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The Lutheran Hour. Bringing Christ. To the nation's. If you do something for me I'll do something for you. That might be home business works but pastor Gregory so says it's not how god. Deals were God's God's people didn't become gods people through obedience they became God's people because he saved them. First look back and see what god has done for us all. See god has kept his promise to be your god because you were faithful to your into the bargain but because he loves you so much that he not only kept his side of the bargain the chip to your side of the bargain. To stay with us for best results is message. Later doctor Jules Bittermann talks about god. It's pattern for fatherhood and pastor cells helps us to see Jesus in a key chapter from the book of Isaiah. Hello I'm mark nature. Your gift some prayers helped a Lutheran Hour bring Christ to the nations and the nations to the church thank you for your faithful support. Now here's our speaker doctor Gregory -- Our text for today is recorded an exodus chapter in nineteen beginning adverse. To. Baby Israel lights set out from wrestling team and they came into the wilderness of Sinai and the encamped in the wilderness. There is real in camp before the mountain. While Moses went up to god. The lord yahweh called to him out of the mountains saying. Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob and tell the people of Israel you yourselves. Have seen what I did to the egyptians and how wide or you on eagle's wings. And brought you to myself. Now they're for a fuel indeed obeying my voice and keep my covenant you shall be my treasured possession. Among all peoples for all the earth is mine. And you shall be to meet a kingdom of priests and holding nation. These are the words that you shall speak to the people of Israel. So Moses came many called the elders of the people and set before them all these words that yahweh had commanded him all the people answered together men and said. All that the lord yahweh has spoken. We will do. And Moses reported the words of the people to yahweh the lord. Christ is risen he is risen indeed hollowed Lumia. You don't ref had dean. It's one of those details we skipped when we read from the Bible. I'll reading SARS by saying that Israel set out from rhapsody which is the Hebrew word that means resting place. And I know here probably thinking pastor. Who came bears who cares. Well let me tell you let me tell you why you should let me tell you what happened at ref redeem. First the people of Israel got mad at Moses that there was not enough water there. They were afraid they were going to die of thirst so they complain and accused Moses of leading them out to the desert from Egypt to die. They look back at Egypt and remember having plenty of water there even though they were in captivity and slavery there. Moses took this complaint to god he told god that the people were so angry that we're gonna stone him. So god fixed there mess. He told Moses to go in front of the people to a rock god told Moses to hit the rock with his staff. Now picture this the people are dying from water in the middle of a desert. And Moses leads them to Iraq not a spring but Iraq and he hits that rock with his staff. This folks it makes no sense. The water. Cain from the rock. And the people drank. From a rock god brought water water that C she hated them. In the desert. While there rad Radford deem the Amylin kites attacked so Moses went to the toppled a hilly lifted up his hands and the Israel lights started to win. But when Moses lowered his hands they started to lose when Moses raised his hands they want when he lowered them they lost. This kept happening over and over again so they found a rock for Moses to sit on it a rock. And ethnic Aron and earth held up Moses hands because Moses got tired and Israel defeated the Pamela Kaiser because god delivered them. Through Moses hands. Just as he provided water from Iraq. To the staff. In Moses pain and so it's more than a little important one it says they left rest for the team. Ellison I know you've never been arrested Neiman you've never won a battle because the province hands rope lifted you have never drunk water from a rock because God's prophet struck it with the staff. I'm guessing that if you had been terrific dean and seen those things you might not be inclined to leave. I mean incredible things happened there for those people. But Israel did leave because god called them. Somewhere else for all the marvel and wonder of wrath the deemed there was even more ahead. I was once had a reservoir that was made to dam up river and create a late. Now fishermen are gathered around the spillway to try to catch one of the hundreds of fish gathered at this confluence of water. They're purchased around the railings they bade their hoax and they hold their polls watching for tension and signs of folk pray. Down the river though there are nests. Large nest perched at the very top of the trees and their purse on the branches are large birds very large birds. Eagles they gathered there to. Tough hunt and to eat. Not to get to watch one of these you would see the most amazing process we can spread a loft they fly in float over the length of the rivers standing in the water their eyes are designed to see into the water and two identified their target. When they see the fish they want they flick their feathers and dive. Speed agility and accuracy all meet in the exact right space and time and the eagle dips into the water with its talons. And there in the grasp of the eagle is a large fish. In it might appear that this cats might be just too much for that eagle to carry but the splendor. And size of its wings are on full display with sweeping powerful motions. The eagle's wings provide power and lift so bad that eagle with that fish in its talons rises up to the perch. In the branches of the tree. There the eagle feasts on its catch and all those who witnessed the catch feel a sense of ball and appreciation. For such a majestic creature. In in that moment the man with their polls hoping to get lucky and snag a fish. They seem awfully clumsy and totally inferior to that incredible creature of god. The eagle. But even the god of the eagle doesn't seem to impress us much. Anymore. You know people. Are are leaving the church. Today. In an effort to find god and it's crazy is this is people are walking away from christianity. In search for Jesus. Yep people are wanting to god that helps them in their everyday life people wanna guard who is practical. And a factual. Again. On our own terms. So they ask questions like this what has he done. For you what is he done for me lately we've read all these stories in the old testament and we wonder why doesn't god do that for me. Like he did for them. Many people believe in and if then god you know if we Obey then god will bless. Our text seems to present god in this way Moses tells Israel that god has made a promise. If Israel obeys then god will call them the treasured possession. You can imagine what his his realized with thinking they remembered what god did to the egyptians he's not someone to mess with. They remembered crossing the Red Sea miraculously. They remembered rest Medina. So Condoleezza now free Israel if fuel bay you are my treasured possession. If Israel based there will be a kingdom of priests. What happens when they don't Obey what happens when in general disobeyed Sorrell base some other god. Then god is released from the arrangement if Israel disobey his god that he no longer is their god and they're no longer is people again pure. And simple. But here's the irony of all of this. God's people didn't become gods people. Through obedience they became God's people because he saved them first. We are God's treasured possession not because of our obedience. But because of his grace his mercy his love in Christ Jesus it was the same event it's the same now first Peter two says this but you when he's talking about Christians now are a chosen race a royal priesthood a holy nation. Up people for God's own possession. Now this is a familiar passage to most but he might not know what verse ten says once you work not a people. But now you are God's people. Once you had not received mercy but now you have received. Mercy. God makes us what we don't deserve to be. We said it again god. Makes us what we don't deserve to be he makes this his own people. Out of his love in out of his mercy. So we don't jump from Moses Isaiah or even the children of Israel immediately to our world today we don't. Leap from band to now and pretend that nothing has changed from then to now. Something has changed actually everything has changed. Because. Of Jesus. To those Israel lights god said you will be my people if fuel bay bay failed we fail. Jesus didn't. Jesus lived his life in perfect obedience to god and in fulfillment of the law in their place as well as ours. Jesus is the treasured possession that god is talking about he's the king in the priest of god he is obedience to secure is God's blessing for all who trust in him on the cross Jesus suffered and died because we disobey God's commandments. Because of our disobedience. We deserve nothing from god except his raft he is freed from his agreement to love us he's. Freed from his promise to see us as his people. He's free from his promises because we have broken the pack. Our disobedience breaks our relationship to god and that means that he no longer sees this as his treasured possession. Disobedience to God's commands. Is serious. Serious business. Know there's a book out that says why do bad things happen to good people but if you really take life seriously why does anything good happened at all. Were accustomed to thinking that we can break the rules as long as we don't get caught we have even convinced ourselves that rules are not important as long as no one gets hurt. But god doesn't share that view of rules Gaza's absolute obedience is the only obedience that counts. We don't have the right to the authority to decide which rules we should listen to and which ones are optional. We don't have the power to pick and choose the laws that make sense to us we're not in the position to determine the truth. So god tells us plainly in the scripture he makes the rules we Obey he is god we are not. If we disobey god he will leave us alone he will let us. Perish in our own sand. As a matter of fact god will punish our disobedience the almighty god is to be feared. When the almighty and eternal god punishes that punishment is eat eternally bad. We will all day they cried we will all day. And god will hold us to that promise. He will uphold his end of the bargain if we uphold our end he will bless us if we Obey him. Yet we don't we simply don't. Ever who who can rescue us from such a predicament. You want authenticity. Will listen to this. The reality the authentic experience is that we don't deserve God's love in our disobedience to his commands hasn't disqualified us from it relationship. With the AM. And here it comes authentic real god however still chooses to love us. First John three says this see what kind of love the father has lavished on us that we should be called children of god. What kind of love is that while let me tell a tedious trade is the love they gave his only son Jesus his was an obedience in our place. He loved god perfectly. Obeyed all of God's commandments as we should have but he did it all in our place and god was pleased wit. He him and god called him the king and he gave him a kingdom. And then Jesus died he believe that he's the only one who deserved life in eighty died in our place to know he died the death of the disobedient. Not because he had done anything wrong. But because week continually disobey. Jesus died the death he didn't deserve to die. He died because the promise had been broken. Broken not by him but by chaos. Since we can't keep the promise Jesus kept the promise for us so that we can be the people of god in him with him and by him. All who trust in Jesus our guards people because of what Jesus has time for them. In all who trust in Jesus says there savior our guards treasured possession. All the repent of their sin and believe they are forgiven because of Jesus death and resurrection they belong to god for ever and ever and in him. They are. Blessed. See this is how god likes to be known he likes to be known as the god who lifts up his people on eagle's wings and saves them when they don't deserve it he is the god of grace and mercy who loves those who haven't earned his love that's why god said to those Israel lights and look to ref a name when they left revenue and he said look back remembered don't ever forget what I have done for you he was they're god because he had acted to save them he lifted them up like the Eagles who lives and carries with outstretched Wayne's. So today. What do we do well. We don't look back to ref or team. Actually we look to something even more certain even more beautiful even something more. Powerful we'd look to the cross. We're god acted to save assault so look with me today and see what god has done to save you and a save me. Look back and see what god has done for us all I mean just try and imagine what it means to be God's. Treasured possession because of what Jesus Christ has done free you. Given the foolish notion that that life is in your hands the polls hands eventually failed eventually falter those. Hands eventually lose their grip on life. God calls us to look back to the cross and seek God's open hands and outstretched arms of grace. Calling you back to himself. So do you want an authentic and relevant god in your life give up the foolish religious quest of trying to find it all on your own. Today looked to the one who was god in the flash real. Personal one who came free UN still comes for you today he lived in this world he experienced real life and he truly died and rose to truly really forgive your Syrians. You want a relationship with a Hamed. Well he wants the ad for you by grace through faith in Jesus alone because that kind of relationship. Lasts forever. You see god has kept his promise to be your god. Not because you were faithful to your end of the bargain but because he loves you so much that he not only kept his side of the bargain. He can't do your side of the bargain to look back see what he's done and put your faith in him. Our man. You're listening to the Lutheran Hour in this is action in ministry Europe called action in response to all that god has done for us. In Jesus Christ and pastor Selz in today's message you talked about the distinct characteristics of god as father MR god was protector in his protector and provider leader for the Israel as he showed us what it looks like to show mercy despite disobedience. He is the perfect father. But nowadays the very definition of fatherhood is being blurred in our society where extreme. Equality orange egalitarian. As some rules don't want to consider today what the Bible. Has to say about fathers as we celebrate fathers' day. Joining us is doctor jewel chairman professor of systematic theology at concordia seminary in Saint Louis. He has fathered 23 and grandfather of five while doctor Beirut happy Father's Day and thanks for joining thank you and a number six on the way I could do us a but let's say Colorado and he did a very good now in previous years I think it all seemed more straightforward. Dads went to work to provide for their families they had a final word on everything and they were responsible for protecting. Their family. Nowadays society tells us. Be whatever you want to be do whatever you wanna do. Those traditional roles have been replaced by an unwillingness to conform to any sort of traditional pattern so what's a father to do. Yeah I I think the first thing is to recognize it's not just matter of tradition it's not just matter of I liked to doing things traditional lane and father should be in charge knows how god has arranged to things. The very concept the guy has arranged his creation function a certain way it is very difficult to get across and our culture today because our culture today is built around the individual being the center of things instead of God's truth being the center of things is chefs how you begin to think about it in the sub what is what does the Bible say about fatherhood and I know this is a question that a lot of people have is it really possible to practice. That way of doing things in this day and age it's not easy run but it's never been easy because to be a father the way god call should be a father means self sacrificing self. You're not letting fear solve the what you get out of life kids aren't there to kind of meet your needs they're not there to have fun with your there to be responsible to provide for them. Care for them nurture them. Guide them in God's ways are that they are walking with Christ and cultivating character these things take work and they always have today may be even harder as we don't have society on our side and the cool thing as a father still has to church on this site. As the word churches and pastors really need to step up and say wait a minute we need to be. Encouraging and equipping our meant to be the kind of man god calls from the beach is not an easy thing and Israel purpose and that way of living and that's one of the things everyone's looking for but here we haven't been following God's word and how does a man stayed true to that calling yell what are the best basis feature that calling us to stay were God's truth is being taught me to come stay in in God's word. Be regular in church attendance at its. It's really hard to follow God's truth and you're not hearing it and being nurtured and it and deal with other men who have similar standards and goals. They can encourage you they can they can help you sort out when things aren't quite quite writer appeared real as I mean you think is a bit off track that you back on track now we have a video resource titled fatherhood it makes a great study for individuals you can also use it in a group setting doctor Berman what could one expect to gain from using this material. Oh what will you give an immaterial as may be and a new perspective because or were inundated with perspectives about what a real man is what it means to be a father and there's just this cliche idea is that the person that the answers it is gonna give you new perspective on women this is how god expects us to work. So kinda opens remind a little bit and then also give you some concrete things specifically on what you can actually start to incorporate an especially gives us some tips on. Now what is that got such and do for my children how how can I care for them and they'll do some concrete things in there that help with that. It's not just there again it's crucial for believers to know and practice would god expects it enables fathers to be for the good of their families. You know folks this is not only great study for fathers or fathers to be but for young men and women to jolt it is absolutely and yeah we we all need to learn from this and even dialect media and grandfather station now. I still need to remember I've got responsibilities to my grown adult children which don't go away just because I and there are eighteen is an agent emancipation their all bets are off not I'm always a father. Boy's grandfather and I saw responsibilities carry out what a great work to do now great purpose and like Doug Barron thanks so much for being here without disclosure. And that's our action administer segment today to blessed to empower and strengthen your life in Christ for others. To view or download this resource for free go to Lutheran Hour dot org and click on action in ministry. Or call 1855. John 316. That's 18555646316. Our email address is info at LH down dot or. Next week pastor Ken Klaus asks are you listening to what they say. Or one god service. Pastor Ken Klaus next week. And. I. The Lutheran Hour is brought to you each week through the generous support of Lutheran Hour ministry is donors and partners. To make a gift please call 18555646316. Or go online. LH down dot org. And thank you for partnering with us in this Christ centered don't reach together we are bringing Christ to the nations and the nations. To the church. Now pastor cells leads us in praying the lord's prayer. Our father who art in heaven Palo would be dying name. I kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trust passes as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. But buying is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. All men. The lord bless you and keep you the lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. The lord lift up his countenance upon you and you view his peace. On man and turn. And. And. Yeah. And we are back once again pastor Gregory cells responding to questions from listeners I'm mark I assured. Today are going to explore another well known Bible passage this is Isaiah 53 U verse five but he was pierced for our transgressions he was crushed for our inequities. Upon him was to chastise meant that brought us peace and with his wounds we are healed. Now this is the old testament but. It sounds like it's talking about Jesus. Mark his one the most amazing verses in the entire Bible as a matter affect his vs fond of one of the most important sections of the old testament to what section is that this one verse is part of Isaiah known as the suffering servant song the book of Isaiah contains several servants songs. In this is the fourth service song that was a servant is pictured has both god. And as the one who suffers for the salvation of God's people okay this is written by the prophet Isaiah in the old testament when did he write that. We don't know exactly what your Isaiah wrote this but we know that he prophesied in wrote from around 740. Until 681 BC dollars and that's 700. Years. Before Jesus was born and what are we talking about Jesus when this is an old testament passage in ex champ trade there's a story about a man who's reading the fourth service song and Isaiah he cast a Christian named Philip who who this song was about and Philip told the mayor and the good news bud Jesus. From this passage. Aren't so you're saying Isaiah wrote about Jesus 700 years before Jesus was even born yes it is amazing is that sounds yes the fourth. Service song and Isaiah 52 to 53 is a prophecy. About who Jesus is and what he was to do on the cross and he's telling us that Jesus is god and that he will suffer for his people. Where does it say all that service song actually starts in verse thirteen to chapter 52 they're the service described as high in lifted mountain and these are the same words that are used to describe the eternal holy god and Isaiah chapter 57. These words also echo how Isiah describes god and Isaiah six. In the new testament Paul tells us and flipping is too bad these words tie and lifted up described Jesus as god and you're saying that in the old testament the prophet told us the suffering servant. Would be god himself yes and there are many places in the old testament where god tells his people that he himself. Will come to save. And of course we see that most clearly fulfilled in Jesus Christ and you also said that this song tells us this servant who is god. Will suffer. You know mark amazing as that seems yes I mean listen to what Isaiah 53 says he uses these words pierced crust chastised. Wounded as the suffering servant in action which sounds a lot like a description of crucifixion it does but it's not just a physical description of death on the cross I think there's more here it's for our transgressions. For our inequities for our peace and for our healing. The serve and the lord he suffered all of the pains of death and held to forgive our sins. In the Bible says Jesus died on the cross in order to the paid the price for our sins to suffer the wrath of god because of Boris and ultimately yes to give us his. Peace and healing. He's god but he suffering. On the cross he has he has and as god. His death and can destroy death in destroy sin can destroy the power of the devil and there's more. No god wasn't finished just removing the curses he also by all this work gives us his eternal life. So the resurrection of Jesus means that we live for several with him in his kingdom so listen again to the words of Isaiah but he was pierce for our transgressions he was crushed for inequities. On he was the chastise meant that brought us peace. Now with his wounds we far he his wounds bring us peace and healing. Again 700 cheers that's exactly earlier that's exactly what Isaiah says. And we will rise with the lemon live for several with god for given free forever we live now and forever because of Jesus death. And resurrection the fullness buys as prophecy accomplish for the world to see. Thank investors sell offs this has been a presentation. Of Lutheran ministries. A.