Matt Granite (The Deal Guy, Black Friday 2017)


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Vertically the Black Friday is just four days away but we are here now. Just couple days from Black Friday and joining us to help make the most of your Black Friday shopping experience is Matt ran at the deal guy. For YouTube deals dot com. And Matt thank you coming on. It's an honor that part of my and you could never a popular topic giving a talk about that one time I get on your show. Matt we were X rays and I was saying before the break I said this is the best segment that we do all year and so I'm equally excited for it so. Let's let's start with the good news if you're making your list of kind your top three deals that are out there. What do you see coming down the road. That talks to reveal this year. Number one is tied to be iPhone even though I'm an android guy I'm just going to note this there was even a limited. You know when apple pressure you can cut your costs by up to 300 dollars even. Cellphone plans tied to these people like you mobile for example the provider doing buy one get one UW must respect. Boot second putt for bogey that they got all the reprise any lead us. Would possibly be a pair of 76% op Ed sold them at our 150 bucks. They don't under 48 that banks and I think tied to the pushers of getting rid of headphone port. In cellphone in a lot of people realizing that all their tech but already it might want to have a credit goes to go with the from tablets but laptop you look at. The television this busy year television no doubt in clearance basically. All the prices we saw last year tied to 1080. And outside to the Smart fourteen TDs this. Here so pretty much if you're in the market for TV like how much are we talking will be able to save on TV's we talk like a hundred bucks 200 bucks what what's the ballpark. You line which is unfortunate for Black Friday a lot of the retailer actually build that are duels and the products or Black Friday. Well irrespective of them are bad for the maintenance negative says that under about what you've read because they created BMS he and the TV itself for Black Friday. But advocate a message if you're buying brand name you're gonna kind of cost by thirty to 40%. And if you're not following one of those television up traps which is they. Under equipped them UH MI port and terrible processors. You couldn't get an awesome as sixty inch TV. Isn't the law or under he administered you know 300 that you get a forty in the 200 really. Absolutely we're talking Martinis with go back to Q that was sort of navigate your way around these so called door busters. We're just what it has seals the pressure you'll wind up the storming out story and the commander equipped DB to begin. What are the Albert the red flags to look for like if you're someone going in whose inexperience on the tech side is there any way that you like a quick guide as to what what's a red flag there. Absolutely if you cannot put out the name of the television and you have never heard that before sort of bar is not the latest and greatest on the market. There are some off brands and our brand for example like video which would be like had agreed to be brand you put maybe under Sony sure. Maybe decide shut up little bit under LG or Samsung great great television. But you know there's if you do not recognize the name and you see the process or so all of television every such rates and a lot of our listeners know that. They EC sixty Hertz rather than a 120 or something I had about. That hurts. On the television O'Reilly I was in the process basket picture sports will be auctioned. Sixty good speed boat does not do much auto refresh rate. The movies watch out for that and if you see people trying to push anything under 1080 they're pushing technology from twelve years ago. Do not jump on a TV got a 720. What about we've got a lot of listeners who either have but children are grandkids they're trying to find toys foreign I always find it to be just a huge challenge to buy toys for anyone because I don't know what's cool anymore. Any good deals out there as far as our toys or presents for kids. Yeah absolutely and that's so they're gonna hate me forever that that they right now but I would advisor look at the Tories do not chopped Black Friday. And possibly do not shop Cyber Monday the best way people drop the first week of December. An enormous thing I don't want to mark their calendars or specific date these simple what is the day you wanna pay attention you. All of my way to do that drop on that day and I promise thought I don't know why didn't he already. It's somewhere that the talks of the hardest all the toys and stockings stuffed purple box so I think. Sixty or seventy dollars worth of often it is going to be under thirty bucks with delivery in time for the holidays. That's pretty good what she's talking like 505560%. Off on something like that. Absolutely I think the political bus on packaged this actually really cool lasted a good one that was put together by. Nickelodeon and doctor who's wearing the other that you bet it is one of the items at a party run through and that's good and I can tell by the patterns of this toy box but I stopped you really don't wanna buy it just yeah. Is there anything else that consumers are better off waiting a week or two to buy other than toys are all of the Arab is that is that kind of the one standalone. Christmas decoration particularly about you know it'll pay off that they away and we haven't been I would keep in mind you you're not desperately needed. A coach that have been made by North Face or Columbia because there running big Black Friday last I felt I would need a little bit longer. Again the patient will pay off on anything that's what they also don't buy gift cards. Although buy one get one promotions and the reduction pact to get credit they are not a Black Friday phenomenon. Sort of appears I'm reminded that much closer to Christmas. That question and a half where and I don't know if you dig into this at all. We always hear that millennial they don't want things they want experience is there any gifts as far as you note travel bargains that people can get around this time of the year is that not really you know something that we dig into at all. Are in question there are many experiences that I think would go very well what a gift card to an airliner with a brand of your choice. But if you are looking for specific light or packaged discount that include all sort of and some but I think that could climbing packaged nicely. Most major travel agencies online and sort of not the airline with a travel agencies and web sites like Expedia. And could be indications dot com and she could be a dot com they all run Black Friday and Cyber Monday failed that there are different and black eye of federal Monday. Not willing to terms like in that very redundant between both occasions. Very good will Matt we appreciate it as we do every year and I know our listeners do as well thanks again for coming on and happy shopping. No it's an honor I don't let that standard mats with your Thanksgiving everything anybody else right now. Outstanding thanks again I have a great Thanksgiving. You know granted the deal got from YouTube deals dot com one of the challenges you running into bill he he's talking about waiting till. You know November 30 December 1 up to buy those police for your grandchildren. You may have to I had my experience has been you may have difficulty getting them shipped in time. So oh wait that long by experience has been. Last year I had that the experience where. I want us opted to delivered in they'd say well it's not going to be here until December 20. And son of a gun yet to December 20 they said all while we actually take it to December 20 ended some of the stuff didn't get to meet until January. And these are things that I was buying these are Christmas gifts I was buying. For children. And they weren't under the tree I'll I'll tell you what I've I've started doing now is I've effectively. Given up on this here and I start buying a year in advance. Yeah but the and you miss what's that for if you're buying for your grandchildren your misses out on the stuff that you. Have to have this year the only that if you're happy with a box they are happy exits the idea ironically they played at the box is more than the boxes.