Mike Siegel - The NFL is shameful, and Roger Goodell is a Coward

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, November 22nd

Mike Siegel fills in for Jeff, and he's over the NFL and its Cowardly Lion Roger Goodell, after allowing the Anthem Protests against their own bylaws.


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Boy so Boston. Here we are back would give folks good to be here Mike Ziegler Jeff we'll have a great Thanksgiving it's been a great three days I've enjoyed being here with all of you Wendell wrap it up here. And high note if you will. With a lot of energy. Because that's what this NFL situation. Conjures zone is a lot of energy a lot of passion what people love the National Football League I'm one of and I've got to tell you that since I started using my satellite service won't mention the name in 2001. Every year. I've bought the NFL Sunday ticket. This year. I did buy it. And then that nearly controversy happened. Add to the credit of the satellite company. They allow people to cancel. The NFL Sunday ticket. As they protest. To the kneeling by the players during the National Anthem. Now the normal policy of this company is if you by the NFL Sunday ticket you cannot cancel it once that first game begins. You've got to keep it for the season. But they've modified that so I canceled. I'm done. I've had it with Roger Goodell. And his. Irrational decisions he's the same guy who decided that Ray Rice. Who pounded his fiancee at the time in an elevator drag their on the floor out of the elevator and he gets a two game suspension. And then as you know Tom Brady gets four games for deflating a football I guess its worst of the played a football that it is the pound a human being into oblivion. At the one consciousness. It Delis and complete a full. And he's the ultimate version. Of somebody getting to a level of incompetence. At proving that there were incompetent. I liked him when he first took over. And these out year by year shown me that is a disgrace and he hasn't got the guts to stand up and say. You stand up during the nationally at the matter of fact let me start. With the NFL. Operations manual now there's an NFL rule book. In the rule book itself which has about the penalties that'll that. For violations of rules there's no mention of the National Anthem. But the game operations. Manual which is where it should be in terms of the operations. Outside of the on field play. In the operations manual the game operations manual says this. Regarding the National Anthem. And on the record and read it word for word. The National Anthem must be played. Prior to every NFL game and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. During the National Anthem players on the field and bench area should stand at attention. Face the flag. Hold the helmet to their left hand and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out the players and coaches. That we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag in our country. Failure to be on the field by the start the National Anthem may result in discipline. Such as fines suspensions. And or the forfeiture of draft choices for violations of the above. Including first offenses. I'll read one sentence again. It should be pointed out the players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. So ladies and gentlemen that's the bumped National Football League. Has already said. What the president has said and what millions of people who were boycotting the National Football League said. And that is that we need to respect the flag. And you are required to stand for the flag and you're required to be on the field for the flag. That's that you NFL's all rule in its operations manual. And this coward. This crawling Howard Roger Goodell won't stay to the players you must follow this operations manual rule. It is absolutely unconscionable. That this happens. Now. Battle trump tweeted this morning because all of a sudden get Ellison won't make it will let them stay in the locker room. Well that's shortly toe. Because the role exists. In the way. The decency exists. The stand that honor of the flag and those who fought and died for that flag. And became severely injured for that flag and who risked their lives for that flag and their families who. Oh have to live with that situation of their loved one. Facing death every day on the battlefield. Fighting for the freedom of this country. You know guy like Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks. Niels. Complaints. And makes eight million dollars a year. I don't see him have suffering because of it financially. They set the opportunity in this country to make a ton of money. And he's complaining about it and you know what. If these guys want a protest Pope protest the flag of the national at them. Protest. By going out and doing things in the community. By making it better many of them don't start foundations and recommend that. To help but kids get the college Jordan helped in inner city problems. With financial support. And other ways in which they help building. Michael Jordan for example just pay the build a hospital. And that's commendable that's great both of the things Malcolm Jenkins. Of the Philadelphia Eagles. Is the stall wart of what should be done as a role model. He has gone out riding with the police in their cars these guys wanna complain about the police he's written with the police in their cars. And talk to them and on their shift about the work that they do watch their work. He's got to the police stations have talked to the officials. He's also worked on. Getting a law passed in Pennsylvania replace for the Eagles and Philadelphia. In Pennsylvania where after ten years a misdemeanor can be removed from Europe record. If you've done nothing. Bad since the misdemeanor. Not a felony but a misdemeanor can be extinguished from the record expunged after ten years of living a clean life. That helps you to get a job health should have a clean record. He's doing things like that. But these guys are lazy it's very easy in the field during the nationally at them. And Colin Capp predict when he was out there he was able to Wear on his socks depictions of police as pigs. Goodell didn't say a word about that but what Tim Tebow Neil. The same quick prayer after a touchdown. Meant good double jumped all over him. When they wanted to Wear nine elevenths remembrances on the fifteenth anniversary. Goodell said no. When that Dallas Cowboys wanted to Wear. Little decals on their helmets honoring the police who were assassinated. By a sniper in Dallas who remember about a year ago. Goodell said no. But it's located the pick the police's pigs it's okay to decide the American flag. This delicate Dell is a disgrace. And he's a liar when he says that we honor. This country and and the flag he's a complete bald faced liar. And the National Football League should pay the price for. Bottle trumped tweed at this this morning. When Goodell said that may be will the reports came out that maybe they'll have the guys stay in the locker room. The president said the NFL is now thinking about a new idea. Keeping teams in the locker room during the National Anthem next season. That's almost as bad as Neil. When will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough and Smart this issue is killing your Lee and quote. I understand obviously the patriots are the icon. Of the football world. On the field or not talking about on the field. We're talking about of that the basic decency. To respect. The flag. The anthem. What do represents. And the freedom that gave these players the opportunity to make a ton of money. Far more by multiples. Then 95 or 99% of the people listening to this program right now. And they've had a good where else are they gonna go to have this good. A wanna hear from you about this he might disagree you might think that the NFL is doing fine I don't. Number of Boston a 6172666868617266. 6868. I really have had a with. Roger Goodell and his inane. Excuses for how he operates and now they're talking about giving him fifty million dollars a year salary. Now their private organization. That's certainly the NFL has the right to do that. The owners pay the salary. What is he worth fifty million dollars I guess maybe because he makes them a lot of money. But you know a lot as these ratings continue to drop by 567%. From last year which they are dropping. As attendance continues to drop which it is dropping around the league. And of course the mediocre teams are gonna feel that more than the better teams. But bottom line is. That this National Football League down the road it's going to be in big trouble. Because when you combine this. Debacle. That's been created by Roger Goodell who should have ordered these players to stand for the flag to begin win. When this the bottle has been created. It's on top of the fact that the folk and caution came out that the book about concussions came out. That the reports about the concussions came out that the cover up by Pete Tagliabue a Paul Tagliabue. And Roger Goodell who covered it up a toll could no longer cover it up that these concussions are serious problems. That parents are gonna say why should all like it play football. This baseball this soccer news uh oh all kinds of other sports. Who needs this. John an expert George WRK a voice of Boston hello John. I'd like rampant punishment and thank you to. My feeling about it now is you know he is there to protect me you know rooms and they write them as much money as possible. And if you have the star. Living by the rules to suspend players. That's taken. What is premier players you know. Out of the out of action wouldn't they gonna lose some money buy that's up he tries to protect them as what you do and that's that's the only reason he's there. Yep I agree but you don't know if you have a rule. It should be at it should be enforced and and what the real the thing that really bothers me about it. Is that the hypocrisy of I just mentioned how the cowboys couldn't Wear decals. On the police who were killed by the assassin. In Dallas. Goodell would let him they would let Tim Tebow Neil. He wouldn't let by the way there's another one that was a player who wanted to Wear pink shoes for the entire season. Because his mother died of breast cancer and he wanted to honor her for the season and Goodell wouldn't let him where votes. But it's okay to nail for the National Anthem. My point is that it's a hip hypocritical duplicity. And there's a specific role in the operations manual that I read that says you must stand for the National Anthem. Number he he's the one of them portion of the roles to be choose to reports. I we have the right to say you wanna play that game. We have a right as many fans are saying we're gonna walk away. Oil and hopefully it backfires on them in their electricity reduce it to a certain extent than done. Hopefully. They'll they'll finally you know return to their senses and do what they're supposed to. John appreciate it we're talking happy Thanksgiving to. Let's go to Burton mall developer you're on the voice of Boston WRKO. Epic economic call that an IU he said little about a minute ago oh good out. Pop pop out there. Matches site that was going to grow. I gotta I am I bought a mop a mob that current. And I. Watch out opening scene from taiba prior private Ryan and I pay a gap that we've ruled and I grew up the think that so for a and what people don't realize that nationally a rumor that the country not the individual police the proper that these people take into it yet. And not have not been that National Anthem represented. The freedoms that people died on the beaches at Normandy or. A recent black or. Like I. And the reason he's football players live in the country date bill and could play its all people. Should realize what this country provides our opportunity more so when comparable generals. And now they make it Marines that call it a little bit on. That. But they'll cut in to expand on it and do some balls that. I'll especially you know to be of the veteran Iowa thank you for your service. And and I'm not a veteran. You are. And I'm repeat repulsed by it but I can't imagine. Com how badly because you know you probably saw a guy's guy around you you know put every day. In battlefields. Soldiers risk their lives for that flag. And for that anthem and in these guys are disparaging. That that's an idiot disgrace. And I and I understand the reps at the black men are targeted by police are. And we don't know that immigration and stole a lot well at the jets and it probably. Now Obama ball away at history it I at all but that's an inconvenience sectoral. But individual police that a war that's gone with black man did it police opposite. Is that initial book nationally it. But it (%expletive) I don't think they then get paid professional ought we not a professional politicians and make political spate. I gotta tell you know what. By air National Anthem now lap line battle and appropriate all the upgrade a lot in my eyes not that. The era when you are that she fighter jets over an eye opening date. But the Red Sox. My gym and then also there again all who aren't. Old samples fighter jets were present these are almost and I don't want to honor what agreed upon all this. But both players of all people should realize. The opportunity. This country has provided forum and I really which Goodell would say. And not another platform another arena or other high. You take its shop but not yet not on my watch or it'll pick and you'll do during the national parliaments. Thank you fees are appreciative for very much as a veteran of the troops straight up. Everyday and WR. The afternoon and into the afternoon and again obviously have a happy Thanksgiving. Get out to remind you like you'll weekly column for wrko.com. We'll take a look at it this week it's about Roy Moore. And Al Franken. And you wanna take a look at it well I think it's a great read on talk radio it's called airing the way book I wrote. About talk great in my experts in this field in the power of talk radio and make policy and change policy. Airing the ways and if you pick it up at Barnes and Noble's website or Amazon or any of the others that be great I think you'll enjoy it Tony in Weymouth. Iran WRKO the voice of Boston hello Tony. They have nobody to take my column definitely check out that book that would be good read. And let's. And that's an armed about the details thing you know it's it's all about the integrity of the game itself but that guy you know I remember how we came out the Brady. Or with a small little thing about the weight of the actual poke ball. Where people take it means there in the national income. You know these these athletes they do that such a state crime BP that meet with one of these guys ticket need before they catch touchdown that would show the real bravery. Yeah I am by the way. That that's a great point but the other point is he gives Tom Brady four games for deflating a football if he did. And he gives Ray Rice two games for pounding the hell out of his fiancee. So that she's unconscious. At the dregs are out of the elevator we saw that on the video. Right that's that's still can't just doesn't include the integrity of the game you know it doesn't rule in the game with oh. And yeah. Well you know. How is it affected Europe. The way you look at the NFL now towards your own support for the NFL. Honestly you know all right I I go what the ties that that we cannot injure Nolan. And right now it is spoke then and I'm not even paying attention to the NFL beyond. Fifteen straight that's pretty amazing. It's it's pretty incredible ripple effect in seventeen against the radical side. You know. Since you brought that up by when I was a kid. I remember Bob Cousy and bill show Armitage of law skipped often. I mean. The the whole. The whole crowd of of that that Chris Sam Jones Casey Jones. I mean it was an amazing team. And at the Celtics have a great history. And tradition and of course what are tough times now. This is an amazing run leave the think they have a shot at beating Cleveland that the eastern division. You know I'd I'd I'd love to see them go up against. LeBron with the team mindset because I think that upon the data tried taking all of his own shoulders. And you know the coaching this year and the that's felt that the name probably it for the groups that amount for just. A good solid formulate a human eye like a lot like watching the bat well it. The other great they're doing a great job to listen Tony have a great Thanksgiving thanks for call happy Thanksgiving you take care. Yet at the Celtics are great the great fund known. Maybe that's the version from football. Of course obviously the patriots do as expected very very well and it's it's at an interest in time but idea. I think there's a point at which you have to say. I put my so called money where my mouth is I put my principle. Into action. And for me that's what happened. You know loving the National Football League as I have over the years. As well spaced over this election my favorite. But the NFL. Has always been exciting. And having the ability to watch all of the games on a Sunday over the years has been something almost four to. Whichever way the satellite company does that they have 58 boxes on the screen. And they have eight games that's a different games they're seeking watchable once. And and then you can just click on whatever game you wanna watch on the full screen while I got rid of it this year after this newly controversy started. And in the president's right on point. What this week. That could tell us this gets some guts somewhere because it's gonna continue there're there are hard core NFL fans. And that are going to be there no matter what. But there were those people who are gonna say the outlook. This is this is becoming. But to nonsensical. Two irrelevant. To meaningless. And for me. I'm not gonna participate in this thing there has to be some value and meaning don't Goodell says that they honor. The military in the out of this country's fault of because when you honor it it's not you can't just say the words. You have to do it bite to eat. And it's time at and what will what Jerry Jones did in Dallas. He told his entire player roster. If you O'Neal during the National Anthem you're not play. If you nailed during the National Anthem with that this respect. You're not getting paid we're suspending you. And the league has a role but I just read that it refuses to follow why does the rule exists. You know with the combination of convenience. For rules and regulations like illegal immigration we talked about earlier and that's tragic.