Mike Siegel - Larry Nasser should have gotten life in prison

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, November 22nd

Mike Siegel fills in for Jeff, and reacts to the breaking news that Former Olympic Doctor Larry Nasser has plead guilty to sexual crimes against minors, but only got 20-45 years.  


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Crooner report presented by Kelly financial services. So that it's got out of four. Feel good inject doubt my man my they don't get your. Football is welcome man here we are the day before Turkey day. By the way are soft piece. On the news that the if you're gonna work fry your Turkey. On the chart one of fried Turkey what weapons roasted. But if you're gonna fry a Turkey. They saves stay right there. At the cooking location. Because the fires can start. And then all bets are off so be very careful if you gonna fry your Turkey. Especially if it's indoors. There are some things we wanna cover here today. That two tweets by Donald Trump or actually 32. Bubble or bald one about the NFL. We'll get to that. And other things that have come up. It's. A range. Of issues but the one that probably is most compelling. Is the one having to do with this. Incendiary. Former physician. Larry Nasser. 54 years old you just heard the report on the news. Out of Michigan. He worked for USA gymnastics. In a position of trust. Handling medical issues for. Young people girls. In their early teens. As a matter of fact. He also worked for Michigan State. Pleaded guilty. Today just pleaded guilty this morning. To multiple charges of sexual assault he gets at least 25 years behind bars. He actually admitted to abusing seven girls but don't know how many knows how many more might have been his victims. It was under the guise of treatment. At his home. In the Lansing Michigan area and also at a campus clinic. All but one of the accusers was a gymnast. Somebody he was to take care of somebody he was to protect. Somebody with whom he was given trust. There's another county in Michigan. We're there are lawsuits. Probably more than a 125. Women women and girls. Against. Former doctor Nasser. He lost his license to practice. In April. Now among the journalists. Alley raced in from right here in the commonwealth McCalebb Maroney and Gabby Douglas. They publicly said they were his victims. Some of these victims attended. The hearing today. And were not real pleased. His comment was this NASA said. For all those involved. I'm so horribly sorry. That this was like a match that turned into a forest fire out of control. I pray the rosary every day for forgiveness I want them he'll I want the community deal. Well that's a little too little too late mr. Nasser. He did admit to digitally penetrating the victims. He agreed that misconduct had no legitimate medical purpose. And he did not have the girls consent but it could be dead. If poured out for a medical purpose. It would be statutory rape anyway. Since these girls were underage. Here's the kicker. Because he pled guilty. He avoids a life sentence. Why. Who knows. When he gets a minimum prison sentence of 25 years. The judge could go to forty years. And you're eligible for parole after serving a minimum sentence. Of only the 25. To forty years. Here's the bit in the point. This guy is. The lowest of the low. This guy has done things that are. Grotesque. We keep using words like that the last several days. Thanks to the sexual dysfunction. Of a lot of people. In the congress in Hollywood entertainment. And sports wherever. In the media. And I'm not sure there's anything. Worse than. What this guy did to these girls. I don't think there should be any quarter. For the sky he should be behind bars for life period. It's a sickness. Would somebody does the things that he did. Does nothing to redeem. About that. That is a pure disgrace. And the and that is. Unforgivable. How could you forgive a guy and I want you to think about this as parents folks. How could you forgive a guy. Who did these acts if for your daughter aged 1213 1415 and many you have. Children. Many of you have daughters. Whether their adult now or whatever rates they may be. They were teenagers. And here is a medical doctor at the time it was a medical doctors been stripped of that. Who took that. Position of authority and trust. Were you supposed to take care of the medical. Needs. And medical protection of these girls. And instead of doing that. He penetrate them digitally. For no reason. Other than personal gratification. No reason whatsoever. No medical reason. And he's admitted that. Should he be given a sentence that's less than life. Should he get a 25 year sentence. Or even a forty years that's our number Boston 617266. 6868. A remember. A 125. Women and girls have all filed complaints. Would Michigan State University police. So these seven aren't the only ones. This guy is a rampant. Toxic. Disease. He shouldn't. Ever be let out of prison. The judge. Took Jack Alina. Said you used your position of trust in the most vile way to abused children. I agree that now is a time of healing but it may take them a lifetime of healing. While you spend your lifetime behind bars. Thinking about what you did and taking away their childhood. Now you think about this folks. It's not just the seven. It's all the others. All of them. And seven is bad enough what is bad enough. But all of these young ladies. Are gonna spend their lifetimes. Would this blemish. On their psyche. On their being. On their emotional well being. Because of this. Monster. This babble. Who did these things to all of these girls. If or your daughter. How would you want this guy treated. She had been allowed to plead guilty and get a lower sentence 25 years may be forty. Or should have just been. Sentenced to life in prison without parole. Forty bit too. Dozens upon dozens. Of young ladies so far admitted to seven. But there are certainly more than that. In this situation people like this don't stop anywhere. The girls testified that doctor Nass former doctor Nasser molested them with a chance. Sometimes when a parent was present in the room. Why were they there because of gymnastic injuries so there getting his help. And he would do this. Sometimes while the parent was there. The critics say why did the parent allow that to happen and it may be because they thought that was legitimate legitimate medical reason. One of the victims. Laura some voice. So this was a man we trusted. He's admitting what he did was wrong and evil. And they trusted him. He's charged as I mentioned in another county Eaton county. Where there is an elite gymnastics club. And by the way. He's waiting sentencing in federal court on child pornography charges. This echo. Had chopper not graphene in his home. It is absolutely grotesque. And how we got away with a for this long is amazing this guy should never ever be out of prison. And he's gonna get out maybe. Beef for instance he's 54. And I would not wanna see that but that's the way it is at the moment at least that he will serve. It period of years and then be released Jimmy in Dorchester Euro on what Mike Siegel Jeff could or the voice of Boston WRKO LO. Are that the white. OK I was told you what for a couple of days I think it did it go where are going to the court system or got to tell you bought this one product now. And arrested. Sports science. Goals confronted George is right. He's already were not before it opens you won't get with these judges are told to thirty cities in rich while I don't know who. It's. But I hope you know this file as a politician. There are ancient ritual Wada. I got the police officer or all this girl is in 2008 when he first but it is. You know going after his victims should be allowable for eating apple has a local two. Or listen to it. That little girl is not a big Adidas and what he never occurred in 2008 she was continued assault. Our chic serpentine and ask the slop and so. Four months ago she try to commit suicide. These victims what could be disagree on Kanye like it's. And he's gonna gonna walk out of there at some point in his life and lives that long that's. Option gives in the forty years and that can never get the early release because. At least that might be his lifetime he'd be out of 994 yeah you're right Jamie thank you for calling he's absolutely right. Once this happens to that that the girl he's talking about. Tried to commit suicide. And how many of these girls in this case are gonna walk around with Shane. For the rest of their lives Scott and New Hampshire you write what Mike Siegel Jeff scooter WRKO hello Scott. They like you know thanks thanks for having me on there. Yes I agree that this month they need to get put away I mean three strikes you're out there any. Flock he's up and you know never let a mop have a lot of miles there was there was a music teacher and my daughter's. School. That was actually filming little girls in the bathroom he got caught yup put away. By. For how long was the question. Yeah not that the I don't know like. I think you still in jail right now is sunk in yet so many counts against them. We've probably got a dozen different confident though. On by you know this is very scarring in the exit in and you know an apparent from the well though. The ripple effect is is enormous and neckties right. These kids are never this same out there and there's with a lot of parents out there. And it bit you know nervous now you know. You know any artist right in front of when the parents were in the room in some cases. And of course trying to make it appear to be a medical basis for what he did. What it was not a medical basis at all now we plan up and I child pornography in his home the only golf carpet. Out that this is not this is not like a guy. Who. Robs a bank. Or who steals a car. Where you can rehabilitate somebody maybe they're desperate for money whatever the case may be. This is this is a sickness that's not just crime. Now never article proves that there's something wrong with a at a file rain like that the difference between you you might end this piece echoes I mean it's thereby. That this that goes right what else but have a medical condition I've eager well. And I don't understand it but I guess I don't know that some comments here our president because. We are sent a model all over two not a gap star Lennon died over there and it's great he might. Well I appreciate the call maybe that's gonna walk out in the country what are happy Thanksgiving he was well enjoy it truly enjoy it. I don't know what the answer is. But I do know that this guy should never be let out lock them up and throw away the key is my answer we there's no way no how. To justify this let's go to Arthur and Chestnut Hill off the run with Mike Siegel here at the voice of Boston WRKO for Jeff corner hello. Well you know it's always a pleasure my keeps you firmly it's lovely wonderful was those. And good people love their wish you happy Thanksgiving. The other is I don't wish it's. Anyway the trouble we have reserves and has another big problem with America was America today we have so many liberal judges who turnaround. I think everybody can be rehabilitated. And I hate this Davis. But. And I hope people pick the right way that the women judges. Act like mothers what they have these two little boys can be for the way evil but they look at demonstrate. It was quick but they have maternal instincts. And it and it affected judgment whether that's. Sentences I believe. I well you know if that's the case it shouldn't happen. I I've apparently. Under state law in Michigan. If people by pleading guilty he avoids light sentence. I don't know whether the judge has discretion or not but he should not have been allowed them to do that and then be able to get out because this guy's never gonna change. Is it it's a permeated sickness within this guy he's diseased. There's an album lepers haven't changed his spots. Why should we vote your are we evil. And as you just get more cunning and and better rather you know what we don't catch up to them that we give them so many rights. And of victims have no rights. You know victims spoke don't get probable cause they don't get there rights rather read to them and and and very and it doesn't matter what kind of cruel and unusual. Play good that's committed against them. Paper kidnapping but but but but but the but the but the criminals they did every possibility would be to do whatever they want at a at an event and know what changed these lies. We'll have to be ineffective. That's true I appreciate it and that the laws. Sometimes do unfortunately benefit. The criminal instead of the victim by far because these victims of these girls are gonna have this. Problem. Emotionally for the rest of their lives 6172666868. That's number to Boston Mike Siegel Jeff corner let's get your calls. How do you feel for your child abused by this former doctor Mike Siegel and at the voice of Boston WRKO. Your candidacy reports weary never hangs up the left WR Cano. Oh boy so boss there. Is Bob 45 in the fourth while the URKL and we feel unfortunately. After the segment results of a picture our. If there will be a run on water. In the Boston metropolitan area and so we all need take a shower talking about Larry Nasser. Evil. Personified. Had seven. Young girls that he admitted. Penetrating. And harming sexually. As a medical Doctor Who was entrusted with their care. And now he pleads guilty this morning. And it's gonna wind up getting 25 to forty years about may wind up being his life. But it auto but it license period. Or maybe a hundred years so that they would never get out. Alive Barbara in Bridgewater 6172666868. The number of Boston Barbara yard Mike Siegel Jeff corner the voice of Boston WRKO. It. I. I don't. And and eyes. Which are. All. You know what you have achieved stop in India and the evil that. And are. I. I call you like lumber. And I'll. Only you. Oh. Well the though the one thank you for on the one thing I would say is that. I don't think they are sick there was a guy. In Washington State death row who have who have abused sexually and then killed children. And there where these goody two shoes attorneys who tried to save his life. When he got the death penalty. And he actually wrote a hand written letter to the judge saying he didn't want these attorneys he wanted to die because he. Was kept alive escape and what do the same thing all over again. So to his credit. He knew that the only way to stop him was ending his life so it was compulsion and of what many of these people to compulsion. With some people maybe it's evil as you said Barbara but with other people I think it's strictly a compulsion over which they have no control and that would be a sickness Jimmy in the Philip. You're on WRKO the voice of Boston hello. Yeah I might think that particular call. Happy Thanksgiving yeah I just want to make a comment on this NASA's situation. And also to world what's going on and Hollywood and it would in congress too which is guilty of the same some of the same things. I think I a couple of things first of all. We've gone. We've dropped our Judeo Christian values. You know completely dropped that. And you know I I don't think fifty years ago I mean fiftieth and I was twelve years old I was pretty innocent. But I don't think this is as bad because. You know people went to church people. They believed in and caught whether they in the Judeo Christian. I value structure that they they they never do in the year things that I think is because of pornography. American society is so polluted. That aspect of sexuality. While many men and women is being I think mostly men but some women who is being twisted. So they're not interested in people they should be you know way as an example. I'm I think people need to be heterosexual but they're not interested in other adults. They'd rather see get the children because this sexuality is and so all twisted ability. Exposure to pornography and in the past. You know since nineteen think. Yeah what about even now outing today you can go online fund all the pornography you want and that's just where it is at and I appreciate the call Jimmy and I thank you but. You know what about these girls. How many of them are going to be dis functional. Because of what this bastard did to them when it comes to healthy relationships with men when they get older. Think about that 16 point 72666868. We'll get to your cause if you're on the lines there right there. And if you wanna call it share your thoughts about this it's our children folks are children at stake here. By a medical doctors at the voice of Boston WRKO it's 1230. You aren't you know the importance of Boston. Here we are right back at a ball 35 and forced the boss WRKO Mike Siegel Jeff Gordon if you get an opportunity. Take a look at my duties that I did about del ray Roy Moore. And Al Franken. At WRK a dot com I do have peace there every week I'll take a look at that and also the book I did. On talk radio and the power of this vehicle called airing the way. It is a book about how Oleg campaign's talk radio but successful. Campaigns that I was involved in over the years that. A worked out to change policy in the public sector because of talk radio called airing the wave. Because we're now on the digital Lara. And it's a whole new ball game here in the in the field broadcasting. So I appreciate your giving. Copy the W enjoyed it's great read hearing the wave Mike Siegel and it's the available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon and elsewhere. Let's go right back to your calls on Nasser. We'll get to other things as well but Nasr. Is the former Doctor Who abused. Sexually. Young girls when they were under his care. At the USA gymnastics team. And he's now pled guilty. To a seven. Instances of doing this to young girls seven different girls but there about a 125 others who have filed complaints against this guy. Because he pleads guilty winds up getting somewhere between 25 and forty years I think January 12 that's going to be a sentencing. And unfortunately he should've gotten life in prison. You can't change people like this Friday in Brockton you're right what Mike Siegel for Jeff Cohen reports of Boston WRKO LO. Like it's always a pleasure when it's still an Barack. Jeopardy. You're an and you are article. Thank you know might my topic. Is. Is is what. These women will have to deal with in light. So I am a husband. In my wife at beautiful wedding went abuse. Sexual. Well that might might mind that that that's horrifying you know and Adam. And it is sympathetic but I want I want use it if it's you called about that may be to talk about how it's affected her because that's the point of this. Correct in that and that's where I wanna go. Are cheap she has to be used. Hack it either way it. I mean I thought you know when I met my wife. For all intents. Archie is cheaper which goes I really. Hadn't been much. And then went when we got married what we were sold it to two with our beat they write about marriage went right. Huckster. It's already what been and a friend. And I hit an expert out there law. Well she thought she could have submit. All of bill stealing high. Where and when she became a white. Not only did she have to deal with them at the hard in. I don't have a relationship with a woman. Like most net I capped the caution. I have to grants he granted permission. Because I don't want her. To respect it and that it don't want. So it in had unfortunately she can't even conceive children because of what is. It's fun with it Opel monster on there are what you think. Only let me ask a couple of questions mrs. powerful. Continue to who would you be able to describe forests. What are relationship west of the person who did this is normally at the interval of somebody who. Went to relative with the cot than. You know what it's chart eight hitting her. In law that's on how apple on it at all worked were ala. You can see with these other children with. With the baby sitter and that they is that it was a. It would it's it's utterly and then and then it really difficult the illness. At about dot at a club and now Arctic vehicle. And I look at. Sexual relationship with my white. As being one of the most is pork. Items declined marriage expiry hour. I want it could be completely under her terms. So that we don't stressful relationship. What era and she'll say. We are stop the only I know how though aren't we at night apparent. Get a whole more emotion and people don't relax and. Unfortunately the last caller really really been you know Eric I only that. The society or not I see these young girl wearing tight I like it is such and show now. I'm telling you that Biden is it greedy. It wrapped sports we have. Got through our relationship is BP Q for. The oh it's not help. What is knowing. Is knowing Jesus Christ again. If it's a mandatory got a GE. He did he only. Eight. For raping a child. Had a terror at a thirty year sentence in 10 on parole in eight years. A horrific or are. That's horrific let me ask you. Let me ask you a couple of questions was it was that a one time incident Ortiz do this repeatedly to your wife it would repeat it. All my goodness. And so now I've I want the saudis to understand this even to this day. As an adult woman. Oh yeah it's or 5% to two or forties now is that this unit forties edit correct. That that she still. Has trepidation about a legitimate. Healthy sexual relationship with a husband. On occasion now I assume there are tiny what she's able to be okay. Yes cheap. And I thought what she tried her hardest the I mean. And you're one. Track sheet rumbling just wrote but argued that she might not cheap rumbling. And it caught that up when you're like. It act up when it becomes don't want excellence at. You do you think do you become compassion. Do you know how many times. This monster are you put it in the is how many times he abused your were your wife when she was a child. It went on for about. Six months until I only. Up somebody had picked up because I let it go by potential while she resorted back the equity. And this lady this idea yet that I really treated every. Appreciate your calling about this because. It is so. Devastating I unite. Let me share one with view and the audience. Someone who was very close to me. From the kind of being in college. For years and thank you for calling Freddy I appreciate your being can't that there someone very close to me. For years as I said. Told me the story of how she was. And us taking a bath at that thing was also the age of 111112. Aunt or uncle came in. And touched her inappropriately. And she told her mother in the mother just didn't wanna hear you know that's what happens sometimes. Parents think kids are just fantasizing about the stuff. You got to take him seriously because they're not. And amazingly. Were at my home one night. Many years later what she was an adult. And she said to me and I was actually at a home studio doing a radio show. And during a break she said. I'm gonna go take a bath I said great. Later she told me that that was the first batch she had taken. And she was at that point in her. Let's see probably thirties. It was the first Bastia taken. Since the incident with her uncle. Because she was in a bath when he touched her. But she trusted me so much that. She was able to take a bath. In my home without any. Trepidation. But it was the first one that's the kind of impact as Freddie describe that I just described it happens to people it's a lifelong. Problem that you deal with and that's what this guy NASA did these girls gym it's August you're on the voice of Boston WRKO LO. They might probably you know good things. Good then but Pataki think particular might cause appreciate it sure IQ you know with this record in congress I I I can't say that. I think president trump did not realize. When he gets in the words in this campaign about during swamped I get an understanding. But I didn't realize how bad it wasn't that swap. You know it would or how would be shut females stances that separates that are with these congressman. You know find out that I as a taxpayer have been you know kind of money. All these years. Pop and offer harassment suit it's etc. I. It can't be some kind of a committee drawn up that should probably be taken around to look at these people identified them find out. Didn't want individual people at this to a lot sanctions they should pay that kind of money back it was stayed out that the gap. Look to retry it was which active and. What laughter. Well the you know first of all. These people get benefits that we can go and that's a whole other area. They don't deserve number one how about this one. There has been seventeen million dollars paid out. And taxpayer money. From a private fund that congress keeps. For the sexual harassment settlements. Of members of congress who abuse their position. And had these settlements made. Now we're paying the taxes for their bad behavior how about that would. That's what I agree that bet that's sort of just been made aware of I don't listen to what's been going on and I can't believe that it's somehow. Congress makes the wrong laws or rules were that we can't vote on earth shattering we don't ignore people be unhappy acts make those kind of rules since she gave themselves. That's not in the American taxpayer already Americans citizens. If you do bad behavior you pay that time and you pay the fine. Absolutely and that's what I can't understand and so we should be. It wouldn't find out who these people. I don't give typical picture and it kicked. Better yet they critical public with this they haven't done it yet it's all private but the medical public thank you very much. Appreciated Jim for your call Walter and Wilmington you're on the voice of Boston WRKO. Hello Walter. Oh lord thank you to check my call. Yep which. I would like to start off with this pleasure era and you know Linz or anybody like I the only reason I can thank. We go or shall not a you know. Is be patient keep re using the year. No that is not the case but go ahead. Well beyond that I don't. Friends and Lauren or that it kept for me on numerous occasions where that's so be sure and knew. That these. Except that is primarily shall trials that the band is. He pitched the way it why. Do know two. Therapy. Incarceration. Changes but it just always be a YC. Supposedly. At Ole shelves. I don't know I think itself from any of these I know of the barber called earlier and said that they're just evil. But I I think when it comes to going after children. And and and the kinds of things that they do in the chopper biography in their homes on their computers but I think that's a compulsion and the sickness. And that's why I said this one guy Wesley Allan Dodd was his name. In Washington State he roto very. Grammatical Lee. Poor letter but it was a letter to the judge saying he wanted to be executed it and what these lawyers trying to save his life. Because we got out and do the same thing all over again to these kids and he knew that he knew we would do that. That tells me that he had enough sense to one of begun. Because he would do the same thing to other children that's a compulsion. Well and I wouldn't actually children to your right there an easy target. Are they of their very easy target and that's why a lot of these people get in positions of authority what what about this doctor Nasser who just pled guilty. He's he's he was in a position of authority as a medical doctor over these girls yep boy scout leaders you have priests as we know. People get into positions of authority over children when they have this sickness. And compulsion. And that's the stressful appreciate the call Walter and I thank you and it's he's right about that it's just something that is not. Easily overcome. Even if even if that somebody has the sense in their mind that they're doing bad and evil things. Sometimes it's just a compulsion they can't control and that's what this guy Wesley Allan Dodds said you could Google mature. And and read online about him. As having he probably was executed because he wanted to be because he knew he would do that other kids if you kept alive he said that the court. Mike Siegel here for Jeff Cohen reports of Boston WRKO the number 6172666868. Let's get your calls 1250. Back after this. Champion of the people just schooner at. Hard candy 00 boys of Boston. Back we are explicitly what all of you coming up at 1254. The day before Turkey they have wonderful Thanksgiving everybody here every. And we are talking. About. This. Degraded that disgrace Larry Nasser a former physician. Who was the physician overseeing the USA gymnastics team young girls. Hoping somebody get to the Olympics. Doing gymnastics. And he yep committed sexual abuse. Of at least seven. He admitted to doing that with seven. And there are now. About a 125 others who have filed. Lawsuits against him. Civil lawsuits. And the faces charges criminal charges. In the another county in Michigan. He's also been charged with having chopped tomography in his home. How to get as far as he did at the age of 54 is my question. On trade and Weymouth high their Andrei hero Mike Siegel Jeff corner WRKO. I'm like am I am always elated when you're on and it's. I'm coming because I want to now. We are also liberal women. Like Dianne Feinstein Nancy Pelosi. The women on MS NI MSNBC. CNN the mainstream media. When they saw on video Jill Biden who was a heartbeat away from the president. Abusing young. Girls on video. And I spent a lot of time this past week looking at them and you see is there are a couple of girls they're young girls under ten. Where he puts his hand underneath. Their time collected chat and you literally feet hit the anger creeping toward a little girls ample. He can go and watch these things date that happened this same women why pay all these woman accused Donald Trump Donald Trump appeared whatever. Nothing if that happened because there. Gosh darn hypocrite and I'm sick of. Well you're right. Look I can tell you that people who were working with the national organization for women. At the time Bill Clinton was president who committed a violent Volcker. Criminal rape. Against Juanita Broderick. And it's interesting that he's never really. As broad and kind of losses of defamation against anybody who has said that. All of a sudden she's being believed now was brought work but the fact of the matter is that the national organization for women according to people who were there at the time. Actually. The president. Said of that organization said well yep Bill Clinton is is a is that he whatever thug. Abuser but he's our views these are thug so we have the little them because it does the right thing politically from it that's what their answer was though that yeah I. He's a look this woman at the Washington Post. The name's Amy Crawford. As you wrote a piece saying. Al Franken should stay in office because he's a liberal. A Democrat we need him. I mean. You know that up towards. They're willing to take Volcker criminal behavior. And it was by the way even the touching Franken touching. Missed Sweden. The ABC's KABC morning anchors and news anchor. That arguably is criminal offense it's not what a touching. In and the sexual part of her body. Where. It was a which he was asleep. Now that that's a battery. It's assault that's not assault because. She she didn't know about it these albeit that she was conscious of the of the harm coming tour and she was sleep but it is certainly a battery. The unwanted touching and arguably criminal because weary touched or with the intent. And the fact that she was. Unaware. And he got took advantage so you could say that that was the that was certainly a civil battery may be a criminal battery. And it was certainly intent to touch her innate as sexual area for bodies so. Even in spite of that. This what the Washington Post and I'm sure others say while he's a Democrat so we have to look past what my you don't look past that. You don't put politics in the way of grotesque behavior and abusing women for God's sake. Which it goes to say anybody that does that is wrong. And that's it and I think by the way in the Roy Moore case. The president was was basically taking the correct position. We have seen now that there has not been at turning over of the yearbook with the allegation. Of Roy Moore is signing this girl's yearbook. That the girl has spent her lawyer have not turned it over to get authentication of the signature. And the yet the ink being old. If it war. And we're more zest for that so raises questions there are questions about this I'm not saying it didn't do those things that we did he should drop out. But I as it stands right now. He's saying he'd never did it. The young women are very credible they say he did do it but in a case like that we can't resolve it and a quarter of lobby for the break. Before the election I should say. You you really have to wind up saying let the people of Alabama the side. They are the jury in this case they'll decide and that's we need to we need to hang our hat on there. And if they decide he should be kicked out and and not be senator Soviet. Fine with me but let them be the decision makers.