Mass Omega supports the DAV

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Friday, November 10th

WRKO sponsor, Mass Omega Fish Oil supports the Disabled American Veterans in WRKO's Radiothon for the DAV


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WRKO. In the DAV salute those and their families. Who have served and sacrificed. People come up to me all the time and say thank you for your service and and I and I appreciate that I'm I appreciate that thanks but. Nobody ever comes up do you wrong and thanks her firm the service that she's given to this country and taking care of me. This is the WRKO radio Thon to benefit the easy to donate call 6173854929. Thank you for your support. All right so Phoebe told you during the break we got to remind. Got to pick up the phone calls right now it's WRKO radio Thon to benefit that the Avian 617. 3854929617. 3854929. Or you can text DAD. 280077. That's 80077. You know some good WR you dot com. That it during those commercial breaks we know that people are listening to the commercials and that's super great but now we're back on he got a call I just checked. We Galileo in case from last year and it's not good enough. To be above pace so happy right all right so we're now much salt you don't like me when I'm not happy. We got. Get that line ring in a Donna MacNamara thank you 150 dollars George stomped in the third 75 dollars richer walls fifty dollars. I want more Donna's Georges and Richard let's go. 6173854929. Is the number. Our next guest sitting here this morning they are sponsors of our show and we're so appreciative that. They are the two owners. Massa Omega its new England's wild fish oil which I take by the way just Verlander and we're joined by bill. Adam bock and Steve Daly good morning gentlemen good morning we are so glad you're here we're so glad that you are supporters of the DAV today tell everybody how you're doing it first off well. Today we're donating a portion of the proceeds. Of our product sales. To 28 days ago that found folks go to NASA may get dot com. Not only will they get a 25% off discount with the WRKO code. But we're also donating a portion to it immediately and I just have to say you guys who do enough but now a phenomenal job. Supporting their veterans face. Such a great program so you're supporting not only fisherman of those local community which also supporting. Our veterans fare well why is it's important to you guys why is this to cheer you decided to get involved. Actually my father is a Korean War veteran he served on. The USS Saint Paul. India Korean work he was in the fire control technician second class and so he had helped to control. That the firing of the five inch guns tossing. Oh wow she how did. When he got that do you maybe you don't remember a lot of his history and her probably back you weren't around yet it. You know how to do over time to get what he needed up at an early probably still be alive I don't know analyst is interestingly enough. During his service did 33 tours of duty over in Korea. But he actually damaged hearing. On on board when if he was on board when when it comes when all he was on deck. And it actually damage some of this hearing so he has used not to deviate with the VA colors going off and getting cheering against you but if you. You can still use the DA absolutely. Career in particular we don't know what is the forgotten war people to stand. Through artistry and as time goes by that that didn't even and its creepiest thing I've just such a weird blemish on the country's history like we just act like that wasn't. Right I mean you can truly has a fashion as far as. The alumni of some of the ship and he actually has let the association he was president. So to get together every few minutes during. Think he talked to hear their stories and things like that. Well when you get together with dad you push this DA the ideas of the dispute that as a president that chapter is sure of that group. Because the services are incredible initial media acting veterans out there his age group and younger and certainly some were still around were little bit older. Who don't realize that they argue a lot of benefits and a lot of things that exist out there in the DP can items that which is terrific. Quickly but speak to the benefits of massive mega camera you know you're taking it I I get my husband takes it. That we all take it what I want to do is go to these cam is so. You see that Buffett over there fellas right you see me at that but they've that you haven't he's again a area particular in the very. Exclusive about what she eats in which she consumes in your product is well. Yeah I'd be were were obviously a local business. We have been working with the local fisheries overtaking what was previously we streaming converting it into a very. High quality Omega three fish oil so. Great for general health if you're bringing your i.'s joint inflammation things like that great for our veterans frankly I mean has not ruled there. Veterans are getting more expertise I think it's in the notes really Greek debt. It you know one of the reasons why we're here today is you know we recognize as a small business witches. Very much focused on our local economy and American jobs that. All of this is impossible on our veterans because of freedom isn't free and these guys have really pushed. Dedicated. In many instances the lies but certainly arms and limbs and in them being humid tremendous sacrifices. And we think that all the listeners in this area should pick up the phone call on. Whether you go to our website at what the yacht called directly. To WR to Leo this is the day you do it. So gentlemen again until about how they can get to you guys. I'm fascinated dot com home it and pretty 5% off today right yes with a WR TO code he has a donation to the community. Is fantastic and if you want it to our directly. I've donated 6173854929. Guys massive mega I love you guys and I love the product can't say enough about it speculate if you so much and thank you for your support and being here today thank you.