Mass Omega

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Thursday, October 12th

Bil lHannabach and Steve Daly from D&H Labs drop by to talk about local fish oil brand MassOmega


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URG you know all the voice a Boston. All right welcome back everybody I'm I'm just checked with my friends here about down. My husband being so much older than I am history have we told Bernanke that much older man you know like her mining of that net two and a half weeks. But the reason that this comes up in in the room is because. We're talking about aches and pains in with you work out of your joints by the UN and I takes special oil. And folks can hear me talking about taken fish oil. And joining me is sorted too odd to tell you a little bit more about a local fish oil which is so awesome. Is bill Hanna back and Steve Daly they're the co owners in co founders of DNH labs. And gentlemen it's great to have you here you're the makers of master Omega. I'm now some I got a new England's wild fish oil. A supplement that you came to see us a couple of months ago and chat about gave me some. And I am official oil taker and I love it and I was just telling you and my high ticket my husband take a pill to save the soul and he never pounding headache for three months and he wouldn't take a pill. But I am making him take this now because he's seek because he's a guy who works on a regular basis and I can't wait to report back TU. That he had the same experience. How we're really looking forward and tell everybody about Omega official. Wants others multiple benefits of taking an Omega three fish oil. It helps with your cholesterol levels looking into the doctor one of the first things they say if if you have elevated cholesterol levels is one and we could join me unofficial or something like that might actually helps and in that regard right in addition to that it helps the to the lowering the chances of a heart disease. It helps with your you know for us we have a higher level of DH which means of for your cognitive. Well being your cancel your mental state and stuff like that excellent for that. Your eyesight. Help to reduce the risks of things like Mac and reduce it to generation things like that so as you're getting older and worrying about these things those are things that are important. Plus the things that you're talking about as far as reducing the inflammation and in the overall health. Think information is the biggest issue as we get older I think it is because of the aches and pains and of course the heart ramifications of that. And this takes care of that doesn't. Or at least helps it doesn't actually done the research on Omega three started in the mid seventies and that's when studies began to be published showing that. Omega threes improve cardiac health in fact. So for the last thirty odd years Omega threes have been studied primarily for their heart benefits and food. In fact in march of this year the American Heart Association published. Research showing that if you have coronary heart disease. Intake of Omega three supplements it actually reduces the death rate by 10% drop so this is quite interesting information. And so certainly. That type of research continues. We love Omega threes and specifically massive mega because. Also the social side of our products so we actually manufacture here in New England in to we spent about two years working with the local fisheries. And we follow that one particular species it's harvested here has an amazing level of naturally occurring Omega three. So we are developed a process to harvest a livers which helps our fishermen because now they're selling those slivers to las. And companies are small boat local fisherman primarily. In and around the Cape Cod area in New Bedford area. We then developed a purification process to actually. Make the product food grade and then we do that up in May run outside of Augusta Maine. And we now provide a product that's encapsulated fully purified. It actually has achieved something called the iPhone it's five star rating which is the international fish oil standards program rating for purity. And they look at things like contamination levels are purity freshness in. We're very proud that we achieve the five star rating which is their highest rating perhaps. Salute lake can I mean heck there's so many reasons health benefits to take it but that the idea that there's also an economic reason. You know just to help rid the community is amazing and we're always looking for ways to help efficient no two ways about it the other interesting thing about because it is a local official oil. And we are working with the boats in the local fisheries we actually have the ability to Trace from the catch on the boat literally to the capsules so we actually. Nowhere your fish oil comes from. Over 50% of the U fish oil sold in America. Is actually from imported fish oil I'm not say that that's bad or anything but truly Wear his account for most of the comes from South America. We are definitely you know they locally US sourced fish and end when we have that tree's ability back to the vote for. So one day let's it's a funny I was just gonna ask that how she works out she wants to have recovered as you did and after work I just in the morning or night what. So it depends on you as to which what you wanna do we are daily recommended. Consumption is 22 capsules a day thousand milligram capsules. They're not just as a as a notable point go red which is an industry organization for Omega threes and fish oil. They recommend a person. Consume at least 500 milligrams of Omega threes today from. In what what one serving of mass familiar you're getting 675. Milligrams right so you're certainly exceeding. They're recommended. A levels for I would called you know a generally healthy person. Yes I take one day I'm gonna just be honest with you but again I'm somebody who. I only take stuff at nineteen and I'm lucky that I get that down but I do and so I just think the one the day I don't take too but. I have I mean there's I've taken official for a long time a what I like about this is it doesn't have an aftertaste I want you know because I do think some of them have an aftertaste. But for me. The one is enough. IE but some people might be any different situation where they need to right I mean so we've talked to people so. People take 1 in the morning when in the yes you know like you you taking one in the evenings. We do recommend taking them with a meal. Just from an original absorption standpoint and things like that right right. I love this again this whole idea that this is a local thing you guys and you should be so proud of the fact that you've been able to bring great product to their. Market and you've been able to do it locally where do people find this product. Well today. Were working with WRKO were actually we have me. A promotion so if you go to our website and you use a WRKO. Promo code. You can purchase NASA million in get a 25% discount so we would certainly encourage everybody to visit NASA mega dot com. In addition to worried about forty stores here in New England including a whole foods is so you can certainly do look those are different stores are all listed on our web site. And so that those are really the two primary. Here yeah. David what if you do go to our website you'll get that 25%. Discounted as a promotion. Nassau Leggett dot com folks who can't say enough about fish really can't say enough about Massa may get. It's made a difference in my life I know it's gonna make a difference in your so be sure you check it out generally great to have you it's nice to hear it right thank you very very much.