Is Michelle Obama running for president?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, September 28th

Michelle Obama spoke in Boston last night and gave her thoughts on women who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton


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It's a question for you Michael Harrison who was in particular incident Michelle Obama run for president. And how it seems like it if you read the Boston Herald. If she isn't running for president why should do and that's why should talking about the she's in Boston yes she's not running for president Obama's wanna became makers. I think she's either iced and I don't see everyone you know I was Jim I don't see her wanting back and I seen that you don't want to be V power brokers. For the next 25 years and the Democratic Party so my theory on me on her is that. You know I've dozens before I think that as of right now she doesn't want to be president but the longer trump exists. The longer. The dams are gonna look for the view winnable alternative in they're not gonna find it I agree with you at Chela I agree I agree with you that Michelle Obama is potentially the Democratic Party presidential nominees do you think she's your rival candidate yes. Hastert rockets I have a terror attacks today the last time. Notre I'm not saying do you think she could win I'm sing do you think she's a viable candidate yeah because there's what does that mean anymore there and I think the rock is a viable candidate I did trumpet Obama more viable candidates there is no criterion anymore. It's anybody can be president and it's all good so yes she's viable she knows how works. She's been there won't. Yes you know it's scary when you think about how well you talk about death tax. You talk about Nestle is sorry to talk about nepotism at it's all tied together the wife of a president now being considered for president. I don't know. I mean I was at their choices we had really mean Hillary's Bullock's ex classmates explained to the listeners why are asking about what I'm Michelle. She's in town yesterday in town Boston and she's speaking in order to the convention center. And what does she say while she's there quote. As far as I'm concerned. Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice. Anyone try several friends wonder what does this mean for Hillary now what does it mean for us is women. We look at these two candidates as women and many of us said that guy he's better for me. His voice is more true to me well to me that just says you go light your voice. You like the thing that your whole entire life and Kuo. That's hard to defend that what are what are we gonna do we really. It's really hard to defend that. It it's it's it's out there that you know just floating around out there it's it's hot air if it I can't imagine that that women. Walk around thinking that my political interests are totally. Voting for a woman. There is a whole spectrum of political fought that women have. It it it's it's nonsense and so well let's talk about women government first I'd love to hear from women succeed succeed text line or 6172666. Viewed 68. Normally read only to generate enough on Michael but in this case I will. Well a lot of women because this is she's got. It's an issue George Y hear her wrong I mean is she telling women. She's telling women that you should have voted for Hillary because your woman you voted against your interest is a woman by voting for trump can't you just know that there's a small degree of truth to that but only a small degree there other reasons when in voted for trump. And not all women vote the gender issue. It's it's I think I not all of or else. But obviously clearly I never voted for a man because of him and I didn't vote for trump because he's a man. I did my father voted for trump is he's a man. That's and that's a rarity doesn't agree it's more of that and I know there's more of that than you thank my father whom specifically voted for trump does he would not vote for a long time. Really I I voted for target I would vote for like that woman and had nothing do with politics or not or would that harm to Hillary to quote my father never. Women shouldn't get into a pissing contest if you have to squat to me oh my gosh did you have a sister. And I'd get your father on present our idea that you you poor abused child I can't believe this that well out of there was a generation I don't know your father's place but that's. And then did you how did your mother deal with that she divorced him 35 years ago okay. Well look so we're amicable Michelle Obama said yesterday women who voted against Hillary voted against their own voice. Mike for a wrote a column I don't know couple months ago now it's I think it's still up a WRK dot com but a but about this. One of the biggest stake narratives that I have always hated is that Hillary represents women. It is for women in his would have been soft for just an 1870 and all that and though the reason why it came up and I wrote that column was because sailors park. In that inning dough to she gave about Trump's brooding over me on the debate. And I was faced with the dilemma what do I do. Do whites stopped Shawntae get off me you jerk or do I just let him do what he's doing and ignore my chose that path. That's the anti woman path in 27 team the anti woman path was to stand up be yourself make it tough stand in their marketing of. Which around anymore. If she chose the path of getting pushed around anymore and and it's expressing regret. In it to make herself a victim which is also an anti woman thing into when he sent a centrist. Yeah Michelle Obama is still pushing this fall narrative that Hillary was the voice of women. And let's have our former president of that and she shouldn't be president I think this is a very damaging quote to Michelle Obama's political future if she as. But maybe I'm wrong I wanna I wanna hear from women. Getting cured Regina DV cam Boston's morning show on WR king hell yeah. Michelle Obama said yesterday in Boston any woman who voted for trump voted against their own voice. To me that's like saying you don't like your voice you like the thing that you hold to line I think she's had any woman who voted against Hillary she had so I'm paraphrasing yeah it's a shame if you're Hillary voted. Yeah I guess so but what what do we make of what. Michelle Obama said and as a woman what do you make of that because to me. This literally is Michelle Obama saying that women still and 2017. Like to be put in their place I. Whole heartedly reject that 100%. I don't know what their place is first double second of all I don't know any woman that voted. That did vote based on what she's saying is fact. When it comes down to is women just like African Americans just plagued gay community any lightning. Any group that you have it's not a mullet there's a spectrum of views in only one woman here. I don't care who you voted for lightning likes to stay behind the curtain but on the when you voted lightning was it because someone told you to do so you're a woman who knows. You hurt because you like to be told what to do is you point it. Now I think that by voting is actually using my voice and a sense and I choose to use my voice accordingly. Or was only you doing what you believe not because. Others told you what to do exactly yeah I voted based on my own interpretation of who I thought would be the best candidate for. That what I want that's one woman that doesn't agree with Michelle Obama I wonder if there are any so far why not 100% of the women we surveyed chipped it why don't I'm I don't agree there and that's that's Madeleine Albright. Because this is the same thing the Madeleine Albright's that which is there's a special place now for you if you don't vote for Hillary in your moment this is the same philosophy. I think there's a lot of wind I think. It is a big issue for women in the Democratic Party right now we're. Do you think that you have to vote that way relish your female it look it's interesting to explore consider choosing to talk about it but the proof is in the pudding. The women do not vote for women. Some don't those enough don't do that right now. The make up of the congress to make up of the senate the make up of the presidency the make up of elective offices is overwhelmingly male. In spite of the fact that the population is basically even we're going why why is that there were one of the calls and a second my last point and a Sonoma they would get here. I find it. Unbelievably ironic that you know while we're told by one part of the country that trump is the epitome of the Neanderthal man. This is as Neanderthal a political philosophies they've ever heard. It it's from a supposedly progressive Michelle Obama and I mean I if trump said this drop would be impeached two day. I believe it hard to fix up. Trumpets were still have that. Trump trump that you talk about Reagan being Teflon give me of for it could couldn't and it has already nine months will say oh well that's a whole other thing but I look. I may be we're giving too much credit to Michelle Obama as being important. Maybe by discussing missed. Let's what do we go to the phones and six point 72666860. Karen's and taunt and she's next finance exe WRKO. I I Darren. I'm doing good morning I'm already left and I checked that could change your order. Our. I'd just like just say I can be expected crazy. It didn't I had more ripple on how well he got on. But I'm I would like why Democrat. I shouldn't I want to hear only daughter I want the button my whole bit. I'm like really I didn't and baby are in heaven and really quick dialogue what you Republican people. Our email I think I would very conservative. So I don't vote I won many Mary whatever I felt like it could be a part represent my view and I might. Pulled on round of applause Aaron has everyone in June that's I was should there and I think you're the norm. I I think we've been your money not the Baltic anybody just because of how are a lot and although I'm quoted. Oh. I hope Governor Deval Patrick in you know entered Greek and then. We have played and I was like what heck I still but. Indeed the real winner and a lot of that if we don't well trick because finally I'm wondering. It's pretty. Yeah well it's a true partner and I appreciated and thank you it's crazy because one that's this thing right well some vote that way but just I don't think it's the rule. I even think they like like my mother for example so my mother voted my wife didn't vote for Hillary. And she didn't vote for truck she runner Romney we've been over this and whenever. But she didn't I didn't bully her into doing anything and quite the opposite and she she did that so I got it totally. My mother and yet they did vote for Hillary and you could argue that she did the Michelle Obama thing because it didn't matter. My oh my mother would never voted for Donald Trump and one that you would vote for the end of the earth did you say that she didn't vote for trump she didn't vote for Hillary she voted for sure they're Romney now who was. Romney was and in that she wrote him and all she wrote them now okay now. Well my mother was gonna vote for Hillary always there was never Republican wasn't just front there was never a Republican she wasn't an iPhone four is going to be Hillary. So she's much closer to the Michelle Obama philosophy than I've than anyone I can think of but it wasn't because she's a woman Mike. Biggest thing is this is its aside from the insult of women have to vote for women it's this concept that if you didn't vote really could you voted against your own voice. Hillary is not voice for women that's that's the continual false narrative that they want you to believe but. We aired. The two biggest waste Hillary could prove that was why leaving Bill Clinton which she did not do even though she told you she would if it ever came up. And then by standing there and letting trump quote unquote. Whole goal over her when she stood there should've stood up and told him to back off as she wrote in she didn't you mention Asian art around women luncheon she turned around on that debate and said. Back off will you give me some space like she didn't white. He was never there like that he never thought it was the TV don't play it's when I say it was a TV angle she never felt like that that I was the story tells completely made up and we didn't see it on TV at all she didn't feel it there because she didn't do it. So I know that my at my clock how do I know she said turn around and back up that would have been the only thing in the literally the only 52 clip brawn on repeat on Fox News for the next three months. I want empower women are where hey Ed might as well so why can't I I scarlet on the back I gotta tell you should I shouldn't raise your voice for a second day and it would have been shrill bitch for president for three months on Fox News you know what happening I don't know president yesterday we would have been bombarded with. The only reason women have the ability to drive in Saudi Arabia now is because Hillary Clinton as president look at how powerful she is instead. That story was a kicker story it best yesterday. Because. There is no good narrative for. For the media reports (%expletive) do you think because there why Hillary is not did you ever think that she deserves any credit in terms of the history of women in politics for being the first female nominated for the presidency by a major party or do you think the fact that she lost the election hurts the women and that there won't be another woman nominated because Hillary didn't win. What do you think now I'd I'd I'd I'd Hillary is one of those for me where I thought I told you earlier and Hugh Hefner is tied into this conversation but. Why don't like you have to learn all I do are some things making gives you have to credit for there. I don't have a list for Hillary can't not. Because the way she got that nomination was dirty the way she got anywhere in life was off of her husband which is not a good woman. Staying in 2017. I don't give her credit for anything I don't know. She is she is in my top five dislike sensible I can tell you how many people told me they don't like trump. But they didn't like Hillary more so you he was so what's the phrase he was you learn from earlier. I he was the leper with the most when there's a leper what you're gonna use that phrase I I don't I don't under I'm I've been digesting it all morning it's that's why haven't I haven't heard it is is this something that is one of those things that everybody knows that you find that you don't know or racist or phrase. It's not my original again I learned from Chinatown but I don't know why people don't use a morning it's a awesome for how do you learn it frees from Chinatown the movie oh from China Tamil movie but you went down a giant Intel doesn't. Know what's the movie I haven't seen that so many years revisit my friend that's a good. Rian Rosalind billion X and. Primary. By you good good. I yeah I just want to put my two cents worth and you're talking about putting up the women and men and will vote from. China O'Connell is a woman that I would vote far. Because she I believe what she says she's not in my area unfortunately. She died at times and I think. But I have had a little bit of experience. You know listening to her in dealing with terror in the past. Marie beautiful beautiful point because here's what I wanna see you wouldn't have to Michelle Obama so let's say Sean O'Connell once the governor. Filmmaker is Michelle Obama. Come in the Massachusetts saying if you don't vote for Shawn O'Connor you're not voting for your voice again. This bill this. And I can both trap until you can put that down. And why does your husband major Maria because did you do it without my husband is not done yet. So why would you do because Michelle Obama says myself. You know what I can listen you know how. Clearly these independent women when Michelle Obama's is the only reason. You did these because you don't like your voice. Do like pay any attention to what she says. And may be the smartest thing I've heard all we can show I think I got a lot of power and I think this is a self evident issue I think itself. Pretty self Michelle Obama's gonna regret having sentence if she doesn't already this is really you really. This is really dumb I think it's playing to her base this was done in Madeleine Albright found out how dumb it was because she had to backtrack from it and Michelle Obama just as you tax. Same thing. I don't yet. But maybe you're right snowflake maybe as well as if he's right Paula thought all the it's not a lock OPEC.