Is Mike Pompeo replacing Rex Tillerson?

As the fallout from the NBC report about Rex Tillerson calling the president a moron grows, the NY Post is now speculating that CIA director Mike Pompeo may be the next Secretary of State


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Morgan was killing VD on Boston's morning shell. WRK else. I have 6 good morning everybody welcome to the morning's. You hear him along. On this saint Patrick stay addition no. I'd just looked up some big event I do see if you leave. It. Maybe we do our polls real quickly here can you give us an warnings are doing a bunch of stuff a hybrid auto where we are here of lost. Originally it was gonna do is he done but. Should we just do really last the year. Are you as a mean Willie what he's talking about real happy that I'm up at last the year. So I just pulled up big guys stepped out of the room for second while they walked out I pulled of the New York Post or the suits going on the world I was like to see the update. Here's the headline. Trot advisors afloat CIA director Pompeo to replace Tillerson. Let me tell you a little bit about what the status White House advisors are floating the idea of replacing the secretary of state. He's prickly relationship with the president came to a head this week. Pompeo is the one they're pushing him toward. Pub pay go according to reports is a trump insider. Effect he is the cabinet member who spends the most time with the president. Sees him every day and is truly according to this report the only insider who can deliver bad news to the president. Insiders say. That the relationship between trump and his top diplomat is beyond repair. And the president is very upset with Tillerson because he did not fully deny in his. Impromptu press conference that he hatter is quickly called press conference. He did got denied that he called the president Mora. I believe this report and I really do. What's New York Post so for starters is in the way that the Washington Post I would I believe NBC I told you this I do believe MBC. He's trying to do this the trying to run racks it's the old movie the paper. When guys as why you're doing is to me and monitored as it is your turn that it's it's wrecked his car and they're trying to get up so they may they may get him. I trump statement was pretty definitive in Vegas but I also told it can change in a heartbeat. I don't know how good did I think it the president didn't it week in Vegas by the wrecks are a thing about this just I'm glad you brought that up. Jeff thinks the president hadn't heard what he said. I president you know we did not get this story's true in the way I would look at that is that trump fought Dan and understanding where they were both gonna go on talk tough and then Rex didn't. Right and he did in that doubles. This is him when where and I don't know I don't. When the president realizes he did not say which I said to you all along and I still stand by this I believe it Rex Tillerson did Colin moron. And I think Rex Tillerson in that press conference tried to say. Oh I'm above all of that but the fact of the matter is if he bit above it he would have just said no I didn't call and that. I wouldn't call the president he did say. And I think the president commented big is he didn't know that Rex didn't follow all the way through. Do you think Rex will be secretary of state by the end of the year now. I don't even the body in a month I'm not sure last throughout the weekend. I really don't and I know I know the general Kelley is trying to you know quell the chaos but I do have to do I do you have to say this. I believe at this point he is a wounded duck and when it comes to being secretary of state and especially in the it world that we're living in right now. You cannot be wounded duck I don't think he's gonna get fired I think he's gonna quit I think a large part of him wanted to see in the press conference yeah I called him a moron. I think that he how does he go and speak on behalf of the president when the world now knows that the two of them are not getting along and you don't see I'd you just can't have that with the secretary's. They admitted that he hand you do seemed to hang your practice. They can have a personal animosities that doesn't affect their ability do their job either one of oh so I agree I get older cars on perception is reality laws he. No Bridget the debt and high cigars there I think we'll start there okay but no and let's talk about trop okay let me just get like 2% of the work for trump do you think like try. Big difference the difference is like just sheets for example and it doesn't matter the difference is this man in has now it is now been said in a and Internet like oh sessions that sessions didn't say your moron. Trumped moral actions at all right now know are wrong about the killers could have a relationship a working coalition with somebody didn't like I don't think trump can. I welcome hunter is capable of working with someone's burning like right now with sessions though he cancer dance lessons did not. Not we but that doesn't matter session again US can you not like each other you can not like each other but sessions did not come out. In a public forum and say anything negative about president here not dollars and perception is reality and the fact is. Day. What I want and always would Kelly go to wall for talents and tell Zorn never ask him. I don't I don't know that racks and wants this job or cares about the job the perception is that he doesn't we never know what's real and what is an. But if Kelly wants him there will Kelly state in which we've heard Kelly has gone. Scare Moochie for example. Either he goes awry Goer in this case if he goes I go Wear them. Because we heard did this this wall theory right digs the corporate thing again yeah. So will the wall say to trump he's not leaving right now where because rarely even if he does can happen. Let me ask I don't I don't think Kelly would make debt would draw that line but I don't. No but let me ask you something do you believe. Let's say that he does in the presence that's fine. He gives day. Do you believe the president communal. Because last week he said I don't know why you're wasting your time. It attacked do you think that this is your anyway the Tillerson can be effective at his job. If the president has that kind of attitude about. Yeah itself. I don't I think president Q what did you. Catering international basis this is in their dish that he cannot function in that job without the president's full 100% support. You need a little clarification. Because they make you know let me clarify. Let's clear that up given dvd plus does porn shop WR KL yeah yeah. It's like 7660. It's a very good at playing Johnson drove in this morning John good morning your WRKO. More like ammonia the good thank you. I can't disagree with you all discussion because. I think it's the mute point the entire. Scenario that NBC reported was based on an anonymous source. Are all up especially on a prompt administration. Telling you about it. Have all denied it that the vice president has decided. In this goes. Back pool more pick out loud just issue within the American news media all. They use. You call culprit in Puerto Rico the big truck agreement on crumple a week ago big news. The Russian dossier we're all prop was in the presidential Sweden and all well. Which what the two took gold and jobless completely on unsubstantiated. Absolutely great news. And the mainstream news media of this country. They're getting away with 1930s. German propaganda like news reported its sick and then there is absolutely. Not a single often an equity in the US news media were now. None I don't leave anything I see on the news. That's I don't know look there's an issue with the news although I'd I would say the Tillerson stopped his little bit different. You said they had a an anonymous source they had three not 13. Which is not 1930 journalism that's a little bit better and this is not that it and NBC were talking about it's the New York Post which is a decidedly different media outlet and embrace it. Bulbs that break he's not a of this story he's done about the initial story that Tillerson called them bleeping more on and they day Ramadan with. While it was three anonymous sources body was three sources not one. I did I take him at their word huge problem John probably doesn't. This was a little different book for book what about fake news too by the way is. Well I don't know what a lot of this stuff for years what wasn't wasn't fake news there there is some real news happening there is some fake news happening. There is some news that in that big a deal that some make a big deal love there is some news that isn't being made a big deal of it later Ronald realize we should him. Did this varying degrees of all of this to just politely say everything's great news because the media's is Baltic news. Yeah and I mean it is it is. You can also point out that now came out that Mueller is looking into the dossier so that might not be as fake news as you insist that it is what he's talking in Baghdad as he should talk right guys that doesn't mean that is it it doesn't mean that it's true but yet be dismissed out of hand as it's absolutely completely fate either we just don't know yet. It's just sit there that if it means he's talking to them because they started that it that's uses it is they can use is the president doesn't like this so it's faith based uses the pizza shop had eighty. Sacks per awful bar under ground indeed underage. Sex sting wringing going on and and somebody goes in there and there's no there's nothing of the stores like I would just say ultimate fake news. I would say two to our last caller I mean do do you really believe that this is completely fake news in that the president and secretary Tillerson get along famously you know everything's going really well and there's never been any issues because. I have where there's smoke there's fire friends and in its coming out too many places in too many people see it president called it an absolute. Made up story I don't think this is made up I think. You know I think there's some truth in this I think the Rex Tillerson and the president did know each other prior to him be coming to secretary of state. I don't think they do business exactly the same way any of the president's federal way so tiller should recognize that and the president should its heat he's the boss here. And if the president believes that this guy called him something and I have a feeling this guy did quite frankly I think he did Colin that. I think the president should get rid of him because then he's there on the same agent he's not he's got. And then play the aren't solid 97 and why what did why if the person all this isn't the point we're sure isn't did he call on that we did I want a couple of days ago. It's irrelevant whether he called a matter not. It was a big enough things the president felt the need to make it clear definitive statement I lightning see if you can find that again we had a the other day. But he's it what was that I have a 100% confident are fully confident I think was the exact phrase it in Rex Tillerson to keep felt the need to make it clear. Definitive statement when he was in Vegas on Iraq's not only felt the need to have a press Cerro. That date just to show his face he also felt the need to send his Press Secretary I don't. To issue a follow up statement so. Regardless of whether you think. Acting moron is big news or not there is a story here yeah cause with Rex and trump where does it goal. Bills and made a good morning and hello good morning trying to get reflection I think Rex also lied but not. They're really you guys do I think there's just at this point they're almost at the tipping point where there's been ready and Scott and what's bad we don't president. So red and it happened not that guy about the back door of the white outs ground not suck it up and let him static. But different but the issue of their bill is this I I think you're right I think that's where I think he'd be gone already quite frankly that were the case but. My question to you is this can the president will go will he function with him. No which universally accepted that the president of optimum didn't skin. To be a good sport about this and laughed it off and get over it it's sure to be expected that oh no you watch who gradual. To get past it EE LaMont. Exert some kind of engines at some point which is. Why I think Tillerson won't stay his I think Tillerson the kind of guy who. You know hey I I'm not gonna you're not gonna call me names are not gonna do this I'm not gonna play this game you're not can undermine Indian public. That's not who I am either I really do think that he won't. And that's had just big Texas bravado. And I paint and neither do we said the head over and over but it's true. Turkey thing you know give Tom Kelly are from parents. Mean pence we were told pence was the one that talked Tillerson not a resigning back in July after the Boy Scouts speech. I'm what undone with strong criticism I'm like hold them up of staff photo like at the beginning of the we all saw this when previous when they put out that famous picture of there's trump with both the four guys in the four guys are gone Bannon was one of them prima isn't one of them in the room. Flynn was one of them and they're all gone. I'm holding up a bigger picture of that that you don't want any more people in this picture gone and there's Rex right there you get you can't have it all in the one year. I don't know on this though I don't know that trump listens to and hear that so you kind of got to we're valuing all of that. And as you sort of gently. Try and figure out what's the best play if you tally your pants or whoever these guys are. First of all they should always have a fallback position because you never know when anybody's gonna leave die. You have been rodents or did you always know who's gonna replace that person to have its Pompeo and you know that. And that's fine and somebody told the post in the post is acting like it's because he's going to be fired. We don't know if it's. Right there's a lot of media trying to swirled the spot that he's gonna go knowing there are two egos here and how you can manipulate. They trump be Tillerson Tillis and doesn't like his name in the press. And it's dominating a breast right correct sunlight that. Well the president that the president doesn't like that he goes to Vegas. Scene again this is I'm reading more about this report. The president doesn't like that he was in Las Vegas and that the trip was going so well. And then when he gets back on the Air Force One he finds out the Tillerson did not completely. I deny. Those reports. And admitted it Tillerson said I'm not gonna gained and that I thought to myself this Mecca Africa. Has not where the president once you go. I can't then why I'm a few hours later they want like a girl I'm says no. I like wrecks because. To me ultimately I I like and respect guys it's they're locked idea this is my eco news is on when I go in Rex. Texas tried to do a dance but stick to that at the same time and it's not easy. We'll remember the few but you know we hit the whole thing happened in. Charlottesville the Prez he said the president speaks for himself. Mean he didn't you know hitting. It seems to have been there either but anyway beat and is it made my point is that. I don't you like that about him but I think he does that because he was not willing to stay in front of them might can say I didn't call on that because he did. And then win the president gets on the plane find out this has not been completely blunted. He says you better send somebody out to take care of this so that they send out. The woman from state. And she says while Nokia this act directs didn't never Rex wouldn't say it and I can see where the president would be creep up. I can't but but again that's his the attacks on him amid fears he is and if he isn't the isn't it these days to work together than you know make it change. They're both there's no need to wait around guys. We just has been everything in this reality show we don't know the level of trump can change tomorrow ironically or mentally much about Rex so blood today. Guess that's okay you stay tuned for the next ensemble what is the next hour or so correction officer and I ran episode is an Antanas. Silent this morning. And again I think there's a lot of plasma and.