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You're live from homeland. Are engaged fully in the disaster. Yes and recovery. Effort. Probably. Has never been seen something. Surrounded by. Who should Warner would closely coordinated. With the territory of local. Your totally. And unfortunately I was able to handle the. So yeah. Our liberty on the air live on your host can't fish for news you view it. Wonderful producer Willie Anderson. In that house sorting out the technical aspect. What's going on studio here back in the day a week has been filled with the news. Heard the president there talking about scenario. In Puerto Rico. My favorite comment of course is that he. Correctly pointed out some of the I think a lot of people aren't aware. Puerto Rico the island. And it is round about water. The water. And a lot of people say well okay we recognize that on the other hand we do spend 600. Billion dollars a year on our Defense Department. And we were suppose we supposedly have the capacity to. Fight I believe three wars. Simultaneously around the world. Which is an incredible challenge and logistics. And yet. 20300. Miles away from American shore an enemy Rico is the American short but from the American mainland. We were only able to get 5000 troops. Into Puerto Rico. I have a friend issues father lose inquiry referenda. Is has provided for his father. Really nice place to live. Comfortable lifestyle. He just heard from him to has never. He. As did sort of out of touch. Because there's no phone service today there's no foreign service really there's no electricity. There is very little communication in Puerto Rico. And the situation is really astonishing. And the most astonishing thing to me about it is that. We are not doing the simple things that we can't so the number one thing about it was that. This is walk called the Jones. The Jones act says that ships. From foreign countries are not allowed to go from port eight to port be in the United States. They have to go for portray to a foreign port and then to another port essentially designed cute. Protect American ship Beatrice. Also has some rules about who's allowed to serve as officers on American ships. But right after. Maria and right after. Harvey. They waived the Jones act they said okay American ship four ships can bring supplies back report opened on the Gulf Coast. So that hurricane effort will not be entered. But they would not waive the Jones expected to four days for them to waive the Jones act for Puerto Rico. And as a result you know that's for critical days in which supplies could be coming in the entire time. The second thing about it that's crazy to me about what's going on Rico. Is. That my friend's father is the first they heard from him. And the reason why because all the poster. This is a problem that they would not have happened. Eighty years ago. Because. Eight years ago how people communicate over long distances. Radio. Right radio is not dead media and in fact you know no it it is not there and it is not. Your local police department you firefighters etc. They probably still back up on radio. And one of the if you think about it when he talked about disaster prep. And I will admit that you know having had my sister go to Harvey and see some the other natural disasters I'm not a proper but I have been. Preparing a little bit more for how to survive. A week without power premiere week without power here in the North Shore. You and you're not a proper leg as a negative connotation. Well do you think it with I don't know that I think it has a negative connotation but I think of people who. Leave that the world's going to end and I think that there are apocalyptic. Preparers. I don't believe that the world court and I don't think that's a realistic and a coronal mass injection yet exactly and the greens got or you know. He's on the apocalypse something here's a big question. Could you go without your phone. A lot of people these days too well so I mean I'm old enough Oxley. Lived before as an adult without a cellphone. So I could but it's that he enough you know my. My partner and I have via plan. For how we get by its cell phones were out of our our disaster prep plan is that in our glove compartments. There is a walkie talkie. And on it is a list of times and channels to Jack for us to broadcast to each other. And you know there certain. Walking talking channels that are. Prohibited for civilian use only for private use but these walkie talkies to use them and I think year. If things have gone that far the FCC's not going to be busted me for communicating channel 42 or we could use CB radios and connect using those what. But that's the department radio target seemed signals in frequency. And I mean that's really talking about. A talk about just hand held CB rate essentially jails. One through twenty Q&A little restricted channels aren't sure it's a radio expert in Erie Italian. Channel thirteen for it for mere time. Economy particularly silt the candidate. I would not I mean I didn't grow up agree they have CB unit. The good you play it was CG and call convoys later on that was that's convoy exactly that's wonderful song I actually know you're talking about some of the season you're pretty old too. So but it's if you think because how much of our. Preparation our modern society. Fails. Without electricity. And so it researches this and there are a lot of people of done actually work around the idea electricity would mean. For example. In the New York subway system. They had giant 5000 pound fly wheels that's been around a ball bearings. That when the trees committed station they transfer the braking energy from the train. Into mechanical energy it's in the fly wheels are round so that if the power goes out they can then take the plot spinning flywheel to transfer that energy. That power back into electrical energy to bring transit stations they've lost power attract. That pretty clever right. Yeah I'm sure New York's maintaining on the cuddle my standard right right. Right I did not the MBTA you know it might have a fighting chance well considering the fact it was built a New York I'm sure that I wouldn't to look for the flywheel to actually work they were being fly and it bicycle real. Out yet. However they were these contractor can pay before it was a good idea. So. They were in 1970 that your exactly right and things like he's in and a in New York City. So that's Puerto Rico the president of course came in with this. Great statement about it to the island surrounded by water. Being one big water. But that actually wasn't the silliest thing that he said this week. Because he had a better quote. When they talked about the failure if he's the guy or that. Graham Dorian Cassidy Graham Cassidy Butch Cassidy Busch capacity right now is the I think David capacity okay. Old references tonight ya that well so. Greater capacity tournament infield on thank you I've I too am older I got my. I got my AARP card in the mail today and I turned fifty in October and a and so I am fifty years young is exactly right so to send your Medicaid part. Rights and the medication. So. Trump talking about Graham Cassidy. Failure. And at one point he tweets out he says. It's gonna fail it's not gonna fail. We have all the votes we just can't vote on it right now because there's one senator whose in the hospital and can't vote. Here's the problem is only a hundred senators so it wasn't hard for people look up and bite out that that's completely not true. There was a senator from Mississippi. Who had. Gone home for outpatient procedure ray wasn't hospital. And he actually tweeted he's like I'm fine I'm planning on coming back to vote on not the guy who's the president is talking about. I don't know who it is but then trump kept repeating. And that's the most athlete to be met like you know you say okay. Corey goes and I'll throw about water that's pretty obvious. But it's something that is completely not true and it's easy for everybody look out and find out that it's not true. That's pretty crazy. So. It sees the phone Portland we notify. We get any calls to an end because I want to make sure that I know people out there you will prepared to look at that screen and exactly. So. The interest and other if you think or talk about though about the ECB repealed. Is that. They didn't get to with a cycle and they said OK this is it is the and we're not going to repeal these CA. Right and actually there is one more chance to do so September 30 was the deadline to use reconciliation. Q. Repeal the ACA however. Reconciliation can also be used. For budgetary matters in fact that's what reconciliation was always used for and there is a budget coming up thank you will for hooking me up with. Speaker knife concealed calls and one you guys you have to wait though we pass a per segment. The BCA could still be repealed. With fifty vote margin in the senate Democrat if they do it during the budget and shot up Q by the guys that I crooked media because they talked about that and so one of the crooked media you know one of the guys that crooked media pots in America. Was actually on the Obama administration team and he pointed out that when they passed the ACA. They actually also passed. Reform the student loans. And so. No Democrat is going to argue or you can't. Cut the CA in with something else because that's exactly what they needed to pass in the first place of course they can argue and they will go well. You're acting like hypocrisy as something that is not. Abundant well I will agree that in general capital sometimes the government has. At times made people recanted their statements or backup but I think in this case I think that. The Republicans have they really do have one more shot. To repeal it to do something with DC now question is what are they gonna do. And I think I think I mean there's talk that they're gonna adopt the Rand Paul plan. Which is. You know. It's marginally better essentially wants to allow groups of people to form their own health insurance pools and essentially you know here we could make area. And RKO health care plan and we can all in the negotiate with whatever insurance policy we wanted. Insurance company won it it's a fee idea and also allows people to buy across states. In the if you think about that is that different states have different standards so Massachusetts plans are required to cover you know everything under the sun. And some other things as well whereas you know Mississippi plans. Don't cover basic dentistry. War blowing women demand is load an exact that's what is right and if you only have ten teeth why would you needed dentistry play. Are enough this is a way to the what do the not so great parts of Randall's. Well it doesn't repealing it still requires the mandate. And fundamentally it goes with the same idea that. That the health care is the right it's still pretty keyed upon in the arena Paul doesn't necessarily agree with that he actually thinks that. This is a better plan but considering the fact that he held out for all he's held out against all these other plans. Because they were obamacare light he does there were bomb killed I think now he's proposing obamacare even later. I mean essentially that's yeah this is and the fundamental things that still the mandate your steel required by government to buy something. And as far as I'm concerned. The government should never be able to tell you that you have to. We'll dark of the moon on the sixth of June and it can where's home alone. Campbell repeat with a read her own at Jimmy's hall close and we isn't from there on. We. Got a great big convoy liberty avenue here. We're gonna talk about a couple more issues. The what they went too far upper fall. William quick shout out to my friend James in North Carolina and jeans. Just got home from the third cancer treatment James younger than me. Lung cancer showed up not a smoker. Lives in North Carolina. James. Rocket out and he gets strikes this. So. But today yesterday last month Saturday the first day young comport. Jewish holiday. Now particularly religious my personal life but he agrees Jewish. Yahoo! portal is one of those. Interest in holidays it's the day of atonement the day that you're supposed to. Date. Apologized for everything that you've done over the last year. And then be forgiven. That's why don't practice continued at the view that right right I've I have nothing to be forget foresight. They'll. But but what ended it so the couple and to praise abroad for one. They used to do this thing where they would bring the goat. Through via the breeze through through the temples. Thousand years ago a great run your hands on and so. You're Tom Brady does not like that we need you could. And so well because it doesn't you must secure zap you you you scrape all your. Everything you have to be atone for they would sacrifice to go after anyway yes so that's but that's the scapegoat. With a phrase comes on interest. So. What do you think things about those that you know the thing that all stuck with me is that. The idea that you're forgiven and this as a a common theme throughout the Judeo Christian. Western world whose idea forgiveness. And it all stuck with the especially in sometimes I will I'm Angela you sort of get into this I called she is aware. I think elections due to the him down and I just can't stop thinking you stupid stupid stupid and so. In my older years. I have started saying forgiveness. As sort of a man entered often forgive yourself because. I try to be very generous with all the people will forgive them. Somebody does something wrong and I think both people like this is summary did something wrong you would happily forgive them for something that you would coldly Google yourself war. And so I wanna talk briefly about bringing those ideas. Into our political conversations stumbling around the state generally lacks his forgiveness well because the state can't write a meat to a certain extent we have tried to move morality. Away from the state the state is I wouldn't say in the world but I would say a more right the state doesn't want to have it and yet. We rely on the state for so many moral concepts now or at least some people are trying to get it right. People want us to think that the state is supposed to be responsible. For charity. Or the State's most responsible for defining how we're all going to get along. What in reality. Those things are with them not. If we could practice a little more forgiveness. In our regular lives. We would have a better job we would do a better job in terms of being able to communicate. And to hear each other. And that's one of the things that. As of now we've become more mortified. And I think that. A lot of people are getting fed up with. Where the president is in the people who are supporting him no matter what because this deal and we are talking about where he said that we had they had the votes. But they couldn't pass the health care repeal because there was senator in the hospital. It just wasn't true. And enjoy it he doesn't care he doesn't care is no secret his whole campaign was built on the idea that he could go and of downed Fifth Avenue. Should a guy with a pistol and that was a single voter. Right. I think that people accept that about him. But a lot of people are frustrated with his supporters. Who aren't willing to say OK you know he blew it there. If you watch sixty minutes last Saturday Sunday. Oprah is the and they did a panel of fourteen people in Iowa. Seven trump supporters seven non trump supporters as she and Arnold with Iowa but they were able to get a pretty. Racially diverse group of people who supported from. In people who didn't like and they tried to have conversation Oprah tried facilitated and you know say whatever else to about Oprah there's a reason why she is the queen of media. She has the ability to meet people communicate even strenuous situations you could see people get really hot with each other. But should you keep your comments is they'll keep the conversation going and they reported that in the aftermath. The relationships that people who made there even. You know Crumpler and from payers. Lasted beyond that room. And it's because people were able to have those conversations. So. When we look at the people who are. Forgiving trump everything. And the people who are are not able to forgive the people who are still supporting trump. We have this. Clash. Clash of ideologies. And I don't know what the answer is I don't know how we come to this point that we are more disconnected than we ever have been before. But I know that the solutions that comes out of this. Is for us to sit down have more conversations. Sometimes on the radio sometimes are cables. Don't be afraid volatile told don't talk about religions don't talk about politics. Don't talk about work. But those are the real conversations. And the things that we are missing in our lives right now our conversations. With the real people about real things. We were talking before the break Dan about them. That the division between. So called no never troopers and always trump prison maybe I'll call him people who will never criticized from. It was interesting story about that librarian in now actually Cambridge labor school librarian who rejected. A donated book Beimel on your trumpet. The book oh the places you'll go by Dr. Seuss. Rejecting it as being a book filled with racist propaganda. Stereotypes. And this was really. Really mean TV step back and say this is a prime example somebody who is. You know just going out of their way right to to make eight and oh and never trumps stance. Yeah and to seek offense. Where none was intended to write Maloney from Clifford ball. Let's let's put aside the fact. That whether or not doctored doctor seuss' raises are fans of whatever they don't believe that he has. And the Massachusetts are there out exactly right today but. English is not Gilani and Trump's first language. Right so here she is trying to give McKie left. And I mean I don't use the phrase look a gift horse in the mouth but. They're rejecting it really out of spite to say sure I mean bright. A book that is certainly in her library exaggerating right erected since there's no Dr. Seuss books in the library with the she's gonna reject them because they came from. The tribes. Richards mused and then try to use the excuse that the book is somehow racist right. As a means to defend that position it right exactly you know it's completely ridiculous and why is that so hard to say. I disagree with trump and his policy. Yet I'm glad that I'm getting a book donated to my library is that really that hard to do right exactly right I mean you know. Nine times out of ten when you hear the phrase think of the children. It's a precursor to a celebrity losing their civil liberties but skates leg of the children look perhaps of books for. I know clout we'll get Dan kind of piggybacking off that that's kind of how I view this on hole like leave the children alone. What they want it as you know people have. Made fun of Barron trump and stuff like that in the past slate here Milan it was just trying to donate some books for children that they come false and that whole. Round they when it comes to the tune trample over again. I I completely agree with that it's it's mind boggling to me and it goes to the point of we do in the society now where if you're offended. Then people think that you have the right to use the power of government to stop people from offending. And so in this case this library and wanted to complain about the books but really sure what complain about the president. And says she found this is the vehicle. To do it. And already hit back to probably the number one story of the news this last week. As sad as it is because it ties directly and this. Course I'm talking about the number one story number went through this I about the NFL in the kneeling controversy. Today. Donald Trump said that by the players should be fired. I said that before the Sunday game and that it's gonna unify the athletes it's going to be that from the president saying that should be fired. So. First let's talk about whether or not it is disrespectful. For somebody to kneel. At the gate during the pledge allegiance. To put in the context. The players did not come out of the pledge of allegiance. Until relatively recently. Right to the NFL is paid by by the car government exactly right deuce so it was my tax money your tax money. Is actually what brought the players out to stand for the pledge of allegiance to the beginning. Whether we agree with that or not. What the players do. By definition their job. Is that they are entertainers. And what they do on the field is not scripted. What they do you. Around awhile around when they're out there for the game we don't know what's going to happen. So there's no guarantee they're gonna do anything. Then on top of that dealing. At least as far as I'm concerned really is not disrespectful. Right I mean I think of where the other places that I Neil well. People kneel in church right. You deal when you are sort. Assembling to. I don't know any other situations ordeal looking cute church is the only one but. It's not a sign of disrespect. People argue okay you know I want you respect the troops I want to stand up I wanted to salute the idea is that America is founded on. That's wonderful. And everybody should do that and when I'm at the stadium and they say please stand and remove your house. I do I'm happy that I'm happy to honor the ideas. I think America stands for and I we talked on this and we touched on this every show. That's our feet. But the idea of protesters also critical. To the American character. And for these players to deal. To call attention to some that he is really broken. That's also. Got a question for you yet on. You go back. 1968 Summer Olympics. Yep Tommy Smith John Carlos yet pulling their fists in the air yeah obviously I wasn't alive then I mean you were prior child then we year old and a member of our anything that was taken that at that time is being disrespectful to the star spangled banner. You know very adamant it's funny because that site I thought of that immediately and people who are familiar with the story should read the story written by the third man on that podium finish award Rusedski in the country high jumper. Hundred meter hurdles borderless. Anyway he you're wonderful article about how proud he was to be up there on that stage with those guys when they were making that salute. And no I don't think that was disrespectful. Because. Our shared history. And I was talking the other day about you know how proud I am to have Martin Luther King. As. A critical part of my history until recently it's not your history that's black history in my. It's American history day you know my family Mike Haley wasn't even here. During the civil war. What I have to own the negative aspects of American slavery and recognize that that's what happened New England has to own the fact that. You know pick triangle trade. Was based on ships Yankee ships out of New England. Third and a podium by the way Peter Norman of Australia. Through those of you playing a trivia game in a bar right now Beckham's that's good what was the event. Hi I gotta tell you again it'll end up okay I'm pretty sure I think it was there's a 440 here's the 200 meter to order rewrites so it was it was track. They were running. And so but he did so repeat performance account of being on the podium. 68 Olympics. We need wind aided by the way those times are no longer considered official. All that being said. When we talked about. Now. Our tolerance in our forgiveness. And people looking for offense. To me that's what the kneeling that was all about it some people wanted to take offense. Sydney Hastings on our FaceBook stream. As a couple good. Points you Neil when you proposed. A do the odds Sydney and Tim Tebow who was objecting when Tim Tebow is Felix MB board didn't like it bill nobody was calling from to be fired noted that he should be fired and of course. People are still doing right in terms of I mean UC players can reflecting all the time. Nobody says so it's an appropriate nobody says you know it's a great deal when players says you know I want to thank god for. No complaints about that because it's their personal lives they're talking about things that are important to them. And it's completely relevant and so a 100% I agree that that is the issue now. Do I understand the people who think that honoring the troops is important. I do you and I agree with there's a sacrifices being made. But. Before the Dallas game. Last week. Great doubts in Arizona played Monday night. They knelt and of course that they'd seen the Sunday controversy to dolphin Arizona got together the field and they knelt and locked arms. Before. The National Anthem. And they got booed them. And they stood and their plan was all along and they stood normally for the National Anthem people booed them for needling in the middle of the field. So what would those people boo when new noon patriots fans were very upset with the protest by their work. And at many of the players in the majors so that comes to if you question about it is that if they were what would Wear that over the going about what were they upset about. And especially here in New England now for people you know we have listeners around the country. May not be familiar with Bank of Boston. Has a very complicated. Racial history. One of the pictures who won the Pulitzer Prize. It's called the soiling of old glory glory and recommend people look it up. It is during the policy controversy in Boston. On Boston. On at the City Hall. And shows a white man trying to stab a black man with the American flag with a giant six foot long pole. And it is. It is moving them. As a moving now as it was then. And throughout time boss has always been. Racially sensitive. And it's had racial problems and if you show. You talk to people who Boston African Americans who have the Boston. They will tell you that they have all sorts of encounters. That are. Less than pleasant. Yeah I mean it's it's almost insane to me. To realize the fact that. In it as late as 1976. We still needed court ordered desegregation. Of buses in Boston right. And that that actually will book that blows my mind as someone who. Well I mean you know yeah because I mean. It's a fascinating we get into that terms you were libertarians stands on and stuff like that but he is astonishing that Boston has had these. Even to this day Boston it's not uncommon to hear. Coming from Texas. I hear racial terms for black people more often in Boston. Than I ever did in Texas. Part of it is that there are cultural ones there are there's an Italian phrase. Honest there's I Yiddish phrase and then of course you know there's there's the Edward. And you hear these things and I'm just always shocked because in Texas we never. You would never say stuff like that. We got Scott on the line Scott wants to talk about the NFL the on dealing controversy Scott thanks so much pollen and. I goody goody of the most efficient. You know first of all I'd like to say that. It even if you hate America that you stand for the National Anthem just out of respect for. Full fall and it's soldiers sailors airmen and Marines. Getting to Robert Kraft. The winningest team in the NFL the winningest franchise in the NFL Robert Kraft as a disgrace. He should demand that his players are always stands for the National Anthem Tom Brady is a disgrace Bill Belichick as a disgraced. So you're talking your calls and disgrace because of this issue but you know do you think that the black players are wrong. That there did their there is no racial injustice in this country. There's a racial injustice in this country but the in the black place should stand because they have black soldiers announced. This fault that had fallen war is lost limbs and war as a nation stand just out of respect. But that's but that's not really what the star spangled banner is about right. And the star spangled banner is just our National Anthem right has nothing specifically to do with the troops it's just a song. When marriage question how come years ago. Greats like people who had Williams Lou Gehrig Ty Cobb. They all stood for the National Anthem and there was no problem yes they were white and they they certainly weren't black players they didn't. Suffer from is from segregation and out but. Even still that they just did it out of respect and the black players. And they it was a segregated leak at that point in time right I mean realistically speaking when we talked about. You know what you were doing in the past and what they're doing now. We are talking about a progression of our culture and a progression of what we understand our social relationships to be with each other. So Scott thank you very much for the call we've got doc property and is on the line Carl thank you very much for call an end no call is running in. Massachusetts six districts for congress in Carly probably got some thoughts on whether or not players really is disrespectful. Look at when they do this stuff there and the National Anthem of course there that this is practical people have died. In for our country for a flight for freedom. But why why is nationally at them about that what about what about the other things that happened I mean. They're all these other events that happened during the game right and actually at the mrs. song we sing it everybody stands up and if you want to honor of the country. Honor of the country. But isn't part of honoring the country recognizing. Our freedom of discourse. That he that this is a thing first first they would get a deal with on this is that actually they are in employees. Right to beyond US we should be very upset with the NFL and the owners because these these guys employees. Well sizzle to Tim Tebow was an employee you think it was disrespectful for him to legend you collect. To take you need crossings opened scored touchdowns. Everybody's always been intellectually. Or you know to Europe that it does some good to be to suspect that. If it's disrespectful and stop everybody from the right thing what we stopped them from there it would it duel on the Pope but when the international Internet appliance. These guys should not be getting up to actually you know this Vietnam there a need and everything I could there are it is expecting a lot of people have died while people that basically. Given the freedom ought to think that gave them bombs. The opportunity for the test and make millions of dollars for play in the game but the problem is. They don't realize. How many millions of people watching these games that a bit and not because the brickyard they'd open nation. Well if this so yeah I know you're running as a fiscal conservatives. What do you think about the fact that the government is paying the NFL. To have the players come out standup of the pledge of allegiance you think that's good news into the government's money. Attributable want the six point that this seven billion dollars goes to these stadiums on all these things Rea I mean what we pay for this. You know. But it's not in the big could they shouldn't spend a penny on the NFL especially now. You. Why in the world week given Optus balls to actually promote. Something that we don't agree with and that alternative by the way. I apologize I don't. No problem you know what it is because we got a little typos of Carlo. Carlos and and is running in on NASA's sixth district. As far as I know you are. Below the presumptive Republican nominee because no real run Carlos you have they'll website the people voted to find out more about campaign. Sure and as a congress about US. I will fight basically to. To defend album veteran I love my country I can't you know right now tired I'd really you know it's it's something I have no choice to have the bill. Bar night. I appreciate you do that I appreciate you called in. We got to go to break right now Carlos had to flee when have you back on what's election season gets into full swing as well so I just wanna say that's Hernandez for congress dot US he said your website. And it is for congress that US I would urge people find out about this. Find veteran running in the sixth district of Massachusetts. We've got coming back would. Radical Islam Rowell the it's as rally and that at the Raleigh brat as a going. Only world here guys. So he got a and it felt comet for us. Yeah out just more so about the so I'm really forward does standing at the National Anthem. Talent there you know I understand. Police brutality. But I'm kind of sick of everything becoming full size. But it's kind of weird ego into football game knows that in Italian getting. Yelled at no more direction it's out added yes. Let me play a little devil's advocate though in that. The argument I think that most of these players are making is that most. White Americans. Are not really aware of what goes on like our Chris Rock for example. Talked the other day that. He used to drive a Mercedes. And now drives a Prius. And the reason why does he kept getting pulled over the Mercedes. And you know he's there he videotaped them essentially it's you know driving while black he wasn't doing anything wrong. But we switch to a Prius he get pulled over and and for most white Americans that's about the idea I think what this happen to be the other day we were at. We're at market basket the market basket in Rowley. And they changed cashiers. And an African American kid became the new cashier. And the guy in line in front of me got out of line and went to another line. Because for whatever reason he didn't wanna have a black eye check out his groceries. Walk party why would a big difference and I apologize for this but I was like well that's good for me because they argue it forces got you in in line fat exactly but the thing about was that hit. He goes through stuff like that and he notices that exactly of course he notices it and the thing is that it's actually accomplished enough experience. That his everyday life. For me I'm not aware of that level casual racism. Earliest. I wanna be aware of it and so the argument for these players when they talk about dealing. Is that we just one week queue up to that we want Americans to be aware of the fact. That you probably don't realize the level of casual racism that's going on all the time even though there's this hardcourt racism. Now these about it of course is that sometimes. The dealing does indeed get out of hand. And we just had another key to this in Massachusetts. Yeah I think it was another case of one of these. School teachers kind of going rogue. Yes and over at Russell street elementary school in Littleton mass. A public school teacher. Decided. She would kneel in protest during the pledge of allegiance. In her classroom I actually a bush is a substitute teacher and this is an elementary schools who have you got kids. Immune maybe third grade age. I love the rate is at a great place to deliver that message. Let me play a little devils advocate again I mean it's going on so if it's happening in the NFL elementary school kids are hearing about for sure right. Mean I've watched a top football I was in elementary school. So they heard about the dealing going on now the pledge of allegiance as well. The star spangled banner is it he think but the pledge of allegiance and that actually is a thing that. Also the pledge of allegiance passes through the events and stuff like that. But as the liberty person like you kind of think the words are odd. Right to let you surprised that they were written by a socialist trying to sell. American flags went right what but the but that's exactly what it is that normal if you don't realize that that's exactly what it is is that I mean. It's the fact they're trying to sell flags that's awesome that's very American that's super capitalism right create a slogan you think a he was a confused socialist be honest Francis Bellamy himself he got it. He is no question it computers socialist. But the idea that you pledge allegiance. To the flag. Into the United States of America. I mean it wasn't as in the wording next year Bure pledging allegiance to the flag. Of the united some of the fastest rate that you write in pledging allegiance the country. Right of apology to a call to assemble and so you know we will reap from the constitutional lot but every now and then. You wish you pull up that the ten commandments because I'm pretty sure that something there about dot. False idols right and is the flag. You know to a certain extent to people warship applied to people treat it like an idol. Wolf fascist would much rather you be worshipping a flag an immediate you know that right. And so there's a Y like North Korea officially has no religions. Allowed to be practice there what I mean communism in general are Communists always says no religion that was part of there. What Karl Marx's religion as the opiate of the masses. Of course he had seen them modern media appointed doctors television it's crushing. As the real opiate of the masses CNN but he did note that right tact. What we talk about. Being content. Being tolerant. Looking for offense where none is given. That's on all of us and so are we give everybody a charge for this week you know I'm coming out young comport even if you're not Jewish. Forgive yourself. You know there's something in the I would schooling and in the lord's prayer says forgive others as we forgive. Our trespass is against a when he got it wrong. But that idea that you should forgive. People. Until we applied a way to do that this site. Not look for so much offense. Especially if people aren't really trying to offend us. He'll cap predict the mile players. They said that they are not trying to offend anybody they just wanna call attention this. So let's choose to not be offended. Let's choose. To not take offense. When there's a given. And let's have a peaceful week and come back here next week liberty on.