Mike Siegel - NYT White House Correspondent Glenn Thrush Suspended

The Kuhner Report
Monday, November 20th

Mike reacts to the news that Glenn Thrush has been suspended and isn't surprised he's going to "Rehab."


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Good reason number 279. Now moved well hold on now all appears to kicker boom well hold on now here's the kicker. Back to more life co owner Chris obviously wing went on WR KEL. We're back got a good to have you with us Mike Seguin jab today at the pleasure but breaking story about 45 minutes ago. Very interest thing to say the least. Glenn thrush. Covers the white asked for the New York Times though let's put this in context because. The Harvard University study right across in Cambridge. And of course in June there it's not a cross anywhere Charles River but be that as it may. Glenn thrush. Covers the White House for the times. We know the Harvard study that's something in the neighborhood of 93%. Of the stories about Donald Trump or negative. At CNN and the New York Times I think it's about 85 or 88% negative. Overwhelming. With Barack Obama was about 40% negative. And so while Harvard which isn't exactly conservative bastion it's a left wing. Thinking at our university. The reporting. Has been devastatingly negative toward Donald Trump. Which demonstrates a lack of fairness to say the least and Glenn thrush is part of that. So let me share with you what the New York Daily News just published. In the last thirty minutes. A prominent New York Times reporter covering the White House has been suspended from the paper. Amid an inquiry into allegations he acted inappropriately with young female journalists. Let rush who was so well known that he was portrait several times on Saturday Night Live. Plans to enter substance abuse treatment following the revelations according to the New York Times. Apparently Laura McGann. Wrote a piece. Published in the box. And she's a former editor Politico. Rush worked there at the time. And you reported that that the rush. Known in journalism circles in DC as a hard drinker. Who could be aggressive with young women at parties. Ms. began wrote that he put his hand on her thigh. And began kissing or five years ago. And on want it and countered that she suspected. Rush then spun to diminish her standing. In the newsroom. You know that the base I guess say she's easy or some of those sorts of things. For a strike to diminish this young lady missed again. In June. Of this year. Apparently. A 23 year old journalist. Was left in tears. After she resisted his advances. The young. Friend a friend of the young reporter. Texted rush the next day. And the friend wrote. I wanna make sure you don't Lori young women aspiring journalists in to those situations. Ever again. At the friend of the victim. Was Bianca Hydro Casio. Who is also a journalist. So that rush comes out. And writes this. I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable in my presence. At Freddie situation right behaved inappropriately. Any behavior that makes a woman feel disrespect that are comfortable as on acceptable. But here's. The rhetoric that these people are using he says my recollection of my interactions with Laura. Laura McGann the first one who wrote for box. About is approaching are putting his hand general like human kissing her he says my recollection of my interactions Mubarak differs greatly from harbors. The encounter was consensual brief and ended by me. She was an editor above me at the time and I did not disparage her colleagues. At political she claims the assertions I would rate women based in their appearances also false. I have never offered ministership or reporting advice to anyone man or woman with an expectation of anything in return well. He again you have these. Kind of generic. Denials. That you CEO Al Franken saint thing well I didn't realize. I don't rectal Heidi it's at the same thing I don't recollect the way she recollect that its listing of these people try to. Kind of downplay. What they did. In order to. Kind of massage. The reality a little bit does that fastening supplied brush. At the New York Times holier than vowed New York Times. Now has been suspended. And is gold treatment. And we'll see work goes from there as to whether others may come out. With the same kind of scenario other there are other women as well by the way in the same situation with Glenn thrush who made these allegations against him.