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The Lutheran Hour bringing Christ. To the nation's. 500 years ago Martin Luther touched off a reformation of christianity in the Western Europe. Pastor Gregory cells were calls that moment and the message of grace. Did proclaim the good old days. Or days yet to come. I don't think that Luther lived in the past but thought much about what a particular day might bring. The moment came he realized how wonderful it was to be in the hands of a god who loves you who lived and died and rose again just for you. Pastor Selz is messages titled. The enduring reformation moment and message of grace. Later doctor dale Myer and pastor Ken Klaus help us to understand the context and conditions. That led to the reformation. Hello I'm mark glacier. Your gifts and prayers hope to lose for an hour bring Christ to the nations and the nations to the church thank you for your faithful support. Today's message was recorded live in with Hamburg Germany. Now here's our speaker. Doctor Gregory Selz. Our text second corinthians four beginning at verse thirteen it is written I believe. Therefore I have spoken. When that same spirit of faith we also believe in the air force speak. Because we know that the one who raise the lord Jesus from the dead while also raise us with a Jesus. And present us with you in his presence. Christ is risen he is risen indeed hollow area. In all throughout the world people are celebrating this person. Name to Martin Luther 500 years ago he proclaimed boldly a message of freedom in Christ the poll. That was available to all like grace through faith you guessed it alone. For Luther and for all who preach and teach what he taught Jesus was the only want the god man the world's savior key and only Jesus Christ could make such an offer for real forgiveness. Any eternal life to people like Luther people like us sinful people all the sane. We needed such a savior one powerful enough truthful enough and faithful enough to deliver all that we need for this body. And life now and forever. Every reformation. We look back fondly at the message of freedom and forgiveness like his salvation in Jesus alone met Martin Luther unleashed on the world in knee. Those were the good old days right. The good old days. I don't think so. In our video series on Martin Luther there's a short video clip of me walking through the August Indian monastery with the rector at the time. And he's recounting what those good old days were really like. They were days of hardship stress trial and even that first day of Luther soldier into the church it was marked with. Irony. When he Martin Luther laid on the floor of the chapel at the monastery and take his balls he was laying on the tomb of the archbishop buried there. That was an unusual that's what they always bit. All churches have the bones have been important leaders buried there's so as to you know sanctified the ground. What's ironic is that this particular archbishop. Was the one who burned John Haas at the stake. He put to death a person who a generation before Luthor in his time in his way. Was trying to proclaim God's grace alone in Jesus overall. That's sold call threat in the work of Haas ended when he was martyred ironically by the church. By the archbishop that lay under cougars beat. Here's an even greater irony. Now at this specific. Moment in time. Here was Luther who had no idea about all this here's salute or one who was later said to be the new John vause who is alive and well in the world with the archbishop dead in the grave it's as if god we're saying Mike gospel won't be that easily dismissed. Good old days. Or days yet to com. I don't think that Luther lived in the past but thought much about what a particular day might break. What he discovered a new was that live each day in the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ that was the power for the day. That was the power to deal with your past. That was the power to live boldly in the future. When the moment came he realized how wonderful it was to be in the hands of a god who loves you who lived and died and rose again just for you and like Paul the rejoiced in the resurrection promises of Jesus. Like Paul he was confident of this new life with god because he was baptized in the name of the trying and god the god and I'll watch him with the blessings of Christ crossed. And resurrection. He like Paul was overwhelmed with the good news that Jesus would not only invite one like him to his holy supper Jesus would give Lutheran all who believe. The certainty of his grace in their lives of his body and blood in with an under the Red Line. What moments. What moments in. Would that spirit Paul says we believe. We speak. We live. I'm Vandenberg Germany right now speaking this message in the very place where Luther lived where he preached and talked. One moment it is to be here in fact it's kind of overwhelming to be here as well. I went to an exhibit the other day. It's close to where the Luther policy is it's a museum of sorts one that shows the influence that Luthor had throughout history. It talks about names and places philosophies all kinds of things. And lo and behold it talks about and influential man and ministry that groove from the influence of Luther. Care to guess who that is and what that ministry is. Yes the man was Walter eight Meyer. And the ministry was the radio program. Lutheran Hour. I'm here preaching that good news in new. In the churches have been bird. And here at the old Latin school and I'm still on the radio program with the use of it all who hear might come to faith and be strengthened and faith in the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a moment. Eighth speaker in the 500 years with a message that still rings true today. Good old days. Not all every day in the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's. Reformation. So I hope that your in the moment with me today I hope that your heart is open to hearing a word from the Bible that you won't tear out in the world. I hope that you cherish the moment of hearing this word of Jesus today. It's time. Right. It's. Time. What emotion does that phrase in gender when it's spoken directly meaningfully. To use. Try to imagine that time on your wedding day when the pastor came back to you your wedding attendants together and said. It's time. What about those other emotions too I remember a close friend of mine undergoing life threatening surgery can you imagine. The feelings when the nurse comes in and says. It's time. Are you ever had to face the long arm of the law what about the time when the verdict hangs in the balance when the decision of the Parole Board is imminent and the judge calls everyone back to the court house. What might you feel let that moment when they say it's. Time. Is he our lives are full of ups and downs there's always that moment in time when the right questions must be answered and the right things must be done. The Bible talks about being ready for all those times. But it also speaks about the challenge to be God's people in there roller coaster world in which we live. So that all might know that one is always on time with the right message of hope and salvation for a world. That is running out of time. The enduring message of the reformation. Is this it's time the moment of grace has arrived. Ready get. Hearing bombs. In the Bible talks about moments like this all the time. It was just in time that god raised up Moses to rescue his people from slavery and bondage in Egypt. It was just in time when he raced up David to lead Israel and the promised land. To bring Neil Meyer to leadership for the people of god. After they were exiled from their homeland. It was just in time. Ultimately one god the father sent his son Jesus as a child in a Manger to boldly shepherds lowly. Parents to a nowhere land it. To remind all people that god had not forgotten them. God indeed had not forgotten the promises of redemption made Adam and leave to Abraham Isaac and shake up in God's time. Jesus Christ appeared to accomplish all ourselves page. Just in time. So what kind of moment aren't you having today if you're like me things are changing pretty fast even now. I don't seem to have enough time to get done what I need to get done. And the older I get the more icing on able to keep everything in its proper place. There are so many things that we can't get our arms around and on top of that we live in a time of incredible change don't worry. Things are happening so fast that it's impossible. To get a grip on them before they slip away. Replaced by something new something better. Just we finally seem to have a handle on things it all changes. Is there a message for a time like this is there a reality that supersedes all others say false says. Yes. Absolutely. Yes. It's the message of the scripture it's the gospel of Jesus Christ is what's proclaimed on this program every week. We preach Christ crucified. The power of god for all who believe. That's a message. For this time. That's a message war. A so called good old days that's a message for the future because that's the message of life and salvation now and forever in the person and work of Jesus the messiah. The creators. The redeemer of the world. It's what I like to call an eight day message. For all the other days. In your life. Eighth day. What do I mean by that well. In the Bible says that god created the world in seven days. Now before you go criticizing that I wanted and all that the early Christians wondered why it took got sold well. After all he could have created it instantaneously. By his word. Okay that discussion that's for another time but today I wanna talk about that seventh day of creation what it meant. It was a day that signified the reality. That god the creator was in harmony with his world that we as human beings where and harmony with god and with each other went and also with the world around us. All was has hit. It should be. Of course humanity messed all that up broke the relationship with god in rebellions in and shattered that harmony. But the Bible proclaims that god did something about that in the fullness of time it just the right moment god the father sent his son not to condemn the world but to redeem it. Jesus the Christ the fulfillment of all the prophecies for a savior he lived he died and rose again. And that date of his resurrection from the dead when that crucified one was raised so that all might lived. That was spirit comes B eight today. The eternal day. That day that overwhelms all others. It is finished the crucified one is raised from the dad god has been reconciled to his world. That's what the church of Jesus worships not on Saturday any more what Sunday the day of Christ's resurrection. Because not every day in crisis a day in harmony with god by the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every date gets to be a data that is contained in the total life that we all live in Christ forever. I'm here in Gothenburg ironically is the eighth speaker of the Lutheran Hour to share with you the power of the moment of the eighth today. The day of God's grace and Jesus Christ for use. Don't let this moment pass you by now's the time for yourself patient and mind. We need a savior. And that moment is now today and every day for you to receive him and shared it with those you love. Now's. Time. And don't go thinking that modern people like us don't need Jesus today. I'm here to tell you that all the gadgets in the world won't solve the problems in our hearts Luther loved the printing press. What an invention for his day but the printing press didn't save if thankfully can print the message of salvation. But the message saves then as the top. Amidst all these. Reformation celebrations too many are missing the main point of looters TJ. Attend a watered down his message is no longer grace alone through faith alone. In Christ alone. It's more about generics spirituality. And ecological motivation and call it it's a generic message of love. And brotherhood. And that might work folks. If we word such sensors. That we all our. You know one of the enduring. Foolishness is. Of the modern world is this notion that human beings are basically good only corrupted by broken structures only driven a problems by lack of money your education. But twentieth century the century the enormous growth in wealth technology in comfort leisure and health it was one of the most brutal centuries of human history. It was worse than all the other centuries. Combined. That is something my friends. Ol we need a savior today. Just like in looters today. Save us lord from the modern notion that we are merely machines. Save us lord from the notion that we are merely animals now's the time to believe again that you're creating you're redeemed to be God's person now and forever by grace through faith because of the life death and resurrection of Jesus. A lull. Justice. For you. It is written says all I believe therefore I've spoken with that same spirit of faith we believe and airport speak. Nothing else. And surely. Nothing lasts. The reformation was quite a moment from Luther but it was quite a moment for people who suddenly heard that word of god and about that god really cared for them who understood their sinful in capacity and killed. One who didn't pile on more do's and don'ts to them but acted on their behalf so that they might have a fresh start. Real forgiveness. And the gift of God's love this year. One moment. For all who believe. Each night here in big bird I've let the window open just to crack and I've noticed something. The bells of the tone church Saint Mary's. One of the churches where Luther preached throughout his life those bells ring every hour every half hour. All throughout the night. Now when I first heard them a kind of shocked me I thought that I might not be able to close my eyes and sleep because I hear those bells throughout the night. About a might be like our first nights in New York City when we heard that taxi cabs beeping their horns all throughout the night. But the sound of bells. It wasn't like that. They were beautiful. Not overly loud but not too soft either they rang a tone that's settled gently on the breeze. So that you can hear smiled and take comfort in the airplane. It was almost as if god himself were gently reminding all who could hear. That this church is still preaching this good news in this place. With a message of life and salvation that is meant for all. In Jesus. What a moment that first. Reformation day was what a moment the writing of this letter to the corinthians was in the days of Saint Paul. And what a moment when the word became flesh and dwelt among us. Full of grace and true. That moment is here for you and for me right now through this word of the gospel that is preached. With the humility of knowing our need with the confidence that comes by faith in Christ. I prayed at the moment of yourself patient is now the moment of the strengthening of your faith is now at the moment of living in the power of the reformation. Message of grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone is now yours today and forever. Nothing else. And surely nothing less. To that end god richly blessed you this very moment. Army and. You're listening to the Lutheran Hour and we're continuing our discussion now concerning Martin Luther and the events of the reformation pastor Gregory Selz is here along with former Lutheran Hour speaker doctor dale Myer and joining us from his home in Texas pastor Ken Klaus once again thank you all for being with us great to be here doing my pleasure. Last week we spent some time talking about Martin Luther who he was as a man. His act of posting a list of 95 debate topics on the castle church Doran with Bloomberg. Marks the beginning of the reformation. Today we wanna take a step back from that moment and look at certain practices of the medieval church. The compelled Luthor to take that step. Luther had grown discontented with certain teachings of the church but that wasn't always the case and doctor Meyer what was Luthor is viewpoint. Prior to October of 1517. That's a great question Luthor was a devout obedient son of the church. In a footnote is those are the guys you have to walk. Because the scholars. Will will Trace losers theological development. But I he believed in praying to the saints. He believed what the church taught about Marion so on. Wood got his goat in 1517 was a practice of indulgences. And that was the wedge. That opened the way for all the theological development that happened in the rest of his life. Pastor Clausen I think it but don't they're slowly. Awakened to the idea that what the savior had said. In what is church once saying. We're two different things and Natalie that. It with the chair said was it was necessary for salvation kept on changing. Anyone became vocal in their disagreement with the church they often ended up being tried by an ecclesiastical court and then they disappeared. Mean tech are you mentioned how this practice of indulgences set Luther off. It raised questions about what the church was doing and whether the church was doing the right thing now in the past. The church had consoles that met and reconcile these controversial issues past yourself how did that work. Well I mean you know the church she's the bishops and things like that people forget. These are the public voices of the gospel for the sake of the people these are. He's a Christ servants for the sake of the people and there were times when they gathered together to deal with very difficult things so we have like the council of nine C and they produce the nice seemed creed. That has been a real blessing for the church since then. But they didn't always get things right so it is not that they were an infallible witness of that as well also. That's the stuff that Lou there's gonna come up against because council sometimes even disagreed with themselves. But in this case why couldn't they deal with this issue in a similar format. Pastor costs. It could've. I happen. If they had agreed on the ground rules. The problem was they just never could bring themselves to doing that the they said hey I'm ready to be tried. If scriptures Mike Judge. And the church of play and what you're gonna be your judge and we may or remain that you scripture and our decision it was an. Unsolvable problem. In this video resource the Roman Catholic church of that time is described as a salvation machine doctor Meyer I'm wondering what that means. Over the centuries they had gotten into a system. That it would take. A literal rubble like lose serve to it to him we'll blow apart. The salvation machine was the system you confess your sins you are given parents to do. If you buy an indulgent you can get forgiveness or shorter time in purgatory. All of that generated dollars many of which went down for the construction of saint Peter's. The unit in Rome he was a whole system. And and you feel sorry for the people at that time because they didn't know anything else they've felt the burden. But they didn't know that there is a freedom of the gospel. Our discussion continues in just a moment. You can learn more about Martin's Lutheran Hour three part video resource title a man named Martin. For more information go to Lutheran Hour dot org or call 1855. John 316. That's 18555646316. And have you taken part in our listeners survey. Here's your opportunity to tell us what you think about pollution and our code to Lutheran Hour dot org look for the survey like him. Listeners in the US can kick the survey over the phone by calling our response center during regular weekday business hours. That number four listeners are US only has 1855. John 316. That's 18555646316. Next week pastor Selz concludes his tenure as Lutheran Hour speaker with another compelling message recorded on location in with bird. And doctor dale Myer and pastor can close helpless to understand the profound effect reformation has had on our world today. Next another of the great hymns written by Martin Luther. It is said he wrote it in 1541. For a special prayer service in win number. We know today as lord keep us steadfast by word. It invokes God's protection against those who threaten to Christ's church through false teaching or violence. We hear a song by the concordia seminary chorus. Okay. It's. He'll call us. Blue. Lost moon. It's yeah. Okay it's okay. Okay. It's. Okay. Saturday. And oh he's. Or. Rule book she's. OK. Okay. Okay. Feel. Good. Oh. Saw us. VOK. So you saw Curtis. Okay. Earlier we heard of the medieval church had become a salvation machine that stressed pennants instead of repentance. Pastor close why was that. It will there was a Bible. We said very simply we're forgiven because of Christ's work. And then there was the church would send. You're forgiven after you burned it to order room paid for it or did penance for and or a combination of all three. Doctor Meyer I guess that points to the importance of a correct translation of the scriptures yes. It's important to remember. That most people are losers time couldn't read. So who gave them the message about. Faith what to believe. How to be right with cut the church. But most priest in haven't either. Worship services were in Latin which no one understood except. Some of the crease. So getting the Bible out of his sled and translation into the vernacular of German was important. But then it became important that the the crease. The original local pastors. Proclaim the gospel. Because most people still wouldn't be reading the vernacular German. Luther said that the church is God's mourned halts his mile house for proclamation. The living voice of the gospel. And yes you need an accurate translation. To see that in Iowa and say. Yeah and if it's almost like we're in we sell a little bit later broken record. And it is the Bible which drives Luther. At first. Almost reluctantly. To any kind of confrontation. Eventually it in grows into a confrontation. That that the Texas a and almost every aspect of the Christian life at that time. It's an amazing story about how god works in history and how God's truth transforms lives and even entire societies. And we continue to benefit from this heritage even today. Next week we'll discuss the third part of this video resource and we'll take a look at what happened once the reformation got underway and spread throughout Europe. Once again thanks to pastor Selz pastor Ken Klaus and doctor dale Myer for being with us today great to be here with all you guys do. And. And. The Lutheran Hour is brought to you each week to the generous support of Lutheran Hour ministries donors and partners. This sermon series was made possible in part to help provided by the Lutheran legacy foundation. To make a gift please call 1855. 5646316. Or go online. LE jam dot org. And thank you for partnering with us in this Christ centered outreach together we are bringing Christ to the nations and the nation's two to church. This has been a presentation of Lutheran Hour ministries. Once again doctors test yourself it's. Please volume hasn't pray with me. Our father who art in heaven how low would be dying name. I kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespass is as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. Buying is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and never. Oh man. The lord bless you and keep view. The lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you the lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you his peace. Our man. Yeah. Okay. I. I. I. I. I. And.