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Mike Bender (WSJ, John Kelly) by The Financial Exchange


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John Kelly took over as Donald Trump's chief of staff. Less than three weeks ago it's hard to believe it's only been seventeen days since he took over. And joining us now to talk about some of the changes that he's putting in place is Mike Bender from the Wall Street Journal Mike thank you for coming all of this today. It Mike the title of the article is hell he's rules for Trump's west wing stop bickering get in early and make an appointment sounds like he's trying to lay down a little bit of a hard line here. Yes he is trying to put a bit more to learn control. On the stat of the way out west wing. He shut down shut the doors going into the Oval Office. Area right outside. The Oval Office was sort of are gathering a point or agent. Who had a couple. Stand around air and hoping that the president I'll give weight and and that's Reid had a chance to look at present what kind of wanna gossip about. What's going on in the world are like. And then the staffer could make a pitch or. Whatever planned double proposals if they were trying to push into the administration. Gentility is shut that down. Also. Stopped people from. Hang around outside his own office now staffers waited CNN. Steve Bannon orchard crushing need to wait in the lobby. Of the west wing where we're all visitors to like as the week he. Before the appointment. Even you in terms for an outside advisors and trumpet. I'm very sort of social person wants to hear a lot of opinions. The folks who have been calling them regularly and president. Stopping him now also acted to form go pick out put in the written request to speak to the president. Out of it doesn't negate it doesn't sound like Kelly. A taco is it is stopping it near the topic if you make the request you know open. Here roster in this haven't talked to them that it's. Those conversations are happening now there's still a little bit more formality to. The areas where I know there has been in the some criticism of Donald Trump even from an Republicans has been on his use of Twitter. There was a Fox News poll that was out. In late June showing that only 21% of Republicans approved of the use of his Twitter account the way that he was using it. How much is John Kelly trying to change how old Donald Trump is communicating with the public. Yeah actually it's amazingly everyone everyone hate the president what he. I don't know what it should be doing this equated. Except the president. That we really heard that. There's more formal process. I put in place. That it took to speak up and also for the quarter. Not. You know that's that's a substantial that there have been some tweaks there has not been posted the last few weeks. Because that. More critical that more formal process a little bit longer you know your seat mark president goes in order to go to process as well. And it slowed down them. Without a little bit. And then and compete I haven't gotten it to present perfect and we. He this morning. You know the there's there's there's no urgent news from the president repeatedly anymore just this morning calling me an actor. There supporting their Republican primary pitting Republican senator from Arizona Catholics. Yeah all the endorsed just weeks primary corners on this morning. And also doubled down. And position. Not equating Robert. Two to George Washington and mr. Parsons and you know economies statues. I'm pretty lenient and I want jerked and next you know or Washington editor mr. person. Who slaves and and also beat. Become victims with the present he is more important political correctness that sort of social movement. Goodwill Mike thank you very much for the time and we appreciate you joining us today. Art or me. Capsule that is Mike Bender from the Wall Street Journal talking about the influence of John Kelly. On Donald Trump since taking over as chief of staff.