Obama is pressuring Deval Patrick to run for President

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, August 1st

Would you like to see former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick run for President?


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President. I'm believable story I'm telling you only in the people's republic of Marxist juices well. Listen now to this story was first broken by political. Former Governor Deval Patrick AKA Mimi meet. Is now being seriously considered a Isaiah potential presidential candidate in 20/20. Not only that. Several allies are very close to the dear leader president Barack Obama. Are in fact urging the ball they're urging Mimi meet. Tim made a 21. David Axelrod. Chief strategist for the dear leader of both of his presidential campaigns. Has spoken out their mini me saying it's time for you to run. Valerie Jarrett. Chief console you Gary to the dear leader in fact that they hedge fund meeting in many. Said that she believes demeaning mean will win and beat the democratic presidential nominee in twenty pointing. So is David Simon sees the former political director in the White House and Mimi Mees former deputy chief of staff. All of them are now urging dough ball. To run for the presidency. And here is the argument that they're making the argument that there are making and by the way. I forgot to mention mentioned is very important point. Obama himself. Has spoken to many neither apparently good France. I mis urging many need to run in twenty whiny saying 22 money will be used time. And the argument there were all making is just follow ups. That the Democratic Party needs new voices any fresh face. That polo seeing is on the you don't 75 and above. Chuck Schumer is getting up there Elizabeth Warren is getting up there Joseph Biden is 74 he's no spring chicken. And so they want somebody younger somebody fresh shirt. And they believe that the country is yearning. For a return to the Obama years. And many me. Ideologically. Is a big Obama height he's a big Obama bought. He believes in all of the Obama initiatives. Whether it be climate change. Whether it be Obama care where three beat amnesty whether it be open borders whether it be empowering the United Nations. Everything that the dear leader wanted dough ball supports. Furthermore. They say he's black he's a minority. They think he can get the black vote to come out in big numbers as they did for Obama in 20082012. Which Hillary was not able to do in 26 team. And they think that's one of the reasons why trump one in 2016. And ultimately. If you can believe this they think he's got a great record Toronto on. As governor of Massachusetts. I mean mean. So they think mean Lou. Is the guy. To turn the Democratic Party around and captured the president see the White House in twenty point. Now. A couple of points need to be said right off the bat OK first the ball. I don't know of many of you are not aware are aware of this navy many of you were not aware of its. Many need is actually working for being capital. Many mean took a job. Or were with Mitt Romney's firm he's become a hedge fund. So. On the one hand. He's gonna pull and Elizabeth Warren and rail against the 1%. I Z Ernst and lives like the 1%. So to be honest with you I don't know how the Bernie people are gonna feel about this. I don't know about how the social justice warriors and the progressives. Are gonna feel about this the Democratic Party. So the fact now that he's a Bain Capital guy he's a money guy did he's a hedge fund guy who cashed him. And is now making zillions of dollars working for Mitt Romney I don't all that's gonna play well with the base of the Democratic Party. I just sank so hey I don't think him winning in 21 he is a sure win far from it. The bigger point leave that aside you phony you fraud you. Leave that aside. His record sucks. In fact let me be candid with you like I'm in the confessional. Eyeing him dreaming I him fab. The size and I am style elevating. All great potential presidential run by Mimi. Because idol goal one networks that at television I will go on fox although want. TV show after TV show I don't care for its local I don't care it's national. And I will expose this guy for the moral degenerate idiots. Because what he did the Massachusetts in eight years if they think they can run on that record good luck. Good luck. Because all bring back BCF. I'll bring back Jeremiah all over. I'll bring back all of those pork kids that were killed died under his watch. Justine a Pelletier. Who is kidnapped. And held effectively hostage. Against your will and out of her parents. To the point now where she's been so badly damaged that she's now it looks like permanently in a wheelchair. All of this happened under meaning means watch. The scandal after scandal after scandal. The explosion in food stamps the explosion and welfare of the explosion in poverty. That occurred under his leadership. Where he called for all of those illegal alien refugees. To be brought into the state of Massachusetts. And you're telling me. That this guy is the salvation of the Democratic Party baby bring it on. Bring it on. This guy who during the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing was nowhere to be found. You couldn't find the guy. You literally couldn't find the guy. So very is holed up somewhere crying. Sibling like a little trial because he doesn't know what to do while his city. Was literally under assault and under attack. And you're telling me this is the guys to be the leader of the free world please. Please. Burying in on baby. Because if this guy is the salvation the savior of the Democratic Party. Mr. President you got nothing to worry about you're gonna be a firmer. And the second election will be easier than the first election. No question about it I'll tell you just one of the things up on a loop numbers carolco. When we had that big snowstorm your member of that and he came out in his Barca. When he was telling everybody you have to put on gloves in minutes when you go trouble the small. And you should have an electric can opener do you remember that. And make sure you put on my hat goes you don't sometimes people normally that upon my hat when you go outside the shovel the snow. I'm an old that again and again and again. I'm sick of it. The country is gonna laugh at this guy. They're gonna allow fit this guy. And you'll find incredible I just I have to say this. Is total moon bats in this state picked themselves soul free can seriously. Like comic coach who realize you're all seen as a bunch of nut cases by the rest of the country. Like you in California. Just you have to realize that the the rest of the country is laps that you guys. Like they picked themselves so seriously that we keep thinking I don't. Elizabeth Warren Kerr she's a future presidential candidate right. We're. Eight. Sure all or the phony Indian you think that's gonna play well in the heartland got. Maybe just because you guys turn a blind dyed her being a complete fraud and a con and doesn't mean the rest of the country doubts. And now just because you're a bunch of mourn bats here don't think the rest of the conjure bunch Ramon but they're not. Just because your left wing lunatics opened their left wing lunatics. So you honestly think you can take this guy. Who frankly I would not hired to be Mike toilet cleaner. If mini me showed up at my house to clean might want to please please stay no please stay away. Don't touch what might hornets are clogged I don't want to attach from. Because if you come in there were bad plunger there's going to be Euro and there's going to be feces. Everywhere. Everywhere. Just stay away many mean just stay away. So they picked themselves so seriously. All this this was his finest hour this. You know like every pew of church shell member we shall fight them on the beaches will fight them on the hills will never surrender where you know I Kennedy you know in Miami Berliner ray again. Pare down this wall. Discs. Was Mimi Mees finest hour what's most or was that again Britney. We had a 2013. To 2014. There was one of those small storms whatever that there was one of those big snowstorms in his second term this. Was his finest hour role in Britain. Here's some tips on saint staying safe in those circumstances. Again be sure that you have. A well stocked emergency. Supply kit that includes a flat a flashlight a portable radio extra batteries first aid kit. Any medications humane need but water nonperishable food. And a manual can opener and remembered chargers cell phones. Not the manual can open no hole. Mole and the charge my cell phone off cause sort of forgotten some of my gun this I that's bats. Profile in courage they say because the idea. Conditions are very cold and we're expecting those snow to be quite late now we are not expecting broad power outages that used to be on the safe side it's good idea. Tit chargers cellphone either keep it not charged as long as you can. Sure how about breathing he forgot to mention I don't forget the briefed. You don't breathe again and I remember the true and then swallow don't swallow a macho he got a true immense while. Remember. When you're goal in all due number tool used it as you've got used to or paper are white and plush white and flush. And many me. Did Dennis Dennis they're really this gave this is your great hope for one week wanting. Do the Democrats. You're finished. It's over. 6172666868. Let me ask call Olivia this. President Obama and his top ally oops. Are now urging former Massachusetts. Governor Deval Patrick AKA mini me. To rhyme in 21. Does dove all have a chance. Or is this the mother of all pipe dream it's. Your calls since the Democrats now think they have found their candidate there Xavier. To sit back the White House and whiny whiny. No it's not she'd spreading bowl its main Mimi de Mol had tricked. They're now saying a fact Axelrod Valerie Jarrett did dear leader himself. All of them are sang. Rondo Paul Ron. Should Deval Patrick run for the presidency in twenty whiny and do you think he has a shot of winning. Tom in South Shore go ahead on. Chip your pizza Aybar hasn't been approved by the department help. In an accomplice into bottles infant car in fine you know. If you're the biggest comedy show on earth disguised voice can create a black metro sexual that would come up to troops elbow stay in Mexico on the podium. No message it will record. This would be it has to be phenomenal poker runs. Agreed to a heart problem. Tom this would be a gift from the radio gods ball leaves the bunny Mimi meet please Ron I'm begging you I'm begging you. I just wanna keep playing this over and over again the do this storm thing again remember he was in his park Dermot. He was in his part cut and what was that chubby African American woman a chubby black lady. Car brawl LeBron and all abroad there's Andrea cop brawl behind him and for some reason she's like in a T shirt and she's cramming herself. So she's planning herself. I mini mes and Parker. And well listen the mini me was it was mr. Chilean roll it up. Bring her some tips on saint staying safe in those circumstances. Again be sure that you have. A well stocked emergency. Supply kit that includes a flat a flashlight and portable radio and extra battery overstate kit for any medications humane need bottled water nonperishable food home and a manual can opener. Remember to charge your cell phones. They say because the yeah. Conditions are very cold and we're expecting those snow to be quite like I'm gonna we are not expecting broad power outages opposed to be on the safe side you're a good idea. Charged yourself or keep it and I charged as long as you can. Minimize outside activities are the uses. OK in some respects it's nice to look at what these temperatures are very. Zachary dangerous deadly and I am just as particularly the elderly yet very young. Stable us please keep an eye on. Those members of our population. To the extent are possible. I try to keep them indoors also be mindful of the danger to pets. Yes of course can't forget the animals and it. I should I called granny. Many me because I'm worried it bigger than myself all be fully charged the easy to do it called granny or not called rank because Graham might read my profile fully charged. This year though I'm I'm in many mean. Please please Ron I'm begging you please please. Christine in Foxborough go ahead. And. Christina. Yeah you getting all. This talking to give to devolved. Voter base all the people on subsidy to a sleeping in the afternoon action they need the instructions. Or will the drug at a actually getting the money every Monty sees kept making sure it is motivation. You know waking up and they gonna do what they got to Dubai. I don't lie you will talk about the at this stage I what do I have been a bit. The united we stand divided we you know out and collect and what don't these people. Our Christine great point guard cure for that call while apparently now there are reports in Washington and Obama. I set up the dear leader is set up in war room. Literally two miles from the White House knew his mansion which by the way has a wall. His mansion you can see it caused a wall a big mother wall. So I guess it's okay for you to have a wall we just can't have wall but let that go through got a beautiful mansion five point three million dollars how do you afford that and president salaried. Let that go. When a Mac is beautiful big wall. Anders Valerie Jarrett David Axelrod are all there and literally they're applauding for me. And britney's been whispering in my ear the whole timing you know look I need the EU you know maybe this audience is more perceptive than him. If you're on welfare. Period illegal immigrant. Or drug addict or in other words you're the base. The Obama years tore through the golden years. If you're taker. That was the best time to be alive in America. Maybe meany mean. Hot brings back the glory days may say hey you know we don't wanna go back to work wanna go back to welfare. And maybe they're gonna vote for many me. 6172666868. You know I just gotta say this. I'm driving into work today is that what it's like to live here in the people's republic of march futures. And of course there's traffic there's congestion and there's construction. Everywhere durst construction. I know I'm looking out right now on the pike I don't know what just happened on the pot and order doing massive construction on the bike. Out of there was an accident it's it's shut down its complete gridlock gridlock. And I see the same five years now same guys. They fill up the pot all then. They dig up the whole. They did all they fill the hole they didn't hold they fill the hole so you've got four guys. Three of them are not working one guys pretending to work. Damn this is how they do things so anyway I am in my car waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting and who I have in front. Some guy a moan about in a snap back. A European luxury car plowed at least 4050000 all works good high powered sat and it's got off hall of sticker on it but on the bumper. It says we ceased. Resist trump resists. And I'm thinking like all you freedom fighter you. Do you anti fascist off freedom fighter you. All you know like my granddad when the Nazis rolled in any took his gun and wage partisan warfare in their bills. Before they captured him and put him in a concentration camp. Boy you guys in your saps with their resist bumper stickers. Boy your mind you my granddad. Resistance fighters. To the end Scott in less bird go ahead Scott. Yes Joseph aren't as well let's say the first of all thank god you're on the air where I sit here every day is or ought to stop it sir your. There aren't American and I really really appreciate shop thank you so thank you. However the however I have to agree with you unfortunately. We chose. You know you think that we need me to appeal. That you know got to come up to the real bearish I don't album up all great. In the week this country is going even though we thank god we've got Donald Trump all over all or a parent out there. Gonna do an audit that we got. All. Right but. Again it's been sent both for. They're they're Obama. And get real. Any part. Of me you know I mean in an alert early. Everytime I hear. They like maybe me coming up to it it's as much as you up the upgrade job develop victims straight at him and everything else so.