Mike Siegel - Dr. Gerard Lamiero says that by acknowledging Jerusalem, the U.S. is standing on principal

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, December 6th

Mike is joined by Economist and Author Dr. Gerard Lamerio, and they discuss President Trump's acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, as well as the Mueller mess of an "Investigation"


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The cool new report presented by Kelly financial services. So that it does anybody got bottled or how they feel good inject doubt in my hand my heel. Latest album welcome and at that you'll let us on a Wednesday. Jeff corner is off just for the day you'll be back tomorrow we are here today to. Carry on with the program. And it is quite a momentous day to say the least. As the president of the united states of the something that was approved the 1995. And has not yet been done by any president subsequently. Delighted that he's gonna do it. It being. The recognition of Jerusalem. By the United States as the capital of Israel. And moving our embassy. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And all of this fall overall I heard. The former spokesperson for Barack Obama Marie are for Iran. Of bringing her hands and getting all upset all my god this is reckless. What do mean reckless. The Jewish people have had the ownership but in Israel. For many years. It's just that they were beaten down by the Romans but historically for thousands of years Israel has had connections. To Jerusalem. And what that prior to. 1967. Jewish people could not go to the western wall and pray. It was only after they got back. That western wall and and all of Jerusalem and the six day war which was. A pro active war on the part of Jordan and Egypt. And Syria. It was only then. That they were able to. Takeover. Control and now every single religion that's full access to their religious sites. Historic sites. Reverend sites. And praise as they choose to whether it's Islam whether it's christianity whether it's Judy as a Russian orthodox. Any religion. Is protected by the State of Israel. In its prayers. Unlike what happened when Jordan control. That part of Jerusalem which are about package rival Merrill it's delightful the always have a more this one here at WR Kalin Boston he's the premier political analyst mark Lemerre how Aureus there. I am doing great it's great feedback would do. On that void the Boston that payment station. Absolutely. Your thoughts on the president. Naming Jerusalem as the recognized capital of Israel for our embassy to be moved there. It's great to be a president. Of the United States stand on principle. And follow through on the law that was passed in 1995. It's been delayed and delayed and delayed. They're going ahead in naming. Jerusalem as the actually we're our aunt and that they belong. Is absolutely correct he should not be intimidated. By a handful of terrorists and people that do not want Israel would then. And I think he's standing on print the ball I think in the long run this will lead to a Middle East. Peace because we're expanding our principal and fighting for what's right. There's no question about that and by the way what it will do is take Jerusalem off the table. Right you know another awards that's it it's that Israel was never gonna give up any portion of it anyway and that would always have been a sticking point. But if United States that this what do you make of the possibility that. Perhaps. Hope against hope Great Britain France Germany. Ireland. Italy. Norway Sweden Denmark Hungary Poland the Czech Republic Slovakia. Some of those might say yes we're also gonna recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I think that may happen I think it'll furcal and I think some of the fate you mentioned like dad Germany and at how to do it immediately. But I do think that over time if they had a lead in that direction. And I think it's it's really get a push that was the mideast and they're more serious negotiations. They're talking you know the the other side of Albanian side. That this who've got a break up the peace process what peace process where the peace solution where where is the compromise where the telling people that it Israel has a right to address. Basically stop. I know I think this is moving in the right direction I think the other countries. Wolf follow leadership of the U that they don't they get better be over right where that many countries change but you're gonna be a threat going in that direction. Eventually that furcal or parents or water. Ball well I I think you're right by the way let me just make a point. And completing. A Ph.D. dissertation on the Middle East. After the six day war. I documented. Some of the the books in the Arab countries which to my knowledge still exists in places like Syria. And here was one of the math questions that I bring it up only because how do you have peace when you train kids this way. In an arithmetic and anger in like third great. The question live with I don't remember the exact. Numbers but it was this kind of language if there afford dirty Jews walking down the street. And stool or reading we documented that over and over again. The Hattie if you teach kids at the age of 5678. Of that. Patty ever have peace anyway as as Hamas and Hezbollah have both said that they want to destroy the State of Israel. And that's the only option. They haven't taken that either one has not taken it out of their charters. You don't you can't talk peace now he's training kids as I just described and that when your charters say we give us destroy Israel what do you make of it. Well op idea. I think they have to do with principle I think he's moved in the right direction today that speech that's about to be given. Is moved in the right direction and I think it will lead then the possibility Middle East. Eastern peace I think that when you're you read that climate of hate it part to have these that's part to have law of the hard to have brother heard. Those sorts of bank but when you spam unprintable. Eventually I think the principal win now. There there are other direct the committee we have. The Iranians. Nuclear bring we have other countries that are wanting to move in the direction of the America. Standing on principle. Saying this does what's right that was what. 3000 year history. Of Israel being right mr. Islam. We're only any for what makes bands. At all though we're following our own laws here in the US a lot of those Hampton 1995. So I think it's great. And I they will lead. And I think once again Donald Trump as the leader he shows that he's going to stand up to people who are trying to imitate him right now they're burning his. Picture effigy. There is there are talking about three days of rage. They're trying to intimidate him into being fearful. Of the vein emanated Obama. And I say he's down the right there today. Well. They may have intimidated. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush from doing this than they could of I don't think they intimidate or Obama I think Obama was delighted to stick it to Israel every week that. Well actually you make at this point I I will go along with that point. Obama was just going along as natural lines that you are right Clinton. And bush for parties in the days. Is of virulent anti semite period that's that an anti Israel person was very obvious here right. But let's. We have calls an Odyssey of the callers hang on there we'll get to you in a moment but I gotta get with duct Lemerre here to a Peter struck. Andrew Weissman. Bob ball should oil from the sublime to the ridiculous. Biggest rock. FBI. Is Arab more or lover a whatever she was. And by the way he worked for her case. That's right he's working for them. Well it became of course. Is the assistant. Director of the FBI. But. She I don't know she's still there I think this was supposed to be done but she's here what now yup but anyway. Yep so. Peter struck. Sent her either emails or texts. So. The meaning Donald Trump. As he is overseeing the case with Michael Flynn. Struck interviewed Michael Flynn in January didn't tellem that was of any consequence didn't put him under oath. Which doesn't matter because if you lie to the FBI. You don't have to the other role for pure white the FBI still crime. And didn't to have an attorney there. No Moran the warnings none of that. And suck them in and as a matter of fact arguably entrapped him. And he guessed it looked a plea to. Nothing. Charge basically because he lied about the meetings with grisly act the Russian ambassador or to the United States but. It didn't matter because he had every right to meet with him. When he did because it was after trump was elected and he was president elect and the transition team was in place and during that transition. The people on the transition team are actually paid by public money. So they are in effect government employees. So it and and Obama himself had sent. People to talk to other countries when he was president elect. Ronald Reagan's and George Herbert Walker Bush to do the same. There's no crime there's no underlying crime they've they they're desperate to get a conviction. So they got this threatening his son. Who would maybe fill up some papers and correctly and in lobbying with foreign governments. What do you make of first of all Peter struck and whether he should even still be in the HR department the FBI and why is Jeff Nelson. The ultimate coward in the history of the attorney general's office Eric Holder was a crook but he wasn't a coward. Jeff Sessions is a complete coward he doesn't do anything to correct these problems by firing these people. But they have this is that it interred here. I've made it hard to document on radio and explain it the listeners unless they're following. All of these sordid beat dale. We have so many conflicts of interest. So much bias. So much inequality. In if you will use using and applying the rule of law it is incredible it's staggering. It will make large books that discuss all of this in years to calm when that cases litigated in the minds of the public. You know when it actually when it all comes back out to. And it right now Muller need to resign or be fired immediately the day the afternoon. And so it is possible. And most of the bat needs to go. For various reasons conflicted and turns out problems beauty prosecutorial. Potential use. But this vote is better. And the more we learn the more it means sorted then more is being like laws have been broken. On many levels in many ways but the bottom line is the FBI. Has been politicized. It have been politicized. For awhile now it's been working hard to undermine the proper administration. Has elected as president and it's been there to block over. And give our free pat. Do I Hillary Clinton. I wanna know why Jeff Sessions doesn't fire as you suggest Muller. And all that other crowd all of those cronies of Hillary Clinton have for the attorneys donated money to Hillary. And are biased in that case. Weiner about right to do that by the way but that but just so but that's on the record so why not Jeff Sessions. Aren't recuse himself for about twenty minutes fired Muller. And his entire staff. Hire a new. Special counsel not to get rid of it that's where you finish it I they I was Saucony the other night that the name and I was thinking it was George Mitchell. Former. Yeah may not remember now. This former senate majority leader I believe a for the Democrats a moderate. A guy who that the Democrats couldn't complain about these Democrat. He did the baseball investigation of of but the PD's. By players they named names and everything he was very straight down the middle. He went over Ireland to try to settle that the force of one of the president's visit comes I think for Clinton as an emissary. I've just run his name out there could Joseph Lieberman would be another one. I don't know if he's an attorney and had only been off Mitchell's and notorious you have to be an attorney. But it would seem to me. That somebody like that an attorney who has. Even Democrat backgrounds as a moderate who would who could not be defamed by the Democrats. Concessions should on recuse himself. Fire Muller hiring of special counsel fired the right the underlings of Mahler and then recuse himself again. And let the count net new council do the work carried on what do you make of that. Why bastion. Appears to be moving it glaciers speed. Maybe it's because the game map of the bat. You know would've been much better if the AD with somebody that executive experience that new had to make that bright active. Moved when they needed me made. And I think. That it that it doesn't take action it's up to the president. To ultimately make sure that we have the rule lot in the United States but he is the chief prosecutorial. Office there. He is the chief enforcer of the law. And when. Department of Justice allows the FBI. To act like a banana republic it's. Debate accurate that is utterly ridiculous I can hardly believe this stuff I'm reading about what has gone on. And the evidence that keeps bouncing in growing we keep getting more and more. I evidence that indicates funny shenanigans that's been happening. And so the rule of law as not being applied in any way shape or form fairly. That the new president this is utterly ridiculous. I've met him you gotta take action today or he ought to resign today or be fired back from. With that note we'll take a break and come back. Can you stay with us up to the top of the hour wondering. Absolutely out day sure. I appreciate because we'll pick will capture we're gonna get a lot of calls the number of Boston folks 6172666868. 6172666868. Buckle Merrill's gonna stay. We can talk about these two items the two biggest we've faced today one is the naming of Jerusalem. By the United States is the capital of Israel by moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem might take a few years but it's gonna get done. The presidents who have signed the proclamation today under the authority of the law that was passed in 95. So that's going to be done and the second. Item. Is this Muller catastrophe he's a legal cancer. Is Muller he is a disgrace. He fired. Struck. Weeks or months ago never said anything to the public out of embarrassment probably. Glad to get your call 6172666868. Mike Hsu over Jeff Clarke the voice of Boston WRKO it's 1220s they would us. Draining the swamp in Massachusetts. Tomorrow duke Carolina match just schooner forgive me WRKO. Voice of Boston. We're back had a good to have you with us back to struggle Merrill is whether it's always it. Try to go to the calls on the two major issues one. At the president trump decision. To make Jerusalem. The home of the embassy in the United States and Israel. In effect saying Jerusalem. Is the capital. Is still divided city of but it would be. Operated by the state of Israel's what are your calls for doctoral Merrill the other point is about this defective special counsel. Robert Mueller. Is this thing called me and Mueller had these great reputations before all of this started comedies now in the sewer when it comes to political integrity. And now Muller's right behind them. Howland Natick Iran WRKO the voice of Boston would buckle Merrill hello. Yeah I got a couple port one of I would encourage everybody to go back to Carol Lin. Statement when he was indicted. She took great pains to point out that bit. Him being called a traitor. Based on its combat experience serving the country during the Cold War. Hurt him deeply. It was preposterous. It's like they don't want rectitude. I think it you should read it as safe as the Russian collusion story. He is. The delusional fantasy. And even earned a lot of trouble campaign guys trump steamrolled sixty or seventy Republicans. And water in the primary. And then the Democrats' Senate special counsel at Kraft one of the police. But it couldn't keep steamrolled for the primaries. It was they had a chance to get the win the presidency was the momentum. It as first thought was to enlist Russia to help them win the swing. It's it's absolutely. 3-D ID. And we're finding out more and more every day how crazy have an idea it is. Where so we have learned statements so the question is what are slid. What why did what give it a jail. You know then clearly. Put it I think it is is that he its trading in its statement there is no kalugin. But he can't admit mistakes means you got twisted around by the FBR that elect interview where he was interviewed. Without an attorney that he probably pled guilty on that charge to make something go I'll go away with it consult your sock. He's a local guy you raise money for defense argued that bankrupted. So who goes like I plead guilty if you really pictured the sixteenth pitcher. All love the great gentleman who was that energies are born or not consulted if you read that statement like. Q you've heard about it often that was important. And they slipped back yet so. All I'm open be Barbara taxis through this and it's investigation. I need to investigating. The clerics and it. Well those special counsel it's a special counsel stock Romero go right ahead. Well our first off let's look at the time when. General plan was actually interviewed at bat. It was beginning of the proper administration. And from White House staff we're basically being briefed. Body. The FBI have backed out how to handle security issues and have a deal with they're new jobs. And when the folks who came over and included the destructive. And that. That the White House that day a they everybody doom it was just more training. And it was part of the training and though. General land did not have a lawyer there he did not know you now under investigation. He was basically blind sided by the FBI. And and didn't really realize that we. If somebody comes into your office you know if they give anybody if you work and if you better corporation or anywhere else. As it becomes Nancy that now they have a cup of coffee. And they are talking DO you didn't know you needed a lawyer because the rate dropped into your op Ed do you think it's part of routine business units don't sometimes debate Billy bang some time yet. You cut corner and don't give all the F Boyd an arrangement you just give it ample explanation that that quick answer but a natural. That the name is prepared for testimony before congress are preparing for testimony in a court case. And I think he was blind sided he wasn't prepared legally. I hate my body was that in a friendly atmosphere Britain better over the hot Balladur view. And I don't think that you realize that what actually happened that it might have to earn top style. While the the the whole thing turned on a on on a matter that was. A nothing matter. Because there was the 10 there's there's no underlying crime. That I bet. It's a problem that's crime. They you know the investigation period that don't cry because BA you know he'd packed enough people enough time you may may not that different. And act out these lie. I mean it is it is the lowest level indictment they did do it why did they do that they have over opt out but dammit I'm a the other problem. That worked for Hillary Clinton out because the Dane Peter struck interviewed down. And and these are the folks that. Who have a whole laundry list of issues with how they handle. Clad provide information I have a you know what they did with Hillary Clinton. But live that long. We'll come right back on that long list that you're actually right coming up to 1230. Mike Siegel a project called her today. URG you know the voice of Boston and welcome back give folks good to have you let us. Mike Siegel and as we move along Jeff go to Iraq today that its rival Merrill was whether us talking about both the president's upcoming and possible carry it live. Should be at 1 o'clock. To move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel of the United States. Recognizing. Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and also the debacle that cancerous debacle. Of Robert Mueller. Peter struck. Andrew Weissman Bayreuth back to America took home 12 but I Andrew Weissman who's the number two guy under Muller. Is a brute thug. He guy he just wiped out. Arthur Andersen the accounting firm in that case involving Enron. And they want better business their employees already out of the employs Laurie everybody. And then several years later the United States Supreme Court unanimously reversed it but it was too late. But this guy is is. The peaceful version of Kim Jung vote. Without the violence. Not only that but with regard to Enron and some of their dealings the number of people went to jail. And the fifth circuit. Court of Appeals overturned those DL back later. Once again now brought you by that name individual. Though the draft Mueller is very questionable. I think the donations by that I mean. Among. As bad apple or roughly 50000 dollars. People. IR word donations dude Democrat or Hillary Clinton Campaign last year. Though I mean these people are part of that is part of the party that. And it's pretty obvious that Peters Brock and Domonique conflict that Internet company potential problem we can't possibly. You know. Had been fair all. He should have been dismissed a set of important. HR how can he be human resources I mean he be the worst after that let's go to nick and Weymouth hello nick here on WRKO the voice of Boston. I its legacy it will let two major things why is. In my it's my belief that Mahler was the perfect guy rodents seemed to put in there. It when you consider most recently. Smaller. Grosans dying. Nick Cave and others were all part of the you were US side of the uranium deal that was the Canadian deal with the with the clintons. But remember chip also it was Pakistan and has experience. The clintons extorted a couple of those governments where their house and OK with things that she could do for them if they also got on board which you history from candidates so. There's a lot of things that need to be tightened up or overlooked. And don't forget you look out the sleep. Accept this furious that the whole litany of those things. Bet you green thing was going on forever so who out which wanna put in there to cover that stuff up and shift the focus that's likely put out. My other thing is. Do you think. Typifies the warrants. If they use this wiretapping whatever men at what. And also. Flint and others. Well I'd quit eventually blow up and humorous face. Because if you think that the prudent for the poisonous from the poisoned tree right. Who who really knows of those fire warrants were issued on. JUN premises. Certainly you'd think that might have been act upon them and you think that the man of what lawyers in the flume lawyers so we'll go after that things were much. Thank you I don't think. The Pfizer court issued the warrants the one that was really troubling was where they got towards buckle Merrill one was at for Paul Matta fort. And all of his. Documents. And going to was home. But it you're supposed to knock. Well that they got a second ward a special warrant that allowed them to open that port 5 in the morning without permission. And the argument they made to the fights a court was that he might destroy the documents that they didn't get there with the with the with surprise. So that they wake up he and his wife this is done by Andrew Weissman by the way of this so low level thug. And they ended in a business suit. Who. And as easy to stop quote he's nothing other than Gestapo. Go on and that's the fights a court went along with a though typically go along with the the request unless there and reasonable. And they didn't seem to think that that was a reasonable because that that they was it seemed reasonable the man port might destroy the documents what do you make of that. Well. I think that bird was a reasonable. I think there's now evidence that he was going to. You know for all of this document bet that had no no proof of anything that happened. It it often means you don't care blank pages in the army. There is no underlying crime there has been no evidence of any bank. That was really. Relative that the purpose of the investigation. I do think going back five their warrants was the way to investigate the trump campaign I think would prompt we did that he had been a I think that turned out to be true and I think that that there offered. Viewed you know. Unfairness going on in the in the higher. Situation very time. Started all lay up to an equally great now. I think he had seen better days after we shut down this two man too much too many people are painted. To many people are involved in other scandal potentially other crimes potentially. And it just needs to be shut down and we have to clean was if we're gonna restore. The FBI to a level of credibility that it should have and I think. 99%. Of the people the FBI higher great people because I really do believe that I think if that view. The top of point he'd beaten that have. Really painted the whole organization at this point but we have to clean. What day at queens Borough I think nobody needs to come and that is unquestionably. A poll. And has no ties to any of these potential. Scandal for crimes. Well Jeff Sessions is doing nothing. And shame on him. He ought to leave because it made it means to be plain doubt he can go. Your speed as Americans need to have the FBI work being and bully him right now on match here people believe the FBI anymore. You're right. Mark and April for doctoral of area on the voice of Boston WRKO hello. Tell all I cannot call to hear what you're bureau lists various. This is an interesting week. In the history of Jerusalem. It was a hundred years ago December guarding. That The British Army liberated. Jerusalem from Ottoman Turks and Muslim control. Bad. Two days later general Allenby. Entered the city of Jerusalem. On foot dismounted. In recognition that oh isn't serbians to god almighty. And that. Jerusalem what do you Terrell charity old misery capital of Israel. Well it it it it's it's always been that and out and and that's the way it is case closed there's no there's no. Issue about that it out starkly. And to say that it isn't there. I mean. Or are you proposing it I can't hear what you're talking to me. Back to America right at that thank you for calling mark to it's that their problems on your radio please go ahead. Yeah out or whatever they wanted today is the trying to make the point that trump picked this date historically our purpose. I was an affair with a point it was make. I don't that that's hard to know. I don't think so I think he. That we'll let you look who knows. Is it a coincidence. Be that as it may he made the promise during the campaign was going to do it. And in less than a year after taking office he's doing it right. He also serves no question about it. Yeah so that was whether or whether it symbolizes a certain anniversary date. It may be a much that in this speech who knows when none of us can know that for sure are there and chestnut filly RW RKO the voice of Boston hello. So. It's such a special person micro. Just a few things primary. To begin with spoke. Yeah you know are there okay well I figure the first law with Barack Obama you know going out the door. Via inspector that Israel without UN resolution that said that the Wailing Wall was illegal part of occupied territory. And then made his speech before the you what are some of the said the future. Was not belong to grosans. Slander the problem is wearing. And the only thing he's ever put out properly but I've ever heard was how we put our typical red. So somebody with a rebel Barack Hussein Obama as the sound like much of a question that they that's the board. I was what would whip respects who the FDI. All these people should or should have been you know taken out of aren't Susan picture and I've ever had problems. They're all broken alarm and a person I don't want to won the election. What they've done it threatened the security of this country. A bogus. Did a good guy like Mo Rivera who's been Saunders. Disreputable. And have it all his cronies. The turn around and they're told go after the Donald Trump. You know in my whole lifetime I have ever seen. Somebody who went his whole campaign and didn't take money from anybody because that's beyond that's the first. Part of corruption. As for these people that say that this guy who does rather. You know what if it's there all these big the bottom but I. The so I was beat there's not one of I mean these reason not to rub it may have some coalitions but he's certainly is much to route I'd give all the only way they came into work. Two good to my Michael ware and is because it must've been done that's what they're part decision. Everybody you know they came and then and and because they didn't leave memoranda. And they're they're probably made a figure was up the record and a surprise as Smart guy like Jim. Should vote that something was up. Well he should add an attorney there he didn't that there was no attorney there we know that now are right up artist thank you buckle up Merrill good point. Nobody talks about the fact that. They they sold that hats and and that T shirts and things for the campaign to raise money but I I I would assume 90% of the money came from Donald Trump for that campaign. And you know what else but I right now as president he is not making your salary you don't write me at the variant causes well. You know those that claim by the Democrats. That that Donald Trump is there that are making money yet being the third I mean here guys that he did being taken Bowery. I mean he's Baird who helped this country I think people believe it I think he had connected at the same level of Ronald Reagan did with the American people at the heart to heart level. And I think they're. Guttural support. Bird Donald prompted people to have been aired got just feels like. This guy is for real. And and now he's following through on virtually every promised that the only product diseases he is unable fault or water the one that require. Back out the Bennett the vote on bumping and he's been in Iraq. I'm doing that partly because they don't fully supportive even now. Well the house is doing okay this and it's the big problem. Yeah anywhere else are out of. How is that there are 300 bills roughly. And being in the granite that have been passed by the house that have been ignored by the Bennett because they don't make me get out 51 votes. It's amazing. Jeff and Chelsea you're on WRKO the voice of Boston with doctor Romero hello. Hello thank you very much for having me on they'll know what prompted so it was a group that was absolutely great it's fantastic. But here at the caveat. Spurt twelve to make his promise of effective with the what I would do as president. I would I would send. Boldly insecurity of the FBI and what have you to clean up all of its Islamist training killed in this country. And that's just a start. Because if he doesn't do that the blowback as they get from these islamists. Is going to be incredible. Disconnect that they had two good three pronged strategy growth it's just not gonna work. Oh excellent well. Well I think that. And we have to be vigilant no matter what the fact that there. Threatening not sir directing prompt well reflecting America of course where we're at three day period of braids because he's dared to do. Make his decision about the embassy. And that doesn't mean that it's going to be worse. They're trying to do much damage to America they can. And and make most of our apparatus that organization is defending out there would be being a lot more terrorist attack. No I think for quite got the air. Or put out who left the house and un American activities we need a Joseph McCarthy approach against islamists and Communist does go to the real trouble makers in this country. Thank you for having me on. Thank you course that was many would argue of a blemish in our Ed McCarthy was actually censured by the senate if I recollect correctly. After that QX situations so. I'm glad that we did we need we've let's put this we need to be tough but I think this president is being tough. The new ice director is being tough Thomas moment I think I think we are being talked would you Rebecca Romero. Yeah out and actually. And I mentioned this by the way in my book that's coming out that toward the end of January. More great news for America. I mention the fact that during the election I did a little retrospective. On why the election turned out why my forecasts are so right. And one of the trans that I picked up where the we want at general patent attorney and it in the US there are a lot of people that are literally get tough on these organizations. That have heard America they want they want general path. You know general Patton of the general who didn't mince words that he was top. I used dirty language. But he called a spade a spade. And a lot of people admired him for his toughness on the enemies of the United States. And that's what they're looking for in the place they can election among other things that's one of the reasons foul from want to. Because of this stranded in America that there's we've got to get up was our enemy. Right back to what many of your calls. Doctor Gerard Romero as well as political analyst 1251 at the voice of Boston WR KOU. Justin diluted sounds. Were all three branches of government those Republican controlled and nothing's getting done. There's a signpost up ahead he's just entered the zone and. We. Backed candidates have you let us. Welcome Arizona like that Paul 54 days of voice boss WRKO. Right back here calls for doctor Gerard Merrill political analyst Mike Newton here on the voice of Boston WRK oh hello there. Dario what your commentary. I would say there's about Jerusalem. What was involved in this decision was covered. Powered by one person. And I think it was a president of the United States and as far as an historical value of well what's we're Jerusalem all the folks. I go to the biblical. Embarrassment that. Israel will send more about what. Well what enemies. BC sure would hate and venom it will be read tomorrow. And the good news is that Donald Trump. Well yes. What is. It's neighborhood grabbed of Israel considerable disarray. How is real gross America goes and I couldn't be more proud. I thank you sir very much for calling. Good to have you what this to Leah Walsh thing here on WR KR the voice of Boston hello Lee. Thank you very much for taking my call and I'd like to address where I'm gonna take to book is dark to a mariners felt. The problem is and I don't find it to be ever in the history of the United States. Judicial watch the constant and Chris Farrell have actually subpoenaed the FBI. The national intelligence agency the State Department and the Justice Department. Our Freedom of Information Act by law there's supposed to supply. And they haven't. And that they how they're going to go in court now I don't understand why people the Republicans and the so called great Democrats. I'm not behind they're in order to release the information. It's constitutional. It's not illegal in anything that they're doing it supposed to do it because it's written in the law. Best of course and and that's part of the second thing is concerned with the FBI and I like your opinion go to bed. We have heard nothing about what you get and the last few months. 67 people died it was the end of the world are we consider it won't be heard that a guy who walked out of the crimes paint which was the guy how. With the computer course something that it can't and yet we can't knock a ball there's at all or anybody. A watch which you know well well thank you for calling. My view doctoral Romero is that. This fellow was in fact. Nicest jihadist. That the shooting in Las Vegas. The crisis took credit twice that doubled down on it they were very clear about it they gave him and an Arabic name. They said he converted about six months before. And they don't do that. As barbaric as they are. In the road the meant that way they like their credibility. They've never really taken quite a few things that that they didn't do when they were adamant that this guy was one of them I think that's why this but suppression of the truth what do you make of it. Well I'll may have I don't have a writer for race and unfortunately after I'd like now my personal thing you know aligned with yours. I think there ever had the vision evidence they it was I who is related and I think someone's protecting them. And emphatic that directly cure there may be. Folks whose support I. Within our government. Or something that that. Seems to want to not allow the truth to come out. I've heard various explanations of why others might be. Hiding the truth her for a variety of reasons. But I think that my guess business prices related incidents that has not come to light yet but I think if we can. It is to rein in the slop lot of things they're going to be visible because when you get rid of all that bludgeon. And and all that awful stuff in the swap. You'd expect they would let the bottom. Doctor Romero Europe to light a pleasure privilege. And it's wonderful Levy on the program as always and will forge talking you again soon. Well I think you're one of America's great post. And your perfect fill in for a fantastic show and at at the voice to walk them. Thank you sir very much doctor Gerard Lemerre we appreciate that let me go to Marie in Boston. Would less than a minute Korea Iran WRKO the voice of Boston hello. Time I can I don't you quit the change. The first one is it and what I have to play and on and it's ridiculous slogan app which has never has never been used ever. Why am I going up Obama did you enjoy the same thing either acute private citizen speaking to a head of state now. Well I that's a good question that the answer is that that nobody is gonna use. The Logan act that was passed the 1798. It got used in the 1852. But was never fully enforced even bad. And it was attended. Not for government officials before private citizens below the neck that's irrelevant to Michael Flynn because he as I said earlier he was working for the government. With a government paycheck. The transition team that's a special category that the government pays transition team members and he was designated national security advisor to the president elect. And had every right. To go out and talked to foreign governments it's been done up Obama did it before got elected.