Mayflower Beach teen sex scandal

Four teens were arrested after authorities caught them having sex in the water in front of a large crowd in the middle of the day on the 4th of July


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It's Stevie you think he's an attractive man you can't. They're busting down. You always have taken out that I. Economic affairs defense and excellent and immensely. Wasn't there in my top fund families embarrassing it initiatives. Anthony keydets. They Collins amounts are completely reasonably organized. One of the guitars. Thank you we can nice switch gears completely and just surprise you at all all right Emmerich and if it were your beach Goer and I am not. On what could make you think that. The woman has brought her sense of humor back from Kurdish I want to say about who by the way that dress that you can look very good well that's a good color for you RC. How can we talk about bullet went on and Dennis in July 4 and if you ever had goose. Have you ever had a similar experience from any witness. Standpoint if you wanna shoot and a guy I don't know I don't know what happened next hour meanwhile you know we're Broward PH. Okay. Fairly crowded beach you know it's July 4 of course people are on the beach people are having fun and it turns out for people are having more fun than others. Oh I saw this sorry now you and our idea of it. There's four there's through different couples were should've I think you'll believe their teenage couples in the but in the water who were. And there again after a long there is. I'm. Fisher knows someone's trying to put the hammerhead shark to a when I arrived in the gulf. Four. Sony can come up with a better fish lineman Matt for me here's your here's your upon the story of the day Jim if you life. I give me some fish ponds were what's going on here. So there's two different couples it appears. They're they're all under one he did before that were arrested for events. But they are there in the water and they are getting after it on the beach is several dozen people seeing ass yes and their families as there's kids there. There is chilled young young children like our goal Marty what's. Well Gary there there's a ruckus on a beach and capers that are great why do morrow it's more adult and issue than a shark issue in this case. Yeah didn't resist. Is his goal does this happen more than I realize them I mean I get that I'm on measure and I don't get out but I'm not a I don't know all the world. But. I first off what's a bit distant in nineteen. And the 219 year old and an eighteen and a seventeen year old. Doing this. And I think this happens. I think this happens more than we think but I think the problem and the real gross part about this is that it happened. If there was a lot across parts about it but the fact that this is happening at 130 in the afternoon on the fourth of July on the beach that is not just got a few people. It is packed when you see them arresting these kids won't Yemeni people there that so this is my this two part question one is where is that'd. And you're seeing somebody having sex. In my life ever mess in Paul you mean if you made your lair where while I don't know it primarily you'll like even. I'm in a motel room and his couples got what do mode you're doing in that room like once a couples are DeVon on our joint I'm checking out. This is how this is ridiculous it's what the reason why bring up is. Why would you do we if you saw that because what they did was a large crowd of people sort of encircled them. And they wait. I just ignored it in men like either we're moving down the Beecher at Baruch laughed. I don't even know what I would call the cops and a hybrid and shocked and I don't know what I would have done well let me do. Very quickly we'll take your call 6172666868686. Days attacks like. We edited we say. There's Kennedy's tax you don't read some of the feedback that we're my daughters one of my daughter's best friend summer yeah. Who actually is they she's a lifeguard. On the beaches of swamp Scott. And on the very first danger she's a sixteen year old girl. There was a man who exposed himself to. The kids on the beach. Now he did so sort of un wittingly heat it is as someone who I think has some issues. Yeah and he decided he would urinate right in front of all the little kids. Now here she is on her first day as a lifeguard and she said they act dumb mother Ers. Came running. A hundred miles a minute at her sitting on the lifeguard stand. And wanted her to handle that and to do something about it. So when these things happen on beaches. I think a lot of people do react the like you said you would just walk away grab your family. I I honestly don't know I would that would certainly be one of mighty. In I don't know what I would have never been in this situation. So I've never had to find out what I would not think I knew I. I say like this I would say it's on the door but I know I wouldn't I in this case there was a police officer on his 188. ATV. And. If people came up to him some good lifeguard like I'm explaining to people approached him and said this is going on in these beasts on and had to be grossly obvious because I would be concerned about alerting a police officer. And then turning out there wasn't what I thought it was but it had to be obvious. Com ID. It is is his listeners I'm up here it's. I've not had any respect for a week now I hope not it was her alcohol consumption caught on your urgently like now well there are loaded. Oh yeah. Do habit which was also a problem they were underage. And then there were loaded. And then being loaded gloves on I haven't read things on the beach. They were all they were they were being yelled at by the lifeguards because they were obviously drunk in the water and the life but it was blowing his whistle. And when they didn't respond lifeguard went to go in the water and that's when they realized exactly what was going on they pulled them out of the water. According to their Cape Cod Times. That's total went down like people didn't really were they just saw a couple of drunk teens that look like they were making out in the water and falling over each other. And then when the lifeguard went to investigate he realized. This is going on further than what he saw from me. Let me go to Nicole in Bradford good morning Nicole. Every morning guys so I lurk and are currently have fretted that on the cover. I go to him beat frequently and it's pretty growth that that happened in Massachusetts and not Hampton because. But you know I thought the story yesterday and I clicked out of like I've gotta gotta be him he. No not a shock. Growth up storing it intrigues there was not like it's a weird defend honor I. Ask you something you do and we knew if you're there. These kids parents. Begins I mean. Are hard look at this anyhow I heard every Daria yeah the video I mean we're talking people are. I'm gonna say three eat. Two of four people beat. In a circle that is huge. So many people out there and there's your daughter your beer and eighteen year old daughter. Means bad enough. Fifty jury eighteen year old saw. That on me. This is humiliating. And the thing that throws me more than anything else is that it was two couples it I need to be one thing if there was one cop I play him like hanging with friends in the water how to both that you decide hey let's. Take this up a notch. You know late. First I'll leave anybody was in your mind to put aside their organic chicken up a notch do you mean did did one couple. Look what they're doing we're gonna do it to like what how how does that. Five going to be worried about tension crabs. But. Or Lyonnais. So when there's no town called Bradford Tebow guy he dat while she. Grades she had to Bradford because it was so fortunately he's Bradford well that's you know very liberal why Bob do you get. Are we not allowed to say like Dorchester. And OK so busy cleaning he's going to try or around because it just seems like the court to court the next day now. Others video of them go there's pictures I'm going to court holding up things to hide their identity really. 607 what was the sign that something more was going on one was was was when a female started screaming all my conduct all my can't. Reward. I'm only I'm really knew once I can read your Harlem about. Trouser droughts and of ought to pluses and things along those lines that I am not getting too but they're also pretty good. I mean come on this is hideous and a look at these two girls in court this is a frightening story differently and in July 4 everyone's on the beach. Like. He shut down the beach. Hope Barack speech yeah because generally want to idiots are gonna do some stupid but nobody knew this was the dad died the stuff we're talking about. All stuff we now have to assigned to the beach where they we know these kids. John from here. Okay summer reading them I they have their names I will spare them and I will not read their names ones from penfield New York one of the girls. And then one of the guys is from. Vermont. Once from Hopkinton. And the other girl is also from New York. So now on top of everything else. I think these girls may be met these two guys on the beach. My feet church quoted a good friend and the water's really cold in July in Boston and that's good I'm not that that's really really that's really true that is a Carmel and down event to sell the war of the martyrs little warmer there right. Could sit well. I think is a line and have them playing off of that jam. Keeping in line from jaws one of the woman that is that you're gonna need a bigger broad. I keeper did anybody say not today on the I have managed. All. I well. Happening to you what is happening here the WRKO morning show. It came in DD. Six foot 72661616. The kids came to tech pundits in the wind this morning good morning neck. Hey how you guys doing and they you know you got the poppy just disgusting you know they have to be out of the senate track you know are they to be common. Newsreels. If you will it is you get it to where other phases. Maybe they see issues little CNN logos what do you think of that. I well in that case you gotta put trump on the guys in the CNN logo on the women entered if you really wanted to do I don't know I'm would go sort of seeing and scoring themselves. The last couple weeks. Up a. That situation it's just it's a bummer I I feel bad about the parents in the field that's ridiculous thing in the end. At by the way they did go to court. And their arraignment has been stayed until January in the meantime if to meet with the prosecutor down there. And I'll probably get to be assigned. Education council lane and some community service and that's about as far as it's gonna go. And that's fine for me I mean I would think the public humiliation would be bad enough and I hope their parents deal with them well enough that you know that's good enough but. You really dutchess. South here we go quickly rapid fire. Just some kids floundering in the serve. That's a look on seven the beach was prematurely evacuated it. 978 I'm guessing the kids just decided to have sex for now a bit. I'm followers is now on. Mom. And 60 threes sums it all along with two words frequently. In conflict. Very good what would you prefer to see 613 asks. These two couples getting after it or Chris Christie sitting by himself from the control power puff up a fair. That would be a tossup for me with I think these kids winning which is with a very unlike me that's for sure. So once Evans has been going among maple RB to my family for years and I've been saying the town's lateral. Lack of alcohol enforcement will come back to bite them no pun intended. Well one of the things I will tell you that the aid chief down there said we don't make many arrests on the beach and that may explain why there were 300. People on that beach. On that particular day. Because nobody worries about being arrested nobody worries about what they're doing. It's the old thing like I remember as a kid we are swimming and upon once and all of a sudden this thing came floating near us. Somebody had their dogs woman in the pool in the dark presumably is either guard or maybe I don't know. Hi everybody out of water and he just you never looked at the beach the same again dug down a little. On this beach area could you like no matter how many years later you're back there and think about that duly. This is works or it. Well I'm not sure that that would bother me so much because Saddam. That only if we know it's moving. It growth. It's moving is a plus steal a. I don't know I don't know on a bar none the waters constantly moving so get out. I mean worst things I am watching ships go by dumping out something that I don't know where that's coming in and sail boats and. But I mean let's just. New slogan for mayflower beaches not just the ties that go in and out I'm not a single thought that was not so bad thank you. I would have trouble I would for awhile if I had a one week vacation. In your eyes on day one of my vacation idealized. He stops its its good so ripped IB Brett. This is there a few have to go. To the opposite end of the beach is if somehow that's covering you were when it just does it's just awful it's. This is a great story in terms of planning and joking then it's horrific story in terms of what a violation rise in volleys and what they have that right is why I brought up you know if you ever seen something like somebody said these are coupled to an afternoon apart and was there. I think that's what drives me nuts I pardon the expression. I didn't mean it drives me nuts and I mean we've all we've all seen that you know the U Bure walking day in the city and you see that awkward to drunken homeless people kind of doing something that you should do bumping around on top at each other and you're just relate that's kind of sadly. But this is people to sort of know better you know well I think one of these kids did you see where these kids with exit there but it looks like an Iran at 617 calm down DB finish doing all the time in the water. I. I'm not even know how that's done on any anomalies. I had an awful. Which. Good news. If it and Hudson. I accept his behavior I expect from finished there is behavior I expect from humans I don't expect that to emerge out of class and that was. I feel bad for anybody that was on mayflower v.s that they are. Or let me say let me just say oh there's gay rights. Here for the July you expect to see fireworks these are not the ones you expect ourselves you know it's on the actions mean dark take your family to the beach for that that is for sure.