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The United States guarantee you right to life liberty and the pursuit of that risk we only have time to talk about one. So now he's your boy liberty on the air mission and this man. Outstanding member a introduction suburban has always been through it without proper masks gloves when. Shut up you your win over getting. George Harrison's taxman comes over the air because that's who we're gonna talk about today. We're to talk about taxation. Taxes are old. George Harrison wrote taxman back in the sixties. You go back to. Ben Franklin said the only two things in life that are certain. Our. Death and taxes. Go back a little further than that. In the new testament the disciples asked teases whether or not they should pay their taxes. Jesus of course means that applies render unto Caesar that which belonged to Cesar. So taxation has been an issue for us. In terms of humans for a long time. We're talk tonight about the ethics of taxation. The exit different ethics at different types of taxation. Right now in the United States we have the main tax we're all concerned about our income tax and we have another tax sales tax stuff like that one of the things that's important about our income tax is we talked about where's it come from. In particular if you've heard the promo for our show. We talked about taxation in the promo. People talk about sin taxes. The government taxes cigarettes because it says smoking is bad and they want less people to smoke the government taxes alcohol because it says drinking is bad and they want less people to drink so. Why is the government taxing income. And that's a great question why is the government tax income. And the reality is they always have. There are three real types of income taxes. A regressive tax flat tax. And a progressive tax so thrown out of the bullpen. What is an example of a regressive tax. Social Security. Got out got right Social Security is absolutely regressive tax why is it regressive tax. As you only pay social security and efforts to 1118500. Of yourself. That means that then UN delegates are paying the same amount communities is Social Security. So on the first 1181500. Dollars. Bill Gates and I paid say amounts of security and after that. He doesn't pay any social security and anything that he learns after that that doesn't seem fair. Well yeah avid Social Security as caps how much you pay well capped how much you pay into each other come if you get out of it each month and pay you. So Bill Gates was paying 4% at his hundred million dollars salary. Before million dollars each year but Social Security we pay is at a maximum 2639. Month. So unless he lives longer than at this like he's gonna he's not going to back even one year when so that's an interesting idea. That they put a cap on Social Security because they knew. How much you're gonna get back so they didn't want you to put in more money units of security system. Then you could possibly you know. 960 years ago rules can be. But I will say that for me. A regressive tax and the reason they called progressive is that people who are poor. Pay more a larger percentage of their income then people who are rich so for me when I pay into Social Security. I pay my salary work what's underneath you thousand dollars a year I would pay 4% of my salary. Bill Gates makes a hundred million dollars a year would pay point 00001%. Of its. That's why it's regressive because Bill Gates is playing a little smaller percentage. Of his salary. Now we contrast that with a nasty sample packs a flat tax so who's going to be the ability flat tax. That you like the state income tax state income tax is a perfect example. Of the flat tax inspect the stated and in fact the state of Texas specifically. Written into our constitution by John Adams to be a flat tax. And right now the Massachusetts legislature. Is proposing to change that. Actually was going to be a ballot amendment where they want to say it's going to be tax on millionaires. And one of the funniest things about that is that this week Gillette a Jarvis who's running for governor in New Hampshire. Wrote an open letter to Massachusetts millionaires saying Massachusetts millionaires right now in New Hampshire there is no millionaire's tax. Move your business ten miles over the border. Bring your workers here are your workers get a 5% raise automatically they're gonna let you assuming that they wanna move commuters well. You don't get tax that extra 4% on your income. And property prices are lower. Why wouldn't she went there and it's a great question and I think is one that is going to be important and we talked about. Taxation. The millionaire's tax when it comes to the ballot in twenty team. So we've covered regressive tax which covered a flat tax. Let's talk about the last one a progressive tax who's got an example of a progressive tax so. Sixteenth amendment federal income tax right. Exactly a federal income tax right now there are whole bunch of different tax rates that are set because of the sixteenth amendment so. I'm dubbing for the rest of our show and I withdraw from the official reader from the constitution. If you give it. The gravitas that requires and read to us that tax that the sixteenth amendment. As an Oilers have a copy of the constitution read accurate moment good. So the sixteenth amendment reads. The congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes from whatever source derived without a pro. Excuse me without apportionment among the several states without regard to any census or enumeration so. The sixteenth amendment. Specifically says there will be a tax on income before that it's illegal. Specifically in the constitution. There's nothing says that nothing in there that says they can tax income. So the founding fathers. In their infinite wisdom. Did not say there should be an income tax went up 62 amendments are not talking about you know long time ago I believe 1950s when person passes. Or would get ratified. So. Until relatively recently the United States was able to operate. Entirely. Without an income tax impact in compact who proposed to help deal with the debt. From World War I the cost of World War I. And of course it was gonna go away afterwards and temporary taxation right government always rules that when they say they're going to. Get this is probably few examples where tax was put in place by the government. Temporarily that wasn't that wasn't rescinded. Yeah so they didn't rescinded so what what are we have now how does that how to graduated income tax work right now. Well. Currently there is seven federal income tax brackets in the US. Attacks are invasive 10% 1525283335. And 39 point six. After one of the lucky few to follow into the 39 point six bracket. That doesn't mean that the entirety of your taxable income will be subject to a 39 point six tax it just means that 39 point 6% is your top marginal tax rate. Wright Phillips say like you know I get taxed at 10% on the first 101000 dollars and make it 20% on. 20101000 dollars to 45000 dollars and 245000. Dollars is the next tax brackets though it's only everything that I make over I believe. 400000 dollars ticket tax to the 39306%. To just seems like a random number like every 35% well used to go higher. During World War II when Roosevelt was president the it was a 90% tax bracket. I understand that but but. The fact it's not nice and that is up 40%. 39%. Down no 39 point six. I think that there's there's a food some magic there that doesn't make sense to anybody else. People proudly arguing you know for the pet projects and say. I need this extra point 1%. To fund. You know. Poetry contest in cowboy poetry contest in Nevada that day Harry Reid zepa so popular. Now Wear a tie this back around to. Liberty issue. Say Liberty's Liberty's based on one basic idea. That ideas self ownership the idea that you own yourself. And should be obvious to everybody that you do on yourself because if you didn't hold yourself. That implies that somebody else can only. And in the United States. We had a war about that idea. And in fact we have a specific amendment about that until now that we have an official reader of the constitution MacKey read to us the thirteenth amendment. Of course. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude except as a punishment for crime. Were up the party shall have been duly convicted shall exist with in the United States. Or any place subject to their jurisdiction so that essentially says no more slavery in the states. Mean that's pretty straightforward. But when we talk about income tax and we talked about the beginning. The idea behind an income taxes that anything that you earned. The intersection of your life. And you were liberty. Which is your property. The government now has first dibs. What you earned they have a right Q. And I would argue that if you're gonna say that somebody has a right to something that you earned. You wore their slaves he did not engage in a contract with them to say that you would pay them they have a right. And that's different. That's different than any other form of taxation that we've ever had the idea of the income tax is something that you 02 government all the time. And the thing is that what we have a graduated income tax. We are all being treated differently and the fact we're not all being protected equally under the law. Which. This is that going to be a very constitutional day. We're supposed to be protected equally under the law. The fourteenth amendment says that amount needs to go from thirteen to fourteen gives the due process clause if we're vitamins right after so right there good good good. No state shall make or enforce a law which celebrates the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. Nor shall any state deprive any person of life liberty or property without due process of law. Nor deny to any person with an asterisk fiction the equal protection of the laws are right until let's hear what Elizabeth warns it's about that. This wealth class work as much note. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. There for you but I'm pretty clear you and your goods to market well the roads the rest of his hate for. You workers don't recognize hate to educate. You all were safe in your factory. The cubs and police forces and fire forces that don't rest of us paid more. No I'm gonna have to disagree with Elisabeth won their shockingly fortunately. We have coming up on the show. Jeff Diehl is probably gonna be running against Elizabeth Warren the general election. It's not true that the rest of dispute that because not everybody's paying income tax. So famously Warren Buffett complained. That he wasn't paying enough taxes during the Obama administration he complained. That his marchers effective tax rate. Talk about tax earlier with 16%. While his secretary's tax rate with 18%. However that year Warren Buffett meet 42 million dollars. So he actually paid seven million dollars in taxes. And to meet. Seven million dollars ought to be enough for one meant to pay that's more than you were fair share. The reason why he pays less is because what Warren Buffett does is not counted as income he's count as being a hedge fund manager. And when we tax income that a lot of people who avoid it like hedge fund managers. Or prostitutes right prostitutes don't pay income tax or less a prostitutes on talk about literal and figurative prostitutes. Write your hedge fund manager you are essentially selling your services if not selling your body. Drug dealers they don't pay taxes literally or liberal it figured at my local drug dealer right I mean I don't know like when asked about it. But I assume he's not pay taxes on the dime bags that he's turning over seem to be cash based business. On the same hand it's pharmaceutical right the head of Pfizer. He doesn't pay taxes on most of his income because he comes in stock options comes in. Deferred. Deferred interest. So we talked about income tax let's recognize the fact that there is an ethical question about it. And the question as to whether or not we really support the idea that somebody else has first option tour money. Will be right back after these messages. And and and the boots. That's everybody's favorite subject. Eight at. Talk about what liberties with your host can't fish and our liberty on the air. Thank you very much revenue up from you. Romberg. As always enough to call in the 617266686. State courts and thanks to succeed zero. 680. I know that there are people wanna talk about taxes. We're open up a little bit to the floor. We want to talk a little bit about what's going on met you at a comment on Warren Buffett. Yes I was curious or complaining that he's not paying enough taxes and assume he's trying to say that. Is that he feels like he should be paying more to the federal government. And I am actually wondering is that legit question does not call Warren outs bottom. I'm curious like I mean he can pay more to the government if he wants he also wondering if you take any tax deductions. On his stuff these bitching because once the government. Two. To seek the money from him I guess that's it's one of the things were talking about the rights and. I wanna be one of these as he's talking about it's that as a hedge fund manager this is specific law because you know I'm actually. Earning that money says the spurs say. You are investing other people's money and then you make a profit on and then you get a percentage of that profit what happens if he's not good tax. They usually don't last very long. But you know there's no penalty number what happened what happens to the money he makes what happens to is income that then there's not so let's say if you were hedge fund manager. And you invest in all the money and you lost at all. You have no income for that year. And that's not an uncommon thing for people to do like you know famously talked about the fact that what if a secretary one secretary if you do it would washing work and she's working nine to five so usually if you work nine to five job or whatever but ours are. You're going to be paid pretty consistently two salaries yes salaried and so you know her 18% tax rate is going to be based on the fact that lets that she's making sixty grand a year. That's what it's based on its that you always have to pay those taxes. But if for some reason right she could work for two thirds of the years you only made 20000 dollars she would pay less taxes. So the question it becomes. Could Warren Buffett find a way to give more money that the federal government and the answer is yes of course secret. A perfect example this is that you know the National Park Service. Is always complaining about being underfunded. But they actually do we accept donations so you could make a direct donation of a billion dollars. To the National Park Service about the private. Yeah densities that one about the get involved let that take up that. He has some of the slack that I'm government agencies. Don't do very good job at helping he has definitely charities her other. You know different organizations they direct action exactly he just did you direct action to put that money directly to. Things that he things that belongs ya know there's no question about it. UB give money to the Red Cross you can give money to. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. You can give money to Catholic Charities of America there are million good charities how they're doing wonderful work and by donating to them. You alleviate the stress you alleviate the requirement. For a federally funded social safety net. Does the government want them. Is the government in the business. Of providing a social safety net does it hurt them if you are competing against them. Some people say no we have a Red Cross we have all the charities that you name and they're doing a great job. I would argue that to a certain extent though we have us that we have a government that is based on political favors. And political favors almost always means money. And order for them Q require. You or income tax. There have to be in need. A direct imperative. In order for them to say you have to give us this money we have our right we have the first right to that first dollar out of your paycheck. And the reason why. It's because we're feeding children because we're feeding hungry people because we are clothing that he all these really incredibly important reasons. But they're used as the imperative to justify. Income tax and they all sound great feeling the not feed. Let's let's have a problem with that before we had income tax. Now maybe I mean we're doing a better now but I don't think that it was not being done. The Catholic Church but for example have been around for a long times that your organization. They were. Always doing this right so yeah exactly so far. There are plenty of examples of keeping BP will be charitable and the one other thing about it is. Remember that in the United States income tax is backed by force. Do you pay taxes he can have good routes. You pay taxes he can have great schools. Do you pay taxes because if you didn't. They'd throw you in jail. The glass theater obviously it if you could pick and choose where your taxes go most people would be pretty happy with that. So why don't we have a situation like that. Why can't we say all fairly here's your check boxes of where you want your taxes to go you pick which you want and it's voluntary. And you're going to pick nothing and you're gonna be a free loader. That's tough the rest of us are gonna have to law that we're have to support you but we already have that system that's what the welfare system miss. Now are we complaining that the welfare systems unfair. There may be some unfairness and it but I would argue that is our duty. Our responsibility. To this civilization that we created to accept the fact that sometimes we have to do. For those who are not capable. And for those who are unwilling. To do for themselves. It's a real trouble with the problem that situation but the problem with a popular democracy. And that's feel pretty calls back Jeff Diehl the phone number is 6172666868. Will be back right after the break. A. I. Went on sand hill hey Jack we're just wondering if you have a prayer life. Where liberty on the air and now your host mr. tad bit. Thanks very much about them often feel about it now Romberg. And we have on the air with our special guest tonight. I represented just deal. Just feel represented the seven for the district is that Abington within. He's bird water. Member of the house committee on ways to use Hoffman young wolf how many of personnel administration. Also a member of the house to live library caucus in the regional we'll talk. So. Terms of the deal and I have been. Several liberty events together. And I'm happy to have him on the air. A record deal thanks very much for joining us. It is. The other in met Alex nice to meet you as well. So. You know one of the things I want to talk about early on is that. I noticed that you're an eagle scout and wanna give a shout out I have met. A handful eagle scouts I've found them to be. You know just outstanding individuals with. You know really at a drive that they learn in scouting and I wasn't really a talk about this but when I Sawyer bylaws wanted to view it. Give a 32 she. Summary of what scouting meant to. Well being actually am glad you mentioned it's if it meant a lot to meet my folks not to get into too much personal style pivot. My folks it was when I was seven and my mom is married three times I don't was married three times should be I was in cub scouts the boys guys that really. We sort of the second family to me I had a lot of great scout masters and help me iron eagle but he just sixteen. While Taylor I've used it ever since I only applications for jobs and in fact that there was sworn in up on Beacon Hill. One of the chairman of of revenue came over to me instead. Are you. Eagles got a security and he said that. You know there's only if you will be up there have ever served appear you know ballistic on the is actually a rare thing and begin now. So I at least till and one of the coolest thing is as the Eagles can I get invited to. Scouts ceremonies in my district for Eagles and get to give him a situation from the house and it's it's really is pretty special let them know how rare it is to get it and how important is. Because honestly you know what I've learned and that is you leave the campground batted in sounded I was. Felt like it is an obligation to give back to other people in the future what you've been given advice and so. But kind of also helped shaped like that into a government and I was forty years old when I decide to run for house itself. You know it was selling days so I am really wanted to do to give back in in a certain way and. That's announced any way to put it you leave the campground better than you found it that's a great summer pro life overall. Now it's interesting. You know you're I've been out Boston Common together for bunch of tax day rallies on April 15. And I think most people know about how you fought to keep taxpayer money in their Waltz in terms of opposing the gas tax. The way that you the you know got together you really spearheaded the idea that. The Olympics was going to be a terrible new tax burden. The city of Boston. I think a lot of people caught on very quickly that are not yeah Olympics is going to be huge boondoggle worst and they do it again and so we. Yesterday that as well and they get that we've actually since we repeal that index skeptics. We've had three years it's of no increases toward gas tax so happy to have that I may resonate as well. Because what he's he'd ever done the math just calculate about how much money you actually save the taxpayers. Because it would a bit I think it's a pretty enormous money I mean that the Olympic gold probably twenty billion dollars. Well it the average overruns could do Olympics is about ten billion dollars per whenever they do it added the other media are so long term cost Montreal. Which had a 76 Olympics only finished paying off their bonds a few years ago. But the average in London was that went from five billion to fifteen billion so you know in the last five and had a ten billion dollar average over and so that's how do it. Massachusetts is gonna be facing when they originally it was big one which said. You know. They dictate told the Massachusetts right taxpayers don't know we won't need your money is is to be successful bid to the version we weren't sure what was what was given to the International Olympic Committee. That says that it that's Jesus actually happy to pay for the over and so. There was a lot of shenanigans going on Deval Patrick people probably remember it was getting paid about 7500. Dollars each day. To try to sell that boondoggle by itself. Yeah I do it correctly do when he introduced me. The other I was on the Ways and Means Committee I actually was taken off of ways and means after the gas text ballot question passed it as live for four years retribution. My punishment exactly four doing with the taxpayer you know with the best interest of the taxpayers. I was picked up by the way the globe blame me for about two billion dollars in lost revenue for a transportation which by the way we proved. That the states stands after 50% the same conduct that heats the remainder of the states spends. Four times the national average on the road means 675000. Dollars per road mile. Here's what we pay vs a 145000. Dollars for DOT so. But at the end of the day we have some of the best roads. And I'm doing and ended up on your not the civilized world. I know that was certainty. He's. By the way and in the yield is adjusting his the year that we repeal the gas taxes 2014. Years at baker got in and by the way we outperform baker by 50000 votes. Actively you know the Japanese say that we drag it across the finish line although we like to maintain maybe we did but the other thing was still. I asked I asked that he can help make sure I get on the transportation committee connect I thought Hitler quite as. About where money was going again and transportation and about about two months in. There was the first hearing with secretary Pollack who is taking over as the new secretary of transportation master. Is there any chance that the Massachusetts can be able to have transportation necessary. In just seven years with six billion dollars in deferred maintenance. That you know that we can handle the Olympics and two weeks after I asked that question has taken up with transportation committee. That is the way things go up a Beacon Hill you don't ask the right questions and expect to. Not not pay the price that they begin I was that there diamond district time after time I have been unopposed in my last two elections cycles because the people my district. Know that I continue to fight for them up on the count and why not that I think it's just hasn't been. You're rewarding in and now I look forward to maybe have a challenge go to Washington to do the same thing. Well I think it's especially impressive to say that you know you were on challenge because when you won that was actually pretty big upset right in 2010. Right be unhappy with the underdog. LA you know it's funny there's a gaining Jim Lyons and Andover and China come from time we we considers those kind of the big threes or that you're 2010. We doubled in numbers announced in 2010 to sixteen to 32 reps that. Jim lines knocked off the vice chair ways and means in the house which which is actually a pretty significant deal because they earned a lot of money. To try to keep her in office and I beat the vice chair of education which. Also kind of ranks high as far as those leadership positions they give out. And you know that seat that I won had been held by Democrats for fourteen years. But I do you know knocked on doors and for two years street and I just to people about what I believed in life as a better candidates. You know forty years only two daughters that was six into it no idea. When I was doing as far as you know I'd never been about politics before some but it is felt it was the right thing to do it time. So that they that leads us to it to who really good thing because largely. The gas tanks of gas tank the gas taxes a real bipartisan. Effort you get those numbers so. I looked it up. Hillary Clinton. Terms the popular vote. Is the most popular candidate in the history of Massachusetts this but she got. One point 995. Million votes last November. And you know it's probably safe to say that some of those voters are gonna stay home because turnout higher presidential election between eighteen. But order fear to win an election against Elizabeth Warren you know kind of like if when he can and certainly on paper you'd have to say that you were considered the underdog. Yeah how'd you how you say how do you get some of the Hillary Clinton voters come out and vote for Jeff deal. Well there's a couple things of course about 2010. Not only did it was election you know it is supposed to win but Scott Brown won about an upset as well. And you know that you used. Running basically on a national issue which was he was the 41 vote against obamacare and by the way he was certainly proven right. That the Affordable Care Act is anything but Affordable Care Act. You know it's been a disaster in Massachusetts and across the country which is why. You know congress basically has to do some reason but you know. Like you mention as far as numbers now we look at. 2014 again does this state actually voted for the gas tax. You know. They're they're very pragmatic when it comes to their their pocketbook and they voted for Charlie Baker and who you know presented himself as a better manager for the State's resources so. Yes first of all I look at just sort of the psychology of an island. In this state they will vote that way and the next thing too is like you mentioned the numbers. He go from a presidential cycle which is about three million voters down to a governor's cycle which is about two million voters now. As of now are referenced Donald Trump the trump didn't win Massachusetts but he did win a million. 80000. Voters even when a 1080000 votes so it will really edit two million. At two million vote race. And I got all the travelers basically we are to be and we we would actually went back. The other thing too. To factor and is that Donald Trump during the primary and aided very strongly in the primary at least. He got 20000 Democrats to honor roll from the Democrat party to be able to vote in the primary and it's by the ways as a kind of a corollary. It Pennsylvania had 90000 Democrats unable to vote in the Republican primary and he gets flipping it state. So you know that the fact is that while some may not be popular necessarily in Massachusetts. The fact is people I think in this state. Again I pragmatic and there were a number of Democrats that the team has a better choice now I look at my track record of he has since had been in office. Natalie and I had bills passed in the house all of us of the working him. In the ballot questions in reference outside to oust yet partnered with Evans subject who has been independent at the time it would run run for governor. To block the Olympics and it's the language to protect taxpayers and medium. From the overruns and then we evident I was traveling which for a ballot question in about a week or so later. That the Boston 20/20 four folks decided it didn't wanna go ahead it means that they knew that basically the voters were gonna speak again and so. You know I look at this as it's it's certainly a numbers game but I think that the numbers are are also. Potentially in our favor as having the Charlie Baker running for reelection right now. Looks like he's drawing a fairly we can't candidate verses more ideally for example those. Oddly governor in the country right now. Right so he's gonna have a I have stated in the depressed vote. As far as Democrats coming out to support the candidate against Charlie Baker Charlie seems to be pretty popular with a bus to go for example. And Derek. And so that really leaves the wineries now Elizabeth Warren four months ago. I WBUR which is not a conservative radio station along they're an NPR affiliate of the U campus. They put out of pulled it a 146%. Would rather see new senator and 44% with keeper now. I think that was even before she went further to the last you know as a total. Obstructionist to the trumpeted the and so. And by the way inside the nation's she's been in office she's delivered you know from Massachusetts. That's. Been a dissenting that it would fired up and heard events and in. Most people who were backing or from out of state it's and what well at both most of the money she's trying to protect his other people's right we're not Mars will look like clearly in public go ahead Jeff. Don't know if she's written two books in office Jeanne made one point six millions don't forget that the cash you have to keep right herself as part of the. I definitely got that so it's industry you know you talked about the fact that 46% people wanna see a new senator. And I think that that's reflective of the national trend a sort of being disgusted by politics as usual and the establishment. Candidates so. You're coming in as somebody who's not in the south candid and you with a co chair for the trump campaign. Where do you think that the president would come up at some point in time and endorse you campaign with you. And he won the Massachusetts. You know I mean it's two great question and certainly I mean who wouldn't want to have the support of the president of the United States and that's way back to mean a guy. Really stood for a lot of things I've been working on up on Beacon Hill and I filed. Legislation to make sure that we have Social Security numbers to go for people to qualify for state housing. And you that the federal requirement why shouldn't be that state requirement where we're trying to do is is mentioned people. Where are coming to a country and emigrating to doing it legally and we want to make sure those resources are for the people who you know deserve a meter. Paid into the system more veterans to their almost right now. So anyway my point is that. You know with trump he was very clear on trying to protect our borders which ultimately protects it dollars. So. I think no I think trumpet talking about having a strong military but also not engaging in all these you know costly wars and putting him on a credit card. So that we can view of that money back into our own economy keep it in our own lots. You know he was talking about. Obviously. Improving conditions for jobs and I think in Massachusetts. And the federal government has been hurting jobs. You know you look at the fishing industry throughout first of all Obama leaves us with this. He EP creates a monument status for thousands of acres of fishing that hurt our south coast fishing area. And then you know I don't know if you noticed that we its fishermen have to pay at thousands of 2000 dollars a day. For government monitors somebody actually sit and a boat to make sure that they're properly fishing the fishing grounds okay. And then. The other big thing down into that for right now is there's a guy who had about sixty. Sixty federal licenses to stations and at 243. Fishermen that that worked on his boat. Of the get caught without. Hiding money laundering so those. There's other states that when we apportion those fishing licenses out to this federal agencies out of the states. And we need to protect them Liz Warren and the congressional delegation has done nothing to try to as the key to keep those sixty fishing licenses in Massachusetts so you know it's whether it's. You know and that's just another way to. Beyond just the policy they have a taxation. Right fishing is a big deal in my neck of the woods I'm up on the North Shore and you've Beverly Gloucester. People talk about that all the time licensing is a huge issue in the idea that there are people. Outside of Massachusetts who are making that determination seems crazy which leads to the the obvious question that so if we sent you to Washington. What are some of the things you're going to be able to do what are the some of the the benefits you'll be able to work for in terms of what the average Massachusetts voter wants to see happen. Well first of all and I think illegal immigration means a great step by the house voting. The other day and accentuate bill as well as Kate's slime for people who don't know. Gates lies about trying to make sure that anybody who's come here illegally. And I committed a crime and then been deported makes stiffer penalties if they were putt coming back again because particular of K Stanley in San Francisco. I admitted that he went to San Francisco because he had a criminal background you've been deported by tons. And went there because he felt his past wouldn't catch up with the many he murdered her on the pier she died her father's arms that's why it's named after her. And it's one step in trying to you know make sure that cities and states don't take that sanctuary status. The other thing too is these punishing Sanctuary Cities and states. That we by taking federal dollars and went from them and I think that's. And a appropriate way to try to you know so he motivates. These these cities and states from basically creating havens for people who are here illegally. With criminal background because it really just then. Fosters more crime from those groups in and really puts us citizens did you have to me if the senate can't get their act together. And that put the cap on the other end of that those two bills. I'll be happy to be be a part of that I think that continually we need to make sure that the border is secure and that's that's one way violate. Those are good to those of those are both excellent jetBlue story getting to the end of our segment I know there are a lot of people is for having people who were texting us right now asking. Are there ways that they contribute who were people who were outside the state of Massachusetts is a silly people can do to help your campaign. Absolutely silly if people want to get involved I have a a web site set up I'm about to make a decision on this campaign we've been doing an exploratory committee for about three months. We've gotten great response from people across the states so now. You know the next final step is to make his final announcement people can go to deal for senate dot com to. Sign up for the newsletter secured the email basically to notify them of events that are going on in and news it's. Going on that's. That's brits are you a signed deal to senate dot com what's the donate. Yet DI EHL four FO RCN N dot com. As you can donate you can also click on boxes to get a bumper sticker still on sign RD request other's company becomes available so. Absolutely get involved by going to that web site and a not so deal percent of FaceBook does he live and up to each and every day. That's outstanding. Represented deal we are very grateful to pat you on the show I think that it's been very informative interview. And we look forward to talking Uganda's the race progresses thanks so much for your time. I appreciate any doubt that that used to thank you Baxter. And will be back at you wanna call and talk about what they've heard 6172666868. Will be right back after this break. And now since liberty is nothing without hearing from you people it's time to take some calls on nobody on the air with your host mr. Dan Fishman a very much man of often through Madam Alex Romberg. Scott thank you so much for hold on what do you say about taxes and welfare. Well outcome I wanna respond sir to mr. deal. That are right. Of course when I got to make wants racial quite a contact Elizabeth Warren a few years ago. This was really got to when I was swindled out of a 190000 dollars Lehman Brothers. Went bankrupt on September 15 when he await to make a long story short. Her office and everything got the chance to talk to her some aides said. Wilson just send forms to fill it out will get back to agriculture I filled out the forms I didn't want for all the rigmarole. I called. Three months four months six months. He never did anything for me she never got out to me she left me high and dry the point I'm making is that she is a phony she's no good. I would be willing to get to mr. deal the benefit of the doubt but this is the question what about the fight if I would helped him to maybe you could ask for some. It's very important that I would need to know for him. Did he ever take any money from Goldman Sachs didn't have taken a contributions. From any large Wall Street banks because if he ever did. I would never vote for him for the simple reason that he would be beholden to Wall Street just like all these other poli politicians. All right well that's a great question Scott I can tell you I can't get to that but I can tell you that represented deal has been very responsive when I've tried to contact him on his FaceBook page. I would pose that question directly and I bet you that he'll get back Q with an answer right away. So our next caller is skippy skippy thanks so much for pollen in URR one of our first repeat callers. Go to. It just. Have to be up you know that class so lotteries in congress say it artillery around she is I think it get you are a little. I've ever met demands or to actually owe it to listen to home and I am I liked again. And I happened subplots and and I Chapman gesture of Democrats yup and it. It be right there with your zarrella is it that wants to know what neighborhood south a year from. Actually I'm for the good try to written below ran about like it yet she done moved on up to each nice. So but about its content. And a lot of my friends and I I always gonna roll but you don't want to tell people that the Euro and urged at eighteen she needs that's how. It is and and that's you know. In nature to be that way it should be able to vote on on the on the merits and look at like the book deal. It's what the (%expletive) we should you know I might help immediately and allowed at the alliance guy in China McConnell and eight actor and had actually forty. Debt really must sure covering it because they say it's a lot of our committee. You know I'd never heard that it's not crazy they kicked them off the committee that's crazy. And isn't being attended and got into the transportation committee and yet suggestion. Maybe we can save some money for people bogeys aren't. Now you might say yes so what you know. These elect actually that. But when you cannot committee steps actual money that it beat her grades you know that plated say they actually believe it's quite good and eight it's it's all Democrats I can I can clean up its ice in the committee but don't eat. He's he's here. We have is. So what I'm stated that the people they treat yet to get in a play. I know because bailout an uphill battle for him and that it was about coping out with Donald Trump. And that has become and I know what time the Democrats. Who go to the tribe which we really didn't. It's up so that the book learn as you can edit candidates to the net she's taken personal. He's taken out which remain. She eats what able their route. Elizabeth Warren and if she's so full of Little League and itself. I think. She can get to won't let them. Just people that they really really chasing each and get this crap. Could make him it was a Democrat I don't want to get apple. It's Qiyue. I appreciate that skippy and amp especially appreciate the fact that. You know you you called in and talked about the fact that. Jeff seems to be pretty straightforward whose some of the stuff that he's talking about and I think that a lot of what he saw in the 2016. Rise of certain non politician politicians. Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump was that they were spoke honestly all the time I've heard said that perhaps the best thing in yet is not a politician seeking our. But a politician who is willing to serve and so. If we got somebody who doesn't see hours if we talk about the fact that he didn't actually. He lost to be positions they ended up costing him money in office but he still we would serve for us. I think that's something that I would say. That's the guy one knows but more about those always check this out www. liberty on the air dot com get the podcast check out our guest Jeff deal we'll see you.