Mike Siegel - Pamela Geller joins Mike to talk about Jihadism in America

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Monday, November 20th

Political Activist and Commentator Pamela Geller joined Miek Siegel, filling in on "The Kuhner Report" to discuss Jihadism in Ameriac, and how to fight it.


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And he snowflakes Fred Anderson. You've just standard freedom to save space. Mark K. We're back got it good to be would be a 105 in the afternoon as we continue along here is the voice of Boston WRKO. Likes it over Jeff corner. And a water might take a look at my column at WRK a dot com it's all about the Roy Moore Al Franken duplicity. Being treated very differently. In those two cases. You can get a chance to look at that if you wanna pick up a book about talk radio in the power of talk radio. I did this book over a period of a couple of years actually make the point that talk radio very powerful vehicle it's called airing the way. During this digital era. Lot of what we did back in the nineties. Has now been really re formed and changed because of the digital era that weren't so and this is a great background. About the power of talk radio a lot of campaigns I was involved and called airing the way. And I wrote that book with you in mind cause for talk radio listeners available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon all over the place those. Those web sites in the meantime. We have probably the premiere person who's the number one. Warning individual warning us about Jihad as a and as she has said before before 9/11. It was not even in our vocabulary. After that she became inquisitive. Look into what read the Koran. All of a sudden realize the dangerous become the leading voice. To warn us about the dangers of Jihad ism Pamela Geller miss Geller how are you today. Very well thank you for having me night. It's always a pleasure to talk to you. Let me ask you what let's or a couple of specific things the case I wanna bring up pilloried because. This case shows her disregard for American security there's a guy by the name of Tariq Ramadan. 55 years old is a professor of contemporary Islamic studies. At University of Oxford in the United Kingdom he's been accused by three women within the last month. Describing sexual assaults on them by him. And it actually goes back to the eighties and nineties. Molestation accusations of four miners students in Geneva. Hillary Clinton. Gave this guy a personal Colin Powell wouldn't let him in the country as secretary of state from 2004 to 2010. He was barred. Then in 2010. And have the document fraud abuse Hillary signed. She writes as a matter of discretion in the court with the authority granted by such and such law of the immigration and national nationality act. Considering the national security foreign policy interest deemed relevant in these consultations. That it shall not above the eye and they shall not apply. For purposes of applications and I'm immigrant visa or for mission as a non immigrant to miss Tariq Ramadan why bring this up it's only one case. But he's he's. Jihadist. He's a Sharia law guy and she saw no qualms about letting him and even though Colin Powell movement not to let him. Sure president. I need a push banned him. Just been knowing. He is the grandson. Of the great grandson the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood he's absolutely. A advocate for the sure react and advocates for. Jihad. He's delighted by that left fifty dead he's a professor at Oxford. Beloved you know they did beat Lafayette parish but left it's not just chi hi terrorism they let terrorism and keep up. You know this is a terrorist group designated terrorist group by. By Germany back in in the seventies. I Tariq Ramadan and you noticed that he acts hearing a word about Tariq Ramadan in multiple accusations. Of sexual attack. It's interesting to me that the left is that you know he really quiet. As silence speaks volumes. That. Eight. I yelled wanna congratulate. The lead the first woman who had come I would because it's a lot they went after her I don't have to tell you. A you know like like chum like it shocks on job. But the idea that. Yeah Harvey Weinstein and Kevin bass sea and we see that happening to these people. But yup that Hillary Clinton lifted the ban. And that he was lauded. I university's Graham Mike how you can ride by the way a black listed I mean we haven't I navigate I used to get asked to speak all the time. I haven't been in years the only come up and bite it was just in September to free speech we keep Berkeley which by the way was canceled. And what was more frightening than that we've seen hundreds if not thousands of young people marching. Against the freedom of speech the foundation of a free society we added a tyrant to wreak Havoc and oppose. Oxford did not. Take any action against every Ramadan and held it with this outreach on line. And bite he would. Which he's now taking me into temporary. I leave the back in. I'm I'm thrilled and shocked that that even happened because they would go. As you know yeah hell bent. On keeping him out but this kind of treatment of women and addition react frankly if standard operating procedure. And we get to hear about that you know when I did an ad campaign highlighting the gender apartheid female genital mutilation on a violence on a killing it was the last. That it tactically. It was the left that got my ad taking down the same length that meat fruit she reacts. Pro G hot anti semite and a cup so our. The leader of the woman march. I've been Glamour Magazine named her. One of the women of the year here is a one man who said I had had the LEA Brady form reform. Who lived under twenty crowd a death threat like myself within the fatwa which is adept. Which is the name of my book front sovereignty in America said at least a couple of said that I young at the elite should have a vagina cutoff and deserves an aunt what and I need this is who the left is they are the enemy they you know any of freedom they are the enemy of Americanism. It's it's it's the point I wanted to bring a new right obviously Pavel but the of the group one wanted to make here is that. Hillary Clinton did this. Obviously the previous administration knew how bad the sky three Ramadan was his own brother by the way said well in order in order to vote to approve. That there was a rape by an Islamic fellow UFF four witnesses. Four witnesses so in other words he's not saying the Brothers and saying he didn't know what. On where else. And and so the brother is saying that that that Tariq Ramadan didn't commit these sexual abuses of these women and girls in the eighties and nineties. But that you finally Forman who will agree to testify this that will talk about that that's the way they behave and Hillary Clinton let you know I have. So what what do what does that say about Hillary Clinton if she had been elected president. Well look at it I've been. Now more women are coming out against another problem in came out against her husband. And though but I I've been handled that. They'll question but I that she protected him she was she was his enabler. She obstructed justice in the case of Bill Clinton her husband but I'm talking about accurately that the outrageous. Act of letting the sky into the country it tells you that she had no qualms about Jihad ism. No qualms about Sharia law no qualms about these radicals coming and. Absolutely. I mean the former male witnesses Justin knowing that Tariq Ramadan brother didn't just make that up out of nowhere and that is according to Islamic law. According to Islamic bloc. I won't need four male witnesses to testify on her behalf and hit. For male or any mail that what watch it. And do not things and yet been testifying on behalf again is a shared. I mean you know this is part of the brutal and extreme ideology that by the way Hillary consistently supported this is a warning. Who had a meeting with the organization of Islamic cooperation organization and on the cooperation. Is 66 from the from countries plot. The Palestinian Authority that the world the logic were a body at the UN who objected gays to impose Sharia on the did he get the nation's life which is you know should react black can be life with people being killed I am under a fatwa. Because I've violated its surely up IE. A I IE criticize Islam. I showed they depiction of Mohammed and that is why there is a death sentence on my head. She had the organization of Islamic cooperation to Washington. Behind closed doors to impose. To discuss ways of imposing. Resolutions 1618. Which by the way trump should act as the drug administration to actively work. Q. A key dissing each round. To repeal it BP had the lap eighty people last Sunday. Resolution at the UN. Which is the issue re and this is what Hillary Clinton and that is what she did with Tariq Ramadan this is where she wouldn't but she actively seek to impose. On the west. Quite the media. Which is aligned with the Jihad force never report on it but the fact he is that he worked actively when she was secretary of state to a Pau. If Syria and she said the way we do in America. Is to publicly shame people. That a polish to react publicly shame people that oppose. Islamic terror it if this is what the left has done myself to my colleague demonize. Market life and rent direct radioactive. They because it monster. It's it's on star who's gonna listen to the message of a monster might. Well she's the must've Pamela because she's the one that's that that's giving the past century a lot of Jihad has been all that baloney that turn to. Another issue under the Obama administration by the way with regard to Iranian backed Joseph harvests in Iraq. And and we supporting them. November 13 the Washington free because. Adam Credo he writes this one to street once samples a paragraph. US officials acknowledged Iranian backed forces in Iraq could be using American made arms and admission that comes amid growing concern on Capitol Hill. Of the US government is quietly working with militia fighters in Iraq. Who wart directly tied to the Islamic revolutionary guard corps according to multiple sources familiar with the situation. Obama was actually using. Iraq and rainy and soldiers supporting them in the fight in Iraq. And this is consistent. With Obama policy. I mean we feel we saw this in Egypt. When he actively worked Alex Alex thirty year ally Mubarak the first look for Lee didn't make peace with Israel. We feel like this in Libya when he hit a a secular lead no prince. I I I grant Q could dump he would know prince but he did contain the Jihad threat and look what happened to Libya Libya as a failed state. It easy if he's now you know they play key hi Kay asked multiple high reward. And if stronghold now what the Islamic state. He did this in eating need not what that was really. The only true freedom revolution they talked about the Arab Spring which for the third it was euphemism. But he beat the Islamic supremacist revolution. As the door in each app but he worked. To speak to keep them alacrity in place that theocracy in place in Iran when you had in June of 2009. The first. Freedom revolution and had a we know that. Am glad I went. Woo women would dial idol winner with high heeled one with the job but so why it was led by women and he helped crush it. I mean in the mode model and extreme way demolished crushed at the revolution in June 2009 so yes. He aiding and abetting a rod is consistent with these protein packed policy. Did you pack it. We being run. What's consistent with these protein had policy aiding and arming. RB Ryan the billions of dollars to relief to be run which we which went. They went to achieve high terror group that went to Yemen. Who week and at one now with this it would with the British out these. It would has a lot depth proxy in Lebanon which is now on the brink of falling. If you meet Ronnie and rule and we need to Derek did the consequences. Are Obama is pro Jihad. Policies. Will be as catastrophic. As questioning Carter's. Local media policy any Ron I mean there are certain defining moment in history and contact Alex in the shop. Our great friend eighty Ron led to what we are suffering now. And I submit to you that he Obama's policies will be even more disastrous in Middle East. And in Africa eight and in the region. Wells that Clara Lopez at the sort of security policies told me on this program repeatedly. That in fact the Obama administration Barack Obama himself. Was was focused on making you run hegemonic leader of the Middle East that was his intent which is why he did nothing to help the green revolution 2009 that you mentioned. Which is why he now has been found to have actually. Supported with a arms. The Iranian guard which is unbelievable their fighting in Iraq and he's helping the Iranians a country that wants that calls us the bevel and wants to destroy the State of Israel. Great great policy by Barack Obama there we'll come right back with Pamela Geller. And continue this conversation. Number Boston a 6172666868. Glad to get your calls what do you make of all of this. Hillary Clinton letting a guy in to this country accused of sexual assaults of women and girls in the meantime Colin Powell secretary of state would not. Let him in for 2004. And then the 2010. Hillary signs an order letting him into the country apparently not really caring about your hide his Mitchell real law. Making its way it to the United States of America thank Koch is not present you imagine. If she became president could have you witnessed your calls are welcome we get to those right here at the voice of Boston WRKO at 120. They're good or bad is dishing out his daily dose of truth. I meant oppose them. WR JL yeah. We're back 123 might feel comfortable with the fact with Pamela Geller well you're right your calls Pavel of tragic case that sweet. A woman is raped by a Syrian refugees back in March. Now we find out these actions actually committed suicide. In part because. The police and the prosecutor refused to go after these. At the rapists who had another friend with a minute or apartment where they richter. Or the one director even though they could've gotten DNA evidence. Even though they admitted being at her apartment at the time she said they director. But the fact is that they did not even pursue this they said there was a lack of evidence what do you make of this. This is what we think if this is the news Europe this continues span media acted the how you know the major. Muslim immigration. The fact he's you know we didn't need under attack. They haven't read Jihad going on it'd be get her up by a long hike or a week. Muslims it is this is covered up he cannot talk about it the fact that they had these. Like thirteen bonding new gains seen in 21 days. The media is not talking about it this synagogue. Had been under attack that we that we don't show out shouted it in what forum malveaux. It you know the issue is ongoing I did it this is a terrible story that you're citing about the young woman who killed themselves. But it is hardly knew I mean she just took drastic actions she could live with it that she could live with the denial. Byte by society. But the fact is what they have migration board. This Swedish migration board received death threats. From these migrants if they don't do what they told. You know is they have no corrosion owned firefight is unsweetened I don't will not put out leak case. After looking to attack that would make a lead to put out fires that the dog I have a category on Geller report dot com quote Sweden. These or new reports that the media will not cover which is light should subscribe. Do you adapt solution to talk radio that you need to subscribe to news sites like my Geller report dot com. Because the media will not Khobar. Do you do you know this ongoing Jihad by people like look for populations in the recent one American really need to know this is because. Donald Trump president trump is trying. To put national security restrictions restrictions on this migration from Jihad region. And electing doing everything it mentality find these liberal left judge is. Whether they're at Hawaii or other you know random place is ready noble rule in the FER to stop the president and we have to stop them. Let's go to Paula wallboard for Pamela Geller. Paul your run WRK of the voice of Boston hello. No. Yeah yes yes or Goran first I want to applaud him off shore the cars this year because what's so disturbing stuff about this country. You know the parts of the world. If men are acting like men and I like to emasculated whips it'll become was pulled to protect and provide for women okay. It's tugboat to religion of peace. We have ethnic made. Hurting women. It's raid. On you know going out to because of their sexual hang outs in the media and liberals and in America cult or optic complicit. And the evil that's being in the that would allow it to commit to what country. And it's pathetic. But the media doesn't just call what it is I happen to be Christian Catholic. I want that all the commotion was laying on. New beau Catholic priest or things now we have things happening what Muslim man. It's nothing to say that I'm against Seoul. Religion of Islam. The most people speak about the most effect known nothing about being known nothing about Mohammed stayed on mounting about the practices that take place and all these countries. Like sixty minutes killed. Saudi Arabia. Forming Yemen and at that to actually initiates America has to be the voice not only of reason put the conviction while wide. You delete Judeo Christian. Malls and more race. Well I think it would cause panel or it. Well I agree covered a lot of ground if by the mass deletion of men I believe I is feminism is at fault. Men the image of well what women make and then up clay and I think feminism has been the most destructive force. Full report what is. You know. I mean look I was one of four girls I was raised in households that we can do anything we could be anything actually shifted that a doctor at. I haven't played any reshape the point that I was sub negated a good dude. As you know when I'm addicted to big feminist issue with the RA equal rights amendment and I think I would be apolitical really before nine elevenths. But even yeah I never understood and Mike why don't I need something are already have. What do I need an equal right to man I LII reading have equal rights this feminine committed very destructive force. And I think that's why didn't B are behaving the way they ought be leaving. Add to the media they are outlined the cheap hot sport they are decidedly leftist edited the red green alliance. And you know the less love sort of a totalitarian ideology get rid of the day country yet to go with communism. Like Stalinism or the national Socialist Workers Party that was not see them Reid might have read that was my account yes he was that this is Q you got. But he was a hard leftist. This idea and other legal lot it's you to lie immediate help is that not tease him with a hard right ideology nonsense. But with socialist it's what it was then it's what it is now. And this idea this big lie in these record after British pop. Why they always have to say Islam is peace why the only kept his fate is from a Beverly legally get a peek at every cannot attack. It's the third lie but they have to keep repeating it because it is a big lie. And they they eat they don't want to deplete your ice they want to believe they'll life. Just it just in right after the G Heidi on Halloween in New York City he had Jake Tapper they met. A lock bar at the beautiful brainy you have a New York Times that having won the two pieces in two days about how out of lock box is really you know very very beautiful misunderstood. And I'm. It's a well. Mohamed key hot war crime. Do you Mohammed Mohammed the prophet of Islam within Jihad were quite 88 eating cake walk cry. Anybody scream before every during every Islamic attack. So people have to get arm beneath the nation battle space which is why they should read my book I plummeted in America. Why he's an American like me an American girl like me living under 24 I would get back. That required 24 I was security because diplomatic ER two Islamic law in this country. That is why most Americans are unaware that they don't know that IE and buckets full time. And I guess I got here CIA leak that we're living under 24 I would desperate. I've got to get dramatic or comic brought up at least in the and you got at all until the report dot com. Always a pleasure Pamela thank you being with us continue the brokerages were we appreciate for sure. That you.