A March on Hollywood?

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, October 11th

Where is the outrage by Hollywood over Harvey Weinstien? This is liberal hypocrisy. They were outraged over Trump’s Access Hollywood video but yet, there are incidents of sexual harassment by Weisntein. 


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Is this could erupt for. I know knock says. I mean the whole absolute wolf flee the I know own map thing and okay my friends. One of the biggest scandals to ever rock Hollywood. And now it is exposing not sure as the limousine liberals and Hollywood. Their utter hypocrisy. But it is now opening up the Democrats. To wait tsunami. Of accusations. Of the mother of all hypocrisy it's. Okay my friends this scandal is getting bigger now almost by the second. So I as you know like touched on it a couple days ago it's now everywhere. Harvey Weinstein V disgraced. Former. Hollywood mobile. He was one of the most powerful man in Hollywood. Through the Weinstein Co. bankrolled and supported numerous Hollywood stars actors actresses. Has now been accused of multiple sexual assaults in fact Korean women have now come out and accused him of rape. He has been fired from his own company he apparently now may be pulling a Roman Polanski. And he's now heading to Hollywood sorry heading to Europe leaving Hollywood. And may be fleeing to Europe. Claiming that he needs the gore rehab for so called sex addiction. And so here is now what is taking place. The man. Who was the pillar of liberalism in Hollywood. The man who helped bankroll Hillary Clinton's campaign. Every never trump cause on the planet. Every liberal cause or trend because in the United States from going after the NRA. He's supporting amnesty and open borders. Who are supporting all bomb on Michelle Obama Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton. I he was the money man in Hollywood and for years the left but rubble at his feet. Now you have many people in Hollywood. Pretending. They knew nothing. Here you have a sexual predator. In a sexual predator. Who that we know love. Saddled with at least eight women. Now numerous women are coming out saying he personally sexually assaulted them. Including big time stars like Gwyneth Paltrow. Angelina Jolie. The list runs mean just deliver delicious calls on and on. They're new Yorker published a piece by Ronan Farrow. We in which three more women come out and then say he raped them they accuse him of rape. And yet NBC. Killed the story. I've been under pressure from Harvey Weinstein. Because he's such a big donor to the Democrats. They decided to kill the story. And sold Ronan Ferraro ought to go with The New Yorker and they finally ran with the story and now of course it's everywhere. The New York Times you wanna see how sleazy. And hypocritical Hollywood it's how depraved AR listen to this story. So apparently in 2004. They reporter for the New York time she's no longer bear Sharon Waxman. Was reporting about in you don't leave there was a Miramax division that's Harvey Weinstein Co. at the time. Where they employed an Italian. Who had no connections to the movie or film industry whatsoever. And they on the books they were paying him 400000 dollars a year. Seoul what was this Italians job. To recur prostitutes. Russian called girls in particular. For good ol' RV. Whenever he went to Italy I guess the Italian women weren't good enough form he had the goal for the Russian call girls. And so she broke that story. She then found a woman in London. Who confirmed there heard that she was a salted by Harvey Weinstein and sold there was the piece of this story. And the New York Times got a call from Harvey Weinstein. They got a call from Matt Damon they got a call from Russell Crowe telling them spike the story. Kill the story. What they ended up doing vague guided this story. Took out all of that damaging incriminating information. And just made a bland culture peace and buried somewhere in the paper in other words. The media were complicit in enabling Harvey Weinstein. Hollywood was complicit in enabling Harvey Weinstein. Now I want you think about Paris. This is the same Harvey Weinstein. This same liberal Hollywood. Who has gone on a crusade is Jihad against trump. Over this so called Billy bush take the Access Hollywood date where he says you know he likes the grabbed groupies by the you're aware. Okay did did the family jewels but just call it that. Well we're not talking about locker room talk. I'm not talking about you know potentially grabbing them you know where this guy literally. Was grabbed a numb you nowhere. In fact he was grabbing them everywhere. There is now an explosive audio that has now come out with this one this involves an Italian model. She was a they miss she's a former miss Italy finalist. Her name is amber. But Yolanda. And apparently she had met with Harvey Weinstein in his office. In Manhattan in March 2015. She was then when he do hoping maybe you don't land the role and one of his movies. Well she then complained to the police after the meeting. Saying that the Harvey walked up to where grabbed her breasts. Pause and her breasts and said are those real. And then try to put his hand upper skirt. She then went to the police. Filed an official complaint. Investigators. From the NYPD special victims division. Then he quipped there with a hidden microphone to the basically bunker. And sold the next day she confronts Harvey Weinstein. At a nearby. The TriBeCa grand poll pell. Listen now to this audio exchange. Desi pretty much admits that. He couldn't keep his hands. Off of the former miss U I'll be out beauty contestant. Roll it Brittany. What do we have to. The game I immunity challenge is there. This here in the barn though be months. Please hello I'm not doing anything. Yeah I thought I don't come I guess I was kind of look. They're trying to do I need to know person can be when this thing I don't understand these things where I've just didn't mean to embarrass me. Yes it's. Who easy. Reached one minute. He's ever wanted to do something I don't want to. If you lose you know who bear its. You don't humorous news and not a panacea for Angel. Simple principle and it's. Not gonna do anything guys were make sure it's. Everything. Remember in conference. And right now. And one minute if you wanna do when it's my final. Us light greens please sir just wanted to use and so. You know what I'm not. Yeah. Stuck. It started over at that I don't need to allow up I mean it's just it is very excited sickening but you do you allow for you cry you what to do you know I'm not used to that. The bullet used to that so he ain't he admits. He sexually assault that are. He admits it on tape OK he's in big trouble by the way so he admits it on tape. And he's like well Iran are not used to that well I have mused about. The the metal. The man is a classic sexual predator. And I'm telling you he may never come back from Europe. Because now he's facing possible criminal charges possible rape charges possible sexual assault charges. But Tim mead this is much bigger than Harvey Weinstein OK at the man is a pig. There's no question about it he's an absolute pig and old life and look not you know why he had Hillary go along so well. Not you know why there's pictures of him and Hillary everywhere a fund raiser after fund raiser because he really got along would Bubba. I mean you can see that there he and Bill Clinton are cut from the same cloth. Ehrlich to peace in the same pod. I mean honestly the only thing missing and estate is Bubba Chiming in. Kerala and sent out an unused. Unused to their view. I packages at your up but. I feel your pain hit a good that's the only thing missing. Is Bubba. Joining with Harvey. So it's obvious why the clintons love them it's obvious why. And you know if he a Bubba and he were such close friends because basically be there both sexual predators that's how they roll. But the bigger issue was this. Who has led the charge in Hollywood against trump and the so called Billy bush take Merrill Streep. Ben Affleck. Matt Damon. George Clooney. All of them they're the ones. Who have been leading the charge. And yet what are we now found out Merrill Streep herself says. I never knew. All of these decades tight I never Neil Harvey was groping and assaulting. And a re being women and I never you know. Ben Affleck I never in your home. Matt Damon I never knew all suddenly George Clooney that's not the Harvey Weinstein I know. Every body in a hole he wouldn't you that heartbeat was Hollywood's Bill Clinton. That Harvey was an out of control sexual predator. Who assaulted women grabbed women groped women were raped women. And everybody turned a blind guy you know why. Because he made a money. Because he made them famous. Because Harvey Weinstein. Was deep power in Hollywood and he could make or break your career. Here it's coming out now he assault did you Wear of cultural he has salt and Angelina Jolie. And in fact apparently according to one story after he'd. Touched grabbed groped felt up whatever you wanna call it Angelina Jolie. I guess we bench she was still with Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt actually confront it Harvey Weinstein at one of these Hollywood soiree is. Yelling and screaming at RB go to ever touch my wife again. Everybody knew about it. Everybody. By their silence. Enabled him. And these are the same hypocritical. Never troopers. This same hypocritical anti trappers. Who were behind the march on Washington. Who are there forgive me with their. Who were the ones a lecturing us how trump is morally unfit to be president why look at how he treats women. How does he treat women well look at the bill he pushed it will hold on he hasn't done anything and that's just locker room talk and by the way if you wanna get technical listen to the ape he's not even talking about women. This into the paint he's talking about group peace. And all those that follow rock star celebrities so he's telling Billy bush cannot leave these 100. Action. They just like here. In other words yet deck deck deck. This guy. Was grabbing them fondling them assaulting them draping them destroying them. And they all turned a blind guy. In fact. They allow him to campaign with them they took his money. Hillary Clinton celebrated him lionized. Him Michelle Obama allow minimize them. In fact listen now to a Marxist moved shell. Raise Harvey Weinstein. As one of the great Americans. Up alive on planet earth today roller Britain. Wanna start. By thanking Harvey Weinstein for organizing this. That's possible because of Harvey he is a wonderful human being. Good friends and just a powerhouse and the fact that he and his team. So that time to make this happen for all of you should say something not about me about this place but about you. Everybody you're here because you. Yeah there you go. He always the money man he was the Hollywood sugar daddy of the Democratic Party and these are the same Democrats. The same Hollywood liberal actors. By the way Ben Affleck. Now apparently is being accused by an actress of groping her as well. It's just breaking right now broke about a half an hour ago. The same ones who are going after trump. Either engaged in the exact same behavior or knew about Harvey Weinstein turned a blind guy and enabled them. People from glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And my question now to the liberals and the feminists as a simple one. When is vol march on all the way. One minute if you wanna do when the guy comes why. Us light greens please sir just wanted to use of the world. You know that's. Twelve to 17 here on the great WRKO. OK they're growing and huge Harvey Weinstein scandal let me ask you. Do you think this is gonna permanently damage Hollywood's reputation. Orwell just continue business as usual and people continue to buy movie tickets. And does this expose the pure hypocrisy. Of the Hollywood liberal limousine crowd 6172666868. Winds are loaded Mike in law old Europe next call I had Mike. Jeff last year out third thoughtful what elected president they had better be a woman's march. Yes in Washington and actually shot. Got a debt it would acre in pitcher all senate or speech. So now that we know what we know is it obvious that she was projecting. In her anger from RB to Arnold. Mike you read my mind. That's right that's what I've been thinking the last couple days can she was picked she says that she was victimized by Harvey Weinstein when she was young. That she had to sign a nondisclosure. Agreement. Like many of these all the other Hollywood starlets. And so won I'm seeing her with that rage and that anger and her bizarre behavior. Let me hear you say. Hell yeah. And you lose him. I think she's taken Harvey. I mean she's talking about trump but I think really I mean I hate to use that word but I think that they triggered. Something in in Ashley Judd because. That anger that bad deep visceral emotion that was a bit bizarre. Now I think I know word came from wasn't Donald Trump was Harvey Weinstein. Scott in was stir go ahead Scott. Yes good afternoon mystical or you know that's nothing new with Harvey wants to let's be honest hardly got. Weinstein is it's just that part of the Hollywood casting couch tradition. Look look at the history of Hollywood Darryl Zanuck who won't 20th Century Fox. Had sex without its star so Jack Warner Warner Bros. Tim who called went gold went out petrol bolt when they are. And you know Hollywood it's it's always been a cesspool and the source and has no ethics and morals. Has always been not liberal and radical and Hollywood has always been typically kill ocean unscrupulous. But I give you know I was Whitney for Scott I got sick Brit Jerryd Ira look at how each other Tom Golan. Wednesday got a goal anti Semitic comments when's it gonna blame the Jews. Did what it did come Thursday ordered 37 seconds. Eric wants. Blame the Jews. Column in New Jersey go ahead Tom. The gift god bless you red light blue to you and your family take take HF I I'd suggest we have three new. On national correctional facility east. For the sexual predators in the morally depraved can and I got the names for them. The three facilities will be named Clinton. Caused speed and going. They get out of the question to that counts for all those good faithful Catholics out there especially in the red double. Morally depraved party. This sixty million abortions have been shocked your conscience yet. I wonder Harvey Weinstein in the democratic predatory party has shocked the conference their conscience at least. Thank you talk thank you for that call flesh god bless you buddy 617266. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends so. It took her days and days and days remember. She was seen campaigning with Harvey Weinstein. Repeated fundraisers. Hollywood is a big source of money for the clintons for Hillary pearl bomb up for the Democrats. And so everybody was waiting. This is the suppose it champion of women's rights. She the one that allegedly the Russians told the election from. The one that said you know women have to vote for because she's got a break that final glass ceiling. And she waited. And she waited. And as more people came out. And his wife left them. And more stars came out and then women came out and saying they were rape and others said they were grow and others said they were assaulted she waited. And waited and finally released a statement. So listen now from Madison the statement from Hillary rotten Clinton on Harvey Weinstein. Quote. I was shocked. Shark. And appalled by the revelations. About Harvey Weinstein Jewish short. The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical. And helping to stop this kind of behavior. I don't believer. I'm going to be honest with you I don't believer. She's a liar. If no one also has the guts to say I'm gonna say it really a farm out here to speak the truth behind the microphone honestly what's the point are we doing his job. Everybody knew. All of Hollywood knew. All the actresses knew the director's new Ben Affleck. Knew Matt Damon knew Judi Dench new Merrill Streep you. My Obama knew Michelle Obama knew he and Hillary Clinton knew why because all of Hollywood knew. In fact now everybody's coming out and saying it was an open secret in Hollywood for thirty years. This guy. Parade and molested an assault did women by the way just like Bill Clinton. So I want the liberals to really think about this and especially. Our female liberals. Think about it. The woman that you championed. The woman that you won in this country to vote for. Ime bolt and turned a blind guy who were own husband. Who assaulted women himself and in fact was accused of raping women. And she did the same thing regarding Harvey Weinstein. She doesn't give a damn about women. She doesn't give a damn about women's rights she doesn't give a damn about justice or equality for women in the workplace. You know what she cares about. One thing and one thing only power. And the reason why she was solely to respond. Was because she was hoping this would die down. The same reason why Obama waited so long to respond. Kenny ride this out. Come on it's Harvey Weinstein. He's got pulled with NBC news they kill stories the New York Times they kill stories Harvey would do it again. This time he couldn't pull it off. And I think the one that's going to be most damaged by all of this ironically. It should be Hillary Clinton it should be the obamas to be frank. But it's gonna be Merrill Streep. Because nobody did more to go after trump in Hollywood in such a public way than Meryl Streep. And nobody grumbled. And was more of siddiqui it's when it came to a good ol' Harvey. Then Merrill herself. Listened to her a couple of years ago. A Golden Globe awards. Harvey Weinstein. He's god so. I just want to thank. My agent Kevin you van and god. Harvey Weinstein. That's what happens when you sell your soul. I mean and you look at Harvey Weinstein are really I mean look I don't care look I'm not much of a looker OK so I'm not want to talk. But when you look at him it's almost like the picture of Dorian Gray. The Oscar Wilde classic. The older you get you. Your your sense your depravity you're evil nature begins to show one your face that famous portrait. That by the end via real Dorian Gray that's the real Dorian Gray that's Harvey Weinstein. I mean he just reeks. Of utter depravity. And you can see it all warm. And so Merrill Streep made a deal a bargain with a double. Now I don't know if you ever personally assaulting her or groped her nose. But she clearly knew that this man was a savage and an animal. And she didn't Justine able. To look at it she praised them she glorified. They all day. Which gave him even more power and more authority and more prestige. And I want you to think about office. Had this man been stopped five years ago ten years ago fifteen years ago. How many women would not have been raped. How many women would not have been sexually assaulted. Shame on you and so now Merrill Streep. Is selling us a line you want talk about smoke and mirrors. Is now claiming. He just did. Rural. I can I not only thing. I mean everybody knew where everybody was talking about it it was the talk of the town everybody signing all kinds of settlements were the guy. But a purse just didn't all I just I eyeing all math and. I know. Family. Acts that's Meryl Streep and a match now 6172666868. You follow me you'll fraud you. Mark in New York go ahead mark. Jack is two point there was a story about RB wind speed. Lecturing himself into applies potted plant they need it and been at Venus fly trap he would've got Walid deserved. First thing. Thought I read that story was so disgusting mark. And a little last year. I yeah yet had the guidance saying and what the second thing and probably more disturbing. Is why did Barack Obama let his daughter in turn would Harvey Weinstein from Simon the president of the United States. You know everything you wouldn't I want. You at all in and out you were spying on Trump's you that you respond and everybody else. Why did you let your daughter in turn with this man battle it bothers me. Look I don't know you know who knows what's in somebody's heart. Maybe he told them Harvey I don't care what you do you can touch any woman on the planet it is don't touch my daughter. He could've easily said that to warm. Look. One you want my honest opinion of Obama I think Obama deep down as a sociopath. This is a man who did nothing when Americans were being dismembered. In Ben Ghazi. They were begging for help and he did nothing he turned a blind eye. He allowed it to happen he then covered it up. This is a man it's it's all out now on the open Heidi secret Covert CIA plan. To arm ice is an al-Qaeda in Syria are mortal enemies so when you look look if a man can stand their like Obama. And tell you to your face you're gonna keep your doctorate gonna keep your health care plan knowing you're not gonna keep your doctor you're not gonna keep your health care plan. If you can do this to your health care to you when your family. And lie to you when your face like this. To me you're just a sociopath. You who have no conscience. You have no basic morality. You have no sense of right and wrong so. You know sending your daughter off to be witnessed this sexual predator at this point. I'll believe anything. Because that's the kind of man Barack Hussein Obama is 617266. He ease in narcissistic. He's a pathological. Clinical narcissus. All the ever cared about all he ever cares about is himself. Mike in Milbury go ahead Mike. In all eight it'll RB strikingly at the AM. And I mean that in that. No actually it did. Anything wrong with that. I Russian collusion or questioned walker. Who don't think I. Would like 300 but I'm Obama there. And going. Out at the record book as well. I. Know I well I mean what I read that piece by Sharon Waxman on the wrapper at the former New York Times reporter. As social life tried this guy down in Italy. I think his name is Ricardo don't quote me on Babbitt and nurses caller Ricardo she tracks down Ricardo in Italy. And he's on the Miramax books and he's making 400000 dollars a year and he's apparently overseeing Miramax productions in Italy. And she goes I and I find out the finals literally nothing about movies like nothing. Like forget production directing. Not thing about movies at all. Sociable what is this guy do what what does he do first 400000 dollars a year if she finds out he's a glorified pimp. So when are we yet he's music fast are these movie festivals is going to Italy I guess you don't Milan Venice Rome whatever. A heart he's got to get or Kurd rushing called girls. Now look I'm against prostitution I think it's disgusting exploitative immoral. But I'm just giving in my honest reaction I'm reading this and I'm like. Here in Italy. Italian models frankly are known for being one the most attractive beautiful models in the world. Most secret there. You're in Italy. You're not asking for a valiant women are called girl's you're asking for a Russian women and call girls I go why Yahya. I ya ya lady. You mean you can't go to Moscow and asked for the Russian girl girl's gotta get a minute only for got six. I swear these moon bats 61720666868. Jennifer in Arlington go ahead Jennifer. I'd get on we are hearing from all the women. In Hollywood who had calmed but they got all the women that said no and didn't have a career. I mean every field women are faced with that you're never gonna get rid of all the predators. And yeah I your heart goes out to the people to some extent. You any integrity as a loving you can't think you're never gonna get proposition with the price integrity at the price Sydney and everyone knows this. Jennifer that is a brilliant point and if you don't mind me asking you. I think it's too personal please let me know as a woman have you ever encountered anything like this. Let's have propositioned you never know if you it'll you know he'll be punished in your career. First thing you know. When you say proposition. Like is it just think I got colleague flirting a little bit or is it your boss your superior know wink wink. I like huge do you like me. You're you're wrap your body starts to have you don't put his hand on you in little. And he gets if he gets the idea but but that was it. That was the decision. On my part you know I'm not gonna go there I don't care what happened. Good for you. Good for you god bless you Jennifer. I really admire women with that kind of dignity and integrity I think it's sickening frankly when men do that when anybody does that. On the workplace. To abuse your power and exploit those beneath fuel like that to me it's beyond the moral and it's beyond discussed and well look let me tell you I'm up against that but just a very very quick story and this is in a biography it's no secret. The famous actor Warren Beatty I guess he's pretty much retired now but you know in his heyday he was big. He wanted is in the sixties when his career really began to take off he wanted a part in the movie. And he knew that the director then was gay. Not that it matters but just to understand why. And so what he did wise he went from his hotel room. In tour the director was bank. And he sure showed up naked but in a bathroom. And the director said to Warren Beatty non all Warren you don't need to do that the parts you course. In other words he was gonna take his clothes off. And have sex with the director to get apart and directors and look all your star your immediate I I want you end. I'm not gonna have sex what you just finesse. What I'm trying to say is people have been laying on their back for decades in Hollywood to get parts. What I admire. Are the men and the women who say no. I put my self respect and my integrity. Before sordid personal gain 6172666868. Because ultimately a dot point if you sleep with somebody to get apart. You're really nothing more than a pork. You are JL is now. Can in Brockton thanks for holding and welcome Jenna. I definitely do and I'm. Good about a different and I definitely think if exploiting abject he'll present it is I got to you all love the guy. If he's fascinating this adorable I just said everything about him that I like so. He's a class guy obviously Jenna I know him classy guy that all the way. I didn't elect their record at campaign I would kill to have him as a brother in law but let that go Jenna. Yeah I know I just wanted to say that anyway in reference to shell out there what I. I would think he and I was working for a major grocery store here in Brockton can't mention any of the questions radio. However. I would nab first they on the job I had the security got proposition. He told me flat out I think you're beautiful and let that sensitive moment. I looked at him that he's not as they get away from me I got no interest. Probably the way it went on for the first week of my job every day when he came in at 8 o'clock you know the due to the ground they get fly. Same story same speech he got the same answer he had been taking had. The second week the first day that making him a favor and it was that it and why don't you bring me a period dirty drawers. I'd like to make a lot of them. Kennedy I pray oh did you complain to management to your superiors. So yes I did I went directly to management that night I took the manner of historic side into the public bailout for the first we keep disgusting. And I would go on to a level that I that cannot accept. They need to get ready ham O Reilly. Plain and simple. And what they do. They fired on the spot good for you Jenna Jenna and I ask you a personal question short. Okay may be the first time I mean you know he Teledyne a buzz off you know you don't wanna destroy the guys you know career is employment. Right let when he did it the second time and the third time why didn't she go to management right away and say look this guy is out of control get rid of them. And I honestly because I was sixteen years old I get cat has set what ever get away from in question that that was enough but like I intend to that a management anyway. After about a foot amateur that I had enough and then when he came change that it was a total nonsense that that they like I'm gonna Dottie somebody's gotta go. Good for you. Jana I wanna I wanna commend you for your courage your bravery and your character. The boys of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 1 o'clock.