Michelle Jamirisko (Bloomberg, Job Market)

Michelle Jamirisko (Bloomberg, Job Market) by The Financial Exchange


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We're now joined by Michelle generous go from Bloomberg a dual Michelle. So women. Just dominating taking over the workplace it's good to see. There I they're they're coming back in droves with what's the a story behind the story. Yeah Phil he is especially the last two years and especially among younger. Prime meet two women are those that are around 25 to 34 years old largest city. Coming in the work force says as he had a drought they're really outpacing the men in that regard and I think that was one reason we found is the industries that they're going into a lot of these health care industries that are dominated by women are. Are growing quite rapidly so kind of accommodating that female coming back and. Just to be clear they'll. Women aged 2554. Are still in the workplace. At a lower percentage than men in the same group by about 13%. Absolutely so what we guys and narrowing of that gap and go a long know how long standing gap between men and women labor force participation but of course there over the decades. And we thought that narrow you know late eighties early ninety's that by ayalon sat and and our over the past two years we've got narrowed to the beat the smallest margin. And it didn't record stating that the post World War II era which is as far back this weekend with labor force because Haitian government that has so. Really women are making faster gains while men are are kind of stagnating in terms of their labor force the distinction. When the that the president recently emphasized that Americans need to be open about relocating for work mobility. Has climbed to an all time low why. Has worker mobility decline to such a low level. Let's get question I mean at some of these different social period that there admin account economists they're taking on social theory that think that. You know they they tie it to low levels of trust. The Americans. That there's just one period Marek hard. A lot of people are just finding its its not worth it in the movie they just don't know yet exactly where to move and then they're not seeing you know the options but they'd like to speak. And I think another reason is wage growth is is not that it's still quite sluggish in Allen people. And hoped it to beat they'll ask maybe people are finding that its its power that the move for a job yet. How does the cost of child care played this equation. You know a decaf I look at the cost and it is just remarkable. To me especially here in the northeast at her as to get we pay young people pay for child care to stock act like it's almost not worth going back to work. Not brilliant fascinating really believe that stereotype that have been good it's been happening over the past two years he left at ten. People in the younger age strip that runs in the older which groups that children who say you know. He added we don't find it worth it if I'm out of a job but you know I can't pay per child care and I can't find a job that would would outpace touch. It didn't the childcare costs though and yeah about the type of some people are over he's too. Don't wanna come back until they children are five because people have to pick itself Garrett as though it's certainly something that became. Nobody is political party is child care free and overseas. I had some people who did it well it's believed a lot less expenses. I think in some countries see yeah I didn't Europe their part in Europe where you can get it for free at a certain areas pre K. Levels yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. To Germany has made strike and I record as far the. Germany I think he hit two years maternity leave them. Sounds great I'd have to check but yet again that means that quite have quite a big issue her labor market watchers during announced paint lead attorney leave it looks like a tout their benefits and opportunity about back. We also leave your story talk about women starting businesses. In what our careers I think of is being male dominated like jamming like electrician handyman work window door again I looked it all that. Different jobs you listed here in hockey I think of those is male dominated jobs. Yes silly silly talk to some attack which listening appear that he notices services website that connects people we're trying to get some work done and these dead people were lifting that the this small businesses are lifting on that site it'd be dissected their survey data and found that. And these these women are coming into a lot of these professions that you one might think it is there are male dominated. I don't know that I've met a woman Palmer before the Arab many many of these businesses I mean that's 1% after the death yet. Theater really starting at the a lot of that participation among women again not not as much growth among them and. Or get buried with thank your for your time we appreciate your time. G Michelle camera scale from Bloomberg I new young woman her dad had a very successful plumbing practice. And he was getting older she had graduated from U mass and had worked of them periodically dip she made a lot more money. Working as a plumber taking over his business offshore this year or could have yeah and in another a lot of work so. Where their college degree from UMass she's now work in in running as a nice poem and I continue to see contractors of all types that are looking for. Skilled laborers and it they just don't have that child care cost though the huge how do you overcome that again it gets like I have a family can't. It is so that's got to be. Keeping the birth rate right eve families are just saying we we you know make it forty grand she's naked fifty grand. There's no way we can afford to racist kid. It's true but the thing that I look at is child care's not a permanent expense. And I think a lot of people almost view it as one you do construct even like when they get to school there in school full time and yet Summers yet after school being. Yet to pay for those after school programs. I guess I just kind of look at it and say look why not arrange something with the parents in your neighborhood where you just trade off who's taking care of the kids now that's you know you need that in you need the new you know they extended fail yeah exactly there there are ways to work through it you know.