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We don't respond to hate with hate. Groups argue with a piece of we want people to be civil. And don't ever want to make sure that we made Boston's proud. We had both. But yeah it's so we had those who followed the abortion week. Pena could cause problems but overall I thought the men and women of the Bob Simon in all the other agencies to help out. Really well. It's Saturday night. Liberty on the hand were ready to talk to you now your host missed and punishment. Thank you very much apple flop was in the studio without armor it is doubtful. Thanks very much to Willie Anderson knows of that wonderful introduction here. Marty law there and mr. Stevens mr. Stevens. Talking about the big news of the day in the in Boston's big rally news. The rally that actually wasn't in many respects. We have a bunch of callers talking about what happened with via free speech rally what happened down. On the common. As sort of day. Liberty issue because we're talking about speech again. And we're talking about the fact that and a sometimes. With a made reason that we had at freedoms speeches that you don't really know what's going to be said until somebody says. But I would say this round for example that. I know that after Charlottesville lot of people were thinking we were gonna see a lot of white supremacists a lot of racist. Showing up on the Boston Common. Now there certainly were white supremacist scheduled there were races scheduled. As far as I know. None of them actually amused that the incident. In fact. I think the only person who spoke from the bandstand. Was Shiva RD drive. An Indian American. Running for senate here in Massachusetts. And he was caring about to sign that said black lives matter. He was carrying a bunch of signs saying. You know against Monsanto against GM knows. What you consider to be. Liberal progressive ideas some. Ideas she's actually Republican so you can't judge a book by its cover. But that's sort of epitomizes what. A free speech rally is supposed to be about. Now I heard that don't have that direct confirmation. But the organizers of the free speaker Ali are actually calling it a tremendous success. Because. There was a tremendous amount of free speech displayed. On the rally after rally a lot of people came a lot of disparate ideas. And they were freely expressed if you watch from the villas which must've done by now you see stuff on Twitter. Films from my people who were there. Our friend Heather Moline suppose today. Big report on the news to share recommend checking out her video coverage. You'll see that there are a lot of people there in case a lot of different ideas. Now. Couple that you wanna talk about personal. Charlottesville with such a very different rally from Boston. And our question is. What did Boston dues that was so right. And I'll throw out there it's a couple things that I sought from the beginning. First at all. They took it seriously right. I just based on the put that I saw there were transit police. Pleas from Somerville Cambridge. They called and please forces. In many respects clearly. There were many many more these there than there were. People. Who were planning on attending the rally not protest. Secondly. They had very clear divisions of the people who vary. The limited spaces now. And that it's that we have little bit argument that it wasn't free speech if you couldn't get to go where you wanted to do. And our first caller. Is somebody could talk about the directly. So on the phone we have December choppy CM is. Seeking the libertarian nomination for six district of Massachusetts running for congress in 28 team. Yes and we were schedule obvious because there right. Yes or want and did you get straight up on the stage though. So how come why how could doom them out to the scheduled speaker not make it to the stage. Well it's kind of it's kind of a funny thing how everything played out actually on the in my little launch garage or three other people showed up to the rally. And we went to the first big crowd that we saw. And it ended up being the protesters right yeah that we showed up there were like yeah. Where does not announced it is not here in it and we were help people that we were that I would have -- speak current that I'm showing up there denounced them and file not but the stuff. Or then dump well. We ought to Levine wrote there's a you were showing up to denounce racism. Are now of course that's that's the whole point of using speech. And reform like like what are I believe this was supposed to be a bomb went when we hear about hate groups come and how they're trying to. Hijacked the city we should come out and denounced them using our dialogue in an articulate speech so tell them that they are not welcome there. That sounds great so I really I mean. You work exercising free speech you're actually going to go into the into the teeth of the rally you're going to be as speaker what. Many people thought was going to be a whole group of white supremacy. And denounce white supremacy. Right that's dark throughout your view and and and ice I had an expectation. That's the other speakers at this event we're going to respect my right to do so. Even if they believe in the ideology I was announcing I really have that much faith and their and the organizers aren't. Let's awesome and it's good you have that faith so how the organizers. Help you get on stage. Well one night when I saw all the controversy goes happening especially in the wake of the art tragedy that happened last week at Virginia. Saw that some of the more extreme speakers had backed out. I realize their rhetoric back in March stage for her speak with states. So I reached out to the organizers are that Erick I want to be reasonable voice our denounce extremism I wanna do all these things. And in which electrical local what I would like to say and they picked up back right away merely right where FaceBook. It's Serbia for him ourselves but for them all on their. Nearly right away they approved it is that we simply want how do you want stage. And I. Arm and I told them that's because I didn't want you think that I would propose wanting get up onstage in right tale sort hate speech. So is like vitally important for congress are invested in trucks that not getting up there aren't doing anything stupid. Who knew what your gonna say which is great right now how about it then did you were you able to get up on stage. No I did not get more space so what happened perhaps Iraq. I we arrived once you realize where the stage was we approach and there was just thousands of people all around arm and I I approached. We we approached them off the policemen are very polite at that Emma I'm headlining speaker for the event today. Hotter week yet onstage. And they directed me kind of in a clockwise. Fashion. Because this apartment you have to the putters stage was barricaded off. You couldn't get with an aero hundred yards of the bandstand. In less than please let you walk through passage. Arms so we want people look first security entrance right it's a good people walk around the park so we walked around a park. Erica balking here we kept running into more people and we were we were talking everywhere I went. I was howling the protesters that out headlining speaker. They're the renounce violence. And received. Everybody was all about it. I told them out there called the kkk I mean we're gonna get showed a lack lives matter if you sharply down from this stage are you there albeit you know. I'll we're gonna do all these and in the the protesters everybody you know crops with all about it. And the when I saw what happened at the conclusion of the subprime arm I I would like to what the people out interacting or. Interest and so essentially by the time. You were able to sort of figured out they already shut the rally downright. Well also I go to work my way around and we we realize that there was no real way into this the kind yup I just I. Went up to the nearest media people and I am supposed to be a speaker on here in inner jacket everywhere stage. And so we just start talking to different people are trying to get input as to what was going on and before we knew that they were taken down lax from the from the stage area which a cheer went oh among the crowd. And it turns out if I was gone and that the people were escorted off stages I'm sure. Returner so we we kind of have called almost not free speech rallied and that you didn't get speak freely because. As of today security precautions. The great except. I talked to so many people in the crowd at yup I I was able to connect I didn't what I went there to do announced today exercise bury the speech. The network with people if you order of people had to stay calm and it you know what can I tell you can actually that your quick. Com I only saw two instances personally. Of crazier. Yeah there was one guy who seem mentally ill it was an older guy MITRE reminded me my grandfather or something yeah. And you just go around calling out the artwork right yeah keeps being mentally ill. And then at another point there was a big group of people swarmed around somebody write him and it seemed like it was getting heated and I walked up and now like what's going on. It's somebody told me late in the other and not go there right. And I'm I'm where he'd be sure that that depicted the good stormy. Norm the right six article in spite. Nazis. And so I I told this guy got I'm Mike is this guy actually not early just polling. And the guy shrunk away a little bit and somebody else well it's square. Make America great again sure writes it's dog like all. Yeah all packed no you know. It's so I. We went up but we are like you're called him and not just aware and make America great and share. In other people started speaking out in like for the thing just broke apart its user where you were there there away it was estimated. The. That's a free speech front I would I would say so let me ask one more question and I'll let you get off fears him and he's got a very long. 24 hours two hours in the out. We appreciate you staying up for the show. Lumix there are tagline liberty never sleeps. Aren't so. I heard a lot of footage. People yelling all around new violence no violence no violence do you hear any of that. There was a ton of people preaching nonviolence. That's out of majority of people Erik think what with open Arctic they were there to be now. Hatred what was being portrayed as a white supremacist rally in the kkk rally under the guise of speech they went there to use their speech to announce that which is exactly what we're supposed to do. When this type of thing happen. Com and it's just on its unfortunate why how was reported how was portrayed. How we're treated with could have been a very positive thing for Austin and they're for this country. Well I think I'm proud of the way he handled it and I've really low here if you knew about it's him. I hope to make your firm Garcia. Congressional campaign kicks off. And thanks again colony and you know we are here figure you bet we got skippy on the line skippy what do you know. Interest well let me a good note very duque cuddle an extension. Didn't extension. That's great thanks. You know. Had this to issued or if I could. A focus from the free speech folks in Libby nick accountable. It's at eight. If she should be. To do hoax perpetrated. By the politician to put it out did a decent Nazi which permits. At election tracker. Backed that can these folks who have all basically progressive libertarian. Which are centrists and ways but. The data rapidly it's they actually don't wait a premature. The whole world economic direction. Should look at Shaw said it K good despite politicians'. Which showed up well whole gore swell of all medical. It weakened slightly doubt people they can market the so it it would impression the one late but he basically all it would tip I'm there. It's going to be people at a podium in in Egypt people control. Aren't out all the jets Belichick. And I do think that you for sure there were no Nazis or whites probes on the podium so that keeps people that they advertised as coming. Augusta and Vick to stick men that a bad reputation but the didn't show up Seawright there were no white supremacist there. To shoot out dubbed black eyes matter. Arcade like quite. It implied that all black flash should matter correct. So I'd I ask that you would. If I actually Europe and it just an issue just black life in America that should matter and I'm sure they're retreat no black eyed all of the world well. It going on a boat tricky two years ago with slavery actually. The you'll only be broken electric Libby and yet the question do you get into a thirty seconds. RX so but. They prepare it until it is real social lately actually nowadays if you go to sleep do you Wear black Muslims TP. Crushed you actually think decade. Why apple black. Questions. A black flies matter. All right skippy thank you very much for your point. We are going to be back right after this break 6172666868. Island. Liberty is not just for you. Also for me and everyone who's listening and now back your host of levity on the air district and fish that. All right so ordered it briefly address one of the things that. He said you know black lives matter. Does that count or statements of people say all lives matter. My take on that is that if you say that you're ignoring the one thing that we do know that's very true that there is. Eight different rate of incarceration for African American League it's 2.5 times likely to be cars rated. If you're an African American men pure wake me. And we talked about black lives matter we're not so. We're not saying that you know it's like I say wait Save the Whales I'm not saying the heck with all the other fish. I'm recognizing the fact they're people out there hunting whales whales. And good point good point all right we got touch area on the air Terry what do you got for us. I'm Dan thanks for having him show us Berrian. Some libertarian reconcile them my concern really it's how the media covered this priest feature very disappointed. Say first of all used. The word free speech would you know Alex around is that it's a little bit of free speech event that really it isn't free speech and and secondly. They tend to. Try to lump together. These neo Nazis and white supremacist to try to inflate them what you know Republican and conservatives. Trumps supporters. Is gonna make the point that you know one point one million people in the same boat where. For trump let. How many actual terms supporters actually showed up without abandoning it 150. People at that event of these guys don't even when you're thirty. From some quarters that showed up. Yeah it is certain certainly all of us she was people were not transporters. And I think that you're right that you know the media had an heir to that they've gone with beforehand. And that they afterwards. Sort of stuck with for example there was no coverage of doctor Shiva speech. You can find it online they shared an office the liberty on the air FaceBook page and how many people she spoke at the the rally today so my understanding that the only person who actually spoke with doctor Sheila. CM was scheduled. A couple of other people a couple of people who Leo would've been considered lights produces stick men and. Yeah I think once that ad ever went out that had names of people that where I sit associated with the Charlottesville rally. That's where that all kind of came from a comedian and they ran with it but you're right by the time it happened yep they're actually some different viewpoints being represented. All right Scott who were from Worcester when you got force we got a short segment here. Your book about good evening gentlemen today is so rally was with a great setup conflict. If they help the neo Nazis in the commencement. That would have been violence we have Bill Walsh accomplished nothing good view they had a right to speak he would have been in the black right now they're Communist movement. The white dubbed as white supremacist but not it's a coincidence. They should've been able to speak cock that the good that the white race has been disenfranchised. Marginalized that the confederate flags that. OK I I think we got the point there's got and I appreciate called it. But you know there wasn't if there was a police protection they could show up and spoke well there was a serious issue. That one of our friends just missed I'm out there were hundreds of people actually that wanted to attend. The free speech portion of the rally and were not led in by Boston Police so right. Arguably the biggest. Prevention of free speech today was beat by Boston Police. It's a very few points so it you know. Generally what they do and they argue that this is not that separating rival groups is not a restriction of free speech and so. What they pleased it was that they said no we knew that the incident where people were speaking. Now is that restriction of free speech I don't know because. It is certainly. I would argue it's definitely. Breach of your first Mandarin to. Assemble the idea yet who stumbled to speak but it is assemble peacefully. Exactly so we're gonna come back all those issues and we come back from the break you're call in the number 6172666868. We hear back a second. Cut out back here a host of the body on the and I. You must not allow them to view. Out robbery and that council and he got. We dominant force right from the text line actually from the 978 I got a text are saying read the article in the Atlantic. Rise of the vinyl left by Peter buying our Durbin are. Yeah eyes so I I recommend that everybody around the Atlantic is that we reputable journal their take on it is his good definitely. Rises the left. So we got frank Kapono on the O line frank what do you got for us. How old. Bair today frank thanks so much column and tell him what happens down the rallies I know you were there. I was I was there. I have never seen so many people you know edit nonexistent thing. The so what over the are not he's scum go home yeah. Note from. No kkk no pressure issue it say which sound great brother located it's absolutely like that it will be beyond the just maybe they would just really effective and that's why none of them with there. Maybe those job worked the rain look I mean I'm fine with I'm fine with sending Nazis back to the rock. Are you on from. Under I have I have no problem with that Nazis should not be tolerated. They should be. You know Sean from society and you know community do that please Nazis are good and I think a lot of you would agree with this is World War II movies as the bad guys with the Iraq. Correct I would also agree with that arm but I I didn't see Nina piece today. I didn't see any white supremacists. I'd so like Ford some supporters via and I guess are a lot of people yelling at four you know really. No reason purple heart especially for the reasons that they were they were they were yelling because they've. Buy into the storyline. That you know from because so in Charlottesville. That vote rally that was going on there was a white supremacist Trout. So Franco wanted to ask you why do you treat the the counter protest organizers were so successful in getting. Their participants to believe that that they were denouncing and a purely in it. You're saying that it's not you know the organizers as the media I've been able to give turnout. What can echo chamber man I mean you know you have you have these this means for the last week fear that Marty Walsh. You know the media saying the white supremacists white supremacist white supremacist and if you listen to the media coverage today they switch back. Free speech protesters right this feature. If it hits it did seem like we had you know some. Movement in terms of who the speakers were I know that like. You know for me at least guesses and Vick is pretty controversial figure. Some of the other people who were scheduled. Just very quickly get the feeling what I think the police did when you're down there are no that's an issue that your sensitive to and so we get a quick report on that from yeah. I mean it was senator arms I didn't see me. Bleached. Do we really much but it it up or standing there belts and restarted the barricade I mean your car and I felt fine I mean that I didn't. Feel safe because the police were there I mean I felt safe. Because you. I wasn't threatened by anybody I mean in the I don't really think that the police. Arching Mina. I mean I appreciate your huge orders to turn the market the I was on the inside right of the barricades. The the barricade was was completely and it was crazy it was it was freedom of speech in the cage. Right you know it is is what wasn't what are and they wanted to run media and yeah. I know I Addison was sort of thing. So frank thank you very much for the call. We got Garrett Kirkland on the line Garrett was one of the organizes the event here thanks so much for content delivery on the air. You bet so. I imagine you know in retrospect. You gotta feel this is a very successful event. I do a lot of as far as you know shining a light on what the you know they all laughed and keep remarks on to hyped up on prozac you pretty successful. Portable display. So let me ask you this did you think you mean some that you speakers who originally were scheduled right Augustus and practice. You know stick man but the guys who have reputations of you know. If not hate speech. Advocating for. At least an aggressive agenda. Was up part of the purpose and scheduled them. Oh well I think there's there's two very different people involved there on Augusta convicted sesame a radical. You know kind of rhetoric on radical rightwing rhetoric. Basic and our culture outmanned yeah actually like what they're that house we were in the same part two item taleo. He's he's repeatedly. On denounced you know white nationalism and it kind of you know ethnic nationalism and kind of primacy on either. You know what I'll call city national lead and you know the country doesn't even my bishops from one certain kind of people for all American. That Chapman had a really bad rep he doesn't matter. So. Let me ask you this is imprisoned in the first I was question that you think this is successful. They're gonna be a free speech rally to next year. I would imagine the pride going to be another rally. For free speech before next year out we had our first winning day. I'll attempt following up on this one you know maybe a couple months some martial of an awkward yet I don't reports you know additional action for that. I'm hoping that apple will be absent the media hype and the vitriol. Garrett got a question for you from just some of the background on and I don't think a lot of the news sort of from me were served protects the original message but he could. Let us know want what brought this what do what did you want to put this together why did this get put together and go home with was it was also the purpose of what was your vision. Yet efforts so beyond I'm not one of the original organize the click the made rally as you know by basically what you my college age kids and would there. Problem was there issue was the violence has been expressing their strong supporters on byes to that we buy and keep up. They want to be able to say hey you know we operate tomorrow and express our police and express our you know our politics without being attacked on destroying America had or whatever you know Monday inside. So that it took follow up on that then it. You going to have another rally assist in three or four months in Boston. It's going to be a little cold but. A Y saw a quote from a one of the black eyes matters leader who said is this going to be free speech rally we'd like to be invited from the very beginning. Is that something you consider doing. Also we had sent multiple occasions to I'm black I as matter of Austin to me like principle of their speakers are hostage. We did not receive letters on the back now on in the future we would love. House armed opposition voices of people that even so the opposition I would look at what stage you know like I matter. Even in people as long as they come without you know weapons and ask. Yeah we'd love to get additional perspective onstage what although. So the next question is. Let's say that we gonna have a real free speech dialog. Do you think that the common is a good thing or do you think given me that so we like the lecture hall because I could really see you know making this a big academic. Discussion where people really get to go to the depth and detail but I don't know what kind of discussion you would have. On the common but I could see especially Boston you know we have this tremendous reputation. War being Neil hot that'll liberty you know great defenders of free speech. This could really could blow up to something big a real free speech defense in Boston. Yeah I mean I would be don't be amazing I'm not at this point people are just. So that the kids involved here really just trying to you accept it peaceful assembly and retreat so they. Whenever you have a patrol prelude or any kind of these you know conservative currently rallies. It's and you seem that would allow the matter how you know Monday and it is you know obviously the huge yard difference kinda get the reaction on that. But it's what he means this is a huge PR would the united right rally which was last. Previous weekend which involved you know that tragedy. With that woman. Which you know I can just say we specifically. Are racially our troops are useful to coalesce without 101 we saw you know we take a yacht a white national kind of like hard right turn. We specifically won't car rally we know. Let it would not you know match up with our because basically want to distance ourselves from it. You know even though you do and over Clinton in the same group. What so there's there is it these statements so. Actually I spoke to see him before. He went on there and I think you know once the problems you're going to hears that. You could support free speech without warning be on stage with somebody who is committed to you know a extremists all right position. Do you think that there's anything to that by. Giving people a microphone you can support free speech without giving an amplifier to people whose speech you might find offensive. Shall we as you know will defend their right of any weights. He can assemble. What as far as who's gonna speak on you know our platforms sort of speak it's you know we're not be we. Specifically denounced and disinvited anyone that has radical right rhetoric or anyone that uses you know promote white nationalism or. I'm Nora needed at the nationals who are supremacy ideologies are we would denounced I. I'm you know again and they have a right there's at least half right there's and that we should act and for their words. I'll let you know when talking of put them on that so we are our microphones. Got you so. If we're as we're going for the future and they've got rally coming up. Who's your who's your dream guest for the liberty on the Peru the real here for idea. Free speech rally. Pretty useless there and and well it was written maybe in the maybe Alaska to sponsor. Who's your dream guest for the next next free speech for a. Oh boy. Featuring guest on our massive. Stand out Cynthia McKinney. Who is they shouldn't hurt the green presidential. Yeah because three present and it's okay. She's doing a lot of work great talents optical access underrated and actually bringing young people from all raised and from the last to gather outside current car purposes. I would ask we will get that message. That would be there is testing I appreciate you call it so much Garrett. Thank you very much I won't call it the album will probably got. So early to say that it was only out point sheet I have spoken we actually did get a number of our speakers up. Four I have on the police are shut down is going to be those figures up they're up there absolutely refused because up for election. I would definitely shares share up that footage you're sure to liberty on the air FaceBook page will. Put up on the website and all around there. Well bill thanks a lot colony and Garrett we got that jail on the line. Day saints statement called. I didn't attend the rally and another commitment but. I heard a lot of modern art's awesome videos online and I just want to say that you know the idea that you know. One group is more important and yet no one groups opinion. Is hate seeing other groups opinion is should be accepted. Who are that are on both groups acting like the other group they're just trying to be more supremacists. In the other group. I think the idea is that society these. People thought people would devolve into this mob mentality. That too well it. Is the masses of people that we can get 51% no 60% of whatever and the majority should control. What the minority believes in what the minority goalies is hate. Liberty answered let me look at people individuals. The the it's not a 100% liberty of course one of the problems we're to have that order time is that we have a tyranny of the majority. 60% of the people are in the fortunate people lose their rights. That's going to be a real problem so we had a quick message come in that have. Alex read it talking up from one of the black lies matters. Peoples and a quick message about. The about the the rally. So it still looks like John met Blair has sent and now one request to black lives matter to you have a speaker. Graced the stage before this free speech rally. Garrett mentioned multiple. You know correspondence asking for someone so is on edge just sound kind of informed us that it looks like only one request was made. So as I say you know what let's let's say that's miscommunication. We don't know where it happened I would take both sides as the other words say that it's good faith. That whatever happened there was we did we miss an opportunity but there's one coming up. Let's do it let's make sure the black lies matters involved because I think their voices there. That are very important I would love to see them at a free speech rally. And obviously this is just that through FaceBook obviously reached right right it means I don't know but it is just that's right arsenic and obviously. I was taken him grow up with getters. To answer but obviously the those we got that right so. Do little edification here I pop got a piece of a home by John Dunne and since we have a constitution reader and a professional actor the. How's Maddon Laughlin Matta we wonder if you could read to us a little bit from John Dunne of course to. No man is an island Tyrus. Every man as a piece of the content. Our enemy. Any man's death diminishes me because I'm involved in nine. And therefore never send to know from the bills totals. It holes for me. That's an amazing piece John Dunne 1624. Point four years after the pilgrims land on promote Plymouth Rock. And it's got this idea. That we really are. All that it together right we are fundamentally. Committed to this picture. On. And what things about it is that you know if you talk about the idea Rachel. Superiors or racial supremacy. It's laughable right I mean it's actually a comical idea to think about it the idea that some people think that they're not. That there is a way to do it that there is a superior race. It's laughable we have to fight against it we have to fight against any legislation that they wanted to make that happen. But the way that we do that with which fight it is by you're able to freely speak about it. We got John from Boston on the line John what he got for us. They didn't punishment should buy actual. I am all a couple of things like new would be angry if you oppose political censorship you know we need these feature I think political censorship. It's racist. And it is can crack I wished with media would. Say yeah Moody's. Groups and I always question who's really behind him and paying them there at the war with a country that they should not be allowed to grow with the other group is Israel. So you wanna keep these people separate because I just don't think that you know these people are held up their mind straight. I can only give a couple of quotes went from job to ascend. Said Thomas Jefferson says that we 22 years every generation the American people must rise up and violent let letting revolution and overthrow the American government. Albacore you know. It Abraham. I am Paul Krugman from the New York Times the Nobel laureate. Said last November on national TV on last November show that was just the question. What do you think of the extermination was the word. Extermination of the Euro Americans the white people in America what you think of that inning should go Dutch group which terminate the way people in America. So a lot of these crazy he'd like today. The national kkk are we as a people walking around saying that the white race is being exterminate them Paul Krugman. A great Paul Krugman great great great economist a great man would make a statement like that so I'd say then closing justice say they're that dumb. Bobby Fischer from the Russians sort of book about what a great. Just there won it not Iceland 972 against sports basket. Exactly right and the Russians claim he's so intelligent he had to be an alien from another world as a book written I am in an alien. Are you a book in the library I called Bobby Fischer Indians. I don't think the radioactive quarterback Brett. Act one would remember and games Bobby Fischer who gave Bobby Bobby called fraud in general that the current. Government. Okay Bob cultural revolution like Jefferson did but he doesn't think the American people can do it Albion Astrid I think in general got. That book he's bored. All right we'll check it out welcome back to talk about that after the break thanks so much for the call to. Did you back on the we got came off the line Jay you got ten seconds so we we're column from. AJ. -- I've lost its you've got the so. No what are the fact that. They're pretty good show little lively conversation. I think we talked a lot of outs of the awesome things at Boston's done. I got a little tree coming on for the people are watching us on the live feed if you missed it we've. To live feed every episode author of the liberty on the air show a levee on the air FaceBook page. This is our tenth anniversary show now state. And you don't like your ten years old. Well and number ten show so we can show you do know what the word anniversary means right now and oral. History necessarily mean wedding it's just music commemorative. I'm pretty sure that and though means a year and yes definitely event spoke necessarily right or not we're not waiting to marry different but yeah about the assessment which computer to split screen thrown in the light streams in those analysts and others. Still be running. It is not it's not it's not earning your frozen in time in my life streams from there. Let's if I can do it here. I'm not a good I'm just to talk to the end show it to you know after check ups as we we're pretty happy with with things. Pretty happy with the way things are going and you've been pretty happy with these ago so I'm happy to say that things have turned out pretty well for liberty on the air. Boston it's not shocking as a whole we're liberty and as a result. Conversations did pretty good. And blurt your bit stuffed and so just between all different guy all you guys. The highlights of the show anything that sticks out you think a note that was the best we did so far. Not counting today of course. I think you when you talked about going your drug dealer in buying drugs onscreen you know yeah atlas. As they are daylight that enough that the media. From a lot of I think the quote was. You know pricing my. Legged out by a dime bag from my dealer. I don't think he's paying taxes on it looks like a cash business and stick stick with that that's a good point you know that was our sort of no violence. Episode and now we talked about that the income taxes fundamentally based on violence. What do the core principles of liberties that's not OK to use force against another person. Matt yet favorite moment to their. Moment besides everyone is get these phone calls. But at that. A right to say that what do these are happy about the show today and tonight is a great example we have plenty of phone. People calling in from all over express opinions and it's it's sort of a program that was about the free speech rally. Mom I don't think and things are things we strive for the show. Is to not be an angry politics you know to not be. Much of the screaming or Talking Heads it's about really discussions about. Learning for that's about. Getting to some of what the basics of of of liberty and you know maybe learning something in the end maybe agreeing with summit. Our industry summit isn't your this opinion it's great to see so many people call in. And sort of fall through it is of. As a sort of our callers are or aren't about to that's great yeah I've I will freely admit that I had my position informed by many callers and me the guests on the show so far. Alex what he's been here for awhile well I definitely enjoy being at told we're part of the vast zionist Jewish conspiracy that that was definitely a highlight but you know still waiting for patient in. But you know defamation. But definitely you know what you're saying is actually correct and I'm just giving a platform for liberty and having people. Have a place to call and then and be part of the conversation and talk about. You know what makes us free and being able to facilitate that conversation has been awesome. So you know one of the nice things to about radio. Is that you know it's great that were on the year appreciate everybody's listening. We're time shifted so you're so we can't be time shifted so here's something you share that with a friend. Go to our website www. liberty on the air dot com settle into a show suitable to our web page all of our back episodes are up there. And you have so that you talk about your friend wanna talk about. Us we is that liberty at the product liberty on the product you can't call into the Mosul chose you hit a bit of the old shows it's a really good point what you can and but we're not answer. You're gonna get we're the other shows and yet Q would he be in the morning which could actually be greater if ethnic lines to do you know to comment on one of our topics that happened. Weeks ago. Well so you know we would we wanna be careful about that to me. What things that I like about being on that York area is the other shows that are here argument deviant morning. Who are the afternoon how Elliot. Is that is that all drive time technically. Evening show. Because. The strong voices strong specific voices. And it's conversations that doesn't happen. You know there are videos always represented. Our videos almost in the what's dissent. Because it Massachusetts. If you're not counting specific. Pol political the Democratic Party line. You're the voice to the resistance. Or the protesters. To argue that the protesters showed up today. Yeah same proud. Tradition that we're continuing. With guys again here next week fact that with the on the.