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Tuesday, September 26th

Mike Cruza of Old Colony Hospice Care drops by to discuss the difficult conversation of choosing a health care proxy


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URG you know the voice of Boston. 60726666. Viewed as the phone number and we haven't got to ten but I need a Michael ramp or. It's just it's a natural thing it takes. I mean that's OK it's like a natural fruit please I should do well vision going you have a desk so Michael and I will go play in the corner for that. I'm not to that again until just get a lot I gave gonna do it again but I don't. It off on that is coming from him about you realize that it doesn't that's been beautiful all morning anyway let's take a break from that we'll get back to our TV stuff and mentally a second first. My cruiser is here you know Michael cruising joins us once a month he's from. Old colony hospice and every so often we need to talk to you Michael because there are issues that we have here we've all been through this iron. Recently went through this with a grandmother in law and there's stuff that we've got to talk about we gonna get serious. This week I wanna talk to you about. Health care proxies because this this is a never ending. Hey you need to do it and who can beat you need to do it right there's two things here that we got to. So with healthcare proxies that the tricky part of it is. They need to think about we got to pick. Because no matter what you write down your best directives no matter what you write down or tell people. Your health care proxy really gets to pick what's gonna happen to you if you can't speak for yourself. So let's say for instance. In your health it in your district before I we want chocolate ice cream if fiery can't tell you what I want. And then your health care proxy says the I know that Mike wrote that down but. I think he really wants Vanilla. You know that there or strawberry or. I seen this happen you then you can do this you obviously if Jamie. Because what happens with the proxy is they think they know what you want more than what do you say you want. It's sort of what Graham tries to do with strong he tells me we're trump wants one trumpets telling me what it's like to hear from or what. But this happens and you get into this thing now all of whom you go width. The the proxy who thinks they know the person who sometimes tell you specifically in this situation this is what I want in your not doing. So that's that's the whole crux of this of the situation is that you'd eat that step one is to get health care proxy. Completed so you have somebody assign me you you should also have an an alternative side as well. That knows what you want amble follow. What you'll which is our. The second point is to actually help with those wishes are and there's a lot of people who have health care proxies like Don I'm fine I get a health care proxy. But they haven't sat down and have a conversation vote in hope do we want chocolate do they want they'll. Do you want to. Have artificial feeding do you wanna have artificial hydration do you want labs. Did that does it matter if I'm over. Nine years old visited deserve different set of parameters you want if you're over. Forty. So there's a lot of things that people need to to figure out what that's. But anybody who was over the age of eighteen. Should have at least health care proxy if not also investor to speed is its worst thing you see is when somebody doesn't have one it's the thing that tears families apart. There is when there's no health care proxy is no advance directives to everybody thinks they know what mom dad sister. Kid do you debate they think they know best what they would want and you know who does know the best the person who can't speak right now. She'd got to put those those wishes out there. Because every single person is unique in every single person comes in a different perspective you knew if you've got. The two different people who have the same diagnosis. Had been given the same. Prognosis as far as they've got like a year ago before may be their disease starts to. Comp you know kind of cave in around them. But they might have different backgrounds they may have seen somebody else who had the same disease that might choose a different. Grew from group of treatments or no treatment at all. So it all depends on what someone's background is how they've lived what they see what they've done. Battles that they have their lifetime. So to think that anybody knows what somebody would want in any given circumstance especially when it comes to. And of life choices. The only person who drew knows what you want is the person so we need to get those troops are short on time but the woman I would tell. People like you know do you think health care proxy you think. Mom dad and your world but no like Katie Wright their case you need to have a health care proxy because you can get him a car accident today and you may never come out of it but you may need decisions that are like you gotta do everybody. Everybody says I mean there was that whole case with Terri Schiavo yeah I mean that's that's its years ago now but it still comes up I mean if if she had her. Wishes known before. She looks up so to to that would mean one into the coma. The husband and the parents wouldn't have been fighting for years over what to do for her with her. They wouldn't have bed and hitting each other. If this her wishes were out there they could have follow through wishes together. And it's kind of die on the grieving a loss together. And could have celebrated. Watch you know her life that she had together. Instead of continuing you know butting heads and this is what happens I mean that's that's a big stage picture of what happens. Locally day in and day out when we don't get the health care proxy steinem don't have our advance directives are living wills done. Before the crisis happens. So we see you every month and we get to talk about the reasons for people that hearing you for the first time right now and say. I hear what he Sam and I have somebody that may need some help right now on I need some help with dispersants are hot they find out more bottles on what you could always go to www. Old colony hospice dot org or where available by phone at 71341. 4145. I've Unionist and how hard I rent a putting contest. There this fall farther but that's probably for the best gas tax credit for that for the effort that much better yes great to see as always always a pleasure next month thank you.