Michelle Carter is found guilty

As the judge in the Michelle Carter case returned a decision of guilty, all eyes now turn to the sentencing portion of the trial. 


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Let's take power so DIY yourself a favor and get realtor did REALTOR.com slash that we entered today futures are members of the National Association of Realtors. It's the way Boston gets to work with Kim Lindsay. Come morning show. Often WR TM. Girls don't do time unless they shoot someone. War. To be no matter judge jury. Judge will be just doing the sentencing obviously seven what happens with a jury as you well. Is that even though they're not supposed to they often take into account what could be sentenced and that's sort of can prey on them if they think she was vulnerable or she was under some sort of medication or whatever and they know what she could be facing. They may be available more sympathetic than a judge. Possibly I you know. It's all Monday Morning Quarterback now because they made the decision they made me went with the judge instead of the jury but as you look back on it you wonder whether. As I said is there was too clever by half by her I don't. I don't think she was given giddy and author no matter what. I think she was gonna get convicted always there's no way you can read those Texans say night tilt how way right sentencing is a different matter though. She's got to where herb dowdy is the outfit she's gonna have the no makeup on she's gonna look like she's been beaten down and this has been winning owner ambient. You know will will see I know the judges as was taken into account but we'll see what happens if I don't think she gets no time several techsters think that. Like five to ten suspended. I that would stun me and I'll be screaming about that that happens if she's going to get some time I just don't think it's going to be a law know what you said this morning what if she doesn't. That any time. And it will be an absolute miscarriage of justice I mean what the judge said she killed them. OK and she gave no talk. I'm right so what if the judge Weldon did to the judge said that she. He's cheating he say she killed her and them he said she ended her actions were reckless. Now what if from. What if the judge decides. That because they painted this picture of the scrubbing so unstable. That she should have a mental evaluation and she should spend some time. In a mental facility. Is that is that a possibility. I don't think so but maybe but six on seven is on my big fear they finally got too which is not doing any time remember than Manny changed yeah that's right you settle that is what word I mean she stands up there are more. Not a difference there is Woodward gays we got time served she had been in jail right Carter hasn't been. I'm telling you that was stunning and shocking when that happened in the Louise Woodward case and the the reaction would be the same here. I don't think summits is wanted three years but one of the years will be suspended. Ya I. Ultimately your question is how much time do you think she's gonna serve. I I would think it's gonna be more than a year but I only it's gonna be a lot morning there. So what's is should be treated just like a drunk driver usually they get easier. Yeah that's I think I think she's gonna get somewhere between a year in two years. And then I think in a very short amount of time she's gonna get off for good behavior right but it depends. Mention their good behavior has outstripped. I've I mean yeah every indication is that this this girl is associate. Yes so. Who knows what she does. Well. Will know. Sentencing is in August correct. August 3 so. That's Mitt that'll be determined then and real quickly because we just we're just circling back around on some of these cases. Caused me walks. I got when I can't get worked up about others have been in our peace and do what they're gonna retry him now in England they're gonna is just money money money right. Maybe it's an age thing and that's true and Carter Kuester wears because she's eighteen she's looked at differently. By some not me. Cosby he's just an old. Guy on his way out and at least the truth is out. Whether or judge jury jury says the truth doesn't affect me and my take on the guy I mean. He's done he's done ravaging that country and ravaging women so. That's one thing if he was sixty this would be much more concerning. But at least of truth came out on the guys so I'm a bottle audit and I'm shocked that they couldn't come to audition. If if if that's what you feel about that than do you wish they would just let this go. No need to retry a disastrous tax dollar. You know that's his money yeah I mean ultimately I want justice and I want to guide to spend on what sort of like why the only two votes just brought a Rodman jails right that's fine that's fine when. Want to happen. So you don't in the interest of justice fine go forward but I I just didn't lose a lot of sleep over Bernard I wasn't. I just I don't and is against this hard for me to believe based on one and all I need to know is that he says he awarded these bills for this reason I don't understand anything else she said get in the car get back in there. He said yeah I awarded these goals for this I don't mean else. It's a celebrity it really is it's people who believe that that is doctor huckster bull sitting there. It's not they'll caused the a guy who preyed on women and that's doctor Cox Kabul and he never would have done that he was the bird is dead in America. And it's it's really bizarre when it was it I I keep equating it to like you know BOJ Simpson case where Jimmy was just very very clear. That the guy killed those two people. And yet people thought that was. You know the guy who ran through the airports. You know for the Hertz commercials and Andy was just a good guy who now verve. Dummy thing in the couldn't get past that. It's it's a library and it's unfortunate when we go to our turkeys in Chestnut Hill hey Arthur good morning. Sprague reporting gradual revelation which are said thank you sir and you. Well I think. What our thoughts about this is to begin with perfect for the first way to much very quickly what words. There you avoided the jury what they haven't built judged. I think we both can agree to Bill Miller judge Jews Serbs who are put Billups suffered does that. Female judges as as well I've seen over the past few years. Second of all. I think the way to be very good that was that is poised when he was. Reading out. Probably farther guilty or what his father guilty of indicates to me that he's definitely got a different joke so I put my guess would be part of certain. I think that you start to the server at all. It up the sad thing is this whole thing you know it was twelve point favorite report I can certainly be and again there's. I've the last sector and cheap but it should get out of the truck what we're getting back of its trucks. I think that would shield of freight and that was pretty evil being. There's there's supports this supposed to be of course the first. She I thought was certain particular evil are really Arthurs that this whole entire time she never she never alerted anyone that this kid was even thinking of this. But it's it's wholly you do know both of you as parents. US and it'll usually have to really. Feels but his parents. I think and turns spare us. Who OK but but you know what she's she's the one that you know file wolf for the for the no power blossoms are. There are problems Obama for a while. Paired cheap probably gonna get some part of treatment. Because if it is if she really hasn't people's seat aside or are on that behavior was edited it it's it's not mobile but. Put it wherever cigarettes a tragedy a tragedy of ours proportion. It is there's if I said to be V this morning there's just there's no winners here there's not. The families are devastated. And then write her parents have to spend the rest of their lives wondering what they did choose to create soda Childs like yes right who would have this who threaten waddle of talk. Of evil and and and she's she's sick and need to me. I don't care what you say this kid is sick and if you were looking for. You know she was looking for all the adulation from this kid Donnie that's what she wanted from this she wanted people to feel. Sorry for her to give her attention it to be back that's sick and you do that. Hello someone else to die for it it's just really. It's no winners no winners age 47 analysts are dividend carbonite. Thank you very much Tim and good morning everyone will start the right this time around by checking. North Pacific medically cellphones both for any time the 120 month they'll level in the Boston. Once went southbound lane of route one the 38 slowed and the retreat to a filled room. For oneself bounce or break like 95 to 99 himself without issues on both sides the expressway northbound. Stop and go from Braintree to so they have this residual feelings we'll be an expressway itself. It's out of this updated seventh. One way to authorities fees from 95 up to twenty in 95 northbound slow from 152 to 495 the par 3118. Coming into the city. O'Neill tunnel northbound Loveland breakdown of the government's effort to Tolbert back through sixteen and as they committee's vote will be in the field tunnel. For the metro west front of the fight he's found big village four of the five was a state police barracks 120 over sixty. Laura great is that the WRKO him in less than one minute. I live and breathe in sugar. 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