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Sunday, May 28th

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You're listening to only give its radio. The only place that lets you keep your food critic. Sunday's stated. I'm WRKO. The voice of Boston. Welcoming everybody's got windy today and perhaps they can you posted twelve noon in the yard field Boston's boys of Boston. He also watches right now on FaceBook lie. I don't. It bites TV on pace of fairly easy to do you handle it getaways and great prizes today in addition to that coming up in the bottom of this hour. We're gonna stick with Hillary Larsen that she'd. High tech world. And decided that. I've had enough of the high tech world and opened up. A cupcake shop of all things and baked in new report and now. You realize dreams to an Obama talked to her. After coming up the bottom of this hour plus we're live with some great prizes today and the way to kick things off pretty quick on today's program. I have been up and look war and I made this post in our FaceBook just today. And I and I am looking in this half hour really at about twenty minute. Herself. Callers that call in and tell me where their favorite place EU's. Were breaks up lobster. Pretty easy to do right picks up lobster that's what we're looking for on today's program so to get help us out what is your favorite place. You know this season's kind of wrong upon us right now. But there's some awesome places and I'll read some of the the post on our FaceBook. A little bit later on. This our people just like yourself it's the other. Might be replacing entire world aids. In film that like I'm if you do. Well maybe you can win great prizes like. Dinner for two on us I got a great gifts to make it there will be giving away this half hour. It's for any. It's a fifty dollar did against the via and it's to any of these four restaurants cause all party Alpine restaurant group. They oppose stone wall them which is a great place for pizza. Oster re opposed though I'm sorry that's in Waltham postal is in Somerville that's the place were repeats it in Waltham may have a location. Unbelievable Italian restaurant up so a lot of like Mexican food. The painted burrito in Somerville. Roar rose by denying her. Also in some very creative American cuisine. So we have a fifty dollar gonna guess to to get that will be giving away this half hour. That's right to your chances of winning that. Are very good at all I wanna know. Is what is your favorite place. Where baked stuffed lobster the help us out is that article 888. 4346464. That's 8884346460. Ford who knows. Maybe you'll just got dinner. On us and enjoy that those anyone of those great restaurants and fifty dollar it against etiquette 888. Port three fours 6464. That is our number to call and again. You know it got about twenty minutes or so will be taking calls to your chances of winning this are very very good I know we have a place I know you have a favorite place. Let us know 8884346464. Against Scott with the today sitting in for pat we'll take you on coastal twelve noon. On the restaurant program. Of the coliseum restaurant record shop and Terrance hill mansion that's lately to desk this place. And even late is one of those ships. That out. Describe his words about every award. There is a mean when he walked into his restaurant record job concerns and New Hampshire which is on route 28. You'll see like. All these awards. That lined the walls. And you could spend time reading them as you walked in and into the restaurant. There is one special wardens are considered a special award. This award. It it the only time it is actually at the left Italy. It left for the coliseum restaurant in Salem New Hampshire. Yes we gotta be doing some more a couple of items I highly recommend highly highly highly recommend. Reveal coliseum on my favorite dishes there could also have and it's a chicken coliseum. Obama described the deal coliseum for you to milk fed deal cut lets its people that and it's not pound. Paper that I get most restaurants. And evenly buys the highest quality deal you can find. As it cut paper thin and then stuffed with her in proportion to the Brockman much well John though. But he's not done. A little bit of share we saw us Brenton who in the garlic. We cut into at all that could this just blows right out onto the play. Am the coliseum arrest are Gregory shoppers are itself magically say hi to and they relate to best get when you go in. I guess that our guys step up. Look appear they're placed a baked stuffed lobsters right now 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. Gamal to do on this about a half hour. Yeah early in the show's always the best time to call in is that as we're getting go in the calls are always a little bit lighter and as we get over and the calls really. You get tied up so we could really use your help right now looking for your favorite place. But lobster 888. 4346464. Now if you have a rare corn collection even sitting on. And don't really know what it's worth and your freighter take it to your local guys say you know hey. You know your my corns and I've been sitting offerman many many years. With a work you feel that it may may steer you wrong. Well a guy that you could trust god we trust you're in restaurant program his name is Warren males of where corns and New Hampshire. And he travels the country. Looking for rare coins. And you know he could maybe Caribbean or corn collection man who record collection your correct your house a year your your work or whatever and look at your courts. He'll praise them for you now you're thinking about buying gold or silver. Is another guy that you could really trust. If you're looking at any of your investment you bought gold and silver in the past and seen those television commercials they give away say. What you really wanna keep. Your money safe you need to talk to warn mills he has this special equipment. They purchase wrecked from NASA space agency. That actually looks in. The middle of the coins deceive their but the mania because countering is getting so hole. Good lately that that that even. Somebody like warm Els who's been doing this for almost forty years now can't tell. Anymore by looking at record if it's counterfeit. But with this piece of equipment do you look right into the middle of the court and see the many notes. He gets so busy I was summit view coming in for 'cause he doesn't prefer it. They actually purchased a second machine. So don't get stuck if you think about buying rare coins silver gold worn mills he's the person that call. 802257264. That's 802257264. All right. Get our topic right now is we're looking for the your favorite place for. Bakes up lapses. I believe it or not. I don't the lions are empty I've never seen this before so this is your opportunity to call in right now. You know and I really have a place I know you have a place I mean I have a place like I go what I think of it and I and I know what I posted up on FaceBook. Just the other day it was reckon my place that I go. Recommended over and over yet. I mean over and over and over here but there's so many great restaurants out there that have great baked stuffed lobster. Of any size. And I know you can help us out right now. And tell us what's your favorite places. And you could walk away winning this great did biggest advocate. 888. 4346464. Again and you listen to the restaurant program today with Scott with late. 'til twelve noon WRKO. Term or restaurant is located in Waltham. And that's a unified Rick load up to a mess those as one of those special restaurants. I love the atmosphere we knew there and I love the way they have their kitchen it's an open kitchen. You know with the fire with the with that the wood stove it makes great pizzas. And when you when you see this place and get to experience the food I mean that put pizzas in just out of this world and in their out of this world. But there are a couple of dishes on their menu. And that are just sinful. But they were brisket Mac and cheese a porno. Does that sound good. With a brace short ribs but the scallop and baking. Was not. Who can hold. That yeah. Last time I was in an ass and I. So good so good to Mazur restaurant they route 129 to roll road in Wilmington. About. I think two miles right off for a ninth through very easy to get two very very easy to get to I highly recommend this restaurant. I I think it's it's one of the top restaurants that you'll find around. And when you're in theirs that had a recruit brick load a year ago. They open up but a second location. In Dedham on high street called cafe tremendous though and they kind of feature of things a little bit different more a little more high end. A I would say more Thai and American food. From hang mistakes too cheap he you know to the bronze you know another bronze Xena not. I love sea bass. They're runs you know they pan. Sear. There's sea bass. And they put cauliflower on top of the mustard greens keepers. Parsley lemon and pine nuts. And it is very creative and Exel coordinate as I as they secretive and excellent so don't take it for me Cohen tried for yourself. Cafe Chavez go 56. Feet six high street and Adam and by the way there is plenty of parking you can just. You go right around the corner. Right right at the light right at that corner that in his free parking lot right there should not to worry about those meters. On the street which is finding out you're part of the meter just walk and we just go right across the street and is that that big parking lot that change you won't have any problem. Finding a spot for free to park okay. I would just wait for the calls to be screen and we'll get back to that one open line right now U 888. 4346464. That is our number to call whether you were baked stuffed lobsters. And as soon as they tell me who's on line one we will be going to that I want and just decide if I 8884346464. Again this is Scott with late. For pat today. One other work to our I talked to the folks over an Alpine butcher. And and it's great and Tom the Doyle's. They were honest butchers at 1913. Alpine butcher and if you're looking for a great place. For burgers. Yeah I mean for burgers and why they so great and that is the butcher. They take basically when they're cutting their revised states and they rip my stakes are. US TA. Light black Angus the top one and a half percent of all beef that's what they have. And and what they do they take the trimming and use those trimmings. And they put those in their burgers. So when neighbors come. Their sensational. So we got a big holiday coming up soon right. Right with the next weekend next weekend right the big holiday weekend you be doing a lot of backyard barbecue and you wanna impress your gas to and impress your family. We're gonna help I'm butcher in lol. And pick up some of those burgers. Or some of the mistakes and you have one other states it's gonna just blow your mind Alpine butcher. It's like if you're a normal connector yet final it's not all the little connector on route three but it's the first exit. Would when he get off of and see if your 495. And you're gonna go towards national. Patricia 31 exit 31 a really easy to get to a Peru three and it is a place that when you go. You will absolutely love it. Bill restaurant and Essex if you're looking for a place to go out today for great pride plant that's what I recommend the village restaurant as six messed up with five minutes and downtown. Boston Mets hit. Our beautiful day like today. You know in there is nothing like the village restaurant and Essex because they have great pride plants to the best fried clams in the universe coroner mark Pittman who. Whoever wrote a book called during the favorite seafood shacks. So that's a pretty pretty good recommendation. Our guys ready a phone call here I have a name. I let's go to line let's just go to line one I can't wait any longer you Renault alliance buildup I your first in the restaurant program was that with the good morning. Good morning you're on now it's out whittling. There will be yet. I could turn on the radio so she could hear us. I let's go to line two let's just put them on hold and to c'mon guys let's get these calls in here. I got a few more minutes that we take phone calls. And here we go relying too. Mike take control in there. We got a hold on nobody seems that we get the phone calls going today. Halama that with that call is coming on paper. I think we knew it appalled to rake it. In just a second so as soon as the command will go to Paul. And and routine and Buzzards Bay. And that one did commence so we're gonna hold almost who we have just a second now we've lost the ball. Our guys wanna take a quick break we'll take the fifty break early they'll come back we'll get our phone lines going again. All our lines we've unfortunate lost all of our moments of the call back in 888. 4346464. That is the number year to the restaurant program that's on as soon as we can at this point 888. 4346464. And I. Gave you listen to megabytes very with Scotland. Hate hate hate board three point six divorcing. Or fake. Place debate stuff a lot Germany to quickly run down some of the people that have. But some post on FaceBook. About say they accept loss on the live T that we're doing right now Bob says. That's baked stuffed lobster the hard way laughter. I have not tried yet so I don't really know what that's like I gotta match and it's going to be a large portions because we always do does a large large portion. Michael Neal says for him the best place for big stuffed lobsters is still Leos in Wilmington. I had no idea they had that been there many times that never would have a big stuffed lobster. So those are a couple of places. Jerry's its can't be that tight in the hunt for great pizza an amazing news. That's that's always the thing means pizza company has come from Marco and apparently this awesome service to some of the posts that are going on right now. On we it bites. Are are the life you on base so we fight. Those images like this comment. And again. We're taking your phone calls just the next couple minutes we'll be your favorite place their batons. Lobster and if you tell me who's online what will one let's go to Joseph in Boston. According Joanna going up. Ali yeah very good. What's your favorite pay place for big stuffed lobster. Trying. The in the bay point why. It took a sudden drops they stuck with. Sure and thousand little bitty strips and tell us some rocks and meet new and it it's just delicious. Now. And get beat the views. Not a view earth accords are member there. Being there I'm not that long ago. And it was one of those foggy days with the work with the fog kind of rolled and so we had his beautiful view of the inlet coming in. In about a half hour later you could barely see across the it took to the water. But it it's always kind of funds on the great place to go out. Yeah. Think I I had a Bakes up option there that beautiful fish tank. When you walk into very little spot I join that very much for your phone call like not too is poultry can. All right your next good morning Paul. Or destroy a very good. Well allow them explode that bishops and warrants and what they had the best out. By your go to affiliation to get the same luster. Yeah that that's. Very. You on the post that I put up just the other day. That place season running the finish in which is he were right there in the film line. They're baked stuffed lobster I would say. A ton of folks are recommending it for the best picks up lobster you'll find around period. And it got to get up front try to interpret yeah yeah any got a savoring the baked Alaska. They make right there through yeah you know I was in the kitchen. And I got the C had to make if they Alaskan upon after the user Putin's eyes grew. Are there you go good guys are right that product are all gonna they're called it. I finish and restaurant again there located twelve Al mistreated hero. Just offer root for 95 I 8884346464. Again get a couple of open lines right here and in the next couple minutes will be giving away. This great prize so we have two people registered right now so hurry up call and what's your favorite place of baked stuffed lobster 888. Or 34646488843. Or 6464. Maryland opponents of good morning Maryland. Good hearted. All right what's your favorite place. Allow about my favorite place so they don't replace the captain mark and it well hopefully we. Cat more. I have not been aired it dummy tummy a little bit about. Or wow I prepare my heart attack about that we break the back all the while splitting up the paper. Knit as they always have a traffic cop out there there's so they. Yeah. That Eric that's always a great time whenever. Somebody garner a lot of different in America Europe and ambassadors. Going on from there cap the Martins is the name a place that again it's located in Wellesley. Yeah there are pampered art. I'm hundred. Great thank you very much for your recommendation. I that's a look at some of the post on FaceBook for breaks up lobsters. Sue Pittman says she's a lobster lover and she were good highly recommend the finish and restaurant and heroes one of the best. Let's see another one for the finish and restaurant. Browns lobster pound and Seabrook New Hampshire according to Jennifer has the best they also have incredible steamers. This summer shack that's Jasper white's place it's recommended that makes up lobster all the Clark. All the time yeah I eat it it's just one just like those used. I'm sure he knows what he's been you know things that he's been go to prolonging under the noon from an Terry says. Esteemed. At my house. My hobby that always worked with beer peppercorns hot sauce. Interest and yet that's kind of that's kind of different. I don't know I don't know I don't know if I would like the breaks that lobster. With putts us at village restaurant and as SX gets a recommendation. After that makes up lobster from Gary. River weigh in south the armor has the best grilled lobster. Moved you know I've grilled the option to the home if that's that's axle. Yeah. But in I just feel like drawn voters and better but if you grow it and then put in drawn butter it's great team veteran Trent. And he can't go wrong that way no matter how you could be doing at the soaps to the Boehner barnacles. On front street Marblehead for the twin mobsters specials on Wednesday quickened to cap the that's a great place legal seafood several locations illegal secrecy no more for Brown's. Would Mendes in Essex. These guys and over the summer shack. Bel I'll LLC Bobo Olson you'd deity a feature on the night I don't know. Always good always debate stuff of a las generals are common stand out wanna go there because they're just. You lose the bun yeah do you really there's so much loves me you lose the bond you out but it's really kind of a beautiful view back to really get outside and watched that the planes and since it expanded from the Shaq do you know what street there are located I wanna say main street but yet if you know Winthrop. You know you about it you'll find a way to kind of group Moshe. Yes and they they expanded to about three years ago area and they took over Benjamin's in Newport, Rhode Island according to Gerri has the best Agassi reds. Eats in Maine. Gets a recommendation. A barnacle Billy's and it would remain very yummy yummy yummy that's from hacked and those disarm others that the comets are coming in right now. On our FaceBook feed for best baked stuffed lobsters are strong for the the as arena in Gloucester Weaver heard that no I haven't either from the glue on Ida I've always been like if you're gonna have great picks up lobster. You wanna have. You know. That's the good hopes so but you know not all of laughter restaurant. But they do not I what we're gonna do I. As if Hillary Larsson has its in house announced a photographer just that we'll take it calls that are on line and then now we'll talk with Hillary again. I got a couple more moments we'll extend this for giving away great history here. What's your favorite place for baked stuffed lobsters 8884346464. That's 88843. Or sixty war. The backstop with the again until 12 o'clock that your phone calls. Now we had a little called spirit is super we're trying to get that cleared up that straightened up with a couple of online right now so let's take a few more close. And that we were very special guests are watching him. They let's go to Jeanne up somewhere and good morning Gina how are you today. Actually it's Tina thank you that's probably my I enjoyed meeting you or your father apathy Hampton seafood festival honors. Where we're dumping them in winning the. That but anyway I have. Recommendation. Mike seafood down in areas around. And they have a tremendous. Stuffed lobster. Mom but I'd like to ram and have my dad is subjecting to care for and Jamie sharper size yup which you couldn't it couldn't be that. No Hewitt he could not be the view and the world's largest parking lot. Like we have been pegged exactly and it was free back then because they're things changed. Yeah how things have changed but there's mics people would just tremendous and also another restaurant has heard about haven't been. By horse neck beach is the back Eddie and I I heard they have tremendous inflow. No more they get out and try some of these places. Absolutely ushered dad used to doing aren't. He's doing well be back next week he's he's like every other week or so. Now wires just concerned when I. When he doesn't show up I get concerned. That a. I love him lately he's probably right now. Lying by his pool getting it turned out well yeah yeah not so concerned and I'm jail now and that's that's right that's right. OK now well Scott I hope those recommendations are you well and I wanted to remedy past because those were terrific seafood places. All right Tina thank you very much for your phone cost I remember. Heading out to. If he's here for it and did you hit that was like the only restaurant and then tighter area. And how that whole seaport area of Boston has just. Exploded. With that with one problem. They never improve the they they kind of did the roads over a little bit and I think they've made it worse. I I I literally left one time the seaport area I want to come back to work for couple of hours I left at around 230. And my drive is known about 25 minutes. I got back here around 4 o'clock. You know in the afternoon that's it's it's tough they got to keep working on the get the traffic flow out of that area I let's go to Gary of marble make good morning Gary. I bit Scott good morning. Good morning I was just gonna recommend a village restaurant and ethics on the way to Crane's beach we love it. Mean I love the bill never let up and it's an outside today. Oh yeah and modeling lobster or their their fried clams. Wonderful you know we've of that ball stripped but we particularly. Enamored with village restaurant. Particularly Fred there. They stopped a lot. I would recommend them and the day of the year because I think they're they they do great job. Period. And they do a lot of that is a newspaper there acumen and in the newspaper. They do a lot of like Wright didn't polls. And from readers at every year. The village restaurants in the they they they always on the seafood restaurant the they would win like. Best family restaurants best dining restaurant. I just a tradition that dates back since 1956. When they were a little tiny. I I mean it was smaller than that there are my studio I think it one time you know I'll it was probably like twenty by 21. When you walked in and they would leave the doors unlocked in the morning. And and the fishermen local fishermen who come in their make themselves eggs and pancakes for a little bit of money in the jar. Shut the door their way out that's how they got started. But it is a great place to go alright Garrett they carry much for your phone call let's go to may only Naomi your next we'll start with the good morning Naomi. Good morning god. And calling for rain not a vote. Or that they point. Waterfront restaurant which is equipped to me. It's interesting because. It's unreal three day it quickly and they had a by the house. And 38 to put up decides to tell him with a restaurant is. Could you wouldn't find it otherwise. Wrecked because it is on the day and it's a Washington court include things. And you are rightly said the flood wrote the that they voted yes you can step out on the tax which is popular. Yes but if they stuffed lobster. The choice of a monster it is tremendous and when they are walking through the restaurant with the lobster everybody looks at it. It's stuffed with our kind of seafood it's not they would read it's not dried out it is excellent. And the weights. Which could be of importance really knows and and you. If you ask them about what it is they'll tell you they know it's just to make the break and experience. So. There's other great restaurants if you wanna watch sports said that a wonderful our you can get Apple's service to our. I just think it's wonderful defense 64 Washington or in Quincy. And you Nader write that down as you said it's not if you're not from points in that area. You may miss it. You may go right by that that house that has the side. Careful because your basically writing who wrote us it's a short road offer the main road. And has made about ten houses before you get into the shipyard and that's where their located. That's right it wouldn't be. It going in the correct place but you are and it opens up and hit tremendous relaxing place. I know it now ailment thank you very much you spoke only in that they point in Quincy. Our that's gonna do for the phone calls we're pick out a winner in just a few minutes OK and then we'll get back to more phone calls next hour. A wicket by its radio Chinatown restaurant is located stowed Ratzinger finally said and William long. They're locating a route 27103. Share and street and stowed and the first thing you you're gonna nose and you walk into this restaurant. Is there are open kitchen. They have an open kitchen that that group that's the first thing you gonna say and you're gonna say wired as a restaurant wanna feature their kitchen when you walk yet. And you see their entire kitchen. All that stainless steel and how large it is and you watch. I mean countless number of the folks running around preparing food making food. And they have walks you could see their rep would command and he may have their own smoker and Chinese restaurant because they make these Chinatown rooms that are soon so could. I mean there's nothing like them if they smoke over four hours. And then they they put their own so losses on topic of that I like Chinese twist to it but there's so many. There's so juicy. That sometimes on Saturday nights we just ran out. Yeah that app popular and you just can't turn around and make them really quick because the pick for hours just to smoke. So do you wanna find something a little bit extra special. A reasonable prices. You know you go in their ticket he kind of he would like we're just going there and stare in the the window terminate the kitchen staff nerves you could do that do like that China. Town a restaurant route 27 athletes and William wants place located in stone doping about the Venetian restaurant. Again you've been hearing a lot of recommendations and a lot of votes with them today are ready for their baked stuffed lobster they brought three pound mixed up lobster. And they have their famous the nation's walnut stuffing on top of them. Oh while and you think you can either three pound lobster. You can't you can't believe me. At the finish and restaurant group 11012 opera street in payroll. They're only open for dinner they open up today at 2 PM on Sundays Tuesdays through Saturdays purported 9:30 PM the Venetian restaurant. Again at witness say hi to disarm and going there. All right all right time now I got a very special somebody guy I met. They what would we be about two years ago. About two years a government and to our right into about two years ago we we I was doing some research. And that Lila I believe occasion and that's right we did we do this segment and I think you know I want something that's. Different the wicket by taxi is not just restaurants mrs. fu. And a us saw photographs I think from your website. These incredible optics. I hate that you produce. And they've probably the most amazing things I've ever got 7%. Well it was a Sunday when you came and Leann and Leland making a cup cakes have asked that was great and she stumbled a couple times handled us and just look at the cupcakes and cakes and do it right yeah we did it was a fourteen year old business. Right in downtown new report rape but unfortunately it's. Not there anymore because you have another venture that you do it. Trade on two different things now frank it's so weak post eat cake about it and so was about two years ago almost a year and a half gas and jam. And that was sad but it was it was OK we moved on to a new venturing now are out on some islands and we have the cottage cream marrying in the cottage island market and the kind of surf shop out there. But my focus is a cottage Kremer rain and it's an ice cream store like it's just. Fantastic. And being in New England we're like that number one. The number one in the country rain ice cream wrapped her. It can't when the weather's the plumber that you get a better spot on my gash so we we were actually did open on Friday was their opening day but I got all of mine a Manhattan inspections and permits and everything down on Thursday and it was 95 degrees and so I just said. Where gallant and Leo I ended up then it's. People over there it's it's a power of social media really I mean I know that he's had so much with your shallow snow. But has appealed to started flocking and he had to pump fast yesterday out on the islands and at Pratt which is a huge. Festival of bans cell around the island and it just Pratt a ton of people to town so I was really crater it's gone it's crashing so. And I. Is long is that we stop these nor'easter isn't coming 1000. He's probably should be frowned but other than that beautiful little stretch in an eagle to us in the go through new report just just heading straight out onto the road to. Just go anymore that's right it's easy it's it's actually from downtown in every precious 1010 minute drive have content many times. And tag gets a little a little heavier in the summertime but town. Aegis as soon as you get out there you feel like you're on vacation it is it's it's honestly it's like you're leaving the state and town it's. It's just a perfect little Hamlet out there of and lots of activity. See lots accurate let's start off. Making cupcakes in case now didn't turn out that way now mind you start up. I think. If it was at 980. Opposite direction that's where you were right right so my background is and starting companies but it was since starting ten. Alec come companies goes on high tech can. And I tech world's and so I did that from you know from the time I graduated college at and talent decided. I wanna try to that's and so I decided that you know one day while I was making cookies in my case tonight Taiwan. Let's see if we can turn a hobby into a profession so. And that's what I dead so he just. I mean I mean here you're in the high tech world right and and then you go to them with boots is much lower technology needed another. It meets that you need to know how to make something right and at an anyone from. I would say fast paced stressful job in because there are a lot of competition now in that market place. To making cupcakes that that that amber talked about everybody raved about. It was a I'll tell you let you know when people say it's a labor of love it's an. And that really was and I loved it from start to finish all fourteen years where fantastic and it was. What I loved about in the beginning was the scientific aspect of it and trying to figure it out and make my own recipes so that it would be something that we can replicate. You know and own it ourselves so everything was scratch everything was made fresh every day which is so unlike places now but. The reason why it's it's so hard to find they create like tennis because the concert just racing there is no good it does for a speak trees sends. Those types of businesses hit two really finds those short cuts by using mixes and other things then it's a shame. Because that it's the artisan pieces is kind of going away but not beaten not for a lack of people wanting to deal and it's just I think cost prohibitive for a lot of people off. Right and I always thought it was where I would walk around the report everywhere it's on I would stop by the out then there's nothing like you know walking around downtown. You know and having a cupcake. It's just that it was the greatest business. You know from our products that honestly was it was just. I was so proud that products. And our main focus was cakes that's how I that's how this all started and hence the name eat cake but tam. But. Yeah it was great the environment was trade the big girls who worked there were trade and it was just says it is so so dissolving that was you know it was not only leaving your passion. But it was also your family so it was it was a great great round I could not have. I would do it a hundred times over. You and I miss it already thinks your thing but now I am that in the new place because it just opened up yet just yet and and I got to imagine. At our milieu there's a lot of creative things up it's not just in to rate rise and you know you gonna have a little pizzazz we've. That's some we've got some advance idea so we've got some. Some neat things where over featuring Richardson's ice cream and so I mean you might as well start with the best and then pennants and a tip that if if possible because they're so great. Yeah I've always had great distances is one of the the top and it's hard to compete with with with them their product it's so good it is they have perfected. They if they haven't perfected and it's all down to the that the butter fat contents you know fattest labor and that's what's that's what makes it's elegant. Know years ago they were actually experimenting with a and they actually selling it where they had it fat free or discriminate using some type of lead and not this is as true. Plastic ball small plastic that you could digest. Then basically and I'm like you know what I don't think I would wanna try to. Truck based K yeah I'll be out of that beta test. I doubt they'll put me in I'd rather I'd rather have the full flavor in the real they did it hurt it. Exactly well we're dealing Madden and at the cottage cream ring out there are so. At least got a few things on the menu that irons really special one is. Where a feature item is our Plum Island sandy and snow it's. Your choice if ice cream and we sandwich it between two massive cookies ends. Or using BM they tree at a Georgetown College Rebecca is not very. And it's the best purchase cookie ads ever had and so you hit it you have your choice of chocolate chip or chocolate brownie cookie. And then you get. Your choice of ice cream sandwich in the middle of that C can have that or he can do that with a doughnut. And and then down that option is I mean nick just insane does enough calories and no actually that the salary freeze and that's the whole process. So we're doing that every dealing and tea trapped with that's come their ringer with the donut on the topped with whipped cream in Jimmy's and it's just it is over the top and that's a hole that's a hopeful. We NN a customer come by yesterday actually may have created a new thing for us which was a copy float because were offering called group com feed. And our roadster is blue fire coffee roasters out in western mass there awesome. And sewerage and culprit posse and the customer asked for aid and the culprit cuffy went. Coffee ice cream and it. Many said he's gonna come back you know on the daily to get itself over excited says something else you that I can did expand on that. Now where are you located also averaged just over the bridge so if you clear that number is that we take a left or right. At the end derailed there is so soon issue this should come on there's a choice eat there's an intersection ego just passed. Asset intersection and red giant teal building on your right. It's actually most people who are local note note that location to be the old mr. Moses it was an old package story a couple years ago. And the owner always package to in Danish and we still have that in snow. It's just air readings cleaned up and it's all gorgeous and and we've we've really. I think this is that this could be the shift for plum island sound. To drive. It a little bit more commerce out that way so yeah. I'm on a beautiful day like today as there is there. Anything nicer than drive towards the beach and enjoy Thelma sites that each has has always been my favorite beach is actually the reason wiley and every port. I I went out and went out to palm island to twenty years ago and I said I'm not I and need to move here so it's. It is gorgeous it's just one of those great sandy beaches that airing usual for her best the nor Scheyer and yeah. It's fantastic I almost finally an exclusive beach because he's so it didn't feel that way I that area when you go in there is a lot of homes and a lot of. You know Milan nice homes that sit their on the waters or should we hope they do that's for sure but there's time to parking out they're TU. And there's lots of parking at the cottage when you can to get your ice cream and everything else that we can we have lots and parking and actually you picked a good time open because. Couple last couple weeks we've had nothing but rain are currently zero us on I 95 degree day. I could not have worked out any that I mean it was it was amazing and Ike at wolf first and I just couldn't get out of winter fast enough and so then of course just like New England always does flipped the switch and it's 95 degrees south right. It was it was great it was it was a perfect perfect opening weekend Salam. Selling courage and hope everybody comes out in the says hi is such a friendly atmosphere at their cell. And ends indulge in a little low calorie treats the. Yeah really relocate an accurate. Yeah it's worth it so yes there's always tomorrow which you can. Correct I features Allen during the week at one at all. I do today when you Perot offered department. Has in mind. Exactly right to spoken like chief duty now this week that it's hard not to that's an evil we want to. You know my Petraeus was locked all the restaurants. They want to try every fish and Republicans. That you've gotten tired like she came at a he'd do it it's basically. Z. I can sit there and I look at the others have no problem knocked down some adjustments no rain the Roma right that's an Easter Egg Hunt yeah. And then we just try to pick it that's about it could really. Harry not 500 pounds that's that's the thing well I'm an overnight organized from. Going into it figure that morning. That that would your hours. So are ours our eleven to 10 PM every day. So I find that a lot of ice cream places are closing just a little bit early so we went attempt. Ties definitely it's possible ten to catch everybody is always my husband and I always an atlas. And knowing that we just finish at dinner and we'd we'd be looking around and he'd feel like ice cream at 10 AM there was no I think open. You know the other day I was in the mood for excrement and by the time we ate and stuff like that and it was like a third. So ray looked at Niagara they just close to two minutes ago so there's not. Think about rape. That's great and there's nothing like going out for ice cream it's eat. If you get say nice things aren't close to you don't want to stop at the white hen pantry to get it and know a pint of Ben and Jerry's that thrill is gone into. Is this is not the same. It's just not the distortions happen don't you know. That's teeny right before that I guess I'm yeah and I make you sleep really sound for a I think. But but in knowing there's nothing better than that size it's nothing better than reduced in size from the fact that you using it's brand new place via the right there a Plum Island. Yet it's such a great place everybody needs to command this and it's a whole new side if you haven't been a Plum Island is Cherie it's it's like you had and then sound. Lots has gone on out there to her house has been since the UU. It's been we've. It's just an exciting super exciting and I'm just thrilled with that and having gotten into the season not even into the season and those that chilly day yesterday we just. It's been so great and everybody's been saying how astronaut and ice cream on palm island the finance and it seems so obvious that's. It's on the suspicious so caught on the so people are definitely flocking and these. Plum Island sandy is that I am talking about it it that's the that's what people are coming out force sound that's what's happened on social media's those things are planned around. Yeah I've been I've been following since you opened up our hands in some of the pictures that people have been posting some of the ice creams and they they look fun Fiat. You know that that's that's. You know makes it makes you want guys who when you see them. If that's the thing is is when you hand somebody something it is the same thing and eat cake is when he either hand somebody sent he just wants someone to just be excited and thrilled yes you know and particularly Asia that's the greatest yeah rate and it it is ends and to just make people happy at that you know serving ice cream is my first jab at Baskin Robbins in Colorado and there's something about it tap you know he it's just handing someone. A little pile of happiness picked up. A shot or I don't see in your future going back to the high tech world by now I am I down I I don't deal at gaffe but town but I am enjoying. Starting unit just continuing to start businesses it's good that this is going to be where. Larry's night for a while selling. I mean it's it's always funny at that immediate reaction. It is when somebody's enjoying something it's like when your at a restaurant. The chefs who love it yeah whenever play comes back exactly you know on your waistline Mano. But this yes look I think it fit to them that's like you know victory. It is it is an Alley you're talking about the open kitchen concept dissect it now. And not only is that great for the customer but it's also great for the chefs take him academy conceived you know look up as a tables being served and in it does it does create a little motivation and in need to do that much better in the next one you know yes I was in grade in arts both ways are. Are you be there later on today I went there all the time and a parts of people who come by today if you mean I'm sure listen to us it's it's beautiful down today that yes on this shine is not a cloud in the isn't perfect it come to Plum Island absolutely so if you're if you're listening to his weight on the case. Yep Achilles tendon they can't rap but if you're on the -- source that the New Hampshire I expect in the next half hour. They'll be ready there won't have a problem. You're heading back right now have gone back right now Fella are ready I want folks from its nineteenth day I would love so Plum Island again just just had right I mean his. We only one way out. There's only one way out and I need to assess that tell everybody that name address remotely so it's called the cottage street Mary and some islands and it's on its head fourteen some island turnpike and my mind honestly will drive by coming down. Hillary thank you very much for joining us today thanks good luck this week is missing on his announcement rounds I hope so thanks so much idealism it provides radio and other power to come. They have succeed in the yard field a voice of Boston. Listening to a wicked place radio the only place that lets you be the food critic Sunday afternoon on WRK elbow voice of Boston. Again it's not quickly to. The bag as we enter your phone calls I can't believe it's. World it. And normally that's what does Hillary. Larsson moved normally we do we look guys it's. This year and maybe what we always. Whatever wrapped up we always devoted yeah. Two as I noted Damian Smith bill. We're going to be on these and right now. But we know that we're about the rest of the week to next week next week yeah and they're now actually think he's. On a plane coming backwards from the home improvement we went to a couple of great places one of the best dying cities in the Norman's. One of the greatest cities what I remember. Yep you're towards the hurricanes we've. But perverts or justify area the end. Particularly on a Friday Saturday night I know hardly I was there on on the Saturday night and it's mop it's fun but you go apparently. Like during the week and Monday Tuesday Wednesday even Thursday and the crowds are cut and by by a third. And they would have specials at some of the restaurants and all the restaurants had like music entertainment from dueling piano as you name it cure and then the windows are open though you know. Go enjoy yourself. But you went during the week Friday a lot of restaurants it had drink specials food two for one. Or one of my favorite 341 directs you also know now not a factor and good the drink your way to an oral viewing a bundle hero aura holster or something because in January of two hands. Well you and you could drink out on the streets understand so I had to. A fishbowl. Yeah and I'm Tonya fistful heinous there weren't connector so yes the camera like a little row Visio. And but hurricanes everybody said you knock it we'll have more and more her while I prove them wrong. Judge do that it grammar of these eventually because there really really good yeah. But you know I found that that as pat O'Brien's. It's pat O'Brien's that was my favorite place for two things Perkins up. And the the shrimp regrets. McGraw while they're there I and I and I went to work. Who. Barrels restaurant new didn't didn't care at that I had this for regrets there didn't like it as much as it did at pat O'Brien's at half the price. Part of why it. Just didn't have the flavor my son was at the at the time he has the fried chicken there. Animals all apps if I was the best thing he's ever and it's like. You know fried chicken is made with the you know the old traditional a lot of who lead the lard you know so you know is heavy flavorful. Fried chicken sure serve data you know higher and restaurant. But as she still works it's going to turn as do snore and so I mean the cuisine goes from French. Caribbean everything in between. Great walking city you know very well opposite so we'll talk with Damien next week and not Norman's find out where he went you know some of the places that he visited and of course you gotta get those those who have who have those doughnuts called. But this mania got to get the venues. You know the cafe du monde shark is we get the venue days but he can also get the big news at their satellite let's have a smaller place and found it not to be as this move. All right suburban street. And I've found that one even though I was suburban street wasn't as busy as the regional which opened up maybe hundred plus years ago you know but again. Does does not I'm like Norman's and the food I. It was we did for their couple years I would definitely go back sure Republicans if record sounds like you had a good time and if I can remember a little more of it this time. Unleaded it's just a fun place to go and it's a great experience. I doubt we have no Mike I didn't ask Jenna Pretoria was. I was talking with Hillary or her. Got to give it gets to you that would be giving way to minorities or restaurants two's one of the callers that called in the last hour okay. So I'll give that to you in a few minutes and you can pick out aware. Several restaurants postal which is located in Somerville moved they do a lot of pizzas that's their specialty. Lost posterior postal which is want them all them move that's a fine Italian I have been in that's less photographs and burn out some gorgeous. They also have. Rose but. Which we do have each run and not too long ago moved respite diner in Somerville. We also have the painted burrito. Peterborough. I'm sorry Borough correct and that's also in sorrow that that marketplace we wanted to feature next year on its formulation in the fall when. You have a lot of food and feel good about it run to Newton. But we'll give that we'll get that prize away just a few moments. And now over the phone lines again you appraising for pizza to warm it that's how the program works we have some great prices keep the wave this hour who. I don't know what we'll begin with the navy will give away to go back to the prize. How's it. We have this would give away as new book as watchable it's doable but it's a bit watching me on FaceBook live. With provoked sure in this book I can correct way of showing the cameras you know. This is. Communities gets to be it for codecs in Nashua, New Hampshire which as we speak he's. We it is delicious food to rate the food's great food good cocktails but films I would recommend going in there just. You get into the atmosphere conversation. And the food ain't bad itself and no it's really enough with excellent they do a great job and at this place. But you got to figure out how to get it sure. And the best way forgot how to get and you should watch the TV show a couple of scope features direct. All right so we're gonna open up the phone lines again we can continue our conversation that the debate. Best place for baked stuffed lobster lobster receipt who will open that lineup to the other. A favorite what was the last seafood restaurant that you went to me. Yes. So I seafood restaurant. I've had seafood non seafood restaurants. But my actual seafood restaurant that's it that's a good one my good one the last one I went to was Jo fish in North Andover Erica. To me were open that up for for for folks out there. What was the last place that they went to. That these juicy fruit. Pretty easy to do right there SEC I've had seafood a lot of different put my hand. And oysters that not every Joe's given night I had. Great they're angry shrimp is what they call its missile and skis during the week. I just blessed actual seafood restaurant I can't honestly remember in my ability illegal or someone but. I go and have seafood in numbered from places usually especially. Not at the season's in I'm like scouring the place for dollar oysters and nobody has always does I'm gonna suit your bar for a couple hours aka except that. I've never been a fan of matches over and over you know of oysters and I've never mind treading a thin and I every time we do issue I get all of whom you get all of the and there's so often I'll I'll I'll to have one on camera. Then I'm like make sure you get the shot one take perhaps because I don't wanna load up on these has nothing good will come out of I love yeah Melissa especially now because a list of the seasons come and and and everybody's doing the dollar instances of a better now that we're in patio season to do dull oysters outside. Cannot be. I took when I was a Jo fish they have. A taste that I really like who are separated by the name of it. It's a little different it's it's like pasta a little bit of a spicy pasta which were the current. Very very good. Very unusual might ditch and if it's. Really spectacular I think it is it's sensational finish moved for folks that they were going trying to I'll find an open of what it is. It's one of those things where this is the pastas. Type pos is very you know I don't know what they use what brand they use really edit from from open it's like dean has Boston because it's religious. New Orleans I assume place and two British prime makes her own. And that's possible to. But that this comes is it is no way I can finish this. Say that. Was that off their 500 calorie menu that China might be up there more 2000 go to a credit and again. More due to there and we're off to mark and connect with about again I'm fine with that this is so what was the last seafood restaurant that you went to. That is probably the one of these questions except for Mike has yet effect. Do we want to we have Julius finance seafood in places that are that would be considered seafood restaurant and now we're coming into the season. Right I thought we were kicked things off and start talking about some of these restaurants were there there on the beach are there were they in your hometown. Let us know and we will and human toward dinner for two contest. This hour. All right we got open lines till 12 o'clock here's the number 8884346464. Keith has got to take your name and address off there and that's how we've we'll pick our caller at random that win. I at minimal get a couple prizes away. This I you know accused of what was the last seafood restaurant you were act. And dined. Or does not walk indoors as accounts I wanna know. 8884346464. That's 8884346464. And where. You just give some technical information have a little problem with our calls for her today so like sometimes you see the calls coming in and I would arm problems getting them on the you tell me who's on the years you not to let me know. I 8884346464. That is our number to call. Which it bites radio was publicly right now looking for your favorite seafood restaurant 888. 4346464. I will bet. But the dish you have because you said it was kind of spicy yep with past when he insults spicy Thai peanut shrimp. Who it's the naked shrimp which the big Jumbo shrimp of Jo fish gets. Stir fried broccoli carrots. Snap peas. Spicy Thai peanut sauce garlic scallions and pasta noodles that that is oh betcha it's that is it. They'll try tribe like that you agree with me I'm sounds delicious it really is I 8884346464. That is our number here to the restaurant program dumping of the China blossom in north bend over the critics' choice of the best Chinese closing north of Boston. Is that all you can eat Chinese buffet that they feature every night with primary and primary or any of sushi pillows Chinese delicacies. Even if I scored. Producer and cookies and cakes. And you know what there's even a sex and are talking about they have excel so I know was that went from but they have like salads if you have a little salad bar they have the the he crab legs and an arcane ground but the large crabs you know. They appealing charm you know there's nothing like the term loss in the north and no there really isn't. That would get the my touch. Then you'll remember too much no your experience there and they are pat patio outside. I don't know if it's opened for the season yet but I'm sure they get close to it is us if it has no it's gonna get it's going to be any time. They built that last year and it's probably thirty. By thirty it's not a large patio we have TV there's no they have intelligent to sit there watch the game you know and even when the sun is shining sea that you know I was so it really well. And I'm sure that the kicking it has an open I haven't noticed yet that's going to be I mean most. Most of the patios and listen we're getting into patio season most patios if they're not open yet Memorial Day user open time yeah that's a that's did you become a rule of thumb if you. Yep yep that's exactly that's going to be kicking off I try to gloss over one point by the north and over don't forget about Greece's prime. That's Nacchio was place. You're looking for great steaks and I think. Greece's prime in North Reading it's like the Taj Mahal and you walk him because they have a waterfall with the who live fire coming Eric. And his beautiful shimmering lights. When you're outside of restaurant coming up to the. The steps in and the women here are some great steaks and every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the action of beefy menu. That's like 35 dollars. And it's between four and 6 PM in those three days. And that's what I would highly recommend. Is going in the area that pre spokesman. I'm highly recommend it because you know what to go there are Friday Saturday night. The crowds are just and that just enormous news and we don't mark do the crowd to store them retire. Exactly right. Teresa as prime in the old tops in touch a club twenty elm street in north Redding. Sell the tours restaurants there's several locations Wheeling end over a large snippets out boss and Ed in Boston's theatre district. They're open for lunch and dinner and don't forget about the Shas playground section of their menu that's with a shaft. Where he or she decides what they want to make. And they put on their own menu at that location. So it's different in all their locations. Ships playground section Salvador's. Andover Lawrence met for itself Austin and in Boston's that a district. Build restaurant and Essex a 45 minutes from downtown Boston. At the junction of route 13322. And as six mashed fried clams that's as you can go in their four. Pixel lobster. A great seafood restaurant they also have items like pasta chicken. About pan Asian chicken stir fry. Or black and looser or more so you're not in the mood for seafood they got covered. The village restaurant and Essex they're open six days a week for lunch and dinner they're closed on Mondays. At that they got to remember don't go there on Mondays unless the holiday. So next Monday. Coming up you know eight days from now they will be open Matt Damon closed on Tuesday. To see enough and they will be busy on that Monday. As we kick into the summer season they will be Vizio lot that steer you would tell you when ago the best time to village restaurant restaurant again. At the judges threw 133 and 22 in Essex a right. Let's get to the phone calls let's go to two then go to Barbara in Melrose I believe. Or is it JoAnne and westward. Our I'm sorry we're gonna go to Joanna and and that Medford your next this hour I'm with you by 3 good morning Joanna. Money and good morning. I yeah. I have to talk about my new favorite place to call. On wall that's embarked on our optical central and Karen. Called he told me. Won't hand run. We're at different restaurants. When one of them we haven't experienced they actually watched Iraq which has. Or shall I didn't do harm to the first time off or no I'm always doing good as. All that this world. Really ice I had a couple times and to me it's like more like Telemar. All right we're at with that with so our is it a large lots. Octopus who's a smaller one. Was smaller ads that it's. Well you'll allow me three. World gold. In the approached Allen. All ripped them. Railroad. Optic which was thrilled when it was over eight. A yes I'm. On a feel our way and arms Boone. And it was clear that in this world and then pat. While a lot attacking him on or. And lunch I can't and don't Miami. With a fresh tomato shot and these homemade Pakistan. That completion. That set the clink and get them really really cool place to go. We'll tell lad though it that kept at a really cool experience the whole the whole thing and old media is great. All right let's tell everybody it's in the credentials senator and what's the name of it again. Well founded an intellectual change in the air and sample plate and still be off. On I don't know but there. We'll play out of it quite popular it's owned by marrying Oprah how lenient or none Lydia are fast putts he had emerged. And mounds of it all hang in the back of the grocery story in the grocery do it they can't or may not include dual and then. It would be achieved is then doing down. Cooking demonstration. If you're just like really cold play. Got it and it's sounding a fund one placed upon stop to go in there it's called eat only the credential center. You know Boston thank you very much for your phone call let's go to whispered next impact your OnStar with the good morning pat. Yeah good morning guys beautiful day beautiful day. Might stay with seafood oh yeah. I wanna we would like to recommend F and have lobster. In Pittsburgh. I call it a hole in the wall. But they distribute locally. Q what other places in the area. If prices there. They panicked everything is just wonderful and very reasonably priced. He wouldn't Wear a tuxedo they would wish mobile due. Probably what you wanna get a look at yeah. But. All the food is just great. You can water. That they have a little. Market seafood market on this side you could either. Claiming amnesia Cannata always not a lot of them just by item boy stage you can auditor we audit a few times for birthdays. Five pound lobster. And they will cricket for a couple of extra dollars. And usually the fight and Elijah lots to look like the last time we had one which could not too far back treatment to its. Two months to 799 pounds. So you could not be that. Know that that's incredible price. Exactly exactly and it's always good everything is greedy and like I said. The crisis right. I have them at 691. River street in Fitch bird. And net you know I had a five pound lobster. Wants. And yeah the I want to woodlands and this is our home years and years ago we were filming a TV show part of 1015 years ago. I'm like you know what I can't imagine it being. Any good you know hi again at. You know five and a half pound lobster. He was intentional it really thought I thought it was half than and unit just has got to cook the whole thing oh yeah I was wrong when you know you don't. Yeah yes that's correct and like it that they they can't get it you can take it home cooked and did they put it in a plastic container for you. So what we want money where half hour away and that's want we get home. And it's just great it's one of our favorite spot but I also have a thing. Legal peaceful. Has gone down. That we go to the one in Burlington. And they've just changed their menu they used to have a trio. With clean I think it was clam fatigued finish. Now it certainly. How Miley it's like three things that I don't want. And it's just gone down the bathroom is done the best. Well that's always at first sign of their located in the Bronson mall. My parents. Exactly and I'm so disappointed because my daughter used to get me. Birthday presents because we sometimes go to Florida and done these they have one. Up people got but that's gone but. I told him don't do it anymore. To upgrade for S and that's lobster in Pittsburgh and using for legal seafood I thank you very much pat do you phone call. Let's go to Barbara of Melrose good morning Barbara. I'm finding out everything there you. I am may yet seafood restaurant to recommend it turn receive food in malveaux. I've not been to turn seafood in Melrose in a long time. Gorgeous play. They made was in pride addict. We have image and mesh to aid. Have it was delicious they camera. Well I'm sure it Portuguese do. But veggies and need aquarium out of fish. Anywhere in the Red Cross red claim sought is very tasty. Now. Did they still have their their seafood market. They have a little packet right in the restaurant. You know loan the most thank you may have so much getting lobster. Yeah I just but it's just the market if I recall. It is yeah. Nice little restaurant. I had not out of malice. I'd Barbara it's called turner seafood in Melrose thank you very much for your phone call Massa mean those could she not a tidy up that's Paul DeMaurice place. Now I've here heading into the north and it today again spectacular day. They headed to Boston and sit there and dine in the north then. Paula I'm sure has the windows open today seek and feel like it dining in Italy. You know it's it's not too hot outside it's kind of a really pleasant weather right now you can go out there and just enjoy. Massive new house right there in the north end of Boston. I would say about a hundred yards. And TD garden. That's that's that's all eyes of parking garage right around the street is actually parking garage if you are parked there. Right across the street from the restaurant it's plenty of meters. I would suggest an eco in. You talked you wait staff. And say. I year that I can come in here and just. That it's the shafts Brothers Paul wanted to show us create a dish. For me. Off man. Do that for me. And you will be happy that you passed for that. Just say I want something special. Here about on the radio all the time create something for me and they may issue a couple of questions like what you like. And then few minutes later. You're gonna go well. Just try to stop beating and you'll start eating and that's a problem macedonians. You start eating edition am just have a little bit and bring it home. And then you push it aside for a few seconds December bring the rest home and have lunch tomorrow. Until moving conversation in another bite. And then in another part of it is not enough to Bruno that's what mass hypnosis. They're located on and cut streak. 207 and cut street and the north end of Boston's at least you know forget about them don't forget about records of New Hampshire Bridget this portion of wicket by its radio. That's more bills place there are located up in New Hampshire but he travels the country looking for rare coins and your if you were rare corn collection has been sitting on your thinking about selling it while watching call my body worn bills where corn is a New Hampshire. He yet travels like I said around the country pays the highest prices to. Warren mills that is now. Where going to New Hampshire 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. Where going to New Hampshire all right Marianne I see you implement. And Russell and live icing would take your calls right after this break that open line for you. We've had some great seafood restaurants is the number to call 888. 4346460. For. We're not just for gourmets. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gore made this is weakened by its radio on WRK oh the boys of Boston. So. Again it was a wicked night radio every. Sunday morning. New restaurant. Fraser's thing from. The show that's started. Almost forty years ago having opposed the war. The third time we're not quite sure. Forty stupid there ever a show coming up first we showed America. And yet the only truly lets listeners. That we powered mutant who witnessed it. If what would you like his what you like which. Don't like you know right into everybody's different and that's the great thing about shows somebody Crawford says the best restaurant. Voices is different opinions. Fill out. And now at this hour. We could by its radio we are. We favorite seafood restaurant I mean the weather's gorgeous we know. It's gonna be right around the. Season which can be hot again like it was last week. Tomatoes talk more units going to be summer it's the next weekend as the big dollar Wikipedia. So all these beach places directed relieving crowd for the modern summer at this point. We just try to get a little. Jump on the game find out places great seafood places and given away great prizes and I know you I don't know if you've worked on it yet but we have a prize in the first hour. Have you announced that a few minutes of her. That we give way to what the cause recommended their favorite place for big stuffed lobsters. So I'll give you a few minutes will work on that we have an open line view at 8884346464. Again what is your favorite seafood restaurant and who knows you could win yourself dinner for two on us for calling it. I let's get back to deposits goto end and Russell good morning Russell. I thought that we are very good. Correct coincidentally yesterday. When two loss to the causeway and ordered extra lobster yes and we are able to finish. Well we appreciate it because we go to some other items as well but let me tell you it is are we at. Not to spread crimes by scallops and shrimp. YME at because we. Why not I'm I'm super surprise that's all the stuff that way. Yeah and in fact it was probably wash from. And scallops and lobster I mean it was overflowing with seafood and Ando we also have this fish Trout are. Which was just fantastic and. But don't expect something fancy when you go there it's not like that it's highly it's a little bit of a strip Martha is a liquor store right next door. Yeah they can in effect they disclose that it's and we some renovations that there were expanding the what it is some what the boat shop. Right yeah I actually got to go in its casual so UN today knew where in shorts and a T shirt you're gonna feel right at all. Might be stressed yes. But winning when you walk out you can say a whole and particularly in the bike I mean that's up so much from. I thank you very much recipe for uncle because they restaurant again located in Gloucester. Let's go to Plymouth and Mary and good morning Marianne. Hi Scott I have wrecked aren't that aren't where are meant to a new restaurants down on the K okay it's an yeah its been. Not oh right over the fact that Marc rich and sand wedge its corpus determined to view. Instrument that only open grass or but it is a court gets restaurant that is right on the canal. And that two owners used to be fisherman and the fish is so harsh. It's delicious we have a baby on chin down marry and that there are a circulation air. And a couple of ladies when accession chips but not with Cotter aspect they gave them efficient chips with but hole. And it they're just Ridley accommodating it's the best view that you could possibly imagine. And they have a debt and a patio with a bar. You were well. And I just looking at their address and you see at a couple fishermen. Open up the restaurant so they they know you know fresh seafood but the funny thing that I find this money is my sense of humor. So that the couple fishing in the open up this restaurant. They're located in sandwich. The name of the wrote that Iran freeze erode. I'm sure they don't and it freezer for any of their fears but I just find that humorous. As a matter of fact they have a little market attacked her well I think mark acts. Yeah and it's right next to the marina but it's also next to integrate that our plan. But he can't let that rally with the most beautiful views that you can possibly imagine right on the canal. I mean it that sounds it sounds perfect. Yet it really is it's not like they're even they're so busy now even though their brand and yep they're not even take reservations anymore after the fifteen the bank for the but it's a beautiful registrar. All right its creditors and yet. Look at remic announce them which I thank you very much Marian for your phone call Janeiro is eerie twelve Blanchard wrote in Queens that you find Jerry Mark Thompson. And Jerry has a secret. He has a secret big secret that's not welcome. In his secret is. Parent friendly atmosphere firm prices and huge portions. It's part of the worst kept secret I think I've ever. In this business when you go to Jannero Ziering Quincy. Your understand exactly what I mean. Portions are not small. They are non small no way no way no. He he's one of those folks. That wants to make sure you're smiling. When you read. You know he takes it personally. If you're not smiling. If you're not happy. When you're when you're reading there and we. How many shots get like at 6 in the morning coming into the restaurant and they break he Bakes Italian products from parades. To corn owns. You name. That it goes home gets couple hours it comes back into the restaurant. And he makes items like there really Tony mystique of vodka. Hold my what do distances. But sausage. He puts peppers in there from green to little red spicy peppers. Shredded parmesan on top on this cream sauce. Wow. I mean I don't know I'm Mike you've had it I have its ups and delicious is it its heart it's been butter jar is so good at it and what would Jerry doesn't. Talk about this enough. On Sundays and the restaurant itself was closed but juries there. Because on Sunday what they do is you can order pizzas they they have wonderful pizzas will be good order like party platters. To bring home the yo at and this is one of the days that you hear you're going to bring home like a little meal for yourself or you hope what people over sure. I would recommend that you did you know one of those we call cartons party platter size. Other return receipt look sure. It's a hit. It to everyone. At your table. We'll have that smile. That was really attended Jerry. Right now be intended for you with your your house. And especially those food and police and be a portion big portions Janeiro is eatery twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy please say hi Gerri when you go away. I was the last seafood restaurant that she dined Adam given away Derek is to be a couple. This hour on wicket by its radio 8884346464. 888. 4346464. That is the number to call c'mon stepped up let's find out where folks are going. So now's the season coming upon us. I'm folks who wanna run out there and try some of these restaurants are 888. 4346464. Up again about dom sausage company ten Riverside park in Malden. So order operated by the ought to Chile famine for well over seventy years now as a full service butcher and on site wholesale Delhi. Now you can go in there and you pick up their famous marinated steak tips and you can bring those home. And you find to be the most flavorful tender steak that you will find anywhere they have the special equipment. And you show me how to do it how they infuse. This sauces right into the steak tips. There's nothing like them. But did you know you can actually go into the special the supermarket and have launched what you wanna go and in the morning kinetics in the UK and yet they open up like it. 7 in the morning. To go in there and you could have eggs didn't delicious Everest for their relatives on Monday I think it's Monday they have to see who castle. That's a must. I'm all your be dining in the supermarket. Deal but they a couple of tables there. And wouldn't have that seafood casserole dish you know exactly what I'm talking. Arms sausage company ten Riverside park in Malta. I 8884346464. That is our number here. Taking your phone calls to twelve noon today 8884346464. It's good East Boston next and Sal could mornings now. And sell the. Guys like Israel is that this time from Braintree. Oh OK I'm sorry about that Tom from Braintree your next then how's that. Okay hatred that Jewish god walk I got a recommendation is now around there's like the purple are bemoaning regrettable that we only in public especially. Claim Rolen Benjamin doesn't that. Right and and that that. That their seafood chowder there's so much seat now can it can even call you out of does that really no job or it's also include. Now you're really not think about it from popping out that. Yeah happy. Take advantage than they really need to on the seaport district view park it's probably cost you twenty or thirty dollars easy. Welcome did you lights the non English literature could bring an end and your friends. Yep they validate the parking right there and that the only restaurant that's allowed out of that fish peers that make some kind of different and unique. Yeah sure incredibly unpopular prime weekend so quick actually better go to what you can. Right it you know what's kind of really surprising. I mean all in all those you know expensive restaurants that have opened up in that area that don't offer park and you go into the. No no extra help push to pass the conclusion mobility. It's just it's just buildings and I you know I've walked in that area. A everybody's pack at certain times but it's so nice we needed just drive up to the no name restaurant right in the parking lot on that fish pier. That didn't play this guy and appear on the radio show I do if it walked around the capital. Problem or walk in the front. And and and the prices are gonna kill you at the rest. Don't appreciate good destroying America both. The boy if you didn't take home chrome. Yup yup we don't I recommend Tom thank you very much people call a no name restaurant in Boston I'm sorry America's next caller 1 evening. The morning line knowing I am. Only got two lines on personhood which our hope for real quick second we'll be right back to a 8884346464. That is our number to call here at the restaurant program which it bites radio. And Etsy is Lottie there Lottie. Yes and mining more relaxed. Gut I I do agree without them known name they have that there seafood chapter of that they eaten but you're gonna laugh at my implementation. For. For seafood. I loved that describes I'm not a big shellfish leader but I loved states. And you wouldn't believe who I found has the power to. And that is Maria's Italian arrest recruitment. And in Braintree on route 53. They have. Such a generous portion of stakes girl I that's hooked to perfection. They really know what I think handle finished. And I'm sure the special items just as delicious but I'd say for picnic right now they have the best. And it may decide to put there after I just love it and I'll bet capacity. Reasonably priced it's terrific there fair. That's one of my shape. You know I have not been in to Maria's restaurant in well over five years and in the restaurant itself was. Unique insight is that I can't paintings and. Walls media and the Euro. And it's very and can make you who can help out a lunch date and it's just. Very private and implement and roughly. It's older and older star and they have been renovated mania but it complains. And I'd love that they can. I it's called Mario's restaurant. And it says right here I'm just looking up further description I think is on who it says. Hardy Greek Italian and American classics the server. Yes they have everything to offer but the preferences wonderful. Our thank you very much for your phone call to forty. Quincy avenue. In Braintree that's that's. That's where you use you'll find that. 8884346460. For our next call is Mike. Where do I actually we have a local. We were gonna take a little break we had problems that cost. So we'll take a quick break we got time for a couple more calls go I don't you know. Two favorites restaurant 888 point three or 66. Or. And it gets to Vegas. The callers and 088843. Or sixty or sixty or helping get about Teresa's ride and take up this place. Neil Thomson country club every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday four to 6 PM. Had a great high winds. Whether it's at least leave star defendant that waterfall that's all. Fire up my Greece's prime hit when he downstream you know. It's. Right Reyes got. Again worked out exactly what we talked about. Restaurants in the world he helped me because he's down there right now flying back. And there before we get back to the full vote and Roger when they get him just sort of my. We had a winner from last hour that I. That we were looking for the best place we'll make stuff. Lobster. And the winner one of these wonderful for restaurants coast to join a Boston. Hard to know I'm restaurant group proposed so rosebud diner posterior postal and the into the pool. I don't check out that they could do. So it was really like. Well yeah. Yeah I think that's what I've been to the rose. You know there was but we we were six not to. Congratulations we'll play one of those restaurants and fifty dollar gonna get food get. Tiger great prizes will be keeping the latest one of the callers. In. It's ours just a few seconds from the cheap part swamps dot. And the village restaurant and Essex those of the prizes that will be giving away. 8884346464. Let's go to Roger of Salem New Hampshire good morning Roger. Gentlemen good morning good morning. Are you auspices of when in Rome toward the Romans do. Okay open the output of beautiful new wrongly. In burst whom are New Hampshire there's a little place called the fresh catch. The little people rest spot with a bar. Yeah and the sunset. Two guys for. As I guess they did it should be public just. The former name what's going goals. Okay. I bet that believe it or not that place has been that bullet goes as recommend a lot of times on the restaurants are now it's called. The fresh catch. Fresh catch it's so nice to replace. Friendly I agree bar Mikey knew something. I am. Oh god that everything ears perk up when you're only Beijing it's it's just a nice place to go. Which got its its attempt to. And the food is. They're pretty good you know whether it is god that happened which region and they're not open year round but you know it's again when it roamed what belongs so we go there often. By an and the sun sets over the water. Yes you are sitting at couldn't relate widgets and so are you awake and he's gonna watch. That glorious sunset over the nine mile long move foam lake. It's just spectacular. Coaches they have that sounds crass and you know another place and could do could. In New England this there's only a handful of restaurants we can have the water you know and the sun setting over the water with a the place that we filmed them win. Oil it is a place and Lynn. And for once at the four wins and I think at one time. Is like a bikers for two was you know you know kind of you know been there many many years you would think anything of it. New owner came in kind of built the back porch on two and their right here on this lake. Inland with folks don't. And you feel like you're in me in the Caribbean restaurant than any really kicked up the food and great drinks and he just wouldn't expected. The deal easiest for me out they would you have no idea there's either water right if they're sitting right. But I think that's a popular place to go for when Pope you know I Roger thank you very much for your phone call can depress cat she says right here in the lakes region. There's another place to get the sunset over the water. China boss or restaurant we have Kevin Karr when there are psychic medium you'll be there. Signed a June 4 that's in two weeks sounds all right if I'm the biggest skeptic in the world. I'm still a skeptic. I have done forty shows plus now with Kevin. And I just. I am amazed every single time that the information that he talks to these people about that when pics of when the program to starts doing things. So targeted. So direct I information like. When they would know I'm conversations they just recently had. And why haven't the China blossom into a better this could be though when alas shows probably of this season because in the summer we really don't do that many. You'll be on June 4 Sunday afternoon China blossom in North Andover. And you how much. At the at all Kenny Chinese lunch buffet. At the China blossom which is a great deal in itself. And great show to like take its North Shore spirits dot com. I'll send you to a link weaken or from online its North Shore spirits dot com. Where you could call 8667451167. If 45 dollars per person that includes the through the tax tip in the show great deal 8667451167. Restaurant they would cheer up thirteen. I make their five dash thirteen mile per answering when Chester. Another place now for people went in there and it's remodeling last year. And they took the that this kind of a wall windows out in the front of the restaurant and just opened it up put in these views sliders. And that our daylight today. And when the weather's nice bill opened up. A really entire wall. And all that pressure flows through the restaurant. He's he's done a great job over there a dish or recommend it's on this special menu home and get going hungry for us. It's the veal chop. Now stands. Now. There's nothing like it it's a sixteen ounce. Bone in veal chop that it stuffed with spinach Martina she's. And tons of spices and it's ready in its pan fried. And it is. It's one of those this year when you order one somebody else's in the order that took it mean it's that spectacular. Restaurant daily Chia five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. You cannot go wrong here this planning apartment Pawlenty a parking right in that area where there on the street or this two municipal parking lot right there. Restaurant Taylor Chia. In Winchester I let's get back to the ball causes go to new report. Bob good morning Bob. Say good morning. The morning of low Lowe's motor show thank you so in my view him down especially true restaurant. Syrian foreign partners cause. Lost. There has been there yet against not a fancy place. But not amused or others. Specter. You write this treasure these during a favorite yes there. Favorite fish well I'd I'd just go culture outrage router routes. The pastoral plan. Their had to put it out I had an act special is enormous enormous. Enormous plate number. It's called cosmic thank you very much poppy focal let's go to Kathy in Marion knew at Marion. Acts are it's gonna Marvin I mean it is it going to be Marvin were running at a time. I'll just say hello whoever answers. Margaret he would. Nice Guy Carbonneau and I'd get real quick running at a time. I would get my favorite restaurant yet to receive food Belle island in and regularly yep and back to back at least. In west put it back Eddie was originally I don't Chris Schlesinger of those groups that graphical boot. I Marty tkachuk were running good and it we have some winners really quick. Yes we do see Roger of Salem New Hampshire is going to be giving the gift certificate to the village restaurant. And Gary oh Marblehead. And the G bar in this one Scots are thank you very much for joining us and time is trying to we'll see X on a morning technical problem with archery have a great week everybody that I.