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Sunday, October 22nd

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Tonight. You don't get the weekend. And now your host of liberty on the air mr. Dan fishermen now you are much Matt McLaughlin. Also in studio with can then tassel producer pat rock in the two inspector of the engineers do think. So. This week's show we gonna talk about a bunch of different things but the big news it's going on in Boston right now is. Amazon's coming to town. I don't mean Diana queen of the Amazon's one woman Gail could not I mean Amazon that I aircraft that. It is actually got to just obscene name just. As he means like really you've been. Sure river bank or something like that something he like ago note that it definitely dot. Anyway so it was the outcome of the town and Boston put a pretty good did a lot of other places who put in good bids in fact. I would love to see Londonderry to edit because Londonderry is bid. With super tongue in cheek. In that clipper follows and obviously you'll be wind that this new state income tax here so all your employees automatically get 6% raise. But also. They said listen. If you open up in Boston. Next a year from now you're gonna wake up in your thousand square foot apartment. With that you pay 4000 dollars a month for rent and have a two hour commute to get to. This topic downside. And you think yourself like could be in New Hampshire. It's a good point other places put together did that was to particular bid. Old channels for put together did. But chances are pretty good it's gonna go to Boston's gonna go to Suffolk downs site. You really think so I do you know basis gonna go to New York because people on Amazon ravages. Walk out of their apartments that meant an apartment then you or no this I mean does a pretty big it was on shop here at Cambridge already. Supposedly the inside track says that there it was on people or equality. New York is not a good tech town there's some businesses set there but in terms of the quality graduates chicken coming out. It's nothing like Boston yet but there's those people would never moved to Manhattan. Those graduates go well I mean it isn't this the reason why you know. 90% of the start coming out of East Coast. Start here. It's because of the fact that the policy stardom when they're college they go work in the various offices stuff like that in terms and the market for is really competitive Q. You know it. And that. The front lines started off at the company I was and it was we were lucky GeMS like you knew it was a friend. But the big question of course is how does that tie in delivered. And the reason my ties and liberty is because. I like to gamble. With something downs having horse racing. I can legally use the TV she app on my phone. And I can watch fortress anti. War where refuse to watch it and I can bet on my vote. Because the law is that if you live in the state that has legalized course it would. And you can bet on your phone while you run in that state. And if somebody count goes away. They're war horse tracks and has two sets and I can't gamble anymore. And so this couple things go wrong that first of all. It's sad that Suffolk towns goes way it's going away. Because of government regulation right if we're just is that you have to pay you know a third of their profits. All the other things to the state. There would still be horse track was race raised in general. Gambling parlors horse tracks don't fail. If they're left on the crisis they fail because their profit margins become razor thin because of what they and pat to pages. The big dependency to. The government and that's a real problem however the biggest issue about that is that when we talk about. The gambling. It's going away. Because people didn't gamble. Right if you will be going to city council's time it would have been profitable. We would still have that opportunity. And so I want to make a pitch to people who have some gambling going on some gambling available to them in terms of well for example right now right. You can wager draftees. I do that. New we have illegally and I am not a interest. So utterly with all of that's friends but not apparently. But it was the first time hearing of this I'm shocked shocked. So what we do in this situation. Is we. Get together every. We we weekly Saturday we will play Sunday and Monday so accurate there's does anyone care about your autumn. No I mean there are some people who do like a weekly game there's a beaten only do the Thursday night game. And that's one of the nice things about it that this is why brain what you can do and you can get in there are really cheap debts. So. I don't wanna lose. My right to Campbell. In the same way that I've lost my right to. That on horses in Massachusetts so on ask him. I'm asking everybody you know for liberty sick. Signed into one of the daily basis sites. Put in a dollar make it dollar bet they'll put into his shoes but they have really easy thing these vets like when we just have to pay. Be in the top half of the group who wagered to win so you don't have to. Yeah disrespecting you have to pick a team writing if your team does the best that works well that's the that's how one aspect of the peers who were through during the fancy football team yes. And then it's still pretty good because essentially picked. Based on. Salaries stuff like that there's at every skill involved in that they also do all they do. They go to tortures in the that you do auto racing and a other sports hockey basketball stuff like that. But they have these big pools like the one that we play and it's winner take all so whereas the escort wins fourteen guys. But that ones where they have like 500 people and and as long as you're in the top 250. You get the money from the people in the ought to. So you don't even have to be awesome you just have to be better than everybody else. So. It's what policies that it's it's a right that's not exercised. Is a right that's lost. And that's gambling is an American right I think so I mean what's via I would I would argue. That. In many respects. It's a First Amendment right because we were the speech that your action. There's nothing about what you're doing. That hurts but he why would you not appeal to gamble a fact obviously state isn't the thinking it was harmful because the largest he amply in the state. Is the state lottery. Right in the I think every state this when economy has the lottery going on so. State lottery gambling. There are other rights that we lose if we don't exercise. One of the big ones one of the most controversial ones is open care. And this freaks people sometimes they see somebody walking down the street to declare open air. Having a visible gone yes exactly. And usually I think most people. In general people art freak out so much when they see and guns because. Well usually concealed Micah either police officers were enemies in Texas certainly relatively common to see people with pistols holster pistols. Oh but she's somebody with a long gun on the back. That bothers some people. But the problem is they don't have news. Rationale being bothered by it that is bothered by it because. Something it's in their heads in the same way that. You know tree on Barton. Bothered who's going to be bothered. I hear you guys in the yeah George or. Right George Zimmerman said you know something I don't like about that I'm gonna go up and confront him I'm going to ask him what he's doing here of course and confrontation. Trip on Martin wasn't doing anything wrong. Nothing wrong in the same way that if you're walking on the street with a rifle on your back and account that'll how's that. You're not doing anything wrong. People should be calling the police and saying there's a man walking down the street doing absolutely nothing wrong and he could come up and Terry. And actually that's a double whammy right this is not just the Second Amendment it's also Fourth Amendment it's unreasonable search and seizure. And so he's in an unreasonable search of some conceive ago right on yeah is it on. Because you're not doing anything wrong but it's not a search that would when they call please and please don't stop you. And only they should argument with the police come and say hey what are you doing in the you have the right to carry on. And and onto it and that's nodded and and I don't. IE I sort of see your point but I don't think it's necessary the I think people. In many areas aren't used to people who haven't fired on sure or don't live in an area where hunting is really a thing I think people are but I think. A space you agree with your point but I think someone walking down com. With what to many people would look like some sort of military style rifle slung over their shoulder. I don't think it's crazy that someone would go hey maybe that person. Isn't just going to out of the store to get some milk does that looks hour. Com and just carries that around every day. I don't necessarily think via fiscal ones as seen here. I thought to myself where could be going with two shocked into this I'm in the morning and you're right I agree but. But that's also part of the education process if someone you know I mean right I think it's you know people are obviously some extra you know hopefully vigilant at this time. That that's exactly what I'm talking about and that's why it actually is important that people exercise. Those rights because they don't part of the exercise is the education. In that your your. Sadly your often educating law enforcement as well. But your educating people that there is nothing inherently dangerous. About a person walking on the street. With Byron. Anymore then it just is it reasonable to be afraid of that as it used to be afraid of a person different color than you're used to seeing walking through your neighborhood. There's no rational for now you can make an argument. You can say you know what and to think that African Americans are all the long war crimes. And that's the same argument Jesus no guns were involved in crimes. The gun didn't commit the crime and a black person does committing crimes crimes are committed by criminals. Nothing about the appearance or what celebrities. Carrying makes the criminal. And that's why it's critical that we do exercises are carrying evidence so decrepit and that would be well it is so. Isn't there an. I. Logic. I yes OK but there are other rights that people really should be exercising as well one of the biggest ones. The every year there are complaints about. Certain books. Catcher in the rye. That portrait of Dorian Gray. And this year and Alabama they put me actually knows and I'll be with California. Dianne Feinstein. Said that the anarchist cookbook should be removed from the Internet. Now the anarchist cookbook is just very easy to write it from summit from Internet community that is nonsense and it's very well versed in the right. So fair rational rational the more you want something god from the Internet the more prevalent on the Internet right now that's the that's present there rate. President yes I'm more recently to be on. Would you my generation jet image that she didn't like and yet people that she had her lawyers try to remove the real. And it became a living mean yeah outstanding. Yes so the anarchist cookbook is old. I read it when I was in high school I'm pretty sure it hasn't changed and autism you know. Throwback to the original arrest terrorists you know some stuff in there about. You know how to build stupid bombs. A tremendous amount about. Drugs drug information yeah yeah I think it was something about. College and he might have been from something about. Trying. Banana peel else that toaster a banana peels grinding up morning glory seeds. Licking inclusive agenda tunes. The anarchist cook who's he's cookbook covered at all but. Again it's one of those rights that people can exercise so you'll. If you want us to get up for liberty. Q what do these things right sign up for online wagering account wicket vote Liggett toad I copied the anarchist cookbook. Make sure that you are exercising these rights because Wright is not exercised. Is lost forever. Number one. I've been through the next. Not say that he's. Voting. Because it's true our voting turnout numbers are or read this and you consider the number people who don't have the right to vote and and well and a bit more people. Boat in masters is that there. Oh yeah no no question that I completely agree with that but I don't think that's necessarily. The area like with the because what does it cost you do vote. What does it cost you don't fire. Stated you'd be partner right which is relatively cheap. Compared to what nobody you have to to order a farm you have to buy gun. And guns are relatively experts. Now no lapse in cancer doctor Jeanne really begun to right by a firearm less than it costs you actually get the license and she's. I thought I saw a that's on AR 15% off. Oh what you want fifteen underdogs you can spend as much as he wanted to fire him as he can in any kind of can number good so you wanted to buy you can buy a rifle for nine dollars really like twenty Q. Yet while. It when he fourteen points and you could use one interest as not you know they are staying is kind of like and that's status thing people like to build the most expensive they are rightfully can write it. In terms of practical a firearm you know if you wanted to buy one armed for self defense and interest and well so. What about like is it the same thing for pistols. She. Yeah I mean there's the whole spectrum there's like really crappy ones that you can break. But I mean like even you know the standard police is to 3% and mom public o'clock or nine millimeter. Belgian 300 in Austrian on 380. Bucks I was in Europe excellent country. Except the more expensive and. Dark purple that's good tomatoes so all right so you're right I bet you that more people. A lot more people vote and own guns. But the numbers still surprisingly loan terms of the number grew to route elections when you consider. How few people actually have that right so. To Ken's point I think a few weeks ago you would says the end do you really think it lets you go to that changed anything. I'm so the optimist that I do think that voting actually makes a difference spot. Putting clearly makes a difference I think that's I mean. Voting just reinforces the majority's will to beat down on the people that think differently than then that's basically it. Well this sometimes it to voting for example sorry to the outdoor acts. Sort of the majority lost in the last election last. Welcome to the majority the majority did lose there's no question about that. President politics right in presidential politics we don't. We haven't in the past used to majority is to see what you're talking about more of local election and state and local elections but we repealed things. We repeat at least made the income tax go back to 5% let us know how that's going to well we did repealed the death X but your right. There's a lot of things and other means that they're gonna shift the burden some routes to try to make money and sheer there's no question about that. I think what we don't know and other it would be you know politics is basically a game of trying to produce the illusion that the people had any sane government. When they're really gonna meet their bottom lines in the way that they have to do you keep. There machine running in how you like that don't seem to miss that especially skeptically. Saying that that's realistic. You're saying that you think that. All the Reppas races for house reps and in. Our fixed. Well most of them are pointless because you know was can win right select few where there's some kind of social we gambled on those races than we have that. I believe I believe there actually are they can take political take money and underdogs and you make a fortune and. Getting into an analog yep. That the therapy and a lot of money betting on trump throughout the entire election cycle. All right but did but the problem that is the answer to that I guess would be voting for the people. The voting other people and I mean if if if it is no votes don't more cumulative running more people showing up exercising their right to I mean I think there is you know some months ago. You know biggest. So and so is running out he's gonna win among gonna do you know well maybe they'll like him I don't mean sure voter I mean vote perhaps. The is there's no question it's a tremendous problem. And I think it was like 75% of the state reprises had no contest to Massachusetts little over 5050. Between the casual voters are gonna get on one's least likely to cast their vote forcing someone. Who's running at third party campaign under a campaign title field some of these actually talking about doing real change. And yeah I do get and be recognizing the team on the outrage that just gonna vote for the only new in this server or the party that they always hopeful. Right and yeah I mean those are all genetically it's on the other hand. Actually see more people voting I think that feat and ball exercising your right is the first. Exercising more responsibility in terms your citizenship. So. Couple of the rights of people aren't exciting right now. The Fourth Amendment gives you the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Just had a big deal and from on New Hampshire would actually protects your right. Right to protect your right to be would that doesn't give you any read it yet it well if that picture right so you're right we frequent resumed search and seizure. Recently. Just in New York he knew it. The way the law works for border agents field search used and fewer than 100 miles of border in international border or the coast. They have exceptional powers were regions have exceptional powers to search you 100 miles when a mouse yes so almost all the New England is inside that area for a special powers. And so as a result and the B is it a lot Boston recently especially targeting Italian and porch he's communities pursuing communities. Looking for people and essentially saying. You know. Identity papers he shows what you got. Please that'd theory you should be able to do the because it's Boston where major seaport. Because we are. Inside of that mythical line a lot of people are losing their casual writes on a daily basis. I was talking to battle. Life. Lost. Continually that they blow a light it up a little bit talk a little bit about the fact that. Donald Trump has announced that he is not going to exercise his right to continue to suppress the idea. Kennedy. Information and so I'm wondering what you guys think we're gonna learn when the Kennedy stuff has revealed. I don't have no idea and a third case of fascinating. Many many people all sorts of theories. Whether or not there was one shooter or multiple shooters. Himself aliens course. Was at the mob to Frank Sinatra help out wasn't. That Castro of Cuba wasn't was takers is fathers trump as previously mentioned is the you know it's hundreds of write a forgotten about that but you're right in the debates. Donald Trump suggested that Ted Cruz's father was involved in the Kennedy assassination comments maybe that's why it took him maybe that's why. Releasing yet you know that there's other things that you imagine if you really sit now it's true though well. It's in your question because. And he falsified information mean I mean he may play in any way think and security team. If that's the hundred actors but yet there FB IC IA files that it Rodham. Right but many of them had been released protected pretty sure many congress people have seen actual text of interest. Well he could say they were all. Right it is it would be the first time and it's like it's like that paint the right he has. A read why this came out this week as well that there's a Renoir that in the Chicago institute of art and it's been there for a hundred years. Well known that that is the original Renoir. And trump has a copy of it. However he insists. That it is the original well he probably had a stole it originally that it sells well it right never seen a freshman. Sure or. That you know that's actually that that story is based on. The Mona Lisa was stolen. And it was missing for four years and it was surprisingly returned. And you know. Did they come but the return of the real one that they return the fate I don't know. So trust get a return the trust gonna release the Kennedy papers I hope he left himself an out because you know. Yeah a couch to statement by saying you know a subject to receipt of further information he's gonna well what are we want it means. Why's he doing in ninety's right pace another 25. And 1992 congress mandated. These documents you released between five years was that Bill Clinton or was it George Bush. Congress that you mean which prison which prevented the we don't be prominently featured. But just actually ninety two's the elections that bush won. What are we things on. I'm essentially curious why would they keep holding. But try to me alt conspiracy theory. Bought. Getting congress to direct what what's on the that can be socialism especially in today's environment where I mean. Goodness could use the distraction right. So I think that or suggest that the answer is just so simple as we find out all star talked about it. I don't know but you know who's gonna have a theory about this Scott. Scott thanks for Colin what do you know. Good evening I'm mr. efficient power you'll do yourself. God I I believe that what you gonna aren't as what we've known for a lot and and and another thing for example out the Kennedy kept that JFK had a brothel in the White House. I what you have to understand gentle Hoover hated him. I hit a brothel delight us with about current women that old man can be bought on the election West Virginia. Because of those states West Virginia was rapidly anti Catholic they were solidly Protestant state. He got the buy off West Virginia so with some win the presidency. Chicago two records of voting against the Chicago that you can see outright the mob to get them involved. That old man Kennedy up. What what was their peace come right out. Was made money as a bootleg or. This stuff be in the finals though I mean. Was it just I mean what is might be my sort of an urgent I'm just assuming that those files have to do with just. The assassination but not just is is that other caddies that the Chicago theory I mean I've heard that I'd signal was actually. In and those files that is that is a common theory that. You're Chicago who the law came through Nixon actually and he's sure of one well county probably did. But that they fixed the election results in Chicago that Daley machine the mob but then we can he come through for them that's what are the assassination. That's that's been a pretty common theory for awhile. We've got to find a lot of stuff from their too embarrassed to Kenny gamble and like I have no sympathy. For the candy here let's be honest they've gotten with Murdoch stepped it it in Massachusetts apart on a pedestal. Get caught. But let me tell you they've done so many rotten things over the incident at an average person did what they did they would be thrown in jail would never see the light of day. There are enough Scott thank you very much for area. A good sensible caller really contributed a lot of discussion especially your. You know I I do know this corruption in Chicago. Have a friend to. Was connected his first job was at age fourteen. When he was a building inspector with the that you more hard that they get workarounds that make sure all the buildings of their check a piece of paper and come back at the end of the day. So. Yeah meaning you you are table with communities documents. If they come out I am actually on the expensive it being. Relatively benign. I mean a lot of the JFK scholars think it's going to be information about Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City yeah a few weeks before the assassination where he tried to visit Soviet Cuban embassies. Where he may be tried to you know just you know didn't cut a deal with that hammered or something and I think you'll find it. The reason that a lot of misinformation was hit and was really just to try to keep from souring relationships with Mexico and Cuba. Yeah I mean I'd say it was Cuba though. On the other hand prevents preventable follow ward is yeah maybe maybe so maybe so. All right so we we get that from Kennedy thing we talked briefly about the fact that. In England the NHS national health service which. Is a single Payer has announced that. People who are overweight. And people who smoke. Will no longer be scheduled for surgery. Which is a pretty interesting statement on where you get to when you socialized medicine. Any surgery. I would assume that like dental surgery they could probably do. But essentially they've sort of said listen we're wasting our resources on you because your smoker and your probably not gonna live. Although wade and I'd break my arm and a couple of parents put in Iowa too bad. I think they probably would do something like I confess I don't know the details but I would say that like you know if you need an open heart surgery which you were smokers they would say yeah sorry. You can get it done Richard have to pay for it yourself. You have yours state run paid health insurance is no longer picking up the cost of high cost procedures for people who are jeopardizing their and help. Now. As a former smoker. I wish I'd never started. Smoked a package paper. Many years. I did eventually quit. And I recognize the fact that. You know. Given all the things I know now. I can't tell you that 241 year old the end would make the same mistakes and people with I couldn't smoke at all. Mean if anything and we had to show up and makes me more inclined to do which will make it to. I don't know that. You're ever reveal stop people from smoking through purification. But I do note that if you're paying into a system. You want with the idea that European doing health insurance pool that everybody is part of you ought to be elite pitcher part of that out. And their Libyan people for. Smoking or from being overweight which I think is actually reasonable. You shouldn't force them to pay into the system in the first place. Somebody knows their smoker than not reveal who was assistant insurance per sayers that health care. I mean does that mean it's a semantical Laura's insurance is meant for. Insurance isn't meant coverage or charging its insurance car. Get it though offender they have a deductible right but if you carnage destroyed its like K now we can take care of well one of the famous statements before obamacare here in the place was that. 80% of the bankruptcies in the states prior 2008. Involved medical bills. And 80% of those people had health insurance. So even with their health insurance. They went bankrupt because of the large medical bills they really haven't had real help teachers in this country long time because they're forced to to provide things that are not. Instead considered things that insurance would cover like routine doctor visits. Or something it. You know. Insurance providers can't offer emergency on the planes in its phenomenal team right. And secondly ensuring the area. Well pre existing condition is that. Is the exact dobbs what assurances for you insurance in case something happens you don't get insurance. You know if I don't have current sharks aren't going to get a car accident I you know I can go buy car insurance. To fix my car right. And maybe you'd find someone to sell you insurance rate to active at a much higher rate or something like that even maybe. Right well taken very what they're offering you based on the conditions of when I return and actually I mean I do believe that there is car insurance like that. You know if you are high risk you can still get archer. Let's argument high risk I'm talking about I don't have insurance. I go out and a car accident today yes it is too moral I'd buy car insurance. And tell them hey. I want to get insurance but I totaled my car and I'd like to pay 500 all you know I'd like to pay a hundred bucks a month and you give me a new car. I'd like to pretend that I started paying last month. Yeah well I mean but that's a preexisting. Condition is that's mean but that's the Demetrius insurance. And health care that you know it's it to be fear what what they have an exotic insurance with a have a single there. So that everybody pays all the procedures the same same costs for everybody. And with a saying that some people are going to be out of that system based on. Their lifestyle choices. Will and most people over certain. Income level supplement that with private insurance plans because yeah. Exactly right they're not exactly you know on what they get edit an intense guy that ham W I went to school league and for a year and the school recommended that we get a separate insurance policy. And with little money. Loser so it's really dual Payer insurance in UFC one decent health completed yeah that's an out money but this decision by the NH yes that's that's based. Purely on how to help people and make them. Most healthy right that's that's why we're borrowing from wherever right source rationing and ironically have a shortage of that that's exactly what it is is that you recognize that they don't have enough stuff to go around one and the reason that they don't have enough stuff to go around it's the it's. There's no incentive for people to do more because you know it's that the prices because this is single or lower costs of things and then blow if they just tax the queen. Yes except she refuses to meet him actually decisions sovereign immunity. The terrible political walkie choke of sorry. Of what. Sovereign immunity is that right person to refuse to be sued witness who they just tax bonds plummeted more. Important than on though not English. You can. Which part of they wrote songs about the news that oil port of I could to give another thought everybody's finality Sunday. Paul guarding major. Tax. Taxpayer that's George Harrison but mr. yes. I think of a famous British art itself. Let's go back to our era. Writes that you have that are not. Necessarily exercises off so. One of the rights and everybody knew that they. He is the Fifth Amendment. The right to not incriminate yourself. And exercising that requires some level of suspicion are ready you may not yet it's it's. It's it's foreign or some rights. That. You wanna anxious to date I I get some of these things can exercise their right to vote which of course. You can't do today right there is no election election but you know there are regular elections Hugo exercise that vote don't do it and you can't complain. But something like you know. But it's that unreasonable search like my supposed to be some suspicious of the cops come and go a lot UK it's hurts me so with a lot of people on YouTube and make their. That there are a lot of it is that so he just search for MI being detained on YouTube there are tremendous number of videos to tell you how to deal with border police to stop you. Because. They're allowed to stop you and ask you a couple questions but essentially you can say to them look you have any reason to suspect that an American citizen that don't disposal it's Hugo. Now they'll like it when you do that because your question your authority but that's one of those rights that people should be exercising. Actually I think there's too many people that do the that make the well if you're doing nothing wrong excuse. Yeah there's a lot of people say. You know I've I do know there I had nothing I wanna make the police or whoever's lives easier. Right so I submit to that are. Request exactly what I wanna be a good citizen and so I'm helping athletes but in reality you're actually not be good citizens by surrendering your surrendering your rights. And could police officers and there are plenty of good police officers who also tedious about this we'll tell you. Don't talk to the please there's nothing good can come out of it if you have to. Have a lawyer present make sure that what you're saying and you say you know sometimes you'll say that when you invoked the Fifth Amendment makes you look guilty. When the Fifth Amendment is invoked this invoke correctly. You'd say something like. I'm worried that what I say might be misunderstood. And make me look guilty. I don't wanna take that risk I don't want to. Appear guilty and so I'm going to invoke my right to not incriminate myself. And what it said that way and you hear said that way a lot of times. Is should be enough to justify people don't know and I mean. And I usually police are well trained in the idea of trying to say well that you know right what are you trying to hide here Dan. I'm your I'm your friend you can you should really be telling you the truth short and police use those tactics very much and try to coerce people to not invoke their Friedman writes quite often are absolutely and it's it's not gonna say you're a good demeanor good copper of that cup. It's what they're trained to do it right and so that the real blame doesn't line these some group coughing could that really lies in the way that the system work. Yet that will basically that our elected officials are instructing. On our police department to be trained to handle. Citizens on the street. Yeah and there's certainly is an idea that people who are. Stopped. Because please when asked them questions. Are expected to respond and it's interesting to think that you want to be hopeful. To please and that certainly. If you can helped apprehend the criminal. You should helped apprehend criminal if you could help the police in the system some sort of investigation. You should do that. On the other hand it is a question whether asking questions about you. And Europe potential suspect. You can never give the police and answer that's good. Because the only person if you're interrogation with the police officers the only people who's looking out for you. Are you. The police. May want to arrive at the truth. But fundamentally they're trying to solve the case and you are the best leave that they've got. And if you provide them information they're going to pursue that and something else might turn up. Your best option is to always say. I would like traveler. Who worked refused to testify on the ground to something I could say. Might be misinterpreted. And anybody from. Responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities that you have. Is supporting our show. So yeah we have here. Petrie on PT REO and dot com slash liberty on the air. Oh there we offer all sorts special features like the best special features that. You call in and run the segment on the show we will be you're yes we'll talk about what you one. Collison in. Make us talk about what do you think celebrities Tuesday. Talk about from people talk about the UN and you talk about. Anything. We have. In studio with us before the show starts if you watched the O line extreme heat where in here for about thirty minutes before we start broadcasting. Give us appease your mind. Give us some. Hygiene tips we have a couple post every now and then. About a wide an issue for the show its radio people I'm not she should. All that being said those your rights as your responsibilities. And where to keep talking about a few other rights that you have that you may not be exercising. For example. The sixth amendment. Guarantees you the right to trial by jury. And less the matter involved is under twenty dollars worth for a twenty dollars the original text so. Nowadays they say that amounts to 500 dollars. I'm no Joseph Arpaio sheriff Joseph fan but. His trial he was specifically charged with a crime. That they mean define under 500 dollars. Which meant that he was not allowed to get a trial by jury. Which means that it was just to judge that convicted even though he requested jury trial. And trump when he pardoned him specifically mentioned the fact that he was not a route the right to a trial by jury of his peers. Are you that is something that's in the constitution I think that people ought to more often say I would like to trial by jury. The Euro lawyers. Warner buys it it's gonna cost you more money because court costs money if you snooze and even if you win sometimes you and he self. Spot. The system is meant to work that way so that citizens. Have a say in what's happier justice system so good chance that you have to go to trial. Ask for trial by jury. Because that leads into the seventh amendment. The seventh amendment is where specifies the juries can argue it's. No matter what we've talked about jury nullification before the most famous cases via. Escaped slaves who meeting here in Massachusetts. And the lawful and said that. Slaves had to be returned that is it's illegal for runaways accurately. And so all of it's that they should be prosecuted. But in Massachusetts jury says yeah you know what we don't think you did it. And the prosecutors said well look I have the papers here that say this man is a slave and Kyrie is having run away from North Carolina. We don't think you get. And he would be and so they made Friedman. Whose character. Another right to have a lot of people don't know where they serve on the jury. They have the right. To find person Guinness find persons. Or at least not heal. Well I think date. Juries get very lengthy. Instructions before there released to print it out there and if they're not. And as one of the ways you can. If if your defense attorney client. Found guilty and you can appeal on that basis that the jury instructions. Right Willis goes period fiercely New Hampshire passed a law. Requiring. That the juries be instructed about the right to know what cases. That was appealed. And overturned by the Supreme Court. Saying that they could not required is sort of speech issue. That's a little bit be an altercation might be probably different in them they're instructed on the right of the merits of the case but. Generally they're non constructive enter an altercation and in fact if you were to ever say turn the Guardia that under Porter and color. But during the in the interrogation that you believe to journal Haitian. You would never make it on future. Because that Chrysler set up leaving defense attorneys should be here by that pastor in Michigan now that was handing out pamphlets about after an 00 on the steps. Yes and he was is charged with it illegally attempting to influence jurors by handing out information about your notification. No jury was even side sat that day. But a in and it kind of twist of fate in Michigan jury found him guilty of jury tampering for handing out pamphlets about. Jerry knows he should. And and pamphlets on the very now I'm wondering where it was the pamphlet part of the evidence and you tell me that holder is not a pamphlet and it's still metadata field and kind of guilty. It's terror sort of there was sort of to prove their case were. Yeah because it's certainly it can't be jury tampering. To tell somebody about the rights. Mean how is that against the law what point. What do comes down to is what we talk about every week on the show. We're never talking about right or left issues we're talking about up and down issues and up as liberty. And down as the power of the state we talk about jury nullification he talked about. The State's ability to search you when they want to. We're talking about it ever increasing state that wants to limit your right. And if you want those rights to be stronger. Just like if you want your body to be stronger. Exercises the only answer. Exercise your rights every day.