Mike Siegel - State Rep Geoff Diehl says if Warren stays in office, MA is "Doomed"

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, November 21st

State Rep. Geoff Diehl joined Mike Siegel, filling in on The Kuhner Report, and talked about fighting an entrenched candidate in a one-party state.


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There fury. Entertainment business. W Arcadia I. I'm proud of or happy good inject doubt. And it's my I feel very. Welcome back your bones but that you'll let us our number three and it does think. At the voice of Boston WRK oh good to have you with us Mike Segal in and we are joined by. State representative Jeff deal from Plymouth. Talk about the great tradition history this country does nothing more. Traditional great. Then Plymouth. And of course Plymouth Rock. And getting their Arab League at 1619 of them stake in any case. No observed it was not one of those who got here at that time represented deals could have on the program health and. Good yet at the parade was the last Saturday had great cancer people show up and and does celebrate street 400 anniversary of the ups and so that's a pretty amazing them. In a couple of years. It's great to have you on the program and I know your good friend of knowledge of corners. But a W or KO generally and the but on the station. Good deals so we're glad to have you here I would I received an email from your office which is why I asked. To have you on because. You're obviously running its Elizabeth Warren. And anyone sort of gets Elizabeth Warren has my support except maybe Fidel Castro but. I think I yeah I think it's it's a let me start before getting to the issues. This is a huge undertaking on your part because. She's pretty entrenched. We know the nature of this state. You know in the senate I remember senator Brooke at Brooke who was. A fine gentlemen but was. More along the lines of I suppose a Mitch McConnell you know kind of a moderate Republican. And you you as I. Read and understand you correctly from wrong. What you pretty much following more conservative line along the line of the nationalism that Donald Trump is talking about my correct. Wrote the only Republican in this state who endorse the president and or as a co chair. During the campaign you know the fact of the matter is though in Massachusetts 20000 Democrats and rolled to vote for trump in the primary and he. Duncan got about 50% of the Republican vote. In that priority was his largest margin of victory so the issue you talked about securing the border. That tree deals abroad they ensured that I was six healthcare repeal replace OK all you know I think. When you're conservative or not as Republicans ID and should be supporting that but of course what you mentioned a running against Elizabeth Warren who's against any. Any effort to reform what's going on down in DC which swap. And that's actually probably that the main voice of obstruction in just about everything that's going on here is the better the task but I was made it. 2012 when she came in you know it was President Obama who is an office and Governor Deval Patrick now we have. A Republican governor and president trumped up Washington she doesn't have the same court just to lean on it she has a record of delivering nothing. The state of Massachusetts. So if you go back and talk about Ed Brooke let's talk about Ted Kennedy you know a Democrat who was known for delivering. To Massachusetts you know morally. You know certainly not a leader but when it came to delivering the goods you know that's what he did he worked with Republican presidents or governors. To make sure we got that the money we needed from DC Elizabeth Warren has done nothing if she shows no intent to work with. A Republicans and house the senate or the administration so. If you stay in office messages she's doomed to never have a seat to the table that Washington. Logic that look at me I find her. Unless a solution in birdie or pretty much on the same wave like. I've I find sometimes Bernie can be acerbic put birdies. Generally speaking pretty reasonable on the way I has conversation. I find Elizabeth Warren to be vulgar. The based in the way she talks about her opponents. All over the top of her rhetoric. I don't know I can have a civil conversation with this woman in my. Mike would shake hands with that the device after the nomination hearings into an assortment of etiquette she she's the same woman that when. Congressman's police who shot hit during that Bernie Sanders back for the shooter who is targeting Republicans at that bespoke I. She said I think the next day that it was Republicans that want blood money. From the American people with the Health Care Reform she her rhetoric divide just all the time it's not about trying to work together it's just purely about. Dividing people. Whether by ethnicity or Welsh or you know careers VG says that the law enforcement can continue to terrorize the African American community. And how does that make any police officer who first responder. Feel good about her serving in opposite is it doesn't. And we're seeing now without pulling that she doesn't I negatives. Even in Massachusetts so I think that this is an opening. And I'll remind the listeners to one other thing you know and Scott Brown made it very clear that he was going to be the 41 vote against obamacare. Even Massachusetts which had Romney care delivered ala Mitt Romney and Ted Kennedy. They still knew that that was not going to be. And provided the savings and so they voted for Scott currently at 41 vote. That they will vote their financial best interest Elizabeth Warren is doing bad things trust shall continue to do not think. Because she surrender presently Tony that's the big you know. Open secret that going on. At the supposed to be compassion on the left side and I don't I don't I never see it it's very interesting but I listen as far as I'm concerned. You would be. I I hate to use the phrase breath of fresh air but you would be a staunch. Person. As in in the senate. Who would deal with the real problems we have. Without being an ideologue the way she is on the left that means she won't allow yourself. To be it then she apparently has some intelligence but she doesn't use it. Two to think through a problem and come that the best solution I mean why would somebody want open borders for example. Why would somebody want a Sanctuary City where were murderers are protected. Like Kate stylish murderer why would why would we want. I know rationally that setting it matter being left or right it's a matter of being covets that's protecting the American people was of the. Well look first of all people who are seniors are not getting that cost of living increase with their Social Security. People you're talking the state about how we earn enough money for education. Veterans are getting their health care they were promised after serving. Not serving our country overseas the fact is. All those dollars in Massachusetts one point eight billion dollars every year is going to support those who are eerie legally. Around the country at heidrick and sixteen billion dollar write it we wanted to tighten our borders. Make sure we get those coming into our country like the president wants to have merit based immigration we absolutely have people contributing to the economy. Rather than draining it and making it impossible to take care of the people who would putting into the system for years and years passing it on Beacon Hill for seven years. I can see in Washington the same thing needs to happen you second voices were willing to use common sense in passing legislation that's gonna help American people she clearly. Looks should be helping herself all the time not the people who elector adopters. Well you know again you make the point. And somebody releases as she talks about the at least two of racism. As being her opponents I mean this identity politics and this labeling of people because you don't want radical jihadist coming in you're a slob a full. Beak because you wanna control crime in the inner cities you're racist. Yeah you don't at some point the American people people who commonwealth have to say this has got to stop this is dividing us this is not solving a problem. Well and hit it into his hypocrisy so we're talking about a woman who says the college's unaffordable for kids but she charges. 350000. Dollars to teach one course at Harvard to complain that businesses aren't paying women are not in the workplace. Then we found out this last April on pay equity dates. That she's paying this limited her step in the senate office. Certain viewers into the dollars compared to what the matter making that up as. You know she's calling for you know Republicans to drop at a abrasions which you won't tell. Al Franken who's admitted. Two you know inappropriate behavior that he should drop out of the senate he should resign. If she's been on Charlie Rose eight times where she commenting that Charlie Rose. We got her to at least return the money she took from Harvey Weinstein but she won't turn back the money she got from Ben Affleck who admitted groping women agreed. It's saying one thing in doing a wholly different thing as well as its warrants about. I can promise you that I've been serving for seven years. I've been returned to office for four different times ordered an election I district as an endemic threat. But the CD is someone who you know it says. What I wish they gonna do I deliver and that's the thing down in Washington needs someone who's gonna actually worked for the people of Massachusetts. Warren is just working for herself she's flying around the country raising money for Democrats. She'd get that little piece she can make that running 20/20. What and her dreams and 2018. I getting her out of the senate and while stopping others are left radical and craziness. When you're gonna happens to a a whole lot of work at nine birdies started. But the I'm sure you understand that you've got to go all over the state. Knocking on doors talking of people go to meetings all the rest of it how much of that have you done so far. Well Mike the good news is we believe the ground work. We've actually got over 3500. Arms used since we started seven months ago. I get into camping that there are running so we have a web site deal percent attack DIA HL. That source and that's our. People are going to that would like to volunteer to consent to be that they can sign up to get a bumper sticker that insanity get a a lot of science and also find out about an event that we're at and so we've been doing this for quite a bit increase good amount of money so far. And obviously we need to continue to raise money issues. That's out of Elizabeth went seems to actually being out is raising money or QB koppers. But she's written two books. Did you serve in office on our damage made one point six million dollars or so so doesn't look how well and good luck. It's a great group of people I'm working with. This is missing grassroots team that core people that worked on I guess text ballot question back in 2014. Where we repeal that index gas tax in ultimately seen. Taxpayers two billion dollars that's for the Boston Globe. Blame me for not giving to government but to the fact is in return to a billion dollars back into the pocket taxpayers. By not having your guest explore every year we've seen them that taxing these three different years now in a row. And we're gonna continue to get it in if you send me down to Washington to represent you in the US senate. What is your sense. Being in the state legislature as you are about over the seven years you've been there has there been any. Change in ideology in the senate. Are the Democrats. More open now than they wore when you first got there in terms of trying to solve problems together what what's your sense about that. Well Mike the way that Deval Patrick try to solve problems when I first got in mystery taxes he actually proposed the largest increase in the history of Massachusetts 82 billion dollar. Tax increase package in 2013. Which is where that yet Tex was actually bundled it and we luckily got that out and repeal it. But you know since Charlie bakers taken over as governor of the Democrats. After awhile it seemed sort of in their their spending now they're actually trying to you know increase spending and and also increased taxation so you've got these. You got to build a Merrill and it actually going to be a vote about freshman in 2008 she. Called millionaire's tax that all the Democrats in the legislature voted to allowed to get out for a while which is to add an additional 4% tax. To anybody making arbitrary number in this case a million dollars or more and don't look at it that you as it did in other states have passed similar legislation. This drive those folks with money who use it to invest back into their businesses. Or investor messages you drive those folks out of the state either physically or at least it when he leaves this state that's who seem. That's where you know money will go away from where it's gonna be taxed at a higher rate. So message is about to make a major mistake and look at Connecticut. But what they've raised taxes the war financially they're in trouble because they're not bringing him. Estimated revenue that they thought it would do and it started going down so Massachusetts is right now making a lot of mistakes with the legislature I hope. It's what eating whatever and for US senate we get a lot of good candidates. That run to try to breaking balance out a Beacon Hill because. This is listening Beacon Hill that. They talked about having these problems financially recreation and education transportation. Yet they gave themselves an eighteen million dollar K increased. And the first thing they did when he convened. In this two years sessions so you know and just took for the record I voted against that and obviously the not taking their that it priest but. The fact of the matter is the Democrats. Who control the house and senate supermajority. Have no intent on actually trying to help people actually money in the state there purely about. Raising and spending more all the time. While a member on the what you just said about the pay raise happened that they haven't changed Democrats because when Dukakis was governor. He signed a pay raise bill for the legislators when he was gonna run for president so we try to get their support in the state. And anyone out the back door. So that he would avoid the media on a Friday afternoon when he signed the bill. So there's still do the same thing taking money from the public. Without justification. Because they're not. Balancing the budget in within reasonable means they have to balance the budget. But of course they do that by raising taxes and now that's as you suggest. What they're intending to do don't they ever realize that you take money out of the private sector and give a government that is not productive because government can't create a productive economy. Well that's here in where actually I'm working with government chose association of Massachusetts to reduce the so perplexed. For six with quarterback and a 5% you get businesses in the state drive around take a look at that don't have such won't take a look at. On camera mr. you've got to be around and towns around the state of Massachusetts and I've been crisscrossing it everywhere. Who are really having problems keeping their downtown such you can storefronts. A full of businesses and so what happens you have the Internet that's cutting into a lot of these are retailer the bracket where you're at. The answer to the northern border with those sales tax and yet what is speaking out and made it ten years ago raising the sales tax to six and a quarter. That really hurt a lot of street Joe's we actually just to delivering signatures and it will make about twenty genes to reduce its inspections six according 5%. And I think that's a huge asset to the people of the state because. It's gonna put money back into their households. Do effects like they get tax injured rested its. Those families with lower incomes. As compared to levels and higher incomes just smaller percentage of the killing that you know again I think it's important to do to make sure that Massachusetts remains affordable. You mention that I used to teach at Pittsburgh state that would that limits us on both of those cities and the other by the economic problems in this tough to keep those storefront so we'll come right back. Was state representative Jeff deal is running gets Elizabeth Warren for the United States senate seat. Glad to get your questions for him if you have a question you wanna ask. Represented deal about his campaign. For the United States senate against though Elizabeth Warren. What do godsend that would be for him to replace our to say the least are Robert Boston a 6172666868. Glad to get your cause you can ask them questions directly. Comments if you want good to have you with us Mike Siegel for Jeff cooler today at the voice of Boston WRK OE. Doesn't drink doesn't smoke doesn't party yeah. Maybe you should they hold on now call now 6172666868. Children did calm down is that what you want to. Jessica Wiener WRK go to the voice of Boston. These cuts are blood money. People will die senate Republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy. With American. Lives. What a liar. What a mountain out liars. Illegal aliens come to this country. And get treated birds you rooms. Without even having the right to be here because that's the law anyone because of the birds remains to get treated. Answer don't tell me warrant. That anybody scandals that like nobody has what they want. Named watch call the program right now Elizabeth Warren they've won. Person who lost their life. Because of alleged health care problems. With the system or what what happened with the system it wouldn't change the virtual would still be there for everybody. We are here with representative Jeff the only is running against. That woman. As Bill Clinton said about Monica Lewinsky. Good to have to let us. We'll audience or go to some calls for the represented of this campaign for the United States senate back in one of hello Becky run WRK go right ahead. I think so much for taking my call. I just wanted to know for someone who can't financially to do a lot worker. I want to know how Elizabeth Warren vote where I find that information it's easy for me to. I'm just have a rebuttal to all be constant. You know and Harare. Everything that I hear from people. In this state Egypt who don't know the truth but then I can't articulated. Cute show them and I was wondering if there was a place where I could really go to looked at assisting. It just to write up of this is bad for us this bad press and she voted for this and it is there anything like that out there. Or thank you for calling into questions actually help without money. And where she finals warns record to resist her room her friends. Thanks Mike yet thank you appreciate the call first about your personal attack on DI DHL or senate dot com. If we go to sign up to be involved. Does that to be a donation although certainly are happy to take that we actually have a lot of events going on that we could use your help banner holding things like that. December 28 at 630. A coming up very soon we're gonna have a big a event at the great challenge I think is a big announcement yet. So I'm hoping people come to that you know so he get there he can be a part of that exciting event but. Kabila to do as far as. Elizabeth Warren and her hopes one of the things that we definitely treated at age cult leaders war it's on Twitter and on FaceBook. And what we do it wears warns me not only highlight bad bodes well we also talk about where she is or where she isn't in Massachusetts because you really spend. Like it did a lot of time out of state. Fundraising for other Democrats in herself. You're religious you want to get big money out of politics and yet she's raised thirteen billion dollars so far. You look at that street made one point six million dollars on books achieve written. Personally made that money so you know yeah Becky. Getting her record out there we're gonna continue to push that it wears Lauren is a place you go find out all the activities she's doing in. Glad of the very questionable vote that don't help the people of Massachusetts. Chrissie about Tuesday thank you for calling Tracy. UN WRKO with our our guests that represented deal very quickly got about a minute or the head. I that's taught it's great that you board to do all I got Ibaka checked on the back my truck and I tell everybody about July at a pleasure meeting yacht father in law. Would actually trade college degree. That the that the you don't wanna biodiesel working I cannot it was an absolute pleasure thank you bank your bank you. Thank you alcoholics are well you view as you get around that you get more momentum. More and more momentum. You know it's like being under the radar. I know great political. Advisor. Years ago who said that that the idea of and in your case can't knock on doors but running for example for mayor's race knocking on doors in your case going to events and all the communities around the state like you mentioned Pittsburgh at what mr. And maybe going other areas of the state and getting. Connections with people getting to know people the more you do that. The more energy either is and the more you keep in touch with people innocent little cards. To constituents or to people around the state. About a vents that are taking place in their area. A you know all of what to do and obviously that's gonna build. A lot of emotional lot of interest a lot of generating of a response to your campaign and with that we wish you great success for the. Well thanks like you look at that great team of people working with my wife is a huge supporters she and I own a small business we have two wonderful daughters. And my father and that was that treat you mentioned. Everybody's really in it to win it because we think that we can really do much better job representing. The people of this state which we loved the opportunities we had here in Massachusetts or are incredible and so I'm looking forward to doing everything I can't unseat a list that Warren. In November 2018 and hope folks get so thank you very much like Brad you know show. It's a pleasure Rick best wishes to you and we gonna work hard and that's the key. And look for the success or was that deal likes being with us and have a great day and congratulations on the campaign. As well might we look forward to us think success.