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Hello everybody thanks for your and then liberty on the air on your hosting a fishing tournaments and you. Jeff lines have been fassel. Due to join the conversation thus the numbers 617. 2666. States succeed in Tennessee tech at 62 of the things here and we just absolutely on the air we're not good about was you. We would definitely you. Cry better better better off trying to call. So. But they showed you our big show today you know we're talking about Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving is coming up and Thanksgiving story I think she was the only real American politics I mean. You argue that Mother's Day as a hall there's an American holiday is like super. Capitalist invented by hallmark of cell. Green cards but Thanksgiving is the original American holiday. And it's a lot about you know welcoming. People to your table when I was growing up as an Asian native Americans to net. Well oh. And ethnic guys NN all right are all already one name one. Not a native American scholar and mean c'mon. Right if you are call in and let us know what an original American would be Anderson now on yeah I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure they have hardest based. Holidays we just don't know the name of them as rebels let's send it. However the our. So the only the we need very America. They needed to go but he's Americans or Mexicans Americans. It isn't in north Americans yes but okay we're the only unite these United States you validate that I ill the United States you know holidays Thanksgiving. It's about it's about acceptance accepting the fact that. Pilgrims. We're starting right nothing going on for them thanks via. Walt and notre I've helped them out. Tolerated these people welcome the men. And we've talked before about how liberty and tolerance are two sides at this point and I don't have my liberty. If the two of the guys in the studio to tolerate or will this intolerant right will will it silence my Mike right now. And I would stop going out of here so it really have freedom of speech. And in Jeff could probably over army and that's very the ten men but. Maybe. But liberty and tolerance in general people have to tolerate you exercise your liberty. So. Our societies felt like it's becoming more tolerance. And I think you'd have to be living under a stone to not see that happening. And here in Massachusetts and around the country. There are a lot of signs popping up they say hate has no home here. And if you were to goose or trade after he has no beer you'll see these yard signs all over the place. They hate has no hope we hear this heart was an American flag and it and then they have. I assume says he has no we are in Arabic and sanskrit in Hebrew and French and Korean and if you languages so. The thing about that though is that in Massachusetts. I often feel like that is a strained idea. The idea that he'd really ESCO here because tolerance and Massachusetts with this before. Is usually not tolerance usually would halt what tolerances in Massachusetts. Is that a lot of people have a consensus of ideas. We are fundamentally a one party state. And whenever somebody. Is outside that realm you don't see the other party practicing tolerance. Richard to say who was my opponent in the 2012 congressional race. Who is an out gay man was hammered the time but longtime partner. Richard used to say that he experienced more hate speech directed against him in Massachusetts. Because he was a Republican. Then it's that because that means that it was correct forum as the game. And that's not shocking to anybody listen Massachusetts Massachusetts has always been very tolerant of marriage equality. You know as far back as a 1994. Bill weld appointed. A judge for the Supreme Court who ended up writing the ruling that says that marriage is not. A problem is that the state it is actually a right that. People are title. When we talk about that now there was just another free speech rally out on the common. Missile was under the under the guys who resist marxism. And it was. More peaceful last rally in general I don't think that people were. As angry about it there were the same number of crowds but. Heard the show and congressional candidate New Hampshire Justin O'Donnell. Was assaulted while he was on the comment because he was walking around with a Gadsden flag in a rainbow. Reboot a code gets like and we have Justin on the line right now. So Justin what can you tell me about what happened out of the rally how did you get assaulted. Is basically just walking around. Same same. Feel of the artist rallied Boston Police only to a certain people into each band stand area they're a little bit more immediately put in the media in this time. I did have very dangerous Guatemala and our guys loved a lot of it was a metal was plastic. Gatorade bottle ought to settle across the street cuts in total. Well I bill appointments period they had caught everyone off they turn me away and nobody that would appeal back again. Figured I'd. Hang out go go back and find armed supreme back in the crowd. Two with a relatively good time around our house you know character. Bodily deck there. A closed hearing my rainbow Gadsden flags in hand. The symbol of the rainbow flag is completely lost. When all vacancy is the evil knows that bonds smacked can get the. Interstate and usually think about it is that you of that that's become am I mean for people who don't know who knows that bonds' neck SA Tuesday. Which is meant to mock the Gadsden flag the famous don't tread on me flag. That at least for people liberty movement. Symbolizes what we think is a shared universal idea that everybody. Has a right to to not be stepped up don't tread on anyone's guess so you're walking across. The the common with this flag that has you know that is obviously. A pro LG BT flag in addition to being he gets it. Yes. And it was a group. Self identified armed I wanted to use the term Communist as a descriptive to a pulp and writer Kerri Soviet Union flag themselves. Worm into machines black bloc clothing wearing masks and I knew the group that I had debated and argued with earlier actually very loudly and some news cameras and a bunch of reporters gathered to document that argument at them before the rallies and started up. And they identified themselves as Bolsheviks Communists interest. Are the ones who decide to do that are walking by grabbed my flag trying terror from my arms. Well actually hurt those views on the I have a rather large gentleman. Well what's really edgy about that though is that. If they're identified themselves as Bolsheviks Communists. They were actually being true to their cause because they do believe in violently suppressing people who disagree with them Reinemund that's. Yes principle should because of his few. You know remove your enemies at all costs. Absolutely and do bill would be this premise of our earlier argument or debate. I think Dan's Q and they too much credit for thinking Maxine who would listen to all poses no questions no questions mean as a Communist obviously don't know much history right. But they had kept accusing me you know being a Nazi sympathizer and Nazi supporter. Because I was there supports free speech and these second iteration of these free speech rally. And that particular group are regulars in and at a rally attended Boston could including country. So and I'm not unknown to them and they are not unknown today. With a showed up at him that's where they also masked. Noted alarm out and interest. So they they they they came they came to fight right I mean that's all you can say about somebody shows up and amounts you'd rather please access. Right they were there for trouble. Probably enough I was standing with the crowd of people at one point in time a gentleman who identified himself as a libertarian Communist to be able actually able to have they. Friendly conversation outside. Cannot say those two words and sentences that thing. Well by the time we finished our conversation. Right he was the best congress it's huge debate what. Is it it is an interesting. I mean that there's always this terms. But there's also sort of fighting terms so when I ask you this why didn't escalate how were you able to show restraint. Because the where there weren't 4000 people. Incensed margin down. Column what that may be. He well it in my particular case I I'd try my best to never actually who. Let's go to the black himself decide if they're trying to take my flag. I'm hold on I'm gonna rip it back right. This grip flag here at the flag that is the flag pin and flag. And I like to come down to a initiation physical violence is not something I'm willing to initiate. I'd say that's one of the real differences between I think liberty movement. And via the Communist movement in the congress movement is predicated on the idea that it's absolutely worth it to eliminate the people who won't. Sign up and that's really one of the intricacies about it that the purpose the stated purpose of this rally was resist marxism. I. Don't know how true they stated that not to. And a lot of us were aware that. Marxism from what I got was actually the name of the organization. That organized the rally it was a difficult at the rally for the republic in fact one of the first speaker. What that he lawyer from Boston also got democratic socialists. Who were gonna Bernie Sanders campaign. Interest. I don't think dollars going into it. Well an Indy it's that he could theoretically have democratic socialism now right where I mean essentially that's with the unions that's an ultimate goal the union. There's the idea that. The government controls all the means of production. And the people would vote on how to go registers but there were many private ownership. But. So. Did you see any other acts of mountain embryos get hurt. And are you okay just and I should ascent up the audience. I interpret that part of our. Yeah most of the violence though anyway it was much much better continued by the boss and if you throw it much less. These crowds drugs is like all right. What is a lot smaller but there was a lot of work her. Did the people who wore aggravating each other who work. Attempting to start argument that people appreciation for these same people that it has extra interest. Audible sigh Kyle Chapman. Or basic and from the repeat that rally side and these same small group of black blocking market. You get into your speech at all. I did not hear a word of child should be treated the same time. And these. It is opera that the other on PA system up and nobody outside the Honda could actually you'll be set aside. After an interest in so. A couple closing thoughts about it do you knows they're going to be a third version of this. Are all against. On FaceBook earlier today I was posting pictures and updates throughout the day as things wrong on that stuck. This I would not be surprised that this is just become a quarterly is that the way they're going to get every few months. Do you think that anything was accomplished by this. Anything good come out of this at all or is that. He was visited each other types. It would it would depend on how the media does trigger for I know from my own perspective concedes that on aren't represented myself on the line with. Not a free speech gaga actually me and you look at how comedians are a couple of. The media has treated these free speech guys they always called the quote free speech rally they always speak about it. As if it's the guys for something else they write they never give anything affairs and. Right but the thing about it is that they are sometimes it feels like it's it's like if you years in the movie the warriors. It's like this. How we assemble all our gangs together so that we can. Fight and you know have some sort of confrontation because confrontation is what drives the media market if we're in this you know thirty minute news cycle where there has to be in store all the time. I actually saw the Boston media covered this. To you know like right when it happened and then they kind of lost the thread nothing if you happen and it never served stuck in the news again. And maybe the biggest issue that we're looking at right now is having a way to have our new cycle lasts longer than thirty minutes and have a way for you to listener. Have attention span will get you through commercial break them. Ed you dig it. Followers talking about he has noble here talking about. Recent acts those in power. Everyday life. You know witness. Revolutionary moment right now is thank them singing about like streets revolution. Where. Whitman right now I'm sort of reached the spot where the I hope I hope we're as side you respond where. They're not gonna take it anymore not gonna put up with this. Aggressive. Sexual treatment and are gonna put up with. You know men slapping him on the gas and put up with. Men say adios you willing to to do this year promotion. Have a friend who's running a major campaign. In New York State. And she talked about the fact that she actually showed an excerpt where. Somebody it's a terse you know I am happy to to make donation campaign. You know. Maybe we can talk about it though on pillows later on. Which is just ridiculous and completely totally inappropriate. We have that sort of thing happen all the time to where we make sort of jokes about. Sort of our levels of tolerance in terms of for a you know what what. What we think it's okay to say. And in reality you know a lot of times a lot of that intolerance especially towards political conversations. Is hurting our political dialogue here so a lot of times like you know. We are just tyra thank you which would make jokes about my Communists it's stupid to understand history. I mean that that's a fact that's not a joke but no but honestly. If you wanna have a political conversation. Justin talked about this he talked with somebody said they weren't libertarian Communist he engagement conversation. How often do you find two people on the other side. Who are willing to engage. Now that huge fees spent a lot of time talking about politics do you find that. People are generally willing to listen to what you have to say or you have to find that angle. In order to get them to support you crafts. You know. I find that when you when you're talking to people and I've been through these stages you know I've I've been through these phases where like everybody thinks it's kind of fun to win FaceBook. Arguments until late troll people and make jokes that I I've been to those phases and I think that really when it comes down to it. You know. It's fun and games for you but you're not really accomplishing anything unless you're reaching out that person and kind of finding something that you have in common in building a report and then like using my logic and reason but like trying to reach out so we have. A conversation like that night I think you're right try to do the same thing in my engagements. There's no room for hate for me because I have hatred towards somebody else I'm Deborah can be so engaged them. I'm never going to be exactly what justice anabolic. Which like right realistically. Exactly did these groups are don't exist except in people's imaginations like these labels that we give ourselves they're not really things. They're just things that people like I'm joining a team. And our teams are against Argentina doesn't make sense you know there's there's an. Old old musical called. South Pacific which you as an eighty man might be familiar with the seabees figure heavily. Probably the only time that really major motion picture starring role. But there's a movie called there's a song called carefully taught. And these children talk about the fact they have to be carefully taught to be afraid of the Japanese children on the island because otherwise they were just play within his kids. And there's sort of this idea that. We keep reinforcing our tribalism that we inadvertently are teaching our children and future generations. To hate the other side. BC got more clearly now in the way that people are working agree with people talk about Donald. There's. You know that the Catholic Church is to have this idea what they would say hate the sin but love the sinner. And that was their approach to homosexuality. Gambling. Other other sins. And I was I was very few point because as an organization at least in the series was to be dedicated to the idea. You know law. Reitman. That commandment. Doing to others who would have been doing to you if that's your peaceful purpose and you should always love the sinner no matter what. And we seem to have completely moved away from that in our politics now there is no idea that we say that we are united. You know. Don't want quote Barack Obama that much. But his speech or grant park where he said. We are not red states. We are not Blue States. We are the United States. That as recently as eight years ago I would say you know what that meant something. Butter that's true anymore I mean if we're gonna say there's a unifying. American idea. And American ideal. What is it now. I guess not there isn't one. Yeah I mean there is when it it is not a B liberty and ought to be the constitution and obvious things is this country's founded upon. But right now I mean people have like these sort of I don't know I think when you look at it really is like American history at right now yeah. Like there are in and that that analogy goes to both sides of this equation where like people are feeding on fear of the other. Right left and right doesn't matter. But people are that there heinous. An extreme groups of people out there that are preying on. Normal everyday centrists and moderate people and saying if you don't come to one side you don't come to decide the other side is gonna do this team. So on and so forth right and image that's really sort of the purpose I mean that we're fine what the Russians actually. That was the purpose that's what they want to do is they wanted to polarize us and condenses there could be a moderate down. And convinces that the two polls always had to stand against each other. And maybe you know just maybe in my most optimistic that moments I think. Maybe the Russians did as a favor maybe they woke us up to the fact that we are getting so far removed from this idea of unity. And maybe it would Herbert. Yeah and maybe we're gonna find a way back. Okay. Do you rate on three back or talk a little bit more about this issue that we want to talk about the tax plan. You know. As I guess it sounded a little despondent there at the end and as despondent as might sound around America. Yeah well and I think it rightfully ship rightfully so we are a little. Were little jaded but it's not like this moment hasn't happened before in history you know in the fifties the sort of disillusioned. That everything was awesome we just for the world 12 world war. We were the best nation in the world our production was awesome. Everybody's whole life was awesome. An amazing t.'s Dan what you go ask. In some black Americans from 92 demons and I agree with what would that that's so that's exactly my point is that that's what I want to first congress that we had just wake up call. That made us realize that in fact actually there was a poll there were two polar opposites. At first there were a lot of people who wanted to maintain the status quo and keep the groups separate and maintain this wonderful lifestyle for us what group of people. Then on top of that you can throw you know Vietnam cranks up the start sending troops in the southeast Asia. The sixties end up being this incredibly violent decade right. Martin Luther King was assassinated JFK assassinated art is assassinated assassinated Malcolm X is assassinated. And it seems like everything's going to pack. And we found their way and so. As despondent as I am. I have a great deal of faith in the American people and the American system. And although I don't often that I'm a believer in American exceptional some. I believe that America excel the exceptional. That our ability to resolve problems together so I think we're gonna do that again that you wanna make America great again. I do to make America created and this might be doing it differently than. The only guy in the White House and speaking of which let's talk about this tax bill because it's free. Any crazy. So first well you know it's a tax cut. But it's a tax cut that blatantly increases deficit right there's no illusion about it. The deficit is going to rise year after year after year. And keeping with tradition yeah I mean that's that's the obviously you know we want tax cuts for us. But dollars in debt and Waller in a budget deficit. We're gonna continue to add to add to it if we cut taxes before we cut spending right so you know their plans in the past couple. Let's cut tax cut all this ending twice is down to zero. Right well you don't do your taxes when they are until week camp today and then cut that zero and they were good. Well there was this great plan by George Bush senior called ego. That that he passed in 1990. And you may remember. Well that's that's that's what he'd lost reelection it is like lost reelection because he's promised read my lips and taxes you don't actually remember that exists ambiguity I was like two. Yeah exactly. We saw it as announced it exactly saw the Dana Carvey sketches about it so why I remember that very clearly but so he cut a deal with congress where he said okay. Please don't make me want to armor. Yeah I will make it. I will find a way. To. Bounced not balanced budget but I will raise taxes for congress if in return for which you agree that all new spending items. Have to be actually paid for means that you can't just borrow money you're gonna have to raise taxes to pay for congress it okay. It's that they pass the call pago was a ten year plan. And sure enough. At the end of that ten years because every time congress wanted something new they had to either tax or take the money on another program. US government had a surplus would not deficit at the in the year. People credited Bill Clinton's work but in reality Clinton had nothing to do with it it was an unavoidable conclusion. That the government was going to get a surplus because they could spend more money man. And that in 2000. George Bush senior George Bush junior. Considered extending his father's planned. But then 9/11 happened and they threw the whole thing so we need all the money we have. So he goes and an Afghan and even money we don't exactly have the money we don't have and that's what happened so. Since then since 2001 we've been on a sixteen year. Continually. Increasing deficit. The deficit has been raised. Five times six times the the sealing the debt ceiling has been raised six times. And that that's aliases the go ahead. I was as it may be removed because so far into debt will get all the way down China. Hook and then you know weeds that you just take the money back well. So there is there's a theory if you believe in the Dick Cheney as evil mastermind theory which many people do. There's a theory that they deliberately crashed the economy. The first thing that it was that are a tremendous amount of money from China. Then they crashed the economy and then they pay the Chinese back with fractional worth of what they've part of the first place. Is it true is it rumor I don't know it is what actually happened. The United States definitely benefit from it. At the cost. You know some Chinese wealth some Chinese expansion but technically some funny games to. Yeah lastly they devalue their currency to get back at us for that I mean deliberately at the computer learning slowly but surely. Yeah if you invest in the Chinese stock market EU are the biggest room there ever was because the data point in time the Chinese Government can say okay stock market closed. Everything is now worth 40% less than what I was beforehand. That really nervous you're going to do next and there. I'm so I'm. I thought it was going to your Macs and I don't think you'll have done when I'm out of luck. Though that it is that you know it. At the same time there's problems with the economies you know between units its intent of the same time we have a lot of tech companies that are actually benefiting bull countries. People because I like escape that apple who are making minimum. Experts electronics that's what allows iphones to be as cheap as a thousand dollars in the United States right cause. Of the low labor costs yet would you ever take a step back and realize it like a lot of these products being made in China are actually being names like. Pennies a day slave labor like the sneakers everything you know and all these yacht what's the alternative for those for those employees may be. Starvation you know I've been arguably it up a live in terrible terrible conditions as their country that's that's it that's their country did your viewpoint that the content we're benefiting from it. Right it's not it's a mutual benefit doesn't replace the beauty of capitals the exchanges mutual benefits except that. Available for example right North Korea. Since labor isn't labors and China and to Russia. And when they go to China and Russia they are treated like slaves. They work you know incredibly long hours but given terrible living conditions terrible food. And the north Koreans look it. They love it because it's so much better that than what they have a home yes and so. There are literally captive labor it's a decision or intimidation. Being able to. Voluntarily come and goes as you pleased or or take a job as he pleased races being a slave. Ripe old edit your own country and it is if it's an if you pointed these you know these giant Chinese factories there was a big scandal about it with apple the iPhone with the senior Andre Foxconn factory boxer and a career suicide rate was enormous. And this is this. The point that even even the far left economist Paul Krugman has written papers about agreement. We we see this side of it from the United States saying look how how pour off these people are working in these kind of factories wreck but he has done the analysis and looked at. What is the alternative for a lot of these people and a lot of times it's working and I'm like. Electronic waste distillery it's like right Melanie go down to plastics in the existing totally and Wales and that the fact that were that. Companies bring their their development there to build these products are actually moves along their economic development. As a country that does because of me as the individual citizens become wealthier and I mean really it is sort of a wealth transfer that we are giving some more wealth to them in. Paying them for their services where. A rising tide lifts all boats right. As the United States becomes wealthier does that really work in China and its Communist country although wealthy China's making office is really going to be government class people it's not going to sweatshop workers it's going to sweatshop workers but. We are trying to get a vehicle raced at Christmas yeah. I mean it's it's a legitimate point. I think if we had another place to go hopefully we would go there you go via. To get me right now stuff that made in Malaysia. And Asia it is and that's the giant Chinese electronic factories are manufacturing Mexico's unique and themselves well and people saying that the next the next the next big thing is Africa. There's start moving in its existing all of it China is the deadliest. Real estate developers on the African continent and many Kurtz Africa. Yeah that's why we have troops out there that nobody knew him well at the height and what's really at figures that you know the Chinese well that actually is enormous. They have very wealthy citizens right now they have sort of an oligarchy. And is that the correct step to undermining communism. Is that what happened in Russia right to the oligarchs we meet the wealthy enough that they were able to eventually push the system out I don't know. In Hong Kong is the weekly communism in the in the region. I mean there wasn't that well there was and the question is Hong Kong going to swallow China organic Tonya flatly costs are huge place very different certainly very dirt from regular China. But. It went down. I don't know exactly what the end result going to be. But I do know that this new tax plan part of the reason that you know that's what we're talking that part of the reason that they're presenting it this way is one of the big things about it that they wanna crank down the corporate tax rate. So the American companies. Don't do as much business overseas so they keep money here at home mr. and that's something I think most economists do agree upon. Yeah that if corporate tax rate work. How's that ever bad for the American economy. Not only does need to be cut its awesome because the United States has one of the largest corporate tax rates of all developed nations in the world. Chasing them on in the country. Where people get upset about it is like if it was your money what would you do and people I think people struggle to understand India corporate. Tax because. You know. The company pays payroll taxes on everything they pay out to people they pay sales tax in in the state that they buy supplies that the use the run a bit big the executives' pay their own income tax and so why should be Tak three here for a time but you're. You know the companies don't also just pay payroll tax. They pay payroll right how record quarterly what the duke the united affordable one Wal-Mart to do for the United States other than employing a million people a day yeah. I think it's people like when people do their taxes you probably scratch your chance to try to think of every. You know tax deduction that you could possibly make like that I donated money to get a couple bucks back taxes. And then at the end of the year and now we can't let me give these guys tax breaks ya know exactly it's an end this thing about it is that. Let's say that also at Wal-Mart. Right they get a 10% tax break and they get to no it's another billion dollars to spend. We know wal mart's gonna spend money on there and open up another store. Why is that that the American economy in the company has a more they put it under the Wal-Mart mattresses and and on the through it going ET EP Sam Walton and yet his grave will get that window that's what. Write it but you don't just get it that's would allow people want would like to think the moment even if they let's let's say this isn't the worst case scenario right. They pay all their top executives that extra billion dollars. What greatest. Threat. 39 this. So that's at least is a flat neutral blue. So it's gonna keep all the money for the executives the eggs coming his income he gives you get they're gonna attach a 30% which happens to be. Corporate rate right now so that's neutral any money that they put into RD that they put to an expansion that would hire more employees that benefits the company. Corporate income tax is the stupidest idea oval. Pay your employees more have more employees that benefits the economy the idea that we are the problem is though. Corporations can't vote. People vote. People vote and people part of corporation might vote to do the same exactly my and it but I tell you that Wal-Mart taxes are gonna. Most people don't care and I don't care. And thus you could say well shop Wal-Mart. Who'll. Find out exactly the costs by fifty. I wanted to pivot though we've talked on the show before about on student loans to debt issues. And I backs been getting a lot of emails from. So I went to graduate school of the university Massachusetts I'm getting emails about this tax plans and you must. Immediately call your rap and tell you oppose this tax plan because right. The the graduate student on the money graduate students get to go to school. Is now going to be considered taxable income under this plan right and I'm sit I'm I'm standing back saying. Why why should necessarily the federal government be subsidizing. Maybe maybe this election for schools to lower the prices instead but they they would love to keep the government on the till this writes I'd well now that's why they're emailing us telling us to. Oppose a gay couple couple a few points so we talked with in lady who's in a year earlier who's. Employers pay for her to go to school yeah with hypothetically say that's 50000 dollars a year. Under the new tax plan she guessed it clear that as income. So let's say that bush is making 50000 dollars a year that's gonna push her to a 100000 dollars a year and this is gonna vote 20%. On that extra 50000 dollars. Which comes out to. 141040000. Dollars taxes just and so that's of the big problem could change if you're not expecting that paid the government now the argument is that the government is saying well we need money. On what the government money. But the reality is that if you have fewer people now go to school because of it. What do the school's gonna do they. They're not enroll anybody know they're gonna lower their prices to get people back into the school. Right and I think too that there's to hear is the problem with they fundamentally the problem is that whenever you tax income you're doing it wrong. Today taxing income is always a mistake and root your because tax income is always picking winners and losers no matter what you do when your favoring one group over another. And the thing about this is that the exact according to. At the office of management but through one of the other senate groups that set the amount of money that they are bringing back in. From this. Tax on graduate students. Is exactly the same amount of money that they're losing. But by rolling back the estate tax. So currently right now there's truth out or 2200 families of the United States that have a large enough to state that they would have to pay the estate tax. And in particular a lot of these families you're talking about the difference. In billions of dollars for Americans so you know eight billion dollar inheritance is no longer going to be taxed more. So we are preserving. The money. For those billionaires what should be taxed when you dire tax when you work. You know I think we say polling unit it right right but my druthers would be neither however the Republican plan is going to say. We should not tax billionaires specifically write this fact only affects 2200 pin was in the United States. And instead we should attack people attacks people who are going to college. I don't want tax anybody's income. But it's particularly stupid particularly bad optics to say. The money's gonna be better left in the hands of the billionaires if we're just shuffling around paper chips so we could decide who's going to be the ethical winner in the ethical loser. I would rather see the winners beat the people who are actually. Trying to prove themselves and hopefully through prove themselves improve the improve the country. Then the billionaires who are getting an eight billion dollar paycheck from daddy. Take place seen that would Dan gets worked out his inner democratic socialist about playing. You know those those evil. Rich. Greedy people he's a closet Communist theory yes it he is here that means effort here to keep wolf in sheep's clothing via let me explain this part about it. I don't want there to be an income tax. I think that's that's my point I don't slip pays into to zero at right exactly that flat. That everybody should play as flat at Bosnia as I completely agree that. Until that utopia as he achieved. And I think that that is I mean it be nice to them in my lifetime. And I'm fifty. And and you and to be for you right when he said the optics of it look bad like this is not something that's gonna win with a majority people that don't study tax Paul's right or anything like he's popular. As soon as and when we talk about you know it's tolerant international here you have to be. Blind to the fact is that this is this. Tax bill pays into every stereotype the Democrats ever preach about the Republicans that it's super benefits the wealthy. It just a large portion of the tax burden. On the middle class but let's get really that's that's why Donald Trump is here he's here to play every stereotype of Republicans. He didn't problem I've received. In. Ran on your visit Purcell OK that's sort of it's happening gonna this is what's happening right now the Republicans how's just being. Awful as the Democrats. Write it in in that and so if we're getting more polarized and so. Ask anybody who is a clear thinking person. There's some nice things in this tax if any of you out there yeah it does anybody out there and 55. Residents. But. This tax plan. Corporate taxis two go needs to go right away. But it's not worth it when they it's not worth the political price. Two. To make it seem. Like the war have to pay the cost for this isn't reality. They don't have to we can cut spending. Nobody's talking about cutting spending all they're talking about shopping around taxes. If you talking about cutting Pete some people's taxes and those people that is but talk about cutting spending. Often it's worth the songs were cutting spending let's do it but the bill that increases the deficit I don't care what the mechanics are behind the scene that's about it. It the problem is when you talk about cutting spending and it becomes every vein artery and if you know he take annually from me. That all the sun's entire program is undermined and we can't function. You know if you take an ounce immediate penny at a education like the kids aren't gonna get you hate the tubing right children you know. I've had I've had this idea for a long time that the weight who should actually do the budget is okay whatever budget is right now. Military gets. 40%. Title when he gets 40%. Right NASA gets 1%. Health and human services gets one point 7%. Whatever than those numbers academy. It's it's relatively close. The they Congressional Budget Office again yes but whatever it is. Let's take that number it's okay that's number for now on it. Whatever is the money we're gonna spend the military will always get 40%. Health and human services will always kill one point 7% and one would just it. We have to find a way to adjust that number we should be able to just bring in a new department right the new department of you know Betsy go losses. Home economics or whatever we should meal to bring that in at circuit but there's not a 110%. You have to subtract something from celebrities percentage in order to fund that. Like this Thanksgiving I'm gonna be paying thanks to Betsy devices. Home economics class because. That it's on the neck and truly be thankful that well they are rights that question I mean are mounting that plays into the bigger problem which is the attacks and the budgets. Plants it is. What we have is we have a big pot of money. Take money from other people we putters of his own money in the pot there's not any money in the problem with the is that because these these these synergy drop a quarter in the well somebody's down efficient and I was a bucket. Right but the problem is that we have a big pot of money it. All these programs are church was drawing from and when that. Pot of money is empty we borrow from other programs to put into the big lot of money on the people. Other programs are pulling from. Right if we just had an idea that we are we gonna spend certain amount of money. I they would be up that are. So can you mentioned that you are thankful. We Thanksgiving coming up you got any good Thanksgiving plans. I mean to be with some family and procedures in you know think about things and think that's as good about you. You know on. I'll I'll be with with my family and Trenton not talk politics like right now it's a nightmare that you know isn't he figures whole Lotta people talking about 'cause. What are the Thanksgiving conversations like that event live today Incredibles. Shall maybe Thanksgiving is time Peta practice you know you're you're you're respectful political conversations where you listen to what people think. And give Europe your response in a respectful manner and you have a dialogue back and forth and maybe actually get. I think that is probably the best message that you never had so we can encourage you. Go home or go wherever you go on Thanksgiving. And try to listen and have. An honest conversation trying to promote a real while in. Bring it on home. Bring this in this message tell. This Thanksgiving now right but this wouldn't be thankful. Initially the fact that we can have. In this country at our kitchen tables. Thanksgiving tables. A rational conversation free speech criticism of the government was crazy uncle they've exactly and there. That's what the conversations all of us. So we wish you improbable things it. Some wonderful conference where all immigrants and we are all the difference.