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We get place radio. Only place that lets you be the blue creek Sunday. Voice of Boston. Hey guys welcome the I'm Matt -- we got the whole crew here and if you've been watching this on FaceBook. You like to believe. She would that make it good food place. Could see was kind of grew up some beer issuance and a lot of the hop went on the floor. Did you could benefit that a lot it's most of the Hobbs went. Borough president. Officers in Newton. How is that posters in the big hero broke there just they do make aero CEO Richard. Visit to a good bikes on the radio if you do it and 930 yesterday it is is there's. I guess our local teams to do it well. Boston Red Sox moved Celtics is well and grow it this the winning him until winning the winning so that. Forces up and we were on 9:30 to 10 this morning. Which is often asked yesterday if they did the rebroadcast of the entire game yesterday right before you know the right size if that indeed mentally one man. Well what's that doubled the Bruins. Oil yet the original game ended ten of midnight yeah there's a double overtime. And you know they re protestor from like eight to one. Just that's the first time we've ever knocked off by tape delay game. So we set imitate bill ratio yeah. Logo will we have Louis TI on this morning with they've they've put our show on this morning factors that lead it. On TV and not bad at all. Louis TO Garcia opened up. I don't know was it opened there's the down and is it to resort island the Cuban restaurant. It wasn't a Cuban rest go to new you know it was a Greek restaurant because it is their they're famous for record your Thomas and Thomas right they're harmless there. But he had a Cuban night. Outside it was sponsored Cuban dinner because they have a nice patio section out back two arouses in Smithfield Rhode Island. And they had you know Brohm sponsor and a hand rolled cigar thing it was as the as a fun fun night group limited time we went on a cruise and blew the idea was so much as cigars to go and everybody in the group yeah yeah I mean if you think Louis Leon I have to think cigars yet. Yet in this. Yes. This is sounds like the mastermind. Like oh yeah I like sat down with them because they're you know they're they're. Louise great taste or tester taster jester whatever you wanna call of cigars please dishonest kind of markets stuff. Louis of course we'll take first is Tom yep yes it now. I think he says yes or no is hard to understand at times he had he. It matter if I remember that Billy says about it now what do builds on this basement. He's in Louis. Even in this country for thirty years they still can't understand your English and that. But he's adamant about a bunch of these announces sending about bill most of its editor. They let them ever bill. Billy is isn't it nice guy he is he says he lives up in Vermont and gave us is he said give up my phone number I don't care yeah this is uttering the Tutsi because I'm in the yellow page telephone book. But on the overall with the ball. But he lives like. West and voted life in the mountains of Vermont guy asked. You know why do you. What do you that we up in Vermont with nobody around because that I be. Stuck with people like you breaking all the time. Okay it's our hair back. Well at least you're insulted by a former Red Sox ace but I had a blossom. Yet but only if it but he has the funniest guy. Huge sense of humor. Yeah I think Mike he's probably before your time pitches I knew yeah I because he's really at towards the end of you know my my childhood his pitching it. He just took the life of its own specials last couple of years again he is he's he certainly has of course that delivery. Yellow always make him famous yes absolutely a lot of single place. That they despite a movie about you still play that is no that is played ball up for awhile too is that I watched his son was. Played tools that are mistresses and so on I actually saw it's a sound like that went to one of those games that talking to him about it. Speaking Boston writes that pitchers houses that they Buick these charity. My. Martini a much he can bet that the Martinez. Towards anybody is really good right now Sunday morning Mauritania. A pager martini of it. Might try it that's. Feast of 45 at Fenway Park it was Taylor. And Pedro Martinez. About 45. Of the top chefs in New England it's going to be a Saturday night may sixth. And it's just going to be a fun fun night at Fenway Park tickets are really reasonable. The I don't reasonable adults started 75 dollars. You and IV FP ticket you can and being in willow the they're going to be a lot of sporting event with me and VIP Mike Mike is that gonna hang with them. Yeah you know for five dollars to go came at him with party get a beer cup on Putin's governing part right there was the purpose of the anyway I tell everybody how to get in touch with. Is it beast with 45 that. Even and that bright that counted pretty colosio feast of 45 that's the the number 45 feast of 45 dot event bright dot com you know the OK now I do predict an elephant and I was reading it through and though that fitness. You don't want to know wanted to talk about that finally. We've seen the sun. Yes weasel Nicholas and it's blue skies loose guy outside it is absolutely gorgeous. People finally get there how's that miss did rain that we've had for so long and this is going to be warm. There and one month or next week the total in a lot of these shacks. I would call Alan calls Shaq Shaq used in my day you just as I've said as a helpful but you know are opening up on the beaches and yeah. Yeah whether is a lot of places that we went to we've just recently gone to. I have a list of a couple places that I know Austin that are are have just opened for the season or about to open the season and I spent some time trying to finalist societies. To find a list around so folks out there if you know some more go to FaceBook. Live right now on our FaceBook channel a wicket by its TV. And you get lost type amend their two you know places that I'm not listed. We went to and the reason I thought this Mike guy who went down the film. At rates for its strident. It in taunting him. And and they opened on which one which holds son is in taunted an appeals Reinemund who correct correct they're taught them on Somerset avenue. And they opened up in the 1930s. As the gas station convenience station I think maybe later became sort of a farmer milk former something along their dairy farm. And they have opened up but what makes him so special I mean. It's called freight strident but I don't want to think of a drive in with there. It's not that it's it's a drive up by. Rich drive up we'll probably be more appropriate I didn't. And they have I mean tons of oyster I mean if you want ice cream they have just about every flavor. Imagine what these lists dairy which is huge stereo in the South Shore. They do shakes and they have a nor'easter. Which is loaded with no ice cream and and tons of topics in the beaches from. But I thought what really makes them different one as there lobster roll they do an incredible lobster roll. On eight posted bond. It's perfect. And they have gourmet burgers. That I think are unbelievable. There is that for warming burgers they do and they all 99. And these are being patties of burgers high quality. My favorite burger. Is the win beeper. That they do and it's it's their signature burner. It's named after the guy from pop wise yet as it is that this that you know the cartoon series. It's not it would be Berger about. Because this tube beef patties is bacon is lettuce tomato. Talk with two huge gun in race. And what really sets it apart is this week pepper relish. And on top of it that is usually continent. Phnom. The novel. So there's a hot dogs you name it they were full menu there was EU food. Would be of course at a steady dive of campers yet to have a big line was I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for burger today or something on. Operates drive in on Somerset avenue and taunted so they have opened up Scotty dog and in Beverly. Has opened up for the season ever really call list that under four years ago he ever yeah I they have a Chicago style. Hot dog and they'll cystic burger is that there Chicago style hot dog these Vienna beef which is kind of like that signature Chicago company out there. And their their bonds their poppy seeds. You know poppy seed buns it's a little bit different a little juice your hot dog. And they have all the condiments like if you in Chicago it's that style so that's that they have I've never been misguided. After a bite I ever tell my drug buy it they closed the season yet I am the. What there what did Lou. Week they called up on what the final week it would really call live today we ate at tankers to the police deed inside. Now now. It's that this is I would call a shack size. Yeah it's not it's not very prominent played and you can see it is no problems seeing it and he tried day I thought. And yet been through four years ago remember. So folks who calls in the Scottie dog and Beverly let us know what they think of their hot dogs Chicago's fabulous take it to yeah it's a the call it steak burger or for birds went to go to steak sandwich. It really is because that wouldn't be as well yeah I guess yeah. I taught his claim shop has opened up for the season in Quincy right they're Walston beach this is family owned and operated medal equity owners one of one of our crews know you're a student at tip. They've been in operation now. Or fifty. Years and her incredible. Large menu. And you get things suppliers that baskets sandwiches wraps and grilled items but I think I would probably go to draw on the beach. You know Andy come out to be to sit down outside. I would go with any item on their box menu section and they're box menu section of the menu you can have. Three different sizes small medium or large boxes seek a fried clams you can clam strips which I'm not a big fan of ye its gobs of fried oysters and the list goes on and on the box means that Tony's clam shop again they're located and Quincy have right there Walston beach in Quincy. A lot store or restaurant in Gloucester has opened up for the season they opened up on Friday on the causeway right they are 84 causeway street very good. They opened up on Friday for the season may have steamers and fried clams and they have lobsters. Up to three pounds and so they do you know supply Neal ox is that you get there. I think. Might they were fished there and I am in their a couple of years they have a lot that land balloon race. Which is stuck with had a shrimp mussels little neck clams and lots of all simmered in this half Ron. And plum tomato lobster broth look at the garlic Lou Shalit's. Fresh herbs and karma wise fennel. I know what that was paralyzed well when I tried it and it's garnish with for Koch at toast points. So that's what I would recommend there. You know what of that. In it near there is a causeway restaurant. Because correctly and she's probably. There are open year round yet they are. Probably. Of the top five recommended restaurant go for the existence of the show yep they have there in the top five always. EI I I don't know mics on this we I it is segment on the and we put up on FaceBook and a lot of people watch the segments and shift pumps Connecticut. Chimes in and posting those polled this is crazy he's losing so much money or videos and pays kitchen staff well. Oh yeah I portion sizes and you know government. He was all kinds of mad about the the large portion sizes these ethnic that you do we showed up you know yeah you OK let that restaurant do that restaurant and do you put out data base fado but it boys are negated NATO does. Not a large place and that's probably why they're able to do with that they can do. The rednecks is that a big shopper liquor stores its loans and one of the other kids are either rich opera liquor stores are Gloucester but that's pretty much where everything's on the outstripped the bait shop or liquor store. And out there right in that little plaza and I probably see it holds two point. The five people mating that's about it yeah that's that's in ice and that's about I don't know I've never been there believe it or not. But everybody's told me over the years to try to get me to go there because yeah. They think it's one of the best buys and federation and Arab and that it says it's equality by for quality mobsters I yeah I heard from Iowa and in their I had. A chicken parmesan and the chicken parmesan was. Be enormous I mean I mean it was. A certain hour plane is still fallen often they have what I thought was coming to me it was like a hole. Bread of a hole. Called panda porn corn corn bread and it was about that size this is the playoff hole low in low and that was this this hack piece that. Yeah and it goes these are normal sizes. And then he made a three pound bucket of muscles. It goes this is our normal. Besides so is his people go home when they have two or three males out of every bill that the coming here and prices are very reasonable at and I I don't hear really any complaints. To people that I know that kind of really don't expect anything France they live on the L West Coast. And they wanted to know while here. Where would be one of the best seafood places to go out and that was recommended and they they race to the so they went yeah Michael O'Neill. Michael knew just chimed in on FaceBook lively says. Sullivan's on castle island has just opened up to a bit about that that's. A great place a hot dogs I think castle island that plays can open up year round I don't know why they don't identical a slush on the weekends and at the line would still be down mistreated even and was. You know but as soon as they open up the lines really. Fill in over their and I got one more place it's about to open up and as soon as they open up by always do that we're in in. The stretch the summer stretch and that's the loss to park restaurant which is on commercial street in province town. And you can't go any further on the case and they open up on May fifth and it's overlooking historic Providence harbor. And a lot spurs just an institution there they have plenty of seafood dishes and Portuguese issues. And they have a Portuguese soup that years ago they give us the recipe we published it. No online somewhere and we're I don't know I still have it. But there are also famous for their clam chowder it's called teams clam chowder. It's an award winning clam chowder it it got the awards from Cape Cod life. And also when the three time winner of Cape Cod charter festival and a four time winner of the Boston so charter festivals so it's done quite well for itself. For seasonal place that opens up. Yeah if it. All right so that's again that it got a lot to pot clubs starts at 321 commercial street in Providence or province town I should say. Right here at the very end the tip of the case. And you may know people that I'm an area of the lot of them they you know where. That day we didn't live. Right but like again if if you know places that I did not mention. Please please make sure you just go to FaceBook live and type it in right now and I'll be able to read just like Mike O'Neal did. Michael wanted to tell him about added it would country you consistent FaceBook TV now. Did you attend. Every Sunday we broadcast rights were FaceBook lies with FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV so every Sunday at ten you can watch the show not only heroes on the radio. But now see us in our beautiful Sunday for right and. And Willie Horton commons just chimed in on FaceBook lives is good morning from Oklahoma City and let down they want other sooners got to do this year. They always to serve Colombia where we. So again FaceBook live with the bites TV on FaceBook that's been defined it. Again comedy can always ask questions there amongst the folks that are on FaceBook and with time time will we tomorrow morning. Sometimes some tentative settlement and meta critic you get this in all kinds of social media maintenance every everything you can think of it we got it. Would love pictures. Tone it down there and they couldn't look at the instant I mean net app giving some phenomenal. Pictures of peoples in the going in I guess Chatham island abstract. OK okay and it comes up usually when I'm starving you know elated -- separately that with a thicker great midnight smash you like your hand is your hat does that make it right now for his book and this should be Bruins a game six tonight we keep it alive. Okay all right so if you have any suggestion of the budget restaurant guess that it's gonna evil it is sure we do I have one can't. One of the rate of to what I meant it weighted right. One of the restaurants we will give away it's a fifty delegates. Okay. Is. One of the best restaurants. That's ever been on the show. Peary ever been on the Asia. The bolts that would that a few and a yet but I'm I'm this old jets all right and it that's insane right now gonna get to that level and we haven't noticed him act citywide. You neither one of you would would disagree with an entity that it usually this group the only you know when I really wish it well. Nevermind but anyway we'll take your name and address. The if you wanna call us at one triple 843460. The last six people do it. Okay all Carter's watching us from Florida right now and it's off go Bruins had a gators Dylan. Great Britain great trivia question. Okay yeah this is adults no doubt great kid had a Gatorade giving name all right. It was the electorate like during that they created it Florida State if they who. If he hits Gator eight days. If you know that now it's a multi million dollar business manager it is. So you. Already. You've learned something on the shows it learned it's only gonna get better from this point oh that's what Mike has in his pocket for Goldman there it's nothing but pure straight Gatorade on the rock and a job clock. There vodka and orange Gatorade as numbers that weird yet. Why Tripoli for 346464. But he can't just did Jonas. On FaceBook TV and comment right there. Okay in Europe also eligible to win. How many here in Oklahoma and at that and help I can help Leo okay why you can't I often gets to get to. I mean you can win and yet it's just hotel in transportation or not but aren't gonna lose well. Now is that. It definitely would get a special seat of Mary I United Airlines and Greg given. Dinner for two with a coupon for one of the dinners or something like that. What Tripoli for 346464. Where are your favorite places to Gaza beach traffic going to be big today I really feel is going to be big today okay. Where is your favorite place to go and any of the BG's main. Connecticut. Rhode Island I don't care wherever it is you can leave yourself. A gives it did get one bit at the acted on everybody's call up to do that. And your folks that are watching us on FaceBook where ever they may be at may have a place that they go to an area I don't mind tearing it just like. Mark Smith just said screen from Colorado. Now so where I mean we are all over the place right now so you can always call in. If you're watching us on FaceBook why don't don't don't think you just have to type it in little comment you could always call and recommend places that. Maybe you go because who knows somebody's always traveling from this Boston area to different points. Only that but a lot of people in New England will go to certain EU restaurants on the beach and off. And they open up some tense this is seasonally and an ethic good. But they aren't though is that the locals go to. Then everybody knows with a written in these are really great restaurant I remember. We've got to made him famous the hungry traveler themselves spear memory than oh yeah up Matt effect that was your first to. Washington this year. If you happen that took like three years for my hands to recover after that I deduct for a couple of years turn their during the summer. I I I had a ride my bike. All that ocean boulevard and on up whatever is it to 286 whoever it is that ticket to. 222 to work all summer long. And meanwhile my my brother had a car. City yeah. We got into what went when he had his great jobs he had a car. So I mean I suffered as a child if you want you to know that it. Oh I wanted to 1 of the central we get to work here Jimmy at known America. And he is lost between forty and fifty pounds in two months. Really. While I saw him get his secret. Was he got it to one of their diet planted advertises on WRKO idols ever it is yet. A man and knowing that that loss doing a hero yeah. And that he says. And pay your glory you're probably get a free. But that's so at. That in anyway give any PC Jimmy at dead no name tape Jimmy. You know Russell looked great jail while he got he really does essentially when you listen to McCain. I guys one triple 8434. Or 6464. That is our telephone number. But the lines open give me a buzz right now we're looking for places. That are open. Anywhere on the beaches today. Okay and they are raised to get a bite to eat and get your feet missing and that's right you don't typically short one and only like Tripoli but it's those very. I haven't been to Tripoli is a what's. It's. Chris Christie's gritty yet I imagine those places in the long time are they still as good as every member of no. Tripoli that in like a trip leaves it to veto it they're fairly recently. And out of that suites yeah as we saw this plane you know so now like I go there for a bad people stand in line AB to any reason snowing outside. On the beach with a win in his did not line forward gonna stand in line for them and it's the worst looking pizza in the world to. If you rhythm it's a squarely good endorsement of an upset if at and if you want it with extra cheese they just take basically around these accused or yeah. Now what they've been doing it would. Hundreds of years so well that they're doing stuff right yeah. Sure I went Tripoli for 346460. Fours and telephone number can you give me your favorite place. The pizza. For clams. The crabs but lobs that beach food aid through each fruit are they open now let me know wanna one triple and by the way yet no one. Clone sure one triple 84 throughout all called the shameless self promotion absolutely. One Tripoli fourth battery for 6464. And I promise you vehicle since some people tear your restaurant. Now or going to be open I. Massively knows Gucci and at daddy and know. Can't wait get late 20 saying that these except one thing move. This Kennedy in this summer given it's like the best weather and summer. We should know you to pack on the fall away with all the good Italian food yet the people don't if you shooting TV move. They don't really care who the good old people though he'll walk right in front of the of it doesn't matter most people are impressed by us to begin I don't know that the late at night after a little bit of Reno and if you could always they really don't care but you know if you get tried to do this one spot over and over and over but he is gave up let them have their way absolutely you have to. Anyway Maceda has been cheated Teddy analysts in the north in Boston that you're right knows. They're in the country that's actually cross the garden to the brew in the Celtics play. And finally that there's something here I've been mean to tell you that I have mentioned it last week I didn't know this too recently. You can get validated parking. At parcel seven garage. And listen closely it's validated parking. Parcel seven garage. That now offer ideas said that I'm in good located at 136. Blackstone street. 136. Blackstone street. Between now and two hours it's. Into our offices here for one dollar between two to three hours straight out and it. No what then that's great that's great I'm sure it doesn't like earning. I don't feel like you there. Here's the special victory. It's sad in my belly down up adequately make you order that and of course. We have all the non as a recipes here and that's that makes his restaurant so great and then called the a moment. Mess to me knows good genes that daddy and it tools evident again street north in Boston telephone numbers one Tripoli for 346464. Splicing the weekend off you're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sundays ten on WRKO. Hey guys still welcome in case you've just joined Izard here joining. FaceBook TV and we appreciate the fact that you were here. Hero here you know they were sent 8:10 AM until. That twelve of them on fixated WRK. Don't forget what we're looking forward today I don't give us some pizza place of whatever. Then jacked. If they're all blend on the beaches of the lead guys know the truth. Some doubt about right now because they were gonna head that he can't vote but figured it right at a church right going to be. Once your 08 or delivery four or 6464. Is a telephone number or might they go to FaceBook. If you actually FaceBook dot com slash which invites you see in which they threaten went commented. And a good idea you set the scene glasses offers over not sure the deck is open. On the beach just down the street from the arcades. Yeah you remember that place. That's the building where we lost a lot of money in years ago and yet of the federal then I don't work there to fuel for the but changed it into the wasn't sure I was a little. And Allan it way ahead of right now yeah I think we did in harm's symbols like that and work at two wells that's a matter of fact making him. Here remember this. That figure high school within the debate. I want an indictment credit that died today head yes and so get a lot of mail and it maybe kids do because a radio station is to do it is too much mail from the handle. So I've are all the big bags of mail home. And then the kids you guys that it you know put the stamps no and I remember or was it okay now. Is the deal is if this is these labor intensive care monetary two dollars up like that you were charging your children. Known and and charging those listeners well 'cause in the mid ten and made us kids that I would tolerate our yeah yeah. And we had like 30000. Requests I had some of paper cuts my. 30000 frequent Alice twenty pounds in two weeks ago my those of healthy now posted this goes. Alia that a person on FaceBook lives become energy was on the new in the fat loss and he's hesitant to work who lost 75 pounds and three and a half months. It. A lot go bush yeah. I'd Alpine butcher Alec food with too much yet outlined butchers at 963. Countered street in lol is it by any chance through 110. No it's just off of floats just off a root for an exit 31 up over three I'd say it's like the first. Exit. What I'm getting on to route three in the low aerial is that the way he's too old weighing buildings there the correct and that that's actually that is the view from parking lot is the way bill. Now they opened up in 1913. That they'd be known and you know they open up India and 1974. Generations yet I don't Mike and I have to tell idea. You guys brought home some steaks tonight is on the move but it week there was no greater move we took some. Friday night. This right yeah welcome unbelievable right mind goodness it was about you could not go. To capitol grow any other place they get a statement than that then we'll know about it. He says he's told us. That those states are served in those caliber restaurants except you probably weighs about sixty dollars if you look that he ordered the restaurant. I wouldn't doubt it though about it. They use that good and it out what does not just saying it was that good. Salt pepper is all I did yeah and but it didn't give us a really one of the Mikey was in offering. They do this whiskey aged. Primary have. We didn't offer because it needed 45 days. You know drive it on the air but I don't know what are the what are you on our front of us I just wonder the prior we'll be beat he takes he little Horry and yet we like England the future what was the whiskey takes like black high quality whiskey you know it was a ten year age bullet. Ten year old. I tried a little bit watching porn. This like come on man at least give him a glass or stake. Yeah it S and now but dammit they got a great selection to a fantastic area very marinated it if that's what you want 100 which it beat. They do their own trimmings let you do it. Never do and but listen to them. You can learn a lot and wasted on the TV show about how to treat a mistake like that high quality are. I think probably the biggest thing I came away with and I didn't realize we were there they took the trimmings from the state that top of the line stake and they use that for the amber. Yeah he's just you get like that top little lime black Angus gourmet hamburgers. You kid you not know I'll I wanna go down grabs them today group among the real. An attitude that yeah. And I let me down gently pleas for the British ground hamburger ground fresh daily and combined with that their own trimmings they go. It is and always has been 100%. Before over 100. Years you know. For generations gone by the moral blow. Yeah he loves a man tomorrow is the greatest game ever. Moral Doyle of the oil Greg and Thomas doing the Greg Intel and another illness yet. They also have set that you we should pass on seafood. For it because you don't expect. Received food to be this good at a steakhouse Thursday but like everything else with expressions of fresh again don't yet they don't too with all the time no hurry to do when they edit. Right at copycats try to tap that it threat from the docks in Boston. It's on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. But gave way to Thursday by the frustration is offered. Wednesday through Sunday. It says here. Alpine butchers and help time butchers fresh lunch specials that'd even though they had lent his only other a fantastic sandwiches. Candidate ran companies soups salads and more and telling Michael his tried all of the Reuben sandwich at the butcher shop and a little really. Now they're open to and they are 10 AM to 6 PM scared and they go grab liquor every couple stakes for the Bruins game. Yeah Alpine butcher errors 963. Chelmsford street in lol. Here's their phone number 9782567771. Okay 9782567771. I'm let's take a telephone call here pack. He's Communist from whispered hey pat. How how you doing pat I could I follow you all these years to everything you've said your place at the beach when you had the rest tried. It's followed very. I was and the burden of 78 and the mail lady oh. And this and did you get that restraining order I sent out on you. How well out of my son kind of kept me in control because at the time like with someone probably. 1012 years old in the backseat without a seatbelt because you didn't need didn't and got the numbers are. Well not catlett early again and that only tennis it's why he's listening cap catlett. This gives me nice I just said the same thing not adequately again. Yeah. I it was a study it I believe you left us at the beach alone he went to work and state and hotel. Well I had to evacuate the beat shouldn't statement saying church basement I haven't had. And now have a good old days days Zdeno reprimands of soul. And I remember. I remember we stayed yeah we had lobster every night we stay yeah very nice restaurant and it with a hotel. And this in but I mean were snowed in we couldn't get out. And the and my poor wife and kids to a mile wide state I believe that's called essential personnel in the radio industry yeah yeah we have to get in an employer tunes for the people who look at the I'm never I've done with an award way people most of Philip. Luke. If those walls could talk that that no only people who play by the likes I had a room with gland earnest the storm that when it's Betty yeah. Yeah they column that. Like French is now via so early in the only when the doesn't slip with Glenn in this room as coach and phrases like yeah. I guess they've got to get a colonists known. Honestly I better wrap. I I ever ever ever done it came about 2 o'clock in the morning I guess I was asleep and it is the morning ship them leave him by and we actually walked to the reinstatement forever to walk even though as. Only a block away. And alias falling over everything in the dark. And following the case falling over the the bad it in TV and every inlet in what probably view. And he's in I'm an afternoon dialect the loss to Connecticut and out. He's an avid stepped in the elevate the power went out for an hour. If there is no power it is true. There. Case. So well OK I'll. The speech clown. Yeah I think it's not Hampton and it's been mentioned many times through the years yeah and that lobster roll in the glory. That's my favorite nets usually might go through food when I go to. And you come back across the street to the beach and it's just a great place that's been around for a lot of years. And I know you're doing beach but I just want to say. The seafood also appear in toward would stir around. Gluttony area or 190. Barbaric crime thing. It's. It's so Blatche played so it's been around for years they offer a ten dollar. Meal from. I trained to do there that. From the eleven to five in the afternoon and that also include seafood casserole. And finish. But it's great they've been around for years amount it's kind of light in them. Back war while it's right up 19 EU exit twelve. But you'd never know what most of with a word of mouth and he just fell into it but there at their food is great and this service is grade and if seafood they're always offering twin monsters. Are kind of seafood. I know that's not tracked. No no no no you can call about anything you want to now. That would give us his name and address or more time because it sounds like a nice place. Yes it buffers crossing. BAA RP ERS. If 190 exit twelve. In the Stirling area. Okay now Scott Michael is gonna give you the beach bum information but first I wanna tell you because. It's you. I have here I guess this is fifty and I guess that we get to a restaurant out in your area great one to call the horseshoe pub and restaurant. Oh yeah you know I appreciate. But hey it's our anniversary and I didn't get to anything other than accolades are. And I'm enjoying it through the years. They'll think you horseshoe coven restaurants located. And it I can't quite read to my five of glasses after tuchman you. In pats in mess Hudson scenario. Oh very nice yeah very very nice whose cavaliers LimeWire and full day in a great Bob are in the hope to feel and wanna hear. Things that you get. Things that you do. Hit secular might to a lot of things. We do as you mentioned the beach plum others that you three locations one is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There's one and helping New Hampshire. And is one and Hampton New Hampshire to find the address is the phone numbers and at times are all open go to the beach plum dot net that's the but the beach plum. One of things of course we do is they have to be seafood for us. We do which has a big tent and all. And the shift ten out there and they have like between 215300000. People the point is we can get to into these places that she'll open there. Then shifts Nestle will now it's really you know so if and we're giving away a restaurant gets there it's just. Because just because we have because we have a and I am might. And none of my feeling and I it's got to innings that's I'm like sleeping couple myself that wouldn't surprise me via. And battle at Alitalia China blossom that could you get up but Joey voices song and then you have one thing and but what you do in that. Our government China blasts and there are rule 125 in north and there were everybody right now let's listen to the show. Must know that. They have been advertising on this program. But 353637. Years. And eyes that was right it's it's true. When des and Richie Kashmir Connie as wide as it what do you think about who we put sort of buffet. Now at the time. Chinese restaurant or offer about face so I say pay. Exit now my money. At Aegon agreed idea. And it took that turn out to be as far as I'm concern about the best Chinese buffet you go to and here's why. Right here squad in it's a big here's why. They have VA got to go back beyond the bar there look indicates its own glass. They have all do you could need primer of. Dramatic laws. All you can be primer of all you can eat. Peking or Beijing duck. And all you can eat sushi and by the lace got you there. They got this fancy Shymanski the sushi nominate relates stepped that up a couple of the. They have they really have. I had it was so good because we went their filming and they were about to announce at that weekend. It was so good I'm not a solution person only because I'm intimidating really don't know. You know well like complete what's good. And I went in and we tried a couple things I really liked that. So like it doubles kiss or something along that line and a little bit spicy. Really really good so what back like the next day and I had to make an appointment early and the special. Now is really good now we have the reason answers you're right about that I was there the other they had their buffer and a quarter. Would've had that it's now could you play village Illinois is here. You ready. Note that it okay because the reason I'm doing this and I think you know we have a Jewish voice she show coming up it kind of yes we do may. So that's a Sunday afternoon that's an a couple of weeks from right now with what is today's two weeks from right now Newton and aid has over forty different musical impressions. We have both phenomenal comedian they'll be back again didn't with us so make sure you you cut I mean you company comedian if you like the laugh and this is the show anyway. Love that the problem that we had with the show's agenda bus Weaver out here we have. They thing. Maybe they didn't museum right now. And it's great. That's it yeah school. My name. Is that to great to have a big game tickets. They can go online to the tournament. Even letters any kind shop dot com or they can Paulson order tickets at 55 dollars a person make Clinton attacks and activities included an 8667451167. And Michelle was clean city. For folks then. 866745. And 1160 Saturday we'll be back in just a minute. For the largest variety of entry through the New England it's the iffy in the corner in the heart of downtown Lowell and daily luncheon specials to melt flooding dinner entrees at the corner offers live tree in the Middle Eastern music and and chanting -- into public captivate your heart. That being according to a seven market street Lowell. And Hillis that we get by its radio today with pat with eight and be back to more your phone calls and more just a second W about the no name restaurant there located right there on the fish pier that's gonna find Jimmy. In oh I think one of the coolest things about the no name restaurant. I know they've been around since nineteen sentiment I think one of the coolest thing is there in the seaport district you know the fans it's an area and around Boston. And the free parking. Yeah that's right they validate the parking ticket go to from lunch or dinner. And say he hunt met matter practiced in more than a dinner that by parking. In their little lot that they have within about eight spots and it's right here and see district it's really close to walk to. So go in there and try their famous seafood chowder and don't worry about the parking the note of restaurant fifteen fish pier. On Boston's historic waterfront. Salvatore is three locations and over action more than three locations and over large effort South Boston and in Boston stated district. That's a year ago when they from lunch or dinner. But I recommend that you tried. An item on their ships playground section of their menu because each restaurant and I do mean that each restaurant and over remarks I have a different shows playground section. Because the ship at that location decides what. They wanna make. So may be their favorite dish growing up as a child I don't know or maybe have a great this year they just love to make and it doesn't have to be an Italian bench. It's on their menu. Example. About short ribs and jockeys. At that end over. Seaboard district has a pot roast flat bread right now on their main it's the chefs playground section. At salvage tours Andover Lawrence pepper topped Boston and in Boston stated mr. And doping and Latinos pasta factory they have opened up a brand new pasta shop right at the factory. Today announced that. And crop those little stairs knock on the red door they have a nice open aired section we can walk up and get pasta six days with the closed on Sundays. But does the same gore may pasta. That you find. At some of the finest restaurants in New England to Connecticut he those prices you know but he and enjoy the same past and even have their own sauces. That are perfect. For each of their additions to you wanna go in and become a pound. There's six cheese tortellini it's just four dollars for a pound and it's frozen. So he could go into your freezer at any time to take out what you want. Boil water for about three minutes in their died and his top that with more of their their payments. Now sauces. Like their eight ounce sun dried tomato pesto with pine nuts. It's just me jobs now. He got a whole meal for the family. For seven dollars he knows pasta factory right there. Just off route 93. Right across the street from Stop & Shop fifteen Garfield avenue again they closed on Sundays to open Monday through Tuesday to go and say hi Hala. We're dean forested Dino is pasta factory. And you'll find while all these restaurants around doing the use their pasta deals pasta factory in Somerville. Dental break knows smiled acting agent. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest to light in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Started smiling again where antibiotics Perry have done X orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the wet dense Albright group dot com. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any S and go home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This means we get bites radio on WRKO the voice of Boston. I see where my focus daily life is celebrating a birthday. Get your Microsoft. And again yes she is mugged and Elliott who look at him some national which I love. Greek. Just kind of model in that state restaurant. Cable which feels like an Irish pub could get a good downstairs. To to the bar and his foods always the puck much. So make me happy birthday. I remember when he married Perry both Ireland. He was an hour not that long ago. He travels back and forth. Just finds new ideas and my times were desperate for restaurants and our good friend from the holy Grail are in Ireland right now and exchange street Easter fair Marlon. Right now advent. Of the forever and they 67 exchange street in moment. Dad if you've got as this week or last week as featured on the TV shows mostly does that rate established European vitro and got a chance in the resume in cherry wood floors are dramatic custom made lighting. Which accents. And make you faced that view. You look handsome when he's doing just that lightning does. It's just the life. Just that line. Just make two and the cherry wood apparently I always like it was always its frontier I always thought would make to a beautiful was the hundred different Martinis at the serve. That's true to is that how can you go on the if you do that okay in one great thing about it is planning apart. Yeah decision he can walk it. Okay it and and a neighbor it's kind of a neighborhood bar but with the south and atmosphere in Boston you know it. What you get the position as if they have the relief funds yet. They could be worked in the better hotels four star five star event places but there at the exchange street these two and their charging Malden prices. That's a big deal they really it. The fourteen I reply. Asparagus growth to not do. Smoke to mushroom sauce. Crested a rack of lamb Poland to. Zucchini. Fennel and onion. Red bell peppers Rosemary lamb essence. Got the idea. But it exchange street beast show. All right they're open today that it they have a Sunday bright. Yes they do but in this study branches in 11 AM until 3 PM. And then dinner forward till 9 PM the loan is open until 11 PM and it's always crowd. I always recommend to order some multi specials and and they have a great specials men are at the go to exchange street Easter dot com for more information Jain Connie you know. Is the owner and proprietor exchange street beach Joe's 67 exchange street in Malden mass Ozzy out everybody to Ricky family. The village restaurant Jenks is a 130 during Tony to and as it took in of this does that qualify as a Shaq gay. You know the kind of place you go to get this a one time it did. That's true in the back in the mid fifties in fact when it opened up it was a shock via Alicia Alex had the the other piece happier because it. I get there Rome these crappy witnesses. That they only had about five. Five marks do that was it yeah right then that the doors unlocked so the locals come in the morning. It's amazing the village restaurant he's got no kind of national reputation. And I think they'd get to do. There's still. The village restaurant guarantee that 133 and 22 in Essex for your GPS it's 55 main street we'll go to Yeltsin today. Spicy weekend up you're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic said. It was a single wicked breaks radio the only place that led to the food critic Sunday's tentative and on WRKO. Billboards of pasta and hey guys welcome back have adequately and this guy as you might hear. You see it every night here observers here and get that done television FaceBook TV they can live via the Pentagon. Super Bowl New England Patriots tail was on who. And a guy named on. Word defensive. Safeties were just on our show we're just on FaceBook log in and that unfazed but glad that you're on radio with me. That you're still watching what we do one thing on TV I have no idea no idea I have a question though. Yeah so be it for folks watching us right now on FaceBook live and if you do your homework and you wanna go to FaceBook go to wicket bites TV on FaceBook put on the live. I just wanna know what people think about margaritas. Restaurants. To chain of Mexican restaurant yeah I'm familiar I went there last night. Because I couldn't get into another restaurant and went in there and I got in and his wanna know what people in general think about the restaurant before I announce my opinion. OK so go to FaceBook live or we could bites TV. Click on the live video feed you'll see right there and just make a little comment or read two comments to. If. This program this segment regular down sausage company ten Riverside park and Mona speaking of Patrick Tim. Acts. And the Red Sox and the Bruins has gone on the Celtics are they going on right now. If you're looking for little summertime or spring time outing in your backyard I hope because my good friends at download sausage company. I. Today. Do it out right in your backyard I mean they've been doing this for years as they have a full service Patricia about the way they know what they're built. They're located ten Riverside park and moment in May have been there. For eighty years loop a case they know that this is all about they got a full series butcher. Onside hosting old Delhi and a question you go to a lot of the markets in the in certain areas you'll find that as science says is we sell. The sausage. Okay or down steak tips state to perform well they are very famous for their rates if you inoperative now if you would like for these folks got your back yard. UConn have done much but it gently they'll say seniors are viewed as a matter that say whichever ones available flag. I dumb but it generally senior junior. That down sausage company ten Riverside park in Malden. And the phone number seven they won three to 413 ten boy they will do you have backyard party picnic whatever you wouldn't call it. In your bag actually admit though he did do it here in the kitchen if you want if you want to but I mean if your plan to grow over the summer you definitely get their stake that is in period. Phone number seven at one. Three to 413. Ten mojo I'm Teresa's prime I want to pass its own force got takes a look at. What he had this to take a look at here Teresa's prime. Nikki have a mosque for an I notice no joke by the easel 1:14 Middleton this morning. They ask you please call for Mother's Day reservations now don't wait to the last minute why we're two totally two which is busy Easter. Or mothers day mothers that well. I would say mothers than you probably noticed it but it probably only visit for two hours maybe three. Yeah. And did if you want and by the way if you caught on food to any restaurant I just two races that he's got four different places. Make sure that TV show up or let them know Victor counts canceling okay. So they can put somebody else in your place they don't mighty doing that could zip when he gives. Seats make you know a request for your Flores. Reservations. It's there's a list waiting to be filled so please call up and say I'm so we're not going to be able to make. If you are going to be able to make it beyond that. But Teresa is prime. Twenty elm street that through to 114. Inaugurating. The osu has gone sorry. Please forgive me. But Teresa is crime. Is located to a Tony Allen street that's route 62 in north rating to Reese's. Is in Middleton a rule 114. And he's got a locations to include in. The nineteen hole with the Politico that relented nineteenth look at. To get a call. Send them or we go all the restaurants 9782760044. Now we are going to have a cruise a you know folks. The cruises in August. And they do we have capital that own. Ringing me very Somalia now before that we have a dinner on us. At believe those rest that I did. Move together I mean there's plenty of Pacman is on this promise based on the ship we just have three candidates left in our group budgets and you wanna come without. Good that's right and we have men all different categories if you wanna suite we can do that the only thing we can't does that make this week. The Villa nine got the bill well they're always sold out at that he. There's just. Take pictures that doesn't Keller should take into. And immature doesn't count me because I went there but it you know we should tell you about the next. Yeah kowananakoa UN no no it the there's this to make this week's. And basically if you're at the pool area and you look. You know back with what's in the after the ship is that backwards. If you're at the pool so you don't look that way if you're gonna see these glass windows that go from floor to seal on this one Wharton. Half of that. One size ones with the other side is an honest. They are for different bedrooms. The masters week. Has. The double sink. It has to cousy its own shall all marble. Windows that look out for us over Bermuda when we were there. I mean absolutely stunning but at they do or partisan spin to it that last screen TVs. At that's not even the best of you got a full living room. Then you go out the back door that you own private Hough. Tub in jacuzzi and that looks like. The nation's boss general and that from there you go upstairs in the top deck which is probably a hundred by 100. Pay your own private Sunday. It's the only way to live. Though but you clearly so we got about forty grand for a week no problem yeah you know run. McCain. Keep that mind missile that all the time again to the puzzle and toy box on at this week but at the that the 1% yes and okay. Oh but what I like about this group more than anything else and I've been on so many cruises with so many of you. You don't have to get go to Logan. And fly to Miami or in New York wherever it is it's right here in Boston or if you want to fly and then fly back that morning you could do that yet so what you do. Easy to bring your bags put it down they'll pick them up and next to me seems in your room and that's it man that's it we have. Parties for our group yet on us. And but the big one is believe horse that I think yeah upstairs and he really does. Here. Yet you have to and I have to ask you stop the food police called leads to mud and a lot of times it puts out as Weiner on the tables. Political. There's only once it got his own vineyard and it Italy. Yeah it's it's it's good it's good stuff. I believe goers that I it is it to 83 causeway street Boston to within how they get tickets to go Willis well they could call Carol. At 8667451167. Extension one that's 866745. Eleven net 67. You have that number it's also on our FaceBook live you're looking at right now that's the number there that could call extension number one you get Carol. And that you know we could set you up with us in the group and you can do anything you along with us or just say I'm just going there for the great. Gives that to happen. Dike that date 66. 745. In an Evan as 67. Wanted to take a look at some of the places that are going to be opening up. On the beach I would do that but I'm still looking with some help about margaritas restaurants it's that chain out there so far the only response I received this from Bob and this is not a big fan of chains that didn't really help no I wanna know what people think of margaritas Mexican restaurant. I have to go to FaceBook wise you could make a comment right now right on the FaceBook live. Section for comments and I'll be able to semen and I'll talk about a little later on. I let's look at some stands at just opened up the season they include rates dry get on Somerset avenue and taught to Nazi and a fine Greg. And for those of you. Those of you to listen to the restaurants are for many many years that. Know about rates driving because it's been talked about but listeners of the radio show their new owners. Was the guy they used to run the C which restaurant. Impeachment ground you'll find Greg there they open up back in the 1930s. And Greg is really kind of an you know how great really knew. Really knows about seafood from his background. They have a lobster world that might devoured. And we lowered it was giant he wasn't sharing it actually Janet at a chip giant sized lobster on hosted on a Campion better than apple what I like is there. Gourmet burgers for just 899. And they have several type of burgers at they have and root helical bumble muzzle the developing news on it. Owner Google what was that served on a regular order our money would come regular roles the roles offensive it was one those sort of served in a sub world so. No that wasn't or parts of the book who Obama had the tell how opinions of the lay of the round of Filipinos on. I did like the it would be burger move but it's not a wimpy burger it's too full paddies. It's bacon lettuce tomato onion rings to use Jenner was on top loop but what really senator part for me is their sweet pepper relish. Delicious they'll have tons of ice cream flavors I mean just Hans device comes with you go and price green and shakes they have that there. Freight strive and to hide it Greg. See what she used to be used to be there used to run the C which is now at freight strive and in taunted. Scottie dog are ranked booster in Beverly has opened up they feature the Chicago style hot dogs. And state birds. And dad on the South Shore let's go to tone a tone is clam shack. On Quincy shore drive which is the Walston beach section of Quincy fairly owner and operator for well over fifty years now. And he could have they were really a full menu there but I just the right to their box menu. And on the box menu section you can get boxes of either small medium large or fried clams clam strips. Scallops fried oysters a list goes on and on and on him chicken fingers Tony's clam shop is a institution. I'm lost in beach though lobster land restaurant a lot still land restaurant. On causeway street in Gloucester has opened up for the season they opened up on Friday because they're steamers fried clams in boxes up the three pounds. And coming. On May fifth. Is a lobster par and they are in Provincetown they'll be opening up. A lot of people. You think it through when he into the wind when you think it comes from wind yes France threatened Europe. Yeah I would say California's now don't you know we actuary actually came from the Middle East room he knows it was exporters. This is that Islamic law I mean Mohammed. What is save. Campaign etc. for paradise that's the only time. Very it's just a question as some of the other day. Under Islamic law can you drink if you're Muslim non alcohol beer. We think in truth I don't know if was no life. Yet there's Mohammed who and connectors are more common. You know we were. Why am I want power plant and Air France gonna Paris once and she wanted to go consequence of the Stewart came over the cabin Steward. And she's as well what time it took what temple wine do you have. We have French wine my damn yeah so at which time my shadow when you have anything good luck in California where you just like we couldn't beat us. We left there. And it hit American ally is now have probably over. I about a terrorist activity TO it's not about the little federally this is his rest Reyes hit Suu Kyi is not in the north and the problem the one in north then is it's hard to get into. Okay all. But the wind in the village of Winchester is not it is a beautiful restaurant inside. You'll easiest step back into. Another Amazon is incident with the paintings and all the fixtures in there and a phenomenal shift. Just phenomenal. So if you're looking for a place he can go to this different but by the way they have downstairs have a pizza parlor in defensive as tears is more fans shipments. They have a special menus to. Asked about the special menu. Breast and I'm David TF five dexterity in Mount Vernon street in Winchester. As quickly before we had featured the the folks meal. The finish in restaurant group 11012. Out the street with Phil and haven line. Newton. Now we recently did TV show on the and they should give growth primary of which are famous for. They should use the lobster which are famous for its a three pound lobster boy on a big step with of the nation's famous and walnut stuffing it so good. He'd get a negative baked Alaska or coffee. Two cordless who have seen it very a couple of although Algeria never talk about them and they have a take an area that I just wanna remind today also. Off manually move the wind in the lounge area between the Malik TV the night teeny. You can't ask for Mike the bartender might be OK and tell me want with it bites Mike Martin we can't we call them my team. There exit 49 off before 95 the Venetian restaurant where 110 to alpha street with knowing they were lined his ticket was gotten Allan. We're gonna go to the good folks need help. I pat thank you very much earlier right now is a good body of mind Damian Smith from yup but I understand we're talk about some hot trendy restaurants in south today. That's right or wrote it out but we're gonna pull that from the old world Safi and a lot from the U because there's so much about the car there's really great restaurants popping up. You put on the weekly and a publisher's. Fine let's start right off because I think south this that the you know the southeast. This you got the north and got all those great restaurants but when you know this in the south part of town this a great place is there to the people don't know. Oh no doubt absolutely. What a personal Billick to point out it it's it's sort of credit classic and it's all of it. It's right to our capital violent they're cranking up lobster rolls and tried everything you can think up. Agree hot dog on the cheap at which is an institution it's been around and the dawn of time and we are going into the season. Resolve and is going to be opening up so I keep an eye out for kids because some water. You know watch the waves lap against short and cap while endeavors are cheap out. And he can't miss it because just look for the lines. When a line and just you're there are always always line no question yeah I think they get open up in the middle of the wintertime if they really want to and a snowstorm. And still have lines. It just showed up that's right yeah that's right that's right the next. Let me a look at some. I can't mention we're sure what to teach you on a few. If you the past shows here but. They're just really didn't helpers attention left and right lord be really loved everything about want to teach you each have a staff exciting cartels. Passionate shaft or are hard everything she does. And buttermilk chicken wings that are seriously did you read about in Chicago the best kept secret and stopping and audio offers to do agree. Yeah we're hearing a lot about their wrestling match we're gonna bring our TV cameras down there and checked out a way to watch pat yeah so that that's the come in the future. All right now let's move Alou went from there what's next. You know what what we'd like to point out you don't plan a lot of good traditional polish would see in an amount greater cost and that's exactly what you're gonna fight it capped a Colonia. Katie are not a very important fact that a number of the offers. And dimension of their reviews which is based serve large instead of butter with bacon for the Brad that they serve. Aiken Allard. And and instead of butter or your little bread basket before a meal that you know before your diving into this spectacle of ease into about two at a pancake should everything. That ship so that they do they were mushrooms are debating. You're going to get bread with large need for me also loosened up about Gary for a feast to cap it or. He had died and but there's a time a flavor in that. But there is no doubt. Speaking of classic traditional take on places multiplier is probably quintessential he diner. I gonna pop in here it would chip Steve Y a cult that one about it jumps out at. And hurt go to Q is a corned beef hash it gave a number three but really everything is great yet really great portions creases are very low with the Stanley Cup joint and a lot has changed a mole banner the past. Couple decades but down. Including a crisis so if you are looking for a great meal diner style environment with that your stopping where Jamal's. Now I definitely will check them out. OK next place. Speaking of belly busting what override those upshot no one has been this sort of take away counters service style. You know what shop. For every year and it is anonymous where the eight bombing and via a local vernacular. I've grilled chicken Lebanese sort of hot sub there is going to be huge over stuff dripping all over your arms that it appears to be tried paperwork on the financial group and artists out the and deciding you're gonna want a quick lunch Walters sleeves where bad. These things are big they're cheaper Massey and they're delicious Rondo is just chill that I yelled at Yelp are up. Yet if you work in the financial district is bear in mind you'll probably. Be wearing your lunch a little bit on your your. That clip that it comes free courtesy of the Albert her. But it's worth it. No doubt. A lap and Ali you know ideas figure couple months ago and I really how were quick to say about it said he offers its word in the hall. Alec at that dinner drinks. Brunch love this place no matter what I come here for. Alec mentioned the deep dish Peter's which I had and I believe I stopped by a little while ago. Excellent excellent excellent not trying to be Chicago knockoff it all just sort of their own take. I'd deep dish all right but they have a really really wonderful beer selection. How to pride mostly local untapped. They're menu is very inventive I think we're all doing a great job editor kept Chinese Cha do it. I'm here and that's also the home of the China town it to cope Li chow Tai China town doggedly as they call. Hope the grand per strike. Had a drug and it's totally hot dog. And it is really really good and I've come and the hassle any folks want more information how could they get and we talk we of topics every week that. They also get the Yelp newsletters that correct. Oh they absolutely can't we have ever locally up every Wednesday a lot of that stuff that we talk about that there are also points some original dvds so it is not quite like the same thing he'd just Brad. I had a pretty Yelp dot com you can find out how to fight a colloquial or it popped up directly here Yelp apps let you download the about your child. Everywhere and they're gonna do new issue of the local yup that's written specifically for Boston. Rate their from the app. And that's what I check out every Wednesday when it comes in I have the app right in my phone very easy to do game it's the yup thank you very much talking next week have a great week. Thanks guys hopes gone so again in thanks guys. And I am doing that again welcome back let's see I wanted to remind everybody that telephone number to call for the crews. And eight and 667451167. 8667451167. And by some strange coincidence you can also called it numbers where did you invoices show. Which he'll be against gun. Sunday afternoon two weeks and today may seventh the charter bus North Andover and I didn't finish saying this last time. But we have trouble. Getting that show off. On a time because. Usually a lot yet to keep going back to the both say they think it's a cruise ship and that that's a primary candidate that it would idea taking that in him. 8667451167. Maybe go to Carol how. I just hit extension one over right to Carol are you a fan of Oreo Cookies. Yeah and somewhat you know it used to be bigger they're trial limited edition cookie issue round with the July. They're putting pop rocks. Rooms pop rock candies into the oil equipment itself that's a horrible yeah so on so many levels did you imagine if you have that cookie. And I think it's irregular or in the cookie. And do things wrong with you can't get it into Google map here at C I haven't had. Pop rock and forty years I think it's a limited edition they'd do it right around July do they have pop art rock they initial blu we were at. I kings bowling it if he kings Poland in Boston in the back bacon and they have pop rock rank. That I had and met Erica had it we were filming. And then I took the suburban district was good sweet very seriously. So the only starts talking Austin among them. Might I can hear listen. But again it's a limited edition they only do it right around July 4 and I mean I want to try what I just don't think I would really. Like ya I wanna do Ancona pass on something here with the batteries is prime. It this is. This is one of the more beautiful rest until you go to it is. Oh looks at school overlooks the golf course of the flame gorgeous and they coach Roman entrance. You know waterfalls. Like a Las Vegas experience okay. And they have the find mistakes you could possibly get Khalili owns. Cowboy or revise bone in loan around the Porter house a hanger steak lamb chops they have at all. And they have the divers galloped to the do the and they choose to. OK now. So it's a it's a phenomenal stakeouts troop and sent him on Yemen it's been amendment but you know like that located here's here's a thing which in nova Laura. Teresa is crime has a 35 dollar prefix menus and sure do I. Every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 46 PM. The first chorus of French onion soup or house salad. Then your entree. Banco crusted chicken breasts with the Rugova. Tri colored cherry tomatoes. Citrus A only. And shaved parmesan cheese and a fan then there's a hanger steak. In this pan seared scallops. And then there's a wonderful desserts cream prevail or shopping hey guys I 35 bucks. It's been filth you get to see everything that's what we're seeing there okay. Teresa deprived when he elm street him through sixty duke north rating Middleton line. Phone numbers 97827600. We'll fool you know we come back a minute take a look at the thrill list. They did a search for the best friend Friday at the top ten French Fries at fast food restaurants out rumbles down and we weren't mills. Rat poison and trivia we sure do and it's a very important killed because he felt about counterfeit cold. Sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with pat with Blake and they. This is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK oval voice of Boston. I am just waiting to pick my view. From FaceBook to be doing it by. And you there but the book it says we'll be right back so there I am. So you're waiting for the delay on the FaceBook yeah so you can then talk onto the delay on the radio you GAAP OK so your radio we knew this about twenty minutes ago. It certainly in game. There is a place that order him and to use it on to say that. For a sports event right Russell Roma having you've got the Bruins. Look at the Celtics. To push against the red sex revolution. I don't think so. Yes they are so we get that going to. So all the major pro sports and our goal line as we speak now trees is released their schedule. Yes so it secrets worth more they're going to Atlanta to Mexico City to. Other. I don't get that I'm sorry. Well once in there and a lot last year that the players. The F last night. Hotel itself. So we'll go back makes this again. We know of that but it went came out most of enough money to know I don't know if it's the patriots have not but there in Denver which they have to. Breakfast visits and I Ohio yeah yeah this is actually is higher higher. Oh it's much higher than Denver's. So they go from Denver to Mexico City. Wow anyway. You want to where I'm about knows. Denny who we don't Wear run up for a few months you wanna go to a places CEOs and TV I would love to and keep shore at abbey Q nice okay. Go to part grocery. Stations backyard barbecue all right okay whereas I haven't come to you or they paid him yeah I'll. In at pearl street bring the party to you please tell Allan bring the party here once on him and Hillary and I will not complain. And barbecue smell reached that in his own mind he wants the beer. Then their before we for the barbecue before always good now they bet of course it they got a restaurants and our old train station build the 1991 of the NM. Railroad station and they moved it from pearl street to chemistry. And what's interesting is they booted in the past. The T. So you still get the train effect by sitting there and you know hey you'd feel I hear a train station. But at the same time in addition to that atmosphere. You also have these. Fireplaces go all the way into the ceiling. In it and in that that. When we Forester doing isn't there one bar. None of that too. And now they got about 25 TVs that all of your favorite sporting event. I mean if you are a it. Sports junkie and you have a strategy sports such a plan like every game is on me. I would also recommend the and be short rates what is there. Capsule but it doing come deal giving the information pearl street station 53 similar streak in moment he had a friend Allen a robot who would you please. Telephone number 78132264. I don't know. 1713226410. Quickly appear out and near York cop cars and stone course I do go if you do. Chinatown is there route 27103. Share in street and student. Still my favorite people police say and William wall not. Know when you walk in this restaurant is issues seem because amount to a Galley on cruise line. Because it's so the last you can watch childish yes the master shell lets them do Palin were able to beat tell me about it okay. It is something to see what you Leo likes it being prepared and see how what some of the secrets are. They have one chance and best of the best so many times in that it won't mention it. There. If I wanted to signature thing Ellen mentioned there. Chinatown spare ribs a full rack meaty and tenders there is nothing like them certainly in any Chinese restaurant tress thing. Police say hello to Lisa and William long Chinatown route 27103. Share in street in stilted. You know I was talking with that Hillary Larsen and as you one time operated eat cake. In new report yet do we get feature or evidence. A couple years in the back who. These incredible cupcakes I mean these cupcakes for novels she it cakes in his right there in new report the tourist area. And then I think release what we're way up so she had to close and now she's opening up an ice cream stand would tell you about right in palm island. And probably this time next month will be open so I told the come on and I wish to cheat we do ice cream. And cupcakes. Because it's it's incredible place and shall be had and she's she kind of like is a big exact in the Telecom industry of the Internet Eaton and kind of burned out. And she started doing my cupcakes from home that kind of grew into a business. What a reminder you guys too that that's his big thing page doing Carolina Marc Martinez. They who have not some of they have just about all of the Boston chances in the ship that's that's worth the name okay. I mean Chris Combs and Steve to flee vote and be husbands. Brian code Jason sent those acting go down a long list. Now it's it's special event tickets are available via even bright event Brian and Terry ranging from 35 dollars to children's journal mission. And 75 dollars four adults who live Meese who make sure that I say that are at 35 dollars for children's general admission is 75 dollars. For adult general admission that includes food. As for more than forty ships and there's also a glam stand as a Diane a Grand Slam easy for me to say. And one I think he he should know you can buy VIP tickets and Kabila and advance there you've been so here in the. 1% I think they have their own restaurants thanked for their own restaurants behind a little private door often that you could go and those at the top of the top of the ship's time he'll be in there. Those are for the VIP folks and of course the wicket by its team will be in there. Veteran. Faced with 45 event bright dot com. That it faced with 45 event bright dot com. Good friend is here today is that there's Warren mills won how are iPad nice to see he is the U Warren mills of rare coins of New Hampshire bid and business for almost four. Decades. Correct wow. I gotta be doing asset write my friend. Or in my hobby pats so it's just a joy to be there every day you know I and I tell people the reason that we've done business from the over the years is your integrity. Thank and the you don't last forty years in this business without having a great deal of that in and you certainly have we have you here the only. Well I can't he is the only classic it's fan calls but you've you've good. Is people go out of their way sometimes to call us and Telus you know and nice job in the third job he did for them. And thank us for the information. Well we wanna treat everyone the way that we wanna be treated it's easy you know also I I just enjoy what I do and I'm I'm blessed and lucky to do it. If you're gonna have the state. Or your individual point because Yemen has to be a minimum one this obviously. If you would let point to look at them and to appraise and he can do that or buy them. Correct and you can buy them were right there right grad that very moment in you've done it many times in the past that's very you have a great story about a gather. City and only except that the EU and North Carolina template. You don't accept 30000 dollars and it was worth like a quarter of media hate it think it this quite a few stories like I mean just one quick point five million. And an older gentleman command and have paper sack of going says that I know that these are worth a thousand dollars and won't take a penny less I did my research on them and by the time I was done looking animus of all I can give you the thousand argue the 80000 that there really worth but all you make the decision. You know so that's what happens often but but a lot of times it's the other way around to share you know way people think they have cords were thousand dollars but there exceedingly common but that's why any real pro and knows what they're doing to prison and we amenities somebody's policy to the going to Canada that's awfully or you hate to see that because pointed try to tell people look at visas is a miniature antiques you know do you wanna maintain the integrity of the product and good stewards that are good collectors always wanna maintain the coin is they found them. Because of the desire or ability factory gives him character when they have toning or tarnish or you wanna put it on there about. When you take that off you know you've you've affected the medal on the surface of a point in you can relegated to. You know a melt status or even Morrissey could mallet relegated to a spend double status if it's a copper nickel court. You know less tem a Yuri tell them melting melting down these products okay. And that prevent it presented me within a thought about which way to go on this. Because a lot of people are melting them down because they are worth more melted down right now okay. But if you held onto them this going to be shortage eventually people keep doing that. And your coins could be well if there where melted down you still have a can be worth a lot more. Those stock to command a premium our shocked. Just the a couple of days earlier this week and speaking with. Some of the major suppliers and meant distributors that I've known for decades. There and they're saying at this point in time they have such a large supply if they're actually melting material you know the average person they they may use something in and cutter for jewelry or whatever which is little different boat. When you have major meant distributors particularly. That can do hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bullion coins at one time taken to the smelter. That's a shock because when the market starts to turn Iran and premiums start to escalate people looking for material again. It's just gonna draw are on the existing supply and that means that that stuff could go up overnight very dramatically been. Now there's another very interesting story that you tell. About how. Any ego and a story about this if you bought gold reserves over. Four years ago I suppose. I can currently on that one official the question inefficient is in need to. People work a lot of these coins these days are counterfeit. And you can't tell by looking at them no matter how expert jeweler. So you being ahead of the curve. Get this piece of equipment from basically it was a NASA design as opposed correct that can detect whether or not these going to fake then. And I understand that you've been quite busy doing just that what banks they're going dealers that I individuals. People are calling you to ask you. If they could put the Cohen today in the in the machine. Then yes it's and it's an easy process but. You may know path that counterfeiting the second oldest profession you know also it's something that. Has been advancing quite a bit in the last few years and the problem there is that the average person doesn't know how to determine you know what the average dealer if something is actually counterfeit. And so we went looking at this machine because we thought that. New idea of valuable item for us to have in the future. Because the counterfeiting is getting so incredibly advanced technologically. That we can't tell just with the naked eye test anymore. So that's why we were looking around for a machine that wouldn't. Harm the point you know yes the old filing tests at NASA tests that you could always do but. Again you erecting. The product the point itself. And when we found this technology that was developed by NASA and they made a machine to really. Go right through you know very heavy pleading to determine if a coin is real. We look at that as a godsend for our industry and we've been touting infer. Larger collectors of ours and have a acquire them we don't solve them ourselves we're going to profit on we just do this. Just as a service and and we also while I'll be happy to. Test any four people free of charge anyway just to be sure they have the right material because. The average person that trades and buys and sells bullying related items they can go through small companies big companies and have the best intentions. But they themselves even don't know some of these items are common fit because the technology is just so good on him it's incredible. Now if people would like to pursue this how to they do well the thing they should do is feel free to either give me a call and that's at 1800. 2257264. Again that's 802257264. Or they could email me Warren had the initials are C and H dot com that's Warren WA RRT and at our CNH dot com I'll be happy to schedule an appointment to. Look at anything any and we do all appraisals free in the reason why we do that is because we want people to. Have the real value that they think they have in their collections. That RC in ages we're going to New England I knew him there after a review of the current. I knew it messed that up but now that everybody got to get a telephone number again both and that's 1800. 225726. Thank you gotta thank pat. Got it now the village restaurant we're talking earlier about that places to echo that the beach areas sure. Let me tell you about the village restaurant judges who won 3322. In Essex. You're in the mood for fried clams who isn't aren't quite honestly let me Teddy what. If they won their readers choice awards a million times. Here's a review from seven or magazine mark Pittman. No clam lovers should pass through cape man without sampling a plate full of the best so shelves in the universe okay. New England favored seafood checks in magazines and every every town deserves a place like this village if say casually elegant. It's a casually elegant joined the case to the locals maintains world class standards in the kitchen you gotta go there say at eight remember that. Other Ricky family forest the village racetrack jones' of 133 and 22 and Essex. The year remained for years GPS location 55 main street. French Fries. Yes the listed a survey with a far with a ten. This is for fast food ten top. French Fries yeah and I'm gonna go from the bottom to number one and number one is pretty easy to two guests and pretty much been there forever. They say they're least favorite at the top ten fast food restaurants are French Fries ease Wendy's. Which kind of surprised because I think Wendy burgers are very good days that's Cecil sea salts. Hardee's and Carl's junior I've never tried. They're trying to Burger King Burger King seems like they change their Fries a couple of times try to get a little more consistently come in at eight. Sonic but those are tots but that's what they list as number seven. Steak N Shake which I don't think we have an. Around here. In Boston there is one bill. On the in this report they say is the thinnest cut Fries of any major change and again this is coming from the rural list dot com. Chick filet there waffle Fries coming at five in and out burger. And at 45 guys. Our guys is pretty different truck then you know they they really are I'd open cases there in the top three. Arby's. They're curly Fries come minute to know that when shocked me. I have not tried their curly Fries never thought about trying to but not a Barbie surround him Esposito so. Hear what you find them in some. Seems like there's and a lot of rest areas as you're travelling you'll find some barbies and some of the balls might have a few of them around and I coming in of course at number one. McDonald's. And those at their list of the top talent right now. Yes. You know Mark Cuban TV via they say that the and that in the future of the series industry is going to be hit harder than anyone else because it goes they're going to robot. Every well not only that McDonald's announced I think it was this week that it by the end of this year. All of their own. He's able to order book yourself. OK so mcdonalds does. Every fast change will we shall return. Looking for the best yeah. Lazy dog anyway at lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By the last hole made false Donald marinara sauce just read Maggie by. Our quality forum for small ones like him lazy. 1000 lazy dog anyway. Angeles in a wicked right traded with pat with a return to more in just 12 of the about rare coins in New Hampshire and Warren mills as you heard. Ward mills is a specialist. In rare coins I mean that's what he does his entire life has been devoted to finding rare coins. And buying where corn he travels the country so you're sitting on a rare coin collection. They don't know what it's worth and maybe you wanted to raised or may be so he's the got a call Warren mills rare coins in New Hampshire 800. 2257264. That's 800. 2257264. Now do not forget we can bites TV are encore presentation. Is tomorrow Monday at 2 PM on NASA and and that's we have Louie Tiant on the show we'll also take two G bar. In swamps dot phenomenal restaurant CEO at their ship owner Greg he'll be on the program tomorrow at 2 PM on NASA and coliseum restaurant brokerage opportunity relate to desk has place. There wrecked near route 28 cannot miss them. Come opens out recommend. I love their real colosseum the via coliseum is out. Of this world. And yet it's. Describe this. It's too. Milk for a deal comments that are paper thin and believable buys the best to deal in the world. A dozen pounder he has it sliced paper thin and then he stops it with all this goodness so when you cut into it. The mushrooms and Sherry wants us all that flows right out onto the plate the feel coliseum. He you know out of their deal they also with chicken coliseum. Just stood and pats favored Biersch its stake up pad with that cannot mention on the menu it's a little bit spicy but it's the best. Stake money can buy its prime New York's are going stakes senate cut. And it's served with rock the Robbie the coliseum restaurant wreck or Joplin setter in Salem New Hampshire. For the Jews murdered it's horrible Solomon on the fifth over article from the pulpit and also up random location down. For one of the best burger. There are half pound burgers might take a little longer club but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare rare and well done is well about. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SM the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This seems with the advice radio on WRKO the voice of Boston's. Yeah America's first and longest running a restaurant program not known as good night back in today. Known as the panel under restaurant program now we just got to Motley you know we if we yet you know it modernized everything. Which it night's radio and television and FaceBook you've got at all. Well enough you. The facility copies of the restaurant program around the nation even we copy ourselves. Kate did you wanna say something else about I during the night French Fries though like I don't think it's as little as I wasn't really listening Michael wanted to correct me. All of that with a steak and say a stake in shakes the other you're thinking of shake shack they'll actually checks or Boston but the closest they can shake his New Jersey. Well we've got to drive down there today and a beautiful you know generic and wasn't speaking of driving down you know that it Wednesday. Combat with a tough I'm going golf in the lose golf balls after this match and arrows eateries at twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy. The last add our friend Jerry Jerry Jerry can't wait to see and let them to be seafood festival. Boy he meet you ought to take a look at this sign when you get there to see what time Jerry's going to be there. Yes she would tell Jerry I don't know we should Tom we have a larger tent February this year yeah so what Nate puts in which. I don't know what people might look if he'd everybody there and it would be happy sky and the and Stovall looked so absolutely. It's amazing it to make it. Out dizzy evidence this rig a Tony was speaking out about the heat heat sometimes we'll now bring that inch yeah. In my party plotters like 34 from because this what's the feed people that to Newton. So we don't know cook for like twenty minutes he pushes all my other show us back a little bit and keep serving and servings of. Let's. That. Dinero as in you don't throw to a until O lantern borrowed in Queens native phone number 61777315100. Jury. In his DNA though he's a baker yes so when you walk in the place it's kind of a small area lobby. They're making different rates in here hungry. They'll kill you Connecticut on. Italian pastries that he has there too and his pizza is talking the talk enough about as these one. Like a big piece we we look for hundreds of restaurants all throughout the room. Yeah number one independent pizzas restaurant in new again intimate stadium at two outs at Gillette Stadium and he had a pizza you're two pizzas that he made. One pizza was like fifty pounds. It it would mean you have one slice your shot your dog show off. And that made this the sweet meats and I don't know what was in it and doesn't have an opportunity to what was it it was a sweet but we pizza. Sweet potato puree when the cream for regional and it was also now. I've never heard of that sort of date time because we haven't in his restaurant you have to ask for and every so often always ready thing you know we'll do look at whether he has to go out shopping with the defeat them there of those. Cannibalized so acute remind everybody one more town of ideally voice. It Jolie voices will be at the time of us and has over forty different musical impressions are we have the same comedian that we had a couple of months ago we're gonna bring him back a seamless. And he was phenomenal I was crying before Joey go on stage. Well this thing will be so that yeah there is an hourly it's such a great deal that you can't get this kind of illustrate is that entertainment. Knight strikes it's great for groups I have several groups coming like one of 181 of 101 well to this decision and joked because it. One it's not a big room yet let's talk about that that's right because. It's not a big room and therefore at that point in an enemy he goes through it 300 people some sense that this is like just below 400 that I. Think this is the best showroom for adding him to Wear for Joey that they can be because it's just it is so close to home. You see how. You know that he's having a great time he loves people and you could order tickets again their 55 dollars per person it's great for groups. But that 55 dollars includes an all you can eat Chinese buffet at the China us. You haven't been accused Jenny. No you know I I I tell primary don't forget about start with the primary and that's how I start I as I learned how to eat the buff a properly there I have a technique the way I do know we start with the Fey. I go right to the primary. Then it goes decision. Then I go for the Chinese food that I go for dessert. I'd 866745. In eleven sixty S seven you got that. Great for birthday party's great for anniversary celebrations any thing. Salute to make its report shine in the blossomed or went 25 in north and over you retreat and kind he's phenomenal restaurant. I feel and and the home of Scott's my time. Yes the Mai Thais and a lot of my ties are consumed or Joseph is show beaten tiger promises that. Well I guess it is an attempt for a ticket I like this and I'm going golfing the F a pop ups this week. Sure yes who probably do it on Tuesday this week is them doing an event on Wednesday eight culinary like fight club panel Wednesday. So those judging people's deeply yet you've made it. We'll tell you more about them able to pop anymore on Tuesday. Majority cameo at the pop up on FaceBook bloggers it's like to thank you so much for participating had a particularly. Heidi cumulative mockery. Missing some sleepless that's that's what I quit we're right. A guy in this week at 10 o'clock right here at W arcade. Which could place radio with pat Bradley is a presentation a blitz of media and.