No farewell show for O’Reilly

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Thursday, April 20th

Will you stop watching Fox News now that the network fired Bill O’Reilly?


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You run a fake news liberal lies and insults to the working people and we say. No more. He's just cool their road course. Overall five here on the great WRK. Hall drill hole where I believe is how. I'm very four very naive fool right into Guam last night on Fox News. Okay my friends Fox News has now made one of. The biggest decisions. Are really in their history. This is demand whether you agree disagree and to be candid I have my disagreements with them. I thought he won after conservatives at times unnecessarily. He was really not much of a conservative he was more center right. But he was right on some issues he was wrong on other issues. But regardless of what you think about him. This man was railroaded. And he was the victim I believe are very liberal leftist feminist witch hunt. And now all they have essentially kick him out the door and tried not essentially they have kicked them out the door. And last night Dana Perino. Filled in forum again. And she went out and said. That Bill O'Reilly will no longer be returning to Fox News. He did is the last show before he went on vacation. And in fact they were so desperate to get him out the door. That before her show or that show aired they already changed it from the O'Reilly Factor. The factor. That's how desperate they wording even cleanse his name. Off of their web sites and even off the name of the show. And so in essence let me tell you what is going on this is now a seismic shift in the media landscape. And he has been number one in cable TV news for nearly twenty years. He helped carry fox in fact helped catapult them to the top he was their anchor of their primetime lineup. If anything his ratings in fact kept going up and up and up. When the New York Times published their smear piece on April 1 word they pointed out they've either he or fox. Page thirteen million dollars. To settle a sexual harassment lawsuits regarding five women dating all the way back to 2002. And so since that time. His audience became even more loyal infected even got even a little bit bigger. So the ratings just kept going up but in the face of a growing advertiser boycott and he's here's the key. We've now the liberal media demanding. A major scalp at Fox News. They wanted Mike when they got Mike Flynn. They wanted pneumonia as they got pneumonia it's. They wanted Jeff Sessions they almost got Jeff Sessions but it partially god Jeff Sessions. Well now when you keep winning the beast the appetite of the beast. Now they wanted another trump supporter. And O Reilly you always kind of hedging and hawing and a supportive trumpet in essence their friends. And when it came down to it he supported trumped down the stretch. And the liberal leftist media cannot have a major media figure. That defense Donald Trump Tucker Carlson who's gonna be replacing old Riley at 8 o'clock darker watch your back buddy. Sean Hannity watch your back buddy. Because they're gonna be coming for you. But they wanted a major scalp and they got a major media scalp. They caved. And if you wanna know in particular who is responsible. It's the two sons of Rupert Murdoch. The only old man may have built the empire British Jewish boy old liberal left peaks on its. And they're both left wingers. They're both big Hillary supporters. Are both rabid never trump version both of them. James and or when. Did they were the ones who were pushing for this behind the scenes. In fact they even giving media interviews. To go Hollywood reporter and other magazines. Openly saying they want a quote new faux news. They wanna take fox any new quote 21 century direction. In other words. They wanna take fox to the center. They wanna make even more establishment aryan. They wanna make it more if you can believe it like CNN. Now you can't do it all in one fell school you have to do it piece by piece by piece. But that's exactly their intent. Now. In other words they wanna blow up the fox brand. And I think they may have done that we yesterday's decision. Now let me just tell you this spoke makers there's just no question about it if it wasn't further tool lefty silence. Bill O'Reilly would be coming back from his vacation on April 24. Now if you wanna turn faux into CNN or CNN light. Then you're gonna get their ratings of CNN light. But it doesn't matter because for the likes of James. Walk when and I know the tight because I've dealt with this throughout much of my immediate career. I've dealt with people who were the spoiled scarce. Of somebody who actually built something of substance and value. They didn't build up Fox News Johann Rupert Murdoch didn't. It'll all the value of what they have their liberals. In fact there were embarrassed a faux noose. When they go to their Manhattan cocktail parties till it all really put that guy O'Reilly time on her career lean. You mean. You mean he had shrunk on and he was actually giving him a favorable interview or really any. Or you're what you're with right wing faux. Come on now I mean Paul Ryan is OK eighty. Marco Rubio is okay. But not trump protect crew always are Rand Paul Kamal amount. This sets us is so let's is sold backward S just so primitive that she is so racist and bigoted. Lock land route. The jam me come on now I expected better from you who. And so when your born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You own all the. Value of what your father or your parents built and you don't know the value of what you have. Now let me be very candid with you. I have dealt with this my entire career. And I can see what's happening at Fox News because it's happened to me on multiple occasions. When I was at The Washington Times. I saw what tool liberals Dade to a once great newspaper. And I protest did and I complained I tried to stop them every step of the way but in the end. So the same thing. When you have a spoiled liberal brat who takes over from the old man it's almost exactly that the replica of what's happening at Fox News they then hired. They frankly moron we should call him his name was made Debbie still there Tom make debit. We nicknamed him make moron I was his nickname in the newsroom but that was a complete before. But whatever ideas he had were trendy liberal. And they hired him to be the president of the company. And then they hired an absolute fraud who pretended to be a conservative. But in reality was hired from the Washington Post which should tell you everything you need to know he was a closet liberal John Solomon. And the two of them began to systematically. Destroy and dismantle The Washington Times. Which was once Ronald Reagan's favorite newspaper. It was is he conservative alternative. In Washington an intermission. To the Washington Post and the New York Times it's why I went to Washington to work. I went to work for Reagan's favorite conservative newspaper. And I saw exactly what happened at the times is exactly what's happening at Fox News. They wanted a new Washington types. In quote on quote 21 century Washington types. And slowly. Bit by bit. The great conservative reporters were pushed out. The great conservative editorial writers and columnists slowly pushed out. And it went more establishment. Bennett went more to dissent there and they ended up destroying the brand. And so I watched I was there. When in fact The Washington Times had such influence. That Al Gore in 2000. Rented and retrieved in 2001 and 2002. Got the three biggest conservative institutions of power in the United States where Fox News. The Washington Times and Rush Limbaugh. Well Fox News is still around. Not much longer but it still around Rush Limbaugh is still around. But The Washington Times has faded into oblivion. The Wall Street Journal has now replaced The Washington Times. As the big organ on the right or whatever the center right. So I've seen this firsthand. I've witnessed it again and again when liberals take over conservative institution. They racquet. They don't appreciated they don't know the value of it they don't care about their talent. Bill O'Reilly did some things that no one there hoax was able to do for all of this flaws. For all of this flaws and you've heard me criticize him in this have disagreements with him on the show. He was able to anchor the key 8 PM primetime slot. He did it with a blistering monologue. He did it with hard hitting interviews. He would then inject some humor we Jesse waters or Dennis Miller he would have another car or whatever cultural segment. He would tie it up with some letters or whatever emails. From the audience. Put it all in an ice bowl and he did it hour after hour week after week year after year. And these idiots think they made a grand PR move. I'm not kidding these idiots actually thanked her home. But we're not gonna be on the front page of the New York Times anymore. And I'm not gonna have CME and criticizing us all deploying them talking about sexual harassment that fact and and sexism and chauvinism. And might have a new face of fox new news. It's gonna be younger it's gonna be hip hurt. And maybe even a little bit more liberal. Or at least a little bit more establishment to aryan mistress put it that way okay I'll get to that in the second half. Of this opening hour what the replacements will be and what the changes are faux. But the fact of the matter is too emotional evidence. They convicted this guy and hounded him out of a job. We know evidence. Not one claim was proven true. And so instead I thought forgive me I thought in this country you're presumed innocent until proven guilty. But if you're a conservative and especially a high profile conservative. Then you're guilty. Until proven innocent. And so they left left him they just let him twist in the wind. And then they threw him out forgive me like a dog. They wouldn't even give him a fair will Schulte. They won't even get in which 21 years how many hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars he made the company. You couldn't give them one show to say goodbye to was loyal fans instead they scrubbed his name off the O'Reilly Factor. And they had Dana Perino that bush track. Talk about an establishment Darian okay they had Dana Perino. Stick the Mike Finn but they did it. But corporate way. They did it with a big smile with the kiss of Judas. Raising you as they knife and knife and knife. Listen now to Dana Perino on last night's show. Tell the loyal viewers of the your son right there Reilly factor the factor. Saying. Thanks. But no thanks he's. At a here. Rolex. Alan it is the end of an era here at the Fox News Channel. As we mentioned earlier Bill O'Reilly is leading in this chair and this network. After more than twenty years bill has been the undisputed king. Of cable news and for good reason he has an incredibly talented broadcaster who raised the bar for interviewers everywhere. He is also held a statue exacting standards in his quest to put the best possible program on the air and they are great. And you his audience responded record numbers making the fact of the number one cable news show for more than sixteen years. You've also been loyal and we can't tell you how much that means to everyone on the factor stopper can amount to this that stopper to. Yeah supper at their place. If he's so good. Why take him off dear. I I'm sorry but I am I'm I was watching this last night I'm like US so obese. Locked wind changed their Murdoch's all of you guys is just two guys are unbelievable. If he's so good it why take him off the year. And she they want the audience this day. They want the audience to stand. All you all the great law will body and so we love fuel and thank you all for watching the show all went keep you bring in all the money and the advertisers and the revenue thank you cool. Yeah out where's the we're Izzy. I'm sorry Dana Perino you didn't build up Fox News heated. You're not the one who brings in the monster ratings he does. You're not the one that whatever on occasion. Flies in the face of public opinion or politically correct opinion or whatever. And does a hard hitting investigative. Interview. Where he's in the limelight taken fire can never have heeded. You are stuck your neck on the line for anything heated. But you see you want the audience the state. As you stop them in the back. But hold on she had a personal message from the food notices. From James unlock one. From the Tucson us. Roll it. Alan. An amount to the staff today Rupert James and lock when Murdoch who run Fox News described bill this way. Buy rating standards Bill O'Reilly is one of the most accomplished TV personalities. In the history of cable news in fact his success. By any measure is indisputable. We wish him the very best. Again. He success by any measure is indisputable shall we do have a body. There's an old eastern European sank. And I love it today it's accurately or Russian Ukrainian sang but they say are all over Eastern Europe my grandfather would say to me all the time. Don't pee on my back and call it terrain. Don't stand there and tell me he's the greatest guy in cable TV news history. And his staff is incredible and the standards are incredibly high. And I his professionalism. Just couldn't he just couldn't take it couldn't be at it couldn't be surmounted. It couldn't be eclipsed. Annie's bones so much for him and we love him and we respect that and we respect you'll be our audience. As they're telling you do you what that was blank off. That was that was that's cold for a direct that's corporate speak for blank off. Blanco off to Bill O'Reilly and Blanco off to his audience but we don't want you to leave. Because you know we got Tucker coming in and we've got the five going to mind a clogged Dana Perino is going to be on a 9 o'clock she's going from 5 o'clock to prime time. You seek somebody had to deliver the knife she was more than happy to bullets they have that's the price from going from 5109. From an afternoon show up prime time may be they all stick the knife and. My friends let me ask you this. It is the corner country poll question do sure as the French would set. Will you stop watching faux news. Because they let Bill O'Reilly goal. Will you just turn the dial or no longer watch fox. If the answer is yes text or letter eight to 68680. If the answer is no Jaffa only probably treated them but. Don't Hannity Tucker Carlson whatever there's other good quality programming know all watch I'll continue to watch fox. Text or letter beat the 686 Sadie. You can also vote online at And as always the poll question sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Fox News. They Josh to rule Bill O'Reilly under the bus. Right thing wrong saying. Your calls next. I ratings standards Bill O'Reilly is one of the most accomplished TV personalities. In the history of cable news. In fact they fix that by any measure is indisputable. We wish him the very back. Blank do you home. 6172666868. OK before I get to the calls and Britney I know you're itching to weigh in. What do you make of Dana Perino was performance last night doorway faux news is now let them go they won't even give them his own farewell show. I mean did they destroy his guy under the bus. Or did they handle. I agree with you look I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm not a big fan of Villa rally and never really watched a show I only watched it and Jesse Watters was on I would just love Jesse Watters. So. I was real shocked to see that they got rid of the O'Reilly Factor it's. The act. Cell and then to hear that he isn't going to be a lot of haven't farewell show I don't think that's fair. But I have to say honestly I don't think this is the end of Bill O'Reilly he'll show up somewhere whether it's TV radio we can write a column anything so well. I don't think this is the end of Bill O'Reilly. So we'll see what happens but I think and this Vietnam Fox News what I was really never know Schwarzenegger did it to you like I'll be aren't that heavy backpack at. Okay do you agree with Britney do you think O'Reilly will have a second lease on life. And do you agree with him he got away faux news or is treated him how has been absolutely. Deplorable. Your calls next. 1237 here on the great WRKO. Bill O Reilly is out. They'll be replacing your show starting Monday with Tucker Carlson who by the way I like. They're gonna move him from the 9 PM slot to the coveted 8 PM slot. They're gonna move up five which is currently on at 5 o'clock. We Dana Perino. One Williams Bob back goal Kimberly Guilfoyle by the way one like as well and they're gonna move them to the 9 o'clock slot. Hannity is staying on at ten and Eric bowling from the five will get his own show between five and six. And they think that the heir apparent to bill Riley will be Tucker Carlson. And that O Reilly. Is departure his. He's forced ouster will not damage either faux news is brand or its rating X. Let me ask you. Is Tucker Carlson the guy to replace Bill O'Reilly. Did Faulk should shoot itself in the foot. Or can it recover and move on as if Bill O'Reilly was never there. 61720666868. Will fox used to pay a price. Or. Is it a good thing then O Reilly is out to Russ in Boston go ahead rust. First of all Jeff I will say this but very few people on the planet. Bill O'Reilly is irreplaceable. Kate what they're doing is they're rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. And it at the dumb move. And when you talk about from Bill O'Reilly under the bus. Dated from under the bus they throw him under a convoy of eighteen where knows that's exactly what they did. And what is that it's another victory for the American left. And Jeff you know when CBS had no problem would let them and having sex saudis when this staff they didn't throw him under the bus today. And you know the amazing out of this when you look at okay when the business passes on to the next generation it either goes down. Aura goes up. I'll give you two examples of going happen Massachusetts market basket and job and it's now as far as fox has concerns. Fox will go down with Murdoch's times they do not understand what drives there audience. In what drives they are audience. Patriotism love of god alien country and that's what drives their audience in those two idiots don't understand. And yeah. I really hope that Bill O'Reilly gets to get all the problems. Forms a new network in glee when I say this the ratings will tank in the bill O Reilly's network would turn around and surpassed them like this. The rest thank you very much and I called very very well said they don't understand their audience. And I'm telling you K in this business the media business that I have been in. It's I mentioned The Washington Times I can mention other many other places that worked out. Where management is a liberal or the owners are liberal. And they don't understand their conservative customers. They're conservative on they don't. Whether it be either readers are their audience their listeners whatever they don't understand them they have a liberal caricature. Of what they think conservatives want or are care about or value. And so they look honestly they figured larger bunch are racist hicks. He really wanna know what they think they think you guys are bunch or racist six. And so they thinking well we gonna manipulate these tics we have to mainstream these picks we have that okay if they're gonna vote Republican but it's got to be up. Up hall were trying home never trump kind of run you know. Paul Ryan lying all establishment. Republicanism. Okay c'mon now we know we've got enough channel that racism in this something may be positive I'm telling you that's how they think. They don't care about patriotism they don't care about the dog they don't care about family. They don't care about the constitution the free enterprise system. They don't care about traditional values they don't care about any of that. Liberty freedom. That's nothing to them. There are about power and control. If I were Bill O'Reilly I agree with you Ross either you start another network. But if I was CNN. If I didn't have those liberal liberal lenses that they have at CNN OK if I'm running CNN. This is a gift from the TV gods. You know if I wasn't such a rabid liberal I think Henne one to beat Fox News we got it. We literally go 5050. Legal 50% conservative 50% liberal Alan I subtle mix. Get on the phone say bill their opinion twenty mil year will pay you twenty Millie year you Blanco or 8 PM slot. And 'cause you don't wanna lose the carry overall audience going to have to get a conservative for 9 o'clock get a job a centrist. Just not a liberal. So they'll carry over to 9 o'clock pool and you've got him beaten. Put I've put a liberal at seven put a liberal and put out liberal whatever you can have some liberal Charles. With some conservative guests and genuinely have like a real. Objective or whatever fair network but they can't do that at CNN they can't think like that. But to find CNN. I'm saying you want me Fox's lunch. You wanted to you wanna burn until the ground. It's the obvious play. But they won't do that but if I was such C and I say guys this is that where you back on top again giving guy a call. 61720666868. Deirdre. And get I don't I'm good how are you. Such that they will nervously talking on their idiotic always just the conversation you just called me up to England then hell hole and how are you what's on your mind. Marriage outside a little bit that theory that would turn out dollar rally over at and fox. I'd like Lincoln got all the going down because they wanna skew younger audience and your lot. I didn't and 34 and watch Fox News I will go out of my way to watch aside I love got out and they love bowling and they love Gil oil. I'm out of my way to watch doctor Carlton to that list. You ought. Selecting. When it comes to Bill O'Reilly like done a lot actually show it's Jack you watered these are and I'll definitely watch this show. It is not out on an audit at an exit. What I think that they're doing they're gonna start you that are polling at 5 o'clock in a lot of my my cheered an extra and tilt you know we are there like following you know chick got the night was him. Caddick and Iran and but Tucker Carlson at 8 o'clock now I'll definitely start watching it caught the talker there are the 59 with just few waters and you've got me again. And then I'll leave it on him he would and I got you know not out going on at 10 o'clock so I think that this whole thing is it capping that he can start to get younger. Interest staying thank you for that called Deirdre. Look. Look this year called. I don't know maybe then Murdoch's to make the right call I mean from your reaction Brooklyn Regis tell you very quickly my point of view. To me this is media 101. I feel very bad for Tucker Carlson potentially Woolsey maybe he will pull off being his successor and I'll be proven wrong. But generally you don't want to be the guy that replaces the guy. As they say. You don't wanna be the guy say it replaces Derek Jeter. You know whenever you don't you don't wanna be the guy that tries to replace Big Papi. Because the shoes are just too big to fail. And no matter how talented you are and Tucker Carlson's very talented he's got a great smile great sense of humor. I loved the way he eviscerate somebody's moon bats that he has on okay it's it's great television don't get me wrong. But. To war I or many oval Riley's loyal viewers he may have the most loyal viewership the most loyal audience in all of cable TV news. They're gonna say you're not Bill O'Reilly. And if they start said referring to him as your not Bill O'Reilly. This is going are hurt Tucker Carlson's long term career I could be wrong. That's why generally the way it's handled is. You get a kind of a substitute. For tool 34 months. The audience says you're not O'Reilly here to do catch Chinese Scholl is. And then you bring in a person that you really want to bring in to let's say take over that slot. You don't put men right away after you've made such a highly controversial. Polarizing decision. So that's what to me it's another thing. I can see the sons don't know how to run a media property. Because I'll play it is if I'm Malloy until mom and I'm not but if I'm a loyal O'Reilly viewer how might. Yeah out fine he's great at 9 o'clock but he's not bill. And who wish he'd think he can beat bill. And so just out of loyalty or out of spite or out of anger click. I mean I mean watch nothing much and they're gonna watch CNN or MSNBC but does return to dial. Or watch something else or just not watching anything. So I mean that's why I can tell the suns don't know what they're doing. See they think everybody. Is replaceable if like Lego pieces biggest piece out put another piece and I don't know about dot listen to George will pay will. Dancing on O Reilly's professional grade CNN was. They were mocking or Reilly all day yesterday MSNBC. They were I've never seen people so happy. Then a guy got pushed out of his job well never trump Republican. 08 there's George well they kicked them out of fox well they went on CNBC. And said hey nobody's replace a ball. Fox News little bump on the road and they'll just keep on goal one. Roll it Allen's. Well the question is are they loyal to Bill O'Reilly or are they loyal to the fox brand itself. When Megan Kelly left and I put Tucker Carlson and her slot. Nothing happened to ratings stay strong in the viewers were happy. I have a feeling that. Mr. O'Reilly is replaceable is Charles to go on said the graveyards are full of indispensable man. No cared about making Kelly George well because she attacked Donald trumped. That was Fox News is big east. Or was trumps peace. And she gets freed. But the Fox News viewers big issues attacking Donald Trump alcohol election so that's why there was no no problem with her going to and BCN am and Tucker Carlson. Take your place. Because that huge feud that they had. That's what I thinks I'm and the. Joining us thanked Turkey for Enron regulating strange feeling actually they'd just tank that's why Tucker Carlson's the new superstar. Preserve what he reversed old decline he just. To put their ratings right back up. Exactly and meg and Kelly was a little snobs. And she you know she wrote a book about how all because of 'cause of Donald Trump know unlike some unlike past. You can access sets 68680. Desist from 781. Jeff may be bills next book will be killing all Riley. All right I gotta say. There is a taxed out there that you wanna talk about refuting my argument. This is from 617. Jeff. You were placed a rush. You weren't big guy that replaced big guy. And you're doing great. You know 617 I gotta tell you we we had a meeting Brittany coming from wrong. What an hour before the show today. And we got the ratings for the last quarter. And within the last couple of years. I have much as doubled. Or refer wrong Britney I have tripled rush's numbers our NAFTA current jail. That's true. I mean sold. Maybe just maybe your primary is irreplaceable. I mean not this week that gift I'm like who got. You know that's that's funny but 617 I think that's to shape. Eddie in Quincy go ahead Eddie. Oh hi Betty. Yeah I you don't get I can't agree with you more I think it ratings are gonna tank. You know they've maybe you replace them but it's limited time you'll you'll lose 100000 and I'm just supplemental to number you gotta get up at Baltimore back. You know this is not a big twelve other post PC the potency. And I think what they is some concern that we don't like that there are boycott does the other guys wanna pour cold will boycott film. Eddie thank you very much for that call look I just wanna tell everybody at 105 you don't wanna miss it. Because I've done some investigative reporting of my own. And there was one woman in particular that was seminal. To the downfall overall Riley she was the woman that really gonna wait pushed the two Murdoch Brothers James and Lachlan. To basically dump him and I'm gonna who exposure. But she did a victory lap herself yesterday how much cover this at 105. And guess what guess what it's. Gay managed a high O'Reilly. Tell Donald Trump. We're gonna have that had won all five I promise you don't want to miss it. OK Jeff corner. Boston's bulldozer work cleaning up the liberal bull let me ask all of you this will you stop watching faux. Because they got rid of Bill O'Reilly. I wanna hear more from you next. This is the man who called you hack it at one point. Like being called already filed fraud. Mr. O'Reilly is on air to lose track of course for bullying. Same with us here. I think Fox News for us to decide what it wants to billions for whom wants to be in the news story. Never trump republic then the Ryan no himself George to pay will CNBC yesterday. Saying O Reilly is not only Gil. But his ouster at fox is good for fox. I agree disagree. Paul in Spencer go ahead Paul. That idea that food long point from Japan tax ensure that they got to tell you that. Well you're dumb thing bill library under the bus. It is. Is very very bad because they talks moved very very local station and the factors that I will have a outlook from the fox who's ever again. Bill Murray was and I call on him GB conservative radio. And television. And the other issue. Colorado before you device wanna if we say fox is a liberal station. I mean I it's gone more establishment. Is gone a little bit Ryan know. But I mean you know you look O'Reilly you look at Tucker Carlson you look at Sean Hannity. Eric Bolling is a big trump supporters going to be on at 5 o'clock what his own show. OK I understand Brett Baer Chris Wallace Dana Perino Juan Williams Bob Beckel I can go down the line. But you know you still have strong conservative voices of fox we would insure Greek. Well I absolutely agree and I wrote Lou Dobbs. On Fox Business all love Lou. He was a thank you for that call Paul I look if you as a guy that I was hoping frankly they would put in 88 o'clock either him or Laura Ingraham. If you wanna be honest. I mean I love Lou Dobbs to me Lou Dobbs rocks Robin in busy day effort. Does hurt my back Robin in Bedford I've got about a minute go. Hi Robyn. Tight though I may be attacker can't fill those shoes. He's not an object can't highlight the five going to night I think that's a great and I don't think hacker can help build shoot answer I think they've made a mistake to. Robyn just to play devil's advocate. He's doing great at 9 o'clock the ratings are sky high and he's got a genial personality he's witty he's funny. He's got a great guests he's very entertaining. What do you say that our. He's not well he can't he doesn't listen to the other side nearly as much as bill did. He I have to I'd welcome I have to turn the clock sometimes I never have to turn that off. Robin let me ask you a 64000 dollar question. Will you stop watching fox because of this. Absolutely not. So we here at seven out of this going to be a viewer. I would still be at elect will you watch Dockery at the clock. But not a staple in the election they'll tell I would like 9 o'clock 50. Pat pat pat pat. Thank you very much for that Colorado and locate the woman. That was the the key person behind the scenes. That brought Bill O'Reilly. Down. And I've got the truth about her don't touch that dial. Won all five. That story next.