One last chance for Obamacare replacement

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Thursday, September 21st

Do you stand with Rand Paul?


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Image by Kelly financial services. Can you wrote complete news from liberal lies and insults to the working people we stay. No more. He's the cool their road course. One last pick. I think man okay in my friends is now coming down to crunch Brian. These are Republicans. Are trying one last final fine. To repeal and replace obamacare. And standing in their way is senator Rand Paul and my question to you is this. Do you stand we ran the 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show. Okay my friends here is now exactly what is taking place. They are now racing towards a deadline before September 30. Republicans have now they've almost got the votes president trump says there are about 4849. Votes. Two costs what is called the Graham Cassidy bail. Shaft G oh Jack what is Greg Graham Cassidy bill. It is the bill that is now being sponsored by the Republican leadership. Are particularly through senator laid down love mean Lindsey Graham. And senator bill Cass city Republican from Louisiana who by the way is also bought their capacity. And so they have now put together a bill that to be completely fair and objective. Probably has the best chance of any Republican bill to cops. Its goal fundamentally. Is to repeal but especially replace obamacare. All Orion Orion. Says that if that passes the senate and Mitch McConnell has now said they're gonna put it up for a vote. Probably sometime next week or at least put it on the senate floor. Our Ryan says if it passes the senate. The exact same bill they'll make no changes. They will put it to the house floor vote. And then if it passes it will go straight to Trump's desk for his signature. Trump is now urging every single Republican including Rand Paul to get on board why. Because I after September 30 the Democrats will be able to filibuster. So using these budgetary procedures. They just need fifty plus one to get this thing through the senate. Right now there are 52 Republicans. 48 Democrats if you come Bernie as an independent he caucuses with the Democrats always fifty to 48. Sold their windows their margin here to get this thing Don is very tight. Rand Paul says he is a definite no. Susan Collins. Is now leaning no. However. Mick maniac. Because this bill is very. Being pushed by Lindsey Graham you know is who is his girlfriend. Sarah Dutton meat maniac who may support the bill this time. Lisa Murkowski from Alaska is actually on defense. So this time they could actually potentially get fifty Republicans. Mike Pence should be the tiebreaker and they could technically get this thing done. So right now it's on me razors bench. So. What is in Graham Cassidy what is now this Republican. Replacement bill. In a match show. If you want to understand it in one sentence. It's Obama care needs federalism. Let me repeat that. It's Obama care needs federalism. What are wind mean by that. What the bill would do is as follows in fact to be fair there are some very good aspects to this bill. Number one it would expand health savings accounts. Very good. It would eventually dismantle. And get rid of the individual mandate and the employer mandate. So it blows out the mandates. Which was at the heart of obamacare. It also institute some some. Spending discipline down the road regarding Medicaid in other words. They're gonna rain and beat. The increase in spending on Medicaid the caller Medicaid reform. If you remember under Obama care. Many states especially democratic liberal states like California like New York. Dramatically expanded the Medicaid rolls under obamacare. Is finished shoveled people want to walk on to Medicaid. This bill will start rolling got back that 345. Years down the wrote. So there are some very good aspects to this bill. At the heart of the bill. And this is why it's obamacare meets federalism. Is that here's how they try to square the circle. What this bill would do is put all of this massive obamacare funding. And the trillions of dollars in funding. And give it to block grants to the states. In other words take all the money that obamacare Spence and give it to the states each individual states. And say here's this mountain of cash. You'll run the health care system. You run. That you set up some of the guidelines some of the procedures. Some of the waivers. On certain of these mandates. That you think works best free your people your state and in York community. So it gives a lot more freedom and autonomy to the states. On how to spend all of this money now. The kicker is this. As I mentioned. Under obamacare. Democratic states liberal states like California. New York Illinois others. They expanded. The Medicaid rolls. What this bill now dogs and this is the key. Is that it says wool wool you guys kinda cheated. You guys were expanding Medicaid Medicaid Medicaid. While many of these Republican states these red states they didn't. And so true rewards them for essentially not loaning people want to Medicaid. We are gonna give them extra money. We're gonna reshuffle some of the money. And we're gonna give a little bit less the California and a little bit less to New York. And a little bit less than Illinois because you guys loaded everything up on Medicaid and we're gonna give it to the states that didn't expand Medicaid under Obama. And under obamacare. In other words we're gonna give it the Mississippi. And the Texas and Alabama. And the Montana and Wyoming. And so they're gonna re shuffle some of the money. And how did go more towards Republican red states to reward them. For not having expanded Medicaid. Under obamacare. Rand Paul's position is this. That added score. Keeps most of the Obama care spending. And on this by the way he's completely right. It's just re shuffling the deck. It's just taking some money from the federal government block granting it to the states and it's kind of as he called the he calls it quote petty partisanship. It's just punishing California. Punishing New York punishing some of these democratic states and giving more to Republican states. And so his argument is you're gonna keep Obama care in essence. You are gonna keep the massive spending of obamacare. You're gonna keep this big government entitlement. You're just gonna kick it over to the states. This will continue to cost us a trillion dollars. When we are now running a 700 billion dollar deficit when we have a twenty trillion dollar debt. It does not stop the unsustainable. Nature. Of all of this entitlement spending it will bankrupt the United States. And furthermore. As he puts it. It's gonna hurt the Republicans. In California in New York there are members of congress there. They're gonna get killed he says in these competitive districts when the voters find out whoa whoa whoa whoa. Durst 27 billion dollars less on health care spending for California. Because of this bill. Durst fourteen billion dollars less for New York because of his bill. And so he thinks even politically. It is going are hurt Republicans. In some of these Blue States. But the core of his argument dates. We were sent to Washington. To repeal. Obamacare. Not to replace obamacare. And certainly not to keep the essence of obamacare. In terms of its spending. And this massive entitlement. This is not what we promised the American people. This is still big government. You're just passing it off on to the states disband this fountain this mountain of cash. So Rand Paul says. Why don't issue do what I suggest. Repeal. Obamacare. And then replace it with a free market system. In particular. Are allowing say eight. People who work in as waiters or waitresses. Or bartenders. Or truckers or whatever. Have them join groups and associations. Credit unions or whatever. Veteran then pooled their resources together and then buy insurance. Across state wants. This will cost you the taxpayer zero. It cost the government zero. And it won't actually drive down prices. Drive down premiums have more choice and more competition. In other words we don't need more big government we need less big government. Listen now to Rand Paul. Say. Don't blame me if this bill goes down. I say repeal. I voted for repeal and say what you want about this this is not repeal. Don't. Well the interesting thing is is we've been working with the trump administration on this for six months now. We think they can do it through presidential interpretation of existing law. So there was a law passed the 1970s that allows groups to form across state lines many corporations already do this. This is the one area of the insurance market where premiums have been relatively flat. We think that the administration is going to the next week or two issue a ruling saying that. Guess what individuals are going to go to bar across state lines we think they can do without any bill or legislation from congress. And here's the thing. Mark proposal that I'm working on the president went cost zero dollars. The Cassidy Graham bill's gonna spend a trillion dollars it keeps you Obama care spending but just reshuffle who gets it. That to my mind is not what I promise the voters I promised repeal. I didn't promise I would sort keep most of it and just reshuffle who gets the proceeds. Look let me you wanna know where I stand and I wanna ask you how you feel 6172666868. Graham Cassidy I think there's no question about it. Compared to what is now in place obamacare. Ease better. It's better there's no question about it it's better. Health savings as health savings accounts better. Medicaid reform better. Getting rid of the employer and individual mandates better much better. Dwight prefer the states to handle all of this money and put together their own health care systems as opposed to the federal government yes it's better. However to be kind of like Rehman a confessional. If I was a senator how would I vote I would vote with Rand Paul. And I'll tell you why. Because I think it's still very bad bill. When everything it's better than Obama care yes. I still think it's a bad bill. I think we have it spends trillions of dollars that we don't have. It keeps the essence of obamacare in place. And my friends we are going broke. And we have to get the government. Out of the healthcare business. I didn't elect them to replace Obama care and bought granted to the states. I voted for them to repeal obamacare. Root and branch. And so I stand with Rand. My question is do we you 6172666868. And let me throw one more log on the fire. Supporters. Of Graham Cassidy says. That if you're against this bill. You are essentially allowing Obama care to stay in place. That a vote against Graham Cassidy. Is a vote for obamacare. This is what they're now accusing Rand Paul. And my question to you is there's. Would you rather have this. Or would you rather have that Obama care space. Are the critics of Rand Paul correct 6172666868. Your calls right after this short. Khou reports. WR KEO the voice of Boston's capacity Graham bill's gonna spend a trillion dollars. You see Obama care spending. But just reshuffle the gaps that to my mind is not what our problem suppose I promise to repeal and a promise I went through it keep most of it. And just reshuffle who gets the proceeds. 1225. Here on the great WRK. Oh OK they are about 4849. Votes right now. They think they may even get their fifty. Rand Paul however stands in the way he is against. Graham cast to be the last attempt by Republicans. To repeal and replace obamacare. Here is what president trumped weeded out quote. Rand Paul is a friend of mine. But he is such a negative force when it comes to fixing healthcare. Graham Cass city bill is great. Ends all care so let me ask you on this one. Are you would the president. Or do you stand with Rand 6172666868. Lines are loaded. Barbara in Bradford Europe first go ahead Barbara. Hit it I have to say I love. Of I Olympic really don't I don't agree with them on that I think that. Indeed I wanna take any thing but it is up a crack at it get attacked the state. Actually. Our future can't we get more to make it. I don't think it got back. And it is holding what we had originally had to. But at a comic. And I have to say but what kind of that it. I carbon. I. Cannot wait a year and got a lot. Given his age fifty. And it hit. A few years and see what other kinds of what do that is. People are going to be at op apartment that I need in the UK should eat it up for getting any kind of an elegant. Everybody out in the there's the freebie. Actually picking up your life in premium. I just now. And god love him he is on the we need to get. Barbara let me ask you this and I don't wanna put words in your mouth but are you essentially saying that on this one Rand Paul is. Making the perfect the enemy of the good. I would say. In other words she wants full repeal and it doesn't give them that. Ray add on the I'd hate to. And it's hot and humid that. I won't call the mainstream media is out of eighty action. They have picked up at the end now at Albany. The the fact that Obama with the voting has been turned around it dumping on the Republicans action and I really don't yet but I'll expect people. I don't want it to caught that the next election there we go back to war and we got. Are. And and I think they're really going to be a turning point that we expect to the past about our ability now. Or are we are left with this. Horrible he helped get the and that you know like look alike at less than any act. Barbara thank you very much very thoughtful call thank you 6172666868. Let me ask you then this question because this is what Rand Paul would distribute rebuttal. Do you trust Beacon Hill with billions and billions of health care dollars. Is DOS for this plan would do. Do you trust. You know for. A mountain of cash being funneled to this the Democrats up in the state legislature. And having them essentially coordinate. And create a health care system affecting you. And his argument would be doubts about what we ran on and that's what we promised the American people and that's why he says he's going no. Mike in Newton go ahead Mike. Kept the good. The pro effort. Will be the enemy of the good it did against Obama jailed and all my sort. All right what are other gentleman yesterday I forget his name. He articulated every word mr. Ochoa worked in particular had a reason why. They're still should be patched. They talk a lot of numbers are pretty sure you're that he articulated. And I emit invited me to believe. There are erratic GH and I'd like Gary L yeah. Any said that it partial stop that era or insult. This guy is already so well each and that's when he bet. It's the first step. Forwards. A bleed out always gonna stop the bleeding and I strictest this is the bill. And you article page and widen NY percent state apps like you're part of that money. Oral. All right so look good our country let's bring you must do an impromptu poll question I think it's really fascinating okay. So what will put let's do this. Do you support. Graham Cassidy. Dots formats will make up a poll question do you support Graham Cassidy in other words do you support the bill. If you believe the answer is yes you do text or letter eight to 68680. If your wits Rand Paul and I'll be honest with you I would vote no in other words Noelle I'm a mom against this bill I think it's bad in the long run. Tax the letter beat the 68680. The poll question is sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. As always you can vote online at While some poll results more with your calls. Next up. You caution they come solve. It is now down to the wire the last kick at the command. Republicans are now putting their final really final final bill. To replace obamacare is Graham Cassidy. Rand Paul says he's gonna vote against it. Trump is for. I essentially. It gets rid of all of the mandates. It expands health savings accounts it does have some Medicaid reform. And it block grants most of the Obama's spending to the states. However. Rand Paul says he keeps the essence of obamacare. We will continue to spend a trillion dollars a year. We are running 700 billion dollar deficits. It will eventually bankrupt America. And decision not what the Republicans ran on. As he put it this is a variation. Of a massive big government program Graham Cassidy. We ran on repeal. Where's the repeal. 6172666868. Bringing this is fascinating so. The poll question sponsored by bill Kelly do you support Graham Cassidy. The end by the way trump wants the sign it he says give it to mean next week I'll sign it on the spot. If the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If the answer is you know in other words you stand with grand on this one and to be honest on this one I do you stand with Rand. Although it is a good bill with a better bill than Obama can not a good bill but it's a better bill than obamacare no question. Then text a letter beat the 68680. You can vote as well a Brit mean it was 5347. Before has that changed. Yes we did get asked and a little bit and now it's 54 and now 46 yes all right so corner country got corner country is split essentially 54%. Saying no. They oppose Graham Cass city that they stand with Rand 46%. Say it's a good first that. It's better than nothing. And you know it's we don't wanna keep obamacare. It's now or never you wanna get rid of obamacare. Now or never so 46 on his audience is split 4654. Andy and his truck. Go ahead and you know I'm good and Harry you and there are good very good one of org Michael nominal all the guys. I the protocol in the last month or an out several times I either. Signal on a roll wrap and you know you're so popular now to grow anymore. So I had no idea maybe didn't go on those red phone ducked under all that light special mobile yeah. So finally know don't specialize for UND. About law and. I dealing yell loud and clear my friend the floor is yours go. Our brother could target. I'm feeling I am who ran yeoman Rand Paul supporter I might be good burst I have them up are into it or opened their worries about. There were blocked. At the urban Reagan. But the bonding or mental health facility adult programs and he ordered the block grants. Admit their responsibilities in it won't give it a money. And the way you you'd be a state to spend it but go to single were bought and what program. In your bought and short on political analysts were all back. A state like California like not to sit like Rhode Island. Illinois they took out funding and most of them are gone all the all the programs. Closed a lot of facilities are people not. A mystery on in the hall of emotional. And that's what he was governor Dukakis that there. All right that's a turnaround. When it really is massive not a problem in the country our people Norman streets. They turn around and went on Republican. And President Reagan which is complete duty. And that I think I'm pretty good isn't it happened here if something goes down to rob all well and block grants. Although planet you know we haven't they ever power you don't have a responsibility. But that's probably need to keep. Interesting very interesting well I mean that's why and thank you for that call Andy. Let out why that's why I pose it this way because I know I know how Rand Paul thinks he's able looked American audience says to get him on the show right now it's at. They're gonna give you guys whatever the formula is whatever billions of dollars okay so let's just give a number 5000000010 billion whatever. Can begin to Beacon Hill. And say here's the money my you Democrats in the state legislature. You guys put together a health care plan for the people Massachusetts. Q do you start what you want. I doubt we'll be Rand Paul's argument. So. You know he says and that's how we ran off. And looked to meet my argument is even more basic than Matt we can afford it. It's a trillion dollars we can't we just there's more money. That's why ultimately am against this 6172666868. Put him on many of you disagree and they waste it's that. The quarter report is the last free speech zone left in America. Russ you're up next go ahead Ross. I first of all job I have more possibility is up controlling what goes on and Dayton oh I have from the prostitutes and Washington. All eleven on the web represented us from Washington is not a party loyalists. And I don't even bother communicating with them than not but by the waist to act right now I firmly believe each stage lights one of the biggest mistakes that we made. That we surrendered to the federal government and trauma and Jerry. What granting back to the states. And or the states to be fiscally responsible. Especially in all states like the state of California. And that try to. He we're gonna end up with socialized medicine. All week all all we make this change now and in multiple. Choice. Russ thank you very much for that call look I think that's what I said to Britney were talking about and I said hey. Audience is very deeply split on this and Britney right away said to me Jeff I think for those that are supporting it. They rightly sense it's now or never if it doesn't get hostile obamacare is here to stay. That's I think I think metaphor it definitely. It's now like you just said and if we keep that. And I don't guerrilla avail we don't want it so that's why I think we wanted to vote for this because it. Now are not our data done in which should have barred event on national in the first that they dead elect acknowledge you attack. So. Bruce in a rain come and go ahead Bruce. It jackpot a great job thank you just equipment side. I knew. Your chat or should I say how one hole which you. Ought. Technical here but let that go bruised right back in a it can blow you look at. Thank you Bruce. And on this I'm not support the president and who's not we blow it wide order in blocks this past. Year to. My hell yeah. Deductible that I out of out of pocket costs has gone on 700. It almost up a battle and all that's like 607%. Why can't hold always have skyrocketed. My premiums have gone up what are users who built an attitude where I don't care. The cost any and back into why don't see anything it's just bought an expert. I'm only as submit we have to be able to try to do worry orient all 21. Our Bruce thank you for that call my friend are I'll tell you this. I think Rand Paul I mean not talking point when he but 224 would say trump wins the next election does for the sake of argument. I think you're gonna see Rand Paul emerge as the frontrunner in 20/20 four whatever you think of him on this single issue. I just on because it's whether it's taxes whether it's health care whether it's foreign policy whether it's surveillance. You name the issue authorizing wars that we fight. The issue after issue after issue. He keeps leading now all the conservatives and the Republicans. Nobody else is even coming close at least in the senate. Harsh in Weston going head harsh. Hello harsh. Or lose harsh okay that's. Go to Jerry on the tape go ahead Jarrett. Show me how are you my friend. No I have to echo with which set. I I wish so enthralled with that video with an early Christmas present and I do love you and which way but this huge chip. Let me tell you something you outlined a perfectly it is better than the Affordable Care Act. The block grants to the basic goodness that because it's the return the State's rights. But the states that since world feel because in the management get other variables like sick people older people. The insurance company metrics would be Iraq let out insurance companies will still get a bigger federal bailout that naked under the Affordable Care Act Jeff. Let the free market decide they won't let it collapse it will not what I healthcare system collapse or get out of control because. Vehicle once it's B into booze no one else. The government should not be involved in app personal choices. What's next job to get this bio on that already within do tell us what we can he will we can live. Toilet paper Jerry they could be telling us how many sheets to use. Jeff the big government more on the lip. Equals what Avery they wanna control every aspect of bile like we have to take our rights back. Thank you for that call Gerri I see that's another thing that I I oppose in the bill strongly. It keeps the bailout for the insurance companies. But that big bailout fund no I don't wanna sub sides the insurance companies that make it fifteen billion dollars a year in profit. You don't need more money. Book where's the bailout for us but that's another reason why I'm against that but that's just me. Rick. I think in the car go ahead direct. And I'm good how are you Rex it would be a slow go ahead with so long term let's thank you rob welcome. I'd have to agree with and it'll just want. The Miller the wife is because the Republicans got anything done and move a landslide if they keep decide. And that was it you'll end up with the simple it is the public gonna get much worse. So Rick what you're saying is I think a lot of the audience agrees with you is whatever flaws are in this bill. This is gonna hear this we're gonna be stuck with Obama care for it doesn't cost and eventually that's gonna lead to a single Payer system. That's correct especially if the Republicans doubt we'll see that it about the book. Rick thank you for that call 6172666868. Full disclosure. Are we are furiously reaching out to Rand Paul's people. We're gonna try to have a Mon next week Brittany is our tax thing I'm calling them as we speak on the air hopefully we'll have a mine. And if possible I'd like to have them on long enough so he could take some of your calls and you can make. Make your points make him straight to him CJ in Boston go ahead CJ. Yeah what it isn't clear something up pirate something at a very dire results if plant and Derek goes as follows. There's Sega make it's 50000 dollars the air your employer is kicking in 25000. Fury Jamal yeah sought help here. I've been told that we now have to say. Taxes on the seventh and 75000. Dollars and not actually on the 50000 that we make. And just a quick quite hot topic terrible battle is an award that you have. Well annex I mean do you even think Bob queen at a on the cheap again leisure is a little lubricants. Perhaps catch back up. That you prick at couples eject that 6172666868. By the way if you wanna I've got to call a mop it's it's driving her people insane. I expose. How she made her money. And just how fraudulent and sleazy it once. By the way she took a lot of money from the big banks from the insurance companies. I mean this woman is a crony capitalist. All like Hillary Clinton. She's a complete fraud so if you want you can go to And Derek are click on and just read my column corners corner. Confronting Elizabeth Warren 6172666868. Do. 1256. RP 1257 now here on the great WRKO. OK. Just to show used up passions being aroused by the Graham Cass city bill and the prospect now that obamacare could be replaced. Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Who says son apparently had open heart surgeries two year old boy eight. And he's very upset saying that kids like he is little boy. Are gonna be shafted out of having going to be able to have surgery or having insurance that covered the surgery. If Graham Cass city passes. And so Brian Kilmeade Fox News. Criticize Jimmy Kimmel. For being an out of touch Hollywood elitist. And Kimmel last night well yet you listen listen for yourself. We've heard this report today from people from all a lot of sick and disabled people were worried about. Their access to health care being caught all but tell us about some words that we're not so nice. Particularly from our friends at FOX & Friends and this politically charged Denny's may have been illustrated history but that's not stopping Hollywood elites like comedian. I Jimmy Kimmel for pushing their politics on the rest of the country watch thanks Bryan Ellis right kill me. And there he's our I found this comment to be particularly annoyed because. This is a guy Brian Kilmeade who whenever I see him kisses my ass like a little boy. It's. Okay. Good. Quality meal and. Later he asked me to write a blur for his book which I did he calls my agent looking for projects he's dying to be a member of the Hollywood elite. No reason he's not a member of the Hollywood leads but no real pirate movie you want. You know the reason not talk about this because my son. An open heart surgery and has got two more and because of that I learned that there are kids with no insurance in the same situation. I don't get anything out of this Bryant you fully little creepy old while. How were you when I see. So basically now Kimmel is threatening to beat up Brian Kilmeade Fox News. By the way where's the mainstream media to defend one of their own. You can hear the crickets and it can hear the crickets. Jimmy. Relax. Under Graham Cass city and I'm not a fan of it but just about you know 'cause I've actually looked at the bell I know what I'm talking about. It covers preexisting. Conditions OK. So little children who need open heart surgery. They're gonna be covered relax. Jamie also all you're worth north of 3040 million bucks but neat you can pay for your son's. Operation. Jimmy have a drink relax. The voice of Boston it's. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI age.