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Tuesday, May 30th

The Russia Probe zereos in on Jared Kushner, and John McCain thinks Putin is a bigger threat than ISIS.


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My bet I'll shop once again. This time they're trying to win snare the son in law as I like the column to wonder boy Jared Kushner himself. And Seoul late Friday. The Washington Post allegedly broke another quote unquote bombshell story this time alleging. And that does Simon law Jared Kushner. In December. Had a meeting with one of the heads of the Russian banks. And import Digg killer also meant to mean this guy is now everywhere. The Russian ambassador said he gave his yak. And apparently in bad back and forth in which Kushner was being spied on by our own NSA. It appears. That somebody. They first reported questioner but now it's come out well der Russians. And kiss Shia in particular. Sig just did why don't we establish. Any secret lying in separate secret channel a line of communication. So we eat and you. Can talk. And you immediately. Dumb media feeding frenzy started to feast. All of you were thinking of barbecues. Hot dogs hamburgers. Fireworks. Honoring their vets on Monday. Normal normal home. Not the liberal media. They were date was Russia. All weekend long Saturday Sunday Monday. Because now they think. The way to trump is through the son in law. And so the allegations were. There's your proof. You want proof of a conspiracy. You want proof of collusion. You want proof that the trump campaign and trump himself or wink wink threw their son in law. Colluded with important to interfere in the election Derek is a he meant what I am what I want you meet what I am they wanted to secret channel. That's one usual wall what's going on year. In fact. Jared Kushner. As I pointed out many times before. Rising nearly two billion dollar or is finally does three more specific eight tool billion dollar real estate empire. He talks with a lot of banks. In fact if the lives would even do you know if they would just read a newspaper. They would realize. Kushner in fact did business with Canadian banks. And because of his ties with Canadian banks he set up a secret channel width. The prime minister of Canada just control. Where he used his leverage with the Canadian big banks and with true go. To convince trump for temporarily to renegotiate. NAFTA. In other words the old man want this I think trump is right he wanted to scuttle the whole thing just tell it on the spot repeal it ended. Cushion her having a direct line to Justin Trudeau because of his involvement with the Canadian banks. Went to the father and said come on we got a great negotiating team that. Laugh let's see if we can renegotiate. Terms that will keep the deal but make it much more advantageous to us the United States now. The question is this. If it's okay. A setter of secret channels with Canada. If it's okay. To set a secret channels with Israel. Which Saudi Arabia with England with France with Germany with China. What's the problem with having a secret channel with Russia. In fact this is exactly what is done in every administration. And not just in every administration in every incoming administration. Why. Because when you get inaugurated you wanna hit the ground running. And so you start talking to ambassadors you start putting out feelers. Let's try to circumvent the massive bureaucracies. Let's try to see if we can work something on a direct channel. Are more private something a little bit more on the side so we can facilitate direct negotiations. This is like saying. Having lunch in Washington is a crime. This is like saying I kid you not. Because there are Purdue having producers on the corner report is a crime. It's what's done in Washington all the time name. It's what's been going on for hundreds of years. It's literally how diplomacy works. Now should he abused his personal son in law is the son in law the best guy to be talking to the Russians. That's something else okay by the way just was done would then. Incoming national security advisor general Mike Flynn so wasn't like as if Kerr Aaron Kushner was going solo on this. But the fact of the matter is. This is exactly. What is done in administration. After administration. After administration. In fact. In fact. I have this story right in front of me. Corner man did a little bitter researcher wasn't just barbecues and hot dogs all weekend tonight by the right but the kids deceit guardians of the galaxy 20. Dave loved it but let that go okay it wasn't just movies and burgers and hot dogs to cool man was also busy this weekend. Bloomberg News. Look it up don't take my word for it. A piece by Josh Rogen. December 312014. 2014. Which president then they dear leader Obama. Right there in Bloomberg News. VA state data Obama's Obama administration. Seeking secret communication. Channel. With Bolton. To a whole story. Is how now halfway through his second term. With important having invaded. Eastern Ukraine carving and next Crimea. Having muscling out the United States out of Syria. Having now helped the Iranians on their march towards the bomb guess what it. All bomb I desperately wanted to Porsche a reset with. Paul and and he used shop front swath care re. He even reached out according to the peace to former secretary of state a Republican. Henry Kissinger. Because Kissinger was a buddy of potent. In other words he was desperately trying to set up a back channel to the Russians. He dated through carried he did it through Kissinger he did it through other intermediaries. So why is it. Where in Obama did the exact same thing and in fact Stu reed administration officials admit the Bloomberg listen Davis. What Obama wants is a quote another reset. He wants better cooperation. With the Russians. Because according to this senior Obama administration officials guess what. We need to rush shot on Syria we need to rush army wrong we need to rush on Ukraine. We need to Russia on numerous issues. That's why were reaching out to the Russians. So tell me. Why is it somehow okay. When did dear leader sets up all kinds of secret channels. But when trump which is exactly how it's done in Washington. Even attempts to do it might just put the Russians but with other countries. It's the crime of the century. And what's even worse. It's not just the Democrats. Who are now going ballistic over apparently thinking gave ensnared Kushner it's not just the mainstream anti trump media. But now Mick maniac has escalated his criticisms of trump. And soul listen to this. He is currently in Australia. And overseas. He is now openly attacking and bad mouth thing the president of the United States. McCain himself said in a speech in Sydney. That Trump's actions in foreign policy quote have unsettle American allies. And have unsettled Americans themselves. He then went on in an interview with ABC. To question trumps stability. And they're further say. This whole cautionary thing I had. Yeah around. Their Russian suggesting may be there's a secret channel we could set up by the way there wasn't even a secret channel that was set up. Just the Russians suggests that a page has discussed that. Not for Mick maniac. Very very troubling very troubling this this needs another investigation. Roll it Jerry. Wanted to sing your thoughts is in the trump administration Jared Kushner hazel said president Simon Willis is under a lot of scrutiny the mine it for an alleged attempt to establish some back channel communications between the truck chain and Kremlin what's your view of them. My view of it is I don't like it. I just don't I don't I know that some administration officials are saying well that standard procedure. I don't think it's standard procedure prior to the inauguration of a present United States by someone who has not been an appointed position. And I think to mr. call me we now know. Took action that he did in regards to then candidate Clinton. Because of some false. News. That was being put out by the Russians I mean. This becomes more and more and more bizarre. In fact you can't make it up. Look I gotta tell you. There again. What is incredible. Is he knows there unless he's completely seem. Unless literally sees compile as he we you unless he's completely lost his mind OK Andy he's really now gone soft the net okay. Unless he's completely senile. He doctrinal better than Matt. Every incoming administration starts talks especially with the big powers they're always looking to set up separate lines of communication. Look what appeared to and they know blacks. And McCain knows it and the Washington Post knows it and they all know it. And so everybody's in on this attempt in village jacked. We're somehow they're trying to pretend they have a happy establishment. There's a beautiful village is so Washington is Ron and trump is the big ogre. Trump is the guy who's just acting so unusual because he's got something died. And then. Just show you how rabid nick maniac has now become. Listen now activists. Now. He's claiming. That wall and and Russia because they allegedly hacked into our elections. Is now a greater threat. Then the Islamic state. Roll it Jarrett. The threat to global security to you consider the Russian president Vladimir patent the biggest I think he's the premier. And most important threat morsel in the nicest I think crisis can do terrible things. And I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith and I worry about a whole Lotta things about it. What is the Russians who are trying who tried to destroy the very fundamental to democracy. And that is to change the outcome of an American election I've seen no evidence they succeeded. But they tried and they are still trying they're still trying to change election just try to get affect the outcome of the French election. So. I would argue Vladimir Putin whose dismembered Ukraine a sovereign nation who's putting pressure on the baltics. I view the Russians as far. So far greatest challenges that we have. Incredible. I mean really this is what it's now come down to a bitter old man. Who lost to Obama in 2008. Who now is gone he's gone all in on this Russia conspiracy. So let me ask him. Get your talk among all of sends dismembering Ukraine. Annexing Crimea. Allegedly interfering in our elections okay. License. Dismembering Syria dismembering Iraq dismembering Libya dismembering country after country. Responsible for how many deaths in Orlando. Responsible for how many deaths in San Bernardino. Responsible for how many deaths in Manchester. Khamenei and Paris Khamenei needs. Excuse me are they're Russian suicide bombers. That threatened to kill Americans on the streets. In fact say what you want the ball Putin's Russia and there's much to criticize believe me. It was the Russians who warned us about camera Lance Arnie. It was the Russians who warned us about the Boston Marathon terrorism bombers and our FBI ignored the intelligence. So let me get this straight now. Now nationalist Russia and wooten. Is even a bigger threat. Van Islamist fanatics. Who are wiping out Christians in the Middle East. Who are waging a holy war in country after country who are determined to comment to the United States. And slaughter us in our homes and our communities and our streets and this is how much now they want a Porsche this hysteria and war mongering against Russia. This is how desperate they are now to try to get trump. So let me ask all of you this it's the corner country poll question of the day. Is McCain right. East Portman a bigger threat than nicest. If you believe yes. McCain is right trump is worse than nicest text or letter hate the 68680. If like me you think make a maniac is certifiably insane. No text no letter beaten yet Tex the letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. And the poll question has always is powered by bill Kelly financial services. Let me ask you the audience. Who was worse. Courtroom. Or crisis. 61720666868. Your calls next. He's draining the swamp in Massachusetts. Law duke Carolina match Jeff could forgive me. WRK over the voice of Boston it's. Different. To global security team consider the Russian President Clinton. Infuse the premier. And most important threat more so than nicest. 1248. Here on the great WRKO. OK. McCain now going after Jerry question are saying there's something seriously wrong. Which they potential back channel having been established in December. Or at least the discussion of it with the Russian ambassador. Let me ask all of you this double barreled question. Is there anything wrong in your view with cautionary having attempted or the Russians having attempted. To set up a back channel. Live but Jared Kushner. And number 20. Now McCain is saying Russia is even more dangerous. Than I since that's how dangerous. Potent has become. Agree disagree. Bill in debt from Europe first go ahead bill. Think is it might call that take the questions in reverse order sure. I believe first our immediate threat is like they are killing. They are killing our allies are friends they wanted horrendous terrorism. And number one is our enemy ice. Number two. I have been too late into the would be Iran who support. All terrorism. The North Korea who put put all at risk of terrible war. Finally the look at number three which would be Russia which is better ourself. They want to be aggressive. And they have the somewhat supportive of Iran. And certainly friends people don't like this area. The building number three they're not then they're not allies they're not our friends but they're not our eminent. And number four Q politically over time China. Our interest flatly contradict. And they might in with because Korea. Then that would be easy. Terrible thing it's much we can cut a deal thankfully. We elected the man who was the art of the deal I think there are ideal teammate which on. Bill thank you very intelligent call look I I would go ice this honestly Iran. I would gold trying now before Russia. A muscling our trust or risk he's on everything because they don't. But believe me I you know China stealing our jobs China's building up the biggest military in the world China has the potential to become the next great superpower. I would put China before mother Russia. But let me ask all of you. What do you make of McCain's comments. Now Russia is a bigger threat then crisis. And also coming up next. Hillary is 20/20. You're not gonna believe it 61720666868. Don't touch that dot. Arch. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. OK John McCain did they make maniac. Bombs away McCain now in Australia. Openly bad mouth thing trump in a speech in fact in Sydney. Said they he has unsettled America's allies see as unsettled many Americans. He called Kushner is alleged conversation with they Russian ambassador in December. Trying to set up a potential back channel. Deeply. Disturbing. And warns that the firing of James coney could land trump in very big trouble with all these investigations. And other words. He's undermining some disparaging numb at every turn while many came out and said. Walton has become such a menace. He's actually a greater threat the nicest sold at corner country bull question of the day. Is John McCain right. How has Russia is Russia. A bigger threat. Than the Islamic state. If you believe the answer is yes text the latter day to 68680. If you believe the answer is no Miette. Text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online on wrko.com. The poll question is powered by bill Kelly financial services. Jerryd Brittany is out today we shall be back hopefully tomorrow. Jared what is the full question and thus far thus far Australia's an island but it is a lonely island. From a maniac today. 96%. No old and 4% yes OK I'm not surprised and I'm not surprising that.