Mike Siegel - Reacts to President Trump's speech on Jerusalem

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Wednesday, December 6th

Filling in for Jeff, Mike Siegel thinks President Trump's speech acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, is the right thing to do, and he's glad that we finally have an administration that doesn't kowtow to terrorists. 


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The president of the United States watching point that he made. Is that he is not defining the borders of Jerusalem. And he is not the fighting the borders that Israel will have. Ultimately. And I think that's very interesting that. This is acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the United States. But what the final border czar has to be determined. Between the Israelis and the Palestinians. And let it be said. With this action. I don't believe there's any way that Israel is going to abdicate any portion of Jerusalem. As I mentioned earlier the fact was that before the 1967 war when Israel reunited Jerusalem. Jews could not pray at the western wall. After those who are not familiar with the it is the holy site. In Judy ism. And fact I've been there and wrote a note in prayer for my cousin who passed away and put it in the crevice in the law that's what. The ritual is. In the belief that god will hear those prayers that you write and that put into the wall of the way and in a crevice of the western wall. We'll just couldn't go there. When Jordan controlled. That part of Jerusalem. And then when the six day war started with the proactive. An aggressive. Warlike actions from Jordan. Egypt Yemen and Syria. Jordan moving its troops forward. Egypt moving its tanks under the Sinai toward Israel. Syria. Shooting down at people in the Bekaa Valley from the Golan Heights. It became a situation that was no longer tolerable. Israel was facing a violation of three sides. And was able the use it's a superior. Air power air force. And ground troops the Israeli defense force. And push back. And ironically. Two of those three countries. Have made peace with Israel. Jordan. And Egypt. And those who wring their hands I just saw CNN put out a little headline. About the fact that the president reversed. Twenty years of American policies if that was a bad thing. What are its not American policy. But he reversed American policy was precisely. That Jerusalem. Become the capital. Of Israel in the eyes of the United States by moving our embassy there. They said that. In congress. As he pointed out it was a bipartisan vote. And then as he pointed out six months ago the United States senate voted unanimously. Re affirming. That same position. So CNN the crap news network is what I call it. Again. Misrepresents what happened here. He didn't reverse American policy. He carried out the will of the congress of the United States. And the intent of the congress. And did something correctly. That Bill Clinton. And George W. Bush and Barack Obama refused to do. And the one a virus and they are Obama who that who didn't do what would never do it. Because of his anti Israel anti Semitic attitudes. The others didn't do it out of fear of the reprisal reaction. While the B a temporary reaction. And may be some violence. But who wouldn't when the British. Taxed us to death. Before the revolutionary war. And then we stood up and decided we're not gonna take it anymore. As was set of the movie network. The fact is. That we got violence and return when we committed violence. Against the British troops. Important decisions. That are morally correct ethically correct. Sometimes have consequences. You have to have the courage of your conviction. And you don't cave in to the bullies in the bugs and the violent murderers like the jihadist. Who'll take advantage of this. You stand up and be counted. And you do the right thing. 6172666868. Good around the loss to the president. For doing what should have been done. Really in 1995 after the congress approved. Moving the embassy by the way United States are just so you know the United States Supreme Court. Made a decision which said that the congress did not have the authority. To actually. Pass a law that would force the removal. The moving. Remove full. Of the capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That was in the executive branch the president had that authority. And so that's why the congress could not authorize. Moving the embassy because the president has to do that the United States Supreme Court sets so. And so the congress passed a law. Urging the president to do that Clinton wouldn't do it. Bush wouldn't do it Obama would do it. Trump did Howard in Rockland at 6172666868. Your calls welcome folks Howard you're on the voice of Boston WRKO hello. So I'm like oh you're good. Mike I'm just wondering up from a geopolitical perspective. President crop is no sort of straddling. Between impact on North Korea and Iran. I just always wondering what makes these situations. Of this nature if it is not a proven something bigger and potentially far more devastating I'm just wondering where this is Nobel. I think. I understand your point. And the concern but I think Howard that. This is not connected. The first why don't think we would there's no I think there's a zero chance of having any military action in Iran. What if if there were no the green revolution like there wasn't 2009. Where Obama refused to help those revolting with a military weaponry I think this president would perhaps help would weaponry but not with troops. It's so far as a North Korea's concerned that's still an open question but you notice even though they set up that I see BM the other day. It's it's been like rioters. Might it might question really affect the question. If if there is some sort of I don't know if you're getting by president pro prop or not but if he goes after North Korea. And the US military gets into it in a whole big wave with North Korea and door presumably trying to. It won't be much of a military let go or USA to help Israel should it find itself in a situation against Iran that's really the big part of the question. Well that Iran talks big and what it's a good question would bluster let me just say first of all I don't think. Bet any of this is connected. To a bigger issue I think he was just simply fulfilling a campaign promise. I think his relationship to Bibi Netanyahu. Has been a friendship for many years. And that. When he told me was gonna do what he was fulfilling that commitment. Politically in this belief and also to a friend I don't think. I think I commend the great. I commend the you know wait eight fulfill the promise. But as he's been doing by the way but. That are well Mike here well but I don't see I don't think. That the situation with the rotten and yet they lost oral lot the Ayatollah Ali come on guys talk about the destruction of Israel frankly. Israel's been annul the sending nuclear. Attack or intended by Iran that they backed up the nuclear reactor in Iraq. They can do the same any rod and add Iran knows that Israel has multiple nuclear weapons. So if Iran wants to go to them. Mutual destruction. A Soviet. But Israel's not gonna stand by. And and I think because of the level. Of attack that that would be for me rod and a nuclear sets was Huckabee a ground war. I think. I think it's a stalemate even though they talk about destroying Israel I think that's a stalemate. And I don't that but I don't think there would be any. And debris removal of American ability to support Israel because of our our nuclear capability or airpower. We saw what we did in Iraq with those Smart bombs. I I think that the United States would still have the capacity. To support Israel in the event of an attack from Iran. By the way I don't think that's gonna happen I think it's a lot of talk but that's just my view. 6172666868. As the number if you wanna respond to the president's speech which we carried live. We're glad to get your calls. About the historic moment really. Because look when Israel was created. In 1948. Jerusalem as its capital as far as Israel was concerned. The rest of the world. Did not acknowledge that. Israel's capital of Israel and Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Throughout its existence. As far as the Israelis are concerned the governments there. The bill of federal buildings are there that they all of what the operates. As the Government of Israel is primarily in Jerusalem its capital. But now this acknowledgment by the president. That Israel. Has a capital by the name of Jerusalem. And we're moving our embassy there which might take. A couple of years the president pointed out that they have architects and engineers. Gonna design and embassy. And I'm sure will be a spectacular. Building. An edifice that will reflect. The honor. Of being there as the first two not acknowledge this and that bookings. He's really acting nor Harry Truman acted Harry Truman was the first to recognize the State of Israel. Back in 1947. 48. So. I additive that seems to me that this bidding majoring event Bruce in Woburn you run the voice of Boston WRK over quickly Bruce go ahead. Mikey boy respect for coming on. Obama would love basically mobile meeting cared about the rules so people. And and you guys. What she was his chance with ties. But here's what we would eat yet he acted in a presidential. Manner are. Doing the right thing and there's not saying that the rule bats in the liberals are all these people that are against DOS. Can they can't touch a you'd like. Everything that I have water it would be what I captured Bible. Yeah he's doing that brought. Bruce thank you either the right thing for sure you're actually right Mike Siegel for. Jeff cooler today 6172666868. 130 it is at the voice of Boston your calls are next let's hear from you at WRKO. Archie you know the voice of Boston hello when he years but every previous. American person. Has exercised. The laws of waiver refusing to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Or to recognize. Jerusalem. As Israel's. Capital said. She these waivers under the belief that delaying the recognition of Jerusalem. Would advance. The cause of some say they lacked courage. But they made their best judgment. Based on facts as they understood them at the time. Nevertheless. The record. Is it. We're back gathered folks good to have you let us and glad to get your calls of what to get your response. We wanted to leave this time for you so you could respond regarding. The president's. Now making a decision. To move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And that there will be some fallout. But in the end I think actually have a better shot at peace because of it takes Jerusalem off the table. And now all there's no longer an issue about that. The Palestinians were roughly got to understand I mean the that geopolitical. Actions and that strategic rhetoric. All is about getting as much as you can will now this is done. It's going to be a clear that Israel is gonna control Jerusalem. And what the specific boundaries are for Palestinians living in East Jerusalem. Will remain to be say 6172666868. I hope that other countries will follow. Imagine the the last hour some of the Euro European countries about Australia New Zealand. How about the Singapore. How about some of the African countries. Let's see if some other countries. Make the bold move well once that starts happening. But the Palestinians. Have to throw their hands and say this is a done deal. The world is to stand up to terrorism. The Palestinians are run by terrorists. Hamas is terrorists. Hezbollah in in Lebanon terrorists. That's the way it is the a locks of martyrs brigade. Terrorists. And you don't kowtow to them you stand up to them and this is one way to do that Paula Dorchester. You run the boys of Boston WRKO hello there. They might thank you for having me and I'm dessert pro don't know what happened today because you know. So our president of the guts to make this announcement elect to speak before and we just passed us. Opinion of them that you feel Barack Obama the only thing that would speed is going to be lifted his legacy that this painting in the White House. So if those guys after the announcement like Hamas Hezbollah electoral modest Boogaard crisis bring almost that the stick to check but I just felt so we can get rid of these guys who control. Bring it on. Well yeah I mean that that you make the decision. And then EU you deal with it. There's nothing new about that house I brought up the thank you for calling Paula brought up the analogy. Of the revolutionary war you know we made a decision. We were gonna take it anymore. So we stood up. And got our troops together a fetus as as distorted as they wore. As odd as on. Prepared as they war with weaponry and all that George Washington let them. And though there was violence and return. But in the end though it morally righteous side one we were freed from the oppression of the British. And we created this great nation. The president made a decision. Along those lines this this needs to be done at that I think an historic decision. 6172666868. Go to Polly and Ingram. Poly or the voice of Boston WRKO hello. I find my can thank you for taking my call it's always wonderful to hear you on here. I was wondering if perhaps you could talk about bombed this State Department and where things could go from here. Because after listening to the speech I'm thinking now what many of the key hearing in the news of what's going on whether it. FBI DOJ. Goes from the State Department against it. And against trump move today and it sounds to me like. Ball rests in the court of the State Department. What happens if they don't go through live trump. Follow orders to them and howl how can he deal with GAAP if they've reset. If you're asking me my answer would be our fire them. Fire anybody who won't carry out the order I locally we talked about Jeff Sessions earlier he should be. I don't I don't change subjects when he's on recuse himself fire Bob Mueller forbid disgraceful. Toxic. Investigation he's created with it is a toxic underlings. And sessions should appoint a new special counsel not end at that point and no one a fair one. And then recuse himself again after it does that. That's what he should do and that's the same thing here if you have toxic people in the State Department to the one thing about Donald Trump that's disappointing to me. As that and then maybe because it's simply a time problem about being alerting wants is that you've got to get rid of the deep state. The people of the State Department who were Obama. Lackeys. Should be gone. And maybe these to tell love Tillerson and maybe that's one of the reasons why Tillerson is now being talked about his leaving in January. Because. He's not that being tough on those matters Polly I think what he needs to do. It's either Tillis and the president is get rid of the peach state the State Department people who and there are some in the air or very approach hottest of pro Palestinian you gotta get rid of them. Well all I can say is from your lips had to triumph ears because many of this year the famed uses he just expressed some doubt. HE chat sessions as much as we may have liked him it's just. People are not stepping up to the plate. In on to do what they are supposed to be doing and supported this president and the administration took that's my concern going forward about how this plays out in the State Department. And but let's hope that try and does as you suggested if he needs still. You know they put the you've made a point there and I've I've come to the conclusion because I remember talking to sign another journalist years ago about. That the executive vs the legislative branch. That legislative branch a policy branch. The executive branch. Executes. Exactly what exit executive means executes. Orders and I think Jeff Sessions as more of a senator policy guy. Then an executive I don't I don't think he has the the temerity to be in the job these men and make the tough decisions he needs to make. So it's it's not that he's intentionally protecting anybody I think it just doesn't have. The the make up to do it needs to be done as attorney general I think I like Chris Christie. Rudy Giuliani yes yes those guys are our executive branch types. Obviously who make decisions. And that that's the type that should have been there. I understand why trump did it Jeff Sessions was his number once support from the beginning in the senate and sessions went up against Ted Cruz his good friend. Which was really tough to I've met sessions at an event that was that that we're doing interviews and in DC at the Federation for American Immigration Reform. And he was out in the hallway and I went over overnight of one of the note that I highly respected the fact that even those of so close to pit crews. He saw the the vision of what Donald chump trump was presenting. Any support from the beginning and he really appreciate that comment because. You know it was a tough decision but he doesn't have the make up to be in the executive branch of government of leadership that's but he is a policy that that's my view of. No way I too agree does I I have always respected Jeff Sessions but he doesn't have been hiding they picked poll. Personality. To deal. She looked to be done good or go to. Polly thank you for calling that the tortilla Peter at New Hampshire you're the voice of Boston WRK oh hello there are in my mind reader I'm good thanks. Girl want to support the move trump made. You know I think one of the most important piece tag match speech other than that it is that this decision itself was. Where did you know it's two decades how many decades of appeasement and apology. Only made the problem worse and that everybody knows these radicals. They feed off of weakness. So this whole idea of shrinking and apologize and only makes the policy and worse so I'm glad we have a new sheriff in town and I also wonder marketers are not. What are the chances that we might move our. Capital that they Grand Forks, North Dakota. People of Grand Forks would love and I want so if a if I can't believe it's a Grand Forks. What I finished. Working out a Ph.D. at the University of Utah and communications. I was offered. A position as a as a spa professor of speech. That. The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks there might have been North Dakota State. They Grand Forks. And I die accepted it much thought my god you have to get well that. Abbas is bad enough but Grand Forks is thirty miles from the Canadian border appear in total isolation police in Boston. Maybe the weather gets cold but it sure is a great city. That's so. I was waiting on the contract. In Grand Forks. And got a call from the chairwoman of the speech department that the legislature cut out the position. Because. They don't have funding. I mean and the position was something like I don't know within those days it was not much like 121000 dollars a year. Let's hope that was like affection the grip force. I've only been there once X I was that many years later I was doing some work for a radio station. In Fargo for a week. And it took a drive to Grand Forks just to visit and its. Pleasant place but. Yeah I've I don't think we're gonna move or capital anywhere Washington DC is it. And there wasn't any symbolic reason Washington DC we started out Philadelphia with continental congress. And they just that built on the swamped. The city of Washington DC. And bill the capital I guess to make it someplace that was not going to be argued over between New York Philadelphia. Maybe Richmond. To be our capital Boston. So that it was a new place. And nobody could say that one was preferred over the other. So that was in our capital but the real plot bottom line here is what this monumental decision what your thoughts are about whether the president that the right thing. Are you concerned about the Palestinian. And Arab radical reaction. Because I'm not. If people wanna be violence in the streets. That's their decision. But that'll that will Wear down and wane. Over time got to remember when you make of a Europe revolutionary decision. And this is certainly one of votes. Time is the issue. There's an immediate. Outrage. And then that's subside over time. And that people just accept the reality. And I think that. One of the most important elements now that the president has made this very courageous decision and the right decision. Carrying out the will of the congress. One of the biggest issues now. Is whether other countries follow suit. Because of some do. It's gonna mitigate further any. Negative hostility. About that decision. Because more of the world is seen that the that the thing that's always puzzled me. Is that why as the world tolerated. The violence that we see. Weather's jihadist moving it to Europe really. Carrie got all those terrorist attacks they've carried out and now we find out that. The prime minister. Was a target. And the two guys went to court today. Who had intended to create a terrorist attack. On Downing Street near ten Downing Street where the prime minister lives. And then as that attack was being dealt with by the police. To have somebody sneak inside. And use a knife to kill threesome mag. The prime minister. Why did that happen we could make the case. The Fed and the other attacks in England. And the tax in Germany in the attacks in France. The attacks in Belgium. Happened because there was a tolerance. For people coming in without being vetted at all just crossed the border into Europe and that of course the European Union. Doesn't require passports. So people going from one country to the other. Freely. Carrying out these terrorist attacks which is widely. People of Great Britain voted to get out of. The. European Union. Would wrecks that they it was an exit. The British exit called Bre X. And that's. Why we need to be tougher in the western world. We need to be. Standing up for the right things and the right thing here was that Israel gets acknowledgment of Jerusalem as its capital by the United States. And that other countries need to see that. And move forward and precisely do the same thing. Which will suppress. Any negative hostility and violence. Glad to get your calls about that. Also the issue of the outrage of the FBI being corrupted. By people who are in the pocket of Hillary Clinton. And without animosity toward Donald Trump and allowing that bias prejudice and bigotry. To get in the way of their doing their jobs fairly are numbered at Boston a 6172666868. 6172666868. Your calls are welcome on that the situation with regard to the FBI. And the special counsel and the corruption there. Going after Michael Flynn. As well as on the president's announcement today. That Israel now has Jerusalem as its capital according to the United States because we're moving our embassy to Jerusalem good to have you let us. The voice of Boston is where you are WRKO stay with us and he snowflakes. You've just standard for. Freedom saves space. It's sacred city should call for the best in humanity. Lifting our sights to what it is possible not pulling us back. And down to the old fights. That have become. So totally predictable. There's the president and every year thoughts. Glad to have your comments and reactions to an historic moment. In which the United States is saying that is that Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I wanna mention. Something that. We have to preempt. Because of the president's speech. Something very powerful. And the duplicity. Ballpark all the guy who was treasonous left his. Colleagues the soldiers he was swift. To join the enemy. And then about six of our guys went out to find of some got injured. And in doing that and of course he was let off than not the will would plead not guilty. No prison time and all of that just a disgrace. He's also getting 300000 dollars in back pay. And remember the case of a Chris sauce here. He simply took a few pictures. On a forty year old chip that he was on as a naval officer for eleven years the show is family wearing work. And the fall was found at a dumpster. And he was put behind bars any foul felony. Did nothing to compromise security. And he was pound the weights and having a difficult time even making a living effect. Erratically had to go out and take a job Wednesday. What they call sanitation engineers and and and they you have the garbage truck picking up garbage. Could it couldn't get another job there was eleven year hero in the military in the navy. The duplicity of that and the politics is unbelievable ball bird doll walks away Scot free with a ton of money. And Chris sauce CA. Who world did his job for eleven years in the navy at that a minor glitch or taking a photo. On a forty year old ship of nothing secured by the way just as the open parts of the ship. Gets pounded into oblivion. That's the nature of this government works sometimes who go to Ken first of all Ken you're WRKO the voice of Boston hello. Yeah hello. I just let it the brain com. I don't think that's exceptions. Well in and replace it says that just prepare any prior room. What's that put put protection if it's spent and bringing Chris speak and then maybe we'll move some of the swamp. While well I you know I would have hoped that session's. One when the Roy Moore scandal broke. I would have liked to see concessions go back down to Alabama. To take back his senate seat which would have won hands down. Yup that would have been a better idea. And then trump could have appointed somebody else the attorney general job you know it is sessions says this is his dream job but he's not good at it. I know Britain that prince and the guys that guided by it's just sit and Victor at tank he knew that about Coke. All like yeah he can involve we're all out all of the Clinton. People and all that. Well he was. Cracked his wife ran enough for office and Bayh and Virginia. I got money from Terry McAuliffe the Democrat who's of the altar regal Hillary Clinton I mean they're all in bed together so to speak politically. That we get out of there and it gets so much in Afghanistan and the moment you've got all excited to its feet. Turn in that State's evidence heard from the FBI. He's gonna come all the talk kind of so there's so much stuff back block put all of all of swamped they don't want put on the eight years or more. Oh yeah no that's you're absolutely right. It's all coming out now. They don't have to distribute it claims that the I'm up here and I was Giuliani if if people if they do it but I think he'd get. Are not. Caught tied it is maybe. He would get through and ordered but these. They would be a great. A great FBI director would be tray out. But the idea of a look at an offset well at that he would be thanks Ken I preach that's a good point you make about Kristi. Trade Gabby or Giuliani betray got to be great to accept that that the doubting himself pulled himself out of consideration. Because he realized he was too inflammatory. As a Iraq's a solid conservative. And yet it's okay for these left wing radical liberals. That or into the job Eric Holder. It's basically a Communist. And also was the only attorney general. Of or Obama he was the only attorney general ever. To be cited what they contempt of congress citations. Because refuse to turn over documents on the fast and furious case what we gave. 2200 automatic weapons to the Sinaloa and Zeta cartels in Mexico isn't that great. At that Obama could go back gets passed by at the little nothings get affected by people's support Donald Trump.