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Good. Internet beyond. Live on network you. The talk of Austin are on April live. Yard. Everywhere in that it doesn't get it done are you dot com live music available and we are here tonight talked about a one. But the number one thing that I went on. Here for is to use in less than there. To be on air with leadership are. The gubernatorial candidate in New York he is. All liberty figures. In the country right now. And we're elected shows that people are getting your questions ready for but. As we are building up. If you are angry people you should be on FaceBook shared. But as we build up out of apartments at the interest of people here at Boston especially. Which is the tax plan. So you know the senate passed tax plan they. Did not pass the house. And that's the important thing because this tax and it. Is. Have to be reconciled. With the thing with the house. So. What is past is outlawing. And it's not law that the big deal because. There's still a possibility there might be new reconciliation. Because there's something else and the people are not. The there's something in the senate plan that members. In particular in the house that all sorts of adjustments and sort of and Wednesday well the pro life amendments that are not restrictions directors on abortion but the things that more people approach was again. For eggs and I think that's going to be entrance whose house he and Olivia snow from me or two Republicans and that the they got they passed with 51 votes in the senate which means they've got one vote loose but. Now what happens is that the scent teams get together. They essentially work on the compromise bill and then everybody is going to be able to. Vote on reports. That is a couple things here that. Affect us directly and should neglected to mention. Joined in studio today by Matt Hoffman and a Heather Malone's again and castles sadly absent. But playing nice yeah Milford right now so yeah not my idea turtle tavern in Milford. Maybe it does show which will be playing up there ones so stop on by directing users. So. Let's go over highlight that. In the number one thing. Is that it is an immediate tax cut. For almost everybody almost everybody is. However. If it is going down and spending is not. Where's the money come on now. What would that mean exactly and when it. We think that the deficit goes up the deficit doesn't go up its objective by trillion dollars. Based on new testament. Based on not Pollyanna but it's cute by Steve Nugent. Who. And later on the show called the DB page in the partners. The that is you treasury. The death by at least two trillion dollars and over a long. Over the next seven years. And so there's a lot of the tax cuts are palatable now but they paid out. And if you could be elected to office what would you make that that's. Right after the next election so yes that's that's that's so everybody's since the middle. The way however. If you want the 2000. In the states whose studies that law bars that you would be covered by the state tax. Good news the state is essentially repeal so. If you temperament that is OK if you want to is no rush for those 2000 people not for those 2000 people exactly right at this point right. Hang on. Well that until it gets past also I mean I'm sure that there was a lot of you know like the wall and they're pretty old they don't. A large portion. Not Walton mountain that is John the other Walton you know all is on the topic own long hair and gas and reference the old old TV Asia which is a classic this time time woods is actually before what was it like that. Who's who before electricity. And an eight felonies anything out so this pact these tax cuts that they just past aren't answered no way. They probably will start not next year but the year afterwards. I mean nineteen yeah essentially it would it will plot for your twenty keep taxes. Which you fill up one night and signed when he in nineteen and where women are reported acute when you think you'll see a little. I will see. You know rough thing I'll see more attacks per. However. There are certain things about it that they were so they got rid of a lot of deductions. That's a big deal be would start small businesses so for example. I have dreamed. That someday I might make a little money through your show. It's not happening because we currently have new sponsors and sponsors of the clueless in this show bargain. We preach you know we are the largest liberty broadcast in Boston. By a mile on WR BO which as a REIT from Portland Providence. Enormous range you can sponsor the shows for 500 objects. And out there button. Right now that underdogs episode come on my wall and and that's a business expense. You know I were to ever profit on this radio show. The government were expected to pay taxes profit. Which means that any business expenses that I have are legitimate deduction. This year. Issue that rolling away. All business deductions all of them. Almost all of them and others it was between whether or not your corporation corporations like deductions that while business owners will have almost no one. Lowering that tax on businesses so the corporate the corporate accurate grows weary and they are lowering the tax rate on what so. What's called a pass through rate so. When I hate when I earn money is a small business and I had the money goes straight into my pocket. I pay. Essentially as if it were income. However. I paid my income rate so what's that it is only business and I mean 100000 dollars I would pay taxes is it under a 100000 dollars. Part of what they did is that the increased the deduction for the past the race. Cue from it had been. 70% notes up to 23%. But. You lose all through what. We'll let it. What is the argument in doing it and removing these deductions your business as well as the argument means by congress. Thanks for simplifying your do you definitely simplifying taxes and I don't have to go through and say right I've bought. A laptop I've bought you know run once every day I don't use this commuting and then you don't have to write a miser production rights receiving your time energy right. Actually they actually doubled the personal deduction. So what he's fielded dock that has a pretty good that you used to be the blanket personal deduction before. The only time you get and itemize these if you had a lot of expenses. Or if you own the house. His unit house you get to deduct the interest from your mortgage and for people who just want a new house. That's an enormous amount of money you know 2030000. Dollars a year that's a big deal take off your taxes. That is also going for the mortgage deduction it's going to go way although it's not it's not 100%. It's soon. Meaning that in half an hour on positive or negative effect on the economy and our does it depend on and the economy Percy so I'm probably sounding pretty negative about it. Let me talk about the things that I do think that are off some. It cuts the corporate tax rate from 39%. To 20%. And that's great that is great for America as an American economic growth was because it's on to what happens is that businesses now have more money. And you know what's gonna happen if the business has more money there to pay their employees more they might invest in. Their companies themselves. And they have the opportunity to hire more employees. All of those things are good for America more than at any interest in the country. The latest in the country right exactly so I apple I believe has. They're leaving Ireland trying to predict that to have 300 billion dollars in cash. Of which 280 billion of it my numbers there are close but they're perfect. 280 that is in Ireland. Which they think they're moving out of it well there aren't as trying to raise their tax for a little bit right but I don't tax rates 12%. Think we get down to Antoine may and that compared with compared ours today 3930 Nang r.s 39 right now. Which is now there's a little bit of to say that 39% of your profits that's not completely true because. You get to deduct salaries. From York. Income from your corporate. So violent it notes select my hypothetical. I'm under 2000 on the radio show and I pay each review 20000 dollars I don't have to pay taxes on the twenty dollars. Sometimes I hear it from and now because now Amazon rain is talking about opening up. H two's Q you still still go on the issue whatever it is it's almost certainly a done deal at the that's up accounts. Whereas we're anywhere in Revere, Massachusetts. There at the Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Yeah there are problems aren't your ya I have governor's name in a relay. Pretty crazy bit there I thought it may use very nice to diablo that is there's just no engineers in New Hampshire. Even it would drop out there you know yeah Bullock is his idea was that he give them an exit or not ninety three's they could be in line street to Boston's or have easy access Abbas and shark and you he had it lowered taxes Vernon. There's something to that subject down so the downs has it's own subway stop now. Or Londonderry I worry about I mean is. It possible parity so congested in different federal aid charity had so many problems latest Hillary's and they bring the Olympics here now they're about putting an Amazon had cori up at night while there is a big difference of the Amazon headquarters is that's not hopefully it's not temporary top for six weeks it's not like Amazon is coming in here but I think I. And does an older guy and right leaving it to rot right the Olympics one well exactly and Amazon is not only 50000 boys if you have easily had 50000 people come here would be a failure of an Olympics now. So Ed and it's it's honestly one now that you know the population of Boston. Drops by about 250000. Every summer. So Boston is used to dealing with changes in capacity back and forth. But I notice yeah I would love to go to New Hampshire not meant to the fact that you can tell the engineers that they're gonna get a 6% rate to go there now. But the problem with having it go to New Hampshire long run is that. You just don't have access to the great engineers. That are. Available in the Boston area that's while shortly here. Couple more things about that now about the federal tax plan. And these were the ones these as I talk about the that they think about the corporate going down however here's the things that are really disappointing and number one they passed the bill without any support for many Democrats now. I know that that no Democrats gonna do it but I complete beforehand I said that I think that you should if you party opposition. On principle always repeal anything that was passed without your support so Republicans should repeal the HCA they didn't have the ponies to do it but. That's their problem the Democrats should say we are 100% rule all of this back as soon as we get in charge. Because they do that that and then. Apple's not movie out of it would elect but we're not sure that you know the Republicans are still going to be in charge it best doubles. Guarantee that they that it could the what happens if it's in place for a few years in all of a sudden the people like hey you know what I'd like not paying I. I'd like paying 20% on mighty. On my income as a small business and not having to itemize everything my taxes don't take me six weeks to do it now I can do them at an afternoon. There's no question there are some benefits to this quarter increased the deficit they can get rid of spending all of those things are benefits. But the biggest thing about it too is that for people of Massachusetts. It's gonna make a big difference because they can't deduct their state and local income taxes and afterwards weren't that we will get after the break we're gonna talk to somebody who lives in Massachusetts. We get back we're gonna have skippy on the line. And we are back we're talking about the hot political topic today. In. That you are aliens and paid off of Boston that would bought the ones that XXX 868. And we have skippy on the line and skipped what do you think about the back and be able to duck your masters that taxes from the federal work. Well heated anti deepest. It's true that the country that we have Blue States that. The other states that some rich that you that so well it didn't show up tonight natural aren't. In a statement in the next twenty or 2400 dollar two year well for the locker. So yeah I wish quarter the alert inherit that. People look don't get what we cannot. You know we at the hospitals schools and you know they've been taking care we've been right girl had back. You buy I never even thought Natalie it's a 100% right because all on the stats say oh the red states takes a much money from the federal government. But they're paid board the federal government ever realize that that per capita. People of Massachusetts because they've been deduct your state income tax are spending less said he left the federal government that people in New Hampshire. That's correct answer it's. Yeah it's open to guests at if you openings to Al this tech even look it's going to be the biggest tax free on one of which. However beaten before they could look at it tape but it can add to deduction. Just exhibited significantly. These companies and it all slipped. It's a look for entry from very active for the actions that. The unions plated that true. Would that was yeah reasonable some but not all so there are reasonable. Expectation. So they come back to a paper it's it's a big property in and we'll just say they'd make what it which. They'd open the plant it and just that planet. All these mom and pop little stool is it to reach out to supply companies. Is going to be what people work he should be at full fledged people on the locker rule that's got to cut into the depth and you're able to wait twenty years now looks at the end. Plots. Right well I appreciate what you say skippy that's absolutely except in the first one you know about the fact I never thought about fact that. The red states are actually. Subsidizing. All these great things that happened Blue States because the next yeah it's it's that it's it's a 100% true I mean that's a simple math. The fact that Massachusetts has state income tax they use it to pay for things in Massachusetts. Day that means they're not spending that money to the federal government. So people Massachusetts sent less money into the federal government which if we talk about in terms of supporting the armed forces. Clearly that's federal function people who live in Blue States and less money to the government to pay for the armed forces have that. That's because I also like matching for federal grand Pacific no way there's a lot of different departments in Massachusetts that they tax. People on Massachusetts. And then use that money to match for federal grant. Well but what that happens every time this attacks in Matthew that you and Massachusetts. That person the commonwealth played pays. They get to deduct that from the federal income tax so they are not paying. What would show about a 100000 dollars and I live in. New Hampshire right I'm gonna send let's just say that my rate is 30% a percent 30% so. 30000 dollars to Washington. But I was Massachusetts and make a 100000 dollars. I think 6% income tax so I spent six from 6000 out state Massachusetts. And then I only paid 30% on 94000 dollars senate spending 27000 dollars so I sent less money. To Washington. Then somebody who has a New Hampshire now I mean in. I don't want to air what. All of our Ollie. For every dollar we send to Washington and how much we get back. Sadly the number is we get back about about 25 right now. Merrill whose riis who is read the state of Massachusetts a Wii is Wii is the you. Every citizen of the United States generally yeah I'm saying like feisty fearless and see how many illegal like which states. Paid more are. And to pharaoh of Iran and got got back more than what they paid in verses the states that paid a dollar and not accept any accent the Iranian. Right I mean technically speaking we talk about the federal levels spending yet today I'm looking at it will thing's certain states get more certain state it lasts. Generally when you see charts about it people complain that the red states are getting. More than their fair share but now that we think about that I think about the fact that the ritzy it's been here anymore I'm less upset about that number. One of the other things about this you know skippy second point and as sort of the Republican point is that. If all this money gets repeat created date and the corporate actually rate is lowered. Companies could be spent in the United States I mean if you take. The amount of cash that FaceBook apple Microsoft. And who will have on hand. It's almost enough to eliminate the deficit here it's almost a trillion dollars which is pretty amazing. So putting that money. Invested that money in America is what to do right now is just city overseas not doing anything. Because the tax rated so high that it actually hurts them to bring it back if they were bring that back they were suspended here. That would make a difference it would put more people back to work. What do we do all that stuff. That's probably the scenario that we Wednesday. Well we come back we ever super. There's sharp. Running for governor New York. One of the Cleary and voices of liberty right now in the United States. We're to talk yet we've got some questions lined up we wanna hear from the callers. Our number 6172666868. Or you can text that's 680680. Queue up those questions and we're looking forward to hear from you. Welcome back. Liberty on WOR radio. Six you do what the boss who are liberty so in the Boston area. And we are for liberty to you because we have on a special guest. Larry sharp but there was. Liberty in the United States right now and a candidate for governor New York Larry welcome to liberty on the air. I am so happy to hear you thank you so much for called in so. Apart listeners who may not be familiar with you can tell us a little bit of the the Larry sharp story or you Urquhart. Now my god it's the boring story and getting. I'm. Whatever raised in New York City absolutely what a Manhattan rate and the Bronx an awful violence. Spent that seven years in the Marine Corps seven years overseas teach English. Came back I'll have a couple witnesses living queens now. I did some sales jobs. Have mailed it out last thirteen years so ran as a for the VP last year and governing for governor this year I was pretty fast what that. That that was fast it was perpetrate it raises an obvious question. It seems like you're actually very qualified for the job of governor. Oh what Mike I guess let's hope about one point five in the in the open agreement here. Well so the problem is is that New Yorkers really don't expletive correct track record of voting for qualified candidate. How do you argue how to make them understand that that works for. No Americans down here is the most important thing is it doesn't matter American. Look voting here is not about altercation at all we know that it's worth sixteen right right I mean nothing to do it that people don't vote. On what is true Babel a what they feel it's true I thought they think is true. What they feel history of popularity contest. People love me all the time until our you have to be of Latino wind better arguments that they better actually I don't have to win hearts and minds. So there's so that's a fascinating question because I think hearts and minds. You know we have so many issues that are in the news right now. That he'll sort of directly with hearts and minds I think Heather had a question that goes directly to that so why Heather you wanna. Lot we have are you hi Larry my time no toddler. And I'll. So I have to ask your question there has been a lot of hot in the news easy and you know I also hope co host free talk live so we've talked about this he times. I'm so with this recent wave of Ra. Revelation and the like sexual harassment. Incest sexual abuse and and that type of stuff do you think. That that's one part of libertarian. And as a follow up how is a libertarian administration more prepared to deal. With these types of you know misconduct. In Albany. As opposed to all public Internet addict. I'm not a libertarian issue at all harassment is a cultural issue. Why is it affects everything if anything in I don't know if that is in practice but in theory libertarian movement should have less sexual harassment abuse. I think I don't report is that the libertarian movement is actually sponsoring people waking up and standing up against this. Yes yeah I mean I would tenants are transparency and consent right may have to abort and exactly. So when you have those two ideas are transparent thing consent to an estimate you follow those. Does social rapid becomes you know but minimized. Because you're trying to turn them. Transparency. And Europe against anything that non consensual and if it is consensual it is not harassment by the I'd. Yeah a hundred settling at an annual. If you have that in that and then in a administration there a couple things number one being a libertarian if I would his statement like. I wanna have a girlfriend outside my marriage or I want to. Fool around and do something that might seem mood in in certain circles most of which I would say as long pleasure open about it they're consenting adults. Who cares. What that happened and that fear that they again well then guess what I don't have to hide anything and therefore there's no requirement for harassment. Now here's something that I actually kind of cars he's at the ended there about that just. Flagrant Craig do you think standards are so necessary even knowledge that I I night here in libertarian circles all the time all of its two consenting adults all. Two consenting adults could. You know have opened a lead behavior in the middle of a mall it doesn't has really leaking at the right thing do you. I'm relying on its own standards and consent. Yet as officers standards and regulations and law right so. I don't have a problem with standards but I do have a problem with law regulation for example you might say having sex on the job. Is come against you know the law and religion know what is in to get standards. What it said that because say for example I you work in the orchestrates all you were doing exactly industry well great set on the job as part of job. So it's your own standards if I'm running out a legal brothel in Nevada out. Who cares I'm running a spanking New York note that the public thank you very much the we just. That's perfect answer. Yeah that's what I'm saying it depends upon where you walk absolutely. Larry what is it about to pivot out of that for second and just as you sort of art education based crushed all of those teachers to just the public school and one of the things that you know what I would I want to public school and what color are. But one night you know what I see now what's going on with you know we we seem to be making every kid need to go to college. Every kid asked ago when that every kid gets more and more into debt which goes back to banks and the and the governments and stuff like that. And with you to move away from trades which which is something that that you know you can't export plumbing job right you know you can't. Can't call tech support line and have them you know and and in India and have them picture plummet. And they didn't know him as a on Google makes everything digital. So bomb do you have sort of a position or thought on that like there are cup are you know there are some kids that you know are sort of move more trades. Then others and do you think it's a good thing to just that everyone should go to college to sort of philosophy with for the past thirty years. What we we have an issue and the issue is that luck. It if we go to college that means you have more valuable skills and that means that you'll get higher paying jobs in films and don't sell that's not true. People believe it because the east which are the reason why it's the most valuable not because he spent a lot of time learning it. Don't care as much time spent on the scale. The reason why it's so I was because it is scarce and the scarcity is a mixture skilled valuable is everyone goes to college policy not valuable. Plumbers right out often make more money to college graduates why there are less plummet in college graduates. And what people need plumbers and because graduate. You can pick a cause it got off the tree how many people you know look a graduate to underemployed. I know dozens of them personally cannot speak tens of thousands throughout the country I don't want a very well. Yes. So my point being while college not a bad thing about anti college if you wanted to cause that's awesome arguably. We decided that it's the answer it is not the answer. The answer is people finding there there waive their own way and you're connecting problem that yup we get them back out just article it. No if you go to college say there's lots of 4056 year old Gordon College. Education nowadays is continual. The idea that you can go to high school they go to college and had your career for forty years is a fantasy that that he's been gone for decades. But we still think it's true. You're gonna have to keep learning most people are gonna have at least. For our readers in their life not for jobs. All careers. I college assumed to be right after high school college and learning should be at anywhere issue what do people want to be. We showed in my perfect world at sixteen then you have a choice go to work. Go to school portraits school board of military do something get out of out to be wants you the problem is we have. Literally millions of kids 1617. Has sold. And they're sitting in the basement. Playing video games as smoking we need for the last year I've school 'cause they shouldn't be studying AP chemistry industry but some kids should be doing that. Well let's allow those kids that do that it's and others to go becoming apprentice. Add up a few that you know plumber example. It's or a sanitation worker it's a formula that I've that a building building anything can still come back exactly right we got Jacob on the line Jacobs calling in from New York so potential voter right here. Love it. AJ can go ahead. Well I have Larry if I got but legality is gone my brother. I want to talk to you that Andrew Cuomo in the news lately and I'll want to mayor you're on an out and the bad they're bad New York he's trying to run the president. Yet to breathe in that column in these kind of regained app indeed great Mario Cuomo bridge yeah I get that he like his dad but what pundit pat. I mean what going on here. I like my debt to but it went in the right after armed. About bud built the bridge breakfast. But the bread and immigrant got my dad and until it comes I am about that the exit the correct in this issue with the current governor. The current governor actually believes. But he deserves it. He actually he deserves it the reason nor does yet people he's my own thing can I do also because he does lead the monarch. I never forget. I'm the argument they had missed between him and applause you know how to fix the NCA. They literally talking about who should pay should it come out of almost pocket. Or or should come out of luck you'll spot should Cuomo pay was it a lot of play here's the problem. It's not their money right exactly believe it is but honestly believe it's their money. I don't know what we were up there this debate between fourteen and he was asked the question about helping out upstate. And he had just about the buffalo billions so you're New York department of the possible Baines and helped to help the other the the area out Bob on the docks. Adding that happened by giving you enough money already. That's his words haven't I given you held by C used to give us our money back only got a great guy. The imperial monarchy. That is correct so however we got a text coming in from Brownsville which they say is in New York. So they wanted to know what you think about the effect with the effect is going to be of this new tax plan the new federal tax limits passed. On New Yorkers who are already paying a tremendous amount of state and local tax. I think that we're gonna happen because that's it would it was talking about almost gonna use what changed nothing in surely suffer. Blame Republicans and use that as a way to say he need to be president to fix this thing. I think you love the idea I think it would he would change nothing he will make no attempt. To fix this at all because this crisis. Is what he would use. To try to become president he's already existing. Now though it well would you do different blame the public here. Solution be like what would you do as governor in order to. All this would be a bit of an opportunity to the bully pulpit to say what we eat and beat state income tax. And that's solve a problem. And it it does because if we're with the problem right if you of the state income tax then I mean aids it's a benefit Q. New Yorkers in general. But also points out the problem that there is this discrepancy that some people who live in different places. Are spending sending less for the federal government what's the best income tax in New York currently. Jews actually don't know I think it's it's it's eight and a. It's it's yet this is city tax its audacity. We have right taxes done on topic of the city's tax. It just separate acts I think is three quarters. To think the solution is having a tax for every block whatever bloc you live on Perry's tax. I'm I didn't do the plowing him for a I think. Campbell confuse you make it the better it is right on target anyone it gently escort did you elk. They kept yet but clearly I'm joking I don't yeah its agenda yet relapse and elsewhere. In my in in my perfect world here this to be an example and a reason. To get out and see but the most important thing which is cutting spending. I'm actually not a big at a packed. That's bound created an but I'm not because that's always mean I there bigger debt or some gossiping. So I actually am more concerned about cutting spending so we could. You know decide hey wait a minute we're gonna have to cut. Our actual state income tax. Which means not up to cut spending the first thing you do when the first year this is figure out how you can start to bring up other options. To compete with the current services that the government is providing. Just stopped services beat Justin that people get scared. People get scared they do that dumb things member of the government rip it just takes away our rights almost always be easily able to wait because we're afraid. So you don't just one stop. Think you and if it waited this is coming down the pike now so what can we do at other options to bring and that's seen revenue. The thing that we're about here in New York City off at about the idea of we can't afford that the bridges so why don't we sell naming rights to what it is. So sitting in the bridge after Mario Cuomo. Maybe that's right in the spring thirteen mobile. And pay for helping out that spending goes away in fact some revenue comes in from. And now we get rid of attacks. How attacked his. Something similar when they dealing activists in states he sponsor highway. Where they absolutely have people there it makes complete sense because you about all of the presence that other group IBM and GE have upstate. Why would they sponsor one of the big bridges. Absolutely commands respect and not just that we haven't I think. I remember in New York City that to be clear. You know it is eight and a half million people plus at least three reforming Cuba come into the city everything put that right so every single morning. But it hit me on many multiple Doug the media outlets people say things like. The George Washington Bridge is packed today. Was that spread bridges packed today in sprint gets up about you know right big time every out there aren't that. It's an excellent idea IC's Brit to be a metaphor for being fat Lehman sponsored traffic on the GW bridge. Yeah that would certainly work to do you know. Quick thing. This for a time it seems like York hawking about things that no real talking about stroke. I wanted to know how people can help you get that message. Across the state is pretty big state. Yet. Larry sharp with an. All right need volunteers. I need cash. And I need people to spread the word tell people I'm running is helping you know people some irony or so what you know people who do yeah. Tell people live nevermind it's not gonna make Dem vote means that we hear about mean oh my god that diamond vote form of course not but it they hear from me now. Then they see an active then make Simi someplace. Then Macy's and I'll talk about me then I'd vote for me. And that's the issue remember I've got a partner at 5000 people right now in my act in my my base that the Johnson will people and we're at sixteen. Sure that's actually that's why doesn't ask you how as a Libertarian Party itself in helping you your campaign has there been much effort. I never even asked for help not bite you you know I want. I wanna BD example that the candidate I don't know wait for the part to help we wanna go out there and do it ourselves and I like do what ourselves. I think the nature of your campaign is that it brings people and automatically who wanna help you sort of put that our website www. leery sharp with an. We're going to. Keep talking about you but I think the critical thing is that for all our listeners in New York. Larry is not even. Visible outside of the city where you know yes it's great following and so for people start talking about casual conversations the last times we sailed don't talk politics. People should talk politics if they wanna make things get better as they mention. The sharp campaign. Things are gonna get better actually. Also Larry I want to thank you so much for calling in it's been a real pleasure I appreciate your leadership. In liberty movement but it does especially appreciate the fact that you are really thrown a monkey wrench into the system and New York. You're not doing it for power you're doing it to make it better. Absolutely I am I'm happy to be here except thanks very much and we will be back after this break. Well that was a lot to digest you know excite kids. New York City. Again New York. Liberty movement it's bigger than just where you have to be. While some people get the message saying that real is the leader of debt and a sharp with the so we got a few minutes at the end of the show we talk about the tax plan ahead you want to talk a little bit about that coin right. It's pre pre. I mean and on those circled them admit they've been nonstop about. Well went over what over 111000. Pathetic kind of plummeted backed down and it's actually that happened back up over 1000 now and it. Decline is eleven out east at 940. Cents a let me ask you this. Do you know anybody use actually made a lot of money from that point. I mean college kind of freed up I'm you know I think Anthony you know I hear it. But I don't seat because I mean honestly right if you if you invested at seven. Right seven as we're wasn't when he twelve says it's five years ago he invested seven knew it held onto it. You'd be done in Libya Andy diamond ten million dollars that's a great points are right what happened with that package tells the Russell Brooke story. Brought Ulbrich apples and that is the dread pirate Roberts yes in his address Aristide back in 2013 injured but the money laundering act he knew he read a website called the silk road yes that's where anchors trafficking narcotics. And you'd theory he's he's seen it quick point and the FB ICs. In which at that line. 144008. Coleen. Right an and it's so under 44000 now I'm back in 2013 is this time and a thousand. Yet times 101000 today is about one point five billion. Yeah time 150000. So what if the FBI decided to sell it coin for a dollar an interesting. Well it could sell for a dollar. I who they felt that we would. Mean I mean essentially. An. Apartment while I eat it if someone wanted to buy something if I wonder why can't sell cubicle affordable price that is that you UK. It's true yet it has on a thousand of them and they decided to sell. All of them and a large bright point wallet innings but beeline to Europe via. And justice that's a fact well remember too that there's the big theft out of mount Cox but. Isn't she part of that that's so. Big quote works like a stock exchange right so there these people who are called market makers and essentially they honor everybody and every sell order. So you can end directly sell that point to somebody. So you want to sell one dollar. Somebody would be happy to do that also produce more so entire wall of propriety but in general if you want to do that he would make large Gilbert like that. You it's in the say what you have to sell stock you probably go through broker just isn't the only people who deal on and it. But to me this doesn't matter because that was this was something they seized. Thank you mean this is similar to seizing a house or seizing. From some other property but it doesn't mean it's it's just. Well the question did hang onto it is an issue question and we don't know who it is but if they did. It's with a tremendous amount of money right now if they destroyed at one point five billion hit it has really crazy. But who knows that I I I sponsoring you know US operations overseas. So now I don't know too too much about like how the whole black teen technology is something that works but I have been doing a lot of Reading on greater and greater liberalisation and I just. Up a bunch of people are talking about how late. How much developers and stuff think it's going to be like this big thing in public watt. Developers and nobody can really give meaning means that some of the leading people in technology abilities for one minute you're doing some research on these different people what their opinions or on it. Even he seems to praise the technology itself. But not V. Well if you if you get bored with Syrian that there is more. Are organized in an auto on actually the funny. But no theory has backing from like that the banks Lloyds. Mark is not in that Chinese steel bitcoin. Is it. Are only doing so while rain now because of the insane profits it's returning though once that reaches the tipping point then it would no longer be. You're arguing that there is a bubble and I would agree that there may be a bubble. But I also said that a thousand. So money is a big Bob law. And I went in candidates got it is not and what did you want country is the universal thing you know that it's really working right. The court is being used more widely than any other digital currency yet specifically it's being used in Venezuela right now where the currency is collapsed. And so with you know because socialism just doesn't work. The government collapsed in Venezuela. And so now if you wanna take a taxi ride in Venezuela. But that was repaid bitcoin if you want to you know this they have been going on Venezuela but you'd be at that point there's food. Because people don't on the currency anymore and that's the real value and what makes it work for people in Venezuela. The that they can change it for US dollars in US backs. I think it's not my my area is technologies. And something else that the government and bring you. Well I hope but it might mean that it if you question because the government likes overseas transactions. And if you cry too. Deposit the results of viewers sales of that going in Europe bank. The government would know about it on the other in the world these equity yet explicitly pay capital gains. Change. Yeah it makes total fan because it's just like if you are yet now it's just it's it's it's it exactly right however. All that's gonna have to wait until next week. But until that. I would think by the the guys that weekend connect.