but then move along things on the margin I think that's that's also an issue with large move place. They've tried everything and they want to deal to another one when the weather they've opened it I mean what better. I mean for me what better format you had the Chris mystery shopper next to move and really a lower priced seafood I consider whether they change them. I thought hand in hand they would work perfectly. Didn't media manipulators and has changed over bunch of times living now it's it could be falling victim to the market street in fact. Yeah I mean that's like a hop skip and a jump from there and that's good restaurant and shop and yet you I had I don't know but it's Bloomsbury but the both Stoller. But still it. Oh vote has been there it's been dry dock for many many matters addressed there. I 88843. Or 6460. Fours on every call the great long restaurant is located on route four in Bedford mass at three gonna find Alice. You know they've won the reader's choice award for best Chinese was in for about I don't know twenty consecutive years now. And why well maybe it's good because it's authentic Chinese cuisine that's prepared by professional chefs that used on the highest. Quality of ingredients. They are freshly made to search even compliment that daily lunch and dinner buffets. And they were full menu to. Take out here and they do it all the great wall restaurant 308 great road route four in Bedford mass they hide Dallas when he go ahead. Restaurant faithfully followed Boston's north and you can't miss it directed at the gateway to Boston's historic North End there open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. But upstairs they were function room. And we won't we do our cruise to Bermuda. We have everybody that's coming our crews and we we we buy them dinner upstairs and we know we have somebody from the cruise might come in. And say here's what to expect but it's more about needing your fellow passengers. Make him friends over good to wind there you go. Mike discovery come come with us don't like any passengers and whenever seater on the trip that's okay it's a good vetting and yes look at that you can bet your fellow you can either let it be quality gonna wanna hang with them drink with for seven days. Or people you're going to want to avoid rise seven suite sail to Bermuda this year. You passengers and what you are OK so but more importantly do you agree mill fleet books at the the you're gonna do you believe what you say enough is enough. I mean they keep I I want it and I order IC thankfully when you do what you wanna do but I want them stopped searcher. So because I grew up in Italian them fairly so for one market with a so so that means it's going to be a little and it was really a lot of food you away with serving yes. But if you want more information about renting. Or leasing out that function room and you could do and they hold up two and 35 people in the north end of Boston so you like school group or any type of groups. That are headed to the north and doing field trips this summer. Maybe come up to today that you can twice to a 35 people and even have an entertainment licensing to bring the jays. Up to nine. And their many possibilities are limitless all with a focus on authentic food of Italy. For more information call plea or restaurant day two or three cars or street bosses are then at 617. 742414361774241. 43 dumping it about the village restaurant and as exits Kevin Ricki its place as his wife Lu and his brother mark will be there all the rookies. Will be there because they open this restaurant Kevin's father Dick can remarks aren't that many years ago back in 1956. Has become an institution. In that area in Essex and their look at the judge threw 133 and 22 at Essex mass about. I'm 445 minutes from downtown Boston that's it dale like today it would pupil data cannot that he have a I think the patios. It's it's warmer and the outside of where like jacket that he shade. But it's a place where. Yeah it during the summer he can't get more talent people what coherent at this hour this hour this hour but now you can get it. Right there open six days with a closed on Monday seeking get their Tuesday the village restaurant in Essex. I get back the phone calls let's go to Rosemary the thorn good morning Rosemary. Good morning how AJ Larry the. I loved loved loved the Pritzker up all the. Yeah I have been I've discovered that and that was the first time I'd like I had. Check choked Rihanna the two men brought it to the table at the table side and they. It was so seriously and they would topic is on a view insert it it was wonderful outlook. Say. One of my sisters had there after either rehearsal dinner there for their wedding. Didn't work out too well that's why they're important for our fifth at. Ultra and that the but yeah I think either that you have. Right and you'll have in common than you dined at the prince grunt who and also outside it got beautiful they edit yeah she got used to. RD in a war as a fight club tortilla what a little waterfall. And they had tables than cheers you could sit outside and patio it was. It's very very romantic. Art prints grotto the used to be a mole and I do highly remember and remembered fondly because it was a phenomenal restaurant. I was married thank you very much for your phone call let's go to patty in Salem New Hampshire good morning patty. Good morning I have excellent memories of the cedar crest tomorrow. Night I'll take assets and and everything about it was wonderful. And they don't got that satellite. Copy everything I. We brought back good memories I have not found age good Italian restaurant yet what I would say I'd go back to again and again yeah. And prices were very reasonable. Why and then it if you didn't like talent you can get a hot Turkey sandwich or something like that but it was. Wonderful restaurant pre Iowa so bad because I really it was there from god decades upon decades upon decades. I didn't really start going there until I think the last 45 years. Of its existence I do miss it and did. Sign at times it does that make it. It happens again I would feel all time favorite restaurant on today's program coming up at 11 o'clock we're gonna speak. Being an article. It's one of my beloved Greek food and who wait do you see this. It's it's phenomenal. That's also had come on wicket by its radio again with Scott Whitley today sitting in for patent. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rip the all American tavern Salisbury. Spirit you know American tavern. Did you leave hungry. Rights of the Milliken for a place in the waterfront to be haven't replaced with a lot of history. How about the no name restaurants Obama friend Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1917. That's back at Specter wool war one the award end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine that low priced seafood couldn't be fresher. And the kitchen knows what to do with it displaying considerable finance and batted fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. Eleven you really low and by the way free parking underlined that free parking. In the seaport area there are no name restaurant fifteen fish piercing Heidi Jimmy forming okay. Quality about who's the best of the best two reasons I'm in north stores finest dining experience you will not compromise any. Issues. Finest selection of Brett prime beef. And the freshest seafood will shortz who delight I don't hear what it costs me. To make you happy that's what we'll though there isn't a ninety goes. Then I don't touch everything for two reasons I'm route 62 North Reading my name is nick you have. Welcome the trees as bride part of the Teresa's family of restaurants. Looking for the best. At lunch specials Monday through Friday batting contest three. By my mom's homemade meatballs. Donald marinara sauce cat three Maggie by. Our quality more flexible ones like him lazy dog and mark down a little lazy dog anyway. You walk rob the words. We look at you as I was. This will live look at everything they leave here he's with me and you think he's cool. That's what it's all about people and animosity is a lot of people lawless area and then in a while and things. But amid you know Bob I government. We are new costume shop he. You can bring home the same quality cost and that served in the finest restaurants in New England. Bit of fresh in the end attracted half that made right here and some of them. It's seem so hot down. He knows pasta offers convenient one pound bags and all natural sources that will make your next meal off home run. Just boil water act and CNN and if pedophiles right 98. Very different. Food sports and find that we've got you covered. We can play its radio and TV which pad with play. And this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WR KE oval voice of Boston. Other backstop with today's. No voices how to blossom in the next in the north and it was sunny and light. Right now there is five dollars a person that includes the all Chinese for bay with the prime rib move that you're gonna go there next Sunday. They have a great time yeah phenomenal. Actually for the last year or so invited. He won't open up Joey and then you gonna start. Criticism for the meeting comes on as usual on all truth don't you as its he has forty different celebrity. Musical impressions at the police or maybe more. And it's a great time and if you like tickets for next Sunday afternoon China blossom in North Andover call 866745. 1167. That's 8667451167. I doubt it back to my to go to Harrell of Lynn good morning Carol how are you this and certain. And an extra hole I'm gonna whip. We're actually gonna be our who's on what line give us a second at this portion of wicket by Terry has brought you by pro street station 53 summer street in mall then that's reunified Allen robot. And you a warm yourself up a little bit tonight how about their beef short routes boneless short ribs. With carrots onions or red wine it herbs and rich brown soap box that served over mashed potatoes. It's warm it's comforting even this time a year or ignore that dish is so popular that they actually just had on the specials menu. And it became such a popular dish that they added. The regular menus he can go in there and get the beef short ribs and you will not be disappointed I promised delicious pearl street station. 53 summer street in moment I got phone calls also let's go to Carol Carol Lin good morning Carol. The mining however everybody we're doing well. Well great have we got the issue now wouldn't it every week. The fight that I'm on a body is. Chat fatally she Beck quotes. Many years ago and I acted and acted at bat on why open that it opened up some plates out. It was wonderful that apple is great. I don't know what happened until it. Yeah I don't I I remembered. Them. The name I don't know either dined there but they were highly we're all on the show for many. I was say where they had the best. Feel and eight at issued could act are really. So noted and so messed cafe the we'd gee thank you very much Carol people call Everett of Paula good morning Apollo. That's what I did today lose these. What action do we lose Paula there. Okay Apollo hold up with a way to figure out what happened at Boca who go to line one Framingham. Actually neither its hold up all the lines posted don't call and right now there are all tied up we're gonna straighten out our phone. Lines biggar who's on what line to get back to just seconds but I want to tell you anyways about term as a restaurant today. They've opened up a second location in Denham called cafe tremendous. But for Mets still. Restaurant today route 129 to lol road Wilmington. Is the place that I think you need to go and try they have a beautiful open kitchen table large wood fired of it. There's plenty of windows that Lau and all of it natural like a lounge. But just a perfect spot to go and enjoy game. And Torres so restaurant take how to transport you back to the sites that takes from the smells to me as a little. C gonna go in there and you're gonna expect some great food that I am not. I am not a big. Lover. Of Mac and cheese I've I've said that for ever I think goes back to when I was a child and having a Mac and cheese and those boxes iPad. Never like Mac and cheese. Until I saw this on the menu. Brisket. Mac and cheese elf morneau. Yeah brisket but brisket and it's rich flour cheese sauce beef brisket. And Ritz cracker crumb doesn't that sound really good. Brisket Mac and cheese for now you have brace short ribs there stops and bacon risotto. Pan seared scallops. I don't think there's a better. Fired it metric last summer when it's done. So brisket and she's yeah but that's what Mario has been tension yeah I mean but again Bristow the escalator where where is this. Packed for a dramatic ultra mental moment absolutely. I mean. Even someone like myself who doesn't like Mac and I I've said many many. It when it reviewer with it with these I never want the back tees which I have no problem because I love Mac and cheese. But most of it's it's as though I'm a huge minutes announcement testimony trying to next time we're going next week right now we're going to we're we're going next week right next week with the development with a were invited or not but go in and get a Neapolitan style pizza Leo at that restrict McEntee is a war right. It's a higher rate below what easily two term as though restaurant day route 129 to the road in Wilmington. That's up about two miles down on route one point nine. I read from as a restaurant. I quit brisket. Magnitudes of four and half the I. Stand witness that you are analyzed we have problems for Yahoo! ozawa might take a quick break come back with your phone calls Kate Hillis in the wicket bites radio. Food scores and fine we've got you covered wicked slice radio and TV with at Whitley. Listen I don't wicked by its radio the only place that lets you beat the blue green Sundays to do it on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Hustled back in here because drivers waited to want to warm up my profit. During nobody saw. Nobody saw the notion. I didn't quite make itself. Now I do happen I would get back to your phone calls in just a few moments that Teddy from the there will be here. Coming up about fifteen minutes so. We got our great prizes at the beginning when Mike is organizing them right now trying to. Night against Scott quickly today impact the next two weeks when your typical Paul believes. It was the guy he'll become the sound old boy. So a lot that's still happening. First though we'll extended out just a little bit more as we all over lines were tied up when. Where it wouldn't be your favorite all time. Restaurant whether to open your votes. And we'll also FaceBook alive we don't FaceBook likes to go to which it bites TV on FaceBook moved. And click on the little button and you could watch a studio right now you could comment just like a Mike did. He says cafe Luigi. We had Carol and went to college so that was one of our favorite places yup he says cafe Luigi was a sister restaurant to Jimmy's and grass fields. That's probably the closest thing that can resemble them now and he's also right tonight to remember this. GAAP and Luigi. Was supposed to reopen across the plaza in Bedford but never did. And so yeah I do I do remember that. Michael fullest know that bill Bob and PB is still open which is good to know Bob is letting us know that the ship is actually slated for demo soon. When Phil fire department was using it yesterday for like a practice site that's going to be sent or when the ship comes around. We understand if business is gonna last you can't keep it standing. Still I don't that's no longer and I. You know I mean. Yeah we don't that's long long long time that's always been one but. Like FaceBook ID who watches right now and comment again. Brett just comedies is on suddenly in the mood for a greasy cheeseburger and Fries it Chile's diner. Imports that's been on my list to get to gonna get to port Portsmouth because I saw I saw them figure where. But I saw them in that place looks bring it up we can bytes right well the checked them out what you know what you could do and I forgot to mention this movie if you with the bites TV. And he'd do it now till tomorrow afternoon twelve and I'm shutting off tomorrow I have a post what you favored burger is where would you go be favorite burger all New England. And people are posting photographs and tell us about places and giving away great restaurant who moved in fifty dollar dinner guess to get to the G bar. Currently swamped Scott and I can't get any finer than that right. So go to our FaceBook which it bites TV look for the picture this burger which is from Jimmy's in North Andover. And that was it Jimmy's burger. If that was too big. And lettuce tomato special sauce a fruit that sort of thing in the big Mac but won't kicked up a little bit. So I'm looking for your favorite place for a verb and pick a winner random mar twelve noon with a bites TV. And comment there and he always comic two on our live feed that's going on right now. Like enough talking I think which need to get back to the phone calls or much or one what is your all time favorite restaurant. Let's go to Paula and Everett and asked that question Paul what's your favorite all time restaurant. It like quietly got I actually they need to string fact. Well I can Mount Vernon in trouble. And the other one is premium bridging shout shake. Okay new bridge cafe at Chelsea they are still running strong today. I'm positive of that. Positive that. If I had a question for extra barrel likely. Leisure creek and traveling to aim a little seafood restaurant. Editorial to look at Google social out there and it's been you know you mentioned if you guys can attached. And I wish people Gresham Jen I don't know in Russia models. You know wet. What area of the state of New Hampshire. Ignorant and I try to act media outlets and begin our question for me. I don't know how policy of one of our listeners to help us out there or somebody that's watching us on FaceBook live my field help us out. Our Paula thank you very much via phone call. And we have our winners and announce and a few minutes and let everybody entering here 8884346464. Is the number you can call right now. Your all time favorite restaurant. Let's go to have the Framingham and Dennis. God grew good morning good morning Dennis. I I have to also. One to go along with your route one. See that you and I mean the withdrawal. It was regular Italian Rick run. Called hawkish seeing. Now. It was it was in the no of the north are laying. And that was just fabulous. And not second one is up more suburban and at the the mideast countries a lot of in Wayland which is also gone and been demolished. And it's always sad when those restaurants. Just get demolished there really is what was the and out and look my Mike's my arm Alice what was the diner that. Then had to remodel and sign on. They'll literally go there I went there multiple times a week for like for ever and they had to remodel and sign on for probably about three years the order got sick at some point the kids just never took care return the thing in. Damn shame on real diner but Dennis Augustine yep that's another great place I would that's multiple lines up for the first time. All day. Look at the all time favorite. Favorite restaurant where the open or closed because we just had a call about the new rich cafe in Everett I'm sorry they're Chelsea Pollard never. They are still open and doing its draw business and you know what they have there were up. There were a salad dressing that's in a lot of supermarkets. It's different. It's different slightly different. Than what you get at the in the restaurant because I think they'd need to buy. FDA rules their views in that group preserver of war the supermarket so it's a little bit thicker but I kind of like the fickle. You know personally I mean I think it's great merits particular one. Salads are fantastic merited for states and it's very really very very very good them and you know we do best they can show. Knew which cafes always in that top absolutely almost always in the conversation. All right that's again will look at your all time favorite restaurant that restaurants still open on strong. What's your all time favorite restaurant here's the number to call 888. 4346464. Game and enter everybody into our dinner. For two contests we have about four prices that we're giving away some great restaurants. All over. I mean their their their all of report from our from the South Shore. Out on keep band. We're gonna send up to New Hampshire we got several different area restaurants that we're gonna be awarding some work callers 8884346464. All time favorite restaurant what is call and let us now 888 with a Easley is question we Abrams yes. And we're paying you to do it and would pay an adult to do and your odds of winning a pretty I've given over it pretty good path here so I just went into the price graph right exactly right. We. 8884346464. Dom sausage company speaking of steak tips that are excellent. Dom sausage company a moment. Some of the best they could you ever fine. A right there. And you'll find that some specialty supermarkets to you gotta bring them home cooked that's the only thing I mean you just not gonna. You have right there you know we could actually you could have your steak tips right there because in this specialty market dom sausage company. In Malta. You could sit in the middle. Of this specialty supermarket. And they have a little bit of a growing area that opens up at like 6 in the morning. And he'd have a sports but you have steak tips. And you'll find it never had them before. Get like a stakes that ticked at stake tip sup. And you know sometimes you get staked its and there are just chewy and stuff and could never think about imagine that you put into several. That is not the problem dobbs the most tender steak tips. You'll ever find in your life with their merit that it's so so good dom sausage company ten Riverside park. In boulder granite wall restaurant you'll find Alistair. And what would define what they have a daily lunch and dinner about today. And they make their own desserts. Many Chinese restaurants gonna make their own desserts that complement their their about face but they do it the great wall restaurant in Bedford mass. Maybe that's why they've won so many readers choice awards the years. I don't think there's anything like that where it all restaurants are kind of nice restaurant walk in there the united. It's kind of placing this one up there boy you com home Emeril is planning a four KTV sets that does line the walls in the restaurant. So this happened for everybody who's so if the Sox applying the warrior it's going to be on you'll be able watches. That's the biggest change I think we've seen in the restaurant industry over the last couple of years. If it's a restaurant that doesn't have. A television in the dining room. Borrow you know why fire or something along that line for its customers. They're not as. As active you know indeed they seem to lose business so now all the restaurants. Have gotten into the technology age. And great wall restaurant as one of those restaurant to go and enjoy great Chinese food and watch again. And try one of my favorite dishes I put this is where my favorite there's all ties may because as a surprise. It's called shredded chicken with string beans just ask for the church or conditions chicken there's that the talk about Maria everybody knows where it's due. Still look the one that we talk later a wicket by its idea because that's what that's the best way to describe that we have the official name in what forty years' time with the book is the official name is shredded chicken with string beans there's a really but. It doesn't describe it accurately. I I don't okay Asian actor remember that. Picture this might. You take iceberg lettuce which is of the iceberg is that that round tough head of ice berg writes it's really tight you know you know what we knew leaflet. You can hold leak that kind of like any branch in the leafs. Now they take those leagues. And they give accused act up. That sort of your Peter brand or your your bread basic right. To take the shredded chicken answering means. With Witherspoon and put right in the middle and then you roll it up into that iceberg lettuce. And you buy into. The freshness techcrunch. There's nothing like I mean it's one of my favorite since the great wall restaurant. 308 great row which is report Bedford mass please say hi Alice for us. Now you're thinking about investor rare point Warren mills a record today after he is the man the call where they're buying selling and he travels the country and career points he can help out. Matter fact is that that machine that we've been telling you about from NASA. That actually could look inside the corn to make sure that it's not a counterfeit corn so when it's gold or silver. You know maybe gold or silver plated looks mechanical. Well this machine that Warren Hance and probably wanted to on one's eyes all I know in the country that has this machine has two now so popular. That are able to look inside the coin. To make sure it's pure all the way through. Warren Mel's record of New Hampshire 80225726. Or that 802257264. I've before we get back to the phone calls them quickly tell you about rates drive and and talked and that's Greg's place now you may remember. Greg from the C which restaurant in. I thought when I say the word drive and I know you and think about what we're moving their driver that's not what it's. That's no that's not for its drive it's it's kind of I would say more appropriate called drive up rates trying to be more appropriate. This could drive up their need guys. They they have like I don't know I'm 304050. Flavors of ice cream they have. They have shakes they have root beer floats they have a nor'easter. And any topic with your favorite candy topping. But it goes on from there. This restaurant as they said oh my government nineteen errors and now since Greg took it over here has all that see which background in him he knows fresh seafood. So he made sure the seafood here. Is the freshest and the best you can find now again don't expect to drive it find its plan to place it's not like that. It's a place that you can Egan does a couple of picnic tables to see little place or you take out. David giant lobster roll that serve that hosted. Roll off. So good at that the other day if fish and chips fried clams fried shrimp. Perhaps when the best things on their menu as far as I'm concerned. They have a line of gourmet burgers just 899. Gap and it went B burger. And it's not for waves from the tea it's to beef patties and it's loaded with bacon lettuce and tomato. And two huge I mean hearings. And it's top. With a sweet pepper relish that is so so good rates drive in. They're located in tonton. 1423. Somerset avenue tartan SATA Great Britain. His whole family. Actually the whole family or relatives serving up the ice cream the great burgers lobster roll. It's just a fun fun environment he had at it for a great great great spot for the summer. You know I want break come in like do a calmer for his reports typically does Steve little sister but the rates driving. Again fourteen point three Somerset avenue and talked NC how to correct. And enjoy some of that great food over there all right if we get back vocal Mike. I let's take would take these will be the last last four calls that will take let's go to John of mall and good morning John. Line oh I'm sorry I'm I'm I'm confused which one are we on that Kevin in the cart. I we're gonna hold for a second we're a holding pattern right now to figure out who's on what line. And that that's an ongoing problem of today's program but again we'll get back to call it you're online to stay there I Assad were to go to Jon a moment. Good morning John. There you. Our guys right there aren't very good they are. Couple places where places boat tour than Revere. Won't lose claims take out you know in the eighties clams packed. And are released over on the back in the states now to both close. Well OK but that was a place that you would go. Really for fried clam yet. Yeah yeah all right John thank you very much for your phone call that let's go to. Barbara in Melrose Barbara Melrose you're next on we can by three with sky with. The and maybe don't mind to Barbara you're there. Along once I would try to figure this out. And we don't know item having money. Let me have Michael throughout what's going on pearl street station in more than 53 Summers street in Malden that's unified Allen robot. Pearl street station by the way barb. Q seasons coming up barbecue season is coming up in the pro street street station to bring that party right to you. They do backyard catering with their famous steak tips when the baby back ribs. Whether to corporate party your own backyard parties as nothing like pearl street station staff. They bring high quality savory. Restaurant. Flavors and menu right to your venue and the door for more than twenty years. So you're thinking about a backyard barbecue or maybe you're a and an office party. And you're looking for a place that can host a party for your your staff. Think the pearl street station. 53 summer streak in more than you'd call them for more information. 781322. 6410 at 7813226410. All right Mike. Are we ready to go back to the phone lines I'm gonna let you know we are not so we're trying to figure this out all of airlines are full. So which is try to figure out who's on what line and we will get you just second. Again we'll take these four calls now be it and the more announcer winners and Teddy has just entered the house with a median corner. Now more of the great Greek restaurants in all things happening there a lot of things going on there. And we'll tell you all about that coming up on the other side of the break at the bottom of the hour. I let's go to Barbara Barbara you're next on which invites radio good morning. Good morning I did Gilroy and very good. I can't get Jennifer great amber or replaced by the Rutgers. Well one man dead and you know reading to write what you were. Home people via. And what makes him a great place for birders. Well to kind of a fun place besides that tasty played you can add argue about fixing yourself. Within this site say that the safety amber got. And then an old restaurant that. Isn't around anymore. Cheaply and in socket. Would attribute still rattled by the cubic chickens right in the window. Oh chick yeah yeah I. I do remember that. Maria when you're an old age you hadn't said that. I remember well our Barbara. Yeah Jocelyn and I doubt that the ethnic black if I remember it does take place. All right Barbara thank you very much your phone call let's go to a car phone right now let's go to Q and good morning Ken how are you. I'm happy to be on the air on corporate trifecta we're gonna talk about three different places got first place prevent had up to be in the orchard anybody knows anybody who's anybody. When French or Frito what do lives. No place. Clamoring this efficiency service portion partners a place was the best. No place like it. Now we're gonna head down that downtown Boston. We're gonna talk working man's boat and Robin pull this one way back. Placed called hot dogs it was called geo and knee most famous. Neighbors were returning veterans. There were at least app and other locations in downtown was an. They're broad knowledge replaced by you know. Salad bars and 45 dollar cocktails but it used to be a working and working me install. Big to look back up to the North Shore. When a goal for so. When I go to out what set you wondered if thirty years ago and had your first Italian sub. It's case says shame that it does now that's not out of answered toros right up there and Saunders in the chin beard. It's. It's always chased this saying it's consistent. If it doesn't have or you know you're not getting like a whole week whereas they had Dijon mustard you get a classic but valued. Now granted. Do these places have gone ones built around. Most of my vote for food that you couldn't go to extended Joni most apps can and will work to get calls and what did you Airgas. But that's our remember that he's out there just small pool of Awad joints but they get a big there's just. Yeah yeah I again we had a lot of people. Who throughout the years on this show on the pats and on this. This rate issue Protestants mid nineteenth they may yet be 19% of digital. And that was a restaurant that was always request to rest recommended on the show. That was just a little note you may know our trucks and sit toros is still there and jump out of places you can get a sub. But you know they don't receptors in that the Arab run our mind that it's good ideologically and noticed though that you know it. Almost taste the same in a you're yuppie soccer every day and if you wanna go there. You that you know what you get getting the. I thank you very much data to a restaurant when they have generations of consistency like oh yes and sells it does let's go 11 last call Mike and then we'll take a break and come up with our winners into it and again we have for winners. Great prices too great prices were through the book at somebody. You'll find out if you weren't listening earlier with that isn't just a few minutes. They'll be one or prizes that will be giving away and then the scene in corner rule. That is in the house okay that's one last call let's go to plaster out New Hampshire and Larry good morning Larry. Martin. An air pearl while her thank you but. Right. My favorite all time plays which hasn't been there forever. Is the pond VO up in England. I mean you wouldn't you'd get up plate full yes I'm rip serpent served unbelievable. And all the place settings or all different. All antique place opens up. Yeah and already on the. And everything you couldn't sit at a table at the same place I think he tried. Yes there under the owner. Went from yeah we shop in shop and she would far yeah like again and he said and member of the bill. The bill or are to it and he brought developing and Mike in an antique. Kind of music box. Right at the bills right it it was it was really clever the way they did that and I America peacocks outside I used to tell people it's more again this is one of the most recommended restaurants we've ever had a Marcia. And tell people you would you would get onto route 125 go to class that when you think you absolutely. Lost. It pops up until of those places yes. There on the left and had a nice little pond if you go out a little paddle boats after your meals. Burn it off a little bit. There they have the SS with leave their but I heard some. And only lets you are right now fighting only went to the right they pack had that that schedule that way everybody had a little does he go outside. And the there was a floating is evil in the Pont. And we were out there with a whole bunch of group I would say this for 34 Q we start have nothing cinco that he. But I missed field peacocks peacocks were always running around that area. I do know that that the family. I'm still around today and every so often that comment or our FaceBook argues I do see them every once in awhile so and I do terribly missed that restaurant that was a specialist. Oh yeah. And there's been a few places had tried it have not made it. Yep yep and that that's a shame but again. Got to be lost before you find a restaurant that's probably the reason why if that was again yeah patient location location. Just like brutal world that's one of my all time favorite restaurants and dampers closed speaking an an Iraq Iran and one oil Heyward they were like. Twenty feet sit back too far right and it turned out there was such a good restaurant love that but yet the nose and let the motel six parking lot just an amazing like of fantastic time restaurant. In a motel six parking lot yes beautiful lounge and over again close to make anybody gonna do. I've Larry thank you very much for your phone call again and I forgot about the popular. Great restaurants great memories. Whose great great. I would take a quick break here will come up with a winner's. We will act. Mike is going to be busy trying to find a workers. This report. Form always comment to continue to comment on FaceBook lie. We're there right now we'll look at which it bites TV FaceBook live and also like when it won't last time. I proposed update to see it on our FaceBook page Buchberger him. Comment we've favorite for replacements all from England and tomorrow Monday at twelve million somebody win a fifty dollar and gets it. She'd bark pictures home stretch 24 hours. An album didn't Manama restaurants and you have some time to do that your 24 hours and change 29 minutes or less than that right now all right. We can bites TV on base. Tell us sort of go come on you've always wanted to. We can fight TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK oh okay. Voice of Boston. Welcome back with my greatest. He's spring break. Split vote for this. Okay is nice hats off. Collections in the there. That's when you see. But he was hear from you said it but it but he'll come after me on FaceBook and guests how this works at 3 in the morning right. Yeah he's like don't drop. Oh beyond reporting all this tweeting nonsense that's a stream of talent like he's on like went to sleep. During the day during work pollster Bob got airing it. I'd joining me right now what I call a good friend of mine. For several years several several years. He runs as restaurant. That it's highly recommend all the time but by listeners and votes on leafy corner. And Teddy. The theme core how how long that your your father. My data opened it with his Brothers in 1974. Wow so the restaurants shows started in 77. We believe. We're not a 100% sure we think it was or July 4 weekend. So you started. Prior to that there. I was a little eight year old kid washing dishes after school off to your hands ever recover that now they're but the good as they get Callas a later in life nothing hurts as much I was just you you'll appreciate the story. I was just. Judging this contest this week I was talking with this guy who runs a lot of hotels for a big corporation. And you know he just got back from I think she borrows some like that in because you have my biggest problem right now is. At what we open up this hotel in in new York and we try to get this watchers. And he goes we're offering 3150 an hour and came down. A birdie what that they are not articles or watch and there's what are we doing here in Lawrence. But the an application please. That to watch is probably air conditioned comfort now when I did it. As I was it but it. There was nowhere credentials analysts it was hot and humid and sticky your hands were like. Those plates come out like 300 agreements that their citizens from for the front of the house staff yes not for the cooks not written and build character and intelligence now and I did that for about. 34 years every summer in high school. Used to take my bike and I would. Drive the driver pal but we'll. To the restaurant and that's how you know I got into the restaurant business and that's. That's how you can start that's how everybody pretty much starts and I businesses and yet and a lot of these family restaurants and that's you start in many parents owned a restaurant and they. You know they they look for help. And and and you just get. Kind of born into the job that exactly and and I remember teaching you know my nephew mine he's they'd grow into it eventually my son will grow into it. So whether he likes it or not he likes it or not exactly because you have a newborn. I do so how many hours is that you know last. Well Los not too bad he's getting to the boy now we can sleep for three hours consistently his mom she's not getting as much as you won't will you have to get up early to mortgage address radio so that that doesn't help either I'm sleep deprived as it is masses as it continuation and I hate to say this might go and forest which she was forced stations which is what the she spoil him so we kept we kept where camera wearing jeans jeans. Doctor says what are you race at the letter sleep through the night she's not one myself on the other hand. Enough is enough so. Did you that there is light at the end of the tunnel that's what they tell me yeah I'd the what what will will leave the switch subjects we don't know if I think any corner in in bowl last year it went in there and we do segment on the teams and look at bites the day and we just re aired it not that long ago. And one of them most unique platters. I've ever seen. So if you if you don't really know Greek food news or you kinda have an idea was certain issues are Greek food this kind of gives you everything all in this. Kind of like. You know people say when that fire was incredible it's a big plot that was about the super platter a lot of folks mistakenly thought the poo poo platter but really is everything the Greek restaurant version of that little moves a cop speech shows from Michael B stuffed grape leaves. You get your feta cheese you Greeks sauces year. Your meat balls when we throw in some chicken livers for the old time and all time traditionalists. You and you don't thrown disarmament. It what what what is the so I know. When they get that dish. There's a lot of food nor will I mean there's there's a lot. Of people to it. What's the what it's like the cricket it was on the past it's all those aloft the that's my personal favorite as well I I could eat that all day. I'm sure you've gotten quite if you do it but I'm against her Xena yet but there's another thing I. We were filming I was the only one that noticed this month. We're filming this segment city restaurant and we bring buy that winning appetizer with the sausage and cheese and what sort of us are gonna keep the site Iraqi. So that's the waitress brings it and we wanted to flames because it's it's it's you know it's on fire we wanted to planes that kind of make it as she walked by with Don products. So as she puts it down in front of us. A little bit of -- plans to that the we overloaded with was an alcoholic who we put on a little Bacardi 151 to create the flame and we wanted to make sure for TV purposes claims to. I'll open it if it was but actually is placing it down a little bit kinda rolls off and hit the snapped. That was out of this shot. I see it in the corner mine that napkin is now on fire and I'm like we don't wanna do this again so we do this are pretty quick program part. And then I'm like let's put that but nobody yelled out get out and nobody noticed it and I looked on the napkin. It didn't even. It was on literally it just the alcohol burns off the napkin and that was and it bird it was perfect look like it never touched. It's funny how many places we go into and they just let us play with fire like we had to listen we're doing yet. I cannot just play the fire but over play with fire late. Like to agencies ago what the loaded up so look good it's like every place does that they dump this really high octane alcohol. In copious amounts onto his let's see a bit like split. Yeah I hope you guys are the fire code pink I have no insurance on this one though. Oregon they give us like that we have made it. Alcohol and the blowtorch perfect. That's perfect what could go wrong people wrote already had like three Martinis nothing to go wrong right just an idiot who eats reliving that the I. But we've been in court. Now. Folks notes on Washington street markets markets are I. It's been around since 1970s. But now you're taking it to the next level if it's gonna be more than just a restaurant. It it is we we've been looking to kind of modernize and expand the restaurant for a little bit and trying to develop our parking lot out there as well and who downtown lol does not have. A hotel. It has an arena the song to Serena we have. An auditorium we have and you're not far from all across the street from the national park headquarters all of it literally within a five minute walk of less than Merrimack perpetrated but no. Hotel and there are a couple of years back they brought in an urban planner to kind of analyze the downtime at what they could do to re violent revitalize. One of his suggestions was Unita boutique hotel room and I looked at our parking lot message you know. This could fit the bill and I after years of hard work of some you know tough economic times with that recession. We kind of found the right team right business partner and we put together plans but we think is a beautiful. Boutique hotel. That is gonna really revitalize that Warner and are down until the two hours the mockup of what it's gonna look like. How many floors of the hotel. It's going to be well there'll be out five floors and all the first floor will maintain that the existing restaurant and expanded and a lobby for the hotel plus little drive up area for valley parking and then the floors above. Will be the hotel rooms with the fifth level of higher and rooms and some of commonly little function area. Multi purpose room up on the top seed and have rooftop parties and and obtain our index as well. Out bat of the night because you're kind of in the I would call the older section of the city report. Because it has all the middle the brick and our com mills because we're we're we're right now broadcasting from old mill complex. But if you will you are it's that that the break that they. The turn of the century that's what the buildings look like there and that be really nice to sit out there on a night here in your kind of we're real low. Treated as pathetic roster from the national park headquarters but on the other view Shattuck street the other road that runs into that corner. There's just so nice open park and you can see out in to kind of acre neighborhood which what do which is one of via traditional neighborhoods in the city where most of immigrant group from indices either. The beautiful churches that were put there including my creatures but you know and another one saint Patrick's church you can see the City Hall building against the old eighteen hundreds architecture. And we discover some stunning views. I think I am telling people that are gonna come into the city are tabulated towards destination Willis and that's kind of what were designing it as well each floor will pay tribute to the city of little and it's different neighborhoods so it's going to be adorned with artwork and you know kind of going through the process now so the historic groups of having given us some artwork and old photographs that we're gonna put in there so with each floor you gonna get a feel for what each neighborhood that comprise the city of rules about as well you Bob fifteen past about fifteen years ago. The mole. I'm gonna probably get this department wrong who redevelopment. Part of the department came and talked to us and and they said you know we're trying to revitalize. Lol downtown. Any suggestions are most of the couple suggestions I would give you first. Jerry at the restaurants because they're the problem was people come and work in law and they would leave you know be it their goal that would stay it would stick around. Or they would come in at night and I who would you had a couple things you've got to get restaurants and and I asked you that's that's great. Buildings that they can add so much character. You know. But you gotta light it up you gotta make sure the streets of paint you got to make sure that it becomes hit because you you put in a ballpark to ballpark as. I think the ballpark came after right around that time and then of course you always just taken that city by storm. But they really did a lot putting in restaurants. And is there wasn't enough there good. There's a lot going on right a lot of development as solid polian who redo this building were in the river watches in the room walk in March right we were broadcast the raiders yeah and he's he's redoing what Thorndike factory exchangeable which is right by the train station which connects Boston and Cambridge to lol. And there's a brand new courthouse going seven story courthouse in the in the little dystrophy called Hamilton innovation district. That's go to spring up all sorts of new development and we're literally a stone's. Roll from that's I think this is the perfect time there's a lot happening a lot of positive things happening and while we've got a great administration and in council that's working well together to. You know realize the dreams of Paul Tsongas and take us to the next level yeah and I think you will with a boutique hotel I mean how many rooms are you planning on having there will be 52 rooms. Yeah good sized and it's suites as well authority. It was the savings me when the architects came up with the original plan and should benefit 52 rooms here. And they're like oh yeah animate plus under the expanded restaurant or at all. So what we're excited about this it's a great plan we can't wait to to start work on it later this summer later that summer is still what in the planning board zone is that where it is right now what we've gotten through that we've gotten approval from the planning board in the historic borda tremendous cooperation from every level of the city right now we're finalizing. Kind of yeah after us once you get that nine you have to put the floor plans together with an architect and engineer come up with a scheduled to to dig in what not and of course but the financing in place. But we're fairly confident that either by the end of June or end of July we're gonna have broken ground. Well that that that is going to be something. And really is I think it's gonna be what's to be the in thing. In moment for furloughed I'm Sharon and to have to allay people's fears lot of folks about oh my god you're gonna have to close down the snow we're gonna stay open there will be a period when they have to work in our building. But we'll look at some credible alternatives to kind of keep the business going. And make sure that we can UBS. I mean you have so many unhappy customers that you even had a closed door and pick up some unhappy employees as well now we've got a great team over there that we'd like to keep together so that they can. Be a part of what we do when when it opens in its new form. All right so that's all things become the restaurant but why take a break here we're gonna come back and we talk more about the rest. What to expect him to into the restaurant where the need reservations. Needed. We will be until we we break ground on its that we got some time on we'll tell you more about that plus we come back on the other side this break. We're gonna let Mike pick out some of our winners. First though. That several winners though. Great gets its way just the second Melissa the wicket by trade it was Scotland today and what occupies. Jannero eatery in Quincy extremists hockey o.s place. You know they closed on Sundays restaurant actually closes on Sundays with Jerry is in there because they can take out. And party platters and pizzas. Because isn't get a day off and and speaking through you know you. You're always getting up early in the morning. Jerry at this restaurant because he loves to play. Through it goes in the hang. And they had record. It's just. Generic theory twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy. And peddlers daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining quick delicate problem. We have them every dispute though it would although food that's famous and then in the leopard Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's been pregnant daughter restaurant and paper and Nashua. I'd love to talk to you batter restaurant chef owner that I know very well and have known for 2530 years. His name is in the belated desk he's originally from Naples. As a matter of fact he was actually go to BO lawyer is it that Napoli law school in Naples and decided. You know something I really would like to be this year. So he came to America he worked here for awhile in the north and opened up his own restaurant very successful and has won every award on the planet or. Okay avenue when a 2008. The 2000 played award for the best Italian restaurant and chef in the world. And that was presented to him by the nine doors Rome Italy. Now I'd suggest one very special this. That would be the stakes Allah pat would play the famous radio star. It's very spicy sea entity care we gonna have. You have to develop a taste for that aren't these the seafood coliseum the veal coliseum the stuff come a lot of I know that you and enjoy this restaurant to visit him and they were they today ask is H now coliseum restaurant route 28. Record ridge shopping plaza Salem New Hampshire. You guys over the years have heard me pat Woodley talk about one of my favorite restaurants when my favorite people whose name is believed both for literally. He had known he and his wife were. I don't know better part of thirty almost forty years. They are the north in at Philippe votes now. They are in Winchester actually been their for some time but political is taken the restaurant over. There five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester Lucci is of course in the North End is always. Tough parking their but not here are you impart right in front of the restaurant never hosted bill Leadbetter he probably see Philippe though there. Don't forget the count of money. It's lightly and Chris piece here with spicy tomato sauce just the way it was meant to be where the polo Francesco. As chicken breast is topless for shoot till Edmonton that left spicy marinara sauce fresh mushrooms and black colors. In oh I think that won the signature dishes new Chia. Just remember that as short giving you that new Chia. Lucci is wrist that I take or the rest that I did it Chia. Five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester to get a bill Leadbetter when you go. To. Welcome to outline. Over a century mind Manley is serving and Merrimack Valley the highest quality meats money back. We make over forty different products in the house from pastrami the sausages not to mention the Burger's right revived. We stuck variety of local products will complement any. We have beer we have wind and the freshest local scene when you can buy. But come on down to the outline what your loans. Ops exist 3130. What near alligator expert cook here to help win I'd. Just for gourmets. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gourmet and this is we. Weakened by its radio on WRKO. The boys of Boston. Welcome back with the bike trail scout with the project by the title lesson in north bend over that's the place that. I go win for the night. I don't contains. That's. Out of that night kind of loss in the event of route 125 and again and enjoy what's there. Next Sunday afternoon. Forty different musical impressions and I think one of the best comedians are going to be kept I have a lot of fun. The best comedians is doing and wants the defense he's up. And things will be open until we show next Sunday afternoon. For tickets. Call 86674511678667451167. I don't forget about the village restaurant at six massive jumps through 133 and point to an Essex. A beautiful data. Head up there. Saddam had he'll have lunch dinner I don't know who get too cold dinner tonight a great place for lunch right now. The village restaurant and Essex I suggest you go there now. Because a month from now when the Taurus all come up to the beach I'm going to be talent you. Don't go in there on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday or Sunday for lunch or dinner. Go there Monday action to close to minus go there Tuesday and Wednesday for a late lunch early dinner. Chirping yeah so you wanna come in there go there and now they're fried clams out of this world there incredible the village restaurant again at the junction of route 133. And 22 and Essex mask. But what feminism downtown Boston of course is plenty for park and out there and you know what I think Essex mass must be the anti capital. Of Massachusetts and they're more antique shops I think in Essex than anywhere else that I know. And it's worth the trip down there today maybe spend a little time in this beautiful sunny day in explore that area the village restaurant in Essex. I might add this is your time before we go back to the feeding quarter in law and Ted they feel. What do we have for winners will hold today. What's. We have they were is RE a gift card that's motive there it is. They were Zaria gift card was aria is in saw just 19 the main street and saw this that is gonna go to trail of of Revere. We have the village restaurant that you just mentioned of course the village in Essex. Let's go to patch of grove win the villages 55 main street. In Essex. Wellesley here. Pressures delicatessen. Pressures is in Randolph. 1097 north main street in Randolph pressures Delhi. Dot com that's gonna go to the lowest of Weymouth. And we have that was that places recommend on the show not dialogue analysts precious yes and the best selves. Anywhere merry go out best sobs anywhere is in Randolph. And this one here that I'm holding up. It's looks like a book looks like a book you would get you know in a library with a library card somewhere in here that I just opened up to nothingness. There it is there's the library card. And but it's actually a fifty dollar code addicts. Gift card this aside this is definitely one more creative one of the coolest ways to have the gift certificate codecs. Fantastic very cool very authentic speak easy. In Nashua, New Hampshire Larry of last though thank you for the great call you're gonna get yourself that book in the mail very shortly sir we're gonna mail book Arrigo. You don't say that the first time for everything commissioner was narrowing a book. And you know and two that we can have this on. If this is all on the Internet house of books upon passe. Nobody reads anymore boundaries anymore but Miller is an aluminum bar is helping with the literacy problem in America and it's fantastic yes one drink at a time wondering there. Our great prize and congratulations Larry on that that wonderful gift certificate will give away a lot more. Once we get another book so maybe next week and the week after we're gonna hang onto it from I just love these it's vocal leader mr. Again it's there it's plastered right here attention and it lawyers and one of the coolest things and just really keeping with the authenticity of their place. The book I have you know we meet Jesus they don't. I got a warm boys Boston and here die scenario so I get different book every time because awake instantly get. I caddies that joining us right now. From the any corner in lol thank you and we talked about the expansion that's coming on. Restaurant fancy boutique hotel I can't wait for that with the outside is it outside table you know we dining out there's going to be. But we will have we will have sidewalk seating instead of where where it currently is now which is a portion of our parking lot will be doing that the outdoor dining on the sidewalk we're also gonna have a rooftop deck. Which will all solved or that and and functions as well that. Is going to be Phnom. But if you if you head in the air. Today and then today you're opened today seven days or weeks we have creeks never take avail no muted because you have to get back to work the next that it attracted. If you don't have to worry what day of the week it is because you know you're working the next day they'll run against. If folks are coming in their today. And is the outside open and it's we actually haven't opened it up okay hello we're getting close to that time but when it it does open up you have. The bit of entertainment the entertainment restaurant we do we have a we will for our forty some odd years or even during a traditional Greek music inside we have belly dancing for those who like a little. Little flavor with their entertainment and their meal but we start a few years back back in 2010. A little feature we call concerts on the corner that's Thursday nights in the summer to zero Friday in the summertime is another day in the week. So we figured well there's and I nobody asked to work for so we do some outside music and we feature young local. Acts playing more American stuff not the not a traditional Greek music that we play has been a phenomenal that we've got some really talented people. Who have been a part of that through the years and it's it's a blast is a place for locals to get together you know he enjoys some great food but also you know here one of fair people. Entertaining. And when you markets I feel like him in the Mediterranean ornaments like with the white tablecloth. But lose the cobalt blue glasses and it just has that. And answer Mediterranean feel. Yet that's the Lou we call it a little touch of Athens in the heart of downtown lol and you know. Right down to the a lot of the plan. I can see it but our time has run to a close there. Let's tell everybody can get in the exact address 207 market street in downtown we'll check us out on line with the union corner dot com I'm going to be there today I'm their take on the regular right now so much the united Teddy wouldn't go into it.